December 12th, 2017

10 Last Minute Gifts For Spinners and Weavers:

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It’s holiday shopping crunch time! Last week we shared a list of great last minute gifts for knitters and crocheters, so this week we wanted to help you shop for the spinners and weavers in your life.

We’ve rounded up ten affordable items that you could gift your favorite fiber artist:



Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Spinning Yarn Spools

Every spinner needs some bobbins to wind their freshly spun yarn onto! Gift your favorite spinner some spare bobbins made from beautiful, natural woods. (Be sure to double check to make sure the bobbin will work with their spinning wheel!)

Ashford Spinner Maintenance Kit

Ashford Spinning Wheel Spinner Maintenance Kit

If your fiber artist owns an Ashford spinning wheel, an Ashford Spinner Maintenance Kit would make a great gift! The kit includes everything they need to keep their wheel in tip-top shape for its entire life. (Just ask us about our staff member who’s still spinning on a 30 year old wheel!)

Niddy Noddy

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Niddy Noddy

A niddy noddy is a great tool that will help keep your spinner’s newly plied yarns in nice, neat hanks. Even weavers, knitters, and crocheters find niddy noddies useful for removing kinks and elasticity from yarn.

Hand Carders

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Hand Carder

A hand carder is a great way to help a spinner expand on their creativity! With this tool they’ll be able to blend fibers together and create unique color combinations that are all their own!

Drop Spindle

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Drop Spindle

A drop spindle is the perfect gift to get someone who is interested in learning how to spin but may not want to make the big investment in a spinning wheel just yet. A drop spindle will allow them to create their very first skein of handspun wool from anywhere. Pair it with some neutral roving for the ultimate beginning spinner’s gift!


Schacht Double Ended Tapestry Beater

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Schacht Double Ended Tapestry Beater

A tapestry beater’s teeth goes around the warp threads and is used to push down your weaver’s weft threads to help keep their weaving consistent.

Heddle Hooks

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Heddle Hooks

Every weaver could use some heddle hooks to make threading their heddles easier! They can also be used on a harness loom. It’s definitely one of those tools that are great to have a few extras handy!


Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Shuttles

A weaver can never have too many shuttles! The right tools can make all the difference in a project, and a simple, lightweight shuttle will make weaving easy on the hands and will make changing colors a breeze.

Schacht Flip Trap for Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

Schacht Flip Trap for Flip Rigid Heddle Loom

It’s like a hammock but for their weaving tools! This accessory for the Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom attaches into the clamp holes in the ends of the loom sides and is the perfect space for shuttles and extra bobbins. The Flip Trap is made of durable nylon canvas, suspended between hardwood bars

Harrisville Designs Cone Holder

Spinning Weaving Gift Guide Cone Holder

These handy holders keep your weaver’s cones in place while they wind their warp or their bobbin. No more cones rolling away while they try to work!

And don’t forget, we have some shipping deadlines if you need to receive your items before December 25th:

  • West Coast: Wednesday, December 13th at 3pm EST
  • Midwest & South: Friday, December 15th at 3pm EST
  • East Coast: Tuesday, December 19 at 3pm EST

If you didn’t find quite the right item here, we have plenty of choices for weavers and spinners on our website! Happy Holidays!

Liz LaBrocca

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