June 8th, 2009

12 Days and Nights

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Dear Blog – it’s been 12 days and 12 nights since my last post. . . . . where has the time gone? How has this happened??  How have I allowed this to happen??

Answer:  Life.

My apologies all around for being a bad, bad, blogger.  I know, a slump for me and this blog is not uncommon, but I’ve really tried to be frequent and consistent as of late.

Sometimes being a Mom supercedes being a blogger and even a business owner.

Since I last left you the boys have finished school and headed off to Washington DC with family for the first of many amazing summer excursions.

As the year ended we had the insect fair:

A very special ground breaking at our boys’ school:


We had our WEBS Field Day and Cookout!

We love Lexie:

We had great games including the YARNPUT:

We even had an unexpected guest appearance at Field Day:

‘Cuz stuff like this only happens in Northampton!

Great fun was had by all those that attended and those that didn’t – well – we have ways to deal with folks like you 🙂

Yeah – we’re tough – here’s the day after for the “non”-participants:

Grillin’ the next day out in the parking lot to use of the rest of the food and make sure everyone got at least a small taste of Field Day!

Then – onto the last day of school:


There was the  last of little league game for this year which I didn’t photograph (bad mom, bad, bad, mom).

Here they are heading off to Washington DC with family for a trip I’d kill to go on:

They wrapped up the school year with a vengeance and we are now the proud owners of 3rd and 5th grade boys.  How fast it all goes even when it feels like it’s operating at a snails pace.

As the boys are off experiencing an amazing adventure, Steve and I are prepping for TNNA.  I have lots to chat about so stay tuned this week!  You especially don’t want to miss an awesome giveaway that will start this Friday!


5 Responses to “12 Days and Nights”

  1. Traci F Says:

    Love the pictorial journal of the end of school year events. Our lives with children fly by as time is marked by wonderful, memory making experiences. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Donna Says:

    It’s so hard to believe that my 2 favorite “little” boys are going into 3rd and 5th grade! Congratulations J1 & J2 and have a great summer break.

  3. medela backpack Says:

    These pictures are awesome, I just loved them, these reminds me about some of my best days!


  4. Anna Says:

    Congrats to your boys! Hope you all have a great summer!

  5. Kim Says:

    Isn’t it crazy how big they get in no time? Lovely pics

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