December 4th, 2008

Beautiful Things

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So, I have to ask. . . .is anyone else out there in denial that Christmas Day is three weeks from today?  I mean, three weeks from right now it’s O.V.E.R.  First night of Hanukkah is TWO WEEKS from Sunday!!!  I am usually pretty on top of the holiday stuff but this year – I got nothin’.   I did order wreaths for our two doors so as of tomorrow afternoon, the outside world driving by our house will think I’m totally on top of things.  I adore the holidays from start to finish but at this point, I’m kind of starting to think I may not pull it off.   Okay, I’m breathing, it will all be fine 🙂  (NOTE:  To my sister who reads this blog – I’m trying on the lists, really.  It’s not easy this year.  Let’s not forget the best you’ve given me for suggestions thus far are mittens and grey sweats).  Where are all of you at?  Did this holiday season just come out of nowhere for you too?  Or is it just me?

Okay, well on to more interesting items.  I’ve got all sorts of odds and ends to share.  Let’s start with some drop dead knitting.  First up, I want to share with you the first of two amazing shawls.  This one comes from Laura of Fiber Dreams.  Laura is an amazing designer with her own line of patterns.   Look what she created using our 2/14 Alpaca/Silk:

Okay – you can all breath now.  I am not even a lace knitter and this blew me away!  It’s called Canterbury Bells and there are many other patterns on her site that you need to check out.  This one is available for $6.00 and if you love knitting lace, I think this might be one you want to check out!

Then, earlier this week one of our yarn reps was in and after the appointment was over, she brought in this:

This is the “Secret of the Stole II – Savannah” from Nautical Knits.  Again, it was knit using our 2/14 Alpaca Silk.  Look at it up close:

What’s hard to see are the beads that Diane added for her own personal touch.

While talking about amazing creations, I want to share a lovely WEBS moment with you all.  A few weeks back our Office Manager Malea moved to a new place and shortly thereafter had a housewarming party.  I’m sure many of you have heard of housewarmings that have a theme and Malea did a great job creating her own.  She requested that each guest come prepared to felt a coaster for her.  GREAT idea!  Here’s some of the WEBS Crew (past & present):

Here are the amazing felted coasters that they made:

Steve & I initially felt badly that we couldn’t attend, but after seeing these, I don’t think we could’ve held our own with this crowd!  Great job everyone!

For those of you who may not read Knitting Contessa’s blog on a regular basis, during the month of December it’s definitely one you do not want to miss.  During this festive holiday season, she celebrates Knitting Contrisstmas.  Each day during the month of December she does a blog interview with someone from our wonderful fiber world.  She kicked off with Cirilia Rose, Designer with Berroco (and WEBS Alum) and over the past three days she’s talked with Jill from Knitterella, Kate Jacobs and Cat Bordhi!  The interviews are great and Tina really does a great job of getting the inside scoop from some of the interesting folks in our industry.  (Full Disclosure – I participated last year, but I would not be revisiting this if I didn’t think Tina was doing a super job).

Okay – I have a few other things I wanted to get to, but I’m out of time for today.  I have to leave  you with this picture:

Steve & Jackson working the register and Jonathan pricing yarns – the day before Thanksgiving.  Priceless.

Remember, let me know how you are feeling/handling the holidays this year!



17 Responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. melissaknits Says:

    That Canterbury Bells thing is AMAZING.
    Those boys – train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old…he will sell yarn!!
    Anxiously awaiting my own appearance on Knitting Contrissmas. It was fun to do, and I was awed at who else was participating!

  2. Nautical Knitter Says:

    Savannah looks lovely! Please tell Diane that the beads are a wonderful addition! Beautiful!

  3. Lugene Says:

    Kathy, I am with you. I spent so much time fretting about the election that I did not get the run-up to the holiday I had hoped for and now, it is 3 weeks away and no tree, no decorations and no cookies made. Yikes!
    Like yourself, I must keep breathing, doing and planning. It will all come together as it usually does but I might just be late for a party or 2 and may not get all the usual decorating done but Santa will come down the chimney anyways…I hope. Good luck to all of us.

  4. Melissa (the other one) Says:

    That photo of your boys is amazing! 🙂

  5. Judy Blackman Says:


    I would normally be overwhelmed but not so much this year. Last Spring I took advantage of your sale. Immediately set out to make scarves for several of our friends. By June practically all of our gifts were done! Yeah WEBS!

  6. Vismajor Says:

    The holidays have completely snuck up on me this year. What’s worse is that I’m not feeling any holiday spirit yet, and I usually love Christmas. Maybe my holiday spirit will appear once I have a better handle on Christmas? 🙂

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Yup, the holidays totally snuck up on me this year. I’m trying to breathe, but not always succeeding. The coaster idea is wonderful!

  8. Cirilia Says:

    Oh man, way to make me miss Webs!!

  9. Jessica Kaufman Says:

    Kathy! So glad you’re asking about holiday knitting. I was determined this year to do things better than last year, and so I joined a support group of sorts on Ravelry (the Year Long Gift-Along), plus I made myself a simple spreadsheet where I left myself notes throughout the year on who I wanted to knit what for, and updated it with WIPs and FOs so that I can feel like I’m getting somewhere. Almost the whole chart of names has at least one of those labels by now! Seriously, tell me if you want to see it. I’ll email it to you.

  10. Malea Says:

    Hey that’s my party! It was a fabulous night. Most people had never tried it before and they were all helping each other. Great ice breaker. And now I have lots of great hand made memories!

  11. Kathy Says:

    It’s comforting to know I am not the only feeling like the holidays are zooming at us all way too fast! Accomplished getting a tree and the wreaths today, so that definitely helped!

    Judy – you are my hero! Good for you and being organized (and of course thanks for shopping with us!)

    Cirilia – Just remember, there’s no place like home 🙂

    Jessica – WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I’d love to see it! If you are willing to share my email is kathy.elkins AT yarn DOT com.

  12. tina Says:

    Wow………… thanks for the nice words! I am having a blast with Knitting Contrisstmas! More good stuff to come!!!!!

  13. Virginia McLaren Says:

    I’m up to my eyeballs in knitting that must be finished and mailed by the 12th. I think I’ll make it but next year, as I always say, I’m starting earlier. Sure I will.

    By the way, I love your new website. It is exactly what every one of them should be…beautiful, logical and so easy to use.

    Happy Holidays.


  14. Donna Says:

    I’m feeling better now that J & J have gifts! I’m just waiting for your list and then I’ll be pretty much done. I’m really struggling with a list for myself this year – the mittens and sweats are for Bob.

    Tree isn’t up, decorations aren’t out but Anne Murray’s CD got played1

  15. Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) Says:

    I tried to keep goals reasonable this year, but I keep getting more ideas! One project needs doing for sure: cap for 4-year-old niece; needs to be mailed to Texas in time. I keep knitting, but the start of top-decreases seems to be creeping further ahead of me — when will I get there?! Do you think I’ll have time to ALSO knit/crochet little ornaments? Maybe?

    Outdoor lights done. Tree is up, lights but no ornaments yet. No yearly photo-card ready.

    At least the part of the holiday(s) that matters most is not the gifts, and the actual observing of the day(s) will happen whether I’m “ready” or not! {Breathe!}

  16. kathy Says:

    Deborah – just finished the ornaments today. Other than a few final touches, the decorating is done. Gifts – not so much 🙂

    Enjoy & yes, let’s keep breathing!


  17. Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) Says:

    Hey, Kathy! The hat for my niece is done! Hurray! (Whew!)

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