June 27th, 2019

2019 Capstone Graduation Wrap-Up

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June is graduation month, and the knitting world is no different from the rest of the world. WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program celebrated six new graduates as they proudly displayed their Capstone sweaters. Since the blog world isn’t able to be at ALL of our events, here is a recap of the beauty of that night.


Katie Carr knit an extraordinary cropped pullover, inspired by a family heirloom sweater that has been loved for generations. Her all-over eyelet pattern on the back, complemented by the King Charles Brocade element on the front neckline made this delicious fingering weight cashmere yarn sing. Knit in Valley Yarns Greylock, Katie’s attention to detail was sharp and constant, and it shows.









Rachel Vigderman’s sweater also was inspired by a vintage piece she owned many years ago as a Bergdorf Goodman employee. She remembered it clearly and even found an old picture of it (after it was already knit!) and the resemblance was remarkable. Knit in Plymouth Homestead Tweed, it’s comfy and figure-flattering, with beautiful details that include a collar with a contrasting facing and lined pockets.













Eileen Foley created a traditional textured long cardigan with a thoughtful stand-up collar that can be buttoned up to the neck in case of a Big Chill, or unbuttoned to lay flat, using a reversible stitch pattern. Genius! From the intricate cables, to the saddle shoulders, to the hi-lo hem with cabled vents, this sweater was a work of art.                              

Nicole Chapman had a very simple proposal for a V-neck pullover, keeping in mind the caveat that if you don’t put in too many elements, there’s less to go wrong…but her yarn took her in a different direction. Classic Elite Arietta (sadly, discontinued since Classic Elite went out of business) is such a dreamy soft fiber that she decided to put in 2 ombre color changes, and to highlight the neckline with a solid contrasting color. It was well-thought-out and fits her personality (and her!) perfectly.


Melissa Holland-Peters also went with the “Keep It Simple” narrative, but let her yarn do the talking. Madeline Tosh Farm Twist in a pearly pink shade complements her coloring so well, and the yarn itself was sturdy enough to support her banded collar and button band in an eye-catching seed stitch. Melissa played by the rules of variegated yarn by switching skeins every other row to make sure her colors didn’t pool or make stripes and her diligence paid off.















Beth Phelps wins the “comes from farthest away” award, as she treks in for classes from Williamstown, where she runs a yarn shop and tends to her flock of alpacas. You can see her love of fiber in the striped sweater she knit in Blue Sky Fiber Woolstok, using a Fibonacci sequence for her striping. She even calculated the Fibonacci to sleeve proportions, which was a leap of faith! 






All of our new grads have been given their place on the WEKP Plaque, proudly displayed in our classroom. Congratulations to everyone, and I hope we’ll see you next year!

















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    Link to patterns please.

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