January 26th, 2013

31 Day to Get Organized: Knitting and Crochet Tools

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Welcome to the last week of our 31 Days to Get Organized blog series. We’ve all put in a lot of work to get our knitting and crochet yarn, patterns, needles, and hooks organized. We’re in the home stretch now though.

Yesterday we gave you a look inside our knitting and crochet tool kits. Today’s organizing task is a simple one. Collect all of the knitting and crochet tools you can find. Gather all of your stitch markers, cable needles, stitch holders, tape measures, needle and hook gauges, darning needles, craft scissors – all those little tools that we use to help us with our knitting and crochet projects. This might require you to dig through your project bags, sofa cushions, junk drawer, car glove box…all those places these little things start to collect and hide. Of course grab your tool kits too.

Now that you’ve collected all of your tools in one place, spread them out and sort them. You’ll start to notice duplicate items and maybe some things you never use. This is a good time to weed out any of the tools you don’t want or need. Add them to your giveaway pile of yarn and patterns if you haven’t gotten rid of them yet.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about different ways to organize and store your knitting and crochet tools.

Since we’ll be wrapping up organizing our knitting and crochet this next week, what organizing questions or dilemas do you still have that we haven’t covered already? Leave your question in the comments so we can address as many as we can before wrapping up the series on Friday.

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4 Responses to “31 Day to Get Organized: Knitting and Crochet Tools”

  1. Rowena Says:

    My biggest remaining dilemma is matching stash yarn with projects. According to Ravelry, my stash matches a measly 7 projects in my queue, & we are talking a very large stash & a very large queue. I always end up buying yarn for each new project & I really need to use my stash yarn. I’ve never even looked in my stash when I choose my next project; buying yarn is part of the excitement of starting a new project. But I need to get past that & use the stash, which is all lovely yarn.

  2. chrisknitz Says:

    How about storing our finished items like sweaters, shawls, mittens, etc.

  3. Thredbende Says:

    Might I offer this poem Ode to a Stash by Mill McDonald:

    I love you.

    My elegant stash:

    You’re dearer than

    All the world’s cash.

    I love to just

    hold you


    fondle and fold you

    and praise your

    distinctive panache!

  4. Kandice Says:

    I’m interested in this too! I’ve been knitting for many years, so even though I give away a lot of projects, I still own a lot!

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