January 29th, 2013

31 Days to Get Organized: Out and About with Your Knitting and Crochet

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Knitting and crochet are fantastic hobbies for all the reasons we already know, but one of the best things about them is that they are super portable! A small project is the perfect thing to have with you to keep occupied while in line, waiting for the doctor, waiting for the kids to get out of practice, on a plane, in a car – anywhere.

How do you keep your project organized while you’re out? I’ve been known to just toss my project in whatever purse I’m using that day, but velcro and zippers can be dangerous to a project. The GoKnit Pouches are fantastic! They keep your project safe and have a handy strap that can be snapped around your wrist or belt loop. They protect your project from the other items in your bag, and keep your project and tools organized in one place, so you can grab and go.

The Chic.a Single Yarn Keeper is a portable way to tote and protect the yarn you’re working with. You don’t have to worry about it getting tangled in anything else in your bag since you just feed your yarn through the eyelet on the top and the yarn inside the pouch stays protected.

We have lots of other options for bags in tons of sizes and styles. There are bags like the Namaste Harlow that not only store your knitting, but everything else you need – wallet, keys, work, and more. We also have many project bags, like the Blue Sky Pretty Cheep Bag that is perfect for storing your project and stuffing it into a larger bag.

When I knit while I’m out and about, I always get asked “What are you making?” So far, no one has really looked at me funny for knitting in public, but maybe I haven’t picked anywhere all that unusual yet!

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever knit or crocheted?

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23 Responses to “31 Days to Get Organized: Out and About with Your Knitting and Crochet”

  1. Pat Says:

    I lead a pretty ordinary life so my knitting places are pretty ordinary. I knit at faculty meetings, church leadership meetings, when traveling (bus, train, plane, car), at the beach and almost anywhere I have to wait. At most faculty meetings someone will come to me and ask, “Did you bring your knitting?” It’s a good thing that people have come to expect it.

  2. KimKnitsDaily Says:

    Work, home, passenger in a car, recovery meetings, coffee with friends, classes at school, my daughter’s hockey practices, gatherings with family & friends…you name it…I’m knitting

  3. Carol Moegle Hurt Says:

    in Alaska, on a ship, watching the beautiful waterfalls coming from out of clouds. Watching the otters float by on icebergs. Beauty all around me while I held onto my yarn and needles. Perfection to the utmost.

  4. Lara Toomey Smoot Says:

    In line at Busch Gardens.

  5. Lisa Farrell Schwarz Says:

    In Red Square. That was pretty cool.

  6. tab Says:

    OMG, I did the same last June. What a trip..Knitting and gorgeous scenery !

  7. Seedbleyah Says:

    I was at a provincial Union meeting that had over 500 representatives from 26 institutions. I did get a lot of double takes, but no one ventured over to ask what I was making.

  8. maddyandme Says:

    walking on the beach 🙂 while looking for beach glass, too.

  9. chrisknitz Says:

    I use my Namaste bag for my knitting or a large basket that will hold more than one project. As to unusual places to knit? The Daytona 500 NASCAR race, many different times, and other races too.

  10. DeannaC Says:

    Several times at a White Sox game

  11. sarah-marie belcastro Says:

    Hey, that photo is totally faked! Those aren’t customers, they’re staff pretending to be customers!

  12. Wendibtz Says:

    Last week on a longboat off the shore of Koh Jum Island in Thailand while waiting for a larger boat to pick us up for a transfer to Koh Lanta Island. My second Daybreak which was great vacation knitting.

  13. Margaret Crawford Says:

    Church concert. Waiting in court. Waiting in my car. Beach. Picnic. I must have yarn in my hands at all times to soothe my mind.

  14. 5elementknitr Says:

    I love knitting at the tables when I’m in a Poker tournament. It’s mostly guys and it freaks them out a bit. They are so busy trying not to stare that they don’t pay as good attention to their game. They rarely ever ask me about it, just surreptitiously stare. Also, it keeps anyone from seeing my hands shake!

  15. Rebecca Says:

    The first place I thought of was the emergency room. I was there with my father who had a collapsed lung because of cancer. He was not one to accept help so he was very glad I had something to occupy myself while we waited – it made us both feel better. I also knitted in the green room at the EMPAC Center at Rensselaer. I was waiting to go on stage to do a performance and it calmed my nerves.

  16. Andria Schwortz Says:

    I knit in Journal Club – and I wasn’t even the first to do it, I saw one of the faculty so figured it was safe for me to join in.

  17. Margaret Says:

    backstage at the symphony, waiting to sing the final Neptune chorus of Gustav Holst’s The Planets. I think of the music everytime I wear my ‘Neptune socks’!

  18. Sally Says:

    In the coffee vending area outside a Buddhist Temple in South Korea, waiting for the rest of my party to finish their martial arts lesson.

  19. Patti Says:

    Walking around my neighborhood as I brought my children out for Trick or Treating on Halloween. As the night went on, it got more and more difficult to see what I was doing!

  20. SexyNinjaMonkey Says:

    Most unusual place would either be a nightclub dance floor (while dancing) or on the partially rotten top floor of an abandoned building.

  21. Patricia Dilks Says:

    Anything political … City Council Meetings, Congressional gallery, candidate speaker nights. On a ship, in an airplane (and for sure in airports), at a baseball game. At every board meeting I’ve ever attended, except those I had to chair or be secretary at. Family holidays (those kind with a couple dozen extended family members, some of whom drink a bit too much). Knitting is a soother, a buffer, an invitation, and a comfort. I have small zippered project bags, clever little pouches with yarn holes, larger Namaste bags, and a magnificent knitting tote that was a git from a friend many years ago, into which I can stuff three or four projects and a toolkit.

  22. Mary Ellen Kinkel Says:

    standing in line to see the live Nemo Show at Walt Disney World.

  23. Lynne Clark Says:

    I use a plastic tote with handle similar to this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Snapware-Yarn-Trainer-Medium-11.1-4-x-5/21989728

    It comes in several sizes at Walmart. I like to keep my tools in a makeup bag or pencil case, clear is preferred.

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