June 24th, 2009

A Blissful Day

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A big huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Debbie Bliss event and also to our staff who continues to rock the free world with their awesome-ness.  I know, “awesome-ness” is not a word but it is in my vocabulary and sometimes you just need a created word to express yourself.  At least I do.

The day was not as full-of-Bliss as we had hoped.  Debbie and Trisha from Soho Publishing encountered more than their fair share of traffic jams, accidents, irreverent police and the like that slowed their journey to WEBS.  Nobody likes to be late and I think we all have our 15 minute window of tolerance.  Yes, that was truly tested.  For those who couldn’t stay my deepest apologies and I know Debbie and Trisha join me in just feeling awful.  For those of you who had the opportunity to stick it out – what a great time we had!

Debbie truly gave a dynamic talk encompassing all aspects of her design process and experiences.

We tried on garments:

That red coat is a new design from Debbie’s Fall ’09 Collection.  It’s knit in a new yarn – Luxury Tweed Chunky and I am so in love with it.

Debbie fielded questions:

And signed copies of her latest book Design It, Knit It:

Don’t forget that books are now part of our discount program!

A grand time was had by all.  I’ve received several lovely emails today from customers – some who stayed until Debbie arrived and others who had to leave.  I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of our very understanding customers.

Next up is our Lexie Barnes Classic Collection Launch Event tomorrow night (Thurs 6/25) from 6:00-7:30pm.  Lexie lives locally so I am confident we want experience any delays in her arrival 🙂  Plus, we are the exclusive retailer for these bags for the next few weeks so if you want to be seen with one of the coolest bags of the season, you better make your way to the event or get shopping on-line!


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