June 29th, 2007

A Knitter in Need

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Just a quick post, no pictures, but a VERY important topic.

Annie Modesitt, author and designer extraordinaire needs our help. Her husband Gerry has been diagnosed with Multiple Myleoma. This is a very aggressive form of cancer. Annie and her family moved only a few months ago to Minnesota, so they are going through this incredibly difficult and scary time without any family nearby. Annie and Gerry have two adorable young kids who we’ve all seen modeling some of her designs.

She is selling one of her patterns and all of the monies raised will be used to help offset the costs of travel and such for Gerry’s treatments. She is asking a minimum of $4.50, but is hoping we can all step up and help out.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Annie. She is larger than life, incredibly funny and full of life. She is the primary income for her family, but right now, knitting, teaching and travelling are just not possible.

Please go to her website and read her post and if at all possible, please consider making a donation.

And be sure to hug your family extra tight tonight.


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  1. MelissaKnits Says:

    Oh, the what if’s. What if it were me, or Gene. Or, God forbid, Girl. I hope everyone gives what they can, from the heart. No one needs to worry about their stinking mortgage payment at a time like this.

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