May 9th, 2014

A Second Look at A First-Rate Bargain

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I have often gassed on about my love for sport- and dk-weight yarns in this forum–I just love how they look and feel, and I like the kinds of patterns that work best in those weights–small things like cowls, mitts, and baby sweaters and hats. As I was walking through the warehouse this morning, Rowan Colourspun caught my eye, and I had an instant affinity for it.┬áIt’s a yarn I’ve looked without a second thought for the last year or so, but for some reason (maybe because it’s part of the May sale and at a very enticing price?) today it said to me, “Sister, you’re about to get lucky.”Photo by Lindsey Topham

The colors are beautiful — that goes without saying. Rowan gets color (colour?) right. And the fiber blend is just right, too. Normally, mohair feels a little scratchy to me, but the wool tempers it a bit, and the polyamide makes it behave, not flop all over the place.

ROWANFREEPMEADOW.zoom.1 I could see making Rowan’s Meadow pattern with the Semer Water colorway, which is a charcoal gray and mauve variegate, bound with a thin ecru strand to make the other colors pop. Any of the Rowan patterns made with Colourspun would be a dream to make and to wear, soft and welcoming.


Would you take a chance on a yarn you’d never think of using?

Amy G.
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