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Kathy & Steve Elkins are the second generation owners of WEBS – America’s Yarn Store.  Our shop is located in Northampton, MA and on-line at www.yarn.com.  Steve’s mother, Barbara Elkins founded the company in 1974 in the basement of her home.  Today we have a 5,000 sq ft store and an additional 11,000 sq feet of shoppable warehouse space.  WEBS caters to knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, dyers and felters of all levels.

Steve and I succeeded his parents in running the business in 2002.  We both have extensive business experience, a couple of M.B.A.s and most importantly a passion for customers and consumer products.   We love what we do and we especially love working together.

We have two young boys, Jackson and Jonathan and a cat named Abigail.  Don’t tell her about Freddie the store cat – she would not be happy.  When not immersed in work, Steve & I love to golf, travel and spend time with the boys.  Steve coaches their  hockey team and plays endless innings of baseball in the yard.  I’m fascinated with the weather, particularly storms of all types.  Had it not been for a rotten Physics teacher in high school, my career path might have been quite different!

I learned to crochet as a child, I think in second or third grade.  Mrs. Trombley lived across the street and taught special needs children in our elementary school.  I loved crochet immediately and can’t even imagine how many granny squares I created!  I struggled to learn to knit – two sticks vs. one hook was a big hurdle for me.  I still love crochet and probably knit better than I realize.  I am currently fascinated with the rigid heddle loom.

This blog is meant to be an inside look at WEBS – what’s happening, the latest products and projects and generally all things yarn-related .  You’ll also get a glimpse of our crazy life running the business and our family.  We look forward to your comments!

Kathy & Steve