December 15th, 2007

And Sometimes That’s Okay

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Despite my need for things to be symmetrical and my ducks to be neatly in a row, sometimes things get thrown out of whack for a reason. I do wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason.
Today, a day earlier than planned we held the launch party for Melissa’s first book “2-At-A-Time-Socks”. It was suppose to be tomorrow, but when the weekend forecasts started coming in and snow/sleet/freezing rain along with high winds appeared to be more than just a prediction, we decided we had to make a very, very tough call. We know we disappointed some folks who simply could not come today. I am sorry beyond words. Given that we’re a week from Christmas, the year-end sale, New Year’s and Melissa’s travel schedule, we really had no choice.

Thank you to everyone who came – what a GREAT day! It’s been well documented that I truly love events, it’s my background and my passionate. TODAY.WAS.AWESOME. We had a great turnout, our team did an incredible job, especially Mary and Karen! You guys truly rock. Everyone working in the store was great, LA thanks for the help, Sharlene – your floral arrangements were stunning and Linda we love your wine!

Then there was Melissa. As nervous as you were, as stressful the change was – YOU WERE INCREDIBLE! Great, great job! Fun was had by all!

We gave Melissa gifts:

There were others, but in the craziness of the day no photographs and trust me, the other chickens were way cooler, but mine, not so complex, but so from the heart.
The most wonderful shot of the day is this:
An Omie with her granddaughter, at her first book launch, surrounded by yarn, good friends, family. . . .doesn’t get any better than this. (Not to mention, the darling GD was not happy until in said Omie’s arms – only a few days old and she already knows the score. Smart little girl that April is.)
I’m going to keep this short because (a) Steve is home and hungry (b) Jackson spent 6 hours at the store and even he has had enough of computer/video game and is also hungry (c) Jonathan barfed in the parking lot approximately 1 hour before the event and (d) well, it’s Saturday night, it’s been a week.
I have to apologize for the photos. I left my memory card in my home computer (bad blogger). Fortunately, Petey, our Ops Mgr (read – they guy in charge of making sure you get your mail orders) suggested “the camera” we use for yarn photography. The camera is high end and definitely smelled the fear in me. Being reduced to “point and click” did not make the camera happy whatsoever.
I have a very important and overdue link I’ll blog tomorrow and I”m also going to pull something from Melissa’s blog. I will also update the links here, but seriously my family is about to meltdown.

3 Responses to “And Sometimes That’s Okay”

  1. melissaknits Says:

    Oh, fine, so MAKE ME CRY!!!

    That was the coolest event ever. I had so much fun. I loved everything about it. The entire Webs crew should get something lovely from Santa for making this so wonderful. Most especially you, Miss Kathy, and I am glad you were not in the room when I thanked you, as I suspect your visible presence would have caused me to bawl.

    And Omie would love the file of the full sized version of that picture with that amazingly brilliant April. She’s one smart cookie!

    And I didn’t buy any yarn. But man was it close.

  2. Melissa Says:

    I am so sorry I missed it! I am glad things went well, and so sorry I had other plans for today and could not help out! Go be with your family! Enjoy the snow!

  3. tina Says:

    I danced the happy Melissa’s First Book Launch Party dance here at the house! It was pretty great, you can only imagine— especially the fuzzy leopard slippers part! 🙂

    I love feeling part of the Webs family—— you guys are all wonderful, supportive and loving—- the best!

    When can I come shopping?

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