December 11th, 2014

Ask WEBS – We want your questions!

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Early in 2015 we’re going to start answering your fiber queries twice each month but first we need to know: What do you want to know?!

Ask WEBS! Tell us what you really want to know.

Tell us what you have trouble with. What totally stumps you? What do you wish you could understand more clearly? We have experts on hand in knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving so bring on the questions! Ask WEBS and let us offer you some expert answers.



7 Responses to “Ask WEBS – We want your questions!”

  1. Bebe Says:

    I want to knit a sweater or jacket that, hmm, provides some structure, perhaps. I want very little easy, but I don’t want the kind of drape that shows every imperfection in my figure. How do I know whether a yarn will create that kind of fabric? And could you recommend a particular yarn?

  2. questioner Says:

    Is it possible to convert all top down sock patterns to toe up socks? Also, how does one convert raglan sleeves to set-in sleeves?

  3. Yrrehs neb Says:

    I want to knit socks in washable dk weight yarn that is preferably cotton, but would be okay with wool, but I would certainly like the other fibers in it that make it “sock” yarn such as polyamide or polyester. Is there any out there that is dk weight that is cotton or wool and washable? I’m just not a fan of knitting socks in fingering or sock weight.

  4. Kathleen Kelm Says:

    The tricky thing about knitting socks with cotton is the feel. I have been uncomfortable wearing my hand knit socks with lots of cotton content; it feels like I am walking on clothes line. Commercial cotton socks are knitted with extremely thin thread. Wool dk weight socks wouldn’t feel like you are walking on tree branches but would be very heavy boot socks for cold weather. I am knitting a pair now!

  5. BarbOutsideBoston Says:

    Warmest mittens–best fiber? best weight of yarn? best technique-stranded? twined? thrummed?

  6. Esther Says:

    I have a pattern that requires Sirdar Snuggly Chunky that has been discontinued. I would like to knit this pattern but don’t know what yarn is an appropriate substitute. Can someone please direct me? Thanks.

  7. Sara Says:

    Hi Esther,

    Try Berroco Comfort Chunky! Same fiber content and gauge and you get almost twice the yardage per skein!

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