January 6th, 2014

Bang! Zoom! Pow!

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CULLIGAN.zoom.1I consider myself a fairly straightforward knitter–I make hats, mittens, cowls, and the occasional sweater. I’m not knitting up dog sweaters (well, just once), toys, or iPad covers. Not, that is, until now. We featured the book Knits of Tomorrow on the blog a few weeks ago, and it caught my eye–mainly because my husband is an avid collector of space toys, especially rayguns, from the 1930’s onward. I thought he’d like a knitted object that isn’t a sweater or a hat (because, sadly, none of my family will wear the things I knit. They itch, apparently.) I found this great placemat/coaster set that features a raygun and burst of cosmic kablooey that I thought would be a quick, funraygun knit. The yarn the book calls for is Rowan Denim, but I’m going to switch it up with Rowan Handknit Cotton, which has lots of fun, unexpected colors and feels great on the needles. ┬áNormally, I don’t love knitting with cotton, but the four plies twist in such a way that it doesn’t feel as stiff and unyielding as cotton sometimes can. Although the colors shown in the photo from the book are sort of dark and menacing, I am taking the design in a more light, fun way and I’ll probably use this bright, space-age green to pop out of a dark background.

rowan handknit cotton

I think that working on a totally different kind of project will clear my head as I hunker down to knit the 2 sweaters that are up next in my queue.


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