March 19th, 2014

Behind the Skeins

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The fantasy of working at a yarn store conjures up images of frolicking through bins of beautiful yarn, caressing skeins of luxurious cashmere, hobnobbing with the knitterati and knitting behind the counter while chatting with customers.  The reality includes all that (except for the knitting at work, alas, and without the symphonic soundtrack and dream sequences) plus the mundane and pedestrian tasks of running a retail business. We thought you’d like to see a Day in the Life at the store, so join us “Behind the Skeins” for a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

vacuuming WEBS





  We start the day wearing our housekeeping hats – vacuuming, putting things back in their places, wiping counters, getting things ready so we can open the doors.






Garment on WEBS blog

J tries on garment on WEBS blog

Often we have early morning meetings with reps from the yarn companies to learn about the new yarns and patterns for the season.  We get to try on sample garments – a great way to see how they actually look on real people.




Every day Bill brings us boxes loaded with new products and restocks.

Bill delivers










Yes, it’s fun to see and touch the New.

3/7/14 A new shipment of Madelinetosh has arrived in the store!

3/7/14 A new shipment of Madelinetosh has arrived in the store!





And then we have to put it all away!





And, of course,  we have to find it again! We put a lot of time into staying organized, a big challenge considering how often we move the yarn. We map the store and update our lists and just when we think we know where everything is, we get a shipment of the next season’s yarns and we start moving and updating again. Ever wonder what happens when we disappear to find more yarn for you?


We are practicing our orienteering skills in the stockroom!

We all learn pretty quickly that the one constant in our jobs at WEBS is constant change. Interruptions are part of the job as we move back and forth between helping customers and stocking shelves. Customer service is our priority and the other tasks take a back seat to that, so never hesitate to ask us for help!

It all makes for a lively day. It’s great to be surrounded by all the colors and textures and we are continually inspired by the creativity of our customers and colleagues. And, thus it is nice to turn off the lights at the end of the day and head home, because we can hardly wait to work on our latest project while relaxing in a comfy chair!

Turning out the lights

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7 Responses to “Behind the Skeins”

  1. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Not getting to knit behind the counter must be the downside to being so big and wonderful! The staff at my LYS knit behind the counter….

  2. Sarah Says:

    That all still sounds really fun to me 🙂

  3. Vicki Buckley Says:

    you are the best, service, product, efficiency! I would be lost without you.

  4. totokoko Says:

    I love the sweater Mash tried on. What is the pattern?

  5. Sara Says:

    That’s the Eaton sweater from Classic Elite.

  6. FAM Says:

    Is that Amy pushing the vacuum cleaner….miss her in the store. If I have the wrong name…I still miss her in the store.

  7. Sara Delaney Says:

    Hi FAM that’s actually Katie, and while she’s no longer in the store you may catch her occasionally in a Thursday night drop-in session.

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