June 12th, 2009

Berroco Fall 2009 – The Yarns

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Hey Everyone – as we’ve been promising fall yarns are starting to stream in!  We’ve just received our entire shipment of new yarns from Berroco!  Let me just say that Norah, Cirilia and the entire Berroco team have hit a major homerun with this collection.  I’m going to give you all a quick run through of the yarns.  Pattern books will be following shortly and I’ll do another post about them when they arrive.  You can certainly pre-order the pattern books.

Berroco’s Fall 2009 Collection features 4 brand new yarns, two line extensions to existing yarns and lots of great new colors in their continuing lines.

First up is LustraLustra is a 50% Peruvian Wool/50% Tencel blend. 


The Tencel provides a nice sheen to the finished yarn.  Lustra knits at 4.5 sts/in on a #7 needle and each 100gm hank has 197 yards.  That is not a typo – 197 yards per hank.  It’s available in 16 colors and a great value at $9.00/hank considering the amazing yardage.  Lustra will have a dedicated pattern book.

Sundae is a big, thick, loosely spun yarn with gorgeous colors.

It’s 50% Wool/50% Acrylic and the plies are different colors and spun together very loosely.  The fiber content and roving-like finish means this chunky yarn will be light and lofty.  Sundae knits at 2.5 sts/in on a #15 needle.  We’re talking fast projects – great for accessories but Norah and Cirilia have also designed some great garments as well.  Sundae comes in a 100gm hank which has 62 yards.  Hey – that’s the life of a chunky yarn – shorter yardage.  There are ten gorgeous colors and cost is $9.00/hank.

Next is Blackstone Tweed.  I know, I know, you’re thinking “great, another tweed”.  Just hang on a second.  This is a tweed you definitely want to check out.  First, the fiber content is very cool – 65% Wool/25% Super Kid Mohair/10% Angora.  It’s not shed-y nor will it’s fibers get up in your face and make you all sneeze-y.  The blend is soft – unlike many tweeds which are traditionally crunchy and rough.  You can wear Blackstone Tweed next to your skin. 

It knits at 4.5 stitches/in on a #7 and has 130 yards on a 50gm ball.  There are 12 colors, a dedicated book that you will want to own and it retails for $9.50.

The fourth new yarn is Vintage Wool.  Folks – just hang on while I tell you about this yarn.  Trust me when I say it is going to become your go-to, workhorse, worsted weight yarn.  Vintage Wool is 50% Acrylic/40% Wool and 10% Nylon.  I’m sure many of you just thought to yourself “yuck” or “ick”.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Remember Comfort?  Remember poo-pooing it because of it’s fiber content and now how much you love it?  Vintage Wool feels like a fancy Extra Fine Merino.  Vintage Wool is like scoring a great cashmere sweater at Marshall’s for a steal.

It knits at either 5 sts/in on a #7 or 4.5 sts/in on a #8.  It comes in 100gm hanks.  Are you ready for the yardage?  2-1-7.  Yup – 217 yards per hank.  Colors?  Thirty two beautiful colors.  Price?  Go ahead – guess.

Nope, not $9.00.

Not $8.00.

$7.00 – still too high.

Vintage Wool is $6.00 per hank.  SIX DOLLARS PER HANK.  SIX tiny little DOLLARS for 217 yards of gorgeous yarn.

Did I mention it’s machine washable???  AND there’s a dedicated book.

Last but not least – Pure Merino is now available in 8 lovely Chine colors (pronounced shin-ay).


The Comfort line now has 12 yummy heathers as well.

All of this and we haven’t even talked about NGV5 or NG Men’s.  You can check those out at berroco.com and pre-order any of the patterns here.  The pattern books will be available in about 2 weeks – so say the fine folks at Berroco.

As if all of this wasn’t faboo enough, there’s one more thing. We’re having a contest.  Here’s how it will work – very easy and straightforward.

1.  Leave a comment here on my WEBS blog, on this post, about which yarn or design you are loving from the Berroco Fall 2009 Collection.

2.  Go to the Berroco Design Studio Blog and leave a comment for Norah and Cirilia with the same info.

3.  Next Friday we will select a winner at random from everyone who comments on BOTH blogs. 

4.  The winner will receive the a complete kit to create Nuss:

Nuss is made with Blackstone Tweed and is one of my favorites of the collection.  The winner will get enough yarn to make their size, they can choose their color, the entire Blackstone Pattern booklet will be included and I’ll toss in the appropriate needles and any other tools the pattern calls for.  Heck – we get enough blog love I might even throw in a WEBS gift card to boot!

I hope you love the line as much as I do!


P.S.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’m here at TNNA and sporting a very special, yet to be seen by anyone else, bag.  I’ve been told I’ll be able to blog about this lovely bag very, very soon, so stayed tune!


117 Responses to “Berroco Fall 2009 – The Yarns”

  1. Tara Broskie Says:

    This was a VERY difficult contest – pick only one! Okay, after much debating my vote goes to Sundae. I must also add that I was recently fortunate enough to be in the position to visit your store for the first time. One word to describe it – OVERWHELMING. When I went back to work and bragged to my knitter friend, she became very jealous of my indulgent field trip. However, when she learned how easy it is to get to from the Pike, she immediately made plans to make a side trip when traveling to the Cape (we’re from the Hudson Valley region of NY.) Hopefully Amy and her friend had a great time in your store today.

  2. Dee Says:

    Vintage Wool and Blackstone Tweed are both on my “must-have” list!

  3. Dee Says:

    Oops! It looks like I can only choose one..tough choice, but I’ll say Blackstone Tweed. I can see it as a favorite cardie!

  4. Lucy Says:

    I hope I’m still in time to enter the contest! I love the blackstone tweed… looks VERY nice 🙂 a close runner up is the vintage wool – I’m hoping to try that out on something for my kids maybe!

  5. Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) Says:

    The Blackstone Tweed is interesting, and I think I’d like to try the Vintage Wool one of these days, but the one that attracts me most now is the Lustra. I haven’t seen the patterns yet, but I’m thinking hat (I always think “hat” first) or wrap — wouldn’t that feel nice draped around the neck!

  6. Debbie Says:

    You’re right. The Nuss made with Blackstone Tweed is beautiful.

  7. Joyce Says:

    I can’t wait to see the Blackstone Tweed in person. I love the colors!

  8. Mary R Says:

    I love the new Blackstone Tweed. Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. jennsquared Says:

    I really wanted to try the Blackstone Tweed and Vintage Wool. Both sounds like my type of yarn. Simple but elegant, and are stables like bread and butter.

  10. tracy_a Says:

    I really want to feel/swatch with the vintage wool. But, tweeds are still my faves. I added a bunch to my rav queue (including Nuss), but probably the first I will cast on is Nonpareil. I am looking forward to seeing the NG Men book!

  11. Kristi Says:

    Oh, Vintage Wool – I love scoring cashmere at Marshall’s! 🙂

  12. Sarah C. Says:

    I agree that it’s impossible to pick one! I am about to buy 5 skeins of the teal Lustra – but, unrelatedly, my first favorite is Anhinga, and my second – because of the YouTube pics with Cirilia & Ysolda – is the Potter jacket-cardigan in Pure Merino!

  13. Ann McCarthy Says:

    Lustra! I am happily registered for my first ever knitting conference — STITCHES EAST – this fall, and have signed up to take a class in shawl knitting. This looks like it would be a great yarn for a shawl. I plan to return home to Buffalo from Hartford via WEBS!

  14. Amy Says:

    I cannot decide which is my favorite new yarn and pattern but I cannot stop thinking about the Blackstone Tweed for Nonpareil!

  15. Deb Says:

    I love Lustra! Beautiful, great colors, great yardage! Great contest 😉

  16. Donna in VA Says:

    I like Vintage Wool. Looks like a great yarn.

  17. Meg Caulmare Says:

    My favorite design is Nonpareil – very classic, looks very tailored (if you could see me, you’d wonder why these appeal…). The design looks like a challenging knit and looks like it would be wonderful to wear, the very kind of garment you’d like to make in 5 different colors, some to keep, and some to gift. Christmas isn’t all that far off.

    Meg, with 4 handknit gifts already living in their gift bags, and hopes that the cats won’t get them.
    (P.S. – this kind of holiday knitting resolve doesn’t usually last :))

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