May 12th, 2009

Berroco Goodies

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day this past weekend.  Whether you created new memories or enjoyed ones already made, I hope everyone was able to spend the day as they wanted.

For me, I got my first breakfast in bed.  I picked the kids up on Friday afternoon and out came Jonathan with a potted plant and note. 

Jackson had nothing.  Not a big deal to me, but to him – BIG DEAL.  He sad “I guess we’re just too busy in 4th grade to make gifts anymore”.  He didn’t say it in a superior way, honestly, he was sad.  I think it was one of those “hmm, getting bigger might not be as cool as I thought it would be” moments.    I told him not to worry, etc.

I woke Sunday morning to rustling downstairs – unusual rustling.  I knew it was Jackson rustling and I thought maybe he was hungry and rolled over.  It then became apparent he was up to something.  About 15 minutes later he appeared with an English Muffin, grapes and OJ.  It was a lovely 6:30am breakfast.  I later asked him about getting the English Muffin out of the toaster (ours can be persnickety).  He told me he unplugged the toaster before using a knife to get it out.  I was relieved and asked how he knew to do that and said “Oh, I saw a safety video on tv once”.  Thank you safety video.

After a few errands Sunday morning, I spent a glorious afternoon cleaning out my closet and bureau.  It was 3 1/2 hours of heaven.  Three bags for donation and one bag of trash later and I was one organized and uncluttered Mom.  Perfect. Day.

Okay, so now that you’ve all skimmed as fast as you can about my day, I’m sure you are wanting to know about the Berroco Goodies I refer to in the title of this post.  For those of you who listen to the podcast each week, you are already in the know!  See, it pays to listen to our little podcast each week – you never know what nuggets we might share and in all honesty, I could never blog about all of the yarn Steve talks about each week and all the special deals.  Just sayin’. 

We are thrilled to offer you a handful of discontinued colors in a few of Berroco’s very beautiful yarns at tremendous savings.  I”m not going to go through all of the specs of each yarn, just give you a bit of a tasting with a picture and link – the rest my friends, is up to you.

First up is Ultra Alpaca.  Yes, that would be THE Ultra Alpaca.  Five faboo colors:


Original price is $8.75 and our closeout price on these five colors is $5.19.  Not bad colors either, may I point out.

Next, Berroco Cuzco.  I love Cuzco.   It’s a beautiful chunky weight yarn,  50% superfine alpaca/50% wool and knits at 3.75 sts = 1″ on a 10. 

There are only 3 colors (please use the site for better color accuracy – I did these shots pretty quickly).  Cuzco normally retails for $9.00 but these three colors are only $4.99. 

We also have five Pure Merino colors that have been discontinued.  Pure merino is Berroco’s Extra Fine Merino Superwash yarn – superwash meaning it’s machine washable.

Pure Merino knits at a worsted/heavy worsted weight of 4.5 sts = 1″ on #9 needles and normally costs $8.00/ball.  These five discontinued colors are only $4.99.

Last, but far from least is Peruvia Quick.  Just introduced last fall, Peruvia Quick is a chunky yarn that knits at 3 sts = 1″ on a #11 needle. 

Only two colors available, so let’s show them some love.  Peruvia Quick normally costs $8.00/hank but again we’re able to offer these discontinued colors at $4.99. 

I haven’t had too many guesses on our “m”agical “m” closeout.  Malabrigo is out, Mission Falls is out?  Any takers?  You all know how I operate – first one in gets a prize 🙂

You also want to stay tuned to the WEBS Blog this week – Tent Sale preview is coming! 


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16 Responses to “Berroco Goodies”

  1. sarah-marie Says:

    My guess is Misti. (I would like Mirasol myself, but my supposition is based on what I think other people seem to drool over.)

  2. Carol Says:

    I’m hoping its Madelinetosh!

  3. Dawn Says:

    How about Manos Del Uruguay?

  4. Carolyn Ell Says:

    I’m hoping for Madelinetosh, but since you just started stocking it, my hopes are low… *keeping my fingers crossed!*

  5. Jennifer Says:


  6. Donna in VA Says:


  7. Michelle Says:

    Is it Misti Alpaca?



  8. KathyElkins Says:

    That’s why you are smarter than the average bear! Yes it’s Misti!

  9. KathyElkins Says:

    Carol – that’s crazy talk! Oh how lovely they would be though!

  10. KathyElkins Says:

    It’s a lovely thought, but your rational is correct. Plus, since she pretty much dyes to order, I don’t think she has much leftover. Although there are always mis-dyed colors. Hmmm..

  11. KathyElkins Says:


  12. iknitalone Says:

    What a wonderful Mother’s day! And how sweet is Jackson to be disappointed that they don’t do anything in fourth grade. I’m guessing Manos for the “M” surpise.

  13. Heidi Says:

    I love Mirasol like sarah-marie!
    Kathy – I’m wondering about swatches with sheep shown on knitting daily tv episode 203. You are talking with Liz Gipson about colorwork and have some samples of various colorwork items in front of you and Liz. There are some tan swatches with sheep on them – where is the pattern found that incorporates these cute sheep?

  14. KathyElkins Says:

    Heidi – I’ve forwarded your request onto Pixie. She’ll get back to you via email with the information.

  15. KathyElkins Says:

    Hi Heidi,
    The sheep were worked in conjunction with our Stitches I: Color Magic
    workshops that are a core requirement for our Expert Knitter Program. I
    just searched in lots of different books for a sheep worked in each
    technique – fair isle, intarsia, slip stitch (that one came from Slip Stitch
    Knitting by Roxana Bartlett) and needle weaving (I just made a chart for
    that one).

    Pixie Benoist
    Education Manager
    WEBS-America’s Yarn Store

  16. Travel Social Networking Says:

    These were all awesome and very useful to unwind during a long travel trip (Aside from its cheap cost)

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