February 12th, 2007

Bowling Anyone?

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Every year, Steve and I host a WEBS holiday party for our staff, which usually happens in January. We have it at our house, serve yummy food, good drinks and always have some fun. The first year, I cooked everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook – I can make a mean meal as long as the desserts are from the bakery or handled by someone else. Flour, baking soda and baking powder are not my friends. As the staff has grown, we hired a caterer who comes in and does it all. We’ve had an improv group come and entertain (all WEBS related and very funny), we’ve done Yankee Swap (everyone was way too nice) and Secret Santa.

This year, the party thing just didn’t excite me – so Steve took matters into his own hands. His master plan – BOWLING. Most of us were a bit tentative, but the man had a vision and nobody was getting in his way. The big event was yesterday and guess what? Steve was right (note that on 2/12/07, Kathy gives Steve full credit). We had a blast! More than half of our staff, their families/significant others all convened for our Bowling Extravaganza. This wasn’t just any bowling either, this was big ball bowling AND it was Disco Bowling – flashing lights, loud, pulsating music. Absolutely classic. We are actually a group of pretty talented bowlers – Nick our warehouse man even OWNS his own bowling ball! The flashing disco lights impeded the photo ops, but to the left is a shot of some of Team WEBS in all their glory. And Linda our Customer Service Manager had great form!
On the knitting front, I’ve been working on a second Vermont Felted Bag as part of our knitalong on the radio show/podcast and to use as a project submission for a book. I was right on schedule until I HAD TO SEW IT TOGETHER. I do not sew well – finishing is the bane of my existence. I got it done, felted it and had a big problem with the seams. Don’t ask, it’s too horrifying to discuss and not very bright on my part. The bag is currently in the OR and will hopefully be photo ready tomorrow. I’m just finishing up the handles and will felt these tonight:

I’m using Berkshire Hand Dyed in Chili Pepper. Not a color I would usually pick, but I think it works nicely. I want to do this same project again, but in solid Berkshire – striped. I had already decided on the colors, until I saw one of our Expert Knitters at a meeting on Saturday. She was working on an entrelac bag in black/cream/sage and I cannot get the colors out of my head. I’ve also got a felted rug swimming around in my head for our June catalog.
Here are some projects from the store that you might find inspiring.
First up, is this lovely 2 skein scarf knit in Road to China from the Fibre Company. Cast on an odd number of stitches, k2, p2 across to the last stitch then k1. I believe Karen our Store Manager cast on 25 stitches to make this handsome scarf. Road to China is a scrumptious blend of alpaca/cashmere/camel/yak and soy. We love this yarn and this simple, but elegant rib is perfect for it. A mock or simple cable pattern would be nice as well.
Next up is this darling shawl that just magically appeared one day (I love that – walking out into the store and finding a new model garment. It’s like a mini-Christmas morning surprise! Knit in Ambrosia from K1C2, the pattern is Sensual Scarf #7320. Ambrosia is another yummy yarn made of baby alpaca/silk and cashmere. The finished wrap is very lofty, but the fiber blend will make it warm and cuddly. Our own Megan Mc (pronounced Megan Mick) did the knitting for this great store model.

Crocheters do not despair, there is something for you too! This is Blue Sky Alpaca’s Cap Sleeve Wrap. It is crocheted using their Alpaca/Silk doubled. I have to tell you – the yarn itself is incredible, but doubled, it feels like velvet! Sharlene (who is out of solitary confinement as she has agreed to work up the pattern for the wrap shown in the post below) crocheted this in no time.

Last for today is a photo of the Karaoke Hat Trunk Show from Southwest Trading Company. Jonelle put out a call to shopowners last fall for hat designs using Karaoke. I asked our own Melissa if she was interested in submitting a design. She came up with a faboo creation. Jonelle was so thrilled with the hats, she decided to create a book of all the patterns that we could all carry and sell. Melissa’s hat is included and it’s even featured on the cover! Karaoke is a wonderful, wonderful yarn that is a 50/50 soysilk/wool blend that is self-striping. It is soft and the colors are great.
Thanks to everyone who has left such nice comments about the blog and our radio show/podcast. The latest show features an interview Jonelle of SWTC – she is the President. We had a great conversation that I think you will enjoy, especially if you are a fan of her yarns. If not, you will be after listening to the interview. The woman is an inspiration. If there is anyone you would like Steve and I to interview, please just email us at readysetknit@yarn.com. We’ll do our best!
Be sure to stop by the store or visit the website often! We have so much new yarn flying in, I can’t even keep up. Fortunately the rest of the staff can and we’re getting it out and up as quickly as possible.
P.S. Sorry if I’ve given anyone a headache with my “left, right, center” photos. Just trying to make things look a bit more interesting, but I think I need to work at it a bit more 🙂

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