April 4th, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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So it’s cold and rainy here – about as cold as it can be without snowing. I am thrilled it’s not snowing, but this is nearly as awful. March and April are such tough months in New England. Over the years, I’ve made peace with March. I have no expectations and whatever it brings, it brings. But April is another story. I am always optimistic going into April, although I know only too well it can be a tough month. It has not started off pretty this year and the long-range forecast is not encouraging. *Deep Sigh*

We recorded this week’s radio show/podcast today. We interviewed Linda Pratt from Westminster Fibers (Rowan, et. al.) and she did a great job. Stay tuned for Saturday to hear the show. In the knitalong, I had a disaster. I decided that Silk Garden and I are simply not meant to be. It was a tough decision, I know how beloved this yarn is and I wanted to love it too. I did love my color, but the yarn and I, well, we were not compatible, so I ended the relationship. We are going separate ways. We are officially “broken up”.

This happened literally an hour before we went into record. I had to find a quick date to get things rolling, as I am already behind on the top down sweater. I walked around the store looking at yarns that were 4 sts = 1″. I felt like I didn’t have many choices – is that not ridiculous??? I knew I didn’t want a solid yarn, I know myself well enough to know I would get bored and never finish. I looked at several options (oh, Classic Elite Stormy how I wanted to to invite you to be my date for the knitalong, but, well, I think too much of you to not make a serious committment. Another time, another project. I promise). I wandered, the staff offered suggestions, I wandered, I pondered. I was nearly out of time. I decided upon a Cascade yarn, under the Di Ve label called Autunno. A lovely 100% merino wool, that is several strands of different colors, plied together that gradually change colors.

Steve and I bolted out to lunch and over pizza slices, I worked up my swatch. We got to the station and I worked another couple of rows while we waited to tape. We did our first segment and then as Pixie did her “thing”, I continued to knit and chime in. I had enough done at the end of the taping to give it a gauge check. Spot. On.

I love the yarn, I love my Colonial Rosewood Circulars that I am using. All is well with the world. I did make a color change once I got back to the store and had a bit more time to consider the options. I swatched using color #14627 and have decided on #48162. The best part is that this yarn is the right gauge, but rather than using a #8, I’m on a #10.5, which will help me with “catch up”.

We received in a new model garment today from one of our faboo knitters and I took the opportunity to photograph a couple of other faves that have recently shown up.

First up is this sassy sleeveless v-neck. Isn’t it darling?

It’s knit with none other than Saucy Sport! It’s in Reynolds booklet #82425 and requires 4-9 skeins depending on size.

Next up is this scarf – Marion’s Scarf to be exact. Marion works in the store part-time and is an incredible knitter. She often takes Kirsten’s design concepts (which there are many of) and brings them to life (hey, even the fastest knitter on the planet needs help every now and again. Seriously, I don’t care who holds the “official” title, I’d take Kirsten in a face-off without blinking an eye).

I love this scarf! It is knit using one skein of Misti Alpaca Lace. Better yet, we’re offering the pattern for free! Here are the instructions:

Cast on 38 sts using #4 needles R1: p5, *k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, p5 repeat from * R2: k5, *p6, k5 repeat from * R3: p5, *k2, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, k2, p6 repeat from * R4: k5, *p6, k5 repeat from * R5: p5, *k2, yo, sl1, k1, psso, k1, p5 repeat from * R6: k5, *p6, k5 repeat from * Bind off loosely, block lightly

Finished size is approximately 3″ x 52″

I do love the Misti Lace, but I’m also thinking the Jade Sapphire 2-ply cashmere or Art Yarns Regal Silk would look stunning in this pattern as well. Or even the Malabrigo Lace. . . .

Last is the newest arrival, hot off the needles is this lovely summer top knit in Nashua June.

I don’t think the mannequin does it justice. It looks incredible on. We had the medium size knit, which the pattern says takes 6 skeins (same as the small) but our knitter actually needed a 7th skein to finish. This pattern can be found in Nashua booklet Occassion.

Oh, I lied, there is one more show and tell. This is Erin’s top down sweater using Brooks Farms’ Rialto:

You know I am in a deep love affair with their yarns. I have Rialto in my stash. Enough for a top down sweater. I want to get through this first one before I dip into the “good stuff”. I love the color and the feel of the finished fabric is to die for. Plus Erin looks awesome in it!

No post tomorrow as I am off to CT to see a band, at a museum, with a friend. I am driving. That is basically what I know. We’re doing a bit of a “Thelma and Louise” kind of escape for a few hours.


P.S. The pattern won’t format properly, so if anyone is interested, just email me at kathy.elkins@yarn.com and I’ll gladly email it to you in a readable format.

6 Responses to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

  1. Cirilia Says:

    As a reward to myself I am hitting the sale tonight and after reading this post I am SO EXCITED! I can’t believe I haven’t been to Webs in almost two months…

  2. Kathy Says:

    We have all been having major “Cirilia” withdrawl – honestly! Sorry I’ll miss you, but there’s lots of great goodies to check out.

  3. Val Says:

    Is that the knit-a-long sweater?

  4. Melissa Says:

    I cannot believe you dumped SG. It’s like my favorite yarn. Nearly. I am so wounded.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Hi Val

    Erin took creative liberties with the pattern. The KAL sweater has a simple boat neck, rather than the turtleneck, stockinette stitching throughout, whereas Erin has ribbing in the arms and she also added some decreases at the waist which caused the change in the way the color changes. If you go to the podcast page on our site and open the .pdf of the pattern, there is a picture there of the sweater. Naturally, you can make any of the modifications as well, to make the pattern yours!

  6. Juniper Says:

    I am so relieved to hear someone else admit that she broke up with Silk Garden! It’s got some lovely colorways, the the yarn itself, well, can be scratchy and sort of nubbly and stuff. That Autunno looks promising! Thanks for the beautiful lace pattern.

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