June 21st, 2012

Caeles KAL Week 5

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We took last week to work the body up to the hem in our Caeles KAL. We have four of us here at WEBS that are currently working on the Caeles, and we have three different options for the hem that we chose to do. Here are three videos that show the different hem options we chose to use.

Woven Hem for Top-Down Knitting

Bound-off Hem for Top-Down Knitting

Sewn Hem for Top-Down Knitting

Another tip for the hem is to run a length of yarn through your stitches at the point where your live stitches will meet the back after it’s folded, so you can sew your stitches down all along the same line.

Next, you’ll pick up stitches and work short rows on the sleeves and collar. We found that the best way to do attach the live stitches on this part is by sewing them down. It lays the flattest, and you don’t want any extra bulk at the collar or the arms, especially the underarms.

How is your Caeles coming?

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One Response to “Caeles KAL Week 5”

  1. Cindy Russell Says:

    A couple of things I’ve read on other sites that look helpful is to do a row of purl stitching where you intend to fold the hem up.  It apparently folds up nicer that way. Additionally, I’ve read that using a smaller needle to knit the “inside” of the hem (which would be the rows after the row of purl stitches) makes for a less bulky result.  

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