May 31st, 2011

Capstone Projects – A Sneak Peek

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As I mentioned in the recent post about the WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program, the final project before graduating the program is the Capstone Project.  This project challenges knitters, who have completed all of the required coursework , to design and knit an original sweater from scratch! Over the course of five months, and with the support of an assigned mentor, program members sketch, swatch, knit, rip out and re-knit, all in the pursuit of a well-constructed, lovely garment that shows off the many skills they have acquired throughout the program.

So far, two groups have completed Capstone Projects and graduated the program.  Their finished projects are an inspiration:

2009 Capstone Sweaters

2010 Capstone Sweaters

Tomorrow, the 2011 sweaters will be due, and I am so excited to see the culmination of all the hard work the current program members have been putting in over these past few months.  (A few have already made it to my desk and they are gorgeous!)

Here is a sneak peek of where this year’s Capstone Projects were just a few short weeks ago!




4 Responses to “Capstone Projects – A Sneak Peek”

  1. Sawolf3585 Says:

    These are beautiful, has the Expert Knitter Certification ever been given on-line for those of us that live out of state?

  2. Caroline in NH Says:

    I want the pattern for the gray cabled sweater at the end! 😀  Gorgeous!!

  3. Blknitter Says:

    I sure wish that this course was offered on line as well. I don’t live very close to Webbs!

  4. Kparker Says:

    Some very nice work!  I really like the pattern from 2009 on the far right!  Is there a written pattern for it?!

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