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Featured Shop in Vogue Knitting

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
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Color me tickled!*  We are the featured shop in the Holiday 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting!

How cool is that!  (sorry the photo is a tad blurry)

Since I was interviewed for the article, I knew it was coming.  Still, that was several weeks ago and I had sort of forgotten about it and I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone on the staff.  They were so excited!

What has been really cool has been the reaction by our customers.  They are all so pleased to see “their” LYS featured.  Want to know the true cherry on top moment?  When I started getting a few emails from our mail order customers expressing how excited they were to see us featured.   My thanks to Cheryl Krementz for taking my words and creating a beautiful article.

Although my favorite part of this isse is page 26, there are other great articles and of course some very nice designs.  In particular, you definitely should check out this issue’s KnitLife article about Veronik Avery and written by the lovely Carol Sulcoski.   It’s a great view into Veronik’s world and how she came to not only become a knitwear designer, but also how her new yarn line, St. Denis came to be.

Designs in the issue feature color techniques, chunky yarns, gift ideas as well as some glamorous designs in both pale-barely-there colors that are elegant and sophisticated, as well as some that are knit in powerful plum – a hot color for the fall/winter season.

Of course, there’s a lot more in the issue – be sure to pick up a copy!

One final note – I often talk here on the blog and on the podcast about our hockey playing boys and how that basically dominates our life from early fall through March.  Hockey parents are crazy and we try to keep the boys and ourselves grounded.  Somehow, I think Pixie would beg to differ with our level of success on that front:

Yup – there she is, in the store, stitching new velcro onto Jackson’s goalie pads.  We  have definitely gone over the edge.


*I must credit our Berroco Rep, the lovely Andra, for use of one of her signature phrases.

Thursday Musings

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
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We’re wrapping up our last week here at the beach.  I can’t believe the kids go back to school in just a couple of weeks.  It’s funny – as they get older I am in less of a rush to see them go back to the structure and demands of school.  We’ve had a great summer – we’ve done a ton of great things and have really enjoyed some great time together as a family.

For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis or listen to our podcast, Ready, Set, Knit! you know I am somewhat of a weather buff.  I love weather, I love storms – all of it.  This past weekend while we were staying with friends in Chatham, Hurricane Bill made a run up the coast.  I was nearly giddy with excitement.  Please don’t think I am secretly wishing for destruction or harm to anyone because I am not.  I may love the weather, but I am also very respectful of what it can do.  The last thing the outer Cape beaches need is a storm to cause more erosion.  At the same time, it was very exciting for me to see the power of Mother Nature. 

Fortunately, Bill fizzled and although there was some great wave action and unfortunately some erosion, it was otherwise a non-event.  On Saturday night, a bunch of us piled in our car to go out to Lighthouse Beach, which is right at the “elbow” of the Cape when you look at it on a map. It’s usually where the Weather Channel and CNN broadcast from.   We couldn’t see much on the beach, but the sound was awesome.  What I did get to see was this:

That is the flag that signifies a severe storm or Full Gale Warning.  I have never seen one before and I was pretty excited. 

Two of these flags together signify a hurricane is coming. . .in case you were curious.  My friends are now convinced more than ever that I am weird.  But they can’t wrap their heads around this yarn thing either so I don’t pay much attention 🙂

I’ve stayed on top of work items while we’ve been away but I have to admit to being behind on my blog reading.  I did some catching up this afternoon and in perusing Kim Werker’s blog, found out she’s raising money for the Pancreatic Cancer Walk in Albany, NY in September.  I consider Kim a friend and she is someone I have an enormous amount of respect for. I”ve also met her husband and parents who are also lovely, lovely people.  I tend to keep my philanthropic endeavors to myself and I’m not one to ask for money (unless you are buying yarn from me).   In this instance, all I am asking is for you to pop over to her blog, read her story and if you are moved to make a donation, great!  I just think there may be a few of your out there like me that have been crazy busy and would feel awful if the opportunity to support Kim’s efforts past you by. 

I’ll be blogging in more detail about this, but a quick reminder that just like my vacation, our End of Summer Sale is also coming to a close.  Last day to get some great yarns at incredible savings is this coming Monday, 8/31.   Whether you knit, crochet or weave, there are bargains to be had so don’t miss out!

Our fall classes are open and listed on-line and several are already full!  WOW!  If you haven’t had a chance to check things out, be sure to do so.  We also have lots of special events happening this season.  Those you can easily see by clicking on the link over to the right-side of this page “Upcoming Events”.  From book signings, to personal appearances to trunk shows and tradeshows, this fall is packed with great fun!

I’ll wrap up today with a couple of pictures from our trip out to Provincetown, which is way out at the tip of Cape Cod.  One of Jonathan’s favorite things to do is climb the Pilgrim Monument:

It was completed in 1910 and signifies the Pilgrim’s first landing in 1620.  They spent several weeks exploring the tip of Cape Cod before going onto to Plymouth.  While here, the Mayflower Compact was written.  Pretty cool stuff.  The boy in the blue shirt is Jonathan.

Here’s a view from the top (252 ft tall).

It’s been a great summer and I think we’re all sad to see it come to an end.


The Best Intentions

Monday, July 27th, 2009
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I always go into vacations with the best of intentions.  Not only will I relax and rejuvenate and spend quality family time together, but I always plan on “catching up”.  I had blog posts planned, porjects to work on and even (dare I say it) knitting!  The week prior to heading to the Cape was a blur of interviews, missing Jackson while he was at his first sleepaway camp and tournament baseball with Jonathan. 

(Notice what Jonathan is holding?  That’s an MVP award.  Yes, I am bragging – can’t help myself.)  Plus the usual “things to get done before I leave so I can go on vacation, relax, rejuvenate, spend time w/family and catch up”.  That week feels like months ago now.

We had a great vacation – they keep getting better as the boys get bigger.  We enjoyed the beach, we golfed, hung out, ate lots of fried clams and ice cream.  For me, there is nothing better than having my toes in the sand, sun on my face, salt air sticking to my skin and the sound of the ocean.

I didn’t gain any ground and in all honesty lost some ground.  I know – it’s vacation, that’s how it’s suppose to be.  I always like to get a few nagging things that aren’t necessarily at the top of the to do list done and crossed off.  I’m a big list maker and crossing things off a list once completed is a BIG deal for me.  It’s like a mini celebration for me – my own little victory party.  Despite the lack of productivity, it was a great time and now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging, etc.

A few loose ends to tie up today.  First, even though we were away, we pre-recorded two podcasts. On our July 28th episode of Ready, Set, Knit I had the chance to catch up with Berroco Designer Cirilia Rose.  Many of you know Cirilia previously worked with us at WEBS and has been on the podcast at least a couple of times.  Talking with her was catching up with an old friend – all we were missing was nice glass of wine.  Cirilia talked about Sock Summit which is coming at us in a screaming fast sort of way.  She’ll be in Portland representing Berroco so be sure to stop by her booth and say “hi”.  We also talked about Berroco’s latest contest and this one is a keeper!  Berroco’s Sock Star Competition not only has a cash prize, but if your design is chosen it will be published in a Spring 2010 pattern book!  How cool would that be?  Check out all of the information on the Berroco website for complete details and be sure to listen to my interview with Cirilia!

This past Saturday’s Ready, Set, Knit episode feature a great conversation I had with the lovely Susan B. Anderson.  Susan is an author, blogger, designer AND is working with the fine folks at Blue Sky Alpacas on their new Spud & Chloe line.  I had a blast talking with Susan and getting the behind the scenes scoop on this line which is taking the knitting world by storm.  Be sure to check it out!

Before I left on vacation, I Twittered about the newest addition to our Valley Yarns collection – Northampton Bulky!  Isn’t it loverly?

Same gorgeous yarn as our wildly popular Northampton but this time we’ve bumped it up to knit at 3 stitches = 1″ on a #10 1/2 needle.  It has 109 yards, which isn’t bad for a bulky weight yarn.  At $4.99 – it’s (as we say in Boston) a true bah-gan.  It comes in 25 yummy colors.  This one of the yarns that came with me on vacation.  I am going to recreate the Heirloom Baby Hat I did for the One-Skein-Wonders Luxury book.  In addition to reknitting it in a different yarn, I want to size it up and introduce a second color.  I picked light grey and burgundy.  Light grey will be the main color and the burgundy will serve as the accent once I figure out how I want to incorporate the second color.  I’m going to work out the pattern for baby to adult – what size would you like me to see my sample knit in?  Should I do it for one of the boys or for Steve?  You vote – I’ll start knitting!

You know, going on vacation is simply the best, but coming home is also the best.  Missed you all – glad to be home.


12 Days and Nights

Monday, June 8th, 2009
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Dear Blog – it’s been 12 days and 12 nights since my last post. . . . . where has the time gone? How has this happened??  How have I allowed this to happen??

Answer:  Life.

My apologies all around for being a bad, bad, blogger.  I know, a slump for me and this blog is not uncommon, but I’ve really tried to be frequent and consistent as of late.

Sometimes being a Mom supercedes being a blogger and even a business owner.

Since I last left you the boys have finished school and headed off to Washington DC with family for the first of many amazing summer excursions.

As the year ended we had the insect fair:

A very special ground breaking at our boys’ school:


We had our WEBS Field Day and Cookout!

We love Lexie:

We had great games including the YARNPUT:

We even had an unexpected guest appearance at Field Day:

‘Cuz stuff like this only happens in Northampton!

Great fun was had by all those that attended and those that didn’t – well – we have ways to deal with folks like you 🙂

Yeah – we’re tough – here’s the day after for the “non”-participants:

Grillin’ the next day out in the parking lot to use of the rest of the food and make sure everyone got at least a small taste of Field Day!

Then – onto the last day of school:


There was the  last of little league game for this year which I didn’t photograph (bad mom, bad, bad, mom).

Here they are heading off to Washington DC with family for a trip I’d kill to go on:

They wrapped up the school year with a vengeance and we are now the proud owners of 3rd and 5th grade boys.  How fast it all goes even when it feels like it’s operating at a snails pace.

As the boys are off experiencing an amazing adventure, Steve and I are prepping for TNNA.  I have lots to chat about so stay tuned this week!  You especially don’t want to miss an awesome giveaway that will start this Friday!



Monday, May 4th, 2009
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Thanks to all who participated in the contest hosted here and at  Mimie and I had a great time putting this promotion together and hope to do another one later this year.

We both had a great response from all of you – we are both grateful for not only the participation but the comments.  Comments are what keep us bloggers going!   Today we cross-referenced all of the comments from both of our blogs to make sure qualifiers (a) posted on BOTH blogs and (b) Were within the time limits.  There were over 60 qualified commenters.  We used a random list and numbered you in that order.  We then used a random number generator to get the “winning” number.

I am thrilled to announce that Michelle of Granby, CT is our winner!!  Woohoo Michelle!  I expect everyone to clap and cheer for Michelle!  Please share your congrats in the comments!

Michelle – you can contact me at kathy DOT elkins AT yarn Dot com if you’d like to select the color of Southwick and I know Mimie wants you to select your fragrance for her portion of the prize so please be in touch with her.

I just have to say – I have been overwhelmed not only with the response to the contest but also the heartfelt and very personal memories everyone has shared.  I have read each and every one and even if I didn’t comment back, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t moved with your memory.  Honestly – there were some that I started to respond to and felt that my words just didn’t measure up – weren’t enough.  Mothers and daughters are an interesting combination. 

I have a very good relationship with my mom, although she is aging and in some ways failing.  She was never a lovey-dovey kind of mom, she’s very practical, organized, get it done without complaining kind of person.  In fact, she had zero tolerance for complaining in general.  I don’t have a particular Mother’s Day memory to share, but I do cherish the endless Scrabble games we played together.  I know she’s also a tad bitter that I ended up with two boys and no girls.  I think she was looking for payback – lets just say I had my moments 🙂

Although I hate to choose between my own two boys, I have to share what is my favorite memorty to date.  When Jackson was in 1st grade, his teacher had them create an “ornament”.  Funny enough it was made from yarn.  They blew up balloons, dragged the yarn through glue, wrapped the balloons with the yarn and let them sit.  When dry, the balloons were popped and each “ornament” had a special message attached.   More on that in a minute.

That day, I was rushed to pick the boys up – they were still at separate schools and we had an appt of some sort – probably dentist.  It was warmish and raining and I was flustered.  Jackson was so excited to show me his “present” but I was concerned about keeping it dry from the rain, getting to the car and onto wherever it was we needed to go.

Once we got to the car he asked me to look at his creation.  When I saw what he had written it brought tears to my eyes.

In case you can’t read it, here’s what he wrote, “I love more than a mosquitoes love me” Jackson

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking this is an odd ode to his love for his Mom.  Not really.  See, without ample bug spray, Jackson gets eaten alive by the mosquitoes.  He gets frustrated when this happens and when he was little always asked why the mosquitoes bit him.  I told him it was because he was extra yummy and they just loved him too much.  Who knew how much those silly words were sticking with him.  His creation has hung in our kitchen window every single day since that Mother’s Day 4 years ago.

What’s that kid doing now?  Stressing me out!  I thought once hockey season was over and the ups and downs of being the mom of a goalie were over we’d cruise through baseball.  I figured he’d play an infield or outfield position, I’d sit and watch, relaxed – maybe even knitting.  Well, not so much.  Look what position he’s starting to/hoping to  play:

He’s suppose to debut tomorrow.  I guess the good news is that I’m the only one feeling the pressure – he’s embracing it.  My apologies for the blur.

Congrats again to Michelle and my appreciation to everyone who participated!


Bessie And Her Flock

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
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NOTE:  Remember – to qualify for the faboo prizes in our latest contest you must comment here on my blog AND on Mimie’s at should be left on my post of 4/28 titled “New Contest”.  Thanks!

April has been a crazy month.  I’ve been less than a stellar blogger and for those of you who take the time to read, my apologies.  Steve & I were gone for a few days on trip that was actually his 40th b’day gift from last year.  It was a planned trip – very special.  Although I share an awful lot of our lives – both professional and personal here on the blog and the podcast, this is one of those things I’m not going to say much more about.  We had an incredible time, we truly disconnected as much as we ever have.  I know I can say in all honesty, I cannot remember the last time I was as relaxed as I was on this trip. 

We came back with only a week before Steve headed to Stitches South.  I did not attend South – the first Stitches I’ve missed in nearly 4 years.  Being a Mom took priority and I stayed behind to run a big fundraising event at the boys’ school.  The boys both ended up being sick so that through a bit of a curve ball into the week’s plans.  All turned out well – Steve had a great time at Stitches South.  Thanks to everyone who came by the booth to say hi and to shop.  The event was a big success and the boys are healthy.

A shot of the tent at the event:

Here’s Jonathan the next day at the kids’ fair – kinda says it all:

I would be remiss before going any further in this post to not wish Steve a very Happy Anniversary.  Today is our 14th wedding anniversary, the last 7 of which we’ve spent running WEBS together.  Jonathan asked me this morning if I was going to wear my “married” dress to work today.  I figured it might be a bit much – with the sparkles and all :).  Thanks for 14 fabulous years honey!  I love you!

One of the casualties of the past month has been Bessie (Sorry Pixie).  If you don’t know who Bessie is it means you’re not listening to our podcast, Ready, Set, Knit.  You can listen via our website or iTunes – just go subscribe and then you won’t be out of the loop.  With weeks of anticipation, I presented to all of you, Pixie’s chicken, the lovely diva chicken of the coop, Bessie:


Isn’t she awesome!  Look at her detail – the beading, the embroidery, the buttons on her tail feathers!


I just love Bessie’s attitude – she rocks!


 Bessie is not only one cool chick (hee hee), she’s quite popular.  She has had visitors.  Here – Bessie meets the lovely MIss Loretta:


Then, handsome Henry showed up one Saturday to call on Bessie:


But I think her first visitor will ultimately win Bessie’s heart.  He travelled all the way from Canada via his owner Lucy Neatby:


 I think they’re both smitten.

Here’s the happy extended family together:

As for my Lily, well, she’s still a work in progress.  Despite my pledge at the beginning of the year, my completion rate continues to be embarrassing.  My darn chicken has travelled more miles in the past two months than most of you will travel all year – still unfinished.  Not good. 

Even worse – this is making me all twitchy:


Not good at all.

But it all does come full circle – at least in terms of chickens.  Here is Steve’s favorite photo from Stitches South:

The beak opens and closes, eyes move.  Priceless


WEBS 35th Anniversary

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
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Yes, it’s true.  We are celebrating 35 years in business!  You know, we’re not ones to brag or toot our own horns, but I’ve got to say – I am pretty darn proud of us.  I certainly don’t just mean the Elkinses “us” either.  I am proud of everything we’ve accomplished as a family, but we’ve been so fortunate to have great staff along the way, terrific support from our vendors and then of course, a dash of luck.  Oh and I should also add a little hutzpah too – I’m sure Art would agree.

Steve and I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to take what Barbara started back in 1974 as a means to feed her own yarn habit, what she and Art grew together through the 80’s and 90’s into not only a great retail destination but a strong mail order company and continue to build on the tremendous foundation they established. 

It’s funny to think back on our own personal hesitations.  Art & Barbara had actually approached us a couple of times in the late 90’s.  We were always very gracious, but I can remember getting off the phone with them and Steve and I just giggling at the thought of living in Western Mass and running a yarn store.  We lived in a cool Boston suburb, we had cool jobs. . . . I think we might have even thought that we were cool. Yeah – we were young and obviously a bit delusional.   Funny how two kids a job change and relocation can change your perspective.

Steve and I were talking last night and he asked what we’d do to celebrate WEBS 50th anniversary.  I said “I hope Jackson does something great”.  His response “Our 24 year old will not be in charge”.  Won’t it be fun to see how that plays out?

For me personally, I think what I am most proud of is that Steve and I have been able to do this together and still have a great family life.  There are certainly days when I think we’d both fire each other if we could.  There are definitely days when I know our staff would send us packing if they could!  Somehow, we make it all work and I truly cannot imagine being anywhere else.

As always, we celebrate our anniversary with a killer sale.  This year is no different.  We’ve got amazing deals on knitting yarns including Cascade 220, Eco Wool, Classic Elite Fresco, Berroco Peruvia, Fiesta La Bohemme and Baby Boom, just to name a few.  If you are a weaver, there are great savings on 8/2 Tencel, Linen, 5/2 Valley Cotton and more!

Starting next week, we’ll also be offering a weekly special on one of our own Valley Yarns.  Plus, who knows what else we might just throw in for fun?

Last, but far from least, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of you, are wonderful customers for taking this ride with us.  Some of you have been here from the beginning, others may have just discovered us.  Either way, we’re grateful you choose to shop with us.  Enjoy the celebration!


Friday Frolic

Friday, March 27th, 2009
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It’s Friday.  I’m home.  It’s warm (my car told me it was 70 just a bit ago).  I’m happy.

Lots to catch up on and a busy weekend ahead.  I came home from Cleveland earlier today and the taping of the third season of Knitting Daily TV.  More on that this weekend.  Because there are a couple of things more important at the moment.  First, is this:

Those are buds (I know, I’m sure you could’ve figured that out for yourselves).  Not just any buds mind you.  Those are buds on a plant in my yard!  Folks, I think we’re going to make it!  You have no idea the joy this brings me.

Next, there is a SUPER cool event happening this weekend in Northampton.  If you live in the area and/or are looking for something fun to do with the family tomorrow, I’ve got the plan for you!  Tomorrow is the first ever Meltdow – The River’s (as in WRSI 93.9) Family Music and Book Bash at JFK Middle School in Northampton (less than 10 mins from WEBS by the way).  From 10-4 there will be children’s musicians performing, authors doing book readings and lots of other fun things.  A certain little bead shop and a particular yarn store I’m familiar with will also be on hand 🙂  WEBS Beads will offering kids a chance to make a beaded project (they are bringing several options to accomodate boys/girls and a range of ages up to teens) and WEBS Yarn will be helping kids make felted balls out of wool and stringing them into a necklace!  There will also be food vendors and our favorite radio station here in the Valley, WRSI will be there!

The event is free (although I’m not sure that the food is) and it runs from 10-4pm.  I’ll be there for a bit in the morning and again later in the afternoon – tomorrow is little league skills assessment for the boys so I’m going to be zipping up and down the Valley most of the day 🙂

Also, if you are looking for a camp option for your kids this summer, we’ll have information regarding our Kid’s Fiber Camp!

Happy Spring!


Chickens, Contests and Catching Up Oh My!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
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Getting back to the business of life is never easy after vacation.  It’s funny, I used to count the days until the kids went back to school after vacation but as they get older that feeling seems to be fading.  I wasn’t at all disappointed that they missed most of the first day back today due to poorly scheduled dentist appts.  In fact, I toyed with just hanging out with them for the afternoon too, but decided I should be a responsible parent and at least get them to school for a couple of hours.

So, first and foremost, how are the chickens coming along??  I haven’t heard a peep (no pun intended) from any of you!  I know you’re out there knitting them!  Post a comment with an update and if yours is finished, please be sure to send a picture to  I’d love to brag about your chickens here on the blog.  Be sure to tell me what size you made, what yarn you used and any modifications you made.  Also – what did you name your chicken and why.   I believe Pixie’s Bessie is pretty much done.  My Lily remains at a stand still as my vacation knitting involved items I needed to prep for the next segments of Knitting Daily TV that I have to shoot this week.  Plus, Lily isn’t exactly the easiest traveling companion.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting the video on the kitchener stitch which is how are chickens are trussed up 🙂


Remember, we have a wee bit of a contest going – the chicken Pixie and I like the best or feel has the most compelling story will win a limited edition chicken timer that only attendees of the last TNNA show got as a gift from Linda of Blue Sky Alpacas.  Plus, we’ll add in some yarny goodness, of course. 

Speaking of contests, I had such a blast partnering with KnitPurlGurl a few weeks back, I jumped at the opportunity to connect with another blogger for a giveaway.  Shannon of is offering a WEBS Ball Winder & Swift Combo as a prize.  The contest runs through next Friday, April 3rd.  She has establish her criteria for entering on today’s post.  I would also encourage any of you that have not subscribed to my RSS feed to do so.  May not get you any further submissions in the contest, but you will have my enduring thanks and appreciation 🙂  As the icon on her blog states “Commnets are the new hug”.  Love that.  So true.   What do you all think?  Do you like these contests?  I’m having fun, are you?  I won’t be doing them all the time, just once in awhile to mix things up.  I think the chance to win something is always fun and I like being able to introduce you all to different blogs that you may not have known about previously.  It’s what makes our wonderful yarn community go ’round.

I’ll finish up with a couple of shots from our trip.  Disney World was awesome.  The kids are at such a great age and now that Jonathan has officially attained the 48″ marker, he can pretty much go on everything.  For anyone who hasn’t been recently, the new Toy Store Mania ride in Hollywood Studios is a must.  We rode three times and I get the distinct pleasure of having the single high score each time 🙂  We’re not competitive or anything as family, really, we’re not. . . . ..

We rode Tower of Terror and we all did Aerosmith’s Rockin Rollercoaster – we can now say we’ve done a loop 🙂  Check it off the list!

The boys all hit the water rides in a big way.  I love the rides, but I hate being wet all day so I usually opt out:

The single best moment of the trip – watching the Space Shuttle launch.  We were about 60 miles away from Cape Canaveral and although we could have driven in closer, we made the choice to stay put.  We were on the 5th floor of our hotel and faced directly east.  About 2 seconds after the launch on TV we saw this:



Then this:




Finally, this is what the sky looked liked for close to an hour afterwards:


It was truly moving.

So, tell me about your chickens, what you think of the contest and whatever else you have going on!


The Post That Took Forever

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
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NOTE:  This post was written prior to our trip to Disney.  For whatever reason, uploading the video to YouTube so I could link to it just wouldn’t happen.  I think my computer left for vacation a day early.  So, my apologies for the delay in this being posted.  I know I’ve mentioned on the last two podcasts that this video would be up and I’m sure some of you are frustrated that it’s taken so long.

I’m loving how much all of you are lovin’ us knitting chickens.  I’m loving that so many of you heard about it and thought to yourselves “Hmmm – the WEBS gang is going to knit chickens – I think they need a vacation”.  Well -you’re right about the vacation part, but now that you’ve seen the pattern, I LOVE that you all LOVE the pattern too!  We’re having so much fun.

As promised, but a bit delayed, I want to post the video for picking up stitches.  Now, the last thing I claim to be is a videographer.  I’m learning, we are all learning so I’m asking for comment kindness.  That’s not to say I don’t want to hear what we can do better – absolutely – just know, we know we need to improve 🙂  Got to start somewhere though – right?  Here’s what the base of my chicken looked like as I prepared to pick up the stitches to then be able to knit up the body:

 You can see that I’ve figured out how many stitches I need to pick up for my medium size chicken and I’ve place markers in spots that evenly divide the number of stitches I need into manageable chunks.

Here’s our tutorial and introduction to the project:


Here’s what my chicken looked like after picking up the stitches and knitting up most of the body:

 Next up, I’ll be posting pictures of my chicken getting stuffed and a tutorial on the kitchener stitch, which is used to graft the chicken together.

I’ll be sharing some shots from our trip to Disney in the next post as well, but prior to vacation, we headed to Stitches West.  I stayed home for an extra day in order to attend end of term events for both Jackson & Jonathan.  Jackson has spent the term studying the Colonial Period which is capped of with a traditional Colonial Ball.  Here he is in his colonial outfit:


And here he is dancing with one of his fourth grade friends:

All of the kids did such a great job and I was so glad to have been able to be there.


P.S.  Many of you asked about the pattern for the shawl I was wearing in the video in my 2/20 blog post.  It’s from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book #2 and the pattern is Sursa.  The pattern book is out of print, though there are a few available at various internet sites and possibly your LYS.  I’ve spoken with KFI and they have agreed to let me offer all of you the individual Sursa pattern for free with purchase of the yarn.  I’m waiting to get the pdf and as soon as I do, I’ll let you all know.