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Get Ready to Choose Your Own Adventure!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
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Will you choose adventure this summer? It’s time to gather your supplies for our Choose Your Own Adventure Hat KAL!

Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL Cast on July 5th,  2016 on the WEBS Blog at

You’ll need:

120-250 yds of DK or light worsted weight yarn – this will depend on what type of hat you choose to make. We’ll be aiming for a gauge of 5 sts per inch, in stockinette in the round. On July 5th we’ll have tips and tutorials on how to swatch in the round!

(There’s colorwork, cables, and stripes to choose from. A simple hat with an all over texture might only use 120 yds of one color, but if you’d like to do colorwork  you’re going to need more yardage and in all the colors you might want to use! Think about what kinds of colors and textures you might like and plan accordingly. And don’t worry about having too much yarn. You can always take off on another adventure with what’s left!)

 Needles (Size US 7/4.5mm recommended) –  double points ,  a 16″ circular2 circulars, or magic loop, however you normally would knit a hat.

additionally you may need:

stitch markerstapestry needlescissorscable needlepom pom makertassel maker

Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL Cast on July 5th,  2016 on the WEBS Blog at

I’ll be making a striped hat in Valley Yarns Sunderland, I prefer double pointed needles for the whole sh’bang. I’m going to need a stitch marker to denote the beginning of the round, and I plan to top it off with a tassel. So, there I am all set and ready for July 5th when we’ll swatch for gauge!

Join us for the Choose Your Own Adventure – Hat KAL here on the WEBS Blog in July!

One pattern. Hundreds of possibilities. Cast on July 5th.

Are you ready for an Adventure?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
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Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL Cast on July 5th,  2016 on the WEBS Blog at

We thought the long summer days would be a great time to practice and hone some of your knitting skills on a small and portable project. But it’s summer, there’s places to go, and lots of exciting things to do and see, so a boring staid project just won’t do! How about a project that lets you choose your own adventure?

A part of the pattern will be revealed here on the blog each week during the month of July, and with each new part you can choose from multiple options. Change it up with different cast ons, brims, and stitch patterns for hundreds of possible combinations. Use 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors! Keep it simple and solid, add cables, or add a splash of color with stripes or our fair isle pattern!

Join us for the Choose Your Own Adventure – Hat KAL here on the WEBS Blog in July! One pattern. Hundreds of possibilities. Cast on July 5th.

The Scheepjes 2016 CAL: Last Dance on the Beach.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016
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The theme of the Scheepjes 2016 CAL is: Last Dance on the Beach. Get your kit now for the 2016 Scheepjes Crochet-a-Long that starts on April 20th! New patterns will be released every Wednesday on their website and Facebook page, and will last 14 weeks. You can choose from three coordinated color palettes. Let the soothing and cool, hazy blues and purples of a summer rainstorm surround you with the Dance in the Rain colorway, or brighten your day with the bright, lively sea-glass hues of a summertime beach with the Dance in the Sea, or spice it up with the rich vibrant jewel-tones of Dance under the Stars.

This Basic Kit for the CAL includes all the yarn you need to complete the project: 14-100g balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter (a very soft, machine-washable 100% acrylic yarn), and a CAL 2016 special edition tribute label you can choose to put on the edge of the blanket when you’re done. The approximate size of the completed blanket is 45″ by 59″. Each pattern will be supported by video tutorials, tips and tricks, and the result will be a beautiful, textured sampler blanket, so don’t miss out.

Scheepjes 2016 CAL Kits available now at - Read more on the WEBS Blog at
This CAL was designed by the late Marinke Slump and was the final design she was working on at the time of her passing. Marinke wanted to make a crochet blanket dedicated to the sea and all the beauty it stands for.

This kit is available online only. Local customers can choose the In-Store Pickup option when placing their order online.

The Martin Storey Knit Along 2!

Friday, January 8th, 2016
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Rowan Yarns has teamed up with Martin Storey for another incredible Blanket Knit-a-Long.

Rowan Yarns 2016 Blanket Knit-a-Long in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted. Read more on the WEBS Blog at

The fun kicks off when the first square is released on January 28th. For this year’s blanket Martin looked to Northern European knitting traditions for inspiration, drawing patterns and textures from the Shetland Isles; the Faeroe Isles; Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. 8 squares will be released every two weeks over the course of the project, each knit 6 times, culminating in a stunning design made up of 48 squares in total. The final, and ninth release,  May 12th features the edging design.

Rowan Yarns 2016 Blanket Knit-a-Long in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted. Read more on the WEBS Blog at blog.yarn.comAlso new this year, you can choose from four suggested palettes in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted, chosen to fit in with most popular, interior colour schemes. A very soft and natural palette: a calming, blue palette; a fresh green and a zingy, and a warm spice palette.

And don’t worry if you’re new to knitting! this KAL has been designed with the beginner knitter in mind.  In this blanket you’ll create motifs in one color and two color squares.  Delicate motifs in simple texture, lace and  a further option that introduces the beginner knitter to a simple bead technique, patterns and different stitches.

Keep an eye on Rowan Yarns’  YouTube channel for an exclusive interview and tutorials from Martin himself.

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL Week 4

Saturday, November 28th, 2015
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The final accessories of your bear use all the skills you’ve used in previous weeks of the KAL. We would love for you to share your bears with us on Facebook, Ravelry, Instagram, or Twitter. We can’t wait to see how you’ve accessorized yours!

Share your finished bears with us!

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL Week 3

Thursday, November 19th, 2015
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We’re continuing our KAL this week and it involves finishing up our bears. Next week we’ll finish them up completely with their accessories. After completing the body of the bear, you move on to the legs. When separating for the legs, you’ll bind off the middle and work each leg separately. Leave the dpns, or use the waste yarn trick from last week.

Separating for the legs - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears

After you finish the legs, you’ll want to seam the bound off stitches so the only hole remaining is at the top of the head. Before stuffing, use a simple running stitch to close off the ears. We’ve shown it here in a contrasting color.

Running stitch on ear - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears

Give your bear some personality with a face. You can really have fun here! Use safety eyes or yarn. Give your bear a big nose, or small one. Make it a happy bear or a mischievous bear.

Adding the face - Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bear

What will your bear’s face look like?

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL Week 2

Thursday, November 12th, 2015
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How’d the first part of your bears go? This week, we’re moving on to the yoke and arms. If you’re observant, you’ll see that the yoke area is reminiscent of a sweater, so it makes for good top-down sweater practice.

You’ll be using a lot of the same techniques as last week, so you may want to hop back and review the videos. This week, you’ll also be dividing for the arms.

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears Dividing for Arms

This can get a little cumbersome with all of the dpns hanging off. I found that transferring some of the stitches to waste yarn was super helpful. It makes it easier to handle without getting poked, or the other needles getting in the way. You don’t have to replace them all, just one or two, and they’re super easy to slide back on. You’ll notice, I still have two dpns in the body section. The rest of the stitches are on waste yarn.

What has been the trickiest part of the bear so far for you?

Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL Week 1

Thursday, November 5th, 2015
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Welcome to week 1 of our Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL! Did you have a chance to gather all of your materials? If not, there’s still plenty of time to join and catch up. This is a fairly fast project that we’ve broken down into 4 weeks, but if you’re ambitious, you could even finish a bear in a day!

For this first week, we’ll be working up until the neck. There are a few skills you’ll need, so we’re including some pictures and videos to help you out. The first thing you’ll have to do is cast on to your dpns and join without twisting. This can be a little tricky. I like to cast all my stitches onto one dpn then transfer the stitches to each separate needle. Then, I lay my needles flat on the table and check every needle to make sure all my stitches are facing the same direction. You don’t want to twist them!

Tip for joining in the round and not twisting stitches

For the head and neck, you’ll need some to know an increase and some decreases. The increase you’ll need to know is kfb (knit into the front and back of the stitch). For this increase, you knit the stitch just like you normally do, but don’t drop it off the needle. Instead, you go back into the back of the stitch and knit it. Here’s a handy video to help:

You’ll also need to do some decreases. The pattern includes k2tog (knit two stitches together) and ssk (slip, slip, knit). Here are two videos of those two decreases if you don’t know how to do them:

Have you started your bear? Do you have any questions we can help you with?

Starting Soon: Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL

Friday, October 30th, 2015
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Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears KAL

If you’ve seen the cover of our holiday catalog, you know we’ve featured some adorable bears this year. They make the perfect gift for a favorite little one. Knit in either Valley Yarns Valley Superwash, or Valley Yarns Valley Superwash Bulky, they use the same pattern, but end up in two different sizes. The pattern also features accessories for your new bear friends; a hat and sweater. We’ll be starting the bears next week. In the meantime, you can collect your supplies.
Skills You Will Need (or Learn):
knitting in the round on dpns
knit in front and back of stitch (kfb)
knit 2 together (k2tog)
slip slip knit (ssk)

Things You Will Need:
Valley Yarns 670 Holiday Bears pattern (PDF or physical copy)
For 9″ bear: Valley Yarns Valley Superwash – 1 skein for bear, 1 skein for hat or sweater
For 12″ bear: Valley Yarns Superwash Bulky – 1 skein for bear, 1 skein for hat or sweater. (We’ll be knitting ours with Valley Superwash Bulky in 02 tan, with accessories in 23 grape.)
For both: Scraps of dark brown or black for face, and natural for the optional pom pom on the hat
2 sets of US 5 (for 9″ bear) or US 8 (for 12″ bear) DPNS, or size needed to get gauge
Polyfill or Superwash Merino Wool Top for stuffing (Note: if using wool top for stuffing, remove stuffing before machine washing to avoid clumping or pilling.)

For 9″ bear: 6 sts = 1″ (stockinette worked in the round)
For 12″ bear: 4 sts = 1″ (stockinette worked in the round)

We hope you’ll join us for this KAL. We’ve broken it up into four weeks, but you can finish much faster than that, making these bears a great gift idea.

WEBS Mystery Blanket KAL and CAL- Joining and Edging

Thursday, June 18th, 2015
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It’s FINALLY time to put everything together!

If you’ve been keeping up then you’ll have 36 finished squares, 4 squares in each of 9 colors. If you’re setting a slower pace for yourself or joined us in mid MKAL/MCAL NO problem, the patterns will remain free and at these links! If you’re just joining in you can find all the square patterns here(MKAL), or here(MCAL)

You may want to take some time and lay all your squares out in a couple different configurations to see which one really clicks for you. Here we have 3 different options for you but they’re not the ONLY ones! Play with the texture and color layout for a day or two before you decide to make sure you’re really happy with it. You’ll note that the last option we show has only 35 squares – you can use that extra one as an accent pillow.

Finishing the WEBS MKAL/MCAL blankets, layout options and more on the WEBS Blog -

Knitters: We’re offering you two option for both the joining and the edging! For both joining options you’ll need to start by picking up stitches, you then have the option of a three needle bind-off or an I-cord join. Once all your squares are together you can add a tidy attached I-cord edge or be little more fancy and add the Fan lace edge. We’re showing the Fan lace with each row worked in one color from your blanket.

Picking up stitches


Three Needle Bind-Off

I-Cord Join


Attached I-Cord

Fan Lace Edge – no video for this one as there’s no new techniques, just a combination of one’s you already know!

Fan Lace edge option for the WEBS MKAL blanket, more on the WEBS Blog -

Don’t forget, we have a playlist for the Knit-A-Long blanket on Youtube to make it all easier (Please note that our techniques videos are NOT the patterns! These videos are here to help you understand the featured techniques, but you’ll need to refer to your pattern for specifics.) All the squares and join/edge pattern instructions can be found here.

Crocheters: You also have two option for both joining and edging your blanket! As with the knitters options, having a nice clean edge to work on before you start your joins really helps to bring the blanket together, so you’ll want to add a row of single crochet to each square edge before you begin your joins. Joining single crochet is a skill you got to practice earlier in the blanket, as well as a more open lattice double crochet join. For edging you can choose rounds of single crochet or a neat looped chain edge, both are shown with a row worked in each color of your blanket.

Adding a single crochet edge


Joining Single Crochet – this one will be familiar from your Tunisian square from March.

Lattice Double Crochet


Single Crochet

Single Crochet edge option for the WEBS MCAL Blanket, more on the WEBS Blog -

Looped Chains

Looped Chain edge option for the WEBS MCAL Blanket, more on the WEBS Blog -

The square patterns as well as the join/edge instructions can be downloaded here (FREE). Did you know there’s a playlist for the full Crochet-A-Long and all the techniques on Youtube? (Keep in mind that our techniques videos are NOT the pattern! These videos are here to help you understand the techniques featured in our patterns, please refer to your pattern for specifics.)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell us about your progress! You can do that here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Ravelry, or post pictures of your progress on Instagram and tag them with #WEBSMKAL or #WEBSMCAL

We can’t wait to see your finished blankets!