September 3rd, 2011

Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series

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Fall is a time of great anticipation for knitters. So many new yarns and booklets, so many new options! The employees at WEBS always get excited to see what Classic Elite has up their sleeve. They are so generous with our staff that they come every season to introduce us to their new yarns and designs. What fun! We couldn’t leave you out in the cold, so here’s a little something to catch you up…

Classic Elite’s new Mountaintop yarns feature natural undyed fibers in lightly varying hues. There’s something special about getting natural fibers in the store, it feels like sheep and wool festivals, crisp fall air and all the fun that comes with it.

Crestone & Vista are interchangeable worsted weight yarns at 100 yards per 50 gram hank. Both yarns knit to 4 3/4 stitches per 1” on a US 6-7. Crestone is a natural marled 100% wool and Vista is a 50/50 blend of superfine alpaca and wool with a range of solid naturals. Crestone is delightfully crisp without being too “rustic”, and Vista is very similarly constructed with a slightly silkier surface.

The Crestone and Vista booklet (#9148) features several designs we showcase in our store. The Alpine Meadow Sweater is knit in Crestone, constructed with a slight a-line style featuring a textured panel down the front.

The Highland fling shawl is knit in Vista, a small long shawl that easily doubles as a cozy scarf.

Vail is a light sport weight yarn at 6 3/4″ stitches per 1” on a US 3 , 70/30 baby alpaca and bamboo viscose, with a put up of 236 yards per 50 gram hank. Vail offers six natural colors and can be knit at various gauges. The baby alpaca and bamboo lend itself to a light sheen and a silky hand. I felt the swatch for this yarn and it has a baby soft feel…I would almost liken it to cashmere in a quick squish test.

Vail is included in the Panache booklet, a collection of accessories with various Classic Elite yarns. Flair, our store sample, is a wide lace scarf with a lovely drape. I love petting this piece, it makes me long for colder weather and time on my hands.

We hope you love these yarns as much as we do. And to help shout it from the rooftops we are doing a little giveaway! Want these spectacular natural fibers in your hot little hands? Comment below on what your favorite accessories are for the winter and which of these yarns you’d like to use for them. Make sure to post before Sunday,  September 11th to participate.

We’ll chose two lucky winners to receive a pattern booklet with enough yarn to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista! Winners will be announced Monday, September 12th!

Happy Knitting


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348 Responses to “Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series”

  1. janet Says:

    I love cozy soft scarves – Vista would be great!

  2. Kbates Says:

    All the yarns sound great!  I’ve been using more alpaca and bamboo yarns recently due to friends who have wool allergies.  Scarves, mitts and hats are always great quick winter gifts and I’ve been making more of them in the last few years than I have before.  I don’t know that I’ve had a chance to use these yarns and I’d love to give them a spin.

  3. Jaycee Says:

    I love the Vista. The natural colors are so lovely. It seems like I’m seeing a lot of lace knit at a larger guage this fall. I love the look and as a beginning lace knitter, it is a little easier to follow what I’m doing with the larger guage.

  4. Jkettlewell Says:

    I love to knit hats, scarves and mittens for my family to keep us warm during our Pennsylvania winters. Recently I have started to knit shawls. I would put either yarn to good use. Thank you for this “soft and warm” opportunity.

  5. Marie Says:

    I just love knitting cowls, scarves/shawls and mitts.  Cowls are my favorite though.  Thanks for the give-away – how exciting!

  6. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy knitting cowls and scarves all year long to get ready for the winter.  I like the description of Vail – something that would be cashmere-y soft against my skin, to cozy into.  Yum!

  7. leggettkathy Says:

    I enjoy knitting cowls and scarves for our long cold winters.

  8. Julie Smith Says:

    I love knitting shawlettes that can be used as scarves, as well as cowls and tams. I fell in love with the Highland Fling shawl the very first time I saw it, and would love to knit it for winter.

  9. Karclock Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is a warm scarf.

  10. Julia Meade Says:

    What lovely new yarn to try — come on cooler weather!

  11. Allisonekelsey Says:

    I’d use Crestone w/a complementary Vista for a striped scarf and mittens. Lovely colors! Thanks for the contest!

  12. Heather Lott Says:

    I would love to knit a shawl in Vail!  I love bamboo yarns!

  13. ritainalaska Says:

    i♥hats and scarves!  would love to have some vail for a set to go with my new jacket.

  14. Jeanne Vb Says:

    The weather at the Reference desk can be fairly variable in the winter, so I love shawls, wraps and scarves for the winter, with the occasional pair of fingerless mitts thrown in to keep my fingers from freezing off.  I’m a huge fan of alpaca, so I’d use the Vail for a set of mitts and a coordinating triangular shawl.  or maybe Crestone for a more substantial wrap.

  15. Apkeziah Says:

    I make shawls, scarfs, and socks for winter wear.  Needless to say, I would like to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista.

  16. Ctzee Says:

    I LOVE fingerless gloves and cowls, and I’m starting to think there may be some leg warmers in the future, all very street urchin, and these yarns seem perfect!

  17. Kerr1997 Says:

    I love both of the yarns and the natural colors they come in. Usually I like bright colors but these are nice for a change

  18. Knittingwithfloss Says:

    I love that hot chocolate brown and Vista sounds beautiful. I can make a thousand scarves and still want a thousand more, especially in the fall…

  19. Francesca Says:

    I love winter hats because they cover messy hair.  I also love scarves and shawls to keep warm.  I think Vista would make great winter wear.

  20. Joannewm Says:

    I  love this type of yarn – so natural.

  21. Marisa Spehar Says:

    Classic Elite is my fave yarn company.  I am in love with all their products:-)

  22. Eema123 Says:

    Really into scarves for this winter — both for color “pop” and warmth (last year’s blizzards have made me nervous about this year!)  Since I love alpaca for its softness & warmth, I would use Vista.

  23. Ginny Says:

    I love knitting hats,mittens, mitts, and shawls but rarely knit scarves for some reason.  Everyone needs more then one hat just like one pot holder is not enough if you do any cooking.  I love wooly yarn and alpaca is special.

  24. jess Says:

    I love long fingerless mitts.  Warm wrists, warm hands- free fingers!  Vista with it’s half wool half alpaca content would make a cozy pair.

  25. Karen Evans Says:

    Scarves, shawls and more scarves — long enough to wrap around more than once and then toss over my shoulder!

  26. Cynthia Donahue Says:

    I like making mitts for my chilly office, the Vista yarn would feel wonderful – thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Franklythered Says:

    Ooooh Pretty!  I love the look of the Vista.  I’m a shawl girl all the way.  

  28. tinyknits Says:

    I love wearing scarves and fingerless gloves!  I don’t know which I’d like better, Vail or Vista.

  29. Carolyn Says:

    For years I didn’t wear hats because they flattened my hair, but the slouchy hats that are big now are great, and so fast and fun to make.  But my favorite winter accessory has to be the small shawl, worn as a scarf.  SO cozy, and so so many gorgeous designs!

  30. Karen Says:

    That flair scarf in Vail looks dreamy soft!  My favorite winter accessories to wear are scarves and mittens, but strangely I really like to knit hats!  LOL.

  31. Pam Says:

    I’d love a Willow Cowl (free ravelry pattern) in Vail.  It would be soft, light and warm on my neck all through the winter.

  32. Rosemarie Says:

    After moving from New Jersey to south Texas, I got rid of all my heavy winter things. But even here it’s good to have a nice shawl for the occasional chilly weather. The vail yarn sounds like it would be perfect for that.

  33. Margaret Moore Holmberg Says:

    I would like to use Vail for a scarf/shawlette. Since I live in central Florida, I’d want to make a lace pattern that would be warm but not too warm. Since I’ll be at your store tomorrow, I’ll get to see this great yarn and the sample in person!!!

  34. Constance Santisteban Says:

    My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear all my cozy cold weather accessories. I love hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, you name it. I’d love to make an earflap hat out Crestone and a scarf or cowl out of Vail, which sounds like a fiber my skin would melt into.

  35. Deb Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are warm, beautiful scarves and fingerless gloves so that I can still move my fingers. My most favorite scarf is out of Malabrigo Worsted…ummm!

  36. Livin4fishin Says:

    My favorite is hats! Love hats!  Would love to try a hat out in one of these awesome yarns!

  37. Naomi Wheatley Says:

    My favorite winter accessory would be a not super lacy shawlette. I like to wear them as scarves inside but appreciate being able to drape them over my head to cover my ears when I am outside. I would love to make shawlettes from Vail and Vista. 

  38. Jennifer Lucas Says:

    I love fingerless gloves/gauntlets. I think a pair made out of Vail would be beautiful! Or a lacy cowl even!

  39. Marjorie Wilhelm Says:

    I love warm wooly scarves for winter, and would love some Vail to make the Flair scarf.
    Thank you, Marjorie Wilhelm

  40. Kay Levine McDonagh Says:

                Love hese yarns! I would be tickled to make either one. Thanks for being such a great resouce! Kay                       

  41. Kay Levine McDonagh Says:

    Love this yarn! I would be tickled to make either one. Thanks for all your help and advise! Kay

  42. JaneSezKnit Says:

    Scarves and shawls worn as scarves are my favorite accessories for winter. I love alpaca blends for their luxurious softness so I’m sure I’d love Vista. Thanks for the blog…great info.

  43. Jen Says:

    Love scarves. Knitted in Vail because of the squish factor you mention, finer gauge which is more elegant to wear and beautiful solid colours.    

  44. Traci Says:

    I love mittens! To me, they are the “comfort food” of knitted garments. Vista would be perfect for a nice warm pair.

  45. prymnumber Says:

    Winter is my favorite knitting season.  The cold weather and short days gives me the perfect excuse to hole up with some yarn and needles!  I love to make fingerless mitts.  I find myself wearing them all the time, through winter and into spring. And given my love of dual-toned yarn, I’d love to make a pair in Crestone.  Gorgeous! 

  46. goldi 316 Says:

    My favorite accessories are shawls and fingerless mitts – it gets cold in this house in the winter!

  47. goldi 316 Says:

    Duh, when I posted this yesterday I was in a rush (heading out the door), just realized I failed to mention which yarn I preferred, which is Vista.  That said, I’d be happy with either one and would make good use of them!

  48. Andrea W. Says:

    I love working with Vista yarn.  I am currently working on buttoned neck warmers.  I find I can be very creative with both the yarn and buttons.  Also, they are going to make great holiday gifts this year!  Would love to make the Flair Scarf.  Thanks for the wonderful give away!

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