September 3rd, 2011

Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series

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Fall is a time of great anticipation for knitters. So many new yarns and booklets, so many new options! The employees at WEBS always get excited to see what Classic Elite has up their sleeve. They are so generous with our staff that they come every season to introduce us to their new yarns and designs. What fun! We couldn’t leave you out in the cold, so here’s a little something to catch you up…

Classic Elite’s new Mountaintop yarns feature natural undyed fibers in lightly varying hues. There’s something special about getting natural fibers in the store, it feels like sheep and wool festivals, crisp fall air and all the fun that comes with it.

Crestone & Vista are interchangeable worsted weight yarns at 100 yards per 50 gram hank. Both yarns knit to 4 3/4 stitches per 1” on a US 6-7. Crestone is a natural marled 100% wool and Vista is a 50/50 blend of superfine alpaca and wool with a range of solid naturals. Crestone is delightfully crisp without being too “rustic”, and Vista is very similarly constructed with a slightly silkier surface.

The Crestone and Vista booklet (#9148) features several designs we showcase in our store. The Alpine Meadow Sweater is knit in Crestone, constructed with a slight a-line style featuring a textured panel down the front.

The Highland fling shawl is knit in Vista, a small long shawl that easily doubles as a cozy scarf.

Vail is a light sport weight yarn at 6 3/4″ stitches per 1” on a US 3 , 70/30 baby alpaca and bamboo viscose, with a put up of 236 yards per 50 gram hank. Vail offers six natural colors and can be knit at various gauges. The baby alpaca and bamboo lend itself to a light sheen and a silky hand. I felt the swatch for this yarn and it has a baby soft feel…I would almost liken it to cashmere in a quick squish test.

Vail is included in the Panache booklet, a collection of accessories with various Classic Elite yarns. Flair, our store sample, is a wide lace scarf with a lovely drape. I love petting this piece, it makes me long for colder weather and time on my hands.

We hope you love these yarns as much as we do. And to help shout it from the rooftops we are doing a little giveaway! Want these spectacular natural fibers in your hot little hands? Comment below on what your favorite accessories are for the winter and which of these yarns you’d like to use for them. Make sure to post before Sunday,  September 11th to participate.

We’ll chose two lucky winners to receive a pattern booklet with enough yarn to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista! Winners will be announced Monday, September 12th!

Happy Knitting


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348 Responses to “Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series”

  1. Karl Says:

    This is Andrea W…not Karl.  He’s the hubby!  The basket holds my most favorite colors.  I would knit up a shawl and let these colors give me a huge hug everytime I wore it!  You pick the prize!

  2. Julianne Q Says:

    My favorite accessories for winter are hats and I’d love to try out Vista for one!

    Julianne Q

  3. Michelle Guilmet-Buck Says:

    It doesn’t usually get super cold here in western Washington, so it’s always a treat when it’s chilly enough to wear hand knit mittens!

  4. Lvnglyf73 Says:

    I’d love to knit up a few hats with Vista – it looks cozy!

    Kris C

  5. Stephanie Doudrick Matasovsky Says:

    I can’t wait to try the VAIL!!!!  It sounds so lovely.  I would probably love to make a nice warm shawl for myself, but then of course, my 5 year old daughter would want one too.  She is always stealing my nice crocheted and knitted things.  She calls all my yarn silk :)

  6. Richelle Chambers Krotts Says:

    They all look lovely!  I’m a huge alpaca fan, so I’d probably choose Vail or Vista for a project.  I think a pair of colorwork fingerless mitts out of Vail sound lovely, since it’s already too cold in my office!!!

  7. Marianna Menkol Says:

    I love scarves and any of these yarns would be great for one

  8. Emilie Hamilton Says:

    I would love to knit with yarn from the Mountaintop series – I knit hats to give away – and scarfs – have not mastered mittens or socks as yet. Thank you.

  9. Mercerivera79 Says:

    My favorite accessory are scarves & shawls and I would love to try Vail.

  10. Carla Says:

    I do love hats and cowls- but then agains mitts and and and ….

  11. katie Says:

    I’m excited to knit up a shawl this winter to keep at my desk – my office is never warm enough! These yarns are gorgeous, I can’t wait to try Vista for something cozy and soft.

  12. She11ygirl Says:

    Love the new line, would love to try some for some wonderful neck warmers or hats. Would make great holiday gifts and special treats!  Thanks for offering this chance to try the yarns!
    Vista looks divine!

  13. lisa Says:

    I really like cowls, shawlettes and  mittens as accessories for the winter!  I would probably choose Vail first, based on the weight and the bamboo content as it would add a little movement to the finished piece. 

  14. Toja Okoh Says:

    how do i get in on the giveaway?

  15. KatrinaR Says:

    I love hats and mittens!!!

  16. Danielle1218 Says:

    I love scarves and shawls, and that Flair scarf in Vail would be right up my alley!

  17. paparatti Says:

    My favorite has to be handwarmers – the fingerless kind, because during the winter in SoCal it might not get omgcold! But it does get cold enough that my fingers freeze when I’m on the computer. I’d love to try the Vail!

  18. CKnits Says:

    I love fun winter hats. And I love the subtle color variations in Crestone. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  19. Merilyn Gram Hardy Says:

    For the winter, I love scarves and gloves! I love the look of Flair knitted in Vail. I think I am going to need that this winter!!

  20. Love2readbooks Says:

    I love the natural colors and weight of the Vail.  I would use the Vail to make a number of shawls/shawletts.  I love to use shawletts as a scarf.  The fit easily into a handbag and keep your neck, ears and face warm in a pinch.  Thanks!

  21. mbosse60 Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a cowl. I would love to try out some vista for one. It looks Yummy.

  22. Marcie Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a wide long scarf – not too thick, but warm – that I can wrap to bundle up on the way to work, then wear casually at work to fend off the draft from the elevator. I think Vail would be perfect !

  23. Melissa Sweet Says:

    I LOVE hats and mittens. They can be as complicated or simple as you want and so many choices in yarns. I think the vail yarn sounds wonderful!

  24. Gaylynsdesigns Says:

    I’d love to win!

  25. Sue Says:

    Wow…so pretty. Would love to have every color.

  26. Susie Says:

    I looooove scarves! I’d love to make one in any of these yarns, but the Vail sounds especially nice!

  27. Dawn Says:

    Vail sounds wonderful!!! I love to knit shawls and scarves for my friends and family…..and myself!!

  28. Atallcincylady Says:

    I would simply love to make the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista!  My favorite things to make for winter are hats, scarves and mittens or gloves. 

  29. Seoulmama Says:

    I love to knit scarves, they are by far my favorite project to work on! I would love to try the Vail yarn, I am a huge fan of yarn with bamboo in it, it just makes wool feel so much silkier.

  30. Mel P Says:

    I love the convertible mitts I made myself last year – and I’d love some in the crestone. beautiful.

  31. deidrecorbet Says:

    That Flair scarf is calling my name! My favorite accessories for winter are scarves,cowls,hats and mitts.I guess that’s all of them,but it is really cold and windy here. Thanks for the chance. 

  32. Holli Says:

    I love cowls/neck warmers, especially if they can be pulled up and keep my ears warm.

  33. Dlmoiles Says:

    Loving the thought of making matching hat, scarf and mittens out of vista !!

  34. Gail Says:

    Hats are my favorite. I can’t stand to have cold ears. I like the Vail yarn

  35. Nonsequitorian Says:

    There’s nothing nicer in the winter than really thick, cozy socks.

  36. sassykathy Says:

    I love hats and long cowls that I can wear as a long scarf or double up for extra warmth. Would love to try Vista!

  37. Joy W Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are arm warmers and headbands.  I am getting ready to teach myself how to do colorwork with a Norwegian-inspired snowflake pattern.

  38. Mom2shorty Says:

    Hats and scarves and shawls.and afghans..I love soft cuddly yarns for winter. And Mountain Top sounds just about right! I have not tried it yet but I am sure I will soon…I love Classic Elite yarns.
    Thanks Marge

  39. AriesKnitWit Says:

    My favorite accessories for winter are socks.  I also love shawls, so I would choose the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista.

  40. Debbie Constable Says:

    A great big cowl in Vista (Allabaster) would be awesome!!  Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  41. Lisa D Meyer Says:

    I am up to trying to knit that shawl in a nice cream color :)

  42. dswgr6 Says:

    I love scarves, fingerless mitts, and shawls during the chilly months, so I’d be happy with either Vail or Vista!

  43. Bethe Galantino Says:

    I love all winter accessories, but my favorites are definitely cowls and long, wide scarves!

  44. Charlot Barney Says:

    Hats, cowls and fingerless mitts or gloves are what I usually make for winter accessories.  I can easily see a hat or two in Crestone Granite for several and gloves/cowls in Vail — my daughter would love sets in Charcoal, Slate AND Steel.

  45. CandyceJ Says:

    I’m beginning on knitting for Christmas presents – so both shawls and scarves are on my list…and I love natural yarns.  While either would be absolutely wonderful if I had to pick it would be the Vail.

  46. Msribbitfrogpond Says:

    I’d love to knit with the vista, but it would take me a year or more to decide what to knit! Probably a scarf, mittens and hat.

  47. Robin Lynn Smith Says:

    Love these. Living in the South, my access to rustic wool is somewhat limited. I think that cabled sweater shone is just about a perfect project for the winter and I would love love to have some!

  48. Dinah Miller Says:

    I’ve never made a shawlette and would like to make one for this fall/winter to use as a scarf. 

  49. Robin Lynn Smith Says:

    Oh, I would LOVE the Crestone. 

  50. Kreisig Says:

    My favorite accessories for a mild Sacramento winter are wide scaves and fingerless gloves. They are a nice set, yet not to warm for our climate. The lovely warmer yarns can still be used here!

  51. Ardosa Carboni Says:

    hats and mittens of course! I love to knit different hats and wear a different one each week, or the kids sometimes like to wear a different one by swapping with each other
    I can’t make enough hats, mittens or gloves (or convertible mittens)

  52. M_zulewski Says:

    I love making scarves for winter. I would use the Vail yarn for those.

  53. KnittingPooh Says:

    I’m a 100% wool kind of gal.  I would love to try Crestone in a shawl/wrap pattern!!  The Alpine Meadow sweater is gorgeous.

  54. Elizabeth S Says:

    I love scarves.  Would love to make one in Vista yarn.

  55. Shari Smith Says:


  56. Akstormy Says:

    I live in Alaska in the MatSu Valley where the winter winds really blow, so I knit soft things that keep the wind off my neck…parkas never zip up quite high enough! Babette

  57. Missmartha Says:

    I would make a cable slouch hat,  a scarf, and wrist warmers.  Would love to make it in Crestone.

  58. Kmp803 Says:

    I love cowls in the cold winter — long scarves, too!

  59. Margo Watkins Says:

    My favorite accessories for winter are scarves, mittens and socks.

  60. Hdhijinks Says:

    Come Fall, I bring out my fingerless mittens, and they stay at the ready for my cold hands until late Spring.  I can’t live without them!  I love how they keep my wrists and hands warm but leave the ends of my fingers free for those doing things that fingers must do-like picking up pins, fastening small buttons on my son’s shirts, etc. 

    I think a pair of fingerless mitts in Vail, with its cashmere like softness and baby soft feel, would be just the ticket to keep my hands warm and cozy through our long Central Oregon winters.

  61. Leanne Says:

    I am in the process of knitting my first sweater ever.  :)  I plan to make many more this season and I’d love to try Crestone.

  62. Crescendo Gal Says:

    Ohhh…I would LOVE to try the Crestone or Vista for some hats & scarves as gifts for Christmas!!!  I’ve recently gotten ‘into’ natural fibers and these sound ‘delish’!  :0)

  63. Jccarter25 Says:

    I live in Texas, so don’t often need a lot of warming accessories, but I still love to make scarves. And it’s so fun to knit hats and wrist warmers and whatnot that I make them anyway! I may only be able to wear them once a year, but I guess I’m a process knitter. :)

  64. Hdhijinks Says:

    Come Fall, I bring out my fingerless mittens, and they stay at the ready for my cold hands until late Spring.  I can’t live without them!  I love how they keep my wrists and hands warm but leave the ends of my fingers free for doing things that fingers must do-like picking up pins, fastening small buttons on my son’s shirts, etc. I think a pair of fingerless mitts in Vail, with its cashmere like softness and baby soft feel, would be just the ticket to keep my hands warm and cozy through our long Central Oregon winters.

  65. Joyce Dowling Says:

    I love to make scarves both for myself and to give away. Would love to try this gprgeous new yarn for one.

  66. Patricia Says:

    I like to make scarves for winter, I wear one all day and that Flair scarf in Vail is perfect!

  67. Maggie Schwenker Says:

     I love matching scarf, hat and mittens sets. I’d love to make a set with Vista and Crestone, with some nice subtle color pattern, since the colors are all in a similar palette. I also love lace projects, so I’m quite sure I could think of some awesome lace shawl to make with Vail.

  68. Rebecca Rowley Says:

    Ooh!  Worsted weights in natural colors.  Love!  My favorite accessories are fingerless gloves and scarves.  They both do so much for keeping out the damp, cold wind that seems to fly off the lake all winter long and sneak up sleeves and down the neck of my jackets.  The fingerless gloves are also helpful for those summer days when it seems the A/C at work is wishing it was a winter wind.  And Vista, in alpaca and wool, be still my beating heart!

  69. Sharon Says:

    I like small shawls and fingerless mitts especially because they offer the possibility of being warn inside and outside…more visibility for my hand knits. Vail and Vista particularly appeal. I’m all about soft this year.

  70. linda roller Says:

    I like both yarns.I would have to choose Vail,I like scarves,tams & shawls.A great giveaway.

  71. Geraldine Says:

    That Flair scarf in made with Vail really, really caught my eye!  You’d think scarves aren’t necessary in Central California, but once that January fog sets in, it gets downright bone-chilling here!

  72. Laura Says:

    crestone and vista are my favorites of the collection–beautiful!!  my favorite winter accessories to make are crochet cowls and big soft hats, although I’d like to knit some legwarmers this year.  what a great giveaway, thank you!

  73. Gmarshallc Says:

    I saw samples of Vail at Fiber Gallery in Seattle and fell in love.  I’m hoping to start a small shawl with it.

  74. Rkray3 Says:

    Both yarns are so pretty!  I love hats, myself – to make for myself and to give away.  They are fast, portable, and oh-so-practical.  My favorites to make for me are berets/slouchy hats – they can be worn perched on your head so as not to mess up your hair, but pulled down over your ears if it gets really cold!

  75. Jan Says:

    Scarves are my favorite accessory, not only to wear but to make!  I’m always looking for patterns that are interesting enough to hold my interest, yet easy to remember.  Having a wonderful yarn to work with also helps, and I’m looking forward to trying out Vail – alpaca and bamboo?!  Yeah, that sounds lovely.

  76. Jean Says:

    Love both  Shawls and scarves in the  fall and  winter  And Just LOVE the Highland Fling!

  77. Maggie Hubert Says:

    Oh the Vail of course !  I am a big fan of the softness and drape the bamboo adds.  The luxurious feel makes all the difference in the finished piece !

  78. Vaknitter Says:

    I love knitting most accessories, in large part because they’re easy to carry around.  Most end up in a bag I take how to Western Massachusetts whenever I visit and let the relatives up there take what they want, since I don’t need much in Virginia.  A nice long scarf does it for me.  In the occasional wind I can wrap it up over my head also.

  79. Evelyn Says:

    I like the sound of Vail; touching would be even better. The Flair scarf looks like a happy choice.

  80. Crystal Van Says:

    When visiting St. Petersburg, Russia a few years ago I purchased a natural goat hair shawl knit by elderly woman selling shawls in a market. Through the translator, I learned that Russian women wear their shawls underneath their coats for added warmth, which absolutely works! I like the natural look of Vail and would love to make and would love to make the Flair scarf. I would wear it on the outside of my coat, of course, because my Russian shawl keeps me plenty warm inside my coat!

  81. Anne Says:

    lovely looking yarns, my favorite winter accessory is fingerless mitts.

  82. Christine Meyer Says:

    I love hats and neckwarmers! Being a cyclist, scarves tend to start falling off me enroute, so I’d probably end up making the Highland Fling Shawl, so I could knot it or pin it to me. I’d probably use Vail for things like armwarmers and gloves, and Vista for hats. I just love, love, love the cloud-like feel that any percentage of alpaca seems to add to a yarn!

  83. Michelle Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are a warm wool hat and a warm wool scarf… essentials in Chicago!!

  84. Sharon Watterson Says:

    Love the Alpine Meadow sweater pattern in Classic Elite Crestone, also a great yarn for a sock monkey hat! Yum, so happy it’s fall knitting weather again! Time to knit my favorite winter accessories hats, cowls, and scarves.

  85. Linda Says:

    A scarf or shawl in Vista would be something I would make.  I’m partial with anything with alpaca in it!

  86. MsContrary Says:

    I have two favorite hat patterns that would look awesome in Crestone or Vista. Gosh, I hope it’s okay they are crochet patterns. I am just learning to knit and would not want to waste such nice yarn on “practice”!

  87. Cindy Says:

    Love the natural colors!  Highland Fling looks easy enough to knit for a first-time shawl project.

  88. Spryngsnowstorm Says:

    I want to make a warmer-than-it-looks stole with Vail in Charcoal that I’ll wrap all around my head and shoulders.

  89. Julie Matthews Says:

    I can’t live without mittens, but there is most definitely a Vista cardigan in my future. All the Mountaintop yarns are gorgeous, but the Vista is the queen of the prom.

  90. Nancy G Says:

    All the yarns look absolutely wonderful, but I’d have to go with the Vista. My hands are too awkward to work with needles smaller than size 6, so worsted weight works best for me. I’m on a scarf/shawl kick this year. Scarves can be worn in so many ways, and size is never a problem when making gifts.

  91. DavidA Says:

    During the winter, I love to knit and wear hats and mitts.  I’ve seen some skeins of the Vail and really liked the natural colors (especially the browns).  The wool-alpaca blend of the Vail would make very warm, yet light accessories!

  92. While They Play Says:

    I always end up knitting endless amount of gloves for my online boutique but I am totally addicted to knitting sweaters for myself. And the alpaca/bamboo Vail sounds absolutely divine! Alpaca is my favorite fiber and I can only imagine the gorgeous sheen that the bamboo must add to it.

  93. Marsha Says:

    I’m mainly a crocheter love to make scarves. One of my favorites techniques is to use a double-ended hook and make a reversible scarf with a variety of yarns of different textures and colors.

  94. Kathy Says:

    I would love to be able to knit the Highland Fling shawl in Vista as I live in an area where a shawl would work perfectly in the fall and most of winter.  I think scarves, shawls with maybe a mitten thrown in there are going to be my go to knits this fall/winter

  95. Michemay Says:

    I’d love to make fingerless gloves — maybe another pair of Fetching — with Vail!

  96. Michemay Says:

    oops — meant to say w/ Vista.  Got them mixed up.  Vista is the worsted!

  97. Rachael Says:

    Mittens! Maybe because they always remind me of being a kid. I have even thought about attaching an icord like my grandma did to loop them through my coat arms so they never get lost. I love worsted weights so i would use Crestone or Vista 

  98. Nancy Says:

    I love cowls, hats, scarves & mittens for winter. Would love a shawl knit in Vail or Vista to go to the NYSW Festival with!

  99. Olivia Says:

    Fingerless gloves and shawls are perfect for keeping the inside temperature affordable – the shawls are like a wearable blanket, keeping you warm without the bulk and the gloves let you type and knit without getting stiff.

  100. Bethdary Says:

    I am looking to knit for the men in my life – such an overlooked area for gifting. Women have soooooo many choices, men do not. So a scarf in just the right yarn would be fabulous!

  101. Kathy Says:

    Shawls and fingerless gloves knit in Vista would be great.

  102. Leanne Pemburn Says:

    I am obsessed with cabled hats and I’d love to try Vail in several colors to make them up!

  103. Michelle Says:

    Scarves and gloves are my favorite winter accessories to make.  Unfortunately, even in Northern Florida, I only have a small window of time to use them in!

  104. Njreaders Says:

    ahh, more gorgeous yarn. How can I resist?

  105. Jo Says:

    The Highland Fling shawl caught my eye on the back cover of Vogue.  I love shawls and those that are wearable as scarves…Any of the CEY sound great. 

  106. Jen Simoneau Says:

    I’m all about small shawls and soft scarves this year.  I think the Vail yarn looks lovely to work with!

  107. peachknits Says:

    Vista would be gorgeous as a thick, plushy shawl. So cozy!

  108. peachknits Says:

    I’d love to knit Vista into a gorgeous, plushy shawl. So cozy!

  109. Alaskan Fibers Says:

    Oooh! Aaaah! I’m really loving that highland fling shawl. It would feel and look great with some alpaca. The holidays are coming, I bet a few in my family would brawl to get one knitted by me lol.

  110. Eva Says:

    I love knitting scarves and shawls for the cooler weather. I’m particularly attracted to the Highland fling shawl that can be worn as a scarf and would love to try knitting it. Great patterns from CEY!

  111. Ashley Toth Says:

    I would love to do a diaper soaker with the Crestone for my daughter and fingerless gloves with the Vista. Perhaps a hat with the Vail, I cannot stand thicker ones. Thanks!

  112. Vclark_101k Says:

    I don’t know how to knit.  I do most of my crocheting in the winter. Mostly I make afghans to keep me warm. I would make the Highland Fling shawl.

  113. Debbie S. Says:

    Some fingerless mitts or a warm scarf in Vail – yum!

  114. Teresa Says:

    I’m starting to love shawls more and more . . . I think I’d love to make the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista . . . gorgeous!

  115. Dariasmom Says:

    I like the Highland fling shawl in Vista.

  116. Rita A. Says:

    I live in Southern CA so usually fall still means shorts and tees!!  I still love the fibers though.  The scarf in Vail is wonderful!!!!

  117. megan Says:

    it’s hard to just pick one favorite accessory. It would have to be scarfs/hats. I love having a scarf draped around my neck all day, even inside at work :) I would love to make a scarf hood and this yarn would be perfect.

  118. CraftyGinger Says:

    I would love to make a sleeveless vest in Vail, I love layering in fall just in case the Chicago sun peeks out! (And, I love super soft yarn!)

  119. Thressa Brace Says:

    Hats and mitten/glove combos are my new winter knitting urge.  I am going to make them for friends and family AND send some to the local schools for kids that don’t have any.  My yarn choice would be Vista.  Thanks for the contest!!

  120. CrochetBlogger Says:

    Chunky cowls are my go-to winter accessory. I’d love to make some in Crestone and / or Vista!

  121. Mo Barger Says:

    A comfy scarf and a pair of gloves are my go to items for the winter. I love that she Flair scarf!

  122. Jennifer Says:

    I grew up in California but I live in Vermont. I cant imagine living anywhere else. I love hats in the winter and would love to knit some cables using Vista.

  123. Missy Says:

    Oh, the Alpine Meadow sweater is beautiful! I’d knit it in Crestone! My favorite accessories are warm hats.

  124. Gina Flansbury Says:

    definately the highland fling in vista!!

  125. Rusty M. Says:

    My new favorite accessories are shawls! They are so versatile and I throw them over my shoulder over everything. I really would knit the Highland fling shawl in the Vista. Just beautiful.

  126. Erinn V. Says:

    Hat’s are number one for me in the fall for holiday gifts.  Fast in instant gratification!  I am looking at that lovely Vista in three contrasting colors to do color work.  Yum!

  127. Julie Says:

    Fowls/shawls are my fav winter accessory… I’d love the opportunity to make a Vista fling shawl!

  128. Jennie Kaderabek Says:

    Hats are a great winter accessory to knit and wear. It’s fun to have bright colors on your head during the drab cold season. I’d love to make a hat with vista yarn!

  129. Kristin Fitzgerald Says:

    I would love the shawl in the Vista!

  130. Zoe Morgan Says:

    Love that Vail – I need to make myself a cowl, because I don’t have one, and that soft yarn looks scrumptious! Classic Elite always nails the color pallette too.

  131. Adrienne Gulakowski Says:

    I have been making scarves for everyone else I know and I seriously need to make one for myself!  I’d love to try some Vista – Vail is tempting but I’ve been doing so many fine gauge projects lately that I need something a little quicker!

  132. RubyDear Says:

    Cowlneck scarves are my favorite winter accessories–they go with everything; I can wear them with my winter coat and keep it on with my sweater all day. They knit up quickly and make great gifts; you can make them tight like a turtle neck or quite loose and drapey. I’d love to make one in Vail for its soft silkiness.

  133. Heather Katzoff Says:

    I am a shawl girl, and think Vista would make an amazingly cozy choice to wrap around myself on a crisp day!

  134. Maureen Says:

    Love both the Vail scarf and Vista shawl.  Would be happy knitting either one!

  135. Amy Lamash Says:

    I am on a big shawl spree so I would definitely do the Highland Fling Shawl in the Vista. I also love natural, undied fibers. 

  136. Jill Says:

    I LOVE the undyed, sheepy yarns. Vail would make an amazing, soft cowl.

  137. Bcmkc59 Says:

    I really like the shaws they are so warm

  138. Dmh55 Says:

    I like knitting shawls, mittens and hats.  Crestone seems like a great yarn for the mittens and hats.  I’d choose Vail for a shawl.

  139. Rebeljhd Says:

    Being from the South, our winters aren’t normally very cold. Instead of heavy coats and sweaters, I love to wear Shawls and Scarves. The Highland Fling Shawl in Vista would be perfect to throw around my shoulders on a “nippy” day!!!

  140. Deena Crossett Says:

    My favorite accessory any time of the year (especially Winter) is a shawl. But this year, I’m making an Infinity Cowl to see if I like it, any of these yarns are perfect for those projects.

  141. Amyaacc Says:

     A Vista hat would keep me warm in the winter!

  142. Melissa Says:

    I think Crestone would be great for a pair of boot socks or maybe just heavy socks to wear as slippers around my new apartment, which is in a basement.

  143. Debsjensen Says:

    my favorite accessory is a warm fuzzy scarf…would love to make either one!

  144. Brooke Says:

    I love cowls, hats and scoodies to keep warm in the winter! I would love to use the Crestone or Vista to make some! Though Vail sounds like it would make an absolutely amazing scarf. These yarns are gorgeous.

  145. Medwar6 Says:

    All of these yarns look so great! I have plans to make a gray cowl for my new red winter coat, and I would love, love to make it with the Vista Charcoal. 

  146. Lauren Says:

    I would like to make a hat out of Vista.

  147. Babs331 Says:

    I love making and wearing winter hats with ear flaps! I would use Vist to make mine.

  148. Allison Says:

    Hats and mittens are definitely the best accessories to have when the weather turns cold… I’ve been wanting to try Connie Chang Chinchio’s Cayuga set since I saw it on Webs’ site. The Highland Fling shawl would also be super cute ad cozy!

  149. Suzan Says:

    I keep the thermostat pretty low in the winter because the cost of heating oil just keeps going up. I want things that will keep me warm while I do things. I really like faeroese shawls, as they stay on, even when I’m doing something fairly active. I also like gauntlets, pretty much for the same reason – I can still do things, other than sitting around looking well-accessorized. :-D And Vail looks like it would knit up into something yummy and not too bulky.

  150. Ditetre - Diane Tetreault Says:

    I’d love to play with Vail and make a pretty, cozy shawl to wrap up in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ditetre (at)mac(dot)com

  151. Hannah Rachootin Says:

    I love vail!  It is so soft and perfect…. I am planning use it to make the Dahlia cardigan and a cozy shawl.

  152. Bonney Says:

    I love shawls and scarves. Scarves are great because they let me wear pretty much any top. They keep me warm but are also easy to take off when I get feeling over warm.

  153. Beth Sproles Says:

     I love to make baby hats, bit I would really like to step outside my comfort zone and make the shawl. I would love to get my needles in the Vail, and make my Granny a shawl.

  154. iloveafarmer Says:

    I love hats and mittens and shawls and fingerless gloves and… lots of accesories!  I think I would like the Vista yarn, though all three sound wonderful.

  155. PurpleJ3nn Says:

    I love to crochet shawls. I don’t know that I can decide which I like best… seems unfair, ha ha.
    I have already started on my Christmas crocheting, having two single size blankkets to complete… shawls and scarves are next on the list of fall/winter crochet work to be done.

  156. Pat Says:

    I really like scarves and gloves (with and without fingers) in the winter to keep me warm.  I’d really like to try Vail and knit a scarf with it. I think it would be great knitting a baby sweater with it too!

  157. Laura Says:

    Mittens! I live in Montreal so in addition to cold we also have wind – thick mittens knit with worsted weight wool on small needles are the best!

  158. Amanda Martinson Says:

    I love to knit scarves – they are so cozy, easy to knit up fast and bring to mind cups of tea and crisp fall mornings.  I would love to try knitting a cozy scarf in Vail :)

  159. Lisa Gutierrez Says:

    Hats! My hair is big, so I go for the slouchy ones. I’d love to knit one up in Vista! 

  160. asp Says:

    Love the llook of these new yarns, especially the lighter weight vista used for the flair scarf.

  161. SGrace Says:

    I love the looks of the yarns.  I can’t wait to try them.  THanks,

  162. Maureen Says:

    Oh I love winter accessories. I love scarves especially. I love the Vail in the Slate color but I also like the Parchment color as well. They look so wonderful and would be a great yarn to knit with.

  163. Meg Says:

    I’ve been planning to knit the new Vodka Gimlet pattern in Madeline Tosh, But I think the Vista would work nicely and add good drape.  Love the colors too!

  164. Itssewnice Says:

    I’d like to knit the Highland Fling Shawl in Vail as it is drappy and the colors are gorgeous.  i’m sure it is soft too…..confortable, beautiful warmth..who could ask for more?  I was looking at this shawl at my LYS just this past week.

  165. Debby Says:

    I love knitting year around – socks are wonderful projects for summer, small & not too hot to knit – but winter is the time for bigger projects like shawls, cowls and scarves with all the wonderful yarns to choose from……

  166. Elizabeth Miller Says:

    Because I’m a shawl person, I would use Vista for winter projects. I would work up beautifully for some prayer shawls I need to work up for a charity function.

  167. Sharon C. Says:

    I love to knit hats — they work up quickly and can be used to combat the bitter Montana winter within a couple of days!  A hat made with Vista would be warm and perfect!

  168. Maria Apolloni Says:

    I love cowls, and Vista would make a great cowl.

  169. Kjbirnie Says:

    I love to knit cable sweaters. I would love to knit a sweater in Crestone!

  170. Flourens Says:

    I knit year around anything, even wool in summer visit to Arizona.

  171. Renee Hand Morris Says:

    I would love to knit a scarf in Vail.  Knitting such a soft texture enhances the knitting experience– the perfect combination of soothing tones and a tactile experience, creating a meditative peace as I knit. I have gotten away from scarves as I have moved on to sweaters and hats.  I need to return to the joy of texture and color, and no project is better than a scarf to be worn close to the heart. I ordered beautiful yarn from you last week and have several Christmas presents planned.  Yet the texture of Vail looks positively glorious.

  172. Redheadedstepchild36 Says:

    Because it doesn’t get really cold in Southern California, I like to knit scarves and send them to friends in colder climates. All these yarns look gorgeous, but I really like the Highland Fling shawl done in Vista.

  173. Emily Says:

    I would love to knit the Flair scarf in Vail. You can never have too many scarves, and they are great TV knitting — something I do much more of in the cold winter months!

  174. Samantha Portugal Edwards Says:

    I knit a lot of hats and scarves. I really like using alpaca and merino wool. Thanks for a great giveaway! 

  175. Cindy Rothacker Says:

    I love shawls.  The Vail looks very nice

  176. Celestejak Says:

    I have jusst finished kniting several scarves for my Mom’s church festival.  They have a craft booth and thought I would help out.  Sent 4 down.  Would love the Vail to make a scarf for myself.  Right now I am in the middle of making a hat with a ruffled brim for my niece (13) and a baby blanket.  always busy even in the summer.

  177. Christina Habberjam Says:

    When I’m outdoors, I love a thick, warm scarf and hat in winter… but for indoors, a warm sweater layered on top of a sleeveless or otherwise light top for when you find yourself in an overheated building is just perfect. I’d love to knit a sweater with the Crestone yarn.

  178. Anna_k67 Says:

    My favorite accessories hats and scarves.Like Vista 

  179. Kamigaeru Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are earflap hats and anything cozy I can keep around my neck, from cowls, to scarves, to shawls! Those new yarns looks scrumptious…

  180. Marcia Betts Says:

    I knit Chemotherapy hats for a clinic in Portland.  I have been giving them hats for about 11 years now. I ususally use yarn that is soft for their newly naked heads and always knit in the round. I use soft wool if it is washable and they are not allergic. It is a priviledge to help in any way I can. I have MS but am so lucky not to be disabled. CANCER PATIENTS ARE THE BRAVE ONES!

  181. lorraine Says:

    i really love hats and cowls and i think Vista would make a lovely warm cowl..thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Kathy Says:

    I would love to try the Crestone to make a cowl.  I seem to be enamored by cowls of late.

  183. Tishville Says:

    Lace scarves–but with a DK or worsted weight (so they knit up fast).  Vail in that gorgeous icy-blue. 

  184. Christine Lima Says:

    I love mittens in the winter – there’s something about wearing mitten that makes me think of my childhood and making snow angels. I bet Vista would make some excellent mittens!

  185. Scheidlerfam Says:

    A cowl in Crestone…..Devine!

  186. Schrafinator Says:

    Oh, I make lots of scarves and shawls to wear in the winter here in New York City.  Vail would be my choice for something lacy and soft. 

  187. Laurie Says:

    I love to make scarves for the cold weather. I would love to try the Vail because baby alpaca and bamboo are two of my fave fibers. Thanks!

  188. Laenger Says:

    Crest one is beautiful. Perfect for winter knitting. Loving shawls, so versatile and cozy for the winter.

  189. scc Says:

    Love them both…but I think the highland fling shawl in vista is my face. Pick me!

  190. Michelle McMillen Says:

    Being in the “hot flash” stage of life, I LOVE small shawls and vests for their warmth — and ease of removal when I’m generating too much heat of my own! Vail sounds perfect for a small shawl….

  191. Itmightbeametaphor Says:

    I would love to make Jared Flood’s Gansey Wrap with Crestone or Vista.

  192. jaydawnrn Says:

    So AWESOME…thatn you for a Giveaway!

  193. jaydawnrn Says:


  194. Carolmatz Says:

    Beautiful… both!

  195. N A Schutt Says:

    I absolutely love breaking out everything knit with the first crisp day! I love fall! This year my favorite knitted pieces I think will be a cable knit skirt I have on my needles now paired up with colored tights and boots… but then there are all those fabulous cardigans and sweaters… its so hard to choose!

  196. CindyR Says:

    Oooo, I love yarn giveaways!  My favorite fall/winter accessories…shawls and stoles.  Love being able to wear simple clothing, long-sleeve shirts and jeans, and just dress them up with some gorgeous handmade accessories!

  197. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m loving ragg-type yarns right now. I would go for Crestone and make a pair of thick cabled mittens and start dreaming of snowballs.

  198. Beccaj74 Says:

    I love the Marled look of the Crestone but I love the Alpaca blend of the Vista so I just can’t choose but do know that I looove the flair scarf.

  199. Megan Says:

    Vista and that flair scarf!

  200. Kathy Says:

    Love making cowls for fall and winter. Make some of them lacy and most of them densely knit for family members back East.  Either of these wonderful yarns would be heaven to work with!

  201. Jane Says:

    you can never have enough scarves, mittens & hats in New Hampshire!  I’d use crestone & vista and make lots of mix & match pieces !

  202. Eunice Says:

    I would love to make a scarf out of Vista..

  203. Amber G Says:

    My favorite accessories for fall/winter are hats (I knit a few new ones every year for myself & my little girl.)  I’d LOVE to knit up the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista, great pattern and the yarn looks yummy!

  204. Deena Says:

    Scarf out of Vista – perfect!

  205. Avonelle Wing Says:

    I think Flair in Charcoal would fast become my new favorite winter accessory.

  206. Shari Says:

    Fingerless mitts is a definite must using either yarn!

  207. Kali Woodbridge Says:

    I love cowls (Crestone sounds perfect!) and wrist warmers (definitely the Vail!)  from fall through the spring! 

  208. Hope :) Says:

    My favorite pieces are sweaters and scarfs! I would love to make a sweater out of the vail yarn! :)

  209. Cat Says:

    It doesn’t get very cold here in the south but  a nice little caplet or snuggly cardi does wonders to keep the chill off the shoulders so that’s what I’ll be stitchin’ up for the winter.  

  210. Shparmet Says:

    Shawlettes–nice and long, with lots of garter stitch to make them comfy/bouncy.

  211. Terri Decker Says:

    I love cowls, and I would make a nice crunchy one out of the Vista.

  212. Jean Says:

    I think I’d knit a beret in the Crestone or Vista and a cowl out of Vail.  They are all beautiful yarns!

  213. Jessica Snell Says:

    I like scarves, because they’re often all I need to add to an outfit to stay warm in the winter here in California. And that Vail is beautiful!

  214. Kbossmann Says:

    Hats and shawls….I’m always cold and they keep me warm no matter what…and since I love alpace, I would definitely try Vista!

  215. NewJerseyLaura Says:

    I have been looking at patterns – and the very vail shawl shown in on my wishlist!  So that!  And mittens, and hats, and other holiday gifts. 

  216. lilblueeyes Says:

    I would love to make a mitten, scarf, and hat set form Vail – it sounds so soft and delicious, and I love the natural colors! Gray goes well with red coats, I do believe…

  217. Mary R Says:

    I love the sweater knit in Crestone!  My favorite accessories to knit for winter are scarves.  I would love to knit a scarf in the Vail.  It looks beautiful.

  218. Kate/Massachusetts Says:

    Oh my!  Such beautiful yarn!  I think the Crestone would make stunning mittens, scarf and hat set!

  219. Clement T Says:

    I love hats and scarves for winter.  Vista sounds perfect.

  220. Slmiller8 Says:

    I love the rustic look of this yarn, and the shawl is one of my favorite patterns from the pattern booklet.

  221. bearhugs2u Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a scarf.  This scarf would be a real treasure if it was knitted with Vail yarn.  I like to bundle up in the winter and head outside for photography.  This is the time when I hit the beach…very few people but nature wears snow as its most beautiful accessory.  

  222. Maggie Says:

    I like to knit cowls and shawls which are my favorite to keep me cozy during the cold months.  I think a delciate cowl out of Vail would be great.

  223. Terri Says:

    I definitely have to have a scarf to keep the cold winds off my throat in winter. I’d love to find out how well the alpaca in Vista does that!

  224. Rpomkntrr Says:

    I enjoy knitting shawls, long cowls, or handwarmers for the winter. One in Vail would look great.

  225. Wilhelmina Says:

    I love shawlettes, scarves and fingerless mitts for Winter to wear in the house or out!  You see I live in a drafty old and wonderful house…..  Would love to knit up (or crochet, my latest favorite!) the Highland Fling shawl in Vail or Vista.  What fun!!!

  226. Meredith Says:

    All those yarns look so soft!  They seem like they would be great for slouchy hats and berets, which I love for winter. 

  227. Antonia Dančíková Says:

    I love making shawls and socks all throughout the year, but especially in winter. I think that Vista would make a wonderful thick shawl and sock set for cold winter nights.

  228. Margery Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a shawl that I can keep at my desk, because it’s so cold in Central New York. The Vista would be my choice.

  229. Charlene St.John Says:

    Shawls and scarves of all sizes.  I’d weave a shawl in Vail to be light, soft and cuddly in a heartbeat. The Crestone sounds like everything I love in wool, both for knitting and weaving. Warm and comforting.  Shawls, scarves, shrugs and hats, oh my!

  230. Christina Says:

    oooh such beautiful yarn! i would love make a loose open work scarf in vista! :)

  231. Anne Says:

    The next time I’m in the store, I’ll be checking out Vista.  Looks like a great yarn!  And I plan to knit a warm scarf for this winter.

  232. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    I’m a hat guy more than any other accessory. I seldom wear scarves. I think I’d be most drawn to Vail. Thanks for the giveaway.

  233. Peg Conlon Says:

    A wrap with Crestone would be dreamy.  Or maybe some mittens in Vail to give my hands a treat while I’m trekking around town with my kid on my back.  If winter is anything like last year I’ll need them!

  234. marci Says:

    Scarves = those beautiful yarns definitely want to be scarves!

  235. Sconsola Says:

    A scarf or Cowl made of Vail would be SO yummy!

  236. Laura Arpiainen Says:

    You can’t beat a warm, wide scarf that can double as a shawl. When the bitingly cold winds blow in February and you can wrap your entire head in it so that only the tip of your nose is exposed… bliss!
    I love natural undyed yarns. Makes you feel like you’re being hugged by a sheep :)

  237. Tricia Tarrach Says:

    vista..for a yummy scarf.

  238. Maryann Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are fingerless gloves, and cowls. I’d love to make a set in Vista since the alpaca/wool blend would make them really warm.

  239. Ruthdenney Says:

    Really? A chance to win yarn? Terrific!  And if it’s for the the Highland Fling shawl, even better! I’ve been crushing on that project since I started seeing it in the Classic Elite ads. It’s a stylish middle ground between a scarf and a shawl — and who could have too many of those?

  240. kate price Says:

    I love hats – it keeps so much of the heat in!

  241. Anna Says:

    We are drawing to the close of our winter and a warm shawl is my essential accessory. So lovely to be cuddled by an enveloping shawl. These yarns look truly scrumptious!

  242. Mikell Says:

    Cowls, shawlettes,and fingerless mitts are my go to “warmer uppers”. I thnk
    Vail would be wonderful. Can’t wait for Fibertwist and my visit to Webs. Mikell

  243. WeezKnits Says:

    I love all of their stuff, so how can I go wrong by knitting up a new hat, scarf or wrist warmer uppers with my winnings?

  244. Pam Says:

    I make myself a new scarf every fall..soft drapey wool is a must!

  245. Barbaraj73 Says:

    A nice warm, soft  shawlette in Vista would be perfect for our snowy, cold winters (right around the corner, arrrgh???!!!)

  246. Alice Says:

    I love cowls and scarves as winter accessories :). I would use Vista for the cowls for sure. A nice shawl for inside is also a nice winter accessory – which I would knit in Vail :). LOVE the new yarn!

  247. Pcmyers Says:

    I Love scarves, especially those that make a hood first… so classic! The Vista yarn looks perfect. I love all the new yarns and colors!

  248. 3dzupko Says:

    Have to have hats, scarves and mittens!!  And then have to make them for parents, the offspring, siblings and nieces and nephews. 

  249. Margaret Says:

    I would go with a scarf in Vail

  250. Terri Says:

    A soft, warm pair of slippers is my favorite winter accessory.  And it’s such a luxury to have a pretty pair just to wear around the house.  It makes winter a little more bearable!

  251. Jennifer Says:

    I’m a fan of alpaca, and bamboo, so it would have to be Vail for me. Sounds like next to skin softness for a scarf/wrap.

  252. Laura Westby Says:

    Alpaca and bamboo knit into lace.  Sounds like heaven to me!

  253. Athena Depper Says:

    I think I would like to knit a hood.  Great to keep warm in these cold Pittsburgh winters!

  254. Cheryl Says:

    Fingerless gloves for me. The scarf is beautiful.

  255. Wendi Galligan Abeberry Says:

    Beautiful yarn, would love to try some!

  256. Wendi Galligan Abeberry Says:

    Beautiful new yarn, would love to try some

  257. Diane deSouza Says:

    Favorite accessories are wristwarmers and hats.  Love the natural colors. 

  258. Kgkmom Says:

    My favorite accessory is born from necessity! A few years ago I made a pair of mittens where I knit Fair Isle on the top and wove the two strands together for the palm sides. The resulting mittens are the warmest mittens I’ve ever worn. This year I’m making some cowls because I can’t resist all the cute  patterns out there!

  259. SueS Says:

    My favorite accessory is mittens!!  Or a wonderful scarf knit out of alpaca and bamboo!

  260. Dee Says:

    I love the Alpine Meadow sweater!

  261. Jill Says:

    My favorite accessory is an infinity scarf that you can wear multiple ways – around your shoulders, wrapped around your neck, or pulled up as a hood.  Vail would be a great choice for a garment such as this.  It’s softness and drape would feel wonderful against your skin and the fact that it is a dk weight means it would provide alot of warmth without alot of bulk!

  262. Maryanne Says:

    Because I usually gravitate toward the lighter-weight yarns, I’d definitely go for knitting Vail.  I’ve been eyeing the Annis shawl pattern from Knitty, which has a unique-to-me method of construction.  Something like how a sock heel is turned, but winds up looking more like short-row shaping. 

  263. Margaretwhitaker Says:

    I love fingerless gloves, they keep my hands warm and i can still feelwhat i’m knitting.  The Vail yarn sounds like it would be perfect for a new pair.

  264. Anna Medina Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is a slouchy hat. A hat keeps my hair warm and helps disguise second day hair when it’s too cold for a bun. I would probably use vista for that. I like making sort of chunky hats that knit up quickly. 

  265. Betsy Pratt Says:

    These new yarns look great. The soft colors are wonderful! I would love to knit up the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista. I love bamboo viscose yarns, especially blended with wool or alpaca.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  266. Jean Ashley Says:

    sorry for double posting…computer glitch

  267. Jean Ashley Says:

    My favorite accessory is a scarf, particularly reversible twisted cable scarfs, and I’d love to knit one in Vista, so pretty and soft looking! Thanks for the chance to win!

  268. Cme_iam Says:

    Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  I love having a variety to pool from and just looking at the Flair has my hands itching to get some and work on some more for me and for some friends.

  269. Jackie Says:

    My necessary winter accessories are scarves or shawls that double as scarves, especially when the zipper on my winter coat broke and I needed something to stuff the extra space.  This winter, though, I really need a nice warm hat and fingerless gloves, so something in Vista or Vail would be nice. Also, I can’t say no to anything alpaca; it’s my kryptonite.

  270. susankou Says:

    Oh gosh..shawls that double as scarves, I love knitting with Malabrigo!

  271. Joanne G Says:

    wow! I love, love, love  shawls! And have been eyeing the Highland Fling Shawl! Thanks for the contest! 

  272. Jennifer R. Says:

    Your description of “Vail”, and the comparison to cashmere, makes me want to feel it!!! Thanks for a giveaway!

  273. Nicole Says:

    The crestone sounds like it would make some nice warm mittens for winter!

  274. Phyllis Herda Says:

    I would pick the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista. It looks so cozy and warm. I like the idea of a yarn that can be knit in different gauges 

  275. Patty Beardslee Says:

    Both look yummy!

  276. Gail Goodhand Says:

    Vail and I’d make a type of muffler/scarf

  277. Carol Says:

    My fave accessory is a hat because we walk to school every day and nothing cuts the cold wind like a wool hat.  I would make it in Vail because the alpaca would lend a little extra warmth.

  278. Nomegw Says:

    I’ve been dreaming about a lovely little cardigan knit in vista…

  279. SharonDiaz3 Says:

    I am into both hats and mittens for winter. I like to start the season with a new hat.

  280. Kelly Says:

    I need to make Hubby some new winter woolies and alpaca is just the ticket!

  281. Britannia Says:

    I’m all about the scarf in cool weather. Most versatile and so many styles and patterns to choose from. I’d go with Vista.

  282. Srecore0622 Says:

    My favorite accessory is a shawl- I keep one in my classroom for those days when the heat is suspect and I did not anticipate the cold…. Vista would be great to use for one.

  283. stefanie g-r Says:

    Flip-top fingerless mitts – easy to knit on the the train, but then I can keep my fingers warm when I’m walking around!

  284. Bean1082 Says:

    I like fingerless mitts, they come in so handy during the winter. I’d use the Vista for mine.

  285. Maggie Says:

    OOOO … ear-flap hat in Crestone, mittens in Vista, and sumptuous socks in Vail :-)


  286. Carrie Says:

    I think vista would make a super cozy and snuggly scarf.

  287. Louise Says:

    My favorite accessory would be a shawl made with the Vista!  Thanks for the contest.

  288. Nadine Bonner Says:

    I’m thinking of a cowl — not as confining as a hat but more stable than scarf

  289. Megan Williams Says:

    My favorite winter time accessories are hats.  I make so many that I could wear a different one each day of the Winter (and I live in MN)!  I would love to try out Vista in a hat.

  290. Garnerdk Says:

    Starting in the fall, my favorites are fingerless mitts and long scarves.  Later in Winter I sometimes switch to cowls.  This Vista sounds wonderful for any of these items.

  291. Enid Burns Says:

    I have several cowls that I wear to shield me from the cold, then of
    course layer on scarves, shawls, hats and so forth. What I need to do is
    work on something for my hands. I’ll start with fingerless gloves.

  292. laurakeet Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is probably a warm-but-soft scarf – one I can wear in a wide range of temperatures during Chicago’s long cold season! This is out of character for me, as a chunky-yarn lover, but I’d love to work with the Vail for a lacey scarf that can be wrapped an extra time or two for the coldest days!

  293. Rebecca Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is the triangle shawl that can double as a scarf. Or as some like to call them…shawelettes. I like the versatility. Luckily I can wear them more for fashion not function as we never get too cold.

  294. Carmen Says:

    I mainly use mittens or gloves in the winter and occasionally a hat.  Vail sounds like a wonderful yarn to use!

  295. Debra Lee Says:

    I would love to make a scarf with the crestone!
    Itsmelealee@gmail DOTcom

  296. Shauna Says:

    Convertible mittens are my faves, but I love a good scarf, too. I think I would have to go with vista.

  297. Hilary Says:

    Hats hats hats!  Especially the button-up “ponytail hat” which is split down the back and buttons underneath your updo!  It is my very favorite hat, and I think it would be lovely in Vista.

  298. JudyM Says:

    Right now I am working on a pair of mitts and the so cute and easy scarf “Molly”. Didn’t know I was making short rows until I was doing it. It is so easy. Can’t wait to win.

  299. FlannelJammies Says:

    I love keeping warm with scarves!! Long and skinny or wide and plush and everything in between!
    Vista would be my choice!

  300. patty Says:

    Vista , and I want to do cowls for the upcoming season. At work the temps fluctuate and having something I can throw over my shoulders helps.
    Patty in chilly Maryland

  301. janet Says:

    I love cozy soft scarves – Vista would be great!

  302. Kbates Says:

    All the yarns sound great!  I’ve been using more alpaca and bamboo yarns recently due to friends who have wool allergies.  Scarves, mitts and hats are always great quick winter gifts and I’ve been making more of them in the last few years than I have before.  I don’t know that I’ve had a chance to use these yarns and I’d love to give them a spin.

  303. Jaycee Says:

    I love the Vista. The natural colors are so lovely. It seems like I’m seeing a lot of lace knit at a larger guage this fall. I love the look and as a beginning lace knitter, it is a little easier to follow what I’m doing with the larger guage.

  304. Jkettlewell Says:

    I love to knit hats, scarves and mittens for my family to keep us warm during our Pennsylvania winters. Recently I have started to knit shawls. I would put either yarn to good use. Thank you for this “soft and warm” opportunity.

  305. Marie Says:

    I just love knitting cowls, scarves/shawls and mitts.  Cowls are my favorite though.  Thanks for the give-away – how exciting!

  306. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy knitting cowls and scarves all year long to get ready for the winter.  I like the description of Vail – something that would be cashmere-y soft against my skin, to cozy into.  Yum!

  307. leggettkathy Says:

    I enjoy knitting cowls and scarves for our long cold winters.

  308. Julie Smith Says:

    I love knitting shawlettes that can be used as scarves, as well as cowls and tams. I fell in love with the Highland Fling shawl the very first time I saw it, and would love to knit it for winter.

  309. Karclock Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is a warm scarf.

  310. Julia Meade Says:

    What lovely new yarn to try — come on cooler weather!

  311. Allisonekelsey Says:

    I’d use Crestone w/a complementary Vista for a striped scarf and mittens. Lovely colors! Thanks for the contest!

  312. Heather Lott Says:

    I would love to knit a shawl in Vail!  I love bamboo yarns!

  313. ritainalaska Says:

    i♥hats and scarves!  would love to have some vail for a set to go with my new jacket.

  314. Jeanne Vb Says:

    The weather at the Reference desk can be fairly variable in the winter, so I love shawls, wraps and scarves for the winter, with the occasional pair of fingerless mitts thrown in to keep my fingers from freezing off.  I’m a huge fan of alpaca, so I’d use the Vail for a set of mitts and a coordinating triangular shawl.  or maybe Crestone for a more substantial wrap.

  315. Apkeziah Says:

    I make shawls, scarfs, and socks for winter wear.  Needless to say, I would like to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista.

  316. Ctzee Says:

    I LOVE fingerless gloves and cowls, and I’m starting to think there may be some leg warmers in the future, all very street urchin, and these yarns seem perfect!

  317. Kerr1997 Says:

    I love both of the yarns and the natural colors they come in. Usually I like bright colors but these are nice for a change

  318. Knittingwithfloss Says:

    I love that hot chocolate brown and Vista sounds beautiful. I can make a thousand scarves and still want a thousand more, especially in the fall…

  319. Francesca Says:

    I love winter hats because they cover messy hair.  I also love scarves and shawls to keep warm.  I think Vista would make great winter wear.

  320. Joannewm Says:

    I  love this type of yarn – so natural.

  321. Marisa Spehar Says:

    Classic Elite is my fave yarn company.  I am in love with all their products:-)

  322. Eema123 Says:

    Really into scarves for this winter — both for color “pop” and warmth (last year’s blizzards have made me nervous about this year!)  Since I love alpaca for its softness & warmth, I would use Vista.

  323. Ginny Says:

    I love knitting hats,mittens, mitts, and shawls but rarely knit scarves for some reason.  Everyone needs more then one hat just like one pot holder is not enough if you do any cooking.  I love wooly yarn and alpaca is special.

  324. jess Says:

    I love long fingerless mitts.  Warm wrists, warm hands- free fingers!  Vista with it’s half wool half alpaca content would make a cozy pair.

  325. Karen Evans Says:

    Scarves, shawls and more scarves — long enough to wrap around more than once and then toss over my shoulder!

  326. Cynthia Donahue Says:

    I like making mitts for my chilly office, the Vista yarn would feel wonderful – thanks for the giveaway!

  327. Franklythered Says:

    Ooooh Pretty!  I love the look of the Vista.  I’m a shawl girl all the way.  

  328. tinyknits Says:

    I love wearing scarves and fingerless gloves!  I don’t know which I’d like better, Vail or Vista.

  329. Carolyn Says:

    For years I didn’t wear hats because they flattened my hair, but the slouchy hats that are big now are great, and so fast and fun to make.  But my favorite winter accessory has to be the small shawl, worn as a scarf.  SO cozy, and so so many gorgeous designs!

  330. Karen Says:

    That flair scarf in Vail looks dreamy soft!  My favorite winter accessories to wear are scarves and mittens, but strangely I really like to knit hats!  LOL.

  331. Pam Says:

    I’d love a Willow Cowl (free ravelry pattern) in Vail.  It would be soft, light and warm on my neck all through the winter.

  332. Rosemarie Says:

    After moving from New Jersey to south Texas, I got rid of all my heavy winter things. But even here it’s good to have a nice shawl for the occasional chilly weather. The vail yarn sounds like it would be perfect for that.

  333. Margaret Moore Holmberg Says:

    I would like to use Vail for a scarf/shawlette. Since I live in central Florida, I’d want to make a lace pattern that would be warm but not too warm. Since I’ll be at your store tomorrow, I’ll get to see this great yarn and the sample in person!!!

  334. Constance Santisteban Says:

    My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear all my cozy cold weather accessories. I love hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, you name it. I’d love to make an earflap hat out Crestone and a scarf or cowl out of Vail, which sounds like a fiber my skin would melt into.

  335. Deb Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are warm, beautiful scarves and fingerless gloves so that I can still move my fingers. My most favorite scarf is out of Malabrigo Worsted…ummm!

  336. Livin4fishin Says:

    My favorite is hats! Love hats!  Would love to try a hat out in one of these awesome yarns!

  337. Naomi Wheatley Says:

    My favorite winter accessory would be a not super lacy shawlette. I like to wear them as scarves inside but appreciate being able to drape them over my head to cover my ears when I am outside. I would love to make shawlettes from Vail and Vista. 

  338. Jennifer Lucas Says:

    I love fingerless gloves/gauntlets. I think a pair made out of Vail would be beautiful! Or a lacy cowl even!

  339. Marjorie Wilhelm Says:

    I love warm wooly scarves for winter, and would love some Vail to make the Flair scarf.
    Thank you, Marjorie Wilhelm

  340. Kay Levine McDonagh Says:

                Love hese yarns! I would be tickled to make either one. Thanks for being such a great resouce! Kay                       

  341. Kay Levine McDonagh Says:

    Love this yarn! I would be tickled to make either one. Thanks for all your help and advise! Kay

  342. JaneSezKnit Says:

    Scarves and shawls worn as scarves are my favorite accessories for winter. I love alpaca blends for their luxurious softness so I’m sure I’d love Vista. Thanks for the blog…great info.

  343. Jen Says:

    Love scarves. Knitted in Vail because of the squish factor you mention, finer gauge which is more elegant to wear and beautiful solid colours.    

  344. Traci Says:

    I love mittens! To me, they are the “comfort food” of knitted garments. Vista would be perfect for a nice warm pair.

  345. prymnumber Says:

    Winter is my favorite knitting season.  The cold weather and short days gives me the perfect excuse to hole up with some yarn and needles!  I love to make fingerless mitts.  I find myself wearing them all the time, through winter and into spring. And given my love of dual-toned yarn, I’d love to make a pair in Crestone.  Gorgeous! 

  346. goldi 316 Says:

    My favorite accessories are shawls and fingerless mitts – it gets cold in this house in the winter!

  347. goldi 316 Says:

    Duh, when I posted this yesterday I was in a rush (heading out the door), just realized I failed to mention which yarn I preferred, which is Vista.  That said, I’d be happy with either one and would make good use of them!

  348. Andrea W. Says:

    I love working with Vista yarn.  I am currently working on buttoned neck warmers.  I find I can be very creative with both the yarn and buttons.  Also, they are going to make great holiday gifts this year!  Would love to make the Flair Scarf.  Thanks for the wonderful give away!

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