September 3rd, 2011

Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series

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Fall is a time of great anticipation for knitters. So many new yarns and booklets, so many new options! The employees at WEBS always get excited to see what Classic Elite has up their sleeve. They are so generous with our staff that they come every season to introduce us to their new yarns and designs. What fun! We couldn’t leave you out in the cold, so here’s a little something to catch you up…

Classic Elite’s new Mountaintop yarns feature natural undyed fibers in lightly varying hues. There’s something special about getting natural fibers in the store, it feels like sheep and wool festivals, crisp fall air and all the fun that comes with it.

Crestone & Vista are interchangeable worsted weight yarns at 100 yards per 50 gram hank. Both yarns knit to 4 3/4 stitches per 1” on a US 6-7. Crestone is a natural marled 100% wool and Vista is a 50/50 blend of superfine alpaca and wool with a range of solid naturals. Crestone is delightfully crisp without being too “rustic”, and Vista is very similarly constructed with a slightly silkier surface.

The Crestone and Vista booklet (#9148) features several designs we showcase in our store. The Alpine Meadow Sweater is knit in Crestone, constructed with a slight a-line style featuring a textured panel down the front.

The Highland fling shawl is knit in Vista, a small long shawl that easily doubles as a cozy scarf.

Vail is a light sport weight yarn at 6 3/4″ stitches per 1” on a US 3 , 70/30 baby alpaca and bamboo viscose, with a put up of 236 yards per 50 gram hank. Vail offers six natural colors and can be knit at various gauges. The baby alpaca and bamboo lend itself to a light sheen and a silky hand. I felt the swatch for this yarn and it has a baby soft feel…I would almost liken it to cashmere in a quick squish test.

Vail is included in the Panache booklet, a collection of accessories with various Classic Elite yarns. Flair, our store sample, is a wide lace scarf with a lovely drape. I love petting this piece, it makes me long for colder weather and time on my hands.

We hope you love these yarns as much as we do. And to help shout it from the rooftops we are doing a little giveaway! Want these spectacular natural fibers in your hot little hands? Comment below on what your favorite accessories are for the winter and which of these yarns you’d like to use for them. Make sure to post before Sunday,  September 11th to participate.

We’ll chose two lucky winners to receive a pattern booklet with enough yarn to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista! Winners will be announced Monday, September 12th!

Happy Knitting


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348 Responses to “Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series”

  1. Jane Says:

    you can never have enough scarves, mittens & hats in New Hampshire!  I’d use crestone & vista and make lots of mix & match pieces !

  2. Eunice Says:

    I would love to make a scarf out of Vista..

  3. Amber G Says:

    My favorite accessories for fall/winter are hats (I knit a few new ones every year for myself & my little girl.)  I’d LOVE to knit up the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista, great pattern and the yarn looks yummy!

  4. Deena Says:

    Scarf out of Vista – perfect!

  5. Avonelle Wing Says:

    I think Flair in Charcoal would fast become my new favorite winter accessory.

  6. Shari Says:

    Fingerless mitts is a definite must using either yarn!

  7. Kali Woodbridge Says:

    I love cowls (Crestone sounds perfect!) and wrist warmers (definitely the Vail!)  from fall through the spring! 

  8. Hope :) Says:

    My favorite pieces are sweaters and scarfs! I would love to make a sweater out of the vail yarn! 🙂

  9. Cat Says:

    It doesn’t get very cold here in the south but  a nice little caplet or snuggly cardi does wonders to keep the chill off the shoulders so that’s what I’ll be stitchin’ up for the winter.  

  10. Shparmet Says:

    Shawlettes–nice and long, with lots of garter stitch to make them comfy/bouncy.

  11. Terri Decker Says:

    I love cowls, and I would make a nice crunchy one out of the Vista.

  12. Jean Says:

    I think I’d knit a beret in the Crestone or Vista and a cowl out of Vail.  They are all beautiful yarns!

  13. Jessica Snell Says:

    I like scarves, because they’re often all I need to add to an outfit to stay warm in the winter here in California. And that Vail is beautiful!

  14. Kbossmann Says:

    Hats and shawls….I’m always cold and they keep me warm no matter what…and since I love alpace, I would definitely try Vista!

  15. NewJerseyLaura Says:

    I have been looking at patterns – and the very vail shawl shown in on my wishlist!  So that!  And mittens, and hats, and other holiday gifts. 

  16. lilblueeyes Says:

    I would love to make a mitten, scarf, and hat set form Vail – it sounds so soft and delicious, and I love the natural colors! Gray goes well with red coats, I do believe…

  17. Mary R Says:

    I love the sweater knit in Crestone!  My favorite accessories to knit for winter are scarves.  I would love to knit a scarf in the Vail.  It looks beautiful.

  18. Kate/Massachusetts Says:

    Oh my!  Such beautiful yarn!  I think the Crestone would make stunning mittens, scarf and hat set!

  19. Clement T Says:

    I love hats and scarves for winter.  Vista sounds perfect.

  20. Slmiller8 Says:

    I love the rustic look of this yarn, and the shawl is one of my favorite patterns from the pattern booklet.

  21. bearhugs2u Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a scarf.  This scarf would be a real treasure if it was knitted with Vail yarn.  I like to bundle up in the winter and head outside for photography.  This is the time when I hit the beach…very few people but nature wears snow as its most beautiful accessory.  

  22. Maggie Says:

    I like to knit cowls and shawls which are my favorite to keep me cozy during the cold months.  I think a delciate cowl out of Vail would be great.

  23. Terri Says:

    I definitely have to have a scarf to keep the cold winds off my throat in winter. I’d love to find out how well the alpaca in Vista does that!

  24. Rpomkntrr Says:

    I enjoy knitting shawls, long cowls, or handwarmers for the winter. One in Vail would look great.

  25. Wilhelmina Says:

    I love shawlettes, scarves and fingerless mitts for Winter to wear in the house or out!  You see I live in a drafty old and wonderful house…..  Would love to knit up (or crochet, my latest favorite!) the Highland Fling shawl in Vail or Vista.  What fun!!!

  26. Meredith Says:

    All those yarns look so soft!  They seem like they would be great for slouchy hats and berets, which I love for winter. 

  27. Antonia Dančíková Says:

    I love making shawls and socks all throughout the year, but especially in winter. I think that Vista would make a wonderful thick shawl and sock set for cold winter nights.

  28. Margery Says:

    My favorite accessory for winter is a shawl that I can keep at my desk, because it’s so cold in Central New York. The Vista would be my choice.

  29. Charlene St.John Says:

    Shawls and scarves of all sizes.  I’d weave a shawl in Vail to be light, soft and cuddly in a heartbeat. The Crestone sounds like everything I love in wool, both for knitting and weaving. Warm and comforting.  Shawls, scarves, shrugs and hats, oh my!

  30. Christina Says:

    oooh such beautiful yarn! i would love make a loose open work scarf in vista! 🙂

  31. Anne Says:

    The next time I’m in the store, I’ll be checking out Vista.  Looks like a great yarn!  And I plan to knit a warm scarf for this winter.

  32. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    I’m a hat guy more than any other accessory. I seldom wear scarves. I think I’d be most drawn to Vail. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Peg Conlon Says:

    A wrap with Crestone would be dreamy.  Or maybe some mittens in Vail to give my hands a treat while I’m trekking around town with my kid on my back.  If winter is anything like last year I’ll need them!

  34. marci Says:

    Scarves = those beautiful yarns definitely want to be scarves!

  35. Sconsola Says:

    A scarf or Cowl made of Vail would be SO yummy!

  36. Laura Arpiainen Says:

    You can’t beat a warm, wide scarf that can double as a shawl. When the bitingly cold winds blow in February and you can wrap your entire head in it so that only the tip of your nose is exposed… bliss!
    I love natural undyed yarns. Makes you feel like you’re being hugged by a sheep 🙂

  37. Tricia Tarrach Says:

    vista..for a yummy scarf.

  38. Maryann Says:

    My favorite winter accessories are fingerless gloves, and cowls. I’d love to make a set in Vista since the alpaca/wool blend would make them really warm.

  39. Ruthdenney Says:

    Really? A chance to win yarn? Terrific!  And if it’s for the the Highland Fling shawl, even better! I’ve been crushing on that project since I started seeing it in the Classic Elite ads. It’s a stylish middle ground between a scarf and a shawl — and who could have too many of those?

  40. kate price Says:

    I love hats – it keeps so much of the heat in!

  41. Anna Says:

    We are drawing to the close of our winter and a warm shawl is my essential accessory. So lovely to be cuddled by an enveloping shawl. These yarns look truly scrumptious!

  42. Mikell Says:

    Cowls, shawlettes,and fingerless mitts are my go to “warmer uppers”. I thnk
    Vail would be wonderful. Can’t wait for Fibertwist and my visit to Webs. Mikell

  43. WeezKnits Says:

    I love all of their stuff, so how can I go wrong by knitting up a new hat, scarf or wrist warmer uppers with my winnings?

  44. Pam Says:

    I make myself a new scarf every fall..soft drapey wool is a must!

  45. Barbaraj73 Says:

    A nice warm, soft  shawlette in Vista would be perfect for our snowy, cold winters (right around the corner, arrrgh???!!!)

  46. Alice Says:

    I love cowls and scarves as winter accessories :). I would use Vista for the cowls for sure. A nice shawl for inside is also a nice winter accessory – which I would knit in Vail :). LOVE the new yarn!

  47. Pcmyers Says:

    I Love scarves, especially those that make a hood first… so classic! The Vista yarn looks perfect. I love all the new yarns and colors!

  48. 3dzupko Says:

    Have to have hats, scarves and mittens!!  And then have to make them for parents, the offspring, siblings and nieces and nephews. 

  49. Margaret Says:

    I would go with a scarf in Vail

  50. Terri Says:

    A soft, warm pair of slippers is my favorite winter accessory.  And it’s such a luxury to have a pretty pair just to wear around the house.  It makes winter a little more bearable!

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