September 3rd, 2011

Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series

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Fall is a time of great anticipation for knitters. So many new yarns and booklets, so many new options! The employees at WEBS always get excited to see what Classic Elite has up their sleeve. They are so generous with our staff that they come every season to introduce us to their new yarns and designs. What fun! We couldn’t leave you out in the cold, so here’s a little something to catch you up…

Classic Elite’s new Mountaintop yarns feature natural undyed fibers in lightly varying hues. There’s something special about getting natural fibers in the store, it feels like sheep and wool festivals, crisp fall air and all the fun that comes with it.

Crestone & Vista are interchangeable worsted weight yarns at 100 yards per 50 gram hank. Both yarns knit to 4 3/4 stitches per 1” on a US 6-7. Crestone is a natural marled 100% wool and Vista is a 50/50 blend of superfine alpaca and wool with a range of solid naturals. Crestone is delightfully crisp without being too “rustic”, and Vista is very similarly constructed with a slightly silkier surface.

The Crestone and Vista booklet (#9148) features several designs we showcase in our store. The Alpine Meadow Sweater is knit in Crestone, constructed with a slight a-line style featuring a textured panel down the front.

The Highland fling shawl is knit in Vista, a small long shawl that easily doubles as a cozy scarf.

Vail is a light sport weight yarn at 6 3/4″ stitches per 1” on a US 3 , 70/30 baby alpaca and bamboo viscose, with a put up of 236 yards per 50 gram hank. Vail offers six natural colors and can be knit at various gauges. The baby alpaca and bamboo lend itself to a light sheen and a silky hand. I felt the swatch for this yarn and it has a baby soft feel…I would almost liken it to cashmere in a quick squish test.

Vail is included in the Panache booklet, a collection of accessories with various Classic Elite yarns. Flair, our store sample, is a wide lace scarf with a lovely drape. I love petting this piece, it makes me long for colder weather and time on my hands.

We hope you love these yarns as much as we do. And to help shout it from the rooftops we are doing a little giveaway! Want these spectacular natural fibers in your hot little hands? Comment below on what your favorite accessories are for the winter and which of these yarns you’d like to use for them. Make sure to post before Sunday,  September 11th to participate.

We’ll chose two lucky winners to receive a pattern booklet with enough yarn to make either the Flair scarf in Vail or the Highland Fling shawl in Vista! Winners will be announced Monday, September 12th!

Happy Knitting


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348 Responses to “Classic Elite Giveaway: Mountaintop Series”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m a fan of alpaca, and bamboo, so it would have to be Vail for me. Sounds like next to skin softness for a scarf/wrap.

  2. Laura Westby Says:

    Alpaca and bamboo knit into lace.  Sounds like heaven to me!

  3. Athena Depper Says:

    I think I would like to knit a hood.  Great to keep warm in these cold Pittsburgh winters!

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Fingerless gloves for me. The scarf is beautiful.

  5. Wendi Galligan Abeberry Says:

    Beautiful yarn, would love to try some!

  6. Wendi Galligan Abeberry Says:

    Beautiful new yarn, would love to try some

  7. Diane deSouza Says:

    Favorite accessories are wristwarmers and hats.  Love the natural colors. 

  8. Kgkmom Says:

    My favorite accessory is born from necessity! A few years ago I made a pair of mittens where I knit Fair Isle on the top and wove the two strands together for the palm sides. The resulting mittens are the warmest mittens I’ve ever worn. This year I’m making some cowls because I can’t resist all the cute  patterns out there!

  9. SueS Says:

    My favorite accessory is mittens!!  Or a wonderful scarf knit out of alpaca and bamboo!

  10. Dee Says:

    I love the Alpine Meadow sweater!

  11. Jill Says:

    My favorite accessory is an infinity scarf that you can wear multiple ways – around your shoulders, wrapped around your neck, or pulled up as a hood.  Vail would be a great choice for a garment such as this.  It’s softness and drape would feel wonderful against your skin and the fact that it is a dk weight means it would provide alot of warmth without alot of bulk!

  12. Maryanne Says:

    Because I usually gravitate toward the lighter-weight yarns, I’d definitely go for knitting Vail.  I’ve been eyeing the Annis shawl pattern from Knitty, which has a unique-to-me method of construction.  Something like how a sock heel is turned, but winds up looking more like short-row shaping. 

  13. Margaretwhitaker Says:

    I love fingerless gloves, they keep my hands warm and i can still feelwhat i’m knitting.  The Vail yarn sounds like it would be perfect for a new pair.

  14. Anna Medina Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is a slouchy hat. A hat keeps my hair warm and helps disguise second day hair when it’s too cold for a bun. I would probably use vista for that. I like making sort of chunky hats that knit up quickly. 

  15. Betsy Pratt Says:

    These new yarns look great. The soft colors are wonderful! I would love to knit up the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista. I love bamboo viscose yarns, especially blended with wool or alpaca.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  16. Jean Ashley Says:

    sorry for double posting…computer glitch

  17. Jean Ashley Says:

    My favorite accessory is a scarf, particularly reversible twisted cable scarfs, and I’d love to knit one in Vista, so pretty and soft looking! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Cme_iam Says:

    Scarves, scarves and more scarves.  I love having a variety to pool from and just looking at the Flair has my hands itching to get some and work on some more for me and for some friends.

  19. Jackie Says:

    My necessary winter accessories are scarves or shawls that double as scarves, especially when the zipper on my winter coat broke and I needed something to stuff the extra space.  This winter, though, I really need a nice warm hat and fingerless gloves, so something in Vista or Vail would be nice. Also, I can’t say no to anything alpaca; it’s my kryptonite.

  20. susankou Says:

    Oh gosh..shawls that double as scarves, I love knitting with Malabrigo!

  21. Joanne G Says:

    wow! I love, love, love  shawls! And have been eyeing the Highland Fling Shawl! Thanks for the contest! 

  22. Jennifer R. Says:

    Your description of “Vail”, and the comparison to cashmere, makes me want to feel it!!! Thanks for a giveaway!

  23. Nicole Says:

    The crestone sounds like it would make some nice warm mittens for winter!

  24. Phyllis Herda Says:

    I would pick the Highland Fling Shawl in Vista. It looks so cozy and warm. I like the idea of a yarn that can be knit in different gauges 

  25. Patty Beardslee Says:

    Both look yummy!

  26. Gail Goodhand Says:

    Vail and I’d make a type of muffler/scarf

  27. Carol Says:

    My fave accessory is a hat because we walk to school every day and nothing cuts the cold wind like a wool hat.  I would make it in Vail because the alpaca would lend a little extra warmth.

  28. Nomegw Says:

    I’ve been dreaming about a lovely little cardigan knit in vista…

  29. SharonDiaz3 Says:

    I am into both hats and mittens for winter. I like to start the season with a new hat.

  30. Kelly Says:

    I need to make Hubby some new winter woolies and alpaca is just the ticket!

  31. Britannia Says:

    I’m all about the scarf in cool weather. Most versatile and so many styles and patterns to choose from. I’d go with Vista.

  32. Srecore0622 Says:

    My favorite accessory is a shawl- I keep one in my classroom for those days when the heat is suspect and I did not anticipate the cold…. Vista would be great to use for one.

  33. stefanie g-r Says:

    Flip-top fingerless mitts – easy to knit on the the train, but then I can keep my fingers warm when I’m walking around!

  34. Bean1082 Says:

    I like fingerless mitts, they come in so handy during the winter. I’d use the Vista for mine.

  35. Maggie Says:

    OOOO … ear-flap hat in Crestone, mittens in Vista, and sumptuous socks in Vail 🙂


  36. Carrie Says:

    I think vista would make a super cozy and snuggly scarf.

  37. Louise Says:

    My favorite accessory would be a shawl made with the Vista!  Thanks for the contest.

  38. Nadine Bonner Says:

    I’m thinking of a cowl — not as confining as a hat but more stable than scarf

  39. Megan Williams Says:

    My favorite winter time accessories are hats.  I make so many that I could wear a different one each day of the Winter (and I live in MN)!  I would love to try out Vista in a hat.

  40. Garnerdk Says:

    Starting in the fall, my favorites are fingerless mitts and long scarves.  Later in Winter I sometimes switch to cowls.  This Vista sounds wonderful for any of these items.

  41. Enid Burns Says:

    I have several cowls that I wear to shield me from the cold, then of
    course layer on scarves, shawls, hats and so forth. What I need to do is
    work on something for my hands. I’ll start with fingerless gloves.

  42. laurakeet Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is probably a warm-but-soft scarf – one I can wear in a wide range of temperatures during Chicago’s long cold season! This is out of character for me, as a chunky-yarn lover, but I’d love to work with the Vail for a lacey scarf that can be wrapped an extra time or two for the coldest days!

  43. Rebecca Says:

    My favorite winter accessory is the triangle shawl that can double as a scarf. Or as some like to call them…shawelettes. I like the versatility. Luckily I can wear them more for fashion not function as we never get too cold.

  44. Carmen Says:

    I mainly use mittens or gloves in the winter and occasionally a hat.  Vail sounds like a wonderful yarn to use!

  45. Debra Lee Says:

    I would love to make a scarf with the crestone!
    Itsmelealee@gmail DOTcom

  46. Shauna Says:

    Convertible mittens are my faves, but I love a good scarf, too. I think I would have to go with vista.

  47. Hilary Says:

    Hats hats hats!  Especially the button-up “ponytail hat” which is split down the back and buttons underneath your updo!  It is my very favorite hat, and I think it would be lovely in Vista.

  48. JudyM Says:

    Right now I am working on a pair of mitts and the so cute and easy scarf “Molly”. Didn’t know I was making short rows until I was doing it. It is so easy. Can’t wait to win.

  49. FlannelJammies Says:

    I love keeping warm with scarves!! Long and skinny or wide and plush and everything in between!
    Vista would be my choice!

  50. patty Says:

    Vista , and I want to do cowls for the upcoming season. At work the temps fluctuate and having something I can throw over my shoulders helps.
    Patty in chilly Maryland

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