November 5th, 2012

Color by Kristin Stocking Kit Giveaway

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We have been so inspired this fall by Kristin Nicholas’ newest designs using Classic Elite’s Color by Kristin. So when we saw her new knitted stocking kit come into the store we knew it would quickly become a staff and customer favorite!

Using stunning color combinations, this kit includes patterns for both stockings and enough yarn to knit both!  These stockings will be a fun, colorful addition to any celebration.

We are giving away one Classic Elite Color By Kristin Stocking Kit this week.  Leave a comment on this post telling us why you would like to knit these stockings. You have until Monday, November 12th at 9:00am EDT when we’ll choose one comment at random.


312 Responses to “Color by Kristin Stocking Kit Giveaway”

  1. Maureen Says:

    These would be great items for me to knit for my husband and I. We need some color and some excitement for our fireplace at the holidays. These look like beautiful items and would be a joy to knit.

  2. Holli Says:

    I love these and I have two new front doors that need decorating this holiday season. These would be perfect!

  3. Jaclyn K Says:

    We finally moved into a place with a fireplace, so we need stockings now! I would love to knit these. :-)

  4. Kate Says:

    This will be the first Christmas my husband and I celebrate now that we’ve moved to America. We have almost no holiday decor, and a pair of stockings would be perfect.

  5. Sheri Moon Says:

    I love Kristen’s work! Would love to win this kit.

  6. Kathy Leggett Says:

    I’d love to knit these!

  7. Vic Reid Says:

    Two stockings? One for me, one for my husband! Would love to create a whole host of stockings as ‘family heirlooms’ like those seen on American TV shows!

  8. ereader2012 Says:

    Lovely color. Would like to knit these to demostrate in public how knitting is about fun!

  9. Sue Hench-Brandt Says:

    I LOVE KRISTIN! COLOR ARE FANTASTIC! These will look spectacular on my Christmas tree.

  10. Pam Says:

    I’d love to knit a stocking for my new grandchild who is arriving soon. The colors are great and it would be fun to knit.

  11. Ardosa Carboni Says:

    I would love to knit them for my friends – one friend her mother always knit a stocking for the newest spouse or child born – but she is gone – and my friend doens’t knit. I made her a present one year of a fair isle knitted stocking for the then soon-to-be fiance of the family… not bad for my first one i made (i’m jewish and never made one).

  12. Julianne Queensen Says:

    I want to knit them, because I love the nontraditional colors!

  13. Terri Says:

    What could be better than hand made Christmas stockings? Love these designs by Kristin.

  14. ritainalaska Says:

    my two new, precioius stepgrandchildren need christmas stockings to hang! i would love to have this kit to make for them. thanx for the opportunity to do so!

  15. Sheila Says:

    Why I would like to knit these stockings? That’s easy – because they’re gorgeous, of course!

  16. Dianna Says:

    I love Kristin’s patterns and her use of color – and I’d love to have these stockings for my hubby and I – I knit stocking for my children when they were little, but not for us “adults”.

  17. kt Says:

    I would love to knit these for the newest members of our family . . . my husband and my brother-in-law . . . who don’t yet have their own stockings to hang!

  18. dfuller55 Says:

    I love Christmas stockings and think it would be fun to knit this one! I have ones that I painted, others that are quilted, and several that were knit on my knitting machine way back in the dawn of time, but I don’t have a handknitted sock. This would be lovely! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  19. Adrienne Says:

    This Christmas stocking kit would give me the perfect motivation to pick up color knitting techniques that have been on my New Year’s goals for the last 2 years.

  20. Pat Says:

    Because I deserve a Christmas Stocking this year. For myself, finally.

  21. Bonney Says:

    I won’t be the only one with this comment but while I’ve knit close to a dozen stockings for others I’ve never knit one for myself. This might be my year!!

  22. Sheila Ricker Says:

    I would love to win this to knit for my son, who is newly married.

  23. Jennifer Waite Hernandez Says:

    Love the colors! Ive been wanting to do stockings for a while now- this would be the perfect excuse!!

  24. larkspurstudio Says:

    Wow, thanks for the chance! These would be so fun to make!

  25. Michelle Says:

    My reason is my 10-year-old son!

  26. Linda Says:

    I’ve knitted so many things, but never a stocking…yet!

  27. Phyllis Wentzel Says:

    These stockings would be the perfect way for me to jump into color knitting. What an inspiration!

  28. Sue Says:

    Would love to make one for our new grand daughter Evelyn Rose

  29. Mary Says:

    I would love to knit one of these because it would make me smile the entire time that I was working on it. Her things are just plain FUN!

  30. Estella Haines Says:

    Oh, I can only hope to win. I’ve always wanted to knit a pattern by Kristin and with family having babies I’d love to gift these stockings.

  31. Ann Says:

    This would be lovely to knit for my new Great Nephew.

  32. Stephanie Says:

    This kit would make a lovely gift for a good friend of mine, that’s why. :) beautiful!

  33. Karen Plomin Says:

    I have never knit socks before but this I would make for my new DIL!!!

  34. Nancy Lea Says:

    my cousin’s baby “debuts’ just beore Xmas…have been thinking about knitting her a stocking she cans use for the many Xmases to come! These are gorgeous

  35. Misty Longaker Buchanan Says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect stockings to knit for my family, and these are perfect. I love the colors too.

  36. Pamela Narveson Says:

    LOVE this color combination! This kit would be perfect to practice the techniques I’ve been learning this year!

  37. Naomi Utgoff Says:

    Oooh! So pretty. I hope to be lucky!

  38. jillian fraioli Says:

    Amazing fresh color sense. How fun. I never win anything, but I want to support my favorite online yarn store!! Go on with the give aways! Thanks, WEBS! <3

  39. Sarah Signs Says:

    I’d love to win! There’s never enough yarn!!Love your products and fast shipping!!

  40. MiddKnit Says:

    This is perfect – new sort of Christmas stockings for our familiy’s first new generation babies!

  41. Lydia Says:

    Why? Because they look really fun! I especially love the pattern with the hearts.

  42. Cindy Jackson Says:

    Those stockings are so sweet! Just the thing for my two little nephews.

  43. CMSPE Says:

    I LOVE these stockings! Would love to give it a try. My granddaughter is 15+ and this would be so much more appropriate for her age.

  44. DanielleB Says:

    What gorgeous colors!! The pink and yellow one would be perfect for my first (and so far only) granddaughter!! Beautiful!

  45. Misha G. Says:

    Those are adorable! I have been wanting to start knitting stockings for my two children, husband and I. There’s something so nostalgic and special about real handknit Christmas stockings.

  46. Ellen Steward Says:

    It would be wonderful to make more Christmas stockings,

  47. Lynne Says:

    Those look like so much fun to knit!

  48. Ann Kinderknecht Says:

    Very pretty..I have never knit a pair of socks….would love to try these…love handmade…ty!

  49. Patti Weeks Says:

    I have knit stockings for my sons and niece and nephew. Even my ex has a knit stocking. I have never had a knit stocking. This would be for me.

  50. calla Says:

    To continue the stocking tradition of my Grandmother (born in 1900 in Sewden – I am a picker!) who not only taught me to knit, but made stockings for everyone in the entire family. She finished up her last one the last week of her life for the last great grandson she would meet. Knitting and knitted Christmas stockings warms my heart with Grtandma love!

  51. Heidi Jackson Says:

    Would love to be so lucky to win ……….these are gorgeous!!!

  52. Sarah Says:

    The stockings are absolutely adorable! I would love to win them!!

  53. Whitney Crowe Says:

    Christmas is coming and we need new stockings!! :)

  54. Pam Scriber Says:

    so beautiful would love to make this

  55. Leanne Says:

    I have yet to knit Christmas stocking for my children and this would be a great way to start.

  56. Liz Says:

    Those are so cute! I want to make stockings this year.

  57. KVarosi Says:

    Great colors and the patterns are really cute. Wishing luck to all of us even though only one can win.

  58. Maryanne Says:

    I would love to knit these stockings because they’re not in the traditional red, white, and green. My family uses that old, familiar stocking pattern, which must have been drafted by someone who didn’t knit, as the patterning is just awful to work. I have knit so many of these for relatives, and it would be great to have something totally different for my house!

  59. Annie Says:

    I would like to knit these stockings because to have something handmade hanging from my mantle would be lovely.

  60. Pam Butterfield Says:

    They are so much fun. Would love them for my grandkids.

  61. Dana Says:

    I would love to win this kit! I am teaching my 10 year old niece how to knit & this would be a fun & festive project for us to complete together.

  62. Candice Says:

    Love this kit because of the fun, untraditional color scheme and the details.

  63. Leslie Scott Kennedy Says:

    Hand knit Christmas stockings are the best!

  64. Shannon Says:

    I would love to knit these stockings as a gift for a couple of fun and quirky friends!

  65. Elspeth Says:

    The colors are amazing!

  66. Susan Says:

    Very pretty! Looks like an interesting project since I just finished my 20th pair of socks this year!

  67. Debra Bryant Says:

    I love the updated color combinations,

  68. Jennifer Says:

    These are just beautiful and would be a nice heirloom for my children

  69. Amy Raydo Says:

    My kids already have matching stockings, but I still haven’t made anything for myself and DH. This kit would be perfect to complete our mantle!

  70. Betty Says:

    Great stockings. Would be great for a Christmas donation as I just finished knitting stockings for my new grandchildren

  71. Kristen Vella Says:

    Would love to knit these for my family. Love the color!

  72. Jennifer Says:

    Would love these!

  73. Tracie Amsden Says:

    Oh – Pick me! I would love a change from the counter cross stitch stockings my sons received when they were infants!

  74. Willa Courtney Says:

    Hand knit gifts are always the best!

  75. Eva Thomas Jobin Says:

    Love the colors! So untraditional!!

  76. Kara Says:

    I’d love to knit these stockings! My 8 year old still doesn’t have the hand-knit stocking I promised her years ago, so this would give me the nudge I need to start.

  77. AmyD Says:

    Such a fun twist on the classic Christmas stocking! This would be a cheery addition to any holiday decor!

  78. Allison Joy Isaac Says:

    I would love to knit these stockings for a few reasons: 1) They are really cool looking, 2) I love the colors, 3) a chance to win a kit? Why not? :D, and 4) I would like to make a new stocking for myself.

  79. Mary Ellen Dillon Says:

    Amazing colors!! I need a new stocking for my new apartment… :)

  80. Pat Says:

    Those stockings would brighten up any home for the holiday! I hope I win the kit!

  81. Beemill Says:

    This would be a nice project to start, and finish for next year. Given my long list of need to makes

  82. DotrA Says:

    Knitting these would be a lovely distraction from the power outages due to Sandy ;)

  83. Erin Wickenheiser Demey Says:

    Ohhhh I would love to knit these for my kids!

  84. Champ Champenstein Says:

    I would would love to make these as my boyfriend and Is first stockings, that we can keep forever.

  85. Anita Smith Says:

    would love to knit some holiday stockings!!

  86. Diana Says:

    This are on my list to do! Love the patterns

  87. Maureen Says:

    These stocking are really different. I love the use of color.

  88. Ellen Says:

    I have yet to knit a Christmas stocking, although I did once sew a blue and white “Chanukah stocking” for my nephew, many years ago.

  89. Susan Says:

    I love the bright, beautiful colors used in these stockings – they’re a great twist on the traditional red and green Christmas colors!

  90. virginia Says:

    These are gorgeous! I have been wanting to knit stockings for my husband and I for 11 years!

  91. Dawn Allison Says:

    love the colors!! perfect!!! :)

  92. Jenna Rosner Says:

    I would love to, not only, finally knit a sock but test my patience on larger items other than baby hats!

  93. Susan Says:

    What fun!

  94. TLK Says:

    I have not done much multicolor knitting; those stockings would be a great place to start!

  95. Christine Loxterman Katic Says:

    I’m in a new home in a new city and state and I will be celebrating the first “real” Christmas since the death of my husband. I’d love to have a brand new stocking to help get me through the holidays. Fresh beginnings are sometimes a really good thing.

  96. Sandra Cipriani Says:

    Would like to learn how to knit in colorwork. This sounds like the perfect project!

  97. Stacey Elliott Says:

    These look like so much fun!

  98. Janice Says:

    Awesome! You’re right. It’s time that I knit some Christmas stocking for my family.

  99. Beth Says:

    I love making Xmas stockings. Would love to add one of these to my collection!

  100. Alyson Ballew Says:

    I can always use new stockings! Very cute, and nontraditional.

  101. AmyB Says:

    I love these colors and I’m just learning to knit! This would be awesome!

  102. Leslie Says:

    I would love to win one of Kristin’s stocking kits! I absolutely adore knitting with lots of different colors. I am a left-handed continental knitter and find fair isle or stranded knitting to be my most favorite kind of knitting! Please, please, please pick me!

  103. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    My kids would love one of them!

  104. Amy Rine Wake Says:

    Fun and fabulous!

  105. Diana Says:

    I love the colors! I’ve been needing to make stockings for years now, maybe this will motivate me finally!

  106. Michelle Schwerdt Foulis Says:

    Those would make a lovely addition to my family! My mom and I could each knit one!

  107. RubyDear Says:

    My sister and I are celebrating Christmas alone for the first time this year; I’d love to knit these stockings for us to make our celebration extra special.

  108. Claudia Says:

    My grandkids would love new stockings hung from the fireplace and I would love to knit them.

  109. Candice Says:

    Pretty! I’d love to knit them because I’ve been dying to make handmade stockings for our holidays instead of our store-bought ones.

  110. KathyW Says:

    So bright and cheery in the gloom of winter.

  111. Susan Taylor Sanders Says:

    Very cool looking stockings! Like

  112. cori in kansas Says:

    What great color! I have 6 kids and haven’t finished handmade stockings for All, yet (work in progress). So, that’s why I would hope to win this particular project ; ) Thanks–

  113. Dina Robbins Says:

    Love the non-traditional colors!

  114. Roberta Brown Says:

    It looks like so much fun!

  115. Kelly Conrad Says:

    oooh those are pretty! I’d love to knit up those!

  116. WyoNana Says:

    I love these and would love to start working on them!

  117. Rose Kelly Says:

    Love the color way!

  118. Amy C Berger Says:

    I would like to knit this for my fiance, who never had a stocking before joining my family.

  119. Holly Cooper Martineau Says:

    I would enjoy knitting a sock this big much better than baby sox!! : ) My girls would love these.

  120. Heather Kaup Says:

    I have yet to make stockings & this would be the perfect way. The colors are so cheerful & the design is wonderful.

  121. Analiese Fammler Says:

    I was just looking at Christmas stocking patterns this morning for my new grandson’s first Christmas-These would be perfect for him

  122. Betsy Ryan Says:

    These look like fun! Love the colors!

  123. Laura Says:

    Beautiful!! I would love to win a kit!! I would love to buy one too!

  124. Sheena Mowery Says:

    Love those Christmas socks!!!

  125. Laura Says:

    Oops, I forgot to tell WHY I would like to knit these stockings – because I collect Christmas stockings yet somehow have never knit one for myself or my own children. :)

  126. Pirateemma Says:

    Never have knitted a sock of any kind. I’d be thrilled to start with such a gorgeous kit!

  127. Sara Glennon Says:

    I know just the person I’d knit this for…..beautiful!

  128. Stacey C. Says:

    Everyone in my family has a special Christmas stocking except me! I’d knit this for myself.

  129. ElizabethV Says:

    All of our Christmas stockings are hand knit. I need to make 2 more. These are adorable!

  130. Woolite Says:

    wow, knitting one while my daughter knits the other would be so much fun!

  131. Wennaj Says:

    I love the bright colors. They are different than the traditional red.

  132. DebS Says:

    I’d love to knit the one on the right for my Dachshund because I love the hearts trimming around the cuff. Since he’s our newest adopted dog he doesn’t have a stocking yet. It’s very appropriately the perfect length for my little weiner-dog. ;) The other one I would knit and send to my sister, filled with goodies to make her holidays extra special!

  133. Darline74 Says:

    It’s a fun & beautiful pattern. Would love to make them for my family this year.

  134. Amy K Says:

    My daughter is moving to her new apartment and I would love to give it to her for Christmas. <3

  135. Tara M Says:

    I would like to knit a stocking for a grandparent who recently moved into a nursing home — a little something to brighten up her day :)

  136. Lisa G. Says:

    I love these stockings! They would look great on my front door!!

  137. Jan L Says:

    I have two new babies in the family that will need Christmas stockings for the mantle. Would love to make these lovelies.

  138. monica Says:

    I would love to knit one for my daughter to have at college

  139. Jean Andreas Says:

    I love to knit one of these for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

  140. Diane Hibbard Says:

    These look so fun!

  141. peggy Says:

    wow; stunning. That’s all I can say!

  142. chrisknitz Says:

    I love them!!! Perfect colors for my decor.

  143. Kris Spath Wise Says:

    I’d love to knit either of these stockings. The colors are so joyful! <3

  144. Mary Lou Craft Says:

    Would love to knit this for my new grandson.

  145. Stacy Says:

    I cross-stitched our Christmas stockings years ago, and would LOVE to knit these for replacements since I’ve learned to knit! They are adorable!!!

  146. Katalin Says:

    These are so cute! I’d love to make one for my husband and myself!

  147. Layla Y. Says:

    I especially love the striped one! I would make it for my daughter. She’s two and doesn’t have a homemade stocking yet like everyone else because I haven’t found the right pattern for her – until now!

  148. Michelle Harrison Says:

    My husband and I do not have stockings, never have. Now that we are retired and the kids have their stockings with them, I say it is about time! Besides, these are especially pretty.

  149. JoAnn Says:

    Colors are stunning…will be fun to knit enjoying the creative patterns!

  150. knitwish (on ravelry) Says:

    I have been meaning to replace some very scraggly stockings for the last few years. This would be the motivation to finally do it!

  151. Yasmin D Says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to knit socks….and this is the perfect inspiration! Gorgeous patterns–I won’t lose interest with this pair and my 7yr old will finally have the hand knit Christmas stockings she has often begged me for. Thank you!

  152. Robyn Says:

    Those are wonderful patterns. Kristin’s new book is great. Would love to try the yarn that goes with the patterns.

  153. Barbara Rosenthal Says:

    I would love to make these for my two children. They don’t have stockings and they would love these. Thanks

  154. Kylene Says:

    I want to knit these stockings because they are gorgeous! (And although both of my children have handmade stockings, my husband and I are still using store-bought ones for ourselves.)

  155. Holly WhiteKnight Says:

    I LOVE to knit and am so excited about knitting for Christmas! Its our daughters first this year!

  156. Teri Crane Says:

    I love these colors – so un-Christmas, yet still have a holiday feel.

  157. Linda Otto Says:

    I have a grandson who will be 20 months old at Christmas and needs a stocking of his own this year. I’ve been looking for an appropriate stocking pattern and yarn, and one of these would be perfect for him!

  158. Gail Donaldson Says:

    My kids have asked for handmade stockings this year but I don’t really know where to start. This kit would be a great option for one of them!

  159. Bayberry65 Says:

    These would be great stockings to hang on our rustic hearth to celebrate our first Christmas in our new–and first home.

  160. Samlilypepper Says:

    These are beautiful! I’m swamped with projects between now and Christmas but after that I’ll be needing to start Christmas’ things for next year! I promise to start early and keep going!

  161. Reda DeVries Says:

    Great stockings! I love both of them. Kristin is so talented.

  162. Vicmor104 Says:

    I love this pattern. I have always wanted to knit stockings. Maybe this will be the year!

  163. christina Says:

    I have been waiting and waitingto find the perfect stockings to hang up, and thesewould make me sooo happy!

  164. CAT Says:

    I’d love to knit these stockings for my son and his lovely bride. It would be a wonderful 1st Christmas gift.. Lovely colors.

  165. Tina Lawson Says:

    I’d knit these stockings because I love Christmas!

  166. Diana Says:

    The stockings are very unique and being new to knitting I would appreciate the challenge.

  167. Heidi Atwood-Reeves Says:

    Those stockings are gorgeous! I’ve knit offbeat and colorful stockings for myself and my husband, but this year, I need to make one for my daughter. One of Kristin’s would be perfect!

  168. Alyson Hudak Says:

    Would love to win one because they are so freaking fun and colorful! I would make all my coworkers jealous knitting these while at work :)

  169. Pete Futa Says:

    stockings are a wonderful heirloom

  170. jezz Says:

    These stockings are so colorful! I’d love to knit one.

  171. Judy Offen Says:

    I’ve wanted to try my hand at knitting socks for a long time. This would be an awesome (but challenging for me) “first sock” to knit!

  172. Lorie Heidemann Says:

    I’m still in the learning process but trying very hard to complete baby booties. Making these beautiful stockings would be a new adventure for me~

  173. Brigi Says:

    I haven’t knit socks for our mantel yet, and these would look wonderful hanging from it.

  174. Laura Says:

    knitting stockings for the four of us has been on my bucket list. I am so overwhelmed by the possibilities. These are great and all packaged up as a kit, even better! I know they would truly be an heirloom. I like to think of my children as adults still hanging the stocking that mom knit..

  175. Lynn Says:

    These are beautiful stockings! I would love to knit them!

  176. Mary F Says:

    These are sooo cute! They would make wonderful gifts!

  177. Bobbi Says:

    My new grandson needs these for his first Christmas. Great colors!

  178. Fairyknits Says:

    those are adorable, I would love to knit them both

  179. Laura M Says:

    I’d love to be able to knit my mom her own stocking. We grew up with crocheted stockings that my grandma had made for us when we were babies and I’ll love for my mom to have something handmade…especially since I’m usually “santa” for her.

  180. Frances Lunney Says:

    Love these!

  181. Laura Says:

    Oh, that’s easy to answer! The colour combinations are just awesome! I’ve never quite gotten around to knitting Santa Stockings, but with these bright colours, it would be so much fun!

  182. Cathy k Says:

    I have always liked unconventional Christmas stocking colors and these fit the bill perfectly. Love the patterned style and the details on the striped stocking are lovely.

  183. Denise Says:

    I really love all the different colors that are used, makes them very original. Just moved into a new apt. and these would be great!

  184. Tina Dattilo Palmer Says:

    I would love to make these for my kids. I never knit them stockings, and even though they are older now(12 and 16) I know they would love them and really appreiate them.

  185. Dinah Says:

    This is a great looking stocking! I know my new grandson will enjoy it for many years to come!

  186. Sheila Says:

    These are so modern and would make a great gift for my daughter and son in law. An up to date spin on a timeless holiday tradition.

  187. Maggie Says:

    Now can’t you just see these stockings, one in NY & one in CO, hanging over their respective fireplaces … one for each of my newest grand-nieces (an almost one year old and a six month old). Happy Christmas!

  188. SusContreras Says:

    love the color/design

  189. Maureen Wilkinson Garner Says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous…I love the pattern, the colors…pick me! pick me!

  190. Melissa Hellman Says:

    My MIL made me a stocking, years ago when I joined the family. I’d love to be able to reciprocate.

  191. Sue Says:

    I love the patterns and color combination. They look so fun and modern.

  192. Christine Lima Says:

    For years I’ve been saying that I was going to knit Christmas stockings – these are so fun with the bright colors!

  193. Dinah Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs! Count me in !

  194. Pat Tahan Says:

    These are absolutely fantastic!! I plan to move soon and am looking for a craftsman style house.. these would look awesome in a new home!!

  195. Susan Molina Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I would love to learn the procedures for this and like to challenge myself with new color combinations, designs and techniques. This would be perfect.

  196. Carol Egnaczyk Gauthier Says:

    My husband and I have never had stockings. I think he would be thrilled to have me make him one.

  197. Cathi Says:

    Husband has stocking knitted by his mother, two more would look great!

  198. Liisa Says:

    I have one grandson and a granddaugter on the way – would love to knit Christmas stockings for them!

  199. Maryanne Cadwell Says:

    These stockings are wonderful! Color makes me happy and hese stockings have plenty of it! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  200. Heidi Ulrich Says:

    So pretty!!! Love the Colors!

  201. Terri Says:

    I recently made a hat with this yarn and it is wonderful to work with. I would love to knit a Christmas stocking out of it.

  202. D Zupko Says:

    My holiday socks need updated!! Great colors.

  203. julie green Says:

    very pretty, I would love to make these!

  204. Carol Says:

    My two granddaughters age 5 and 11 would love these stockings and I would have fun knitting them.

  205. grayweaver Says:

    I, like Christine Katic, am in a new home this Christmas, but I am fortunate to still have my hubby with me. I think it would be great if Christine had a new beginning….and a Kristin Stocking Kit would be a great start! Merry Christmas, Christine!

  206. Venice Smith Says:

    I have really big feet! Uh, no, not really. These are so beautiful, I’d love to knit them for my grandchildren (who have small feet but BIG enthusiasm for all things Christmas)!.

  207. Daphne Says:

    Just too fun to pass up!

  208. Sherridee Says:

    My passion is knitting, and I have knit Christmas stockings for every child and grandchild in my family. I received word on Sunday that my daughter is having twins, so I will be knitting for both of them. Everyone has fairisle or intarsia stockings, so this would be a welcome change. Love both of them!!

  209. Netagene Kirkpatrick Says:

    I think they both are unique! And I bet even a mostly crochet person like me could do the one on the left … maybe could do one in a spring yarn (cotton-blend) and hope for some Valentine goodies, what with the hearts on top. LOL!

  210. Diane Tetreault Says:

    What gorgeous colors– a breath of fresh air– just waiting to be hung on my fireplace.
    ditetre on ravelry

  211. Rose Says:

    I’d love to win the stockings because they are so awesome and fresh looking.

  212. Christine Says:

    What beautiful stockings! Knitting one of these would challenge my skills in so many wonderful ways.

  213. Lee Says:

    I can’t trump C.K. but I made stockings for all of my great-nieces and nephews. I have a new great-niece this year. It would be perfect.

  214. Ginny Says:

    The stockings look like lots of fun to knit and they might be big enough for my brother with the big feet! He would actually enjoy some crazy socks. But I would treat them as Christmas stocking and have fun filling them with goodies for for my brother and his wife.

  215. Gail French Says:

    I would love to win this kit! Knitting a stocking is on my knitting bucket list and this one would be perfect !

  216. Ann Pyper Says:

    these are fabulous socks- I love making socks

  217. April Hartman Says:

    I would like to gift it to a friend for Christmas. My husband was laid off in May, and our gifts this year are health & family. The dear friend this would go to is a gal I’ve been teaching to knit, who particularly loves knitting socks. She would be especially blessed.

  218. DonnaM Says:

    Great proportions. Either design would make a superb set of cross country socks to wear with knickers.

  219. Anne Says:

    I was going to tell you why I would like to knit these stockings and then I read the comment below from Christine Katic and my heart went out to her. I think Christine should be the winner of the stocking kit!

  220. Cindycindy Hornbuckle Says:

    I have only two nieces and no children of my own. I would love to knit both of them stockings for their own homes. These are fabulous!

  221. Amy Z. Says:

    I’d love to knit these stockings to gift them to my family and brighten up their homes for the holidays!

  222. Joanne G Says:

    These are beautiful…I would love to win these goodies but if I am the random winner please, oh please send the kit to Christine Katic….what a simple way for her to remember and begin again….

  223. susan linn Says:

    I am new to knitting, and have already knitted four pairs of socks. I am in love!! The colors and patterns are beautifully fascinating, and I would love to give them a try!

  224. Juliann Says:

    Wow! I have been thinking of knitting socks for my son and his wife this Christmas. As usual, I haven’t even started-so maybe one could get done.

  225. Christine M Says:

    I love Kristin’s work. It practically sings with vibrancy. Would love to win this.

  226. JoAnna S. Says:

    Love Kristin’s designs. Would be loads of fun to knit!

  227. Eileen Brokaw Says:

    I keep meaning to knit holiday stockings. I feel guilty when I unpack the store bought knit stockings! These would get me going, & I ALWAYS love how Kristen Nicholas uses color!

  228. Lisa C. Says:

    I’ve always loved Kristen use of colors in her designs. Would love to knit up some stockings for Christmas this year!

  229. Eve Franklin Says:

    I always love Kristin’s colorful designs and would love to make a bunch of them for family members.

  230. hotknitter Says:

    Most assuredly for the challenge!
    hotknitter on rav

  231. Sheri Moon Says:

    Love,Love,Love these kits!

  232. Stella Says:

    So gorgeous! I’d love to knit one for my brother and the other for him in memory of his partner, who died from Pancreatic Cancer.

  233. Tracie Bell Nixon Says:

    I love how beautiful Kristin’s patterns are: so full of color! These would be heirlooms.

  234. Dahlia Wolf Says:

    never knit a christmas stocking or anything larger than a standard sock.

  235. Paula Wilson Says:

    i love the colors and these would look great on my fireplace

  236. Kimberly Smith Says:

    Because they are so happy, wonderful colors as usual for Kristin…mostly…would love to win for my daughter that has recently taken up knitting. Everyone needs to learn how to turn a heel and have that oh so cool feeling when you do it.

  237. Sue Says:

    I have a new little grandaugher and a new little great niece and I would love to knit these as their Christmas stockings. They would make great additions to our family collection.

  238. roseann Says:

    these guys are so cheerful! awesome!

  239. Aristi Says:

    Oh my this is such an exciting giveaway! My son is 2 and a half years old and for the past couple of years Christmas has been very special! These stockings will make this Christmas even more special! I plan to begin knitting on them right away :-)

  240. Linda Rumsey Says:

    They’re both so bright and cheerful, they’d make anyone’s Christmas day!

  241. mamagiff (ravelry id) Says:

    I would love to brighten up someone’s holiday and would knit them for a charity!

  242. Sarah Says:

    I have made my kids stockings but they are now teens and would love more sophisticated ones!

  243. Jan Says:

    We have a new niece due Christmas. I’d love to make her a stocking.

  244. Jenny Says:

    Because they’re magnificent…and would ‘test’ my knitting skillz!!! :D

  245. Manise Says:

    Our stockings are getting old and worn out looking. It would be great to knit these- such vibrant colors.

  246. Louise M Says:

    Kristin is an artist, and WEBS, you’re the best place on earth. sigh. : )

  247. Halley Says:

    So cute!! I would make one for my dogs!! They would love it!!

  248. diann Says:

    It is a goal of mine to make a hand knit stocking for each of my family members, and I can’t think of a better way to get started than with one of Kristin’s beautiful designs paired with the beautiful yarn. Hoping I win!

  249. Skip Says:

    Love. LOVE. Love. LOVE.

  250. Erika N Says:

    Love these stockings. They are fun, holiday-ish but not screaming the traditional red and green Christmas. I’d love to make them-would be a great example for my high school knitting group.

  251. Frances Says:

    What fun it would be to knit these brightly colorful Christmas stockings! Who could resist this generous opportunity.

  252. Anna Conway Says:

    I love, love, love the colors!!!!

  253. Jane L. Says:

    I have new twin grandchildren and these would be a lovely & colorful way to start their Christmas traditions.

  254. Louise Strickland Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs! What fun patterns to knit. The kids would love waking up Christmas morning to these filled with goodies from Santa!

  255. Robin Westacott Says:

    I have been a fan of Kristin’s work for many years! I would enjoy making a handmade stocking for me and my husband to hang up in our house this year.

  256. Kim Garnett Says:

    I think it’s the perfect stocking pattern. Colorful and not too traditional. Also, I love Kristin’s work and yarn.

  257. cinderellen Says:

    Kristen’s color sense is magical – and I love to knit smaller projects that are no too practical!

  258. Lise Solvang Says:

    Kristin’s sense of color is immaculate!!!!!!
    I love how she brings color into the world in everything she does. From her knitting to her farm and love of animals.

    We just finished and furnished our new chicken coop as a full on “home”. I think Kristin would be proud……and one of her stockings would fit in very well. Our chickens are the only ones in our little homestead that doL not have a stocking, and they are willing to share:-)

  259. Joan Says:

    I really need new Christmas Stockings. They are also so bright and colorful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. mseq Says:

    I just love the colors but never would have put them together myself. Kristen is awesone!

  261. Shell ~ Says:

    ~ oh, joy !!

    what a beautiful pattern & kit ! I loVe Kristin’s colors.
    Shell ~

  262. Shell ~ Says:

    ~ oh, joy !!
    What a beautiful kit & yarn colors. I loVe Kristin’s inspirations.
    Shell ~

  263. Mary Nesbitt Says:

    Hearts have always been special to me (my birthday is 14th Feb!) so that would be a perfect pattern and the fabulous colourways are just gorgeous too!

  264. Karen Durfee Says:

    I would love to put these on my door. How cheerful. And who doesn’t like to knit socks? !

  265. massmom24girls Says:

    Trying to get new stockings done for my family which don’t duplicate each other — these look great!

  266. Sara Says:

    These stockings are adorable, and knit as a “set” with the variety of designs, would be gorgeous on a mantle! I love ‘em! I can picture a matching Tree Skirt too. A coordinated Christmas is why I’d like to knit them!

  267. RobinT Says:

    This Christmas,hubby and I are new empty nester’s.It would be nice to win this kit to make 2 brand new stockings to start the next phase of our lives. Such beautiful colors !!

  268. Charlotte Says:

    I love Kristin’s use of colour and how happy it makes me feel. It would be wonderful to have a stocking to brighten my Christmas and remind me of Kristin’s sunflowers.

  269. Emilia Barbosa Says:

    I’m 43 years old and expecting a surprise baby and I would love to knit something this beautiful and colorful for his first Christmas, particularly now that I still have the time. I’m due in March and once the baby gets here I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of time to knit. Another aspect of my interest in this particular kit is the color palette you use that seems to somehow echo the cuso-lors of e Portuguese flag. I’m Luso -American and your Christmas socks kit would be a great way to pass on my heritage yo my new baby. Thank you! Emilia Barbosa

  270. Breanna S Says:

    We recently moved to a new home and have a fireplace and mantel just begging for hand made stockings this winter. teachloveread at hotmail dot com

  271. Meghan Jones Says:

    Soooo gorgeous! I would love to knit these as I have recently become addicted to stranded knitting and knitting with multiple colours.

  272. Carmen Says:

    Those are beautiful stockings! I would love to create a “matching” set of stockings for my family!

  273. Jo Says:

    These colorful stockings are so much fun! i would love to win!

  274. Helen Hart Says:

    I have Kristin’s first book, thanks to my lovely daughter. I would love to knit this stocking for her because stockings are a tradition in our family. And I don’t know how many more years I will be knitting. Thanks for doing this. Love her colors also.

  275. Cami Says:

    I love Kristin’s work! Thanks for a great give away!

  276. Mae Knowles Says:

    I have been searching for years for the right pattern for my daughter – needed to be bright and less traditional. I just found Kristin this year – her stockings certainly fill the bill. Pick me!

  277. KarenBudnick Says:

    I would love to knit one of these beautiful stockings because it would be my first colorwork project and a nice challenge for me. I’ve met Kristin at a book signing and really admire her style!

  278. Diane Says:

    I had just looked at the patterns for your beautiful stockings this weekend! I would love to make these for my husband and I to celebrate our recent 43rd anniversary.

  279. Kathy Holden Says:

    I’d love to knit these stockings because we need new stockings around here! Besides, the colours of Kristin’s yarns make these sooo festive..!

  280. Leslie Says:

    I would like to knit a stocking because the infusion of color would brighten my winter which is already very white with snow. In 5-6 months we will see the dirt again, ugh such a long time.

  281. Acadia Says:

    I would love to knit these stockings. They make me smile just looking at them!

  282. crik christophel Says:

    I need to knit my great nephew Sammy a Christmas stocking.

  283. Robin in VA Says:

    I’ve always loved making Christmas stockings…what better way to personalize Christmas?! Kristin’s designs bring so much FUN color into play!

  284. Tina Says:

    Love me some Kristin and aren’t these stockings fabulous? Would love to win a kit, thanks for the opportunity

  285. Mary Says:

    Gorgeous! I’d love to make these!

  286. Willow Says:

    I bought Kristin’s Christmas stocking patterns last year and am in the midst of knitting up the last two stockings for the adults (including the one for my Marine Corps son-in-law) and now am planning the stockings for my grandson and my two foster grandchildren–Kristin’s new patterns=more inspiration!

  287. sogalitno Says:

    for my nephew sebastian

  288. Kathy Schoenherr Says:

    These are so cute. I’ve been looking for a knit stocking pattern that is bright and cheery. These are that.

  289. Francie Says:

    Beautiful stockings, love Kristin’s patterns. My youngest daughter doesn’t have a handmade stocking and one of these would really be special.

  290. Barbara Says:

    Would love to knit these for my grandchildren.

  291. Barbara Daiker Says:

    Christmas stockings are best when they reflect the charm and delight of the season. These stockings are just that. I would love to knit them..

  292. Victoria Barton Says:

    it would be nice to have some homemade stockings to put up for our kids this year

  293. Britta Says:

    That would be a lovely present for my girls on Nicolaus eve.

  294. thefankells Says:

    I would love to knit either of these stockings for my oldest daughter. I started knitting Christmas stockings for my family of 8 last year and only have 4 finished. My oldest daughter is a fine arts major and would love the design and colors of either of these. They look so fun!

  295. Laura Eckel Says:

    I just loveKristin’s sense of color and design. She is my knitting hero!

  296. Melanie PL Says:

    I always love seeing these knit Christmas stockings. So colorful!

  297. Randi Anderson Says:

    I’ve never knit a Christmas stocking before – what better way to start than with a Kristin kit. Although, after reading Christine Katic’s entry – she totally deserves to win!

  298. Not Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs and classic elite yarn! Both are top notch! I would love to have the chance to knit this great design!

  299. Carolyn Says:

    Because knitting is fun and this looks like a fun knit!

  300. Elaine Says:

    I would like to knit one of these for my newest Grandson who is from Kazahkstan.

  301. Mikell Says:

    I love Kristin Nicholas ‘ colors and designs. I think the stockings would be a “happy” knit.

  302. Billi Cummings Says:

    Because they are beautiful! I’ve never knit a Christmas stocking but I have knit socks. I love the colors and would like to learn the embroidery techniques. The yarn looks yummy too!

  303. Lindy Barnes Says:

    I would love to knit these Christmas stockings because:
    1. I love Kristin’s sense of color and pattern.
    2. I need/want a Christmas stocking for myself – haven’t had one since I was a little girl and that was eons ago. :D

  304. Nancy W Says:

    I’m a long time Kristin fan & would love the kit! Her colors inspire me!

  305. Texas-Gran Says:

    These would add exciting color to anyone’s holidays ! Since I do not have a Yarn store within 300 miles….I depend on the internet to keep me informed on what is going on in the yarn/knitting world ! I have Kristin’s books and love how she uses colors.

  306. Carolyn K Says:

    I would love to win the kit because we were blessed with a new grandchild in 2012 and will be blessed with another in 2013.

  307. Mary Pat Morris Says:

    Love Kritin’s colors and fun designs. Who wouldn’t want to knit one of these fun stockings for Christmas??

  308. Lisa Viviano Says:

    I love to knit these for my son and his girlfriend. They are moving to New Orleans.

  309. Seth Says:

    WOW- my mom would love this

  310. Debbie Says:

    I would love to make one of the stockings. I live in a new state and recently lost my spouse so I need to keep myself busy and this would be perfect!

  311. Savannagal Says:

    They look like a fun and festive knit. One for me and one for my hubby.

  312. nanjar Says:

    I have followed Kristin’s blog for…ever? I love her stories and her color sense. I hope to win

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