November 5th, 2012

Color by Kristin Stocking Kit Giveaway

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We have been so inspired this fall by Kristin Nicholas’ newest designs using Classic Elite’s Color by Kristin. So when we saw her new knitted stocking kit come into the store we knew it would quickly become a staff and customer favorite!

Using stunning color combinations, this kit includes patterns for both stockings and enough yarn to knit both!  These stockings will be a fun, colorful addition to any celebration.

We are giving away one Classic Elite Color By Kristin Stocking Kit this week.  Leave a comment on this post telling us why you would like to knit these stockings. You have until Monday, November 12th at 9:00am EDT when we’ll choose one comment at random.


312 Responses to “Color by Kristin Stocking Kit Giveaway”

  1. Frances Says:

    What fun it would be to knit these brightly colorful Christmas stockings! Who could resist this generous opportunity.

  2. Anna Conway Says:

    I love, love, love the colors!!!!

  3. Jane L. Says:

    I have new twin grandchildren and these would be a lovely & colorful way to start their Christmas traditions.

  4. Louise Strickland Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs! What fun patterns to knit. The kids would love waking up Christmas morning to these filled with goodies from Santa!

  5. Robin Westacott Says:

    I have been a fan of Kristin’s work for many years! I would enjoy making a handmade stocking for me and my husband to hang up in our house this year.

  6. Kim Garnett Says:

    I think it’s the perfect stocking pattern. Colorful and not too traditional. Also, I love Kristin’s work and yarn.

  7. cinderellen Says:

    Kristen’s color sense is magical – and I love to knit smaller projects that are no too practical!

  8. Lise Solvang Says:

    Kristin’s sense of color is immaculate!!!!!!
    I love how she brings color into the world in everything she does. From her knitting to her farm and love of animals.

    We just finished and furnished our new chicken coop as a full on “home”. I think Kristin would be proud……and one of her stockings would fit in very well. Our chickens are the only ones in our little homestead that doL not have a stocking, and they are willing to share:-)

  9. Joan Says:

    I really need new Christmas Stockings. They are also so bright and colorful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. mseq Says:

    I just love the colors but never would have put them together myself. Kristen is awesone!

  11. Shell ~ Says:

    ~ oh, joy !!

    what a beautiful pattern & kit ! I loVe Kristin’s colors.
    Shell ~

  12. Shell ~ Says:

    ~ oh, joy !!
    What a beautiful kit & yarn colors. I loVe Kristin’s inspirations.
    Shell ~

  13. Mary Nesbitt Says:

    Hearts have always been special to me (my birthday is 14th Feb!) so that would be a perfect pattern and the fabulous colourways are just gorgeous too!

  14. Karen Durfee Says:

    I would love to put these on my door. How cheerful. And who doesn’t like to knit socks? !

  15. massmom24girls Says:

    Trying to get new stockings done for my family which don’t duplicate each other — these look great!

  16. Sara Says:

    These stockings are adorable, and knit as a “set” with the variety of designs, would be gorgeous on a mantle! I love ’em! I can picture a matching Tree Skirt too. A coordinated Christmas is why I’d like to knit them!

  17. RobinT Says:

    This Christmas,hubby and I are new empty nester’s.It would be nice to win this kit to make 2 brand new stockings to start the next phase of our lives. Such beautiful colors !!

  18. Charlotte Says:

    I love Kristin’s use of colour and how happy it makes me feel. It would be wonderful to have a stocking to brighten my Christmas and remind me of Kristin’s sunflowers.

  19. Emilia Barbosa Says:

    I’m 43 years old and expecting a surprise baby and I would love to knit something this beautiful and colorful for his first Christmas, particularly now that I still have the time. I’m due in March and once the baby gets here I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of time to knit. Another aspect of my interest in this particular kit is the color palette you use that seems to somehow echo the cuso-lors of e Portuguese flag. I’m Luso -American and your Christmas socks kit would be a great way to pass on my heritage yo my new baby. Thank you! Emilia Barbosa

  20. Breanna S Says:

    We recently moved to a new home and have a fireplace and mantel just begging for hand made stockings this winter. teachloveread at hotmail dot com

  21. Meghan Jones Says:

    Soooo gorgeous! I would love to knit these as I have recently become addicted to stranded knitting and knitting with multiple colours.

  22. Carmen Says:

    Those are beautiful stockings! I would love to create a “matching” set of stockings for my family!

  23. Jo Says:

    These colorful stockings are so much fun! i would love to win!

  24. Helen Hart Says:

    I have Kristin’s first book, thanks to my lovely daughter. I would love to knit this stocking for her because stockings are a tradition in our family. And I don’t know how many more years I will be knitting. Thanks for doing this. Love her colors also.

  25. Cami Says:

    I love Kristin’s work! Thanks for a great give away!

  26. Mae Knowles Says:

    I have been searching for years for the right pattern for my daughter – needed to be bright and less traditional. I just found Kristin this year – her stockings certainly fill the bill. Pick me!

  27. KarenBudnick Says:

    I would love to knit one of these beautiful stockings because it would be my first colorwork project and a nice challenge for me. I’ve met Kristin at a book signing and really admire her style!

  28. Diane Says:

    I had just looked at the patterns for your beautiful stockings this weekend! I would love to make these for my husband and I to celebrate our recent 43rd anniversary.

  29. Kathy Holden Says:

    I’d love to knit these stockings because we need new stockings around here! Besides, the colours of Kristin’s yarns make these sooo festive..!

  30. Leslie Says:

    I would like to knit a stocking because the infusion of color would brighten my winter which is already very white with snow. In 5-6 months we will see the dirt again, ugh such a long time.

  31. Acadia Says:

    I would love to knit these stockings. They make me smile just looking at them!

  32. crik christophel Says:

    I need to knit my great nephew Sammy a Christmas stocking.

  33. Robin in VA Says:

    I’ve always loved making Christmas stockings…what better way to personalize Christmas?! Kristin’s designs bring so much FUN color into play!

  34. Tina Says:

    Love me some Kristin and aren’t these stockings fabulous? Would love to win a kit, thanks for the opportunity

  35. Mary Says:

    Gorgeous! I’d love to make these!

  36. Willow Says:

    I bought Kristin’s Christmas stocking patterns last year and am in the midst of knitting up the last two stockings for the adults (including the one for my Marine Corps son-in-law) and now am planning the stockings for my grandson and my two foster grandchildren–Kristin’s new patterns=more inspiration!

  37. sogalitno Says:

    for my nephew sebastian

  38. Kathy Schoenherr Says:

    These are so cute. I’ve been looking for a knit stocking pattern that is bright and cheery. These are that.

  39. Francie Says:

    Beautiful stockings, love Kristin’s patterns. My youngest daughter doesn’t have a handmade stocking and one of these would really be special.

  40. Barbara Says:

    Would love to knit these for my grandchildren.

  41. Barbara Daiker Says:

    Christmas stockings are best when they reflect the charm and delight of the season. These stockings are just that. I would love to knit them..

  42. Victoria Barton Says:

    it would be nice to have some homemade stockings to put up for our kids this year

  43. Britta Says:

    That would be a lovely present for my girls on Nicolaus eve.

  44. thefankells Says:

    I would love to knit either of these stockings for my oldest daughter. I started knitting Christmas stockings for my family of 8 last year and only have 4 finished. My oldest daughter is a fine arts major and would love the design and colors of either of these. They look so fun!

  45. Laura Eckel Says:

    I just loveKristin’s sense of color and design. She is my knitting hero!

  46. Melanie PL Says:

    I always love seeing these knit Christmas stockings. So colorful!

  47. Randi Anderson Says:

    I’ve never knit a Christmas stocking before – what better way to start than with a Kristin kit. Although, after reading Christine Katic’s entry – she totally deserves to win!

  48. Not Says:

    I love Kristin’s designs and classic elite yarn! Both are top notch! I would love to have the chance to knit this great design!

  49. Carolyn Says:

    Because knitting is fun and this looks like a fun knit!

  50. Elaine Says:

    I would like to knit one of these for my newest Grandson who is from Kazahkstan.

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