April 19th, 2012

Customer Finished Project: Wedding Chuppah in Juniper Moon Farm Findley

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Every once in a while one of our wonderful customers will show up with a completed project, and today Carol L. came into the store with a fabulous finished Wedding Chuppah that was six months in the making. When we held it up she received a well deserved round of applause from our admiring staff and customers.

Carol took this project on to give to her son and soon to be daughter-in-law for their upcoming wedding which will take place in October. How did she do it and what did she use for yarn? She chose Juniper Moon Farm Findley, which is made up of merino and silk and has a generous yardage of 798!  Carol ended up using almost 8 of these to create her masterpiece. For her pattern inspiration, she adapted patterns from the Victorian Lace Today book along with using charts from one of Barbara Walker’s incredible Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

In discussing Carol’s journey with her she said that when she was working on it she kept thinking of her grandmother and the knitted lace wedding gown that her grandmother made, and chuckling about the fact that when Carol asked her what pattern she used, her grandmother’s response was “Pattern, what pattern? You start at the neck; increase at the bust; decrease at the waist; knit as far down as you want; and you are done!” Very true, nicely put!

You all know how much I love lace projects after our last Dream in Color giveaway, so what a treat it was to see this project.

Thanks for sharing Carol.

– Karen

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35 Responses to “Customer Finished Project: Wedding Chuppah in Juniper Moon Farm Findley”

  1. LizzyJaine Says:


  2. Flossie Arend Says:

    beautiful work!

  3. mlb Says:

    Wow — what a labor of love! That chuppah is absolutely magnificent. Mazal tov to Carol’s son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law!

  4. Carol Martin Says:

    It’s stunning!

  5. Carol Martin Says:

    It’s absolutely stunning!

  6. Jillyon57 Says:

    Wow, what beautiful work and what a wonderful gift of love. You have to be either inspired or completely intimidated after seeing a project like this one —

  7. Juniper Moon Farm Says:

    I am completely speechless.

  8. KnittingFever Says:

    WOW! That is beautiful.

  9. rmt Says:

    that is beautiful!

  10. Liz Says:

    Just gorgeous! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  11. Jcmazza101 Says:

     WOW!!!!  I am in awe of her skill…. WOW!!!

  12. Julie Manning Says:

    How beautiful… 🙂   I love it…

  13. Laura Says:

    I don’t even know this woman, but from one passionate knitter to another, she’s brought me to tears. This is a triple mitzvah…What an incredible testament to the craft and to this family!

  14. Sharon M W Says:

    What a beautiful family heirloom you have created. Mazel Tov on your upcoming wedding.

  15. Suzannedamien Says:

    What a beautiful job that will become an heirloom. You should be very proud of yourself.Your daughter-in- law to be is a very lucky girl.I love the way the Jewish people have the chuppar’s. My Grandaughter married a Jewish man so she had one at her wedding, it was very pretty but not as beautiful as this one you made. At her wedding there was a Rabbi, Our Minister & his uncle who is a Priest, it was a beautiful ceremony. G ood luck on the up coming wedding..

  16. Vzwolfe Says:

    that is absolutely spectacular!

  17. Alexmom27 Says:

    It’s stunning.  And a wonderful and priceless gift.  Mazel tov

  18. JennyWilliamsHowe Says:

    Beautiful.,,.,,I’m working on a bedspread and it’s so heavy and gets so tiring. Your work looks so awesome…..

  19. Maxe04401 Says:

    That is beautiful. What a project that will be treasured by the recipients.

  20. Rachel Fetters Says:

    What were the finished dimensions? That is amazing!

  21. Marilyn Says:

    How beautiful, a family Heirloom for sure.

  22. Pgwood Says:

    Beautiful you can feel the love.

  23. Leawit Says:

    This is truly a labor of love! The chuppah (canopy) represents the spiritual home a couple will make together. After the wedding, it might make a wonderful bed spread or accent piece. This one is certainly a masterpiece to be passed on!

  24. Marybeth P. Says:

    awesome talent!!

  25. Eve G Says:

    As Carol’s daughter-in-law-to-be, I am extremely excited for her amazing chuppah canopy to get an airing this October for our wedding. I knew that when she offered to make the chuppah we were in the best possible hands, but even knowing her skill, I honestly never anticipated how delicate and perfect it would be, and also how BIG. (I will admit to some concern a few months ago when we saw the work in progress that she had miscalculated the project and was actually creating the tent instead!) It is a truly special and loving gift that I hope will be passed down as a family heirloom.

  26. Carol Leicher Hatch Says:

    Dear Rachel
    Thank you for your comments. The dimensions are 8 feet by 6 feet (give or take a few inches)


  27. Er20 Says:

    This is a wonderful work of art and love.  I also knit a chuppah for my oldest daughter, 4 years ago.  She designed it and I created it.  It did take  6 months but was worth every stitch.  I was hopping that she would frame it or hang it on the wall, but she has it in a large box for her daughter I guess?!  

  28. Renee Says:

    OMG….simply gorgeous!!!

  29. Emlgoodmanny Says:

    Wow.  Hard to believe that this is knitted, not some old-world lace fantasia made with bobbins on a pillow.
    Yasher koakh, Carol!  Much admiration from your makhteyniste-to-be, Esther

  30. ROSEMARIE Says:

    Your Chuppah is a work of art.  I do hope that your future daughter in law appreciates all of the time and love that went into it.  Does she knit?

  31. comparer mutuelle Says:

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  32. Ilene Rubel Says:

    Wow…I have 2 daughtera and a niece getting married in the upcoming year and a half..I would love to make one of these to have as an heirloom for them to use and pass down…..but I need a pattern…can you help me? thanks…please email me at IRUBEL@aol.com…Have a wonderful day…You have inspired me!!!!

  33. Sara Says:

    Hi Ilene,

    The knitter of this project made up her own pattern from several stitch dictionaries but we found some great patterns on Ravelry for you: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#view=captioned_thumbs&query=chuppah&sort=best&page=1&craft=knitting

  34. Karen Lane Says:

    The chips his gorgeous! What a labor of love. Mazel Tov. I showed it to my daughter & she loved it so much she wants me to make a Chuppah like it for her wedding next August 2017. What size & type of needles did you use? Also what color was the yarn? How did you determine the length of the border that you wanted? Or how long is the border? Did you ever think of publishing the patterns for the Chuppah? Thank you so much for this wonderful inspirational design.

  35. Sara Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your question! Unfortunately we don’t have a way to contact that customer to ask her for some of those details. We do know that she used Juniper Moon Farm Findley in the #23,White colorway, that she adapted lace patterns from Barbara Walker’s First Treasury of Knitting Patterns and from Victorian Lace Today. The Findley recommends a size US 2 needle so I would start there and swatch until you’re happy. Best of Luck!


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