April 21st, 2014

Customer Spotlight – Malabrigo Blanket

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Last week one of our local customers, Peggy, brought in a blanket she’s been working on for a friend. She says, “It is a very old pattern that my friend’s mother made for her many years ago. She has been searching for several years to find it.” The pattern was found, an old magazine clipping, and Peggy got to work.

Customer Blanket

Peggy chose to work with Malabrigo Rastita, a soft and cozy merino wool, and 41 skeins later she ended with a gorgeous, Full-sized bedspread. “It is indeed a labor of love and I can’t wait to take to Maryland to its new owner and see her face when she sees it.”

Thanks for bringing in this lovely blanket Peggy! And for those of you curious about the pattern, it was originally published in 1946 in the Complete Book of Crochet, but the pattern is available online as well.

Have you taken on any large scale projects this year?


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3 Responses to “Customer Spotlight – Malabrigo Blanket”

  1. Deborah Says:

    What a wonderful treasure. Congratulations, Peggy!

  2. Cyn Says:

    Nice picture Peggy. Beautiful!!! ;-)))

  3. Candace S Says:

    I love seeing old patterns revived. It makes me feel as if the designer and a different way of life has been brought back to life.

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