June 23rd, 2016

Customizing CustomFit

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As our second CustomFit workshop gets underway, it occurs to me to stop and take note of how much fun we are having with the whole CustomFit program at WEBS! We launched our new offerings in January, and since then we’ve had so many customers make appointments to get started on CustomFit sweaters. I think the appeal, apart from knitting a sweater that’s designed to fit perfectly, is the notion that knitters may choose any yarn and knit it to a gauge that works for them. And, once the measurements are in our system, knitters can make a new swatch and purchase a new pattern any time.

Knit your perfect sweater with Custom Fit at WEBS. Read more on the WEBS Blog at blog.yarn.com

In addition, Amy Herzog has been making changes and modifications to her makewearlove.com website. She has added options for no shaping and a-line shaping to the traditional hourglass shaping offerings. She has also added the ability to use more generic measurements, and added some great patterns for men and kids so that we have the ability to knit beautifully fitting sweaters for our loved ones. Her library of CustomFit patterns continues to grow as well. Many of Amy’s own sweater designs may be generated to a knitter’s particular measurements – and even the ever popular Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (aka Knitbot) may be knit CustomFit! How cool is that?

If you have ever lamented a sweater project because it just didn’t fit properly, or you just want to have a better understanding of sweater construction and how all the pieces and pattern instructions work together to make a beautifully fitting garment, then CustomFit is the way to go! Check out all of the levels of CustomFit available here in the store to see which one best suits your needs. If you have questions, just email us at customfit@yarn.com – we look forward to having you knit your perfect sweater with us!

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