April 13th, 2011

della Q Contest – The April Edition

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Hi Everyone

Time for another great giveaway from our friends at della Q!  This month our lucky winner will receive the Turquoise Vines Circular Needle Case:


I love the colors in the case, which just happen to be della Q’s signature color.  This case is as much about function as it is about being pretty.

To be eligible to win the case, leave a comment below telling me what you are knitting right now, yarn & needles being used.  Leave a comment over on the della Q blog as well.  Comments must be left by midnight Wednesday, April 20th.



247 Responses to “della Q Contest – The April Edition”

  1. Megan Says:

    I am knitting a “Plain and Simple Pullover” with Knit Picks Gloss Kenai on size 2 Addi Turbos.

  2. Dina McBride Says:

    I’ve got a bunch of squares on needles – 9″ square, various colors of bamboo/wool blend fiber in a slightly heartier than worsted weight. Planning on putting together some crazy quilt blankets for the homeless students in our school district

  3. Debbie Says:

    I’m working on Wrought Iron Socks from Wendy Johnson’s book, Toe up Socks for Everybody with Dream in Color Smooshy yarn and size 0 Knit pIcks Circs and size 1 Hiya Hiya Circs. Debbie in Alaska

  4. Kathy Says:

    Am knitting yet another small shawl using my trusty Addi Turbos.

  5. Closertofine722 Says:

    I’m knitting Ingenue in a red berrocco remix on size 8 bamboo dpns (sleeves)

  6. Lynn Says:

    I was in the middle of knitting two sweaters for two grandchildren when a lovely friend who is battling two different types of lung cancer, one in each lung, asked if I would make a fluffly tube scarf for her. She needs the softness of the fluff for her now over-sensitive skin, and the warmth of it encircling her neck because she now gets cold so easily. SO … I have NO idea what I am using … I just pulled the yarn from the enormous stash that so many of us accumulate (I really WISH they’d stop coming out with more and more beautiful yarns that just beg to bought!), grabbed a size 15 Addi 16″ circular and started knitting. The first scarf is almost done … and another is about to be started. Unfortunately, the grandchildren have probably outgrown the sweaters I interrupted. But special friends, in special circumstances, deserve special consideration, don’t they …

  7. Lorritoo Says:

    I’m knitting a lace scarf from a hand dyed artisan silk thread that has been in my stash for 20 years on a size 1 Hiya-Hiya bamboo circular needle

  8. Bev Says:

    I have Snow Queen shawl on HiyaHiya 4 40″ using Baruffa Cashwool, a pair of socks magic loop with addis 1.5 40″ in Hazel Knits, Diadem shawl on harmony 5 24″ with Zen Yarn Garden. There is several more on the needles.

  9. Linda Says:

    I’ve got a pair of stash-minimizing socks on the needles … miscellaneous sock yarns collected over the past 5+ years of sock knitting (my current fave is schoeller & stahl’s frotissima alpaka … so soft!.) Addi circs size 3 (16″ and 24″)

  10. Joan Says:

    I am knitting my very first pair of socks! I’m knitting Knitter’s Brewing Company’s Sock-aholic on KnitPicks 40″ nickel US 2 circulars. I’m going to need a circular case now, because this is not going to be my only pair of socks ever, I can tell. 🙂

  11. Pauline Storum Says:

    just cast on ‘Schwan’ (from Norah Gaughan Vol 8) in Berocco Linsey (Blue FIsh). Pattern says use straights – which i haven’t really done in ages, but found my old clover bamboo straights in 10.5, and a brittany straight in 11 (yep, 1 from each to get gauge… crazy!)

  12. Ginny Says:

    I’m using my KnitPick nickel needles to finish off a pair of socks using old yarn from my stash, a sweater from a pattern book I got from Webs using a nice merino wool that was on sale, and a capelet using wool I dyed and spun that came from a friend’s sheep.

  13. ashedryden Says:

    I’m knitting the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty with ShiBui sock yarn on a pair of vintage 3s.

  14. MimiFan Says:

    I’m knitting wandering cowl by Jennifer Lang. Using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on size 9 knitpicks harmony circulars. Would love to win that beautiful case!

  15. Trhfox Says:

    I have a shawl on HiyaHiya interchangeables, a twined fingerless mitt on dpns, and several small projects going on knit picks interchangeables and the smaller sizes of Addis (not clicks). I’m an equal opportunity needle handler.

  16. Erica Hernandez Says:

    Today, I cast on a Daybreak by Stephen West in Schaefer Yarns Heather, color Toni Morrison. We won’t discuss how many UFO’s I have…

  17. Laura Says:

    I’m knitting a lace shawl with Bijou Basin Ranch Lhasa Wilderness (yum!) using size 5 KnitPicks interchange-ables in aluminum.

  18. odessa Says:

    Right now I am knitting Design #8 (a pretty cardigan) from Noro Flowers 2. I am using Noro Furin in color 2 and some Susan Bates needles in 8 and 9

  19. David Castillo Says:

    I’m Knitting a sample sweater, hopefully for the upcoming TNNA Fashion Show, out of Pico Accuardi Dyeworks’ (picoaccuardi.com) superwash worsted merino in the colorway “Rodgie’s Midnight Dancing” on US5 KnitPicks Options in the nickel finish. The garment is turning out super luscious!

  20. Lisa Says:

    I just started test knitting a Fair Isle hat pattern and am using Knit Picks circular Zephyr Acrylic 6’s, and will switch to Harmony 7’s when I finish the ribbing. It will all end (probably horribly) on some size 7 bamboo straights. 🙂

  21. Tammy_j_castleberry Says:

    I love Della Q’s beautiful needle holders!

  22. Mhellman Says:

    BSJ with cheap but easily washable acrylic yarn on an Addition Turbo circ.

  23. Tammy Says:

    I am knitting the Fiore Rosa Shawl in red Wollmeise sock. I am using a size 5 circular and I am already planning my next shawl.

  24. Dana Lenore Reale Says:

    Knitting the Welt and Rib sweater from Interweave Knits. Using KnitPicks circulars (nickle tipped) with Second Time Around Cotton.

  25. stashmuffin Says:

    I am knitting a Union Jack faux-hawk called “God Save the Queen.” I hope to wear it next week in LONDON!!

  26. stashmuffin Says:

    Okay: I just left a message saying I’m working on “God Save the Queen” Union Jack faux-hawk, but I didn’t say I’m using Brown Sheep bulky on size 11 needles, I believe. It is knitted rather large and felted down. That helps the faux-hawk stand up, too.

  27. Angie Says:

    I have a few things going right now. I am working on the Autumn Vines Beret by Never Not Knitting for Knit Picks 16″ circ. I have also started Cookie A.’s Monkey Socks, and a couple of toys for my kids. A circular organizer is what I need–they are a mess!

  28. Dswgr6 Says:

    I have 2 projects on the needles: “Lace Notes” sweater from FC Easy Plus Size Knitting in colonial blue Goshen on size 5 Webs interchangeable needles, and Laura Nelkin’s Mystery KAL in grass green Ella Rae Lace Merino on circular Addi size 7’s.

  29. Joanne G Says:

    On my needles size 8 bamboo circs is the” very pretty lace scarf” in kid silk haze and on my addi circs size 4 I am lace swatching Laar in Jaggerspun zephyr-wool-silk

  30. Joanne G Says:

    my mom would like case for Mothers Day! On my needles is Valley Yarn Northampton, Addi circ size 8 and I am working on the Bella New Moon Hoodie Sweater

  31. Halley Says:

    oops I entered under my Mom’s email address
    here goes, again on my needles, Valley yarn Northampton, Addi Circ, size 8 and I am working on the Bella New Moon Hoodie sweater…and yes my Mom would really like this case –a Mothers day gift perhaps!

  32. Karclock Says:

    I am making the Knitty Citron shawl on size 4 circular needles out of some hand dyed yarn I picked up at a fiber festival. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. DenaR Says:

    I am planning to knit a nice, lacy shawl this summer. It’s going to be beautiful.

  34. Marjie Says:

    I am knitting a Traditional Danish Tie-Shawl with Valley Yarns-Stockbridge on Addi Turbo Circular needles Size 9 and Infatuation Socks with Treisur on Kollage Square Double Pointed needles Size 1

  35. jennifer Says:

    What a cool case! I am currently knitting a pair of socks with a skein of Wollmeise on my trusty size 2 9″ hiya-hiyas. I love the portability of socks!

  36. Marjor Says:

    I am knitting a Traditional Danish Tie-Shawl with Valley Yarns – Stockbridge on Addi Turbo circular size 9 and Infatuation Socks with SWTC Treisur on Kollage square double pointed size 1.

  37. GinkgoKnits Says:

    I’m knitting the roositud hat from Vintage Modern Knits and just bought a bunch of 16″ circulars in the gauge range. I desperately need a need storage system besides tossing them in my desk drawer.

  38. Sarah Says:

    I am knitting A Little Ruffle by Jennifer Lang, using SandesGarn Mini Alpakka, and 4.5 mm, 24″ circular ChiaoGoo needles!

  39. Jessica Kaufman Says:

    I am knitting Nancy Bush’s “Lily of the Valley” shawl from Scarf Style, using Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine in the Berry Pie Mix colorway, on Hiya Hiya bamboo circs. Wow, there’s a lot of capital letters in that sentence! I hope I win!

  40. jawsie Says:

    Working on a pair of Cookie A’s BFF socks on sz 1 DPN’s using KP Palette in retina searing yellow. Love it.

  41. Angie Fitzpatrick Says:

    I am knitting the Vernal Equinox shawl out of a wool/cashmere yarn that’s as thin as sewing thread and using size 7 circulars.

  42. Traci V Says:

    I am knitting the swirls shawl using Jojoland and size 4 dpns. It torture, I always knit magic loop but dpns are the only practical way to go on this project. It’ll be totally worth it. : )

  43. KnitGemini Says:

    Making the Traveling Woman Shawlette in Dream in Color… fun and fast

  44. Heather Lott Says:

    Goodness, surely you don’t want the list of EVERYTHING that’s on the needles right now!!!! The last thing I knit on was Santos on Lantern Moon rosewood needles (swoon) with Berrocco Origami I bought from WEBS at Stitches South!! Ya’ll were so sweet to let me change my mind on color, BTW! =)

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  46. Kathy Elkins Says:

    You are the contest winner! Please contact me at kathy.elkins@yarn.com with your mailing info so I can send you prizes!

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