January 26th, 2011

della Q Contest – The January Edition

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Hi Everyone

We’re back with our monthly della Q giveaway.  We took November & December off due to the craziness of the holidays.  In honor of that and the crazy winter winter many of us have been experiencing, we decided to giveaway della’s Travel Wallet!

travel wallet

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m reading to grab my knitting, my favorite pair of shorts and get out of Dodge.  The Travel Wallet would be the perfect addition to my knitting bag.   There are three pockets for circulars, or perhaps interchangeable cords. Five pockets for double point needles up to 8″ long or interchangeable tips. A handy organizer keeps your stitch markers in order and a zip pocket secures additional notions. Simply fold it in half, print your boarding pass and make a dash to the airport.  The Travel Wallet also features:

* Three unnumbered pockets for circulars or interchangeable cords
* Five unnumbered pockets for double points or interchangeable tips
* Stitch mark holder (snap off to add markers)
* Closed: 8.5″ h x 5″ w. Open: 8.5″ h x 10″ w.
* Pocket Depth: 4″ to 4.5″
* Made of Poly Silk in 5 gorgeous colorways!

The Travel Wallet retails for $24.00 but you can win one for yourself!  Here’s how the contest works.  Leave a comment here on my blog and then head over to the della Q Blog and comment there as well.  Tell us your favorite getaway with your knitting.  It doesn’t have to be exotic but I do want to know why it’s special!  The contest starts NOW and ends next Wednesday, February 2nd!  Coincidentally that is Ground Hog Day and depending on the happenings in Punxsutawney, we may really need a getaway!



136 Responses to “della Q Contest – The January Edition”

  1. Elizabeth Durand Says:

    Well, I can think of lots of places I’d like to go with my knitting, but haven’t done them yet. . . so far, then, my favorite place to take my knitting is right out on my front porch. I sit there with a cup of coffee on my left, hoping the hummingbird will swing through for a visit. I can’t begin to estimate how many miles of yarn have been knit up out there.

  2. Karen S Says:

    My favorite getaway with my knititng was to Seattle – well Bellevue actually. Found a wonderful cafe with outside seating and greatly enjoyed sitting in the sun with fresh coffee and knitting away.

  3. KimberKnit Says:

    My favorite getaway with my knitting is my annual visit with my college friend that we have come to call our little “knitting camp”. We decide on a new technique to learn together and attend the Great Lakes Fiber Festival. Knitting with an old friend who I only see once a year is the best!

  4. Laura Milewski Says:

    Traveling by car from Boston area and then arriving in PA where there are two fabulous children, ages 7 and 9 that have been taught to knit in their Waldorf School. We all sit around the kitchen table and I pull out my projects and then we take turns with the kneedles working our rows. This continues all weekend long in between conversations, food and errands. The outcome, is always a finished project at the end for one of the babes – they decide. They love seeing what gadgets, kneedles and accessories I bring in my bag. They explore this over and over again and ask so many questions. It is such a blessing to see the next generation engaged in such work!

  5. Beth Says:

    My dream getaway is St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. Have stayed at the King and Prince Resort on the east coast of the island and there is plenty of leisure time to knit to your heart’s content. There is a small business district and if you don’t want to drive your car, a bicycle is available to ride under the expansive live oak trees with the Spanish moss hanging down. When you cross over to the island, time changes – from the way you spend it to how you intuitively slow down. And with that lazy pace, you pick up your knitting and get into the window seat with a view of the ocean; or, you get on the front porch swing and watch other bicyclers and walkers amble down the street when you look up from your knitting. It’s the peacefulness, the quiet, the trees and the water, in short, it’s the whole package that makes St. Simon’s Island a special place to replenish my soul.

  6. CrookedKnitter Says:

    Any getaway! Haha. Last spring break my boyfriend and I roadtripped down the east coast to visit family in Florida and North Carolina. I got a lot of knitting done, but it was all frogged later :o(. For me, even a trip to Starbucks is a nice knitting getaway- change of scenery, big seats, and the fireplace :o) It’s just nice to get out of the house (especially in these winters!) and be near other people but not too far away. Even better when friends come!

  7. debbieb97 Says:

    I love sitting on the couch in the middle of the night, when it is just the me and the cats (aka “The Girls”). I can sit and think or watch TV and just feel so at peace with myself and the world.

  8. Joanne Says:

    Ah, my favorite knitting place is my chaise, next to the woodstove with my golden, Ramona, sitting at my feet….and it is night when everyone else is asleep! The sound of my needles brings me back to my childhood and my mom knitting….such great memories…

  9. MimiD Says:

    Hi Kathy, my favorite getaway is anywhere I can take my needles. The best is usually knitting by the latest and greatest lava viewing area on the Big Island while my husband stares for hours (keeps me from whining or falling asleep). But with vacations usually requiring a lot of driving or flying (or both), there’s always an opportunity. The more exotic the better 🙂 Mimi

  10. Geraldine Scott Says:

    Here in central California we don’t have snow, but we have fog, and it is a big pest this winter due to all the rain we had. My husband and I just got back from a few days in SUNNY So. California, and it does a person good to see the sun. And, of course, I sat by the swimming pool knitting socks for my precious grandkids who live in the snow!

  11. Yarnista Says:

    Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival: just me, the mountains, and my yarn. :o)

  12. Mary B Says:

    I’ve been wanting this travel case for some time. I currently have the double point roll and love it.

  13. Kjenning Says:

    My favorite place to knit is on Cliff Island, Maine. Being a very small island there are very few distractions there except the rhythm of the waves as they wash ashore, the cries of the gulls as they wheel overhead and the whisper of the wind as it rustles through the swaying pine trees. With the pungent scent of the ocean coming off a crisp sea breeze there’s nothing better than to sit back with handful of beautiful wool sliding effortlessly between smooth wooden needles as I take in all that mother nature has to offer on a beautiful Maine island.

  14. Shenoka Says:

    My favorite get-away…is my Commute. Every day a guaranteed 3 hour knitting vacation!

  15. Cdoertel Says:

    I love this little wallet perfect for taking just enough knitting things on vacation and being able to find them instead of digging in your big knitting bag.

  16. Cdoertel Says:

    Forgot to add my favorite vacations are beach and cruise, just lovely to sit and knit and look out at the ocean, doesn’t get any better than that.

  17. Kellpatt Says:

    My favorite spot so far has been the all season back porch of my aunt’s cabin in the boonies of northern Arkansas. It’s 5 miles down a dirt road on a branch of the river. Last fall when we were there, I was reveling in the quiet, scenery and knitting, when my husband said, “there needs to be more to do here.” I told I he needed to learn how to knit.

  18. Amy Bernhardt Says:

    My favortie getaway with my knitting is the Outerbanks in November – Nothing like knitting and watching the ocean (and it’s where I learned to knit)

  19. Mabruce1950 Says:

    my favorite knitting spot is my own home after a long tedious day at work.

  20. Janice Says:

    Knitting *is* my getaway. Oh, but that’s probably not what you meant. Well, if I’m traveling by car or by plane, I use whatever time I can to get some knitting in. My favorite destination for knitting is Lake Tahoe, especially in the middle of winter.

  21. Marsha Says:

    Looks like a great knitting accessory for travel or work knitting. My favorite getaway with my knitting is in my home after dinner when I usually get a hour or so of uninterrupted knitting time. My most exotic knitting destination was on safari in Kenya when I knit in the afternoon while simultaneously watching elephants from the porch of our cottage.

  22. Boursin Says:

    I guess the most “exotic” place I’ve knit is at the marina down by the Missouri River. But my favorite place to knit, when the weather is good, is out in my backyard listening to podcasts!

  23. Espadrile Says:

    That would be a great thing to have at college . . . which is where I do most of my knitting, even if it’s not exactly a getaway!

  24. Jen Says:

    Honestly, anywhere I can get away from life and knit is a good getaway. But I love to just sit in a coffee shop and knit and watch the world go by. Three things that make me happy!


  25. Sabrina C. Says:

    my favorite knitting getaway is hanging out with my husband and our friends at a bar. Good fun and good company. What could be better?

  26. Lora Says:

    Business travel. CAnt say it’s my favorite, but the socks keep me sane.

  27. Dendiane Says:

    I plan to have more favorite getaways with my knitting but so far it has been down on vacation in FL on Sanibel Is. I didn’t knit on the beach for fear of sand getting in my yarn but my sister and I knitted together on the deck with the water in the background and a Cosmo on the side. It was great! What a combo

  28. Donna S. Says:

    My favorite “away” place to knit is on long car rides.(when my husband is driving, not me 😉 )
    With this winter I am ready to just jump in the car and head anywhere in the general direction of south until I hit somepalce without snow! Plent of in car knitting time then!

  29. enidb Says:

    I just got back from knitting retreat with friends. It’s a little spot on Lake Huron in Michigan where we sit by the fire and look out the windows over the frozen lake. It’s a nice spot to knit.

  30. Johanna Riordan Says:

    I mostly knit solo, so I always appreciate getting together with other knitters for a knitting afternoon or evening.

  31. knittinggolfer Says:

    oh heck, i’ll play. favorite getaway…somewhere not snowing! or any where with @cockeye~she’s fun!

  32. Laura Says:

    Absolutely the coolest place my knitting has ever gone is the Solomon Islands down in the South Pacific (they’re somewhere between Fiji and New Zealand). We were down there on a diving trip, and I knit a sock on deck between dives. Have to admit that not much knitting got done. I was too busy looking at the scenery!

  33. Susan Says:

    I would love to win this travel wallet. It is sooooo pretty, and looks real practical.

  34. Judy Says:

    Love to knit on long car rides or on a plane. Would be great to have the compact travel wallet for those occasions. Love get aways to beach on the island and knitting there too.

  35. Ginny Says:

    I get lots of knitting on the long car rides to see aging parents but I really enjoy getting together twice a month with other knitters at our wonderful library just a few miles from my house.

  36. Leslie Says:

    Any time on the train is a knitting getaway!

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