October 20th, 2010

della Q Contest – The October Edition

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Hi Everyone

I am always excited for our della Q giveaways, but this month is even more special.  Della herself will be visiting us at WEBS next week ahead of Stitches East!  She’ll be with us on Wednesday morning for a special staff training and then on Wednesday afternoon (10/27) from 4pm-7pm she’ll be hosting a Trunk Show at the store!  This is a great chance to meet Della, who (IMHO) is one of the most fantastic people in our industry, and get a great insight into her products.  She creates exceptional storage solutions for needles and hooks of all types.

If you aren’t local to WEBS don’t fret!  Of course you have this contest to enter but Della will also be our in-studio guest for next week’s podcast!  I am so excited for her visit – Della is just one of those people you WANT to be around – her vibe and energy are just contagious.

So, back to this month’s giveaway.  It’s the Dual Interchangeable and Circular needle case.  It’s a big name but this case is a workhorse for those of us who are either (a) very serious knitters OR (b) very serious needle owners.  Note that (A) and (B) are not necessarily related – I am the perfect example 🙂

Oct Della

Fifteen dual numbered (US and Metric) pockets hold your tips, six pockets for your cords, a zip pocket for your connectors and six open pockets or small circular needles and extra large tips. Carry a full set of interchangeable and circulars from US 000 to 19.  That is seriously a lot of needles!  Whether for home storage or the “I’m going to the beach for a week or two and I’m not sure what I”m going to knit” this is THE case for you.

Available in 7 lovely fabric colors, the DI+CNC is a heckuva case.  Retail is $40.00.

So, here are the contest rules.  You need to comment here on my blog and over at Della’s blog.  Comments must be left by midnight on Tuesday, 10/27.  This will allow Della & I to randomly pick a winner when we’re together next week!  Fun!

Please let us know in the comments your preference – circs or interchangeables – why and what brand/type you love.  Me?  I’m partial (of course) to our own Bamboo Interchangeable Needles and for circs I love Addi Turbos and Colonial Rosewoods.



142 Responses to “della Q Contest – The October Edition”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I love my KnitPicks interchangeables, but I have loads of fixed circulars too, especially in smaller needle sizes. For those, it’s split between KnitPicks and Addis.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I am a needle lover..I love crocheting and learning to knit right now…I do love your blog. I have a etsy shop..

  3. lostarts Says:

    Oh, please enter me! I currently have two sets of Options interchangeables: the luxite ones, and (my favorite) the nickel ones. If there’s a color choice, the purple would be good, but the turquoisy blue shown would be good, too.Thanks for making this available!

    The Della Q blog mentions a possible set of needles to go in it. If that’s the case, I want to try the Addi Lace needle interchangeables! I’ve been waiting for the ones with the longer tips to come out.

  4. Fairysfire Says:

    I need one of those! Wish I lived near you

  5. Amanda Says:

    That’s one baby of a case! I use my circs for everything. Have a whole bunch of dpns, but since I started using two circs at the same time I haven’t gone back to the dpns. I have been wanting a set of interchangeables for a long time now, I’m hoping the hints I’ve been dropping stick this time when the holidays come around. A case like this would make them all the more necessary!!!

  6. Joaniek Says:

    I bought a set of interchangeable circs from Webs — the Colonial rosewood and I love them!

  7. Julianne Says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for giving it away!

  8. Iliknits Says:

    I’d love this case! I have a set of Knitpicks Harmony interchangeables and an assortment of addi circulars, but these days I mainly use the Harmonies.

  9. Amy Lamash Says:

    I knit only with circular needles! Can’t work with straights unless it is DPN. Hurts my wrists too much. My fav needle are the Knitpicks Harmonys. I just love them. I own a lot of Addi’s but the tips are too blunt for my tastes.

  10. K1w1 Says:

    I have not used interchangeables so can’t comment but love my Addi circs – which I could afford t hem in every size and length!! This is going on my wish list right now!!

  11. hotknitter Says:

    I like both circs and interchangeables. One of my fave interchangeables is the Colonial Rosewood. For circs I like the addi Lace and Signatures. I don’t like Denise interchangeables.

  12. Dianeloehr Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love the addi turbo circular needles.

  13. Lorien Says:

    Ooh I love della Q! Gorgeous! I love Addi Turbo circulars.

  14. Mary Says:

    I would love to win a Della Q needle case. I have given them as gifts, but never splurged for myself!

  15. Patricia Says:

    All of my circulars are either Addi Turbos or Addi Turbo Lace. I have both the Knit Picks Harmony Wood and Nickel Plated interchangeable needles. I would love to have the Addi Clicks and I’m also hoping for a Signature circular for Christmas. I would love to win the beautiful DICNC to help me organize all these needles.

  16. sylphette Says:

    I love my old stash of Inox fixed circs, but I also do have a set of metal interchangeables that I use pretty much as often. You should develop a line of metal interchangeables! 🙂

  17. GinkgoKnits Says:

    This seems like a great idea as I love my interchangeable needles but I really depend on my Addi lace needles at times but have a hard time keeping track of where those wander to.

  18. Emily Says:

    I have interchangeables and enjoy them, but my heart belongs with circulars! Mainly addi turbos and knitpicks

  19. Jennifer F. Says:

    I love my interchangeable circulars! My faves are the Harmony Wood, by Knitpicks. I love anything bamboo, too!

  20. jennifer Says:

    Della Q’s cases are so beautiful. I have a lot of circulars and a set of Denise interchangeables. I generally use the circulars more as the Denise needles can come apart if I’m not paying attention, and I get frustrated fiddling with them. In the end, though, I do use both types.

  21. myra Says:


  22. Carolshue Says:

    I love my interchangeables, but also love just regular circulars. I have Addi and also a variety of others. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely case!

  23. Heather Says:

    I would love to win that!!

  24. Mbarker615 Says:

    What a great giveaway! I sure would love to have it.

  25. HomeSweetHome Says:

    Hmm, I must qualify as a needle collector . . . ! My KnitPicks are rather evenly weighted between interchangeables and circulars . . . and dp’s.

  26. Sallypcampbell Says:

    I have lots, and lots of circular needles, additurbos are my favorite, but it seems I never have exactly what I NEED. I’d love to get my hands on some interchangeables! That would really simplify my life. And eliminate some carbon emissions driving to the LYS on emergency needle missions.

  27. Geraldine Scott Says:

    I guess I’m an Addi Turbo sort of girl. I have a sample set of interchangables to try out, but haven’t had a chance yet! Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely storage case!

  28. Julie Donahue Says:

    This case looks AMAZING! I don’t have an interchangeable needle set (yet) but I hope to by Christmas!

  29. Cassy Says:

    Beautiful case! I love the sheen on the fabric!

  30. Deb M Says:

    I’m dreaming of a set of Addi clicks. Case first, needles later…??

  31. Pkbb Says:

    Addi-turbos are to die for! I would love interchangeables as I am always losing needles all over the house…I think the dog runs off with them after the cats have attacked my yarn…

  32. Arrakis Says:

    My husband got me the Harmony Wood interchangeables from knitpicks for Christmas a few years ago, I really like them. This case looks fantastic!

  33. Ginny Says:

    I love circular needles. I started with and even still have the ones with the steel cable! I’m guessing that really dates me. I loved the nickel plated inox express. The price is right. Never tried Addi Turbos. I did get Knitpick’s nickel interchangeable set in hopes I would stop buying so many needles. I do love a sharp point and a soft cable that many of my older needles lack. I have heard great reviews of your bamboo set. Those would be much better to use when I get more serious about knitting up my lace yarn. I clearly have needles that need to be organized.

  34. Heather Says:

    Wow. I would love a set of interchangeable needles. Though I have yet to decide between bamboo or addi clicks. the verdict is still out since I use both so frequently. Depends on the yarn itself… Then again, I love to win anything!

  35. Karclock Says:

    What a great giveaway. I would love the interchangeable, however, I have yet to decide between bamboo or addi clicks, as it depends on the yarn itself

  36. Theresab731 Says:

    I love the nickel plated interchangeable needles from knitpicks. Of course I would also love a set of the bamboo interchangeable needles from WEBS. Maybe a Christmas present. They would be great with a new DellaQ needles holder for interchangeable needles.

  37. Debbie (fiberfriend) Says:

    OMG..Della Q rules!!! and so does WEBS for having such grest contests!!!
    I love interchangeables and I love Addis and I would click my heals a millions times to be the lucky winner of that beautiful prize in the photo…I need them because mine are falling apart..
    I love you guys and your podcast 🙂

  38. Carol Says:

    I’m definitely a very serious knitter. 🙂 I need this!
    Prefer circs in sock needles, interchangeables in the larger. Love my Addi Lace circs.

  39. sona Says:

    i might be too late.. but just to say… these look amazing

  40. debsnm Says:

    For Circs I love Addis, and for interchangeables, KnitPicks Harmony (the wooden ones) can’t be beat!

  41. Pamela Nelson Says:

    I love this case. I also want to purchase the interchangeable needles sooooo maybe if I won the case it would push me over the edge to puchase them 🙂

  42. CarolK Says:

    I think I’m drooling for these needles and the lovely case to hold all those needles. Yes! I would love a set of these. I’ve used 000…

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