March 8th, 2010

della Q Contest

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Hi Everyone

If you happen to be a listener of our podcast, Ready, Set, Knit you are already aware of this great new give away we’re launching.  If you don’t listen , well, maybe you should consider it!  Either way, this blog post is the official announcement of our latest fun giveaway.

Starting here in March and continuing for the remainder of 2010, we will be giving away a fabulous della Q needle case (or maybe a tote) every month!  Yes – 10 chances to WIN one of della Q’s FABOO cases (or maybe a tote).  For those of you who have won prizes from us in the past know that we tend to be quite generous.  I would never just send you a needle case, although it in and to itself is quite the prize.  I’ll probably toss in some needles or maybe even some yarn, a cute tape measure – who knows.    What you are guaranteed is a stunning, high quality needlecase (or maybe a tote) from della Q.

To kick things off with a BANG, Della had no interest in holding back.  We are getting things going with  The Que:

Quite possibly the most fabulous needlecase on the planet.  Yes, I am biased.  Yes, I adore Della and her products.  I’m not about to give you all a prize that I wouldn’t want myself!

Before I jump in and tell you how the contest is going to work, a few words about The Que.  The Que was designed for those of us who are circular needle users.  Each pocket is number from size #3-#15 and there is a function flap that ensures the needles stay in place.  Made of gorgeous silks, once folded and tied, The Que is the equivalent of a beautiful package, yet it is completely functional and easily portable.

The Que is available in stripes and solids.  Winner choses their fave.

So what do you have to do?  Between now and March 21st you need to comment here on this blog, on this post.  I want you to tell me your thoughts on della Q products and why you want to win this case.  You need to comment on the della Q blog as well and let Della know what types of products you’d like to see in the future.  A winner who has commmented on both blogs will be selected at random and will be our very first WINNER!

Thanks to Della for her willingness to create this very fun program for all of you!



138 Responses to “della Q Contest”

  1. mareva Says:

    No one can be too organized..losing one needle even for a week can cause heartbreak..I know this personally, and I bet you do too. I love the colors shown, elegant stripes, and super chic colors..I’m actually knitting a summer shrug in a cranberry/wine cotton..the case would go so well with my shrug….

  2. podell Says:

    This is a really cool bag. If I don’t win one, I will be buying one for my needles.

  3. Caitlin Says:

    I have been drooling over some of these cases for a while now. The pink striped one here is just gorgeous! I would love to get organized with a beautiful addition like the Que.

  4. Nicci Says:

    What gorgeous cases! Thanks for the great podcast. I love hearing about a designer’s path!

  5. Guest Says:

    All my circular knitting needles live in a clear plastic case–who wouldn’t love to give them the treatment they deserve in such a stunning silk case!

  6. Diane Says:

    Looks like a great way to organize one’s needles. I would love to win a case.

  7. creativelady Says:

    I really need something to organize all my needles! They are everywhere and I can never find the ones I want. This would be great!

  8. susanakapaintermom Says:

    I LOVE this bag! It is just what I need to corrall all my circ.s. Right now, they each live in their plastic addi sleeves. This is not a good long-term solution. Also, my birthday is this month. That’s why I should be the winner.

  9. AnneSullivan Says:

    Loved, loved, loved the interview with Della about the Della Q products. I’ve been coveting these cases for ove a year now, hoping one will appear for my birthday or Mother’s Day but the new double i_Que may push me over the edge!

  10. betsymortinsen Says:

    Love listening to the podcast, would love to win a DellaQ!

  11. sunbeams31 Says:

    i love that the della q products are functional while still being fashionable! no hokey grandma cases for me!!

  12. Emily Says:

    The case looks awesome! Would be a great way to get all the circular needles organized and accessible.

  13. dorcecampbell Says:

    Would love this bag so i could keep my needles in one place and beable to take then with me. Just started to listen to your show. will have to go back and see what your are knitting at this time.

  14. Conni Says:

    I would love, love, love to win this circular needle case. I am currently keeping all of mine in a big tote bag, which makes for a very unorganized, tangled mess. This would be the perfect solution!

  15. Karen B. Says:

    I’m not needling you — it’s a beautiful case and I would love to own a Della Que product — I keep looking at them longingly since I’d have no troubling filling up the pockets.

  16. Paulette Says:

    What a beautiful needle case – would love to win it! I always use circular needles and the needle case I use now is pretty blah. I have never seen della Q cases, or totes before – great to learn about them!

  17. kelegault Says:

    This looks to be exactly what I need!

  18. Judy Says:

    These products are lovely and functional. I’d love it.

  19. Lynda Says:

    It’s the silk, the graceful lines, the patterning in the case-in addition to the smart catelogue of pockets. Who doesn’t need more organization ! Thanks Della and Kathy.

  20. carolhandshue Says:

    Thank you for another terrific podcast – I love these cases! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be sure to order one from Della – keep up the good work!

  21. Ginny Says:

    What a gorgeous solution for dealing with my ugly mess of circular needles!

  22. Anna Angus Says:

    I commented on the Della Q blog and when I saw the circular case, I thought Wow, what a cool case that has tags for all the needles it holds. If I won the case, then I would have to buy more circulars to fill it up and then I would have to buy the straight needle case to match. Sounds good to me.

  23. clfknit Says:

    I have always admired Della Q bags. It would be nice to get my circs out of the plastic bin they are in

  24. Jane Says:

    Della’s bags are beautiful. I love that she was inspired to create them from a trip to Vietnam.

    Nebraska Knitter

  25. Mary Says:

    I have given this wonderful case as a gift, but the recipient did not get the hint and give one back. I would love to have one myself and get somewhat organized.

  26. DrChopSuey Says:

    I’m in the process of organizing my knitting and this would be lovely to use!

  27. velmalikevelvet Says:

    Stunning, as all her products are! I think my favorite thing about her bags are the sumptuous colors she chooses. Then again, her designs are impeccable, too; practical AND fun!

    Thanks for this opportunity. Keep it up! Best, Velma

  28. Janice Says:

    My needles (and there are plenty of them) don’t have anything as beautiful as the Que to live in. For as much work as they do, they should have a lovely home, don’t you agree?

  29. Dawn Says:

    I just love the Della Q interchangeable needle case! Considering this is what I use, I’ll need to a fabo bag to keep them in!
    She also makes her cases/bags out of some great material!

  30. ClaireLeah Says:

    Oh wow – Della Q’s gorgeous silk needles cases are the bomb (see – I can even seem younger in a blog) — and March 25 is my birthday – and I’ll be 50 (born March 25, 1960) – so I need a beautiful pink pick-me-up!

  31. archercrafts Says:

    I listen to the podcast but have fallen beind a few. Can’t believe I almost missed this contest, guess I better put catching up on top of my to-do list. Thanks for posting on Twitter.

  32. Barbara Says:

    I love Della Q products because they work so well, are great quality and look fabulous. I’d like to win, so I can give it to my mom for mother’s day – she deserves something so lovely.

  33. BettyandVeronica Says:

    Oh! A circular needle case! And it’s even…. really, really pretty! I want to win because I almost always knit with circular needles – but they tend to get disorganized. Maddeningly, my favorite circular needles are not marked with a size (can anyone guess?) and unless I have my need gauge with me, and my make-do circular needle pouch, which looks like a mess of cables…. I’m out of luck. This case looks like it would solve my problems – and it’s pretty!

  34. Dana R. Says:

    These are super cute cases! One of these would make me so much more organized than what I currently am, and I think the stylish colors and modern design really help bring needlework into the current century – maybe people won’t look at me so funny when I tell them that, at 30, I really knit!

  35. Teri Says:

    Love, LOVE Della Q and love, love, LOVE WEBS, Steve & Kathy!!

  36. Linda Says:

    Getting organized is the goal for the month. A very pretty needle holder would help.

  37. jane Says:

    I just saw these lovely cases at my LYS-Beautiful fabrics and very nice workmanship-great quality, I would love one or more fro organizing my needles.

  38. Mary Ellen Says:

    I just LOVE the DellaQ cases and need to get organized, but haven’t treated myself since I’m out of work. I definitely need to get organized…..

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