April 6th, 2011

Don’t Disrespect the Granny

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Hi Everyone:

When Knitting It Old School was published last year, I was excited on many levels.

Old School

1.  I was thrilled that Caro & Stitchy were being published.  They are super talented and lovely and I was just happy that good things were happening for them.

2.  I knew there were a couple of garments in the book featuring our Valley Yarns.

Sock Hop

Pump Jockey


Always awesome to see our yarns turned into something inspiring! But it’s even better to see them on real people:

Caro in her Rudie and her adorable hubby in his Pump Jockey


Pump Jockey finished!


3.  Last but not least – The Dress.


Go-Go Granny (1)


I talked about the Go-Go Granny Dress on Ready, Set, Knit when I interviewed Caro & Stitchy.  Yes it’s kitschy but there was something about it that just tickled me.  I’ve actually referenced it on a couple of occasions on the show.

Then the haters came along.

Okay, not haters per se but customers & friends who emailed or pulled me aside in the shop and said “Okay Kathy, please tell me you don’t REALLY like that granny square dress, tell me you were just saying that for the show and because the authors were in the studio with you”.  I heard this same comment MANY times in various iterations.


Think what you want but I don’t care.  This is a classic case of passing judgment on a garment without giving it a chance.


blog032711 757

That’s Caro & Stitchy and our dear friend, teacher and EZ disciple Annie F.  Annie is an AH-MAZE-ING knitter.  Seriously.  Look at her ROCK the dress.

I tried it on too and love it even more!

I saw Annie the next day and we chatted about the dress.  We discussed how great the dress looked on her.  she did point out that that everyone in the store LOVED the dress on her,  but she was wearing it in a “safe zone” surround by her peeps.  Good point.  Maybe she (and I eventually) will get strange looks or snickers when we are walking down Main Street in Noho in our dresses but that’s okay. (Maybe walking down Main Street together wearing the same dress at the same time, albeit in different colors and most likely different yarns isn’t the absolute best idea ever)

She bought yarn to make the dress at the event.  She’s using Cascade 220 Sport instead of Cotton Classic.  This was a personal choice, she doesn’t like crocheting with cotton.  I haven’t decided yet.

I realize that this particular garment may be an extreme example but try to keep in mind that even with the best models, stylists and photography its hard to judge garments without trying them on.

Also – when I’m excited about something here on the blog or on Ready, Set, Knit, it’s genuine.  For those of you who are longtime podcast listeners, you’ll recall I broke up with Silk Garden on the air.  I respect the yarn and its loyal following but we are not friends.  I just tend to chatter about the things I like vs the ones I don’t.

Do you have a knit or crocheted garment in your collection that you love but can’t believe you ever would?



16 Responses to “Don’t Disrespect the Granny”

  1. Margaret S Says:

    I have just one thing to say about the granny square dress: Hah! to the haters.

  2. Margaret S Says:

    Well, that didn’t work, did it. If this doesn’t, then the only way is to copy all the bits and pieces and paste them together into a proper url.

    The point was that granny square dresses have popped out onto the fashion runways. Who’d have thought it?

  3. iknitalone Says:

    Kathy I’m WAY behind on my listening, so I missed the episode. I can believe you love that dress, and I believe you would rock it. Somehow I can’t imagine it getting too many 2nd glances in downtown North Hampton. That’s a town that appreciates the out of the ordinary.

  4. MB@YarnUiPhoneAppv1.2 Says:

    So funny what you say about the Go-Go Granny dress. I’m making it ….in more or less the same colorway. With luck, I’ll have it done for a conference at the end of the month. In fact, all those comments at your conference is giving me incentive to finish mine. It’s so much work…more so than a knitted garment. I feel like I’ll be forever weaving into ends! Aye, aye, aye! Btw, I plan to wear mine with some leggings (white could work). I cannot.cannot.cannot wait to wear this…in New York City of all places. They’ll think I’m a movie extra. Ha ha!

  5. maryse Says:

    i am so glad you love it!!!!

  6. Michelleyk Says:

    Your granny square dress is awesome! It’s just the right amount of kitch and hipness. Cate Blanchett wore a granny square dress recently, and it wasn’t nearly as cool.

  7. Marcy Says:

    Or maybe just convert it to a skirt for the golf course. THAT would totally work!

  8. Kathy Elkins Says:

    You may be onto something!

  9. Andra Says:

    Agreed. I gotta respect your respect of the dress. “Do I have anything knit I love but can’t believe I would? Well, no. I’m not that brave a knitter. But I do have the black, bubble raincoat? Does that count? I tried it on as a dare, bought it, and heart it. Let it rain!

  10. KathyElkins Says:

    You rock the raincoat.

  11. Mmcmillen Says:

    l’m getting ready to knit the Lanesplitter skirt and can hardly believe how excited I am about it! I NEVER thought I would knit — much less WEAR — a handknit skirt, but I am prepared now to love it.

  12. KathyElkins Says:

    Awesome! Post a link to a picture when you are finished either here, on Ravelry or our FB page!

  13. Amy Says:

    The go-go granny has looked fantastic on EVERYONE I’ve seen wear it. It’s the wonder dress for flattery!

    And I’ve noticed that pure examples of nearly *any* particular fashion style get haters–the super 80’s stuff that’s in now, someone wearing lots of bright colors together, someone dressing exceedingly revealingly, etc. etc. To which I say: Whatever! We all have our style loves and hates. Live and let live, baby.

  14. Channahk Says:

    The granny go go is great! And you are so right, it makes a huge differences seeing these knits on real people — thanks so much for sharing those picks.

    Also, just wanted to point out that Caro posted a terrific zipper tutorial recently, which she demonstrates on the Pump Jockey, here:

    yes — she used blocking wires! Suddenly I’m not so scared of zippers.

  15. Guest27 Says:

    The Granny Square dress looks like FUN! It would be adorable on a young girl. I have fond memories of the granny square poncho that my grandmother made for my sister and I. When my sister was older she begged (and received) a granny square afghan which she, her husband and children use to (play) fight over when cuddling on the couch. Sadly that afghan has worn out and neither my sister or I crochet. I wonder if there is a knit version…hmmm.

  16. Annie Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. I would be happy to walk down the street wearing the same dress as you any day. I have all the centers complete with ends woven in. I am starting the second round of color today. After the first round of color, ends are easier to weave in with a crochet hook as you finish each section. I am also going to join it as I go so that when I am done with the squares the dress will be done. I can’t wait to wear it!
    Peace and Yarn,

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