November 30th, 2011

Dream in Color Giveaway

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The time has come again for a juicy new giveaway from Dream in Color yarns. And just in time! This holiday I see crafters working their little fingers to nubs. What better way to look forward to post-holiday selfish knitting than with a special handdyed skein of  your very own?

This month Dream in Color is tempting us with a lovely fingering weight merino cashmere blend in a green/purple fusion.  This is an exclusive colorway of Smooshy with Cashmere. *Swoon*. Check it out!

Of course, the giveaway includes a free pattern to go with it! The pattern for this great yarn is a men’s scarf called Opa! But this would be great for anyone…including yourself!

Want a chance to win? Let us know what selfish knitting you are planning for January by commenting below by Sunday, December 4th. Please leave your contact info (Ravelry name is fine) and we’ll contact 10 lucky winners!

Happy Knitting and Good luck!!


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738 Responses to “Dream in Color Giveaway”

  1. Rachel Kloter Stansel Says:

    This is just BEAUTIFUL!  And I think a scarf my husband would actually wear! 

    Fingers crossed!

  2. Brittni Daron Says:

    I am planning a sweater already!

  3. Karen Brown Says:

    I’m planning to crochet a beautiful short sleeve jacket (Doris Chan design) in turquoise! 

  4. marciepooh Says:

    My selfish knitting will be to continue my ferny shawl and maybe another pair of socks.

  5. michelle Says:

    Selfish knitting right now is ruled but my Beekeeper’s Quilt, I love knitting all those little puffs! (CraftyCupcake on Rav).

  6. aqf Says:

    For some reason, I had been thinking that, as an experienced knitter, I was somehow above knitting hats. I have discovered that I was wrong, and now want to Knit All The Hats. Mostly for me.

    aliceq on Rav

  7. Annette Riebe Says:

    Ohhh come January I plan to finish my Fireside and then knit Diamond Crossed Vest.  And I’m sure I owe myself a new pair of socks.  With this yarn I have a lovely cowl in mind!!

    I’m MelaGal on Ravelry!

  8. hepkitten Says:

    I’m going to try and make time to finally work on a complex project for myself…maybe a sweater? Having that gorgeous yarn to work with would certainly help inspire me! –hepkitten from Ravelry

  9. Dianaburrell Says:

    Pretty yarn!

    My selfish knitting for January will be a sweater. Haven’t decided on a pattern yet, though.

  10. woolite Says:

    after the holiday knitting quiets down I plan on making myself some socks that I would wear in bed, either cashmere or angora. Really soft ones that would never work with shoes.

  11. Meadow Campbell Says:

    Amna sweater (on Ravelry) – can’t wait!

  12. Irenelouise Says:

    Just for me a cardigan in a pretty hand dyed merino.

  13. Snylin Says:

    LOVE Dream in Color. Would definitely do a Smooshy scarf for myself in January, just in time for the sub-zero temps!

  14. MaryEllen Klusacek Says:

    I’ve been making a few Christmas gifts, but the other night I started the Bilateral Cardigan for myself. I thought it might be nice to have at least one new knit for me in the new year!

  15. twinspiration Says:

    I’m gonna be working on a Wispy cardi for myself!  soft, comfy, and a perfect pallet to try some embroidery on.

  16. Elaine Says:

    Hoidays will be over!…January knitting will finally be sweater month FOR ME!

  17. Angela Mann Says:

    I am going to knit myself a cardigan using yarn I bought during a Black Friday sale.  Since I have never knit myself a sweater or a cardigan this is truly indulgent for me!

  18. Vicki Watts Says:

    I have at least 10 works in progress for friends and family, but I am selfishly going to make myself a cowl AFTER all the gifts and WIPs are done.  My birthday is coming up in December and this yarn would be a good gift for me (but I will probably end up giving it away, just can’t resist)!

  19. Martha Says:

    Oh, this yarn is lovely!  I’ve just queued up a couple of Anne Hanson’s patterns after coveting them for a long time, and plan to start an Autumn Arbor Stole after the holidays.  She has lots of patterns for fingering weight yarn that the DIC would be perfect for!

  20. Kathy Says:

    I plan on knitting another Romi shawl for me!

  21. Rebecca Rowley Says:

    I can’t wait to finish the sweater that has been languishing and get started on another.  Sweaters for me!

  22. felis44 Says:

    Wow!  What a gorgeous colourway.  I’m planning on knitting a hat and gloves for myself – every time we go out, my kids have nice handknit hats and scarves but I just pull on cheap fleece ones!  Time to rectify that…

  23. Kgauthiertakacs Says:

    How pretty! Love the color! I am going to make a cozy pair of wool socks for myself :)

  24. Marianna B. Says:

    Ooh, I plan to knit a few wonderfully warm & luxurious things just for me!  A new scarf is chief among them.  This yarn looks awesome

  25. Fkeefe Says:

    Oh, what to knit?  I think I want to try making a hat for the first time!  Or perhaps a cowl?  Haven’t done one of those either, and there are so many great patterns out there! 

  26. Alimo Says:

    I will continue to work on my sweater… someday I will finish it!! This yarn looks gorgeous!

  27. Amy Says:

    I’m going to make myself some fingerless gloves in a decadent yarn because my hands get very cold when I’m on the computer.

  28. Melissa B Gabehart Says:

    Rav name : tezcatlipoca98  Real Name:  Melissa

    OMG, January knitting, there is going to be so much of it.  I’m going to do one of those humping deer hats for myself in off-white and burgundy wool, I’ll take a stab at that double knit hat from Knitty, I also have the yarn to do the starfish shawl from Knitting Nature and if I start it in Jan maybe I can have it done when weather is nice?  I can’t wait for January.

  29. Marie Havrankova Says:

    I am a selfish knitter right now, finishing my fair isle pullower. But then I have 2 cardigans to make for my husband and after that, it might be some lace scarf for me…

  30. Opaitich Says:

    My local yarn shop, Mia Bella in Highland Park, Illinois, is collecting caps for chemo patients year round.  I set a goal for myself to knit/crochet and donate at least 3 caps (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child) each month.  I think I will double my goal for January.

  31. Heather Says:

    I want to finish my socks that I have restarted twice and my double Saroyan that has been languishing as I knit scarves for Christmas presents.

  32. Debbie Tyber Says:

    I am selfishly hoping to finish a sweater from Vogue Magazine.  A Kaffe Fassett design, simple turtleneck that uses yarn I bought from Webs a year ago.  Red and brown.  Finally getting aroung to it.  I would (selfishly) make an entrelac hat or two out of this yarn. Choose me!  Please.

  33. Tamsyn Mihalus Says:

    I am planning selfishly knitting the Noro Sideways Vest in January, or sooner, depending.  I LOVE the Dream in Color Smooshy! 

  34. jillywilly Says:

    LOADS of selfish knitting planned – warm things like sweaters, mittens and socks!

  35. Kimberlee Says:

    I’m knitting the Unique Sheep’s Christmas club shawl in Dickens for me! :D I can’t wait to get started. 

  36. Laura Says:

    Fingerless gloves and a new hat!

  37. Jessi Clouser Says:

    I am planning on knitting up the Curling neckwarmer and mitts in ella rae lace merino <3  I can't wait!  ~ JessiClouser on Ravelry

  38. Txcatwoman9 Says:

    I have yarn for a sweater, a shawl and socks for myself.  I have a tube of beads that would be lovely with the giveaway yarn…hint, hint!

  39. Nancy Says:

    Will  start  on  cardis  for me  with  entries  for  the  fair  season in  mind and  thus  original  designs  in  all  categories.

  40. gina376 Says:

    I’m going to finish a pair of socks I started from the book. I finished the first one but didn’t start the second because my holiday knitting list is too long. Does that count?  (And I’m hoping my kids picked out some fun yarn for me, so that will be knit in Jan as well)

  41. Galloping Jester Says:

    I am planning on the Elphaba pullover for myself. I cant wait to get started!

  42. Christina Habberjam Says:

    I’m planning on knitting these crazy awesome legwarmers for myself in January:

  43. Jocelyn @ Says:

    The Svana coat is what I’ve been eyeing and will be my January me-project — (socks in Smooshy would be great to go with this coat…just sayin’) ;)  Thanks for the chance! @knittingcrush on Ravelry

  44. Rainbowend Says:

    I have a huge sock yarn stash that I am planning on getting into. Thought I would try and work through Cookie A’s  Knit, Sock, Love.

  45. Pam F. Says:

    My first cabled scarf.

  46. Kathy Strand Says:

    I’m going to knit myself a vest out of some very pretty red.  Just need to find the right yarn!

  47. sue Says:

    ohhh working on a fair isle sweater that will still be in progress by Jan.Also the lacework the opal mens scarf pattern.oh yea would be for me,am sjb1knits on ravelry.With a Dec2 birthday this would be a great late bday surprise.

  48. Tfucci Says:

    Handspun sock, for myself!!!!

  49. PanGaia16 Says:

    I have a cable cardigan in progress that has been parked since March when the stress levels soared sufficiently for errors in practically every row. After the holiday season, I am dying to pick it up so I can wear it before the cold weather has gone completely!

  50. Darlene Vanderhoof Says:

    My selfish knitting involves a shawl for me of various stash I have along with a pattern I found at my LYS!! Very excited to see it all come together.  It will also be the very first item I have ever made for myself! I Also plan on making a scarf for me after having made and gifted over 10 for Christmas – and this beautiful yarn in the giveaway is everything I love – from the color, to the hand – I can already feel it caressing me in warmth and love!

  51. Shirley Pastore McCormack Says:

    Oh, how I’d absolutely love to make a warm shawl with this wool!

  52. Bugsnbobbin Says:

    I plan to make myself a couple of hats – all the ones I have end up in my daughter’s room.  Hm.  I also have several shawls and wraps planned, to ward off the cold while I am at my desk.

  53. Marcena Squeakie Williams Says:

    I am not really a selfish crocheter. I love to make things for others. Gift’s out of no-where… I do plan on making a scarf for myself but am really looking forward to making my sister a sarong and this yarn would be PERFECT for it. :-)

  54. Debbie Constable Says:

    I am going to make myself a poncho!  Yes, I said a PONCHO!!  :)

  55. Shirley Pastore McCormack Says:

    Oh, how I’d love to make a warm shawl with this lovely yarn!

  56. Amanda Says:

    I am planning a Lady Kina for me.  And I’m going to finish my Haruni.  And another shawl.  And a scarf.  And fingerless gloves.  And a gingerbread house.  And…
    I’m Yammamamma on Rav.  :)

  57. Eighteggs Says:

    I wish I could move on to more selfish stuff, but if I’m not playing christmas catchup, I’ve got 3 (three!) Friends with babies due in January. Knit knit KNIT!

  58. Helenmelston Says:

    Since I have been churning out slouchy hats for Christmas gifts and have been resisting the urge to adopt one as my own, I plan to knit ONE MORE for myself before I return to knitting on my sweater that is hibernating for the holidays.

  59. Huimeilei Says:

    A pair of Bella’s Mittens is definitely planned :)

  60. Kristen Delaney Says:

    I’m deep in Christmas gift knitting mode and I’m finding myself dreaming of shawls.  I’m thinking I’ll cast on the Narnia shawl for myself once I finish all this gift knitting.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cast on before Jan, though!  Thanks for the contest!

  61. The Scorpio Woman Says:

    My selfish knitting I’ll do will be a shawl with Noro yarn.  It’s going to be beautiful

  62. RandiMichelle Says:

    Hoping that January will finally mean I can knit myself the Commelina Scarf or the Geodesic Cardigan.

  63. Jamie Says:

    I’m planning to knot another Cassidy cardigan. The first time I ran out of yarn so I could’t make the hood. This time I hopefully bought more than enough.

    I love DIC yarn!

    “Paradise” on Ravelry

  64. Cara Says:

    I like your yarn, but I’m a weaver, not a knitter.  :(  I’d love to be entered anyway.  I’m working on some towels and a shawl.

  65. Heather Says:

    I’m making infinity scarves!
    Ravelry: TheHeatherMarie

  66. Greytknits on Ravelry Says:

    I love Dream Yarns!  Glad you asked about selfish knitting, cause mostly that’s all I do….ONT at the present time, two pairs of socks, 1 cowl, that is social knitting, because I can’t knit and talk at the same time unless it’s really easy conversation ;-), a hat because the weather is changing and I saw an adorable pattern on Rav, watching and waiting for yarn to be delivered, from Webs (natch) for a RED sweater, for me.  Plus some UFOs that are so old I can’t even remember them.

  67. Stephaniebuzzella Says:

    I’ll be knitting myself an infinity scarf :) can’t wait!

  68. vsidart Says:

    The cabled scarf I’ve been dreaming about since I started knitting!

  69. Beth Roth Says:

    I want to add more scarves and small shawls to my wardrobe, so my selfish knitting will go in that direction. I’m also tempted by the various modular blanket patterns that are trending right now, but I’m not sure I’m motivated enough to complete one!

  70. Ericka Smith-Schubart Says:

    I haven’t even thought about my own projects for January! I have never tried socks and I want to :)

  71. danielle Says:

    I’m going to pull out my scrap yarn and head over to my grandma’s and learn how to make granny squares for a thow.

  72. Rachel Says:

    A Fireside Patchwork Afghan so I can learn cabling, Fair Isle and working with multiple colors. (jazzlvr on Ravelry)

  73. Janice Says:

    My selfish knitting will be to work on my 5-color brioche sweater (in yarn purchased from WEBS). It’s going to be sooo warm!

  74. desertneedles Says:

    I am spoiling myself with a large, square, alpaca and silk Happ shawl. I am following that with a large cotton, maybe bamboo (yet to be purchased) cicular shawl for the summer months. I deserve both of them.

  75. PlantsAreNeat Says:

    Whee! As soon as the last Xmas item is off the needles I’m starting my first-ever gownup sized cabled cardigan. I have a lovely tweedy slate blue wool (courtesy of WEBS back warehouse, of course) and I’m jazzed about the pattern “Edgewater” by Glenna C.

    And that sweater could certainly use a scarf or hat friend. Or mittens for elegant moments. You can find me on Ravelry as PlantsAreNeat, if I’m one of the lucky ones.

  76. Mabuchan Says:

    I can’t wait to get the holiday knitting over with!  I plan on knitting a shawl just for me in January.

  77. Kristen Says:

    Socks for me!  I’m lazyknittanh on Rav. 

  78. mommymommymommy Says:

    Socks!  I would make some lovely, warm, cabled socks for myself.  I love socks with cashmere in the yarn.

  79. Chris18940 Says:

    A hat and matching mittens (or gloves) sound good to me!

  80. Nicky Steffel Says:

    The yarn looks gorgeous. Would love to be selfish, however my Opa in Germany would love  a scarf almost named after him :) !!!

  81. Valerie Says:

    That yarn is utterly lovely, I’d definitely find some selfish knitting for it! ;-D

  82. Linda Says:

    Socks. It’s getting cold.

  83. Knitter Kitter Says:

    My selfish knitting is going to be a sweater for me! 

    What a great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win some yummy yarn!

    Knitter Kitter on Ravelry

  84. SimchasJewels Says:

    I’ve got a couple sweaters for myself started that I hope to pick up again in January.

  85. Caelinsmom Says:

    I will be knitting fingerless mitts for me, maybe then a scarf to match the fingerless mitts.

  86. Amy Says:

    In January I plan to make myself a warm and cozy blanket to snuggle with when this crazy New England heat wave finally breaks.

  87. kobuu Says:

    I have some new Stephen West patterns that I got from my birthday swap partner that I am just DYING to start!! Christmas better hurry up and be done so I can get back to ME! LOL.

  88. ExecutiveKnitter Says:

    I am going to make The “City Block Shawl”.   Just have to settle on colors and stop changing my mind!!

    Rav Name:  Executiveknitter

  89. Aaron Says:

    January is the start of my selfish knitting, I am planning a fair isle bag, a sweater and socks! I can’t wait! :)

    Ravelry: aaronruby

  90. Knitarooooo Says:

    I plan on knitting a cardigan using my handspun & finish up 2 pairs of socks (2nd sock syndrome!)


  91. Ellenspn Says:

    A shawl. Actually Aeolian from Knitty

  92. Denise Bein Kroll Says:

    I’m going to be knitting the Lanesplitter skirt

  93. Bethany Says:

    Ah. selfish knitting will probably be TinyOwlKnits Deer with Antlers Hat! I’ve been wanting it for so.long. but just now getting my knitting skills up to do it!

    Rav Name: darklykawaii

  94. Rekhmina Babar Says:

    I want to knit a pair of mitts and a slouchy beanie for myself. First time knitting for myself!
    Raverly name: rekhmina

  95. Mona Cheah Says:

    My selfish knitting is purely stashbusting. Knitting in a tropical country with loads of wool in my stash will be a challenge so I will be doing a boatload of lace.

    I am knitnut on Ravelry

  96. Danielleb Says:

    I have 2 shawls that I keep pretending that I’m going to give away, but I know full well that I’m going to keep them.  Haha!

  97. Corin Says:

    I’ve had a cowl started for months that I can’t wait to finish for myself.  I’ll be rethinking that plan if I win this beautiful yarn though. 

  98. Rita Hartman Says:

    I am making one of those cutie headbands with a flower that is oh so hip now. Cold is okay if you’re stylin’ in hand knits!!

  99. KathySue Says:

    I will make myself a shawl with Romi’s newest Muses pattern. I immediately fell in love with the slightly off kilter cables, and the edge is so unique. Color? Maybe Swoon would be perfect!!

    I am KathySue on Ravelry.

  100. Kathryn Says:

    My selfish knitting for January is the Trellis and Vine Pullover from Interweave Knits, Fall 2009, in Valley Yarns Deerfield, Frost Gray, thanks to the awesome Webs Deal of the day 11/24! I can’t wait! It is going to be my first sweater!

  101. Kris Says:

    I can’t wait to start my Smokehouse Vest in Teal Berkshire Bulky.  Casting on January 1st or when I’ve finished my Christmas knitting and 2 other WIPs – whichever comes first!

  102. NanciKnits Says:

    My selfish knitting will be a shawl.  For Me. Me.Me.
    What a great giveaway and a beautiful colorway!

  103. KallieKY Says:

    A selfish knitting project?  I think they all are in my world  :)  I plan to make a couple of cardigans during the cold weather.  I love a yoke design.

  104. Editorabc Says:

    Oh, come January I will be knitting a few purses I’ve always wanted to knit, but the patterns got put on the back burner because of the holidays! I’m EditorABC on Ravelry :)

  105. Sarah Jane Says:

    Whatever my Ravelry queue tells me is next!  I’ve got it perfectly organized for the holidays so I can keep on track.  Maybe my first shawl?  There’s so many hats, mittens, and scarves in my near future I can’t think that far ahead!

    nuttrageous on Ravelry

  106. ThatCleverClementine Says:

    I’m going to start on CocoKnits Maude sometime … soon … ish … I hope. I’ll do some math fu, and work it up in some MadTosh tml, I think.

    For me! For me!


  107. Kdebner Says:

    I started a luxurious scarf for myself before all the Christmas knitting and plan to finish that.

  108. sbm Says:

    I’m waiting impatiently to knit myself Argonath by Susan Pandorf in MadTosh Pashmina in Mare.  It’s my reward for completing all the holiday knitting I’ve tasked myself with.  I know it’s going to be fabulous!

  109. Jwalton Says:

    My January for me knitting will be the Lanesplitter skirt from Knitty. I am currently considering my Noro colorway choices as I work on holiday projects.

  110. marie sierra Says:

    hmmm selfish knitting? i am dying to make myself a summer wrap out of a lovely yarn i picked up from the MSWF this year!
    thank you for the chance to win! merry christmas to all!
    marie (craftshark on ravelry)

  111. Sherry MacCullouch Says:

    I have my wool purchased (in a beautiful green/blue/turquoise) colour and I’m planning to make myself my second oh-so-beautiful Salina sweater by Kim Hargreaves which was published in Rowan Vintage Knits in 2005. I’ve almost given myself carpal tunnel syndrome, making scarves and berets this year for my huge Christmas list and office co-workers. I had start in mid August. So I’m oh so ready to start on something for myself!

    Cheers to everyone in your shop. I look very forward to all my emails that I receive from you.

  112. Judy L Says:

    I’m knitting myself an Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl. Can’t wait! I’m “iloveafarmer” on Ravelry.

  113. mary! Says:

    beautiful! i must admit that i have no time for selfish knitting in january – i’ve got two baby blankets to finish up, and, for the first time ever, i’m sewing fleece backings. wish me luck! (and i hope i’m still eligible to win, even though i hardly ever have time to knit for myself!)

    ravelry name: illyanadmc

  114. jdarling Says:

    January will be dedicated to fabulous socks!
    Unless of course I score some swoon, then I’ll have to
    Search for the perfect lace shawl pattern.

  115. Heather M. Says:

    I just finished 2 selfish knitting projects – Stripe Study and Smock Slouch hat.  I have a Paulie sweater of sock yarn on my needles and I am itching to make a pair of socks for me!

  116. Julianne Q Says:

    I want to finally make a sweater!

    I’m ulianne on ravelry.

  117. Hohomuffin Says:

    I want to finish the Japanese Garden Shawl that’s on my needles, and continue the hexipuff madness!

  118. Babydstuff Says:

    Knitting? Never! It’s all crochet for me! Fingering is my favorite weight, and I just used Dream in Color yarn to make the Plumeria shawl…my next DiC project would definitely be another shawl-type object – I’m obsessed! I’m craftwich on Ravelry, and do you know where your hooks are?? ;)

  119. Amy Mason Says:

    I have 3 or 4 hats that I jus got yarn for that I will be knitting up after all my Christmas gift knitting is done!

  120. Lynette Says:

    My selfish knitting project is to start my Philosopher’s Wool kit I’ve had in my stash for over 10 years. It will be a joy to finally cast on. (passionknit on Ravelry)

  121. Maureen Says:

    What a great yarn.
    As for what I plan on knitting is a sweater coat. I have a pattern I just need to get the yarn. I love wearing sweater coats in the morning and at night when I get home.
    This way I can do one to my specifications.

  122. Kim Says:

    My selfish knitting will be to tackle a cardigan for myself as well as one of the many shawls that have been sitting in my Ravelry queue. 

  123. Melissa Sweet Says:

    I am absolutely planning on making a Coastal Hoodie for myself once all the Christmas presents are done. 

  124. Julie B. Says:

    I’m going to finally finish a sweater!

  125. Rachel LC Says:

    Sweaters! I have Purl Bee’s Short Row Sweater, Amy Chrisoffers’s Larch Cardi & Jared Flood’s Tinder Cardi queued.

  126. Sara Says:

    Ooh, I’d love to win this. I’m selfishly knitting a scarf in Madtosh Merino Light this winter. I’m silkworm77 on Ravelry.

  127. Micki D Says:

    I’m planning on starting a v-neck cardigan with a lace collar!  Crossing fingers and toes that both afghans that are Christmas gifts get finished in time.

  128. Kathleenjones Says:

    I’ll be breaking my ‘curse of the sweater’…for many years I would start a sweater for a new ‘squeeze’ only to break up just before it was finished…as a result my husband would not let me make him a sweater….but now we’ve been married 22 I am taking the risk!  I figure it is really cold in Winnipeg in January so the likelyhood of breaking up that month is pretty low..

  129. Jackie Says:

    Wow!  Amazing!  I already have the Seaside Shawlette lined up for me as soon as I can get to it!  (Ravelry ID is jacrae)

  130. Andi Says:

    I need a cowl!!  Ooooh, I need a cowl. This Colorado weather is quite chilly!! :)

    I’m reikimom…. :)

    Gorgeous yarn!!

  131. Hannah Says:

    I’m planning to knit myself a colorwork sweater.

    Rav Name: hannahlou88

  132. Suannstitches Says:

    I’ve been needing some new mittens for a while. Selbu mittens in Kauni :-)

  133. Kristine M. Says:

    I’m going to make myself s warm lace shawl & some socks to match!

  134. Kellysirishred Says:

    I plan on making Amy Herzog’s Twinnings with some Cascade Venezia. Of course I should be finishing my husband’s cardi, a grumpasaurus for a friend, weaving in ends on my sister’s gloves, and burning through the barrels of sock yarn I have in my closet… but oh well.

  135. Carole Says:

    I am planning to knit myself a cowl and some matching fingerless mitts with some yummy bamboo/cashmere/merino blend I bought in Rhinebeck this year!

  136. Mara Bonsaint Says:

    I am planning to knit myself an Albers cowl in January, but maybe the Smooshy with cashmere would be perfect for the Damson shawl I’ve been wanting to knit.

  137. Jen/StormCoast Says:

    Having just finished my husband’s Valentine’s Day 2009 present (Knitty’s Binary Scarf), I intend to make myself a stranded colorwork scarf in nummy Cascade Lana D’Oro!

  138. SimPhyllis at Ravelry Says:

    My selfish knitting for January is to make a shrug from some black Malabrigo laceweight I’ve been hanging on to.  Still looking for that perfect pattern!  I tell you what, though — if I won that gorgeous Dream in Color, I might adjust my plans.  *Swoon* is right!

  139. Bonniebw - Ravelry Says:

    Planning a sweater coat – a nice big project to keep my knees warm this winter!

  140. Laurahq Says:

    I started my first Cookie A sock pattern in a beautiful blue color, and once the holidays are over I’ll finally have time to finish them.

  141. Christine Says:

    I’m need to knit myselt a Flintshire hat, cabely goodness.  I just completed one for my dad but I need one too!

    BellyLaugher on Rav

  142. Astroknitter Says:

    I have a cardigan planned for my selfish knitting! With some super soft, fingering weight alpaca. There might also be some selfish spinning, too- I need to get the fiber stash in check :) (ravelry name= astroknitter)

  143. Jenny Coombe Says:

    Yes, January is devoted to selfish knitting! I expect I’ll be making at least one cabled sweater, some mittens, and probably a shawl of some kind, just for starters. And hopefully, I’ll be doing some selfish spinning and weaving (I’m getting a loom for Christmas!!!).

  144. Carolmatz Says:

    My projects for January are warm socks and an infinity scarf.

  145. Mary Brinton Says:

    Selfish knitting! Well, let’s see – I really NEED some new socks! But this begs to be a lovely shawlette or scarf. It gets very cold in winter.

  146. tmellis2003 Says:

    I have some wonderful MadelineToshLace that I am going to knit into a beaded Summer Dew Stole for myself. 


  147. Marta Says:

    I’m going to cast on the Quince & Co. pattern, Solstice. I vacationed in Maine this past summer and fell in love with their yarn!

  148. Dahlia Says:

    Me and the members of my Stitch & Bitch will be hard at work completing hat sets for the Veterans of our American Legion. Rav: dahlia625

  149. Katy Says:

    Planning some fingerless mitts with a wool/alpaca blend I bought at Rhinebeck!
    (Knitterpated on Ravelry)

  150. Marta Says:

    I’m going to cast on the Solstice cardigan by Quince & Co. I vacationed in Maine this past summer and fell in love with their yarn!

  151. Maigheoyank Says:

    I’ve needed socks for every pair of feet I know . . . except MINE!!!  I think it’s my turn, don’t you?  Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. Amy Biggerstaff Says:

    I plan on making a scarf for myself out of a handspun yarn that was gifted to me this summer and finishing a pair of socks for myself that are on the back burner for months while I knit for everyone else.

  153. Byneedleandthread Says:

    I’m planning lots of knitting for January. I’d love to make myself a sweater from Cascade 220 Heathers in Summer Sky colour that I ordered from you guys a million years ago.. I have yet to decide on the pattern possibly Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. My ravelry name: byneedleandthread

  154. Catie Says:

    I am planning on doing a selfish lace project!
    I am not sure what yet – but I have had the yarn set aside to do Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Snowdrop Shawl for a very long time.
    Ravelry name: Catiebell

  155. Lisa Says:

    I will finally finish my top down cardigan for me!! I started it last January and it got put aside to make more gifts! I am LisaPlone on ravelry.

  156. lorraine Says:

    i need to finish my beatnik sweater finally..but im really excited about all the selfish spinning ill be doing :)

  157. Maigheoyank Says:

    I meant I’ve knitted socks . . . not I’ve needed . . . but then, since I’ve not knitted them for myself, I guess I have needed them . . . .

  158. Frucat Says:

    My selfish knitting is Girasol (a Jared Flood pattern) and socks, lot’s of socks, for me!

  159. afiuni Says:

     I am planning on crocheting Lilly Go’s Gathering Leaves shawl.

  160. Sonya Peck Says:

    A cowl, a Daybreak, and maybe a Creekbed. I love Stephen West’s designs.

  161. Betford2 Says:

    I’ve got a cleverly-constructed shrug on my ME list. Can’t wait to wear it!

  162. Meg Hollar Says:

    Whatever the heck I want! I have so many Christmas commissions right now. I’m thinking a few scarves and shawls, maybe a hat or two – just for me! :D

  163. Cindy Says:

    After knitting socks for other people for Christmas, I’d finally like to make a pair for myself.

  164. Robyn Says:

    I’m going to be making my very first sweater! I’m very excited about the switchback pattern from the most recent twist collective. I can’t wait for my backordered malabrigo rios to arrive. :) I’m luxnoctis on Ravelry.

  165. Mrsungeek Says:

    I am wanting to learn how to make socks for myself. I can’t do it until after Christmas, but it will be a new challenge for me.

  166. Amber Nagel Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try more tunisian stuff. I found a really cute cloche and scarf pattern in a book. Also I have been wanting to do mittens and a sweater.

  167. Laura Says:

    I plan on making a lace scarf and I would LOVE to make it with that skein!

  168. labeth Says:

    I picked up a kit for this massive stripey shawl (by the person who wrote the Stripe Study pattern), and I am looking forward to getting into that in January!

  169. Zollie Says:

    I’ve been knitting hats for everyone so I’d like to finish a couple of UFO’s for myself and have a go at knitting my first pair of socks! I’m zollie on Ravelry. Cheers

  170. Besslibby Says:

    I started a beautiful beaded lace shawl last January, and put it down after a little while because I needed to work on other projects.  I’d love to work on this again.  And I need to knit up a skein of my homespun into a scarf for myself.

  171. Angus38075 Says:

    A sweater for mee.

  172. Anita Turner Says:

    I plan to finish my Oregon Shawl — at last!!!  It’s beautiful so far.
    ajt0516 on Ravelry

  173. Anita Turner Says:

    I plan to finish my Oregon Shawl!   It’s almost to the outside border, which will take a while, but it’s beautiful so far.

  174. JaynaZan Says:

    I have very little holiday knitting left, so my selfish knitting will hopefully start BEFORE the holiday break.  On my queue for me are fingerless mitts, an aran square for an afghan, and a mobius cowl of some sort.  (JaynaZan on Ravelry)

  175. mlb Says:

    I bought the yarn for the Lorelei cardigan about a year and a half ago, and I’d love to be able to actually wear it one of these days!

  176. Wixson Says:

    In January it will be all about a cozy alpaca wrap for me!

  177. sassykathy Says:

    As soon as my Christmas gifts are done, I’m casting on a sweater for me! (I just have to decide which one…) sassykrafty on Ravelry

  178. Monica Says:

    Hoping to finish Webs Deep Breath Sweater (Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca/silk, navy) in January.  My first top down sweater!    I’ve been knitting Christmas socks for my family and have a break before I need to start the next grandchild’s sock (baby due in March, have knit 8 so far), so I decided to knit something for myself.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that (7 years?)…..

  179. Cate Says:

    I think I’m going to finally get to the Daybreak. 

  180. kate Says:

    In January I am making myself socks. I should be hatted-out by then.  And i plan to crochet something from  Kristin Omdahl  ‘s Seamless Crochet book. It is on pre-order and can’r wait to see it.

  181. rs Says:

    I’ll probably be knitting socks for my wife…although that’s sort of selfish, anyway, because she’s such an appreciative recipient and brags about her knitted things to all her friends. But man would I love to make a dream in color scarf (that would be for me me me!)

  182. Allison Says:

    My selfish New Year knitting will start with some spinning… I have some Merino roving in a gorgeous color from Webs that I’m just dying to spin! I’m planning on a sweater.
    This is such gorgeous yarn! Thanks for the contest.

  183. Gretchen DiLuca Says:

    I plan on casting on Fleur Play by Lindsay Obermeyer out of some beautiful Isager Strik Alpaca 2 at the very least for selfish knitting, and then there is my hat that needs finishing.

  184. Manoowa Says:

    I have never knit with Dream In Color yarns and would love to try some!

  185. Linda Says:

    Been sidetracked by holiday gift and charity knitting.  Need to get back to the cardigan I was making myself this fall!

  186. Babs331 Says:

    I am so looking forward to knitting a dainty lace scarf with Findley by Juniper Moon Farm….I got it at a trunk show in the fall and am waiting till I have some down time for myself. Right now I am too busy knitting Xmas gifts!,!

    Babs331 on Ravelry

  187. Erin Says:

    Gorgeous! I belong to a fiber CSA, and I should be getting my share yarn shortly before Christmas. I’ll be knitting myself a sweater out of it. I have several contenders, but I need to double check yardage before I make a decision.
    Rav ID: luci99

  188. Laura Hess Says:

    I have decided next year is going to be the year of knitting for me! The only way you are getting a hand knit gift out of me is if you have a baby. I am starting by finishing the Lover’s Knot cabled blanket that I cast on six months ago, but have only had time to finish 24 rows so far. After that, I plan to learn to knit socks. :)

    Ravelry name: Laura0329

  189. Thedutchies Says:

    My oldest daughter just moved from California to Illinois.
    They have weather there!
    So far I’ve knitted her gloves, bed socks, a scarf and I’m knitting a cardigan.
    I also cast on for a hat for her.

    So in January I’m knitting only for one person. ME!
    I have some cashmere in a lovely purple I would like to make into a shawl.
    For ME!

  190. Kay Says:

    I have a Mythos sweater that is just about half done and one or two other cardigans in my sights. And a few (or more than a few) gorgeous shawls to knit up…..and some mittens & socks….and maybe a scarf or two……………..then I’ve always wanted a Girasole for me…….and the list goes on! Maybe even tackle my queue on Ravelry!!

    nestinknitter on Rav(aka Kay)

  191. Allison Henle Says:

    I plan to knit a mate to one of my solo mittens so that I finally have a matched pair. It will probably be the Monarda Mittens (in Berocca ultra alpaca light) but I might finish my Sideways Fingerless Mitts (in Cascade sock)

  192. Julia Says:

    In January I hope to finally start Whisper cardi, the idea that has been hibernating for the last two years or so…

  193. Sholt576 Says:

    I need to make my very own felted lopi slippers in January!

  194. Kim LaPolla Says:

    This is the year I hope to delve into cables! Probably with start with socks and some Dream in Color would be luscious!

  195. Swtblu Says:

    I want to knit a matching Pomatomus sock and mitt set.

  196. doviejay Says:

    I think I’ll be making a simple shawl for myself in STR – Currier and Ives. I got 3 skeins of Mdwt for my birthday and it’s going to be Mine!!! Doviejay on Rav!!

  197. Sandra Moon Says:

    I’m planning on making the Bountiful Bohus for myself.  It’ll be my first steeking & fair Isle on a sweater. Wish me luck
    Ravelry:  Moonlightserenad

  198. Kim LaPolla Says:

    This is the year I plan on delving into cables and I’ll probably start with socks. Some Dream In Color would be luscious for this project!

  199. adoptionmsw Says:

    I’m joining a KAL for Sandrilene (Knit Circus) designed by Jesh.  I’m looking forward to making something for ME…

  200. JStave Says:

    I plan on finally knitting a cardigan I’ve been meaning to knit since it was published on Knitty, “Girl Friday”!

  201. Carlen Says:

    Stranded Cthulhu mittens. Finally!

  202. nti57 Says:

    I’m planning on knitting a shawl for myself after the holiday knitting is done. Sadly, I usually don’t finish all my holiday knitting on time, and so many folks will be getting one sock with an IOU, so part of January will be spent finishing those socks. Maybe I’ll finish in time this year! Either way, I’m still knitting a shawl for ME in January!

    -julesinrose on Ravelry

  203. Fauxfinishqueen Says:

    After the Christmas rush of knitting I plan to make a fingering weight sweater for ME! So looking forward to the selfish knitting.

  204. Boursin Says:

    In January I am going to take all my Christmas and birthday money (’cause I’m a December baby) and probably spend oodles of hours looking at yarn and patterns before spending it on something really nice to knit. I’m thinking of jumping back into socks maybe. Something warm and wintery.

  205. Sarah B Says:

    Im going to finish my Vivian sweater and cast me in some stripey socks.

  206. Dena Says:

    My selfish knitting? The Swing Dress by Skacel…a whole lotta crazy. Not one, but 2 ruffles that begin with 450 stitches, joined in the round. I hope to start on Boxing Day.
    Dena (avalon on ravelry)

  207. Joviboutique Says:

    I’m going to make myself an afghan for the first time! I always make afghans for other people, I figure it’s my turn

  208. haraya Says:

    In January I want to make myself a shawl – Multnomah, Holden, or Boneyard.  I’ve started nine projects in my very short career as a knitter, and only one of them has been for myself! :D  My first skein of yarn ever was some Dream in Color in Ruby River, a gift from a friend – and I’ve been hooked ever since. <3  Thanks for the contest – I now have a new yarn to covet! :)

  209. Dvschaaf Says:

    I’ll be knitting a lacy scarf of some kind, for me!

  210. Silvamint Says:

    I just finished a really complicated hat for a friend, so next I’m making myself a simple but great hat out of Rowan Big Wool!

    Ravelry name: Silvamint

  211. BabySykora Says:

    I found a sweater I want to knit for myself that I haven’t selected the yarn for yet, go figure. 
    I’m BabySykora on ravelry. :)

  212. Michelle Says:

    The Deneb shrug.

  213. Verbafacio Says:

    If I start my lightweight linen sweater in January, it might be done in time to wear for spring/summer!

  214. Woolydaisy Says:

    a new sweater for me me me!   not sure which one yet.  still deciding.

  215. Gandmvintage Says:

    There is a beautiful shawl I would love to make that this Dream in Color would be ideal for! 

  216. Curtis Rogers Says:

    I’m making as many ruffle scarves and hats as possible :-) Have already made a baby owl hat and it turned out great!

  217. kabrown1 Says:

    I plan to finish up some socks that I have been putting off and then start a light blanket and then a capelet to wear when I sit in my knitting chair and need as my neck and shoulders get cold.

    rav katbrown

  218. Djbowlin Says:

    Dream In Color is one of my faces …I actually have some ear marked for a vest for myself to start in January!

  219. Dariasmom Says:

    Planning to make some progress on my Beekeeper project. I’d like to finish it in the spring.

  220. CascadeKnitter Says:

    I hope to get an Alice Starmore fair isle kit for Christmas and plan to start it in January. I’m CascadeKnitter on Ravelry.

  221. Amy Henke Says:

    I’m finally going to knit an afghan for myself. I’m tired of napping under a ratty old throw!

    Ravelry as whiteflash

  222. Im_just_lori Says:

    Sweaters. I want sweaters. And to finish a shawl for me. That’s what I’m planning for January.

  223. coxmi8 Says:

    I’m planning to work on the Draupner Shawl by Laura Chau.  This fingering weight Smooshy would be beautiful in the shawl!

  224. RKPR Says:

    I’m knitting me a scarf!!! It’s on small needles, with soft, squishy, fingering weight yarn.

  225. Jo Graham Says:

    I would have to say cables, cables and more cables! I only started knitting about a year ago and I have recently learned to cable. Now I am trying to choose a pattern to try my new skills out. And the free pattern that comes with this gorgeous yarn (in my fav combo of colors!) just fits the bill! ;)

    joharrison on Ravelry

  226. Anne Says:

    Once my holiday knitting and crocheting is done I’m definitely going to spoil myself in January. So far I’m planning a hat and scarf set and a sweater. All free patterns from DROPs (gotta love them)! I can’t wait until January is here!

    chainintapestries on Ravelry

  227. Liz Says:

    Well, I decided that I should put sock yarn in my stocking for Christmas (instead of socks from Santa that everyone else in the family will be getting) so I think socks for me are on my list! 

  228. Pieri Hayes Says:

    I am presently finishing a crocheted doily rug for my mother in law.  In January, I plan to make one for myself, and maybe a friend.  But me first.

  229. Abigail Lee Says:

    I am making myself a shawl. Halfway done already!

    Abigail.lee (at)

  230. Lpemburn Says:

    I intend tto finish 3 projects for myself that I’ve set aside in favor of holiday knitting, and maybe some gorgeous socks if I win this giveaway!  I envision myself wearing them to work – a touch of magick in an otherwise normal existence!

  231. Laltmanyoung Says:

    As soon as I finish making gifts, I have wool set aside for a sweater I have been wanting to make for me!

  232. Damaris Axelson Says:

    For my selfish knitting in January, I’m planning on a sweater. Maybe Owls or Acer? (thedamaris on ravelry).

  233. H Diddly Says:

    thigh-highs. lots and lots of thigh-highs.

    Ravelry username: o1o

  234. Rachel Scheller Says:

    I have several sweaters and shawls ready to go for January; now to just choose which one to do first!

  235. Theresa (knitsinpublic) Says:

    I am going to knit a sweater for myself. I hope I can finish up my holiday knitting before Jan. so I can start it soon!

  236. Megret Says:

    I am planning to finish up a ton of gloves and mittens…. and baby sweaters before January, then I am going to try to finish up the aran vest I started for myself ages ago.  The gift knitting always seems to take over!

  237. Sheila Says:

    Oh Yumm.  I have a colorwork afghan project to try and about 5 or so UFO’s to finish.  I’d like to try steeking but I am afraid.  

  238. marscapone Says:

    planning on the Barton Cottage Shrug in the 2011 Jane Austen Knits! Ravelry name is marscapone.

  239. Liz Says:

    Oh, how pretty!  We have a baby due in January, so my selfish knitting has been, and will be, lots of tiny socks and hats that I’ve always wanted to knit, but haven’t had a good reason to knit until now…

  240. Stephenie Says:

    I will be knitting a wonderful sweater for myself :)

  241. Jordanya Brostoski Says:

    I never get around to making things for myself, it’s always hats for the husband, mitts for the godchild, scarves for the mothers and I don’t mind but this January I plan to start a sweater, some socks and something lacy for me! I’m excited !

    ravelry: thewalnut

  242. Lmjme313 Says:

    I want to knit a Zephyr sweater for myself, hopefully before it gets too warm!  I am Lmjme313 on Rav

  243. DelightedHands Says:

    I will be knitting fingerless mitts for me in January since I made a ton for Christmas gifts for others!

  244. Hilary Says:

    Well, I have to finish up my nerdy Doctor Who mittens (once I finish my Christmas gifts) but I have been dreaming of making myself some long, pretty scarf with some sort of edging to give it some ladylike pizzazz.

  245. KGinNY Says:

    My January knitting plans begin with a throw for me, something that will mark my home as *my* home after a messy year of divorce.  Then socks – matching pairs for me and my daughter.  :)

    KGinNY on Ravelry

  246. Megan Williams Says:

    My selfish knitting is always a cardigan for myself.  It is selfish in 2 ways: it monopolizes my knitting time, and it is for ME!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  247. Marrinan55 Says:

    The photo of the yarn is really beautiful.  I’ll bet it looks better in real life!

  248. Laura Says:

    I have a stash of Tosh Merino Light that will be ALL MINE as soon as I finish gift knitting!

  249. Anita Cook Says:

    I am looking forward to a new cowl and a couple of skinny scarves!

  250. spinne Says:

    I’m going to be working on Kieran Foley’s Seascape Stole and Margaret Mills’s Sunbreak blanket!

  251. gingiemay Says:

    A sweater for me!

  252. Judy M Says:

    I can see a beautiful cowl and mitts. Or a scarf or a ……..

  253. Charlotte Says:

    I have two pairs of socks and a scarf for me that haave been put on the back burner.  I would love to get these finished in January.

    dockstdr on Ravelry

  254. Paula @ KnitandSeek Says:

    January?  I gave up Christmas knitting this year and am selfishly knitting myself a pair of colorwork mittens and a cardigan.  It’s very liberating, and I only feel a tiny bit guilty….

  255. Judyodo Says:

    I am excited to start work on two projects for new babies expected in April! ………..then hope to finish the socks, scarves, sweater, and gloves hiding in the bottom of my knitting bag.

  256. Marrinan55 Says:

    I forgot to say that after the holidays I’ll be resuming work on my shawl from Estonian Lace.  It’s getting really close to being done.  I started in Feb 7, 2011, the day my grandson was born and it’s been pre-empted many times by lots of other, quicker projects.

  257. Nomegw Says:

    I have an autumn rose pullover that desperately wants to be on my needles in January! (or possibly something in a dream in color yarn… ;-)

    Nomers on ravelry

  258. Janesezknit Says:

    Selfish knitting for January…Vignette sweater by Amy Herzog.

  259. Somewhereknits Says:

    I want to go all out and make myself a lightweight sweater, possibly with a Doctor Who Weeping Angel on the back.  

  260. PeteJustPete Says:

    I am going to attempt my first sweater for me! :D

  261. Magda Says:

    I really want to finish the sweater..  started it last fall…

  262. jlknepper Says:

    I’m planning on making myself a lovely shawl out of some special yarn my husband brought me back from Switzerland earlier this year.

    mommygenes on Ravelry

  263. Debholbrook Says:

    My first ever sweater….Cassis. In a lovely garnet red yarn bought at WEBS on my last roadtrip there. I’m dlh426 on Ravelry :)

  264. Kirstenspitzer Says:

    I will be celebrating finishing nursing school so I will be making as many projects as I can since I have not had much time to knit this year! I have a list of cowls and hats that my fingers are itching to start as soon as finals are over. I adore the dream in color yarn, it is just so scrumptious!

    kirstenspitzer on Ravelry

  265. kaphine Says:

    Ooooooh. I NEED cashmere.  Need. 

    My selfish knitting project will be a chevron infinity scarf made with three sock yarns: Bugga!, Bittersweet Woolery, and a third, yet unpurchased skein.

  266. Jennie Kaderabek Says:

    I plan to make myself some socks in January!
    javajennie on Ravelry.

  267. Ami Says:

    I’m dreaming of a lovely lace shawl a la the Travelling Woman.

  268. Psorensen14 Says:

    I have a couple shawls for me that I’m so looking forward to starting in January—one is using the Valley Yarns I got from you a couple months ago to make Topiary.  Also want to start a special shawl for our 40th anniversary next October. 

  269. mmhaber Says:

    Leg warmers because it’s going to be so cold!

  270. Panhandle Jane Says:

    I am finishing a beaded shawl and the sleeves on a sweater out of Cascade 220 that I ordered from Webs.

  271. Heatherdeedo Says:

    I plan on making myself some sort of very nice spring cardigan in gorgeous colors! I cannot wait until I get the free time to start!

  272. Mimi Forbes Says:

    My selfish knitting is a red cashmere Jade Saphire hoody.  How hedonistic is that?

  273. Judy11 Says:

     Can not wait for January and getting back to finishing first pair of socks for me, then moving on to some more intricate sock patterns and yarn I have been hoarding.  Christmas presents and grand daughters first birthday projects have been occupying my needles for many months.

  274. EmmiRose Says:

    Apres Ski Hoodie for me.

  275. Kamigaeru Says:

    My selfish knitting includes a couple of blankets: Hemlock Ring and Umaro are at the top of my list. It’s cold and who doesn’t need comfy wool things to cuddle?!

  276. Margaret Moore Holmberg Says:

    I am knitting/crocheting a freeform shawl following work I did with Prudence Mapstone at the Knit/Crochet Conference in September 2011. And, since I bought some beautiful yarns during my visit to WEBS that month. Ravelry: sharecropper

  277. MissusVonkysmeed Says:

    Well, I am starting some selfish knitting today with the Advent Calendar Scarf KAL, but I am also planning on starting a new cardigan for myself by January.

  278. rachelb Says:

    I’m not waiting for January!  Starting Quarzo next week…. 

  279. Yogahz Says:

    I’ll probably be finishing Christmas knitting in January.  THEN I would like to make some fingerless mitts to leave in the car. 

    yogahz on Ravelry.

  280. Sheila OKeefe Says:

    I am going to make myself a hooded scarf.

  281. Cbarnwolf Says:

    Most of my knitting tends to be selfish because not enough of my family or friends appreciate the work that goes into hand Knitting an item. But my most lusted after project and the one I plan on casting on is the Lady Eleanor in a fingering weight yarn. My Rav ID is bakerpack.

  282. Toasted Toads Says:

    What if we can’t decide?!?!  I’m either starting my first cardigan for myself (Anne Hanson’s Leaving), making myself my first pair of socks with some cashmere in it (in Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga!)…or making a Damask shawl or Rock Island shawl.

    toastedtoads on Rav

  283. AnneArquis Says:

    Oooh, yummy Swoon! I hope to knit myself something lacy. Rav: AnneArquis

  284. Bzzymom29 Says:

    I will finally be casting on Sylvi.

    bzzymom29 on Ravelry

  285. Anon4mail Says:

    I’m hoping to be in a WEBS “Knit Mittens and Socks to Measurements” class.  :)

  286. Melinda Says:

    Come January I’ll be knitting myself a pair of socks!  They’re my favorite go to project… and the one luxury I allow myself… I only wear hand knit socks.  =D  glittergirl94 on Ravelry

  287. Kathode Says:

    Going to knit myself a hat and scarf of wool/silk in teal.  

  288. Wlw75 Says:

    I’m planning a sweater and learning some socks!

  289. Gussek Says:

    My selfish knitting is to finish my Wrought Iron Socks with Dream in Color Smooshy!  Thanks!  Debbie   gussek on Ravelry

  290. Kayejo Says:

    Well, I love to knit for others, but I recieved some really nice yarn as a gift, so going to knit either socks or fingerless gloves for myself with it. 

  291. Nonsequitorian Says:

    Looking forward to knitting not one, but two (!) capes with button up fronts!

  292. Maggielorrine Says:

    knitting a cashmere hat for myself in January, can’t wait, maybe I’ll find time to sneak it in before the New Year…here’s to wishful thinking!

  293. Katherine Grant Says:

    Planning lots of socks for me and a couple of sweaters from the new Coastal Knits book. 

  294. Jbrezen Says:

    My selfish knitting will be making a poncho with the Manos yarn I got at the WEBS booth at Stitches!

  295. elizh Says:

    Back to sweater making in Jan. No more scarves,mitts, or hats for a while. Also time to replenish the stash for small projects. Dream in Colorado for me!

  296. Kohrslindell Says:

    I am making myself a wonderful shawl with some yummy alpaca silk yarn. I have been so busy, my knitting time has been limited, but I am glad I have something lovely for me in the queue! :)

  297. Bcrowell529 Says:

    Love to make a scarf for my wonderful husband with this yarn.

  298. Marsy Says:

    I have some sweaters in my queue, but they are waiting for those interchangeable needles on my wish list… Hint, hint.

  299. Carol Cohn Says:

    Wow, this is one contest I’d really love to win–that’s absolutely my favorite color combo! Selfish January knitting? Where to begin, as I have so much in my stash to use up. A cowl using some mohair lace-weight? A cardigan using sport-weight I scored during Webs’ 2010 sales? Socks? What a difficult choice it will be.

  300. Anita Smith Says:

    i just bought 12 balls of merino and am planning a nice scarf with matching mittens!
    Niterpi on Ravelry

  301. Beth Kingsley Says:

    I hope to have finished a scarf with yarm from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. Hopefully, my baby will take some longer naps this winter, so I can work on knitting her a hat. :-)

  302. Ditetre Says:

    In January, I plan to make socks for ME!!! Winning this Dream in Color would be the icing on the cake!
    Many thanks,
    ditetre on ravelry

  303. Tricia Says:

    I am planning on knitting myself a pair of socks.  Everytime I make myself something,  my daughter “borrows” it,  and I never get the item back.  My Rav name is chocolatier.

  304. Jess Hicks Says:

    I plan on making myself another Rose Red beret in some black or gray baby alpaca. I recently lost my old one, and I can’t go much longer without another!

  305. Maggieswesties Says:

    My selfish knitting for January – hmmmmmmm – what to choose from all the things I want to make.  I think that a hooded Aran cardigan tops my list followed by warm, colorful boot socks.  That should keep me busy and out of trouble for a day or two.  Have some yummy Madelintosh for my sweater project that I can’t wait the use.  haven’t decide what yarn for my socks.
    Pat aka westies

  306. Strblysneetch Says:

    I haven’t fully decided what selfish knitting I am planning in January. I could do the sweater pattern that I just purchased, or the shawl pattern that I’ve had my eye on… or the one that I’ll be getting from the westknits shawl club, or a pair of socks for a KAL… or… or… or…

  307. Herekitty_2 Says:

    Ok, this is really selfish ….I gave my husband a box of yarn for his birthday in October with the promise that I would knit him a sweater (I haven’t started it). Instead of working on that, in January I will knit myself a pair of “route 66″ socks from “around the world in knitted socks” .

  308. Peachey Says:

    Definitely going to be knitting myself a hat/scarf/mittens set to go with my new winter jacket.  I also bought some sock  yarn back in September to knit myself a pair of socks I haven’t started yet.  January will be a busy “selfish” knitting month for me :)

  309. Richelle Chambers Krotts Says:

    I just got enough yarn to make the Dark and Stormy sweater…after I finish the one I’ve put aside to work on holiday gifts!!!

  310. Marcia Travers Says:

    I am planning on starting a hooded cardigan and some socks! My rav name is soxrock.
    Happy Holidays,

  311. zic Says:

    Selfish knitting? All knitting is selfish knitting, at least for me. I’ve fine motor problems from a neck injury. Knitting keeps my fingers limber, so it’s always selfish. 

    January, I’ll be working on the annual sweater-for-me; I’ve some lovely Valley Yarns Alpaca, purple with orange flecks (Purchased several years ago,) and for some reason, the purple and orange evoke verdigris. So I’m designing a sweater for myself; focusing in the notion of copper-clad cupolas, painted verdigris by time. 

    zic is my profile, both on disqus and ravelry. 

  312. Aferdina Says:

    A lovely warm shawl out of some terrrific handspun/handdyed I found at the local sheep, alpaca and wool show.  The pattern is a  four row easy repeat.  January cold, me warm and happy

  313. Rachel R. Says:

    In January, I’m planning on knitting a beret in fingering weight yarn – haven’t figured out the pattern yet, but there are several vying for attention in my queue!

  314. Cassytomlinson Says:

    I’m planning on finishing the Tatiana sweater I started for myself & maybe socks to go with it!
    cassytom on ravelry

  315. Krystl Says:

    Since I will have my dad’s sweater vest, mom’s gloves, and friend’s baby blanket done by January, I fully plan on knitting myself a Funchal Moebius. It’s unbelievably glorious and I will wear it ALL. THE. TIME.

  316. Emmieween Says:

    I’ve got a cozy pair of mittens, a shawlette, and two sweaters on the needles! Winter knitting is the best knitting.

  317. Barbskates Says:

    I have two yummy skeins of Kangaroo Dyer Northfield Hand Dyed and I think it’ll make a lovely Corinne (cardigan) – that is, as soon as I finish all of my holiday knits!

  318. Si Chen Says:

    I almost always knit selfishly…. I always feel that people wont appreciate the final product as much in comparison to the amount of work I have to put in. My January plans are primarily scarfs and wraps. I have a few Jared Flood designs I been meaning to get to…
    (monikioo on Ravelry)

  319. brownknits29 Says:

    Selfish knitting……. lacy shawl and a some socks for ME.  But, I just might be able to work in a scarf for my husband too!!

  320. Joe Bocanegra Says:

    Most of the knitting I do is selfish because no one wears the things I wear, saying they’re too special a gift to wear it.  It does make sense but still, I wouldn’t mind them wearing them…

    Anywho, my Ravelry ID is JoeFriday

  321. Auhele Says:

    I plan on tackling my first sweater this January.l

  322. Brandon Says:

    I’m planning on putting some newly acquired Fair Isle skills to work with some gloves for myself!

  323. Beth-hiers Says:

    Loving this

  324. Dawn Says:

    I plan on knitting a few cowls. Maybe, even tryout some new patterns for slouchy hats.

  325. Margo Says:

    Pretty much all of the stitching I do is for me. I occasionlly make something for my husband and I have one charity I stitch for. I want to make some socks and mittens for Moi.

  326. Miyokomeow Says:

    Selfish knitting…two cowls for myself to match my new coat.
    (the yarn is coming on the way from webs!)
    My raverly name is miyokomeow.

  327. Jcoz1701 Says:

    I am going to make my very first “real” sweater for me, me, me!!

    Rav: SEBCJen

  328. Cynthia Says:

    I am selfishly knitting myself a pair of fingerless mitts, using the Glorious Cabled pattern. 

    rav name: cyncyn

  329. Gina Says:

    I’m going to start myself a new sweater.

    RavID: Yarnladyz

  330. D Laughlin Says:

    My selfish knitting is an advent scarf for me.  All my sock gifts are already done!!  (and wrapped!)
    contact info.

  331. Inglisg Says:

    I’m knitting myself some socks of my own design once the Christmas knitting and holidays are over. I’m ‘geri’ on Ravelry. I’d LOVE to win the yarn and pattern. Please pick me!

  332. Donna Says:

    I need to get going on the modular sweater pattern  I bought at Stitches LAST year.

  333. Pbouvier13 Says:

    After the (Christmas) socks, hats and all, I NEED a cowl to ward off the New England winter. (MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!)

  334. Holli Says:

    Selfish knitting for January will include a Cambrian Cowl, a pair of Cookie A socks and possibly a new sweater, White Pine I think.

  335. Calico13 Says:

    I’m planning on finishing a sweater for myself! It’s been on hold so I can finish Xmas presents! Also, Smooshy with cashmere? Awesome.
    (Ravelry: calico13)

  336. scmommyknits Says:

    Speaking of selfish knitting… I just ordered a sweater’s worth of Tosh Vintage in Winter Wheat using your free shipping this week!  Hoping it wants to be a cardigan.

  337. Geri Barnes Says:

    I plan to make a Knit, Swirl! jacket just for myself!  Ravelry: gerib242

  338. Deb @ Knitstamatic Says:

    My post holiday selfish knit will probably be a scarf to replace the one my kitties destroyed. Sigh.

  339. Carolknits2 Says:

    I have a great new kit from Vivian Hoxbro and another from Maggie Knits that I got at Stitches East.  Can’t wait to finish Christmas knitting and start them!

  340. 3dzupko Says:

    After 6 baby items, a vest for my son, a wrap for an aunt, a hat for my mom – – january will see me knitting a sweater for me, me, me

  341. Lisa Gutierrez Says:

    Socks! I need ‘em!

  342. Linda Says:

    I have found the nice things I knit for people get thrown in the washing machine/dryer and get ruined (even if I tell them) , so I am saving the nice wool yarns for myself…if it’s for other people it will be mittens or hats.
    tezsocks at ravelry

  343. Isabel Says:

    I have several lacey neckerchiefs, shawletts, and shawls lined up to do for me, and then a new pair of fingerless mitts, and then after I finish my current pullover – I am planning a lovely bomber jacket!  Can’t wait!….
    isbeaddazzled (on Ravelry)

  344. Bookgeekgirl Says:

    Beautiful! I would love to get my hands on some of this yarn! bookgeekgirl at gmail dot com or bookgeekgirl on ravelry

  345. jennifer vickery Says:

    Socks!  I really would love to knit myself a new pair of socks. I haven’t made a pair for myself in 7 years! (hippygoth on Ravelry)

  346. Kim Says:

    I can’t wait until Christmas…I’ll be done with all my rabid gift-finishing efforts!  And then I’m going to get to Jared Flood’s Girasole.  I’d started it, and it’s been sadly neglected…it’s way past time to get it done!  Thanks for doing the giveaway…I absolutely *LOVE* that colorway! 

    jerseystitcher on Ravelry

  347. smartich Says:

    Sweaters and cowls that have been on hold because of the Christmas knitting.  My Ravelry user name is smartich.

  348. L2jarvis Says:

    I’m planning to knit a warm stole that is larger than the one I use to keep the Florida chill away.

  349. Eunice Says:

    I want to finish some “me” projects that got interrupted by granddaughters liking chunky new scarves.

  350. regina c Says:

    Planning to start my first sweater in a long, long, time.

  351. Lisa Novick Says:

    I have plans to knit a cowl: Circumnavigate by Heidi Kirrmaier in Malabrigo Silky Merino just for me : ) I also want to learn new knitting skills this next year, I am sure that will help in knitting many more selfish knits.
    Eintragfaden on Ravelry

  352. Terri Hamilton Says:

    Selfish knitting? I’ll be starting a Swirl. Got part of the yarn from Webs already. :)
    Oh, my Ravelry name is Iskierka. Thanks! I love Smooshy!

  353. MsTKnits Says:

    Socks for me!

  354. pawprint42 Says:

    I’m planning on making a Kidsilk Creation scarf in white.

  355. Petermg Says:

    I will make a pair of Alpaca Sox once my gift knitting is finished.
    liberrylady (on Ravelry)

  356. dpeach on Ravelry Says:

    Beautiful yarn and scarf!  I plan to finish up a sweater and mittens for myself after the holidays! 

  357. Rosalyn Mccormick Says:

    I am going to make a sweater i think corona maybe or the drops sweater with a hood

  358. Deb Says:

    A cowl for myself w/ some gorgeous varigated wool Webs yarn that I bought last year.

  359. SevenSails Etsy Says:

    Warm wool socks will most likely be my Jan. project for myself.

  360. Farmgroupie Says:

    I am planning to knit a Dark and Stormy sweater for myself in an ironically bright and sunny lime green ;)

  361. Norahann Says:

    I have already purchased the yarn for a wrap for myself!!!  I loved the one I made for my daughter in law and decided I needed one!!  Sadly, no time until January to start!!!!

  362. Yvonnem Says:

    Planning to make a scarf, or two or three!

  363. SaraAnne Says:

    I’ve already started my selfish knitting, a sweater from handspun yarn.  I will probably still be working on it come January.

  364. Celeryknits Says:

    I hope that I can finally knit my Lady Eleanor Entrelac Wrap with the Noro I bought just for it.  I need to make my baby the Tulip Sweater with the stash of DIC that I just got first.

  365. Thestarsandseas Says:

    I’m planning on finally making time for all those sweaters I’ve been eyeing!

  366. Adrianna R Says:

    Selfish knitting! Hah! My sister’s birthday is in February and I have to get right on her present after Christmas! The closest I have right now is plans to convert the John Watson Cuddly Sweater (from BBC’s Sherlock) to a crochet pattern, but the first one is going to be for my husband.

  367. Deb Says:

    I am going to make a cowl from some baby alpaca with a tiny thread of sparkle running through it. And maybe a matching hat. Or scarf. Whatever – it’s all for me! me! me!

  368. Rosellenr Says:

    Carol’s Clever Little Shawl, in cherished green, perfect for a cruise!

  369. Angela Says:

    I am so excited to finish all my gifts and get back to knitting for myself! I can’t even choose because I have so many wraps and gloves and cardigans planned for January!

  370. Adrianna R Says:

    Oh, and I’m AdriannaR on Ravelry

  371. elizabeta Says:

    A scarf and (if I really go wild) a hat for myself.

  372. Heidi Says:

    I’m going to make something out of the yummy wool I picked up in Ireland in August.

  373. Kgohl Says:

    Can’t wait to knit more from Socktopus’s book (really my favorite sock book), get a current Starmore project steeked and finished, and maybe something from Rowan 50!

  374. Wmgrmaine Says:

    A lace scarf with a beautiful yarn from my stash

  375. Konna Says:

    Lovely yarn!  My plan is to make myself a lovely Liesl Cowl!

  376. KatRDH Says:

    I’m planning to knit myself some socks and mittens after the holiday knitting is finished.  

  377. Julbk873 Says:

    Love it!
    I am planning to make myself
    Griffen Glovens from Susan Anderson Freed’s
    Colorwork Creations.


  378. Sarah House Says:

    I’m finally going to start my own special mittens out of my very first skein of Socks that Rock!

  379. Ccearl Says:

    Mittens!! Ccearl on ravelry:)

  380. Dendiane Says:

    I am knitting a sweater
    For myself and then plan on knitting myself a cowl and fingerless gloves after that! And want to knit myself my first pair of socks.

  381. mswiley04 Says:

    I am planning on knitting myself fingerless gloves with owls on them, using super soft bamboo yarn.  (Icecoffeequeen at Ravelry) :)

  382. Amira_adina77 Says:

    I have lots of yarnand working on getting scarves done with different types of yarn….this type of yarn will give mr something new to work with as far as skill and feel for different yarns

  383. Jaye Says:

    I’ve been wanting a cowl, this would be perfect.  I’m JGKnitting on Ravelry, hope to hear from you!!

  384. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    I’m in the middle of knitting a dress for Mom, which I’d hoped to have ready for Thanksgiving, but she got ill and I had to rush up early, so no dress. Oh well, I’ll easily get it done from Christmas, says I. But now I find she’s scheduled a doctor appointment for mid December, and I’ll be going up on the 12th and staying thru Christmas. 10 more knitting days lost. I’m beginning to wonder if I can get the dress done by Valentines? Meanwhile, for myself I’m getting anxious to start the sleeves on my own Christmas sweater. Maybe by 4th of July?

  385. Jill Says:

    Hoping to find time to make myself a pretty shawl…IF I can find the time…

  386. Ktlv Says:

    I am knitting a big cosy shawl/wrap out of my own handspun merino/silk!  The design in my head is a simple lace, the kind of triangle that grows from the bottom point, in worsted weight so it goes fast and is super comfy.

  387. Nina Lehman Says:

    panning to make myself Cellini or Colbert jumper from Rowan 44

  388. Jen Says:

    Gorgeous!! Hoping to do a vest for myself soon.

    jendada on ravelry.

  389. Laural Says:

    I am waiting for some Swan Island yarn that I ordered so I can make myself that beautiful cowl/scarf you have on display!  I’m actually kind of glad the order is taking a while, because I know I will want to start on it as soon as I get it, and I still have a lot of holiday knitting to finish.

  390. Amira_adina77 Says:

    I can be reached on revelry as MistressAeval

  391. Sara Kist Says:

    I really want a long cowl for myself, which I plan to make with a cashmere blend yarn. Can’t wait!

  392. Brooke Says:

    I have a hat and mittens to knit from handspun for myself (fair-isle solid with rainbow), and the second Mawata Hankie glove to finish from *cough* last year.

  393. KillerQueen Says:

    I’m finally going to cast on the beautiful Berroco Alpaca that I ordered from WEBS a coupld of months ago!!!  It has been waiting so patiently while I mess around with the Christmas knitting :)

    KillerQueen on Ravelry

  394. Cabincrafter Says:

    I have a sweater all planned for moi as soon as the gifty things are done. I’ve never used Dream in Color yarns, but have heard others speak of them with longing.

  395. Sara Marks Says:

    My sister is getting married in May and I have a lovely, purple dress that needs a shawl.  I found a beautiful lace pattern and, last time I was at WEBS, found a beautiful gray lace weight yarn.  In January I am only going to knit this.  There are no more babies being born among my friends and no birthdays for another month.  The holidays will be over and I live in Massachusetts so I am sure I will have plenty of snow days stuck at home.

  396. Sue in upstate NY Says:

    I’ve got a V neck sweater planned for Jan!

  397. WordLily Says:

    Once it’s January I’ll have more time to invest in my giant queen-sized bedspread based on a print I saw in a museum. :) (WordLily on Rav)

  398. Lori Says:

    my selfish january knitting is the scarpetta sweater, in madtosh lace (fig) already purchased from you! can’t wait to get to it.

  399. booksNyarn Says:

    Selfish knitting? I have gifts to finish first! However, I do want a new pair of fingerless gloves, which will probably be the best quick-and-carry project I will have going.

  400. Mmcmillen Says:

    Oh, I LOVE Dream in Color yarns! I would use it for one of Romi Hill’s marvelous shawlettes (I have both her ebooks full of such patterns). I’m sheepmademedoit on Ravelry.

  401. Kit Finn Says:

    I will probably not be doing knitting for me in January. I will still be finishing gifts. I got over-ambitious this year.

  402. Maryanne Says:

    I bought a skein of red and white sock yarn and was planning to knit stripey socks before the holidays with it, but it looks like that will have to wait until the gift knitting is finished.  Well, at least the socks will be ready for the holidays next year.

    wil4ds on Ravelry

  403. Deb in CT Says:

    There’s this red, cabled sweater that’s sitting ready to knit.  Pattern printed and marked for size. Cascade 220 wound into balls.  Needles with pattern and yarn.  All I need to do is finish three baby sweaters and maybe a pair of lace fingerless gloves.  Socks all done.

    January, here I come….

  404. Joyce Says:

    I am planning to knit myself an infinity scarf/cowl.  I have the yarn I want to use but am still looking for just the ‘right’ pattern.

  405. Kristin Says:

    I am going to go traditional and knit myself a scarf and matching gloves. :)

  406. Donna Says:

    Huge pile of yarn to get thru in fact I shouldn’t buy anything new for ages!!!!!!!

  407. Carol Thorne Paul Says:

    Once ALL Christmas knitting is done, I’m heading straight for some handspun I’ve had “marinating” for a couple of years.  It’s itching to be knit into a simple cardigan for moi.  I think the Mr. Greenjeans pattern from Knitty calls for just the right amount of yardage!

  408. Domestitch Says:

    First I want to finish a pair of knee socks I’ve been working at on and off since April.  Then make the most comfy throw I’ve been dreaming about since I took my first knitting class.

  409. Erossafield Says:

    I just started the Abigail cowl and will probably be working on it in January too. I also have Margot on the needles, but I hope to finish it this month. My Ravelry username is emilyrossa.

  410. Webknitter on Ravelry Says:

    I’m planning a sweater for myself in Northampton Bulky in Navy that’s in my stash, and I will work on a pair of hand warmers at the same time because I like more than one project going at the same time.

  411. Debbie Saenz Says:

    I’m planning on starting a cabled vest and a pullover for myself.  Can’t wait!!

  412. Elisha Says:

    Gorgeous! I have been eyeing Dream in Color for some time now, and I would love to try it out! My ravelry name is ecram.

  413. fanojoel on ravelry Says:

    Come January I have a baby sweater to make, but as soon as I’m done with that I’m finally going to finish socks and a scarf for ME.  A little elf also may have let it slip that Santa’s bringing me the yarn to make myself a sweater, but finishing WIPS comes first.

  414. Jen Funk Says:

    I have actually been thinking about a new scarf pour moi!

  415. Sarasgilbert Says:

    A new sweater for me.  Found a great pattern just this morning

  416. zilliah Says:

    I’m gonna make myself a couple shirts, starting with Erquy:

    (zilliah on rav)

  417. Chi Says:

    I’m getting my hands on some nice lace yarn and am planning to make myself a nice lacy shawl. Can’t wait for the stash to be delivered!.

  418. Beth Says:

    I plan to finish a pullover sweater that is on hold until the Christmas knits are finished.  After that, I am going to knit a cashmere cowl or scarf.  Still contemplating the pattern.
    This yarn looks wonderful, can’t wait to give it a try.
    Ik2 on Ravelry.

  419. Deenac Says:

    I’m going to finally knit a cowl neck sweater for myself.

  420. Peatmoss83 Says:

    I have been dying to fix a couple sweaters I knit last year. Since there are a couple small things off about each one (sleeve cuff too tight, body too long) I haven’t worn them. The work will really be minimal and they’re two sweaters I would love to wear. 

    peatmoss83 on Rav

  421. Carcollz Says:

    carcollz (ravelry name) My Do-Over sweater.  I made this sweater once before years ago and it is way, way too big.   Instead of frogging it, I bought the yarn again and am making it again.   Along with socks for me.    I am done with my holiday knitting and time to make something for the person who appreciates my work the most :)

  422. MarnieMacLean Says:

    Almost all my knitting is selfish either because I do it for profit (designing) or because I keep it for me me me. I don’t think I’ll be breaking the trend any time soon. :D

  423. Rueschmann Says:

    I plan to make myself a fitted cardigan with cream colored Ella Rae Latte yarn. Can’t wait to start, finish it and then wear it!

  424. Brenda Says:

    Im knitting some fingerless gloves and a matching beanie for me. It’s about time I did sometjing for my self
    Brenda :)

  425. Samantha Says:

    First will be the bridesmaid shawl for my friend’s wedding, and then I’ll start my cardigan soon after.  

    faemien on ravelry.

  426. Linda Says:

    I’d love to make a shawlette for myself. If only I had the time….and the yarn….

  427. dawn Says:

    Probably something in lace…..I’m itching to get back into lace knitting……this gorgeous yarn would be inspiration! (Teastitcher on ravelry).

  428. Kim Says:

    A warm shawl with some handspun!  Ravatar: kwiherow  Although the cowl in the latest KnitScene was beautiful.  Hmmm….. so many choices.

  429. Liza Smallwood Says:

    My Selfish Knitting Plan for January are a pair of basic knitted socks and a beautiful lace shawl using hand-dyed fingering weight yarn.  


  430. Marsha Kwong Says:

    LOVE Dream in Color!  I really want to do an Olana Shawl, but I am likely to do Springtime Bandit.

    (Rav: minibrrdie)

  431. Juniper June Says:

    I’ve been knitting quite a while, but I’ve just learned to do basic socks, so I think January will be about learning to do some fancy socks just for me. =)


  432. Julie Hahn Says:

    I will be finishing my Hallett’s Ledge sweater that I started this summer and probably make a big cozy shawl to keep warm this winter :o)

    Rav: jewleigh

  433. Amyladams Says:

    I would love to make myself a lightweight shawl!!  (Lucki721 on Ravelry)

  434. amy Says:

    My selfish project will be a shawl. With beads!! For meeeeeee!

    rav: vermontgirl

  435. Ginny Says:

    That is a beautiful looking yarn!  I have a color work sweater that I would love to start but there so much to do right now that is just going to have to wait.

  436. Wanda Rosenbarger Says:

    I just ordered enough yarn from your website for the Bethany sweater.  It looks very interesting.  Wish me luck.

  437. katshappy Says:

    my selfish knitting is to be a cabled scarf, living in Alaska we need many scarves hats and mittens, i knit year round to keep the family suppied with all these things, thank you for this gift, i too love this colourway
    katshappy on ravelry

  438. Susan Schroeder Says:

    Several patterns in Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book are calling my name!

  439. flossie arend Says:

    I’m planning a nice alpaca pullover… flossieknits on ravelry.

  440. Amy Says:

    I am already planning a cowl with my cashmere 5! I would love to try the Dream in Color Smooshie! So gorgeous!

  441. maryjoy (Ravelry) Says:

    I’d like to work on a hap shawl in greys in soft alpaca for myself. The Opa would be a wonderful scarf for my dad, who is in fact an opa of 2.

  442. Katie Says:

    I have spent the year knitting sweaters for all 7 people in my family. I can’t wait until January when I finally get to knit one for me! 

  443. Jennifer1106 (ravelry) Says:

    I have 2 sweaters I want to knit for myself after holiday hat mania has ended (hats for everyone in the family).

  444. Emmolineb Says:

    I bought some mirasol nuna and a beautiful sweater pattern that has a lacy top…perfect for late winter and early spring

  445. Tutorgal on Ravelry Says:

    I’m planning on making myself a Multnomah with some indie dyed yarn I got on a yarn crawl this summer!

  446. Jamieleigh Says:

    My selfish knitting is an alpaca cardigan to go with my work outfits :) The colorway in that yarn is simply gorgeous!  snarkygargoyle on Ravelry

  447. Cheri Ham Says:

    So many projects to choose from – maybe finally knitting a beaded scarf from my handspun or a camisole but most likely more socks. Can’t have too many handknit socks. Happy Holidays & thanks for offering a giveaway.     cheriham on ravelry

  448. Bhatcher4 Says:

    I am planning on making myself some new slippers. I literally wore my old ones out and have not had any “me” knitting time for new ones! Also a lacy shawl. I made one for my sister and want to have one for myself.

    Happy Holidays!

    Beth Hatcher
    Ravelry: bhatcher4

  449. Cynthia Hartley Says:

    I crochet and among my WIPs are: socks, beanie, scarf and hoodie! All except the socks (first attempt) are gifts that I hope to finish in time. Can always use more yarn!

  450. MommyGetz on Ravelry Says:

    I really want to make the Rocky Coast Cardigan! I asked Santa for the Coastal Knits book…and I’ve been good :)

  451. Crabbipatti on Ravelry Says:

    I plan on making myself mittens with some homespun I bought at a farm stand.

  452. Gynnab Says:

    I plan on making a cardigan and a cozy cowl. 

  453. Stillknitting Says:

    I am JoannaB (Ravelry name, of course!) and I have been such a good gift-knitter this year! January is time for ME! Pick me please to win your Dream in Color yarn!

  454. cynthiarose on ravelry Says:

    I’ve been dying to make myself an infinity scarf, I’m currently thinking Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West.  Can’t wait till xmas knitting is done!  (and hopefully it all gets done!)

  455. granny blue Says:

    My selfish knitting for January would be a scarf out out of this beautiful yarn and some socks from the stash yarn.

  456. Chj_hsu Says:

    I plan on knitting up a big cozy cowl

  457. Carryover on Ravelry Says:

    Sweater for myself in handspun. Haven’t decided which one yet. So many wonderful options!

  458. tracytracy Says:

    Yes please!

    My selfish knitting? I’m working on a hat for myself right now which will probably take until Jan (fingering weight, fiddly bits, not enough time etc…)

    (tracytracy on rav, too)

  459. Indigoeddy Says:

    I am planning on making a stripe study shawl by Veenap Välimäki for myself.

  460. Llyfr Says:

    I’ll be knitting a lace shawl/cape, using the absolutely gorgeous cashmere I bought in Scotland in May – I did knit a lovely shrug, but it’s Just Not Me, so I’m carefully going to take it apart and knit something I know I’ll wear.

    And mmmmmmm …. smooshylicious …. ;-)

    (llyfr on Ravelry

  461. LaraSmoot Says:

    Im going to knit myself some socks in January :)

  462. Mma4 Says:

    I’m planning to start a lace-weight alpaca stole for me, me, me!

  463. Arlene Says:

    I’m planning to knit one of Jared Flood’s new wrap patterns – and I love Smooshy with Cashmere!

  464. Gardenmoss49 Says:

    Wow what a lovely yarn. I’ve been kinting hats and scarfs for everyone else for Christmas, my time to get new hats scarfs and maybe a prayer shawl. 

  465. Minhohoskins Says:

    These are my colors! I think I’ll make the wrap pattern from VIctorian Lace that I’ve been waiting to do , once all these Christmas presents are over.

  466. Nana Jen Says:

    It’s a beautiful Alpaca/Silk wrap/shawl…I just need to finish my gift knitting )=
    Ravelry ID: jaydawnrn

  467. RubyDear Says:

    I’ve got all the yarn and needles and stuff needed for a sweater I’ll start after I finish hats for everyone this Christmas…am having fun with the crazy hats but looking forward to knitting for me.

  468. Bonney Says:

    I have wool picked out for a pair of toasty warm socks. I can’t wait to be wearing them!

  469. okayknits on ravelry Says:

    More sweaters for myself!

  470. Librarysarie Says:

    I have a skein of totally yummy Malabrigo that is just dying to be handwarmers for me, and I think I hear a sweater calling my name, too…

  471. Betsyknit Says:

    making hats for the homeless shelter…

  472. KatrinaR Says:

    I have 2 things that I’m wanting to make for myself…but keep finding other things to do…BUT I have a wonderful pattern for a hat for me and then some wrist warmers as well. :)

  473. Susan Marelli Says:

    I will finally start the Ladies February Sweater in the wonderful Malabrigo yarn!

  474. Susan Marelli Says:

    I will start the Ladies February Sweater in the wonderful Malabrigo yarn that I have had stashed away!

  475. michele fabrizzi Says:

    my plans are for socks, lots of socks for my grandkids and myself, I have a lovely stash with beautiful colors to fill this order

  476. carabou (on Ravelry) Says:

    In January I will start a long planned Fair Isle sweater (for me) . . . either that or knitting up some Wollmeise yarn into some nifty socks (for me).

  477. carabou Says:

    In January I will start a long planned Fair Isle sweater (for me) . . . either that or knitting up some Wollmeise yarn into some nifty socks (for me).

  478. Nancy Rench Says:

    I plan on making myself a cape I saw in a Riva book.

  479. Jmpool Says:

    I am going to knit something WONDERFUL FOR ME.  By 12/25/11, I will  have knit 13 pairs of  fingerless Camp Out Mitts, I child’s poncho size 12, three hats, two scarves and one man’s, pullover sweater.  Every year I say that I am going to start my Chirstmas knitting in February.  So……….this year I am going to knit something wonderful for me as a Chirstmas present.  I think that I will start with a long awaited cardigan for me out of Kauni and Crazy Zauerball.   But, if I were to win this giveaway, that would change IMMEDIATELY>

  480. Marina Hayden Says:

    I am going to finish up at least two sweaters I have OTN for me an maybe cast on a couple more!

  481. Phoebe Says:

    My selfish knitting…two hats (orchids & fairy lights, deer with little antlers), a cowl, and perhaps a pair of socks. My Rav name is westofthemoon.

  482. Ddempsey Says:

    Dream in Color, doesn’t everyone?  (Maybe that only applies to knitters!) anyway, the colorways are soooo pretty-I see a new scarf in my future!

  483. Amy Williams Says:

    January 2012 I’m knitting myself a sweater.  Yeah!

  484. Michelle Ash Balmert Says:

    Well I plan to finish up some sweaters for me that are in various states of “doneness”  they’ve all been put down for Christmas knitting!

  485. Cassy Says:

    I am planning to finish those 2 sweaters for myself that are calling to me from my knitting basket!

  486. Michelle Ash Balmert Says:

    ack I forgot…I’m mikki522 on Rav….

  487. Dana Berry Says:

    I have yarn destined for a hat for me since September! I think I’ll have time after Christmas. #crossedfingers

  488. Multipoint Says:

    Lots of new scarves to match my new coat.  And a sweater for spring.  And some socks. And…well you get the idea :)

  489. asp on Ravelry Says:

    I love dream in color yarn….next selfish project is likely to be another sweater either a pull over in sport-weight Gedifra I bought at Webs or a Featherweight cardi in some stash fingering.

  490. NeedleAdd Says:

    I am looking for the “perfect” cardi.  I realized recently that I keep rotating through the same few, most of which are storebought!

  491. Joannewm Says:

    I am going to start the Central Park Hoodie. I have had the yarn for this sweater for almost 3 years.
    joannewm on Ravelry

  492. Krysstalline Says:

    I’m planning to knit myself a hooded dress! :D

    I really wish some of my local retailers carried Dream in Color :(

    Krysstalline on Ravelry, that’s me!

  493. Froggie3ds Says:

    In January I’m planning on making myself an “Opposite Pole” sweater designed by Joji with Valley Yarns “Northampton” which I purchased at the WEBS booth at Stitches East.  I’ve been planning this project since early October.

    Ravelry name: froggie3ds

  494. D4obrien Says:

    After all the sock and mitten christmas knitting, I am going to finish a sweater for ME and then a scarf, and then socks for me, and then…..

  495. 1scgirl Says:

    as soon as I finish my Christmas knitting(which probably won’t be until January!!) I will knit some beaded fingerless gloves and a matching cowl

  496. Meg Says:

    I love to knit fingerless gloves, and yet I still haven’t knit a pair for myself. I bought some beautiful green yarn last month, and come January it will be knit into scrumptious gloves that I won’t share with anybody.

    Ravelry: megntbear

  497. SharonDiaz3 Says:

    I’m giving myself a Christmas present of the yarn for a mitered-square blanket. That is what I plan to knit in January.

  498. Snowpaws Says:

    I’m looking forward to knitting a pair of gloves for myself.  My arthritis is getting worse as it gets colder, and the seams in store-bought gloves annoy me, so I’m really looking forward to some warm wool gloves that are just for me.  I’ve never knit gloves before, but they don’t look any harder than socks.
    Ravelry:  Snowpaws

  499. Laenger Says:

    My selfish knitting will be for my granddaughter. After three boys of my own it is so fun to knit girlie things.

  500. Anna1984 Says:

    The most decadent sweater ever created out of Mirasol Sulka, and it will be all mine =)

  501. enidb Says:

    I’m adding new items for myself to gift knit by the day. But I am planning on designing a sweater, or two, and have lots of swatching and schematics to work out before January to get started.

  502. Nancy Streicher Says:

    Oh, that yarn is beautiful!  I’m planning on finishing up my Thermal vest as soon as January hits.  I shamelessly started it in November while waiting for a yarn order to arrive, but did manage to pull myself away to work in Xmas knitting.  However, as soon as that’s done, all bets are off!

    NancyFancyPants on Ravelry

  503. Nancy Streicher Says:

    Oh, that yarn is beautiful!  I’m planning on finishing up my Thermal vest as soon as January hits.  I shamelessly started it in November while waiting for a yarn order to arrive, but did manage to pull myself away to work in Xmas knitting.  However, as soon as that’s done, all bets are off!
    NancyFancyPants on Ravelry

  504. Mary R Says:

    I’m going to finally finish the sweater that I am knitting for myself!

  505. Geraldine Scott Says:

    Math for Kathy Cowl and Jared Flood’s Umaro Throw…

  506. Chrisknitz Says:

    I have a lot of baby knitting to do next year. Two new babies this year, one coming next year. Baby sweaters will abound!

  507. Traderjio Says:

    I’m new to knitting, but already have acquired a small stash. Finishing up hats, mittens and scarves for church charity Christmas project. Right now I’m making fingerless gloves for my uncle. I love them so much, I’ll be making some for myself in January.
    The yarn looks yummy. Pattern will be my first cable.
    Ravelry name: jio

  508. Nancy Gismondi Pagano Says:

    I have a to-knit list a mile long, but this January I hope to finish my pink cardigan and a couple of scarves.

  509. Bjandreas Says:

    Got some baby alpaca in my stash that will turn into a shawl.

  510. Pfennessy Says:

    I’m knitting myself some warm socks!!

    P Fennessy

  511. Hennaagha Says:

    the colorway is stunning, i’m planning a cashmere cowl, from last minute knitted gifts.

  512. Amyaacc Says:

    finish sweater, finish shawl, finish socks, finish scarff—all for me—all started but then put down to finish projects for the masses.  I still owe my puppies coats, too—not enough hours

  513. Autumn Lindsey Says:

    I am going to try and knit myself a super comfy cardigan, that is if I ever get done with all my christmas knitting! My ravelry name is AutumnLindsey

  514. Heather Lott Says:

    I’m going to knit myself a lap blanket because I get C-O-L-D around the house.  Also, a hat, because I just lost my favorite one. =(  This color is GORGEOUS!! My Ravelry ID is “lottloft”

  515. Suvangogh Says:

    What luscious colors!— And I can see them in a very feminine diagonal knit scarf pattern I plan to start in January.

  516. Deb Says:

    I AM going to find time to make the Shaped Capelet with Braided Cables from the Interweave Knit/Wear issue…using the Berroco Vintage Chunky I just ordered from WEBS, of course!

  517. kippi Says:

    SOCKS!  For sure. 

  518. Maureen Says:

    I just got a copy of Weekend Hats and have picked a couple patterns out to do for me.

  519. Dmeredith23 Says:

    I’m itching to get back to socks, and I have some nice stash to do so.   My Christmas items are finally done – except for one!

  520. drdomestikated Says:

    I am going to spend the first half of 2012 knitting for me and me alone, starting with Jared Flood’s herbivore… because I’m worth it :)

  521. Dee Says:

    I’m going to knit myself a chunky, comfie sweater!

  522. daniellaw Says:

    Finishing Knitty’s Honeycomb vest – right after I finish my nephew’s Christmas sweater :-)

  523. Petrina Burkard Says:

    Due to limited skills at this time, likely it will just be another cowl but I do want to try fingerless gloves with a thumb.

  524. Betsy Says:

    Loving this! I think some socks, shawl and a sweater are in my plans.

  525. Deb Says:

    Gosh that’s pretty!

    I’m a fairly selfish knitter to begin with, but I can think of at least two sweaters that I’m dying to knit … I just need to get the stuff on my needles done first!

  526. MimiD Says:

    Planned selfish knitting – Hogwarts Express shawl because I love owls but run too hot for the lovely sweaters and other items already designed with those nice cables. This DIC yarn would do nicely :)) Thanks for the givewaway! MimiD on Rav

  527. Jensimoneau Says:

    I’m going to make podster gloves for me out of something yummy like this smooshy!

  528. stefanie g-r Says:

    so many selfish knitting projects are planned!  i will cast on for a sweater for myself, the pebbled beanie from weekend hats, & a pair of socks!

  529. Nmat Says:

    Looking forward to some new scarves, and this pattern looks yummy.

  530. Lawsumb Says:

    I want to finally get around to starting a fingering weight cardigan!

  531. Mary Fran (cohmomto3) Says:

    I have the Abigail Cardigan in my queue.  My Mom bought some Madelinetosh off my wish list for me.  I also have several scarfs and a pair of socks and mittens for myself queued up as well.  cohmomto3 on Rav.

  532. Sandra! Says:

    I have to finish a Filatura di Crosa cashmere tube scarf for me! And also a ruffle scarf using limited edition short skein Madeline Tosh Vintage. Mmmmmmm for me!

  533. Virginia Voelker Says:

    OOOHHH!  I’m planning a lace shawl in Huntington purple yarn with bottle green glass beads.  I feel gorgeous already.  Can’t wait for January!

  534. Pam Says:

    I’m going to knit a pair of socks for myself.

  535. Vdeere Says:

    I plan to knit me a pair of socks.  I have knitted socks for everyone else in my family, now it is time to knit a pair for me.

  536. Angie S. Says:

    I hope to start my Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig!

    knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

  537. ccr in MA Says:

    Swoon indeed! I’m looking forward to knitting with no deadlines and no pressure. Might be time to start my second-ever sweater, but no pressure, I say!

  538. Wanda Says:

    A new sweater for myself!

  539. Jeanne Says:

    Ooohhh.  Pretty!

  540. Tamara Says:

    I’ve just discovered the wonderful world of hand knit socks (I’ve just started my second pair) and I have been coveting a skein of Dream in Colors Smooshy since I first saw it.  Yum!

  541. AutumnsMom Says:

    I plan to work on a pair of fingerless mitts for myself using some BFL in DK weight. 

  542. christine Says:

    I’ve got a pattern for a fingering weight sweater and the yarn all picked out! I can’t wait to start something for ME!!! ;)

  543. Sandyt24 Says:

    I thought I’d knit the Isager ‘Dawn” shawl.sandynm

  544. Sydney Cole Says:

    Socks for myself – I am going to be so burned out on Christmas knitting by then! :-)

  545. Pam P Says:

    I am going to knit myself a pair of mittens!  That is lovely yarn!

  546. Mary Says:

    I am going to cast on an easy  sweater for myself, either the Shapely Boyfriend by Stefanie Japel or Holl from Brooklyn Tweed’s BT Fall 2011. 
    Mary, aka dimsumknitter on rav.

  547. Rosemarie Says:

    I just got a book by Sasha Kagan with gorgeous colorful items. I’m anxious to try a few -looking for a yarn line that provides all the colors needed.

  548. Louiseferola Says:

    Starting the first if the year it will be all about me. I have 2 sweaters worth if yarns crying to be cast on. Plus I have yarn dying to be turned into socks for ME! ME! ME!

  549. Anita Says:

    After Christmas I will be finishing up 3 sweaters for me.  So the smoothy would be a wonderful break.

  550. Jan Says:

    I’m hoping to finally get my first sweater knit for me!  Been wanting to work on it since early Fall.

  551. helena Says:

    Squee! I have banished holiday knitting, though I’m now working on a shawl for my future sister-in-law to wear at her January wedding. My project for the next few months is to get through my WIPs. I have several sweaters (for me, of course) which have been languishing in time-out for far too long!

    I’m skipeight on ravelry :)

  552. helena Says:

    oops, skip8 on ravelry! (skipeight @ gmail is my email)

  553. djkmknits Says:

    The falling water sweater vest will be on my needles in January as well as finishing up the Wrap me up Shawl. 

  554. SammyKnits8 (Ravelry) Says:

    Hi, I plan to selfishly knit some sweaters for me after finishing my two-year projects of knitting 100 children’s sweaters! (yea, I made my goal.)  There’s going to be two sweaters in 1820 Cotton Swirl (red and blue) as well as two in Classic Elite Ultra Silk (black and pink).  Then it’s on to the socks to expand my current sock collection.   After expanding my wardrobe with these, then it will be on to another charity project.  Thanks for asking! 

  555. Sricker Says:

    I plan on knitting myself some socks

  556. SexyLegs Says:

    I decided not to knit any presents for others but to knit sweaters, glorious fingerless mitts, scarfs and hats just for myself…. no stress just delicious yarn all to myself!!

  557. dmcarmack Says:

    I am going to knit Melia from Ysolda’s Little Red in the City. Can’t wait to get started!

  558. Knit-Wit2 Says:

    Cannot wait for selfish knitting after all the gift making!!  First, hat & mitts from Malabrigo Rios (since it’s already cold here), socks (wool for ice fishing and regular), fingerless mitts, a hooded sweater vest . . . . should I continue???  LOL

  559. Silverrayvendesigns Says:

    I’m going to start a top down cardigan out of some Araucania. The really good news is I might be able to start a week or two early because I’m almost done with my holiday knitting. -SilverRayven

  560. Judy3734 Says:

    After the Holidays, i plan to knit a pair of yoga socks to keep my feet warm if the yoga studio is chilly. Ravelry name: judy3734

  561. Janie Says:

    Winter is coming and I need more  socks, gloves, hats, and neckwarmers to get me  through to spring. After holiday knitting will be for me  ( I hope)

  562. Coleus Says:

    I would like a nice warm beautiful scarf just for me. 

    Coleus on Ravelry

  563. nottynitty on Ravelry Says:

    I’m planning on knitting what I want to make for my new Grandson, instead of what his parents want.  He is due Feb 29TH and so far I’ve been really good!!  I would LOVE to knit my hubby a hand dyed scarf!  he loves blue!!

  564. Hbananac Says:

    to make something, anything for myself!!!!!!  i ususally knit or my kids only!

  565. creativeme Says:

    I am making a coat just for me!  Super Bulky yarn that knits up quick so I can wear it in the cold weather that I think we will eventually get.

  566. kkeym Says:

    I’m planning to knit a cosy, ridiculously soft wrap for myself!  kkeym

  567. Nancy Hannah Says:

    Well, after the holidays … IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!  I am knitting a cape and have a couple of shawls planned and of course socks.  Socks fly out of here as soon as they come off the needles.  Of course NONE OF THEM ARE ON MY FEET!  8)
    Ravelry/ Tinkergrumpybuns

  568. Charlotte Says:

    Oh, wow! Gorgeous yarn!!

    As soon as I’ve finished my Giftmas knitting, I’m going to knit myself a shawl of some sort… I’m nearly there – I’ve only got one pair of mitts left to do and a few ends to weave in.

  569. Ashley W Says:

    I’m looking forward to finishing the Christmas knitting so that I can start on a Noro cowl. I’ll be making knitgrrrl’s Stacked with yarn to match a Turn a Square hat I made myself last year.

  570. Purlingknitty Says:

    I am planning to knit some baby items, as both my friend and niece is expecting :) My friend will have a little girl, and yellow and pink is the theme. My niece is having a boy and I want some darker colors for her baby boy’s clothes.

  571. Queenbee1958 Says:

    I plan to knit the February Lady’s sweater. If I can finish my husband’s sweater which I’m knitting in Romeo Blue. It’s a great color.

    Rav ID queenbee1958

  572. kat Says:

    I plan on finishing my very first sweater that is now on hold and my Guernsey Wrap!
    Ravelry name: katgat

  573. Janethetaxnerd Says:

    I will start something spring-y. Northern Michigan is cold, dark and gray all winter, so I trick myself into thinking spring!

  574. microknittermj Says:

    I’m planning on starting a Rhinebeck sweater…and actually finishing it for Rhinebeck!  :)  

  575. Patrizia Says:

    Hi, I’m planning to knit Cable Front Jacket from Vogue knitting Holiday 2011. I really love this pattern.

  576. LRexford Says:

    I’m knitting hats for friends and, selfishly, a sweater for myself!

  577. Janelle Wertzberger Says:

    Oh, selfish knitting will include some socks for me from Clara Parkes’ new book!  That is a beautiful colorway!!!

  578. Clara Says:

    My January selfish knitting is going to be a blanket just for me!

  579. Elizabeth Rutledge Says:

    Ooh, I’ve been staring at this color for some time now. So, so lovely! I’m going to knit myself a lovely, bulky sweater to knock around the house in, and then I’m going to try to knit a pair of socks a month in 2012 (although only half of them will be for me!)

  580. Ckittrell00 Says:

    What a beautiful color way; perfect for me.  January… I hope to finish the socks I’ve got sitting on the needles, and a hat & gloves or mittens for the cold January days.  Ravelry id is MIKOKITT.

  581. Dawn / neknitsandbeads Says:

    Love the colors!! In January I’m starting a sweater for moi. This would be my first knit sweater ever.

  582. Sarah J Says:

    I just started a giant shawl that takes 1700 yards of laceweight, so I’m sure I’ll still be knitting that. I’m hoping to knit while selfishly on a weekend away with friends, too.

  583. Mjg Says:

    I was thinking of a nice pair of warm socks for the February picnic.

  584. Miyoko Says:

    two cowls for myself to match my new coat!

  585. Amanda Says:

    I am definitely planning on knitting some bright yellow socks using one of Cookie A’s patterns… and those socks will be JUST. FOR. ME.  Ravelry name is BrickMillStudio.

  586. Andrea Says:

    I plan to start at the front cover of the Jane Austen Knits magazine and not stop until I’ve knit my way to the back cover.

  587. Gail Mcbride Says:

    Just finished a sweater, lets see, baby blanket, maybe?

  588. Daffynpooh92 Says:

    I have several Romi shawls planned…..just for me!!
    Daffynpooh on Ravelry

  589. Jessica Snell Says:

    Oh man, I have such a long list! I want to make “Fetching” in Universal Yarns Classic Shades, I want to make Kristin Omdahl’s Petal Wrap Cardigan, I want to make the Whisper Cardigan . . . and many, many, many pairs of socks. :D

  590. Jamie Warner Says:

    I recently moved from Georgia to Illinois.  I will be spending my time selfishly knitting up some amazing sweaters!  I just can’t seem to find ready made ones that I like.  Handmade is so much better!

  591. SUSAN Says:

    It’s time to make me a sweater. Just for me.

  592. Sue Higgins Says:

    I’m planning to knit myself a new shawl. (Rav. ID sueh)

  593. JAS Says:

    I plan to knit a scarf for myself!

  594. Shirley Says:

    I am going to start a sweater for myself.

  595. Caitlin K Says:

    I finally broke down and bought the Austin Hoodie pattern and the tosh merino light to go with it from a blog post here many moons ago.  One of those sweaters I just couldn’t stop thinking about!  If only I can stop myself knitting socks long enough to work on it!

  596. Anita Says:

    I’m planning to finish socks I started last January!

  597. Cynshep Says:

    I have the yarn in my stash for Norah Gaughan’s Kaari.  I am really looking forward to knitting it after the holidays.  cynshep on Ravelry

  598. Lisa Ward Says:

    My selfish (and yearlong, probably) knitting will be a Knit, Swirt jacket in Malabrigo Rios.

  599. susiescout Says:

    I am knitting a beautiful simple lacy cowl from some silver grey cashmere ALL FOR ME!

  600. Dyetom Says:

    I’m planning to make the Current cardi!

  601. Pharmaknit Says:

    I’m planning on knitting a pair of dragon socks and hopefully finishing a vest!

  602. Gail Bailey Says:

    I won some Malabrigo Rios in a local yarn crawl that I will make a cowl out of once the Christmas knitting is finished! 

  603. stardust79 Says:

    I’m thinking a drapey cowl would be perfect.

  604. Nancy D. Says:

    I’m going to relax and sit in front of the fire, knit myself an Afghan in Sea Blue yarn, in a Shell pattern! I’ll stay warm and dream of the wonderful “beach days” ahead!

  605. Rmholmes Says:

    I am planning to make a Lintilla scarf in January.

  606. knitkai Says:

    I have a couple of hanks of Malabrigo Rasta…I liked the cowl so much I wanted it in different colors :) –  (ravid: knitkai)

  607. Julie Says:

    I need some mitts. I’ve got a few gifts yet to knit, but I really want some pretty mitts in a gorgeous yarn. And if course I need them now. Julie. Whitecatstudio on Ravelry.

  608. Pstorum Says:

    i’m going to pick something from COastal Knits!  “Santa” got me a copy!

  609. kate price Says:

    I am planning on making the ogee skirt before Christmas, to wear as a swimsuit cover up at Christmas time (in the southern hemisphere) – Rav id is katepricey

  610. Meredith Says:

    That yarn and pattern are beautiful!  For January, my selfish knitting is a cabled turtleneck called Bliss and the Jared Flood Hemlock Ring blanket–both out of Cascade wool from WEBS!

  611. Carol Perecman Says:

    I need some new cardigans, and as soon as I am finished with all the grandchild knitting, I am casting on for the Wildflower Cardigan!

  612. Heather flower Says:

    Lovely, lovely yarn!! I am going to knit some warm and cozy wool socks for myself!

  613. Ssz121 Says:

    ssz121-I plan on crocheting myself a new cardigan or comfy V-neck pull-over- I want to design my own pattern.

  614. Eve Carr Says:

    Oh wow … Selfish knitting … Either a sweater or lace or both …

  615. Poohtum Says:

    Pan Am Jacket from Interweave Knits

    Ravelry Name: Poohtum

  616. Mary Brinton Says:

    My Ravelry ID is PiperMum, by the way.

  617. Enjif Says:

    I’m planning on starting an Elizabeth Zimmerman 100th birthday lace shawl! I’ve never done lace before… (^_^)!

  618. Lisa from western mass Says:

    Oooh … lovely yarn! My January selfish knitting will be a cashmere-blend cowl, I think. So many patterns, so little time….

  619. Redskyis Says:

    Through a combination of upcoming projects and extensive Christmas shopping (no time AND no money…), I don’t have any selfish knitting planned for January; I’ll be knitting a throw for two good friends of mine (hopefully in time for Christmas), and a long vest for my mother sometime between now and February, but nothing planned for myself. I’ve been considering a cowl, mostly because it’s something I would use (the walk between the train and work is long and cold) and because it’s something I’ve never made, so it would be a new experience.

    (Also, I would like to be entered in the Dream in Color giveaway, please!)

  620. Jan Says:

    I plan on knitting a cardigan from the knit Noro book. Every year I try to knit something for each member of my family to wear in our Christmas picture. Hopefully 2012 can be the year when we all get new sweaters!

  621. Ellen Rule Says:

    I plan to make some really complicated sock patterns, ones that I’ve been putting off because it’s too crazy lately to concentrate on much beyond plain knitting. For me.

  622. Jane Says:

    I have been blessed with a granddaughter last May and twin grandsons ten days ago. I have been knitting many items for these precious babies. I am knitting away on Christmas gifts. I just told some friends this morning that I can’t wait until January when I can select a knitting project for myself with no deadline to get it done. I have not yet picked the project. I am dreaming about it … that scarf pattern looks like a possibility!

  623. Robin Says:

    My selfish knitting will be a sweater for myself, with cable shaping, out of my handspun yarn. I have just rediscovered knitting (after 20 years) this past October and have been knitting socks like crazy for Christmas gifts.. something I never knitted before. I *love* it. My Ravelry name is RobinMurphy

  624. Winterwrens Says:

    My project for myself that I’ve been thinking of is actually a new scarf… just hadn’t decided on a pattern yet!  This one looks lovely!

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  625. teasum Says:

    a lace shawl

  626. Janet Chutro Says:

    Rowan #48 – Meander vest. The way it’s put together looks so clever to me.

  627. Marjact Says:

    Decided my husband has more sweaters than me, so I found two pretty patterns I’m going to try.

  628. penny Says:

    I plan to take some time for myself and knit the sweater I’ve been dreaming of and designing in my head. nothing earth shattering, just a simple top-down set in sleeve, but i’m looking forward to creating a knit i’ll turn to for comfort and warmth. and it will stay with me and not be gifted off to someone else. 

  629. GypsyScarfWoman Says:

    I have a sweater that’s barely started but will have to sit until gift knitting is done, and a pair of socks that I’ve been daydreaming about.  Of course, then I panic about how close the holidays are!

  630. laceandcable Says:

    I think that I’ll knit myself some lace.  I don’t wear what I have, but I do love to knit it… And maybe someday I’ll figure out how to wear a lace shawl and not look dumb…

  631. Deb Says:

    I am going to (finally!) knit myself a sweater! I keep putting it off for smaller projects, but I have the yarn picked out as well as the pattern (weeellll….almost picked out – it’s at least narrowed down to a few!). My ravelry name is SweetgrassBay.

  632. Ljmalleypm Says:

    I think that I am going to do a lace shawl pattern with beads. Something that needs concentration. Once the party season is over, it’s time to exercise the two brain cells I have left!

  633. Tammi Says:

    Looks like a great blend for fingerless gloves, or a snuggly cowl, yum!!!


  634. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I’ll be participating in a shawl KAL in January and the end result will be for me; the yarn was dyed by a friend especially for me.
    sewsable on Rav

  635. knitcentral Says:

    I’m going to useAnn Budd’s Handy Book Of Patterns to knit myself a pullover sweater.

  636. C Lynn Murphy Says:

    I’m planning on working a version of an Alice Starmore sweater in a fitted v-neck with dk yarn…we’ll see if I manage :)

  637. Haygayle Says:

    It’s hard to choose, cowls in cashmere, alpaca shawls, where do I begin?

  638. Colleen Fitzgerald Says:

    I also have a sock yarn drawer calling me!!! I love to wear my socks to work at the hospital and show them off :)

  639. Judith Blanchard Says:

    just learning to knit at 74,,making teddy bears and hats

  640. prymnumber Says:

    I intersperse “selfish” knitting in along with gift knitting. I’ll make something for my friend/husband/mom/anyone else, then I’ll make something for me.  This “one-for-me-one-for-you” approach helps me stay motivated.  Otherwise I’ll feel sorry for myself all the time and not enjoy knitting one bit!

  641. shellbelle Says:

    I need some new winter woolies, tons of socks I want to knit, and my first lace shawl, hmmm…. what else?

  642. Meghann Says:

    I would like to do the mohair cowlneck pattern from the Vogue Knitting A-Z latest issue! It looks simple but fun. Ravelry ID: Megfoot

  643. Kmsears Says:

    2 shawls- Citron and Thin Ice

  644. Diane Says:

    My selfish knitting in January is the Vodka Gimlet sweater over on Ravelry….but I could move it to February to work with DIC…my favorite yarn!

  645. ReluctantPenguin Says:

    Something in cashmere. Or yak. Warm, soft, and scrumptious.

  646. MamaBearKnits on Rav Says:

    Where do I begin?  Blumchen by Anne Hanson I hope!

  647. Audribklyn Says:

    If I can finish this ridiculous shrug thing for my daughter called the Minx Convertible Hooded Shrug I will be ready to work on a simple sweater for me.  Or maybe yet another lace shawl (I’m obsessed).
    Name on ravelry – audlor. 

  648. Lindacarta Says:

    Several babies are due at work, so I’ll be knitting baby things, punctuated by socks.

  649. Evali1 Says:

    I’d like to make a nice  warm cowl for myself!


  650. Guest Says:

    Another sweater for myself (not that Ihave not made sweaters for others but…) Avidknit = raverly name

  651. julie green Says:

    I already have a cardigan (cosima) on the needles, and another planned for vacation. Because I appreciate all the work that goes into my projects. :o)

  652. CarolynEll Says:

    Definitely some bright colorful socks!

  653. Cyntha Landers Says:

    I love DIC.  I’m planning a new scarf for myself in DIC Starry or maybe this one if I win!!!

  654. Cindy Says:

    I love this yarn! I am looking forward to making myself a pair of mitts to wear at work – but I have been planning on doing this for two years now!

  655. Kelly H. Says:

    Sadly (though happily) my SiL is having a baby late March and I’ve a last minute request for a cardigan (non-knitters who do *not* understand time requirements) cardigan for my FiL for Christmas (dying of cancer, can’t turn that down, reality or not) means I’ve got nothing planned for myself.  I’ve had my eye (and drooling mouth) on a Leif Slipover, Deep In The Forest Mittens or Old Penny Cardigan in Apple Green Williamstown (no, you can’t have too many cardigans!!), and I’ve UFO’s that would be nice to finish (HA!), but who knows what’ll come up next!  I’m trying to pretend Christmas isn’t happening in 3 weeks.

  656. Blknitter Says:

    After giving my sewing/knitting room a thorough cleaning I am going to delve into some lace knitting that I have been wanting to do. This yarn would be perfect for that I think.

  657. Kate/Massachusetts Says:

    Socks!!  It’s COLD here in Massachusetts.  :-)

  658. stephccng Says:

    a pair of Cookie A socks! And some mitts. it’s freezing in the office!

  659. Deirdre Says:

    I have some 20 year old, nicely aged, gorgeous local wool that I am planning to make myself a cozy cardigan with while curled up by the fire watching old movies… best Christmas recovery plan I know…

  660. Laurel Says:

    I think this beautiful, lovely yarn should become some mittens and a hat for me :) I’m smidgentigre on ravelry.

  661. tami h. Says:

    Oh i adore all dream in color yarns! My after christmas knitting list will begin by making myself my very first project with lace. Not sure what exact pattern I will use, but I want it to be a shawl pattern using a lace weight or even better a sock yarn just like tis one!!! Ravelry: sweetside

  662. Kgreaney1 Says:

    I plan to make myself a sweater.  it will be the first I’ve made for myself in many years. And it will be a nice change to keep something for myself.

  663. ValerieKJones Says:

    I am planning to make myself a Claudette Hat. The perfect thing to warm and brighten my January.

    Valerieknits on Ravelry.

  664. Anna Says:

    I’m going to make myself a Stripe Study shawl!

  665. Ariel Says:

    Selfish knitting for me is a black scarf.


  666. Gidgettm Says:

    I would really love a new pair of socks for me. Or a cowl. Or really anything.

  667. Rpomkntrr Says:

    I need some leg and arm warmers, so probably one of those.
    hotknitter on Ravelry

  668. Kbates Says:

    I always have a pair of brainless socks for me on the go, but I’ve decided I’d like a nice winter hat and I’ve kinda taken to Tourbillon by Kris Carlson in the latest issue of Twist Collective.  I think that will be my Jan knit (after the xmas presents, the baby blanket for the Jan. baby, the mittens, hats and socks for my rapidly growing 4 mth old nephew etc etc)….

  669. Leigh Harding Says:

    I am planning on making myself a scarf as I have spent the past 3 months making scarves for others.  Just looking at it makes me start to wonder if there would be anything else I want…

  670. NanSoli Says:

    I will make a new sweater for myself!! 

  671. Mimi Says:

    Ooh, I just bought yarn (from you) for the Dahlia cardigan.  Can’t wait to get the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool!!

  672. nicky Says:

    A sweater – it will be my first one and I’m excited.  Happy new year knitting to everyone!

    Nicky- livin4fishin on rav.

  673. Allisonekelsey Says:

    Whoa — I would plan a scrumptious cowl in that for january. Otherwise, I’m determined to start and finish some mittens in CSA llama/wool yarn from Vermont!

  674. Angie Stevens Says:

    Wow, ten winners!  My selfish knitting is an Aidez Cardigan.  I’m angielatte on Ravelry.

  675. Nancyb Says:

    I’m lining up a special skein of Mountain Colors River Twist for a hat — LOVE that yarn! Made one in the Whitewater color way in a Wooly Wormhead pattern — it turned out great.

  676. Nancyb Says:

    Oops, my ravelry name is woolgatherer. 

  677. Lindabea on ravelry Says:

    Berroco Jujuba in Seduce yarn. I can hardly wait!

  678. justlivin Says:

    I plan on knitting a sweater, mitts, a hat and of course more socks.

  679. Elaine Boston Says:

    I’m going to work on stash busting. I want to do some projects that require me to learn new techniques.

  680. Francesca Says:

    I’m looking forward to finishing a cable yoke sweater that I’ve started for myself.  I think It’ll be done with plenty of time left to wear it.

  681. Vtknitboy Says:

    omg. so luscious! i’d make a cowl for moi! me me me! lol. vtknitboy on ravelry..cheers!

  682. Jessey Says:

    What’s this about waiting for January to knit selfishly? I’m about to start a Romi Hill shawlette for myself, as soon as I find the needles!

  683. susan love Says:

    warm smooshy cashmere socks!

  684. Teresa Says:

    Gorgeous yarn – would make a terrific scarf!

  685. D Strasdin9736 Says:

    I am planning on knitting a shawl, for myself, Haruni, that I found on Ravelry, as of right now it will be knit in Tahki Yarns Dream, my last order from webs, but yarn choices are always subject to change.
    You can find the shawl in my que, user name boyswillbeboys

  686. middlesisterknits Says:

    In January I am finally going to start the Aurora Shawl Collar sweater that I bought in September.  I keep looking at the beautiful teal yarn and then putting it down.  Too many requests for fingerless gloves this Christmas!  Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  687. Brixham Says:

    Love, love, love this yarn/colorway…  I need to knit myself a cozy, soft, warm cowl to make it through our cold, snowy winter & outside bus duty at school every morning!!


  688. Marilyn Says:

    I’ll probably still be knitting My So Called Scarf. Thanks for the chance to win!

  689. Malia Says:

    mittens, to keep my hands warm, in some fair isle pattern to keep my brain warm.

  690. Jennifer Skerritt Says:

    I’m going to make myself a nice hat and scarf. Not matching, but I’ve got some lovely yarn waiting here for me.

  691. Diane Says:

    Planning to start on the mithril vest. Maybe colrain lace.

  692. dust-bunny Says:

    My January selfish knitting is planned to be a Horus shawl with some yarn I bought at Stitches East.  I joined the KAL (which is now over) and was never able to get to it because of gift weaving I’m spending all my time doing.  January, when all is calm will be time for my project!
    Thank you for this opportunity to win such gorgeous yarn!  Love, love, love Dream in Color anything!
    cottontail on ravelry

  693. Marianna Menkol Says:

    I need some new socks so they are on January’s list

  694. Jstarling Says:

    I will be making toasty socks – for me

  695. jazzykitten Says:

    Lovely sapphire bunny!

    ravelry: jazzykitten

  696. Sara Byron Says:

    I am knitting a luscious sweater just for ME in January.  (Well, and job-hunting.)
    SareBearKnits on ravelry

  697. Ellen S. Says:

    I’m going to make the Star Pullover from Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness yarn. It’s yak and bamboo, and is really  luxurious.

  698. JL Says:

    need new cardigan

  699. Nancy Lea Says:

    I plan to make up another sweater with my Lopi discontinued-colours stash and do a Fair Isle vest out of the leftovers.  It’s going to be unusually-cold around here for a good spell, if this winter is anything like the last two.  The worst is always January and February. We have already had snow-flurries, and, for Alabama, that’s downright weird.  SOOOO, sweaters are looking pretty good!  I just finished dashing out a cute, warm hat…took me just a couple of hours with the Lopi Bulky!

  700. Nancy Lea Says:

    of course, sox are always in work.  That’s the knitting I can carry around with me.

  701. SimplyGabriela Says:

    I’m hoping to finally get to my February Lady Sweater after the new year.

    Rav name: GabyKnits

  702. swingout Says:

    Hoping to knit a sweater… lots queued from Interweave and especially Twist.

  703. Tina Says:

    Planning on working on my afghan I bought yarn for during Webs annual yarn sale, a wonderful warm orange colored Auracania Azapa. The afghan is by Ann Budd in her “Green Knitting” book , it is called blue cloud, I guess mine will be orange cloud : ) Thanks for the chance to win. Tina

  704. Jaclyn Allen Says:

    I was lucky and got through most of my Christmas knitting before November hit, but now I am working on a hat for my Grandpa in Rowan Pure Wool DK.  After Christmas, I plan on starting either a Summer Flies shawl in Malabrigo Sock, Archangel colorway, or an Arisaig in Rowan 4ply.  Or maybe a Shalom cardigan in Rowan Cocoon, Kiwi colorway . . .

  705. dswgr6 Says:

    Socks.  And a lace scarf. And another sweater.  At least that’s what I’m dreaming about.  Reality??? Well we won’t go there yet.

  706. Mujercita Says:

    I have more selfish knitting than I probably will actually have time for planned!  There are a couple of sweaters that I want to make, as well as a scarf and hat set.

    The biggest selfish project I have, though, doesn’t actually involve me knitting, although it is related.  I am going to be setting up a craft room for myself!

  707. Athena Says:

    I would like some more socks and fingerless gloves for myself as well as another winter hat

  708. Srecore0622 Says:

    I am planning on finishing the squares for an afghan that I started in a Square of the Month class over a year ago and have put off for other knitting.

  709. Carvalho1246 Says:

    I saw the beekeepers quilt on Ravelry and have decided that I will start making the hexipuffs along with a group of students from the high school where I teach.  We will raffle off the finished product and the money raised will go to the Relay For Life Team to raise money for the fight against cancer.

  710. Jennifer Rostal Says:

    I’d like to make a nice lacy scarf for myself!

  711. Kelli Says:

    My selfish January knitting to be started on Christmas Day is a sweater with lots of fantastic cables that can’t be knit in public. Maybe a Starmore or a personal design.

  712. Donginzu Says:

    I am going to start a lace shawl for myself.  Just finished one for my mum, literally a few hours before they got on the plane to go back to the UK, and I love how it came out so I’m going to knit one for myself too!  My Ravelry name is DonGinzu. 

  713. deidre corbet Says:

    I am knitting a sweater and going to learn to knit socks because commercial socks do not fit me! Thanks for the chance

  714. Martha from Ohio Says:

    Starting a cardigan for myself and probably finishing Christmas gifts that didn’t get completed in time

  715. Barb F Says:

    I am going to make a sweater with cables in January. Just finished a hat for my granddaughter.

  716. Barbara Berman Says:

    My selfish knitting wish is to knit a lacy cardigan that I saw on Ravelry.  I am almost finished knitting a few scarves for my son’s teachers.  Then I need to knit some soft baby clothes for my two pregnant nieces.  Happy Knitter!

  717. ritainalaska Says:

    i’ve some gorgeous sock yarn to make a shawl from myself.  a quvuit blend, so soft, so pretty, my treat for me!

  718. Ardosa Says:

    Oh I love the color way and pattern. I have a man who will covet it.

  719. Jody Mellenthin Says:

    I have two skeins of Kauni that I ordered from WEBS months ago!  I am dreaming of colorwork in a rainbow!

  720. Nyx Says:

    I am thinking it’s time to learn socks because I have lots of cushy warm sock yarn in pretty pretty colors and I’m running low on comfortable socks.

    Or there’s all the sock-weight patterns for lace shawls and I could make a couple yummy soft small shawls for keeping my head & neck warm in the wind that Seattle gets in the late winter.

  721. Judy Gilbert Says:

    I have a coupe skeins of Smooshy yarn that I’m going to knit socks for myself.  My husband’s sock drawer is full….now it’s time to work on mine!  :-) Ravelry name is: Jude84.

  722. Geemom57 Says:

    Love DIC! That scarf pattern is really nice but my selfish knitting for January is the Fiddlehead Mittens! I intended to knit them last year but it didn’t happen so in the new year- me = selfish!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful skein of yarn and pattern!

    suzygirl on ravelry

  723. Carmen Says:

    Once I’m done with all my Christmas gifts (it might be January!), I hope to work on some thread projects (doilies) which I love working on and to finish a short-sleeved sweater for myself that I started a couple years ago.

  724. sampoulter Says:

    I realllllly want to get back to my Master Knitter program — which means knitting bunches of swatches and evaluating them. And a pair of felted slippers for myself. But first I need to figure out just how much my perfect pair shrunk so I can alter the pattern accordingly!

  725. Dsousa Says:

    I hope to finish spinning the yarn for and knitting myself a nice warm sweater for the winter.

  726. Lucy Says:

    Oh….I have MANY post-holiday plans! It make take months to figure out what’s next, but definitely, socks from Socktopus is high on the list. And sweaters. And hats. And more socks. sigh.

  727. Catcrick Says:

    i plan on designing and knitting a warm pair of convertible mitts to keep my hands warm:) My ravelry name is: apothecaria 

  728. Ikkinlala Says:

    I’m hoping to have time to knit a pair of gloves, maybe Julia Mueller’s new Glacier pattern.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  729. nittinana Says:

    My selfish knitting will be a cowl to keep my pretty neck warm in the cold!

  730. Maggins Says:

    Mmmmmm … Mmmmmy January knitting is definitely selfish …  A Skywalker shawl stitched with stash … mmmmmmmM!  Maggins

    mdrown at gmail dot com

  731. SpiffyB on Rav Says:

    A sweater or maybe 2 for myself – got a couple of bags of yarn at your tent sale that I’ve been itching to dig into…

    –SpiffyB on Ravelry

  732. diwolter Says:

    Definitely a wine-colored cowl with a shimmery mohair yarn I purchased a while back….keep opening the bag and feeling it’s softness!

  733. Jill Neill Says:

    Beautiful yarn in my favorite colors! 

    My selfish knitting right now is Ann Hanson’s Blumchen sweater, made from yarn I bought recently at Webs.

  734. azknitlady1 Says:

    I signed up for Craftsy’s on-line sock class and hope to successful complete a pair that fit my calfs

  735. Stephanie B Says:

    I would love some long fingerless gloves.  

  736. meyan Says:

    Is it possible to send me the pattern?

  737. Sara Delaney Says:

    Hi meyan,

    Unfortunately this pattern was only available with the yarn as part of the giveaway. It’s not a pattern we carry.

  738. Sol Says:

    Hurrah! After all I got a webpage from where I be able to actually
    obtain helpful facts regarding my study and knowledge.

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