November 30th, 2011

Dream in Color Giveaway

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The time has come again for a juicy new giveaway from Dream in Color yarns. And just in time! This holiday I see crafters working their little fingers to nubs. What better way to look forward to post-holiday selfish knitting than with a special handdyed skein of  your very own?

This month Dream in Color is tempting us with a lovely fingering weight merino cashmere blend in a green/purple fusion.  This is an exclusive colorway of Smooshy with Cashmere. *Swoon*. Check it out!

Of course, the giveaway includes a free pattern to go with it! The pattern for this great yarn is a men’s scarf called Opa! But this would be great for anyone…including yourself!

Want a chance to win? Let us know what selfish knitting you are planning for January by commenting below by Sunday, December 4th. Please leave your contact info (Ravelry name is fine) and we’ll contact 10 lucky winners!

Happy Knitting and Good luck!!


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738 Responses to “Dream in Color Giveaway”

  1. Pharmaknit Says:

    I’m planning on knitting a pair of dragon socks and hopefully finishing a vest!

  2. Gail Bailey Says:

    I won some Malabrigo Rios in a local yarn crawl that I will make a cowl out of once the Christmas knitting is finished! 

  3. stardust79 Says:

    I’m thinking a drapey cowl would be perfect.

  4. Nancy D. Says:

    I’m going to relax and sit in front of the fire, knit myself an Afghan in Sea Blue yarn, in a Shell pattern! I’ll stay warm and dream of the wonderful “beach days” ahead!

  5. Rmholmes Says:

    I am planning to make a Lintilla scarf in January.

  6. knitkai Says:

    I have a couple of hanks of Malabrigo Rasta…I liked the cowl so much I wanted it in different colors 🙂 –  (ravid: knitkai)

  7. Julie Says:

    I need some mitts. I’ve got a few gifts yet to knit, but I really want some pretty mitts in a gorgeous yarn. And if course I need them now. Julie. Whitecatstudio on Ravelry.

  8. Pstorum Says:

    i’m going to pick something from COastal Knits!  “Santa” got me a copy!

  9. kate price Says:

    I am planning on making the ogee skirt before Christmas, to wear as a swimsuit cover up at Christmas time (in the southern hemisphere) – Rav id is katepricey

  10. Meredith Says:

    That yarn and pattern are beautiful!  For January, my selfish knitting is a cabled turtleneck called Bliss and the Jared Flood Hemlock Ring blanket–both out of Cascade wool from WEBS!

  11. Carol Perecman Says:

    I need some new cardigans, and as soon as I am finished with all the grandchild knitting, I am casting on for the Wildflower Cardigan!

  12. Heather flower Says:

    Lovely, lovely yarn!! I am going to knit some warm and cozy wool socks for myself!

  13. Ssz121 Says:

    ssz121-I plan on crocheting myself a new cardigan or comfy V-neck pull-over- I want to design my own pattern.

  14. Eve Carr Says:

    Oh wow … Selfish knitting … Either a sweater or lace or both …

  15. Poohtum Says:

    Pan Am Jacket from Interweave Knits

    Ravelry Name: Poohtum

  16. Mary Brinton Says:

    My Ravelry ID is PiperMum, by the way.

  17. Enjif Says:

    I’m planning on starting an Elizabeth Zimmerman 100th birthday lace shawl! I’ve never done lace before… (^_^)!

  18. Lisa from western mass Says:

    Oooh … lovely yarn! My January selfish knitting will be a cashmere-blend cowl, I think. So many patterns, so little time….

  19. Redskyis Says:

    Through a combination of upcoming projects and extensive Christmas shopping (no time AND no money…), I don’t have any selfish knitting planned for January; I’ll be knitting a throw for two good friends of mine (hopefully in time for Christmas), and a long vest for my mother sometime between now and February, but nothing planned for myself. I’ve been considering a cowl, mostly because it’s something I would use (the walk between the train and work is long and cold) and because it’s something I’ve never made, so it would be a new experience.

    (Also, I would like to be entered in the Dream in Color giveaway, please!)

  20. Jan Says:

    I plan on knitting a cardigan from the knit Noro book. Every year I try to knit something for each member of my family to wear in our Christmas picture. Hopefully 2012 can be the year when we all get new sweaters!

  21. Ellen Rule Says:

    I plan to make some really complicated sock patterns, ones that I’ve been putting off because it’s too crazy lately to concentrate on much beyond plain knitting. For me.

  22. Jane Says:

    I have been blessed with a granddaughter last May and twin grandsons ten days ago. I have been knitting many items for these precious babies. I am knitting away on Christmas gifts. I just told some friends this morning that I can’t wait until January when I can select a knitting project for myself with no deadline to get it done. I have not yet picked the project. I am dreaming about it … that scarf pattern looks like a possibility!

  23. Robin Says:

    My selfish knitting will be a sweater for myself, with cable shaping, out of my handspun yarn. I have just rediscovered knitting (after 20 years) this past October and have been knitting socks like crazy for Christmas gifts.. something I never knitted before. I *love* it. My Ravelry name is RobinMurphy

  24. Winterwrens Says:

    My project for myself that I’ve been thinking of is actually a new scarf… just hadn’t decided on a pattern yet!  This one looks lovely!

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  25. teasum Says:

    a lace shawl

  26. Janet Chutro Says:

    Rowan #48 – Meander vest. The way it’s put together looks so clever to me.

  27. Marjact Says:

    Decided my husband has more sweaters than me, so I found two pretty patterns I’m going to try.

  28. penny Says:

    I plan to take some time for myself and knit the sweater I’ve been dreaming of and designing in my head. nothing earth shattering, just a simple top-down set in sleeve, but i’m looking forward to creating a knit i’ll turn to for comfort and warmth. and it will stay with me and not be gifted off to someone else. 

  29. GypsyScarfWoman Says:

    I have a sweater that’s barely started but will have to sit until gift knitting is done, and a pair of socks that I’ve been daydreaming about.  Of course, then I panic about how close the holidays are!

  30. laceandcable Says:

    I think that I’ll knit myself some lace.  I don’t wear what I have, but I do love to knit it… And maybe someday I’ll figure out how to wear a lace shawl and not look dumb…

  31. Deb Says:

    I am going to (finally!) knit myself a sweater! I keep putting it off for smaller projects, but I have the yarn picked out as well as the pattern (weeellll….almost picked out – it’s at least narrowed down to a few!). My ravelry name is SweetgrassBay.

  32. Ljmalleypm Says:

    I think that I am going to do a lace shawl pattern with beads. Something that needs concentration. Once the party season is over, it’s time to exercise the two brain cells I have left!

  33. Tammi Says:

    Looks like a great blend for fingerless gloves, or a snuggly cowl, yum!!!


  34. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I’ll be participating in a shawl KAL in January and the end result will be for me; the yarn was dyed by a friend especially for me.
    sewsable on Rav

  35. knitcentral Says:

    I’m going to useAnn Budd’s Handy Book Of Patterns to knit myself a pullover sweater.

  36. C Lynn Murphy Says:

    I’m planning on working a version of an Alice Starmore sweater in a fitted v-neck with dk yarn…we’ll see if I manage 🙂

  37. Haygayle Says:

    It’s hard to choose, cowls in cashmere, alpaca shawls, where do I begin?

  38. Colleen Fitzgerald Says:

    I also have a sock yarn drawer calling me!!! I love to wear my socks to work at the hospital and show them off 🙂

  39. Judith Blanchard Says:

    just learning to knit at 74,,making teddy bears and hats

  40. prymnumber Says:

    I intersperse “selfish” knitting in along with gift knitting. I’ll make something for my friend/husband/mom/anyone else, then I’ll make something for me.  This “one-for-me-one-for-you” approach helps me stay motivated.  Otherwise I’ll feel sorry for myself all the time and not enjoy knitting one bit!

  41. shellbelle Says:

    I need some new winter woolies, tons of socks I want to knit, and my first lace shawl, hmmm…. what else?

  42. Meghann Says:

    I would like to do the mohair cowlneck pattern from the Vogue Knitting A-Z latest issue! It looks simple but fun. Ravelry ID: Megfoot

  43. Kmsears Says:

    2 shawls- Citron and Thin Ice

  44. Diane Says:

    My selfish knitting in January is the Vodka Gimlet sweater over on Ravelry….but I could move it to February to work with DIC…my favorite yarn!

  45. ReluctantPenguin Says:

    Something in cashmere. Or yak. Warm, soft, and scrumptious.

  46. MamaBearKnits on Rav Says:

    Where do I begin?  Blumchen by Anne Hanson I hope!

  47. Audribklyn Says:

    If I can finish this ridiculous shrug thing for my daughter called the Minx Convertible Hooded Shrug I will be ready to work on a simple sweater for me.  Or maybe yet another lace shawl (I’m obsessed).
    Name on ravelry – audlor. 

  48. Lindacarta Says:

    Several babies are due at work, so I’ll be knitting baby things, punctuated by socks.

  49. Evali1 Says:

    I’d like to make a nice  warm cowl for myself!


  50. Guest Says:

    Another sweater for myself (not that Ihave not made sweaters for others but…) Avidknit = raverly name

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