November 30th, 2011

Dream in Color Giveaway

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The time has come again for a juicy new giveaway from Dream in Color yarns. And just in time! This holiday I see crafters working their little fingers to nubs. What better way to look forward to post-holiday selfish knitting than with a special handdyed skein of  your very own?

This month Dream in Color is tempting us with a lovely fingering weight merino cashmere blend in a green/purple fusion.  This is an exclusive colorway of Smooshy with Cashmere. *Swoon*. Check it out!

Of course, the giveaway includes a free pattern to go with it! The pattern for this great yarn is a men’s scarf called Opa! But this would be great for anyone…including yourself!

Want a chance to win? Let us know what selfish knitting you are planning for January by commenting below by Sunday, December 4th. Please leave your contact info (Ravelry name is fine) and we’ll contact 10 lucky winners!

Happy Knitting and Good luck!!


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738 Responses to “Dream in Color Giveaway”

  1. julie green Says:

    I already have a cardigan (cosima) on the needles, and another planned for vacation. Because I appreciate all the work that goes into my projects. :o)

  2. CarolynEll Says:

    Definitely some bright colorful socks!

  3. Cyntha Landers Says:

    I love DIC.  I’m planning a new scarf for myself in DIC Starry or maybe this one if I win!!!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I love this yarn! I am looking forward to making myself a pair of mitts to wear at work – but I have been planning on doing this for two years now!

  5. Kelly H. Says:

    Sadly (though happily) my SiL is having a baby late March and I’ve a last minute request for a cardigan (non-knitters who do *not* understand time requirements) cardigan for my FiL for Christmas (dying of cancer, can’t turn that down, reality or not) means I’ve got nothing planned for myself.  I’ve had my eye (and drooling mouth) on a Leif Slipover, Deep In The Forest Mittens or Old Penny Cardigan in Apple Green Williamstown (no, you can’t have too many cardigans!!), and I’ve UFO’s that would be nice to finish (HA!), but who knows what’ll come up next!  I’m trying to pretend Christmas isn’t happening in 3 weeks.

  6. Blknitter Says:

    After giving my sewing/knitting room a thorough cleaning I am going to delve into some lace knitting that I have been wanting to do. This yarn would be perfect for that I think.

  7. Kate/Massachusetts Says:

    Socks!!  It’s COLD here in Massachusetts.  🙂

  8. stephccng Says:

    a pair of Cookie A socks! And some mitts. it’s freezing in the office!

  9. Deirdre Says:

    I have some 20 year old, nicely aged, gorgeous local wool that I am planning to make myself a cozy cardigan with while curled up by the fire watching old movies… best Christmas recovery plan I know…

  10. Laurel Says:

    I think this beautiful, lovely yarn should become some mittens and a hat for me 🙂 I’m smidgentigre on ravelry.

  11. tami h. Says:

    Oh i adore all dream in color yarns! My after christmas knitting list will begin by making myself my very first project with lace. Not sure what exact pattern I will use, but I want it to be a shawl pattern using a lace weight or even better a sock yarn just like tis one!!! Ravelry: sweetside

  12. Kgreaney1 Says:

    I plan to make myself a sweater.  it will be the first I’ve made for myself in many years. And it will be a nice change to keep something for myself.

  13. ValerieKJones Says:

    I am planning to make myself a Claudette Hat. The perfect thing to warm and brighten my January.

    Valerieknits on Ravelry.

  14. Anna Says:

    I’m going to make myself a Stripe Study shawl!

  15. Ariel Says:

    Selfish knitting for me is a black scarf.


  16. Gidgettm Says:

    I would really love a new pair of socks for me. Or a cowl. Or really anything.

  17. Rpomkntrr Says:

    I need some leg and arm warmers, so probably one of those.
    hotknitter on Ravelry

  18. Kbates Says:

    I always have a pair of brainless socks for me on the go, but I’ve decided I’d like a nice winter hat and I’ve kinda taken to Tourbillon by Kris Carlson in the latest issue of Twist Collective.  I think that will be my Jan knit (after the xmas presents, the baby blanket for the Jan. baby, the mittens, hats and socks for my rapidly growing 4 mth old nephew etc etc)….

  19. Leigh Harding Says:

    I am planning on making myself a scarf as I have spent the past 3 months making scarves for others.  Just looking at it makes me start to wonder if there would be anything else I want…

  20. NanSoli Says:

    I will make a new sweater for myself!! 

  21. Mimi Says:

    Ooh, I just bought yarn (from you) for the Dahlia cardigan.  Can’t wait to get the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool!!

  22. nicky Says:

    A sweater – it will be my first one and I’m excited.  Happy new year knitting to everyone!

    Nicky- livin4fishin on rav.

  23. Allisonekelsey Says:

    Whoa — I would plan a scrumptious cowl in that for january. Otherwise, I’m determined to start and finish some mittens in CSA llama/wool yarn from Vermont!

  24. Angie Stevens Says:

    Wow, ten winners!  My selfish knitting is an Aidez Cardigan.  I’m angielatte on Ravelry.

  25. Nancyb Says:

    I’m lining up a special skein of Mountain Colors River Twist for a hat — LOVE that yarn! Made one in the Whitewater color way in a Wooly Wormhead pattern — it turned out great.

  26. Nancyb Says:

    Oops, my ravelry name is woolgatherer. 

  27. Lindabea on ravelry Says:

    Berroco Jujuba in Seduce yarn. I can hardly wait!

  28. justlivin Says:

    I plan on knitting a sweater, mitts, a hat and of course more socks.

  29. Elaine Boston Says:

    I’m going to work on stash busting. I want to do some projects that require me to learn new techniques.

  30. Francesca Says:

    I’m looking forward to finishing a cable yoke sweater that I’ve started for myself.  I think It’ll be done with plenty of time left to wear it.

  31. Vtknitboy Says:

    omg. so luscious! i’d make a cowl for moi! me me me! lol. vtknitboy on ravelry..cheers!

  32. Jessey Says:

    What’s this about waiting for January to knit selfishly? I’m about to start a Romi Hill shawlette for myself, as soon as I find the needles!

  33. susan love Says:

    warm smooshy cashmere socks!

  34. Teresa Says:

    Gorgeous yarn – would make a terrific scarf!

  35. D Strasdin9736 Says:

    I am planning on knitting a shawl, for myself, Haruni, that I found on Ravelry, as of right now it will be knit in Tahki Yarns Dream, my last order from webs, but yarn choices are always subject to change.
    You can find the shawl in my que, user name boyswillbeboys

  36. middlesisterknits Says:

    In January I am finally going to start the Aurora Shawl Collar sweater that I bought in September.  I keep looking at the beautiful teal yarn and then putting it down.  Too many requests for fingerless gloves this Christmas!  Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  37. Brixham Says:

    Love, love, love this yarn/colorway…  I need to knit myself a cozy, soft, warm cowl to make it through our cold, snowy winter & outside bus duty at school every morning!!


  38. Marilyn Says:

    I’ll probably still be knitting My So Called Scarf. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Malia Says:

    mittens, to keep my hands warm, in some fair isle pattern to keep my brain warm.

  40. Jennifer Skerritt Says:

    I’m going to make myself a nice hat and scarf. Not matching, but I’ve got some lovely yarn waiting here for me.

  41. Diane Says:

    Planning to start on the mithril vest. Maybe colrain lace.

  42. dust-bunny Says:

    My January selfish knitting is planned to be a Horus shawl with some yarn I bought at Stitches East.  I joined the KAL (which is now over) and was never able to get to it because of gift weaving I’m spending all my time doing.  January, when all is calm will be time for my project!
    Thank you for this opportunity to win such gorgeous yarn!  Love, love, love Dream in Color anything!
    cottontail on ravelry

  43. Marianna Menkol Says:

    I need some new socks so they are on January’s list

  44. Jstarling Says:

    I will be making toasty socks – for me

  45. jazzykitten Says:

    Lovely sapphire bunny!

    ravelry: jazzykitten

  46. Sara Byron Says:

    I am knitting a luscious sweater just for ME in January.  (Well, and job-hunting.)
    SareBearKnits on ravelry

  47. Ellen S. Says:

    I’m going to make the Star Pullover from Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness yarn. It’s yak and bamboo, and is really  luxurious.

  48. JL Says:

    need new cardigan

  49. Nancy Lea Says:

    I plan to make up another sweater with my Lopi discontinued-colours stash and do a Fair Isle vest out of the leftovers.  It’s going to be unusually-cold around here for a good spell, if this winter is anything like the last two.  The worst is always January and February. We have already had snow-flurries, and, for Alabama, that’s downright weird.  SOOOO, sweaters are looking pretty good!  I just finished dashing out a cute, warm hat…took me just a couple of hours with the Lopi Bulky!

  50. Nancy Lea Says:

    of course, sox are always in work.  That’s the knitting I can carry around with me.

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