September 20th, 2011

Dream in Color Giveaway!

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Dream in Color has a certain fascination in the knitting world. The colors pop, the bases make knitters swoon. I’ve many times heard customers exclaim, “this is perfect” when they squish a skein. How do we add to that excitement?

Dream in Color has outdone themselves with their Dream Club, an exclusive fiber club available at select retail stores. What’s better? We’re giving it to you for free! We will be offering several giveaways with never before seen bases and colorways from Dream in Color.

September brings us a lovely purple mixture with pops of green and brown in a worsted weight base of 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon. Basically, a Smooshy With Cashmere worsted. How could that be wrong?

To sweeten the pot we will be giving away ten one-skein kits with a cute fingerless mitts pattern from Dream in Color. Ten! So comment below on why you love Dream in Color by Sunday, September 25th and be sure to check back next week to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

Good luck!


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602 Responses to “Dream in Color Giveaway!”

  1. Melissa Sweet Says:

    Dream in Color Classy was the first luxury yarn I ever bought.  The color was so rich (happy forest) and the it was sooooo soft and squishy.  Its been a slippery slope from there. ;-)

  2. Deb Says:

    I love Dream in Color because its colors are unique–I have definitely had garments made with their yarns elicit oohs and ahhs from friends and strangers alike! And, like you note above, the yarn is wonderfully squishy!

  3. eastcoastsunshine Says:

    Throw my name in, I have sadly never encounter the honorable yarn in my travels.

    Patty in Maryland

  4. Jdlashier Says:

    I love DiC, their colors are so deep and complex, but often still capable of showing off gorgeous cables and lace.

  5. booksNyarn Says:

    Gorgeous! The mix of colorways and fibers are a total win for me!

  6. Alounsberry Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarns – the colors are beautiful, rich and there are tons of different colors! I made a Barn Raising Quilt from 25 different colors – it’s gorgeous!

  7. Jackie G. Says:

    I knit a cabled drop stitch shawl with Smooshy, and now I’m onto a scarf with Classy.  I love DiC!!  The colors are gorgeous and its super soft!

  8. Susan Johnson Says:

    You are so right!  For me, DIC is all about the gorgeous colors and yarn bases, especially Smooshy.  Haven’t tried the Smooshy with Cashmere, yet.  Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.

  9. Joan Says:

    Dream in Color is one of the yarns I dream about knitting – I’ve never had the chance, and would love to give it a spin! Er, wrap? Turn? Ah, whatever, I’d love to own some! :-D

  10. Diane Kirchmann Wood Says:

    Love the colors and the fun. I’m making a hat from a former Dream Club entry in Groovy.   And you know, it is groovy!

  11. Pam L Says:

    The yarn is deliciously soft and the colors are to die for.  I’ve always gotten great results and comments on this yarn

  12. Andi Says:

    I have never seen it! It is absolutely stunning, though, and now I’m obsessed. Thanks a lot! (Now I have to win since you’re my LYS! :) )

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. felis44 Says:

    I love the subtle variegations in the colours!  Just enough for interest but not too busy for my tastes.

  14. Meadow Campbell Says:

    beautiful, natural combination of colors

  15. Jen W Says:


  16. Purplepaste Says:

    I love it because it knits up beautifully!

  17. H C Molloy Says:

    Poppin’ color, round smoothness, great Webs price.  I always look for Dream and Color at Webs

  18. Cathy Says:

    I love the tones the can produce. 

  19. Annie Says:

    what is not to love? The colors are amazing.

  20. Ruth Says:

    I love, love, love Smooshy with cashmere!!! Can’t imagine the softness of it in a worsted weight! Pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. mary! Says:

    i’ve never had the privilege to knit with dream in color, but i’ve always admired the lush colors and super smooshy-ness of the yarn! i’d love to win this contest!

  22. Tzporah Says:

    soft, squishy and vibrant.  What else can you ask for?

  23. Tabitha Says:

    Dream in Color was the first variegated yarn that I actually liked. The color changes are enough to be fun but not enough to fight with my stitch pattern. 

  24. Beckydjd Says:

    How crazy! I have never seen this! I live in Hawaii, so I get all my yarn at Webs, but have never seen this brand, witch is a little crazy because I LoVE mulit colored. Xoxox

  25. Christicrochets Says:

    Dream In Color was the yarn I used to make my first me-sized sweater. It’s my favorite!!!

  26. Tamsyn Mihalus Says:

    Dream in Color is soooo smoochy (if that’s a word) I like to have unknitted skeins just to pet.  Thank you for the great giveaway!  Tamsyn

  27. Elise Cohen Says:

    Color, color, color! 

  28. Silvia McFarland Says:

    The colors are always beautiful!

  29. Rosie Says:

    Shame on me; I’ve never tried Dream in Color. I’d love to give it a go!

  30. Julianne Q Says:

    The colors are so vibrant!

  31. Hilary Says:

    It’s just so beautiful!  And soft!

  32. Beth Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I love the color combinations!

  33. Jeanine Carnevale Moyer Says:

    Oh that is just absolutely lovely!

  34. Karlajh Says:

    I love the subtle colour variations. It keeps me interested while I’m knitting — always wondering what colour my next stitch will be. Unlike some other hand-dyed yarn, however, pooling and flashing are rare. It’s lovely stuff. Poma-Grenade and Chinatown Apple are my favourites.

  35. Amanda Says:

    Dream in Color has amazingly deep tones, with wonderful, subtle variation.  I have not been fortunate enough to knit with it yet, but I look forward to using it someday.

  36. Christina Habberjam Says:

    What a gorgeous yarn! It’s silky and super soft… I hope I win!

  37. Mary B. Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful colors! I’ve never gotten to try it out, or even squish it, though (hint, hint…) so, here’s hoping…!

  38. Lorraine C Says:

    The colors look great.  I have lusted after this yarn after hearing about it on a bunch of podcasts.

  39. Cathy McHale Albano Says:

    I’ve fondled Dream in Color Smooshy at my LYS but have never bought it. Good grief, it’s heavenly. I’m afraid I’d become addicted. :)

  40. Cibird01 Says:

    It’s bright and beautiful and makes me soooooooo happy…when I knit and wear!

  41. MaryAnne Says:

    I adore the vibrant colors paired with the luscious feel – decadent but zero calories!

  42. Karin Says:

    Dream in Color snatches knitters dreams and turns them into gorgeous realities. Love it!

  43. Sarah Says:

    Love, the colors, love the yardage, love the softness.

  44. katie Says:

    Such gorgeous colors, this really is wonderful yarn. I particularly love the use of the word “smooshy.” One of my favorite words that is not used nearly often enough. 

  45. Jordiw Says:

    Dream in Color is such a perfect name for this yarn.  You see it and you touch it and you start dreaming about what you could make out of it.  Yum

  46. Rachel Says:

    What’s not to love about this yarn?

  47. Debbie Says:

    I love the colors!

  48. Cathy goldman Says:

    OMG…pick me  please

  49. carrotmusic Says:

    I am an absolute sucker for color – I virtually never knit anything solid. DIC has some of the loveliest colourways around!

  50. Angela Says:

    I adore Smooshy with Cashmere.  Would love to give the worsted a try!

  51. Tessa Briggs Says:

    I would love to win this!  I have been wanting to learn to knit and this would be the perfect opportunity – what beautiful yarn!

  52. Shanna Trim Says:

    I love the variations in color. No one does it like DiC. <3

  53. Leah Midgarden Says:

    Dream in color is




    What’s not to love?

  54. Kelly Says:

    Love the colors, and affordable cashmere.  Great.

  55. Martha Says:

    It’s sooo smooshy!  I love the way socks knit in this yarn feel.

  56. Tessa Briggs Says:

    This yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

  57. susankou Says:

    I love Smooshy! In fact I’m knitting my next project with it!!

  58. GerryR Says:

    I love the colors!  Just dreamy!  Pick me!!

  59. Julie B. Says:

    I love the yarn because it is incredibly soft, but works up beautifully into the most wonderful socks. 

  60. Bevans59 Says:

    it’s sooo pretty!!!

  61. KatrinaR Says:

    love the colors….they are so “flavor-full”

  62. Phdsmk Says:

    amazing colors!!

  63. gertie1208 Says:

    I love Dream in Color because I feel like they know me. Whenever I want something that is totally me, I always find something. I love color and I love Dream in Color.

  64. revdiva Says:

    I weave and DiC’s yarns are quite spectacular in just plain weave.  The yarns do the work and the results are amazing!

  65. Tfucci Says:

    Please, I love Dream in Color!

  66. Amey Says:

    The colors are amazing – I’d really like to finally try this yarn.

  67. Linda Says:

    I love this yarn…it knits up so nice and soft…hope I win!!!….thanks for the contest

  68. kerrie Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  69. Wormtowndavis Says:

    Dream In Color was the first sock yarn that I fell head over heels for.  Everything about it was perfect, the stitch definition, the subtle color changes, how well it’s worn.  I always snag a new skein each time I come to visit WEBS.

  70. Songdeva Says:

    I just love the colors…the variety, originality and the great effects you can achieve when combining colors.

  71. Lisa Rickards Says:

    I love in Dream in Color because it’s so versatile!  Sweaters, socks, scarves, you name it – D in C can get it done!  It’s probably my very favorite yarn at the moment.  :)

  72. Karen Says:

    Luscious colors, texture and touch!  Love to “Dream in Color”!

  73. Anitanauman Says:

    I love the beautiful, rich colors of this yarn and dream about making a sweater with it some day!

  74. Kate Winter Drake Says:

    I love DIC because all their colorways are not only beautiful, but are the color combinations I always long to see in yarn. I love the color changes, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, but always amazing.

  75. Marla Says:

    would love to upgrade to this yarn – been reading about it for some time now. thanks for the contest – hope I win….

  76. Susan Says:

    The colors are gorgeous!

  77. Heather K. Says:

    Absolutely stunning, gorgeous colorways. And a girl can never have too many fingerless mittens.

  78. Kristin Says:

    I love the colors and it’s squishiness!

  79. Margery Haber Says:

    Oh, I want to win this kit! Dream in Color is so touchable, and so visually exciting!

  80. Michelle Short Says:

    Who wouldn’t love the colors found in nature and in life mirrored in a beautiful yarn?! Dream in Color always amazes me with their colors and fiber blends <3

  81. Andrea B Says:

    Mmmmmm, you know that feeling of complete and utter peace right before you drift off to sleep; that’s Dream in Color.  :)

  82. Cate Rowen Says:

    The beautiful colors!

  83. Carolyn Says:

    I haven’t knit with Dream in Color yet, but would love to win the opportunity!

  84. knitplaywithfire Says:

    I loe the colors but the sqooshiness of the base fiber are what makes me love their yarns.  I am a handspinner and if I had to choose between my handspun or Dream in Color it would be a hard choice. I see having to pick up some Dream in Color in November when I am able to get by the store if not sooner. 

  85. Cate Rowen Says:

    Love the colors!

  86. Onecentndq Says:

    Beautiful colors, fantastic yarn. What’s not to like?

  87. Kathy Says:

    I love the colors (!) and the feel after it is washed :-)

  88. sase35 Says:

     beautiful colors make me feel warm and fuzzy!

  89. Tradingjio Says:

    I’m a newbie to the knitting world. Thanks for your podcasts and blog posts! I don’t know about Dream in Color. But I love the combination of merino and cashmere. I LOVE the deep purple colorway.

  90. Cheryl Says:

     I love Dream in Color yarns!! They are so wonderful to work with and the colors are yummy!!!  :)

  91. Diana Keating Says:

    I am in love with Smooshy! The colors are amazing and the yardage can’t be beat. I have several “pet” skeins!

  92. Larasmoot Says:

    I love the colors and the soft squishy feel of the yarn.  The mit’s are wicked cute and I would love to knit them!

  93. Sean Myers Says:

    Sometimes my mood changes with the color of the yarn.  I can go from moodiness of purple to the sunshine smile of yellow. 

  94. lyndabogel Says:

    as a new knitter I first found DIC in Wisconsin, gobbled it up, knit two little sweaters, and have cherished its soft variations at WEBS ever since .  I’d love to work with Smooshy with Cashmere; with any of their yarns.

  95. Marsy Says:

    That purple is amazing!  I can just picture those mittens on my chilly hands…

  96. knitsmcfadden Says:

    I mad the most gorgeous seven color dream in color tulip sweater. Makes me smile EVERY time I look at it and people ooh and ahhh over it whenever my little one wears it. Thank you for doing what you do!!

  97. Debbie Constable Says:

    I love the colours!  And I love the name “Smoshy”!!

  98. Knitting Mama Says:

    Oh there are so many reasons I love Dream in Color! I love the gorgeous rich colors used, I love the varied bases, I love how it looks knit up….I could go on but you get the idea! 

  99. Adrienne Says:

    I love purple!  I’ve never had the privilege of knitting with DiC yarn, this would be a lovely start!

  100. Mstester Says:

    Such yummy colors

  101. Leslie Inglis Says:

    The colors, the smooshiness, the wearability!  I made my daughter a sweater in Dream in Color and it’s held up very well.  It’s probably just as well that no one local to me sells it – I’d blow my entire budget!

  102. Megan Williams Says:

    I would love to win this great prize!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  103. Fern Says:

    Great yarn I have made several baby sweaters that came out great.

  104. Leslie Inglis Says:

    The colors, the smooshiness, the wearability!  I made my daughter a sweater in Dream in Color and it’s held up very well.  It’s probably just as well that no one local to me sells it – I’d blow my entire budget!

  105. Zoe Bleck Says:

    the yarns not only feel lovely, they are delightful to look at–knitting with them is total sensual pleasure.

  106. Mandy Says:

    The first thing that popped in my mind was “No ugly pooling!” I’ve never thought the skeins were particularly squooshy, but the knitted fabric is divine, every single time.

  107. Valerie Says:

    I love their colors and that they don’t pool,

  108. Laura Says:

    beautiful colors, and very soft!

  109. Kalurah Says:

    I, sadly have never knit with this before but I never met a squishy yarn I didn’t like. The colors look absolutely gorgeous. So opulant and rich. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  110. MaryEllen Klusacek Says:

    I love that so many of DIC’s yarns are machine washable – perfect for gift-knitting and for babies!

  111. Jenny Coombe Says:

    I’ve actually never had the chance to touch or use Dream in Color yarns before, so winning this would be a great chance to start!

  112. Pam Fisher Says:

    I’m a very big sucker for their colorways. I’m a beginner knitter so having those differing colors without changing out the yarn…LOVE!!

  113. Sonya Peck Says:

    I love the colors. They are just amazing.

  114. Julia Says:

    I love DIC colors and textures. Also love how different colors go together

  115. Sylvia H Says:

    A worsted MCN in DIC’s colors! That would be something.

    Classy is one of my go-to yarns for baby things — it’s beautiful and soft and, best of all for a busy mom, washable.

  116. Thressa Brace Says:

    The colors are georgous AND its superwash!!  Love it  :O)

  117. Thislittlepiggyknits Says:

    I love their colors and the yarn is a “Dream” to work with!!!!
    :D Carla

  118. Mikell Says:

    I love the colors and how squishy it is! Thanks for the chance to win a skein.

  119. Lisa B. Says:

    I have lots of Dream in Color in my stash because you cannot beat the colors.  So lovely!

  120. Lorraine Says:

    I love it because it’s gorgeous!

  121. Phyllis Panhorst Says:

    I love the huge variety of colorways DIC offers.  And the different weights of yarns are so great to work with, not splitty or lumpy.  I always know what I’m going to find in a skein of Dream in Color.

  122. Virginia Given Says:

    Dream in Color has the softest texture.  I once carried a skein of it around in my bag, bringing it out to admire now and then.  And the colors!  Beautiful. 

  123. Kate Steward Says:

    I love the colors!  And the yarn feels sooo good!

  124. Pincesscane11 Says:

    Love the colorways….and the softness!!!  Would LOVE to win some deliciousness!

  125. Karen Says:

    Dream In Color has some of the nicest color combinations. Beautiful!

  126. Giedra Bowser Says:

    The colors of course!!! So amazing! I totally NEED some mitts too.

  127. Richelle Chambers Krotts Says:

    Not only are Dream in Color colorways and dying techniques fantastic, they use the most wonderful bases to put those colors on!!!

  128. Susan Says:

    DIC is my favorite yarn – check my Rav stash if you don’t believe me!  This would be a fabulous giveaway to win!

  129. Laura Says:

    I’ve never gotten the chance to use DiC, but I’ve been dying to for so long! It seems that every time I’m on ravelry and like the color someone used in a project, it’s DiC. It’s definitely the colors that catch my eye!

  130. Kimberley Ann Ramos-Lenzi Says:

    I am a sock yarn junkie!! Such stunning color combinations! 

  131. Laura Says:

    Beautiful colors, and they would match my winter coat perfectly.

  132. Claire Mickelson Says:

    If you can afford it, using DIC makes every sense in the world:  knitting takes time and effort, and you want a quality yarn with intense color to reflect the time you spent making any item!

  133. Merilyn Says:

    Dream in Color is a gorgeous yarn!! It is so soft and fun to knit with! I love it!!

  134. Christine Says:

    The colors are beautiful!

    BellyLaugher on Rav

  135. johanna Says:

    Beautiful colors, lots of depth, no pooling.  What more could you want?

  136. JillianHastings Says:

    I love Dream in Color because who doesn’t want o knit with something called Smooshy? Duh.

  137. Barbara Rall Says:

    DIC has beautiful colors and it’s machine washable.  That’s why it’s a favorite of mine.  I particularly like Chinatown Apple.

  138. Janis Says:

    Madly in love with theyr colors!

  139. Cjackson197 Says:

    I’ve never actually used Dream in Color before, but I’ve heard great reviews about it.  The colors are beautiful, and I’d love the chance to try this yarn.

  140. emily Says:

    Quality, color, super wearable. This is one of my favorite yarns.

  141. Monica Welham Says:

    I love the colorplay and the quality – it makes great one skien projects! 
    Thanks for the chance at winning one of the kits of the new weight – purples, greens, and browns sound fabulous. 

  142. Zigeunerin Says:

    I love how soft Dream in Color yarns are, and I love the colorway names!  I just smile every time I knit with Smooshy in “Happy Forest” :-)

  143. Rebecca Rowley Says:

    Oh, I love Dream in Color!  The yarns are so amazing and the colors so rich and vibrant.  

  144. Saisquoi Says:

    The colorways make me so very, very happy.

  145. Jessica K. Says:

    I’ve never had a chance to work with any DIC before, but that color is amazing. I’d love the chance to win one!

  146. Angie B. Says:

    I too just love their colors. They make me happy while knitting. And happier when wearing.

  147. Sholt576 Says:

    Amazing colors, Amazing yarn, Amazing finished projects!  Love!

  148. Beth W. Says:

    I have a limited budget and many friends and family who not only want something knit for them, but are also “knit-worthy!” So, when it comes to gift-knitting I have to focus on small but heirloom-quality projects. Dream In Color is so scrumptious, so luscious, that I can’t balk at the price. You get what you pay for! That said, I have a HUGE holiday gift list and sure would love to win one of these kits! I have a cousin who is going through a divorce and would so love to send her something extra special for Christmas!

  149. Christine Says:

    I love dream in color yarns because of both the colors and the quality of the yarns. I love the shawls I’ve made from their yarn. 

  150. Dariasmom Says:

    Love the feel of Dream in color, but for me their colorways are the real attraction!

  151. Suzanne Wilsey Says:

    I love Dream in Color because it always feels so soft. And I love me them colors!  :-)

  152. pinkchimes Says:

    Yummy! The yarns are so soft and the colors are amazing.

  153. Trina Howells Says:

    I knit my first project with Dream in Color and I was an instant fan. Not only because the colors are fabulous, it held up well to all of the frogging associated with my novice knitting!

  154. Pamstitches Says:

    It’s the colors of our dreams! And machine washable too.

  155. Suzanne Wilsey Says:

    I love DiC because of its softness and loft — and I love me all them colors!

  156. Laura Michelle Blinn Says:

    Why do I love it?  Because it is what it describes.  Colors you only dream about!  Love!

  157. Jresop Says:

    I love to knit with Dream in Color. I find the colorways mesmerizing to knit with.

  158. rachelb Says:

    the color… and the color… and the color… amazing amazing color!

  159. Sawolf3585 Says:

    who can resist this wonderful yarn.

  160. nestinknitter Says:

    Dream in Color Yarns are my favorite “go to” yarns when I’m looking for gorgeous colors and a variety of degrees of softness/wearability factors. Currently
     making an outfit for my new baby grand daughter out of Dream in Color yarns.

  161. Lisa Says:

    I love their rich colors and the softness of the yarns.

  162. Tara Drummond Says:

    The colors are gorgeous and so soft!  I made my 1 year old a sweater out of Classy and it turned out lovely. 

  163. Lisa Anderson Says:

    I’m always looking for fun new colorways to try and these look beautiful. I’d love to be able to sork with them.

  164. Nonsequitorian Says:

    Dream in Color has some lovely yarns.  Sometimes I just daydream in color… :)

  165. Joe Bocanegra Says:

    Fantastic colorways.  I cannot abide solid colors; they usually give me a case of the sleepies. :  Still, I would love to get this, if only just to pet and stroke the skein. :D

  166. renee Says:

    the richness of the color is why I LOVE Dream in Color yarn

  167. Marcylka Says:

    I haven’t gotten to use this yarn yet, but looks scrumpdillyicious!!

  168. Kali Woodbridge Says:

    Gorgeous colorways and a delightful feel! 

  169. Michelle Says:

    I’ve never used Dream in Color, but I want to….

  170. karen Says:

    I love that DIC has yarn for every occasion. And the colors are to die for!

  171. Ditetre - Diane Tetreault Says:

    I love the color, the texture and the quality!!! Many thanks for the give-a-way.

  172. Sarah J Says:

    Dream in Color Smooshy is my very favorite yarn ever. It’s so… smooshy and springy and the colors are just beautiful. 

  173. Beth W. Says:

    Beautiful colors…they draw me in every time.


  174. KallieKY Says:

    DIC is some of the nicest yarn I’ve knit with.  The colors are glorious and the hand is wonderful.  Pick me!  Pick me!!  Please?

  175. ~~jenn Says:

    it is truly smooshy.  a great yarn

  176. Devra Neal Says:

    There’s nothing better than dreaming in color.  Whether you’re in a deep sleep or whether you are deeply engrossed in your knitting project.  It’s Dream in Color for me.  The colors are lucious and the yarn is so soft. There isn’t a color that I don’t just swoon over.   The cashmere just brings it to the front of other yarns.  One of the best on the market today.

  177. marymeow Says:

    It makes me happy!

  178. Ctzee Says:

    There’s a subtlety to their colors that others just try to imitate.

  179. Ginny Says:

    one word—smooshieness

  180. Cheryl Says:

    Dream in Color is exactly that…a dream to knit and enjoy!

  181. Lelah Says:

    I love Dream in Color because their colors really speak to my heart!!

  182. Kristen A Says:

    I love DIC’s beautiful colors, and the yarn feels so NICE, both to knit and to wear!

  183. Sandee Says:

    I just love Dream in Color yarns.  Whether you’re in the mood for a light pastel to a bright and bold color, you’ll find it all!  I’ve used it many times and have never been disappointed. 

  184. ALS Says:

    Dream in Color colorways are instantly recogniseable, and for good reason!  They seem to glow, no matter if they are pastels, jewels or earth tones.  Yes, even the earth tones are luminous!  The bases are also a joy to knit with and behave just as you hope.  I am a huge fan.

  185. Rachel B. Says:

    Love the colors, love the smooshy-ness. :)

  186. Lucia Poláková Says:

    Everyone always raves about Dream in Color but I’ve never had the chance to knit with it.  I would love to use this yarn since I’ve never heard a bad thing about it!

  187. chandra Says:

    Love the twist and colors of this yarn…makes the best socks….

  188. Julienj Says:

    Gorgeous colors add a bit of luxury to your life…

  189. cecilia Says:

    I love Dream in Color for so many reasons! 1) their names. smooshy? are you kidding- that is perfect!
    2) the colors! omg 3) Starry= amazing 4) feel 5) completely wearable!!!
    what an awesome giveaway- those are adorable mitts.
    grandmastatus on Ravelry

  190. Janemsmi Says:

    Merino, cashmere, color – what could be wrong!

  191. Anonymous Says:

    Always looking for new yarns in exciting colorways. How do I join the Dream Club?

  192. Rachel Says:

    I just finished an Ishbel in Dream in Color Baby Happy Forest – it’s beautiful!  I love their colors – so amazing!

  193. Damills66 Says:

    I love the richness of the colors

  194. Nanda Says:

    Love the colorways.

  195. Tprofit Says:

    Yarn yumminess! The colors actually match their names.

  196. Patti Says:

    I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard tons of good things about it, and really, what can be wrong with cashmere and merino?  So, I hope I’m chosen so I can say I love it.

  197. Kristinfitzgerald Says:

    I love the color and the feel of this yarn.  “Smooshie” is right!!

  198. Medwar6 Says:

    I love Dream in Color! They always have the perfect blend of great color and great fabric. It’s my favorite yarn! 

  199. Wendy10910 Says:

    …because I DO Dream In Color !

  200. Pcwalling Says:

    Dream in color is so comfy. I love it in socks or as a shawl. Can’t seem to get enough of it when the new club colors become available.

  201. Adrianna R Says:

    I loooove the vibrant colors and the luxury fibers. Plus I love their great names: Smooshy, Classy, Everlasting? I’m sold already!

  202. Laurie_Dro Says:

    The colors are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  203. Cindy Says:

    color and texture-just the combination to make our hearts sing!  Thank you

  204. Jeanne Vb Says:

    The colors are incredible. The simplest garments just pop using dream in color’s gorgeous colorways.

  205. Carina Says:

    I <3 DIC colorways and the fact that I never have to struggle with pooling when I knit with them.  Also, Classy is one of my go-to bases for kid knits… it is soft and wears so well even though they're hard on their knits.

  206. JehnaK1985 Says:

    Dream in color yarns have to be the best on the market at a decently affordable price. Even I as a new knitter know the sheer beauty of the dream in color yarns and love nothing more than to knit with it. Between everlasting, smooshy, baby, starry, and classy, there is a yarn for every project you can “dream” up. I love the look the feel the sheer luxury that is dream in color yarn.

  207. Elizabeth S. Says:

    It’s just the perfect yarn – merino, cashmere, nylon, the color combinations.  What more can be said? It’s amazing.

  208. Joy Wrolson Says:

    Perfect cocktail of purple, green and brown and then add cashmere to it. Oh my.  Seems like perfect yarn porn.

  209. Liz Says:

    I love how squishy the yarn is, but it doesn’t lose any stitch definition. So amazing!

  210. Rachel Says:

    I love the way it looks and feels. Beautiful colors. I have lingered at it on my visits to Webs, but have never been able to try it. I would love to!!!!!

  211. Carol Says:

    How can I add to what everyone else has already said? It’s the colors, the texture, and the smooshiness.

  212. Mara Says:

    I love Dream in Color’s ability to achieve such depth and texture with just color.

  213. Kmsheldrake Says:

    I love the subtle kettle dyes. I also love the multicolors. I guess I just mean I love it all!

  214. Tishville Says:

    I love this yarn because I don’t have to think about good color combinations (which I’m not good at).  All the thinking’s done for me and I can just knit.

  215. Bonney Says:

    Dream in Color is one of my top 3 favorite yarns. It works up so beautifully and the colors are rich and beautiful!

  216. Mindy Asplin Says:

    What’s not to love about DIC?  I love the colors, I love the feel of the yarn, I love knitting with the yarn.  I just love Dream in Color.

  217. JehnaK1985 Says:

    Dream in color yarns have to be the best on the market at a decently affordable price. Even I as a new knitter know the sheer beauty of the dream in color yarns and love nothing more than to knit with it. Between everlasting, smooshy, baby, starry, and classy, there is a yarn for every project you can “dream” up. I love the look the feel the sheer luxury that is dream in color yarn.

  218. lorraine Says:

    the thing i love about dream in color is their superior product and the colors..oh i love the colors! :)

  219. Francesca Says:

    Dream in Color makes knitting sublime!

  220. Amanda Evers-Bellace Says:

    I adore the brilliant colorways, both subtle and bright – they have an amazing eye for how colors play together!  Soft, silky, affordable, completely drool-worthy!

  221. Kathryn Everett Says:

    I knit for therapy so I get the softest, most colorful, happiest yarn I can get my hands on. DiC has a great depth of texture to it, soft without being mushy or weak, with a nice spring and bounce, along with some of the most amazing colors. I love Cool Fire and Blue Lagoon, they are cheerful and calming and sweet. 

  222. Carla K Says:

    In a word: sooooooooooooooffffffftttttt!  I fondled a skein for ten minutes at Maryland Sheep & Wool this May before I came to the conclusion, either I got the DiC or I got yarn to make socks for my sister in law. I couldn’t afford both, and she wanted “no fuss” socks (something she could trust if it accidentally fell in the washing machine). I put the DiC back. :-( Please help me make up for my lapse in judgment! 

  223. Llamaleader Says:

    Love those colors.  Purple is one of my favorites

  224. Lisa in Los Angeles Says:

    Dream in Color is unusual in that I love almost all the bases (except Baby) and the colors look just as good in all of them! I’ve made a sweater in Classy, tons of socks in Smooshy and Bugga and am planning lots of scarves and cowls in Smooshy with Cashmere. My husband’s first pair of handknit socks was in Smooshy – Crying Dove – and he LOVES them. When they developed holes, he begged me to darn them, and he still has them, even though I knit him another pair in the same yarn!

  225. bookgeekgirl Says:

    Oooh, I’ve never been lucky enough to try dream in color, but that colorway is delicious!  I hope I win!

  226. Nisilynne Says:

    Love the Dream in Color yarns.  The colors are gorgeous.  It works up beautifully!  Love, love, love it!!!!

  227. Wicked_Stitch Says:

    Vibrant and rich colors made with high quality materials that are fun to work with and even better to wear?  Of course I love Dream in Color.

  228. Wendi Says:

    Everyone deserves a little smooshy goodness with dreamy colors!

  229. Jan Picard Says:

    My LYS does not carry Dream in Color :(  However, my dear friend has knit several items with Dream in Color she has purchased elsewhere.  The colors are gorgeous, the feel of the yarn is heavenly and the finished products are outstanding.  I’m going to have to take a road trip to a shop (Webs?) that carries this wonderful yarn!

  230. Rebecca Says:

    I love the washableness of Dream in Color — especially important for mitts, which can get dirty when we touch stuff.

  231. Margo W Says:

    Beautiful colors.

  232. Nicole Roussos Says:

    DiC was the first new yarn I found since I picked up knitting again–it wasn’t around last time, and I fell in love with the colors and the soft, squishy hand. It’ll always remind me of rediscovering a hobby that gives me so much pleasure!

  233. Frann S. Says:

    Their colors are so rich and gorgeous, and the yarn is so soft! Love DIC.

  234. Schips Says:

    Where do I start? The depth of color is stunning even with semi-solids. All the yarns are squishy soft. It’s my go-to yarn for baby stuff, kid stuff, and gifts for anyone who I suspect won’t fuss with handwashing. Bravo! 

  235. Sandra Says:

    They have beautiful variegated colours! What’s not to like?

  236. judymma Says:

    I love making mitts.And hand-painted yarn is so special.

  237. Theresa Says:

    I love Dream in Color so much so that I bought a skein and shipped it to a knitter friend overseas. Now she’s addicted, too! It’s wonderful stuff.

  238. ReluctantPenguin Says:

    Gorgeous colors. Feels great to knit.

  239. Angela Mann Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarns for two very simple reasons: 1. It feels luxurious 2. The colors are wonderful.  It’s the yarn that I save for my January selfish knitting projects.

  240. Jeffrey_schindler Says:

    I love the saturated colors and slight variegation of DIC yarns. I’d love to win this kit, it’s the perfect season for fingerless mitts !

  241. ritainalaska Says:

    it’s been a long while since i’ve worked up ww yarn; time to look into new yarns.  the comments posted here say such great things that i would like to try this yarn, too. 

  242. dust-bunny Says:

    I LOVE Smooshy Happy Forest!  I knit a pair of socks with this and I fall in love anew each time I wear them.  All the colorways are just lovely but this is my favorite.  The fiber club sounds awesome.  Wish I knew of one around here.

  243. Judi Jones Says:

    Color is something I couldn’t live without, everything from the shades of the rising sun in the morning to the twilight colors as it sets, the deep colors of water as it moves in sun and shade and the myriad shades of green that mother nature gives us fills me with wonder everyday. The softness and texture of natural and manmade fibers make me want to surround myself in yarn every moment of the day.  To have a chance to knit with “Dream in Color” yarns would truly be a dream in color and sensation for me !!

  244. Mary R Says:

    I love the Dream in Color sock yarn.  It is so squishy and soft.  I use it to make not just socks but shawls, mitts, hats and scarves.  Next up might just be a sweater of the stuff!

  245. Luvstoknit Says:

    Who wouldn’t love Dream In Color?  The color hues, the texture gives such lovely hand that it makes knitting pure ecstasy!

  246. Pat DeShetler Says:

    Gorgeous colors. nuff said.

  247. syd Says:

    The colors, absolutely! Plus, how can you resist something called smooshy?

  248. Judy L. Says:

    Soft and colorful and beautiful!  

  249. Kamigaeru Says:

    The colors are wonderful, the yarn is squishy, yummy goodness! And yes, affordable, too.

  250. AGuest Says:

    I love Dream in Color because the yarn is so beautiful that I don’t need to use intricate designs to make a wonderful piece.

  251. Cirriusquilter Says:

    I love the vibrant colors!

  252. Marianne Wong Says:

    Dream in color yarns are a joy to knit with. The colors are lovely and the yarns are nice and squishy!

  253. Angie Smith Says:

    Count me in!  I would love to win this.

    knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

  254. Tricia Smith Says:

    I have never used Dream in Color.  It is gorgeous though, and I would love to try it!!!

  255. Cate Says:

    Such nice yarn! It feels great and the colors are lovely. In fact, today was the first day this fall that I broke out handknit socks – Smooshy in Lipstick Lava. Made my whole day.

  256. Eva Says:

    I haven’t yet knit with Dream in Color but am always enchanted with the softness, texture and vibrant colors of the yarn.  I’d love to try it and the fingerless mitts pattern looks adorable.

  257. Rachael Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarn, but unfortunately it is hard to come by in New Zealand.  The colors are so vibrant.  I would love to win this :)

  258. Ilse Moore Says:

    I love Dream in Color.  The colors are just so beautiful and the yarn is yummy.

  259. Barb Scott Says:

    Ohhhhhh …. I haven’t used this yarn yet but love the feel of it and the amazing colours. And a fingerlesss mitt pattern would be perfect to give it a try. So count me in!!


  260. Franklythered Says:

    Dream in Color is one of my favorites.  Do many pretty colors, so little time.  

  261. Robbin K. Says:

    Oh – it’s the color.  The beautifully saturated tonal colors.  Just enough to add interest and never so much that it swamps my beautiful stitches!  

  262. Martha Says:

    I just used DIC (Starry and Smooshy) for the first time, making a two-color shawl.  It was lovely to work with, and created both nice squishy garter stitch and lace with good stitch definition.  I would love to have some more to play with!

  263. Rgchavez Says:

    Dream in color has the most interesting color combos.  I have used it many times and love every color I have tried.  Scarves are magnificent with it.  The gals in  my knitting club rave at the beautiful projects I build it into.

  264. Michgall Says:

    Oh, I love, love, love DIC!!!  The colors are gorgeous and it knits up becuastfully.  It’s a must have.

  265. Jcoz1701 Says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of working with DiC but I’ve heard wonderful things about it!

  266. Cate Leonard Says:

    I love the bases and the colors. The bases are the perfect mix of soft and sproing and the colors never do that obnoxious “these go together in the skein but not in the project” thing that so many variegated yarns do!

  267. Andrea Says:

    Dream In Color yarn was one of the first yarns I used when I started knitting with confidence!  The colors are always amazing and the yarns are wonderfully versatile!

  268. Olerica Says:

    This would be my first encounter with Dream In Color, as I am a new crochet-er.  I’d love to check it out.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  269. Michelle McMillen Says:

    I have one precious skein of Dream in Color Starry that I am hoarding for a very special project, because it is that nice for all the reasons you state!

  270. Stephanie Leduc Says:

    Love the colorways – easy to hide “unintentional” pattern deviations and the wool has the lovely “sproing” that makes knitting with it so enjoyable!

  271. megan Says:

    Love the Dream in Color, the starry is so fun.
    Would love to win.

  272. Debbi Overweg Says:

    I love the dream in color yarn color choices, and the yarn is so squishy! Wonderful giveaway, I hope I’m lucky this time!!

    Debbi O

  273. liz Says:

    DIC yarns are great colors with no pooling or splotching and the yarn bases are fabulous, especially the everlasting

  274. tori Says:

    I love the colors.

  275. Samantha Says:

    The choices of color really draws me in.  Every one has a beautiful base and then lovely accent colors that make each colorway something special.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skein that I would describe as “boring”.

  276. janet Says:

    I think I’m in love with those colors!

  277. Butterflutter Says:

    Oh, do I love Dream in Color. The colors are incredible.

  278. Theclunefamily Says:

    Dream in color is such beautiful yarn! It is a pleasure to knit with and feels terrific!

  279. Maureen Says:

    I love their colors and it’s so soft!!!

  280. LoriDE454 Says:

    The color combinations are so “dreamy” and delicious.  They just make my mouth water and my fingers “itch”!

  281. Sarah Says:

    I love Dream in Color’s unique and beautiful color combinations!

  282. marci Says:

    The colors are simply gorgeous!

  283. Lauren Paul Says:

    Dream in Color is fabulous because the colors are so saturated, and there are so may to choose from!! I love it.

  284. Sally Says:

    Dream in Color combines rich colors with soft, comfortable to wear fiber combinations.

  285. Aimee Davis Says:

    Dream in Color unleashes my imagination.  I feel as though whatever I can dream I can make.

    Now, I’ll clean the drool off my keyboard and get back to work…

  286. sandy Says:

    eye candy to be sure–hope I get a chance to gobble some up!

  287. Heather Grant Says:

    I love the vibrant colorways, and their yarn bases are a joy to work with and to wear.

  288. Jolinda Strang Says:

    I have not tried this yarn yet, but after reading alot of the comments I am going to. I just hope that one of the stores around here carry it.

  289. Kate Says:

    I love the squooshiness (that’s a technical term)!

  290. JaneSezKnit Says:

    DIC has gorgeous colors and quality yarn. What more could you ask for?

  291. Kenyon Says:

    DIC is such a lovely yarn! The colors are great. The stitch definition is wonderful. AND it’s a dream to knit with. Gotta love it!

  292. Katinka Says:

    Besides the colors, I love the gigantic yardage in Classy skeins!

  293. Arlene Lafosse Says:

    Colors, colors, colors and just delightfully squooshy – enough said!

  294. Amy Mason Says:

    Well, color of course, and when paired with a scrumptious feeling yarn you can’t go wrong!!!

  295. Tammy Says:

    I love Dream in Color, soft, great colors and a dream to knit with

  296. Cindy S Says:

    Color color color!  I get bored easily and love to have great colors in a great yarn to keep me interested and motivated.

  297. Cindy S Says:

    Color, color, color!  I get bored easily, and having great colors in a great yarn helps to keep my interest.

  298. Slwilson Says:

    I love DIC Smooshy with cashmere – in fact I am knitting with it now! It is so soft and fun to knit!!

  299. snowpawz Says:

    I love the colorways of Dream in Color.

  300. Colwelll Nancy Says:

    I love DIC, the colors a wonderful and it’s great to work with.  I dream about it at night!

  301. Jeanne Says:

    What’s not to love?  But really, their colors are awesome!

  302. Amanda Says:

    Oh my goodness, the most gorgeous colors!

  303. RubyDear Says:

    How do I count the ways–the softness, the touchability…but most of all those COLORs that I love so much I want to eat them…seriously this is one of the yarns I drool over the most.

  304. Annie Says:

    I love the color ways and texture. So nice to knit with and very appreciated when used for a gift!

  305. Sl1k1psso Says:

    The colors! Yummy. Or is it thte fibers? Nook, it’s the combination of the yummiest colors AND fibers!

  306. Hapi Kamper Says:

    Have never had the pleasure to work with DiC before but have had many great recommendations for it.  Would love to show what a crocheter can do with yarny goodness such as this!

  307. Laura Says:

    Beautiful colors!  So luxerious!

  308. Knittah Says:

    I love Dream in Color for the Tulip Sweater.  I love Dream in Color because I used it to make the best pair of socks I every gave away.  I love Dream in Color for the color!

  309. Bobbie Says:

    I love how gorgeous their colors are.

  310. Lindsey Says:

    DiC has the most amazing colors, is one of the softest yarns I’ve felt, and is washable. It dOesnt get better than that.

  311. Anna Says:

    The unique colorways from Dream in Color are great.

  312. Kate Says:

    I love everything about DiC, from the gorgeous colors to the next-to-skin softness. And I especially love the sparkle of Starry!

  313. michelle harner Says:

    Dream in Color is awesome, thank you for this give-away!

  314. Kunke5 Says:

    I love the colors- and they have very soft yarn bases, too.

  315. Katie Says:

    The colors in the yarn are beautiful.  The pattern support is also nice– Tulips for Baby cardigan, I’m looking at you.

  316. Robin Pearce Says:

    The colors of course! I’m a total color junky, other girls swoon at cute babies, I go weak in the knees for shades of purple, deep greens and shocking reds.

  317. Agreen767 Says:

    I love the colors and squishyness of Dream in Color (the base for my favorite socks.)

  318. Gabrielle Dooha-Chambers Says:

    Dream in Color is one of the main reasons why 20 somethings like me began picking up knitting. Dream in Color is nothing like those itchy wool sweaters and afghans our grandmothers made us when we were little. Dream in Color inspires the gorgeous, and given the right pattern, sultry knitter inside all of us.

  319. Patti_Seattle Says:

    I totally love the colors, but the more exciting part is that it DOESN’T ITCH.

  320. Jkachajian Says:

    The combination of deep and warm colors reminds me of a very early fall morning.

  321. Alison Says:

    I love the colors and the feel of DIC.  I haven’t knit with it yet (just having to watch what I spend due to a layoff situation) but I did splurge a few months ago and picked up a skein of Everlasting in the Pinot colorway to make socks for my daughter’s birthday gift which I’ll be starting soon.  Totally looking forward to working with this yarn!

  322. Leanne Pemburn Says:

    I have never seen such rich, delicious color in a yarn!  I so look forward to winning, I’ve had my eye on Dream in Color for months!  Those mitts are sweet!

  323. Anna K. Says:

    Glorious colours, so vibrant. How could you not love Dream in Color

  324. Cara Anthony Says:

    Color, color, soft, color.  It’s mesmerizing stuff.

  325. Traci Sumner Says:

    The colors have to be the reason. I love their combinations.

  326. audioknits Says:

    I’ve always wanted to knit with Dream in Color, the colors are amazing.

  327. Yonat Says:

    love the colors, and the texture. seriously a dream…..yum yum..

  328. Angie Fitzpatrick Says:

    Gorgeous color that doesn’t itch! What could possibly be wrong with that?  I have not tried Dream in Color yarns yet, but they look amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win some.

  329. Cathy Wright Says:

    The colors ARE positively dreamy!

  330. Thisbirdcansing Says:

    I love that the colors don’t pool and the squooshy softness is to die for!!

  331. Sam Says:

    I LOVE the colors!!!! The no itch factor is AWESOME!!!

  332. Allison Says:

    Dream in Color has some of the most gorgeous, soft yarns in tons of beautiful colorways! I’m instantly inspired to start a new project every time I see and feel a skein in the store!

  333. Ashley W. Says:

    Even without the contest, I can’t tell you how my heart jumped when I saw the skein on top. WOW!

  334. Heather Lott Says:

    I love Dream in Color because the colors are heavenly, and you’d probably have to use a laser to split the yarn base (I hate knitting with splitty yarn!!)

  335. Cori Dodds Says:

    Dream in color yarns are so soft and kind to my hands when I knit or crochet with them. And the colors make me swoon. Absolutely marvelous!

  336. Joann Gouzoules Says:

    Absolutely no other fiber beats Cashmere/Merino wool  to keep us warm in New England…cause it sure gets cold…and why not knit in color to compensate for days without the sun!!!

  337. Aleda Says:

    I have to say that the reason I love their yarn is because of the colors – they’re just stunning.

  338. Liz Says:

    I haven’t knit with Dream in Color before but I’m going to dream about knitting with it now.  :)

  339. bjholli Says:

    This Dream in Color colorway reminds me of the iridescent carnival glass. Even if you wanted to use this glass as inspiration I can’t imagine trying to accomplish it, but here it is. Amazing and I love the idea of a dreamy pair of fingerless mitts to gaze at. Yummy goodness.

  340. Deb Says:

    I lust after DIC.  The colors!  The hand!   My heart is palpitating just looking at the photos.

  341. Maureen Says:

    I love the fact that each color is unique. I love the fact that it is affordable and probably feels like a dream as it glides through your fingers as you knit.

  342. Gillian McMullen Says:

    I’ve never tried Dream in Color, but I’m longing to – the subtlety of the colors is beautiful. If I win, I’ll make those mitts for myself this time — I don’t think I could give them away!

  343. Erica Winter Says:

    Add me to the chorus of knitters who love the colors. There are plenty of hand-dyed yarns available these days, but DIC continues to have some of the richest, deepest tones around. Love them!

  344. Debbie Says:

    DIC is awesome because, well, the colors! They are bright, vibrant, and gorgeous.

  345. knitfiend Says:

    Some people dream in black and white
    Others in gray…
    I dream in color..
    Its stitch definition is supreme
    its colors are a dream
    the squeezability is soft as a cloud
    and, it comes in many sizes and flavor.
    a real time saver

  346. Martina Says:

    Dream in Color has gorgeous colors, but more than that, a softer squooshier feel that I absolutely love.  Like walking on air in socks from their yarn, and being envelloped in a cloud with garments from their yarns.  What more could you want?

  347. Lenore Says:

    I dream of Dream In Color yarns.  The colors are rich and supersaturated.  The quality of this yarn cannot be beat.  Gotta have it.

  348. Caitlin Says:

    I have been drooling over all of the dream in color yarns since the first time I saw them.  Every one has the perfect amount of variation for just about any project!

  349. Sophia Says:

    I have never knitted with dream in color but I admire their colors! (and their name)

  350. LindaG Says:

    The colors look beautiful!

  351. Akiko Gates Says:

    Dream in Color Starry was my first DIC I used. I knitted a Ishbel scarf with it for my mother-in-law for her birthday. She loved it!! And I loved knitting with it. Beautiful colors and nice feel. Perfect yarn for a gift :) I’ve never used Smooshy with Cashmere, but I bet it’s very nice…. Hope I’ll have the opportunity to knit with it!! 

  352. Kathy Strand Says:

     I love DIC!  It’s colors are fabulous and the yarn is great for every age.  They have both bright and subtle coloring for every taste.

  353. Dee Says:

    Let me count the ways…the colors, the softness, the beauty of the finished projects.  I love Dream in Color!

  354. Wanda Says:

    I just love everything about DIC!  It’s wonderful to knit with, such a great heand.

  355. Michemay Says:

    Why?  What’s not to love? 

  356. Deborah Dawson Says:

    I love the colorways of Dream in Color.

  357. Dingledaisy Says:

    I would love to win this. Dream in color yarn is so soft and love the colors.

  358. Anita Says:

    Dream in Color pretty, wonderful to work with, great colors

  359. Mickiemc Says:

    This is a great and very unusual colorway.  I would love the chance to create a great and very unusual pair of mitts.  I had never thought before of mixing yellow and brown with blue and purple.  Yummy!

  360. Joyce Says:

    Oh my!  I’d love to win this.  I’ve never knit with DIC before… I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  361. Amy Godfrey Says:

    Beautiful color, beautiful hand…just a pleasure!

  362. Eunice Says:

    I just got to play with some of this today in a yarn shop I visited.   All the different weights and colors are so pretty.   They would be great to knit with.

  363. Kate Says:

    I love Dream in Color because of their unique colorways! 

  364. Lisa E Says:

    I love the beautiful colors, great stitch definition. Best of all it has great squishability!

  365. Jessica Snell Says:

    I love the colors – they remind me of beautiful things: old paintings in gilt frames and the metal sculptures at our local museum. Subtle, muted, glorious colors.

  366. JeanP Says:

    I have tried Smooshy, Baby and Classy for shawls, socks, February Lady Sweater and a baby blanket. Each project is beautiful. I love this brand. I’m sure the cashmere blend is just as wonderful as their other yarns.

  367. Anisa Says:

    I could go on and on about why I love Dream in Color, but I think my number one reason is: the colors!  Let’s face it, the very best dye jobs are semi-solids.  Dream in Color has the art of the semi-solid nailed.  I love how there’s always a rainbow of colors if you look closely, but it never overpowers a complex stitch pattern.  The yarn bases are great too.

  368. Emily L. Says:

    My LYS offered the Dream in Color club but I couldn’t make a bunch of the dates. I haven’t used this yarn yet, but the colors are gorgeous up close, and the Smooshy with Cashmere is on my Christmas list!

  369. Tracy Says:

    Webs makes my knitting dreams come true and I’m sure to be dreaming about those colors in this post tonight. 

  370. Elizabeth Rutledge Says:

    I absolutely love Dream in Color. It’s so soft and lovely, but what sets it apart is the colors! They are so rich and wonderful!

  371. Maureen Says:

    It can be summarized in one word


    luscious color and luscious feel

  372. Fmphotoarch Says:

    Color….Color…Color.  I,  Dream of Color, so why not “Dream In Color” !

  373. MaryFran Says:

    What don’t I like would be easier.  Nothing!  I love the colorways, the absolute smooshiness and how beautifully this yarn knits up.

  374. Nancy Hannah Says:

    I love DIC, but this new colorway above is yummy ++.  How do we enter?

  375. Nancy Hannah Says:

    Woops, my comment went by by. I love DIC and esp. that color of yarn on the page.  Yeee ha!

  376. Englishtch Says:

    The colors are amazing, and I always love the final products.

  377. Guest Says:

    I love Dream in Color because the colors are beautiful and I love supporting local businesses. Maybe I’m spoiled since they’re in my backyard. 

  378. Sarah B Says:

    I’m making my first project with Dream in Color right now. The colors are so rich!

  379. elizabeth Says:

    one word:  squoosh.

  380. Meg A Says:

    The colors, the bases and it is superwash!  What more can a knitter ask for?!!!!!!!!!

  381. Gina Z Says:

    Beautiful colors and really nice yarn.

  382. Gloriane Says:

    I love the subtle variations in the colorways, the name Smooshy and just how smooshy it is!

  383. Diana Says:

    Love for the squoosh factor and colors.

  384. Dahlin Says:

    DIC is one of the loveliest yarns in both texture and color — One to truly love and pet and collect!

  385. Kstrepka Says:

    S-o-o-o many rich and beautiful colors.  I WILL be dreaming in color tonight.  I can’t wait to try this yarn!  I wish WEBS was in MY backyard!

  386. ccr in MA Says:

    Well, I’m not breaking any new ground to say that I love the colors and
    the feel of the yarn. Those are my hot buttons, and Dream in Color hits
    the target!

  387. Athena Says:

    Such beautiful colors!  I do believe this is my favorite for making things for my niece, who is just really into vivid colors.

  388. Rose Says:

    It is dreamy and the colors just rock!!

  389. TrishCh Says:

    I would love to win a skein to feel how it is to knit with.

  390. Ecr14 Says:

    Merino cashmere blend is one of my favorite yarns to work with.

  391. Nina Says:

    I love Dream in Color for its beautiful, richly saturated colors.

  392. JackieD Says:

    I honestly love Dream in Colors well Colors! They are vibrant and beautiful! The fact that I can afford them just makes it all the more perfect!

  393. Debbie H Says:

    I love it for the beautiful colors andd the softness. Wonderful yarn. Debbie H

  394. Annie Says:

     I love it because it’s SO PRETTY. :-)

  395. Kara Says:

    I love it because of the beautiful, distinctive colorways. No other yarn looks like it. And it feels nice too! :)

  396. Kristin Says:

    Anything with these great colors that is also superwash just can not be beat.

  397. Cbk622 Says:

    Colorful and superwash -can’t ask for more from a yarn!

  398. Lisa Gutierrez Says:

    This is easy–I love those colors!

  399. Rcariello7 Says:

    Beautiful colors and cashmere too!

  400. Willknitforyarn Says:

    I have never used this yarn and would love to try it.

  401. Lynn Says:

    Wow!  What great colours!  I’ve never had the pleasure of squishing a skein of Dream in Color in my grubby little hands, but I sure would love to have the chance to!  Gorgeous looking stuff.

  402. Kat Says:

    Beautiful colors and superwas – nuff said.

  403. marcy Says:

    The colors of course! Who can resist the DIC colors?
    Great yardage, versatile yarn and colors, what’s not to love?

  404. Lynn Says:

    Love this! I’ve never held Dream in Color in person, but I sure would love to :)

  405. Nhstock Says:

     Dream in Color is wonderful!  I just love that yarn!!!

  406. Abby Says:

    Oooh!  How exciting!

  407. Mujercita Says:

    Dream in Color is one of my very favorite yarn lines.  It’s soft and squishy, yet holds up well.  Their dying process is amazing- there is color variegation without pooling.  If I could afford it, I think I could be perfectly happy knitting in nothing but Dream in Color yarn forever.

  408. KKupinsky Says:

    The colors get me every time.  I don’t think I have ever seen a colorway from Dream In Color that I didn’t love.  

  409. MJ Says:

    Dream in color is by far one of my favorite yarns for a couple of reasons.  The yardage is so generous, I never have to worry about running out of yarn when I’m knitting a pair of socks for my big feet and the colors are absolutely beautiful without pooling or flashing.

  410. Christina M Says:

    I love Dream in Color because of the depth of color – the colorways are beautifully varied and never pool!

  411. Holly R Says:

    LOVE the colors… So saturated, and the semi-solids are work in even the more complex stitch patterns without over-powering..

  412. Lynn Says:

    The colors, the softness, easy care.  Wonderful in every way!

  413. Kathy Says:

    I have never had the opportunity to squeeze a hank of Dream in Color yarn, but I would love to give it a try!

  414. Mary Beth Says:

    I’m currently working on a pair of socks in Smooshy in the Flamingo Pie colorway. I love the vibrancy of the color and the, well, smooshiness of the yarn!

  415. Dvschaaf Says:

    Its the beautiful colors, Everything is better when you “Dream in Color”!

  416. Lisa Says:

    Love the colors and the hand – it is so soft and lovely to knit with

  417. Akashenov Says:

    Smooshy cashmere?!? Just when you think something can’t get any better! Dream in color is a dream, for its colors and for its “smooshy”:-) Take that times ten, well, I swoon.

  418. Sarah Somers Says:

    I love DiC because it is soft, squishy, and best of all, colorful!

  419. Katie Ruch Says:

    This color is gorgeous, and dream in color is heavenly to work with!

  420. Geemom57 Says:

    Ahhh! Dream in Color…how do I love thee? Just two words -color & squish!
    I’m using Smooshy with Cashmere right now for a pair of gloves and it’s knitting nirvana. Hope I’m one of the lucky ones.


  421. Merry Sixt Says:

    This yarn is so beautiful, I literally dream of it! 

  422. Amy Williams Says:

    I love DIC saturated tonal colorways.  

  423. Jane W Says:

    I love their choices of colorways and the combination of colors.

  424. Kris Granatek Says:

    I just love their colors!  so much fun!

  425. Paula Says:

    Love the colors.  Knits up beautifully.

  426. Christine Lima Says:

    I love the dream in color colors, variety of yarn weights and bases, and the fact that they’re constantly doing something new!

  427. Jmslattery Says:

    Dream in Color yarn is great to knit with and love to knit gifts for family and friends. I always get great comments how they love the colors and the comfort of the yarn.

  428. Mbrough1 Says:

    What’s not to love? Cashmere! Smooshy!   ahhhhh…. I also really do dream in color.

  429. Gail Says:

    Dream in Color Midnight Derby is a favorite!  I’ve used it as both Smooshy and Classy.  Can’t wait to try Smooshy with Cashmere :)  Some of those colorways are just amazing.

  430. hairknitter Says:

    I would love to knit something special for myself. I always knit for some one else. Friends see what I am making and always want it. I turned 50 this month on the 13th and I would love to make a special project. I need to make a special project. Can’t have enough yarn in my life.

  431. Knbparker Says:

    Why do I like DIC?  It’s beautiful and squishy!  What more can you ask for in a yarn?!

  432. poniesnpearls Says:

    Everything. The colors…the feel…can’t stop looking at the photo. :-)

  433. Joan Says:

    Because I love squooshy-ness, and what’s better than squooshy Smooshy?

  434. Nanc1015 Says:

    I absolutely love the colors and the feel of the yarn in my hands. Gorgeous, fabulous yarn.

  435. julie green Says:

    it’s lovely stuff, and there’s a color for my every mood. :o)

  436. Jhunt48 Says:

    The colors are beautiful and I would love knitting with many of them!

  437. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    The name Dream in Color makes you think it’s all abou the color, but it isn’t. The quality and the value are there too. Just as an aside, is there a way to limit the # of comments that show. It took my poor old computer about 4-5 minutes to load this page, including one total freeze up, because all 433 previous comments had to load.

  438. Slmiller8 Says:

    I have never knit with DIC yarns, so would appreciate the opportunity to find out why I love it !

  439. Meredith Says:

    Yay!  I haven’t used dream in color yet, but it’s in my queue!  It looks amazing!

  440. Kaphine Says:

    Gee, i haven’t used Dream in Color yet. Need to.

  441. Mom2d2 Says:

    That’s got to be an existential question….oh how do I love thee Smooshy Starry Classy…let me count the ways. You are as smushable as a chunky pair of thighs on a cute baby…without the tantrums or the tears or the diaper changes required for the latter. Who needs alcohol when you have a skein of dream in color….although, a glass of wine with something so divine, is my idea of a perfect evening. Le sigh!

  442. Redheadedstepchild36 Says:

    I have never used Dream in Color, but after your description, I would like to try it. The fingerless mitts look like a fun knit! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  443. rachel Says:

    because Dream in Color totally lives up to all of its product names. Smooshy? Classy? Great yarns with perfect names.

  444. Abbottcm Says:

    Those gloves are way super-cute, I just gots to have them! I’ve never used this yarn, but I would happily give a review afterwards.

  445. Juliebie Says:

    I love dream in color yarns for the color and the base. I love how soft it is and how it makes the stitches really pop.

  446. Becky Says:

    Because I am probably the only knitter world wide who has never had the pleasure of knitting with “Dream in Color”, and maybe I will get lucky. 

  447. Clumsyknitter Says:

    I love that Dream in Color looks beautiful in the skein and knitted up. It’s always a win-win!

  448. Amy Lamash Says:

    I have never tried Dream in Color yet, so what I love is to be able to try it!  I must say I do love that color way. very beautiful!

  449. Lynne5600 Says:

    Haven’t used Dream in Color – yet… Can’t wait to get my hands on some and knit up a little something!

  450. Jennifer Geertsma Says:

    Though I’ve done a lot of knitting in my life, I’ve never used Dream in Color.  i’d love to win some and try it out.

  451. Knitability Says:

    I love the feel of this yarn and the colors are wonderful!

  452. Donna Says:

    The colors are delicious!

  453. Ddparkman Says:

    The main reason I love Dream in Color yarns is – that’s right – the COLORS !   In addition DIC yarns have great stitch definition. My favorite is Classy followed closely by Baby.

  454. Huffwanda Says:

    WOW!! I have never seen this yarn before – the colors looks just jewel like and you can almost feel the softness — and the “squishy softness” – in the photo.  Just perfect for a cold Vermont winter…..ahhh…something to take your mind off Irene!

  455. Jessinma Says:

    I haven’t knit with DIC, it looks heavenly! I can’t wait to check it out, no matter what!

  456. Dorothy Davila Says:

    Well the colors of course, what a silly question!

  457. Asp Says:

    I made a wonderful baby blanket from dream in color. Would love this prize.

  458. Lisa from western Mass Says:

    Love the colors, love the softness…. What’s not to love?

  459. Carla Says:

    Yum – super pretty- what a great color!

  460. Mjmccauley Says:

    I was truely amazed at the Everlasting base!!  It is so nice and soft, yet durable.  I made a scarf with 900 yards and it looks amazing!

  461. Biddy Says:

    Dream in color…love…love…love. 

    biddy05 (rav)

  462. Kaykatrn Says:

    Dream in Colo is DREAMY!!!!! The feel (especially the cashmere) and -o my–the colors!!!! They are so beautiful.!!!

  463. Frotz Says:

    The color, of course!  But also that their sock skeins are large enough to clothe my outsize feet!

  464. sassykathy Says:

    Dream in Color colors are amazing, the squish factor phenomenal, and, this may sound crazy, but it smells great too!

  465. Cguard Says:

    I am going to Dream In Color and Dream of Dream in Color as I knit fingerless gloves – my dream project!  It would be a dream come true if only I could get my hands on Dream of Color.  Off to have Sweet Dreams (In Color) 

  466. Allisonekelsey Says:

    Lovely colorways, wonderful yarn, and fairly priced!

  467. Virginia Says:

    There are so many yarns I have yet to try and Dream in Color is just one of them. 

  468. Lish Says:

    I love the colors. Some are subtle, some are more flashy, but all are pretty.

  469. Rita A. Says:

    I just love yarn and would love to try some…

  470. mtlaise Says:

    What do we love about DiC? What’s not to love?! Great colours and amazing bases. I love this stuff!!

  471. Connie Says:

    Regardless of the color… the color is perfect.

  472. docrock Says:

    The colors are beautiful and the yarns are so nice to work with.

  473. woolpiggy Says:

    I am sure I would love DIC if I could get my hands on it! Not many stockists in Australia so have not yet had the pleasure. Sounds fantastic though!

  474. Shparmet Says:

    The colors and the sproinginess–they’re magical.

  475. Leigh Harding Says:

    Just looking at the picture makes me wish and think of all of things I could make with it.  Just had a friend comment on how they would like a scarf with purples to add since it was their “signature color”

  476. Sharron58 Says:

    Love the colors and the squishiness!

  477. Tbkelley Says:

    Dream in Color yarns are irresistible. It’s hard to say which is more fun: choosing a color or knitting it up!

  478. Sara Byron Says:

    I love how my dream in color shawl bloomed when I washed and blocked it.  It was more beautiful than ever!

  479. Betsy Pratt Says:

    OMG! Worsted Dream in Color with 20% cashmere! I adore DIC yarns and just wish I could afford a sweater’s worth! It would be simply delectable! But of course a pair of fingerless gloves would be quite a treat, too. The colors are so unique to DIC, with such extraordinary combinations. Yummmmmmmmm!
    Thanks for the opportunity to play,

  480. Becky Says:

    I love DiC because it’s beautiful and I used it to knit a shawl for my SIL. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made and I owe some of that to the gorgeous yarn. :)

  481. Jennifer R. Says:

    Beautifully YUMMY!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize =)

  482. Babsros Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarns because they are so soft and the colors don’t pool.  My favorite sweater is done in Some Summer Sky in Classy.

  483. Pjbillings Says:

    I love the machine-washability of DIC Classy and the wonderful roundness of their yarns which makes everything I knit simply “Pop”!

  484. MJG Says:

    I’ve never tried it but have wanted to; colors are gorgeous.

  485. SallyT Says:

    I love its soft, smooshy cuddliness!

  486. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I just love the colours, the fact that it feels nice too is a big bonus!

  487. Kathode Says:

     I love the colors and color combinations!

  488. Diane Says:

    The colors and yarn bases are unique.

  489. Twkrbelle Says:

    Now I lay me down with Dream in Color to sleep
    And pray my Baby Starry, Classy, Smooshy, Everlasting Native yarn to keep
    So that in the morning when I wake
    With this yarn a brighter, softer world I make.

  490. Lucy Willingham Says:

    I haven’t actually knit with it yet, although I do have one skein of DIC sock yarn in my stash – I’ll have to pull that out soon and use it!

  491. Pcmyers Says:

    My knitting stash is totally color-driven! It’s what I’m drawn to about every skein. Now if only I could find projects to go with all of it…!!

  492. Nonnacam Says:

    I have never used this yarn but the color is very unique. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to all.

  493. Laura Westby Says:

    The colors are delicious and the feel is truly a Dream.  A more aptly named yarn can’t be found- I do dream about it!

  494. Melissa B. Says:

    Thanks for having a giveaway – the yarn looks lovely! I love the Dream in Color colorways and how beautifully they knit up.

  495. Holli Says:

    Just look at it, feel it, smell it, don’t taste it, that’s gross and I haven’t figured out how to hear it, but what’s not to love!

  496. Kbates Says:

    I have heard so much about Dream in Colo(u)r yarns, with other knitters raving about them!  However I live in the boonies and while I now have a couple of good yarn stores within reasonable driving distance, neither of them carry this yarn.  I would love an opportunity to try something out of theirs!

  497. jess Says:

    Incredible color, cashmere and washable? Forget diamonds- DIC is a girl’s best friend

  498. Fabulous Finnsheep Says:

    Glorious colors, a soft hand AND washable! A dream of a yarn. I think it’s time to make something for myself before the Christmas knitting onslaught…..

  499. CB Says:

    Love the colors and the texture.

  500. Diane Says:

    DIC is my favorite yarn to knit with…the colors are amazing and I love the feel of it!

  501. Kathleen A Says:

    I made a shawl with two complementary Dream in Color Starry colors.  So beautiful.  I was sad that I had leftovers, but didn’t have enough to make anything else :(  Very beautiful yarn.  Must make socks and try mittens or gloves as well.

  502. shelley Says:

    I love the colors and great yardage in the sock yarns.  I’ve never tried other weights – until now I hope.

  503. Asteride Says:

    Great variety of colors and amazing texture. This is why we love it. And we want it.

  504. Jayel Says:

    Dream in Color!  They had me at the name!  As someone who has yarn dancing in her head as she drifts off to vivid yarny dreams, I felt Dream in Color yarns were made just for me.  Smooshy, Starry…..such dreamy names!  Oh, but the yarns themselves!   Amazing colors & colorways, and such a soft feel!  What’s not to love?

  505. MindyM Says:

    Vibrant, saturated colors and practical softness!  What’s not to love?

  506. Cheryl Says:

    I love Dream in Color because their color choices are stunning=)

  507. marciepooh Says:

    They are beautiful and affordable. What more does one need?

  508. Bean1082 Says:

    I have never had the chance to use Dream in Color, but I’ve squished it a few times at the store. It feels pretty amazing! I’d love to have a chance to work with it!

  509. Kris Says:

    I love how saturated DiC’s colors are; SO beautiful and rich.

  510. eron Says:

    One of the better yarns I have ever worked with!

  511. dzupko Says:

    Love the color and great to work with!!

  512. Lewaletzko Says:

    Looks like a lovely treat for fall!

  513. Amyaacc Says:

    Love the purple color!!  Would love to knit the mitts—it would be my first attempt at gloves.

  514. Deb Greenberger Says:

    My daughter knitted a lovely lace cardigan from Dream in Color while overseas.  She teased me by having the yarn shipped to me so I could wind it and add needles, etc to the package before shipping it to her.  I’ve been lusting after it ever since!

  515. Margaretk Says:

    I have been wanting to try the Dream in Color yarns, but can’t really justify buying any more yarn right now.  If I win, I will get to try it, and will then have a good reason to put more Dream in Color at the top of my ‘must buy’ list.  Thanks for the giveaway!   

  516. pam Says:

    Smooshy, mooshy. I want to crochet with this. I love the colors!

  517. pam Says:

    Smooshy, mooshy! I want to crochet with this. I love the colors!

  518. Cindy Says:

    I love Dream in Color because of (a) the colors, (b) the feel of it when I am knitting and (c) the results. Thanks for the giveaway!

  519. Andrea Wendley Says:

    I love all the wonderful colors, but mostly I love the “feel” when I work with it.

  520. kobuu Says:

    The colours, the softness. The fiber of our dream lives….

    Ahh Dream in Colour (no I’m not British, but it’s part of my dream), you are so beautiful. Why wouldn’t I dream in colour?! This is probably the best yarn for colour magic since the colourways are so perfect for just about anything. Every knitter should know about this yarn!

  521. CrochetBlogger Says:

    That cashmere touch must make it feel wonderful!

  522. DavidA Says:

    I hate yarns that have color pools. . .  I love Dream in Color for the very fact that there are never color pools!

  523. hotknitter Says:

    I love the colors, as well as the squishiness factor.

  524. Jessica Tropp Says:

    The subtlety of the colors is gorgeous. They are rich and deep, but not so much contrast that they will be stripey.

  525. Maryanne Says:

    I’ve only ever worked with Smooshy, but I loved it!  Aside from the gorgeous colors and wonderful hand of this yarn, I like that the skiens are a bit larger.  That makes it easy to use for socks for my “Sasquatch” family ;)

  526. Jess Hicks Says:

    I love that all of Dream in Color’s yarns and colorways are so meticulously coordinated. It’s so easy to look at their yarn and just know that it can only be Dream in Color. I’ve used both Smooshy and Starry, and they are definitely live up to their names.

  527. Christine Says:

    DIC has some awesome colorways!  I want to try them all!!!

  528. Anna Says:

    I’ve never been able to afford yarn with any amount of cashmere. The color is lovely too. I really hope I win. Thanks for the chance! 

  529. MimiD Says:

    Beautiful colors on nice yarn bases – what’s not to love about Dream in Color?

  530. Carmen Says:

    I  love the colors of Dream in Color yarns!

  531. Jaycee Says:


  532. Suekantor Says:

    Color, color, color!!!

  533. Julia Bass Says:

    I love all the great colors and the weight choices.

  534. louann Says:

    I love Dream in Color because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  I knit a baby blanket and the yarn was spectacular to work with. Absolutely wonderful how the yarn knits up, soft to the touch. I picked 4 different colorways, the colors were so eye popping and i thought it would be wonderful for
    a baby blanket.  LOVE THIS YARN!!!!

  535. Leannshotton Says:

    Because life is better in color.  Especially if its soft, squishy woolie color.

  536. Nancy G Says:

    I absolutely love their colors, and the fiber in their yarns is, in fact, “dreamy!”

  537. Sarah Jane Says:

    Love the colorways.  The colors are so happy and inspiring!  It’s a pleasure to knit with and wear, what more could you ask for!?

  538. Rosemarie Says:

    Colors are rich- not flat and boring. Makes it interesting to see how garment turns out.

  539. Marilyn Says:

    I love Dream in Color’s beautiful colors and wonderful softness. Thanks for the chance to win!

  540. Lauheilman Says:

    Do you Dream in Color?
    Plying wonder,
    conscious and unconscious twining
    soft and subtle desires
    in a strand from which the fantastic springs
    to weave myths that do not vanish with the dawn?
    The infinite skein doubles back upon itself
    shimmering in shades of possibility,
    and love.
    Do you Dream in Color?

    If you dream in color you can achieve anything. It makes me feel passionate about what I create.

  541. Nia Says:

    I made my favorite sweater out of it.  It is fun to work with and the color and feel are great.

  542. Raena Says:

    I like the perfect stitch definition and the colors are awesome. 
    Starry is my favorite!

  543. Joann_palange Says:

    I love to touch Dream in Color – it is so soft!  And the colors are so beautiful!   When I am working with it people keep asking me “WHAT IS THAT YARN”.  I love knitting in public with it.  It makes everyone feel good when they touch it!

  544. Carolmatz Says:

    I love the color array and workability of Dream in Color yarn. 

  545. Wadlea Says:

    I LOVE DREAM IN COLOUR SMOOSHY, it is amazing, and their new method for dyeing using dark bits looks great in patterns

  546. Judy Craghead Says:

    The unusual colors are inspiring and look so soft & subtle.

  547. Judy Craghead Says:

    The colors look so soft & the subtle shadings are inspiring.

  548. Terri Hamilton Says:

    Squee!! WANT! I knit a pair of colorwork fingerless mitts out of Dream in Color Smooshy last winter… and then a pair of socks out of the same colors (because there’s so much yarn in a hank!). It’s so smooshy & soft, and the colorways so intriguing. I hope I win! Thanks!

  549. Nancy Says:

    Please enter me to win this wonderful gift……Love your store……

  550. Bamablue Says:

    Beyond gorgeous!

  551. Lovelliy1001 Says:

    dream in color is such a treat for the senses— the colors, the gorgeous blending; and then the sumptuous textures of the yarn itself.  ummmm,  my kind of yarn!

  552. Christine Camellia Says:

    Oh wow! I love all the colour ways that Dream in Colour offers…and the fibre mixes look heavenly! I haven’t seen it for sale at stores around where I live, but it would be amazing to have a chance to try it out! I love, love, LOVE the fingerless mitts pattern too! Leaf motifs are my favourite! <3

  553. Knittingwithfloss Says:

    Dream in Color, bless you for your smoky, blissfully smooth colorways. They remind me of all the colors I wish I could dream in, and am thankful that you bring to us in reality.

  554. JenC Says:

    Great colors, on great yarn bases! How can you go wrong with that?? 

  555. Emily Says:

    I can only dream of Dream in Color because I’ve never actually knit with it. What a treat it would be to win some so I could try it out though! The colors are so beautiful, I want to go swimming in them…

  556. Trina Says:

    I love that purple colorway. And I have always meant to make some fingerless mitts.  A perfect combo!   Thanks for the chance to win.

  557. Love2readbooks Says:

    I  love the colors.  The way some have slight shading changes.  The slight change to gives a solid piece flow and draw your eye in.  I love the combinations of the more varigated skeins.  They mix my favorite colors in some and create new favorites with other color combinations. 

    I also love the softness of the yarn.  It truely is a Dream dressed in color!

  558. Nancyb Says:

    They’re just so…SMOOSHY! Springy and resilient, yet soft, and the COLORS!

  559. Phyllisherda Says:

    this is a winner

  560. Karen Says:

    I love Dream in Color because it is sooooo lovely, colorful and dreamy.  The colors are artistic, making me feel like I am working with saturated paint colors carefully mixed to perfection.  The end results speak for themselves but I say they are perfect!  Yummie!

  561. Carolyn Says:

    One of the things I like best about Dream In Color is how the color combinations are gorgeous but so wearable – haven’t you fallen in love with a handpainted yarn but once it’s knit up the garment feels a little clown costumey?  Not so with Dream In Color!

  562. Deermusic Says:

    I’ve never knit with Dream in Color. I’d sure love a chance to do so. A chance for the kit (in that lovely grey) would be a fun way to start.

  563. Kristen Delaney Says:

    Dream in Color is awesome because it allows you to knit garments with lightly variegated yarns that DON’T pool or flash!  

  564. yarner Says:

    I have never used this yarn before, but it looks beautiful.  The colours are gorgeous! 

  565. Cknapp3626 Says:

    These colors would go great w/ my brown winter coat and I do need to make a pair of fingerless mitts before winter!  Please enter me in the contest.  Thanks!

  566. pdxknitterati Says:

    Why? The beautiful colors! Especially Night’s Watch and Deep Seaflower Blue. And I like how it smells, too…

  567. Niki Says:

    Oh Dream in Color how I love your yarn. From the Tulip cardigan to the starriest, smooshiest, classiest, most everlastingly beautiful socks and scarves and hats and shawls and baby stuff and oh my. I   AM    SPEECHLESS……oH Dream in Color how I love your yarn.

  568. JoAnn Says:

    The colors are amazing!  I love Lucky Stone, but truly love them all!  Thank you for the opportunity!

  569. Venice_smith Says:

    The name says it all except how heavenly it feels.  Maybe it should be called “Dream in Color Heavenly”?

  570. Robin Says:

    I love the colors and the ones in the pictures are no exception.

  571. Ginny Says:

    Wow.  I am clearly missing a great knitting experience since I’ve never had a chance to see or feel Dream in Color yarns,  The colors look lovely.  How does one choose what color to get?

  572. Dinsdale5 Says:

    I have used Dream In Color several times for some of the floofiest, cushy, socks that just cradle my feet like wooly clouds of fibery goodness. The colorways are just lovely, pooling in subtle (and not so subtle) bands of color that are not only attractive, but make the knitting lots of fun (seeing the pooling develop as I knit is like eating potato chips-once you start, you can’t stop!!!) Dream In Color Smooshy with CASHMERE?!?!?! Oh how sweet it is!!

  573. EL Says:

    To work with those vivid colors and get the softness too – wonderful. I think my favorite color is Chinatown Apple… or maybe…

  574. Jvillam Says:

    Love DIC yarn! So soft and the colors are beautiful!

  575. moiraeknittoo Says:

    I like DIC because I knit faster when I’m using it.  I’m so fascinated with the colors that I can’t pull my eyes away from the work, eagerly anticipating the next stitch and how it’ll look next to the rest in the row, and as they blend together in the fabric as a whole.  I lulls me into this contented, daydreamy state that I think fits the company name fabulously.

  576. Caroline Says:

    i just love how all the colors compliment each other!

  577. prymnumber Says:

    Wow.  What’s not to love about Dream in Color?!?!  I’ve always drooled after owning my very own skein; maybe I’ll get lucky this time!

    Irene (prymnumber on Rav)

  578. Peepsmom Says:

    It’s the color . . . and the smooshiness. :)  That mitt kit sounds adorable!

  579. Debby Says:

    I just love Dream in Color’s squishiness and the colors are fabulous.

  580. Srambach Says:

    I’ve always loved the name, but the color ways are just so beautiful.

  581. Eyevea Says:

    I’m a little obsessed with sock knitting…okay…I’m a lot obsessed.  Dream in Color makes some of the best sock yarn.  I have a lot of it in my stash, and can’t wait to knit up all those socks.  More fore free???  Count me in.

  582. Mimi F Says:

    Wow, I would love to win! So cute!!

  583. Jan Statkiewicz Says:

    I love yarn. period but working with DIC is a special treat! I can’t always get the yarn I want but if I had to choose 1 it would be Dream in Color! I just love the feel while working with it but having it close to my skin is wonderful. I have a pair of fingerless mitts that I only wear with my “good” coat and a pair of “bed socks” they are only worn when I am not walking so nothing bad comes of them! lol

  584. Jennifer Askey Says:

    I love Dream in Color because it is bouncy bouncy. And the saturated colors are lovely indeed.

  585. Anna B-S Says:

    I think that the sock yarn is great and the colors are just beautiful! There is a different color/texture for any mood, and all are lovely. I’d love to win some of this great colorway! 

  586. Ardosa Says:

    i love it because how can you resist a color called ‘sparkler’ that feels soft and wonderful against your skin (not sparkly from metal scratchies!)

  587. Tweetie girl Says:

    Bright colors, subtle blends, soft luxurious yarn.  Could there be a better combo?

  588. Atobin Says:

    I am new to knitting and I would love the challenge of trying something besides baby blankets and scarves.

  589. yarner Says:

    I like this yarn because the colours are so bright and luminous, and I LOVE bright colours! 

  590. Maven Says:

    HOpe I”m not too late! I love it because the colors are varied and vivid, and the yarn has such a good “hand!” Good yardage per skein. Good value, economically. Overall one of my faves (next to malabrigo, of course!).

  591. wickedgoodyarn Says:

    DIC is one of my most favorite yarn! I have many hanks in my stash. They all seem to be in Some Summer Sky. I think I need some variety. Are you willing to share?

  592. Lousquared Says:

    Dream In Color yarns are yummy!  They knit up beautifully and their colors are splendid!

  593. Nehckis Says:

    I love it because it is soooo pretty and soft. Perfect for fall knitting. 

  594. Roberta Says:

    The colors are what I love, haven’t found any other sock yarns that please me colorwise as Dream in Color.  I love how the yarn feels on my feet when wearing socks made from it.

  595. Jbtraveler Says:

    Dream in Color….What can I say? Gorgeous colors, smooshy, luxurious, feels great…Perfect!

  596. Whitney Says:

    Love Dream in Color- the softness and the colors.  So beautifu!

  597. sarah Says:

    I love the colors. Regardless of the stitch pattern, they always look awesome – lots of variation without obscuring the stitch pattern. I don’t know how they do it!

  598. Lisa R. Says:

    squooshiness, beautiful colors….oh, my!  What’s not to love!  LOVE it!

  599. Dianeteresa85 Says:

    I love them because they have amazing colors.  Also smooshy is one of the best sock yarns ever.  It holds up great and doesn’t fuzz even after being washed a bunch of times.

  600. Robsdolls1 Says:

    Dream in Color (Smooshy) is so softtttt. I want to take  it to bed and cuddle with it. Once you start something you wish it doesn’t end. You just want to keep knitting and knitting and knitting forever…………..  Robin Ludwig …

  601. April Says:

    the colors are the most beautiful!

  602. Donelcu Says:

    I haven’t used “Dream IN Color” yet. I just shopped at WEBS for the first time on line and bought so lovely yarn. I hope to try so the the Gorgeous Dream In Color soon though.

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