September 20th, 2011

Dream in Color Giveaway!

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Dream in Color has a certain fascination in the knitting world. The colors pop, the bases make knitters swoon. I’ve many times heard customers exclaim, “this is perfect” when they squish a skein. How do we add to that excitement?

Dream in Color has outdone themselves with their Dream Club, an exclusive fiber club available at select retail stores. What’s better? We’re giving it to you for free! We will be offering several giveaways with never before seen bases and colorways from Dream in Color.

September brings us a lovely purple mixture with pops of green and brown in a worsted weight base of 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon. Basically, a Smooshy With Cashmere worsted. How could that be wrong?

To sweeten the pot we will be giving away ten one-skein kits with a cute fingerless mitts pattern from Dream in Color. Ten! So comment below on why you love Dream in Color by Sunday, September 25th and be sure to check back next week to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

Good luck!


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602 Responses to “Dream in Color Giveaway!”

  1. Lovelliy1001 Says:

    dream in color is such a treat for the senses— the colors, the gorgeous blending; and then the sumptuous textures of the yarn itself.  ummmm,  my kind of yarn!

  2. Christine Camellia Says:

    Oh wow! I love all the colour ways that Dream in Colour offers…and the fibre mixes look heavenly! I haven’t seen it for sale at stores around where I live, but it would be amazing to have a chance to try it out! I love, love, LOVE the fingerless mitts pattern too! Leaf motifs are my favourite! <3

  3. Knittingwithfloss Says:

    Dream in Color, bless you for your smoky, blissfully smooth colorways. They remind me of all the colors I wish I could dream in, and am thankful that you bring to us in reality.

  4. JenC Says:

    Great colors, on great yarn bases! How can you go wrong with that?? 

  5. Emily Says:

    I can only dream of Dream in Color because I’ve never actually knit with it. What a treat it would be to win some so I could try it out though! The colors are so beautiful, I want to go swimming in them…

  6. Trina Says:

    I love that purple colorway. And I have always meant to make some fingerless mitts.  A perfect combo!   Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Love2readbooks Says:

    I  love the colors.  The way some have slight shading changes.  The slight change to gives a solid piece flow and draw your eye in.  I love the combinations of the more varigated skeins.  They mix my favorite colors in some and create new favorites with other color combinations. 

    I also love the softness of the yarn.  It truely is a Dream dressed in color!

  8. Nancyb Says:

    They’re just so…SMOOSHY! Springy and resilient, yet soft, and the COLORS!

  9. Phyllisherda Says:

    this is a winner

  10. Karen Says:

    I love Dream in Color because it is sooooo lovely, colorful and dreamy.  The colors are artistic, making me feel like I am working with saturated paint colors carefully mixed to perfection.  The end results speak for themselves but I say they are perfect!  Yummie!

  11. Carolyn Says:

    One of the things I like best about Dream In Color is how the color combinations are gorgeous but so wearable – haven’t you fallen in love with a handpainted yarn but once it’s knit up the garment feels a little clown costumey?  Not so with Dream In Color!

  12. Deermusic Says:

    I’ve never knit with Dream in Color. I’d sure love a chance to do so. A chance for the kit (in that lovely grey) would be a fun way to start.

  13. Kristen Delaney Says:

    Dream in Color is awesome because it allows you to knit garments with lightly variegated yarns that DON’T pool or flash!  

  14. yarner Says:

    I have never used this yarn before, but it looks beautiful.  The colours are gorgeous! 

  15. Cknapp3626 Says:

    These colors would go great w/ my brown winter coat and I do need to make a pair of fingerless mitts before winter!  Please enter me in the contest.  Thanks!

  16. pdxknitterati Says:

    Why? The beautiful colors! Especially Night’s Watch and Deep Seaflower Blue. And I like how it smells, too…

  17. Niki Says:

    Oh Dream in Color how I love your yarn. From the Tulip cardigan to the starriest, smooshiest, classiest, most everlastingly beautiful socks and scarves and hats and shawls and baby stuff and oh my. I   AM    SPEECHLESS……oH Dream in Color how I love your yarn.

  18. JoAnn Says:

    The colors are amazing!  I love Lucky Stone, but truly love them all!  Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Venice_smith Says:

    The name says it all except how heavenly it feels.  Maybe it should be called “Dream in Color Heavenly”?

  20. Robin Says:

    I love the colors and the ones in the pictures are no exception.

  21. Ginny Says:

    Wow.  I am clearly missing a great knitting experience since I’ve never had a chance to see or feel Dream in Color yarns,  The colors look lovely.  How does one choose what color to get?

  22. Dinsdale5 Says:

    I have used Dream In Color several times for some of the floofiest, cushy, socks that just cradle my feet like wooly clouds of fibery goodness. The colorways are just lovely, pooling in subtle (and not so subtle) bands of color that are not only attractive, but make the knitting lots of fun (seeing the pooling develop as I knit is like eating potato chips-once you start, you can’t stop!!!) Dream In Color Smooshy with CASHMERE?!?!?! Oh how sweet it is!!

  23. EL Says:

    To work with those vivid colors and get the softness too – wonderful. I think my favorite color is Chinatown Apple… or maybe…

  24. Jvillam Says:

    Love DIC yarn! So soft and the colors are beautiful!

  25. moiraeknittoo Says:

    I like DIC because I knit faster when I’m using it.  I’m so fascinated with the colors that I can’t pull my eyes away from the work, eagerly anticipating the next stitch and how it’ll look next to the rest in the row, and as they blend together in the fabric as a whole.  I lulls me into this contented, daydreamy state that I think fits the company name fabulously.

  26. Caroline Says:

    i just love how all the colors compliment each other!

  27. prymnumber Says:

    Wow.  What’s not to love about Dream in Color?!?!  I’ve always drooled after owning my very own skein; maybe I’ll get lucky this time!

    Irene (prymnumber on Rav)

  28. Peepsmom Says:

    It’s the color . . . and the smooshiness. 🙂  That mitt kit sounds adorable!

  29. Debby Says:

    I just love Dream in Color’s squishiness and the colors are fabulous.

  30. Srambach Says:

    I’ve always loved the name, but the color ways are just so beautiful.

  31. Eyevea Says:

    I’m a little obsessed with sock knitting…okay…I’m a lot obsessed.  Dream in Color makes some of the best sock yarn.  I have a lot of it in my stash, and can’t wait to knit up all those socks.  More fore free???  Count me in.

  32. Mimi F Says:

    Wow, I would love to win! So cute!!

  33. Jan Statkiewicz Says:

    I love yarn. period but working with DIC is a special treat! I can’t always get the yarn I want but if I had to choose 1 it would be Dream in Color! I just love the feel while working with it but having it close to my skin is wonderful. I have a pair of fingerless mitts that I only wear with my “good” coat and a pair of “bed socks” they are only worn when I am not walking so nothing bad comes of them! lol

  34. Jennifer Askey Says:

    I love Dream in Color because it is bouncy bouncy. And the saturated colors are lovely indeed.

  35. Anna B-S Says:

    I think that the sock yarn is great and the colors are just beautiful! There is a different color/texture for any mood, and all are lovely. I’d love to win some of this great colorway! 

  36. Ardosa Says:

    i love it because how can you resist a color called ‘sparkler’ that feels soft and wonderful against your skin (not sparkly from metal scratchies!)

  37. Tweetie girl Says:

    Bright colors, subtle blends, soft luxurious yarn.  Could there be a better combo?

  38. Atobin Says:

    I am new to knitting and I would love the challenge of trying something besides baby blankets and scarves.

  39. yarner Says:

    I like this yarn because the colours are so bright and luminous, and I LOVE bright colours! 

  40. Maven Says:

    HOpe I”m not too late! I love it because the colors are varied and vivid, and the yarn has such a good “hand!” Good yardage per skein. Good value, economically. Overall one of my faves (next to malabrigo, of course!).

  41. wickedgoodyarn Says:

    DIC is one of my most favorite yarn! I have many hanks in my stash. They all seem to be in Some Summer Sky. I think I need some variety. Are you willing to share?

  42. Lousquared Says:

    Dream In Color yarns are yummy!  They knit up beautifully and their colors are splendid!

  43. Nehckis Says:

    I love it because it is soooo pretty and soft. Perfect for fall knitting. 

  44. Roberta Says:

    The colors are what I love, haven’t found any other sock yarns that please me colorwise as Dream in Color.  I love how the yarn feels on my feet when wearing socks made from it.

  45. Jbtraveler Says:

    Dream in Color….What can I say? Gorgeous colors, smooshy, luxurious, feels great…Perfect!

  46. Whitney Says:

    Love Dream in Color- the softness and the colors.  So beautifu!

  47. sarah Says:

    I love the colors. Regardless of the stitch pattern, they always look awesome – lots of variation without obscuring the stitch pattern. I don’t know how they do it!

  48. Lisa R. Says:

    squooshiness, beautiful colors….oh, my!  What’s not to love!  LOVE it!

  49. Dianeteresa85 Says:

    I love them because they have amazing colors.  Also smooshy is one of the best sock yarns ever.  It holds up great and doesn’t fuzz even after being washed a bunch of times.

  50. Robsdolls1 Says:

    Dream in Color (Smooshy) is so softtttt. I want to take  it to bed and cuddle with it. Once you start something you wish it doesn’t end. You just want to keep knitting and knitting and knitting forever…………..  Robin Ludwig …

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