March 26th, 2012

Dream in Color March Givaway

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It is time once again to have another giveaway with one of Dream in Color’s lovely hand dyed yarns along with a beautiful shawl pattern. This month’s yarn is called Absolutely Marvelous, and it is absolutely marvelous! Kind of like the weather we have had over the past week here in Massachusetts!

The fiber is 50% silk, 50% wool, consists of shades of grey and there is a generous 1100 yards for your fingers to fly through to make the beautiful Vostok Shawl designed by Beth King.

I am a huge fan of shawls; they are probably one of my favorite items to knit other than socks. Watching my skein of yarn get smaller, but yet, not seeing the results until the end when it is time for blocking is just one big happy surprise. I am always so very proud of my shawls and rarely give them away, but when I do, the appreciation from the receiver of such a gift creates such a sense of accomplishment and pride!

One of my favorite shawl pattern books is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. Not only do I want to make every shawl in this book, I also had the privilege of taking a couple of classes with Nancy when she taught here a few years back! That was quite a treat!

If you have never done a lace project, maybe it is time to give it a try! Just start with a simpler design, possibly a rectangular shawl, or even a lacey scarf, such as Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Shawl and Scarf. Once you knit something so beautiful, and watch the magic happen when you block it, you will be hooked!

So, tell us what some of your favorite shawl patterns are, or books! Do you enjoy the thrill and challenge of knitting such a piece?

Leave a comment below by 3/29/12, 11:59 pm EST to be entered into the March drawing for one skein of Dream in Color Absolutely Marvelous along with the Vostok shawl pattern. There will be 10 lucky winners! Be sure to check the blog on Friday 3/30/2012 to see if your name was picked. If you win, you will need to contact us by 4/3/12, otherwise we’ll have to find an alternate winner.

Good Luck!

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714 Responses to “Dream in Color March Givaway”

  1. Monica Welham Says:

    So lovely-just curious, have the names been posted on the blog?

  2. Dgensemer Says:

    Today is the 31st… winner are announced where

  3. Marcea Says:

    Just curious, don’t see any notice about the winners of your contest being posted here?

  4. Linda Otto Says:

    It’s April 1st and I’m not seeing the list of winners.  Can anyone direct me?  Thanks!

  5. Lea Says:

     I am not seeing them either! Please help!!

  6. Janbob Says:

    Wow!  What a gorgeous shawl!  I began to do lace knitting about 6-8 months ago.  One of our friends on our KnittingParadise put out a try-it design, and even though I had tons of trouble I kept trying and trying again.  With her help (Stevieland) I went on to smaller, easier projects, plus a few on Ravelry and bought the book, Wendy Knits Lace.  From our weekly Stitch ‘n Bitch knitting group, I’ve learned tons, and thanks to Sunset Knitting and Owlmom, my projects are getting better and better!  With the Estonian shawl, it would take a long time with help to get through it, but I’d love to try; either that or challenge Sunset to doing it!
    I am finally brave enough to use lace knitting yarn!  For the first time, I am doing it, albeit double strand, and am loving it!  It was a sale yarn around January from your group, but I don’t know where the labels are!
    I have ordered from you several times, and have been very happy with your service!!!  Thank you, and I hope to begin this one some time soon!
    Jan M.

  7. Sandy Major Says:

    Just love the Vostok Shawl. How can I acquire this pattern?

  8. Dena Says:

    Until May 1, 2012, Vostok will be available exclusively as part of the kit for the March 2012 installment of the Dream in Color Dream Club. In May, the pattern will be available for individual purchase and download on Ravelry. 

  9. Kara I. Says:

    The yarn and finished shawl are gorgeous! I am almost finished with the Elise shawl (crochet) and it looks beautiful, just need to weave in the ends and block it. I think I might give it to my sister (or keep it myself)

  10. Bailey Says:

    Thank you very much

  11. Susan Says:

    This is one of those projects that is just so beautiful that you HAVE to make it!

  12. Anne Says:

    I have knit lace for years. This shawl and yarn are beautiful!

  13. Nancy Bowers Says:

    Am currently working on a baby gift — love to knit. Beautiful yarn.

  14. Judy Laird Says:

    I would love to make the shawl for my future daughter in law to wear at the wedding

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