March 26th, 2012

Dream in Color March Givaway

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It is time once again to have another giveaway with one of Dream in Color’s lovely hand dyed yarns along with a beautiful shawl pattern. This month’s yarn is called Absolutely Marvelous, and it is absolutely marvelous! Kind of like the weather we have had over the past week here in Massachusetts!

The fiber is 50% silk, 50% wool, consists of shades of grey and there is a generous 1100 yards for your fingers to fly through to make the beautiful Vostok Shawl designed by Beth King.

I am a huge fan of shawls; they are probably one of my favorite items to knit other than socks. Watching my skein of yarn get smaller, but yet, not seeing the results until the end when it is time for blocking is just one big happy surprise. I am always so very proud of my shawls and rarely give them away, but when I do, the appreciation from the receiver of such a gift creates such a sense of accomplishment and pride!

One of my favorite shawl pattern books is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. Not only do I want to make every shawl in this book, I also had the privilege of taking a couple of classes with Nancy when she taught here a few years back! That was quite a treat!

If you have never done a lace project, maybe it is time to give it a try! Just start with a simpler design, possibly a rectangular shawl, or even a lacey scarf, such as Fiber Trends Estonian Garden Shawl and Scarf. Once you knit something so beautiful, and watch the magic happen when you block it, you will be hooked!

So, tell us what some of your favorite shawl patterns are, or books! Do you enjoy the thrill and challenge of knitting such a piece?

Leave a comment below by 3/29/12, 11:59 pm EST to be entered into the March drawing for one skein of Dream in Color Absolutely Marvelous along with the Vostok shawl pattern. There will be 10 lucky winners! Be sure to check the blog on Friday 3/30/2012 to see if your name was picked. If you win, you will need to contact us by 4/3/12, otherwise we’ll have to find an alternate winner.

Good Luck!

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713 Responses to “Dream in Color March Givaway”

  1. Eajanco Says:

    Too beautiful.

  2. Sspammeup Says:

    Gorgeous, I’d love to win! :) The weather HAS been amazing in the Pioneer valley this week, I hope it stays!

  3. Jessica Becker Says:

    I have yet to work with lace yarn, my favorite shawl so far is the Color Affection.  I love it.

  4. Jessica Becker Says:

    I have yet to work with lace yarn, my favorite shawl so far is the Color Affection.  I love it. 

  5. Maak Says:

    This yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. coppertop_too Says:

    That shawl is simply stunning and the color of the yarn is divine! A perfect pairing!

  7. Bunnyknits08 Says:

    Such beautiful yarn and pattern, I <3 it and want it.

  8. leesy Says:

    Actually, I’ve been knitting my way through “Knitted Lace of Estonia.”  So far my favorite finished shawl from the book is my Crown Prince Square Shawl, but I’ve made at least 8 other projects from the book, from big to small.

  9. MerrryKarma Says:

    That’s a really pretty shawl. I’ve never used that particular DIC yarn, but it’s probably a dream to use…

  10. Cox067 Says:

    I am enjoying knitting the patterns by Dee O’Keefe.  I’m presently working on Ashton.

  11. Diane Says:

    Of course, I would love to win this!

  12. Calif54 Says:

    I have not come across a lace/shawl pattern I didn’t like. The more complicated, the happier I am. This pattern would be very happy in my book of patterns. Karen

  13. Rmchigirl Says:

    I’d love to make that shawl. Gorgeous.

  14. Sara Marks Says:

    I don’t have a favorite yet, but I am trying to find one.  I have been trying to knit a lace shawl to wear at a wedding this summer.  I do love looking at all the patterns in A Gathering Of Lace.  There are so many beautiful and complex patterns.  I can’t wait to feel confident enough to actually try one.  Until then I am just trying to figure out how to make sense of charts and the minimal instructions I find in most patterns. 

  15. aedevaux Says:

    I love to knit shawls as well. I’ve started designing my own, mostly top down triangular. 

  16. Gail_trowbridge Says:

    I’ve been knitting almost nothing but lacy things for almost a year. I wear some myself, but I’m also thinking ahead to when my 3 granddaughters grow up. I’m already planning their Christmas gifts for this year-lacy shrugs.

  17. Lynne Larson Says:

    Wow! That is some shawl! And in wool/silk – double Wow!

  18. Marie-Anne Says:

    I’ve never knit a shawl, I’ve mostly stuck to baby clothes and scarves with the occasional sweater for a niece, but lately my fingers have been itching to do something different. I am laid up from work for 8 weeks right now and I think it’s time to branch out into shawls. I’ve already started looking for patterns but there are so many beautiful designs I’m having a hard time deciding which to do. The colour of the yarn by the way is absolutely gorgeous.

  19. Marie Ha Says:

    What a wondreful shawl. I´d love to try this one. I have made two triangular shawls so far: and one more. My favorite lace book – Knitted Lace of Estonia…I only used one pattern there for a scarf so far…

  20. Angela Mann Says:

    I have 2: Arctic Lace and Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I could knit every pattern in both books and be a very happy lady :)

  21. ValerieKJones Says:

    My favorite shawls that I have knit so far are Rock Island by Jared Flood, Icarus Shawl
    by Miriam L. Felton, and Gossamer by Marie Wallin.

  22. tignor Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern is Sabrina, found on Ravelry. It’s a free pattern but so beautiful and looks way more complicated than it actually is!

    Thanks for the contest.

  23. Julie McKenna Prentice Says:

    Beautiful!!!  I would love to win!!!!  :)

  24. Katiebird Says:

    I’ve been wanting a copy of the book, Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush!! I love every pattern – every shawl in it! But I’m still taking baby steps toward making my first shawl.  It’s a textured one (lots of cables!) … I figure if I live through that then maybe I can by a copy of Nancy’s book and start dreaming big (in color) … Love this post … and crossing my fingers!~

  25. Sue O Says:

    So beautiful!  Thank you for sharing!

  26. MaryAnne Says:

    Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark…though pretty much any of her patterns are great. I also feel the same about Miriam Felton’s patterns.

  27. Jen Funk Says:

    I’ve never knit a shawl. I think it’s time to start. Please enter me in this context. The yarn is amazing.

  28. Lkross09 Says:

    Awesome pattern! Drapes beautifully!

  29. Kerri Says:

    I am new to shawl knitting. I have only done 4 so far, but I would love to knit this up!

  30. Lisa Says:

    My first “real” shawl was the Gothic Moss Shawl by Kitman Figueroa.  I still love how it looks.  Next on my shawl list is the 1939 Christening Shawl from Wrapped In Lace by Margaret Stove.

    I’m excited about this giveaway…silk/wool blends are my very favorite yarns, and from Dream in Color?  Can’t get better than that!

  31. Vcpfreeman Says:

    I have done a little , simple lacework. This yarn is beautiful!

  32. schips Says:

    The new yarn is luscious!

    My fave book is Sotheby’s Victorian Lace Today and Meg Swansen’s A Gathering of Lace. However my current obsession is garter (so warm and squishy!) and just made Lintilla.

  33. Karen Says:

    Definitely ready for a new lace project! And the yarn sounds beautiful!

  34. Judy Says:

    I love to knit shawls.  I made them for my staff last year for Christmas and I am working on a summer triangular shawl for myself.

  35. Bonniebwi Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shawl pattern and colorway.  Looks like Michigan skies to me.  I would like to try something simple like Elizabeth Zimmerman’s circular shawl before I attempt the lacy version.

  36. Jhgeorgi Says:

    This yarn looks wonderfully yummy. Although I’m primarily a crocheter, I could consider trying out knitted lace or just go to any of a number of books with beautiful crochet lace like Doris Chan’s books – Amazing Crochet Lace or Crochet Lace Innovations – or there are Kristin Omdahl’s books, or any of my growing collection of Irish Lace patterns. Geez, I can’t make up my mind. LOL

  37. Keedanlex Says:

    Very interested in trying the Dream in Color Yarn. Local shop just started carrying it and I haven’t been able to get out there yet. 

  38. Jessica R. Says:

    Gorgeous yarn and pattern!

  39. Jennifer Morgan Says:

    I love shawls and am amazed at how quickly they (usually) go. The Aeolian shawl from Knitty is one of my favorites, and I also love Mountain Peaks by MimKnits. The more complex, the better, as far as I’m concerned!

  40. Elaine Collins Says:

    Would love the opprotunity to work with this yarn! <3

  41. Alice Perry Says:

    I mostly knit lace shawls, and while it’s hard to pick favorites I am partial to Swallowtail, and pour over Victorian Lace Today trying to decide which shawl I’m going to attempt. There are many patterns I want to make, I just don’t have time for them all!

  42. Mickid619 Says:

    This is absolutely stunning!  I love lace knitting.  It’s almost like meditation for me.

  43. mlb Says:

    That’s stunning! My favorite shawls are those with the unusual construction of casting on tons of stitches to form the V-shaped bottom edge, where you decrease as you knit, working toward the center of the neck.

  44. Jmcmarie Says:

    What a beautifully descriptive name for this yarn!  I have been looking for a colorway like this, and the Vostok shawl is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  How I would love to pair this gorgeous yarn and shawl!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  45. Caroline Says:

    I loved doing the Frost Diamonds pattern. This one looks incredible!

  46. Ditetre Says:

    I’m just finishing up the  Damask shawl and absolutely love knitting lace….. fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Kathy Says:

    Cool, would love to win some silk/wool yarn!!

  48. Rosalind Scott Says:

    I have not yet done any lace knitting. I have quite few shawl patterns in my Ravelry queue and my favorites are Karina, Citron and Rosaleen. The Vostok shawl is beautiful as well. I would love to win this yarn and pattern kit. It would give me the incentive to give lace knitting a try.

  49. MeowDragon Says:

    What a lovely shawl! The yarn looks delicious!

  50. Dianna Phillips Says:

    My current knitting is a lace shawl called “Dianna” – the pattern is available on Ravelry.  It is in entrelac  with a leaf lace pattern in the middle of each entrelac square.  I am enjoying knitting it.  My favorite book of lace shawls is “A Gathering of Lace” by Meg Swansen.

  51. Britt Says:

    I knit one of my favorite patterns last year. Ingrid’s Bridal knot. It took an enormous amount of yarn and I have no use for the finished object, but I love it.

  52. SpinCity Says:

    To celebrate learning how to knit for two years, I joined a beginning lace knitters KAL for the Haruni.  This was a very positive experience.  I kept that one for myself.  

    I completed a second Haruni for a charitable auction, and now I have started a third one as a gift for a friend.  The experience gave me confidence enough to knit other lace shawls, such as the Percy, and some test knit shawls, but my heart will always belong to my first lace knit.

  53. Carole Sprang Says:

    I love this yarn and I’m an avid lace knitter. My favorite lace knitting book is Heirloom knitting by Sharon Miller :)

  54. Stacy and the rugrats Says:

    I love knitting Niebling patterns as a shawl.  They are all gorgeous!

  55. Robsdolls1 Says:

    After knitting for everyone else, I am looking forward to finally making something for me. Never having made a shawl yet, and I stress YET, I want to make either the Ashton shawl , or the Alexandra shawl. Dream in color would be Beautiful in my shawl. It is fantastic sumptuous yarn.
    Robin Ludwig. I would love to win this. It would make my shawl all the more special.

  56. CAMB Says:

    I really like the shawls MMario designs — They’re mostly circles or squares and depending on the yarn and needles chosen, can be used as shawls or in larger yarn, afghans.  I prefer ‘patterned’ knits rather than large swaths of stockinette, so I don’t get bored.  

  57. Aditi Says:

    My all-time favorite book is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. I want to make almost every single shawl in there!  Love the graceful motifs and shapes.

  58. Dannyjulieadkins Says:

    I want to try Annis because it looks like something I would wear everywhere :)

  59. Kim May Says:

    I love to knit shawls and this pattern is simply stunning!!

  60. LDukes Says:

    What a lovely shawl! The yarn looks lucious!

  61. Ingrid Says:

    Wow. That’s stunning.

  62. Anitasmith1 Says:

    i have knitted shawls but never one with such a delicate and beautiful lace pattern.  I would love to try this!


  63. Liv Fostervold Says:

    Gorgeous shawl pattern and colorway ! I made 32 shawls last year. I do not have any favourit designer, but I like Evelyn Clark as she writes the pattern in such a way that it is easy to knit! I am working on a summer shawl for my friend, it is
    Elizabeth shawl


    Elizabeth Shawl
    by Dee O’Keefe.

  64. Ann Stone Says:

    Very, very beautiful.  I would love to try some of that yarn!

  65. Lknight3 Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I will likely make this shawl even if I don’t win.

  66. Sandyofficer2 Says:

    Lately I have been knitting Wendy Johnston’s shawlettes. She always has a lace pattern in even her simple shawlettes. I would love to make your featured shawl.

  67. Linder Says:

    That’s lovely.  I think I would try to knit an Harunit shawl.  Still a bit intimidated, but ready to give it a try.

  68. Pam F. Says:

    I’ve been trying to decide to try this, but since the only even close to lace is the Pleiades (The Dream club pattern from I think March 2011) and that took long enough as it is, I’m not sure if I want to torture myself just yet. But this is gorgeous.

  69. Sweetsaramae Says:

    Lace and shawls are my new addiction! I made Anne Hansen’s Morning Glory wrap for my sister to wear on her wedding day. She looked beautiful and the wrap got tons of compliments. I am currently working on the Miralda Shawl for myself using Dream in Color’s Smooshy…I can’t wait to finish something beautiful for me! Ordering yarn today to make a wedding shawl for my friend!

  70. Dana Says:

    Holy cow! That shawl is gorgeous! Especially in that colorway.

  71. Adrienneks Says:

    Gorgeous.  I love knitting lace but don’t really have a favorite designer, just whatever catches my eye at the moment.

  72. Cindy Says:

    My lace knitting experience is limited, but I get more adventurous with each project.  I’m particularly drawn to the work of Anna Dalvi.  I don’t think my skills are up to tackling one of her patterns yet. 

  73. Mrobin9505 Says:

    I have only made a few easy shawls and would LOVE to make this on in that gorgeous yarn!

  74. christine Says:

    I don’t have any favorite one right now but that looks amazing

  75. Smmikkel Says:

    I’ve done some minor lace knitting but I’m constantly drawn to it. I don’t know anybody who would wear the shawl and yet I’m still drawn to it. I’ve just gotta try more of it.

  76. Jziegler Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  77. Christine Says:

    My current obsession is the lace triangle shawl by Helen Bingham in the latest Vogue Knitting…I can’t put it down!!! And yes, I am loving watching the lace pattern emerge as I knit row after row.

  78. Olga Maximovskikh Says:

    I really really want to make Shawl “Vostok”!!!!!!  I did one shawl before, but this one more beautiful!!! I like it so much!!! If I will find the instruction for it I will happy!  (I’m knitting and crochetting for myself and my family almost 2 years. I love it).


  79. stitcher23 Says:

    This makes me want to knit a shawl so badly. It is so delicate and beautiful!

  80. Kmcloud79 Says:

    this shawl is beautiful!  i’d love to give this pattern a go.

  81. Jnhrtn Says:

    The first shawl I knitted that even came close to being lacy was the Larch shawl made in Lorna’s Laces “Endless Possibilities”. I can’t seem to get far beyond ‘old shale’ and ‘feather and fan’, but I’m working on it!

  82. BarbaraR Says:

    Oh, this is so awesome!  I’ve knit many shawls in different weight yarns and would love to knit his one in Dream in Color.  One of my favorite books is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.  I’ve knit three Evelyn Clark shawls.  But my favorite shawl so far is one that took me quite awhile (on and off) to knit….Flirty Ruffles by Fiddlesticks Knitting.

    I sure hope I’m one of the lucky winners!

  83. Lee Anna Says:

    That is gorgous !!!!

  84. Jenny Says:

    Springtime Bandit by Kate Osborn has always been my favorite. I always doubted my shawl and lace knitting skills until I completed my first one! 

  85. Tfucci Says:

    One of my favorite shawls and yarns!

  86. Anisa Says:

    I also love Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I also like lace patterns in which the pattern is always changing, and the more complicated, the better.  I really like shawls that are or were part of a mystery KAL because they tend to be like this.

  87. Steven Hicks Says:

    Lace is always my go-to knitting when I need a new project and exploring new lace yarns is a joy.

  88. Jami Says:

    I just finished a lace pattern called Arroyo which I really love, made with Madelinetosh Mare colorway. It is simple and very versatile to wear. Would love to try Dream in Color’s Absolutely Marvelous! 

  89. Norskemail Says:

    Love it and so dainty!  Looks like it is something I want to make!

  90. Anelabean Says:

    That’s beautiful! I love Dream in Color yarn. I’m working on my first lace shawl right now with Dream in Color Starry!

  91. Terri Kruse Says:

    That is gorgeous! I would knit the Vostok with the yarn. It’s perfect!

  92. Sqwitch Says:

    Susan Pandorf’s Evenstar. The 2 big Haapsalu books.

  93. Deb Sayles Says:

    This shawl is gorgeous…as is the yarn!  Looks like a challenge and that’s what I love to knit.  I love the Victorian Lace book and one of my favorite shawl patterns is Haruni.  Deb

  94. Cgauth2 Says:

    I do not have a favorite designer. i have made a couple of shawls and this yarn and pattern look beautiful!

  95. Lisagshaw Says:

    That shawl is dreamy! I’m knitting a Fall Season s Shawl know by Nina Isaacson. Its all wool.I would love some silk & wool combination..Love to win

  96. Christi Dillon Says:

    LOVE making shawls!! I’m currently working on Norwegian Woods.

    Pick me!!!

  97. Greyeye521 Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous !!!!!!

  98. Elizabeth Phillips Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the color variations in this color way. Love Evelyn Clark! Made the Flower Basket Shawl.

  99. L2Jarvis Says:

    I love knitting shawls because they are perfect for Florida.  It’s too warm for sweaters most of the time, yet air conditioning is too cold to go without.  I love knitting lace because the results are so beautiful.

  100. Dmp1015 Says:

    Kniting lace is my favorite! I don’t have a favorite deigner, but most days Fiddlesticks knits ranks right up there.

  101. knitdesigns Says:

    I like Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia as well. I think this yarn would work well with any of those patterns

  102. knitdesigns Says:

    I like Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia and think this yarn would look great in any pattern from this book

  103. Stephanie Risotto Says:

    That is a gorgeous shawl!!  I’m drooling :)””

  104. Kirsten Barbosa Says:

    90% of my Ravelry queue is comprised of lace shawls. I don’t have a favorite designer but I love Estonian lace and I love patterns with lots of different motifs that flow into each other perfectly. Right now I am currently working on Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman and I love how simple the stitches are and yet how gorgeous and complicated the shawl itself looks. I cannot wait to block it.

  105. Whirlybird Says:

    I’ve never knit lace before, but I see lots of great patterns. I got Knitted Lace of Estonia for Christmas, and I’m hoping to try my hand at a pattern or two in that book.

  106. Kate LePore Says:

    What a beautiful shawl!   Combined with the DIC in pale grays… just lovely.

    Lace shawls are some of my favorite things to knit.  Right now I am working on the Royal Tulips Shawl by Anne-Lise Maigaard and I have to say it’s turning out to be one of my favorites.  

  107. Lovelily1001 Says:

    wow!  that’s a wonderful color– kind of whispering…. 
    i love shawls and nancy bush’s work; this is a great package!l  i have enjoyed using jane sowerby’s victorian lace today.  it has a nice range of styles and degrees of difficulty.

  108. Mincy1571 Says:

    I love the desing… I am a beginner in knitting and I my goal for this year is to learn How to knit lace garments… I also crochet and I have some garment pieces in crochet… Last year I knit hat and scarf for the fam… I hope to learn more in knitting since I like it more ryan crochet.. Have a good one…

  109. kobuu Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you WEBS!!!

  110. Laura Says:

     I’m just venturing into lace and my mother has requested a shawl – how nice it would be to make this for her Mother’s Day gift.  Thank you for considering me a fortunate winner.

  111. Sarah Says:

    I love knitting lace shawls and my favorite is usually the one I am currently working on.  Patterns I’ve knit more than once include Damson, Ishbel, Swallowtail, and Wool Peddlar’s shawl.

  112. Sarbah77 Says:

    I loved the Knitted Lace of Estonia book and Victorian Lace today book, but I think I keep them mostly to admire!  Lace is my first knitting love and I usually knit about 10 lace shawls a year (not all in laceweight). 

  113. Erin Lenseth Says:

    The only shawl I’ve made so far is the Celadon shawl by blue heron, so by default I have to go with that as my favorite! I enjoyed making it, although in the future, I’d like to try something with more of a lace look,

  114. Kate B Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern is the Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark – and whatever shawl I’m about to knit next.

  115. Karenm7422 Says:

    I have just started knitting shawls, and my favorite is done in a Valley Yarn with beads and features hearts.

  116. Debra l peterson Says:

    Absolutely love this!  It would be perfect over my mother of the bride dress later this year!

  117. beccarowley Says:

    This is a gorgeous pattern. And such lovely yarn. I especially like Gudrun’s Aestlight shawl.

  118. Laurie szuch Says:

    Beautiful shawl!  I am currently knitting the Aran Victorian Lace shawl as a prayer shawl for a friend who is elderly and bedridden.  Would love to win this giveaway!

  119. Jamie G-D Says:

    I have only made two shawls so far, but I love to see how they evolve, stitch upon stitch. I made the shipwreck shawl from (but how do you WEAR a circular shawl? The border covers up the entire design! Unless you wear it inside out, but that seems odd.) and also the Aeolian shawl. I have had the Forest Path shawl on the needles for 3 years! I am knitting Semele right now and really enjoying it. Vostok keeps showing up on Ravelry and I it stops me every time. What a lovely pattern! 

  120. Lynn Says:

    My favorite should be up on ravelry soon – look for Learning Curve by Drin.

  121. Heidi Says:

    I actually have yet to knit an actual shawl – I’m working on Herbert Niebling’s Lyra right now (but that will go on the dining room table).  This shawl is amazing, though!  I’m crossing my fingers that I’m a very lucky winner!

  122. julie green Says:

    so pretty! I have too many favorites to name one, but one that I wear a lot is a Rosemary Hill design.

  123. Maureen Says:

    The shawl that I have knit more than 5 or 6 times is the Charlotte’s Web Shawl by Koigu.  It was the first real lace project that I did. I showed it to a number of people and well many wanted one so they were given as gifts. I just do not have one left for myself.
    This shawl pictured is wonderful.

  124. MarianneA Says:

    What a beautiful shawl!  Right now I’ve got my eye on Paulina Popiolek’s Lady Jane on Ravelry, but Estonian looks good, too!

  125. RedfordPhyl Says:

    I’m a sucker for any shawl pattern by Sivia Harding or Stephen West. One of my favorite patterns is Sivia’s Harbor Lights.

  126. Cerdeb Says:

    Love the soft gray colorway! So subtly elegant!

  127. Elizabeth McNearney Says:

    I agree the Knitted Lace of Estonia is an amazing book! But the shawl pictured here is absolutely gorgeous also!

  128. Suzi Says:

    Beautiful yarn & pattern!  Would love to win this one as lace knitting is a challenge to me but I so love the results.

  129. TriciaG Says:

    Such a beautiful shawl.  I would love to try this.

  130. Grace S. Says:

    I love knitting shawls and giving them away and I think every woman secretly wants one.  I love shawls because there are so many different ways to knit them.  The Lyra is on my bucket list to knit as well as anything by Sharon Miller at Heirloom Knitting.

  131. Jan H Says:

    Lovely! I’m partial to the Anne Hanson’s Knitspot patterns.

  132. JillS Says:

    That is gorgeous!  I’ve never made a shawl before but would love this one :-)

  133. Orgo413 Says:

    The yarn is so beautiful.
    I’ve always thought that Jared Flood’s lace patterns are wonderful.

  134. Dsalto Says:

    That yarn and shawl are absolutely gorgeous! I’m a big fan of Stephen West designs. 

  135. myownbeeswax Says:

    I have been knitting for over 20 years but have only recently started my first shawl. It is the Icelandic Sunrise shawl with the one stitch repeating over and over again. The Dream in Color wool is beautiful and I bet it feels heavenly! I would be honored to be one of your winners and to make the Vostok shawl my second. Best regards, Kim

  136. Sara O. Says:

    The yarn looks delightful! I’m a shawl lover too! I particularly enjoy the shawl designs of Miriam Felton.

  137. HeidiP Says:

    I made the Swallotail Shawl published by interweave, and it was amazing to see how it came together. I have to admit though, my favorite lace piece is the simple Wakefield Scarf, I wear it all the time.

  138. Heather Says:

    I love the shawl you posted! I have been loving the Susanna IC shawls lately and all of the 2 ans 3 colors shawls being posted on ravelry – great stash busters (catkin, color affection, Faberge, etc…)

  139. Kellee Carr Says:

    The yarn and the shawl are both lovely!  I wish I had more places to go where I could wear shawls without dying in the heat.

  140. Jerseyknitter Says:

    Oh, things of beauty!  My go-to gift shawl is Swallowtail by Evelyn Clarke, with nupps, of course.  I think I’ve made and gifted five or six so far.

  141. Kelli Willard Says:

    That is beautiful. I haven’t knitted very many shawls. But this pattern screams knit me.

  142. Ginger Swart Says:

    Beautiful! I haven’t attempted lace like this before but would love an excuse to try it! I really enjoy Stephen West’s shawl patterns. A very different look from this one though. I love knitting shawlettes but haven’t attempted a bigger one yet.

  143. Kirsten Says:

    breathtaking combination of color, yarn & pattern!

  144. Lisa Gutierrez Says:

    The grays in the yarn are beautiful! I’ve only knit two shawls before. I need  to jump on the bandwagon fast. They’re so classic.

  145. Beth Says:

    I’m only just beginning to knit any kind of lace, and actually haven’t tried to knit with laceweight yarn yet!  I knit a Multnomah shawl in fingering weight and really loved figuring it all out. It’s time to move on to something more complicated, I think. I love Ysolda Teague’s “Ishbel”.

  146. Alison Says:

    You know I’ve been kmitting and crocheting for 40+ yrs and I have never KNITTED a shawl.  This would be a great First.

  147. Kcamber Says:

    What a beautiful shawl!  I am just learning to knit, but, it is the beautiful lace that inspires me to keep learning.

  148. Cate Says:

    I am still working on my first lace project, the Holden Shawlette. I keep putting it down and going back to it. lace is hard!

  149. heather tetrault Says:

    Wow, the yarn is such a lovely color.  It looks a lot like the cloud cover we had this morning.  And I’ve done lace before, but *that* is just beautiful.

  150. Kateb in Toronto Says:

    I want to try, I want to try! Love the open work.

  151. Suddenexpression Says:

    My favorite shawl I’ve made is the Reventuli shawl!  So gorgeous.  I love shawls and shawlettes!

  152. Karen Schneider Says:

    I, too, love the book “Knitted Lace of Estonia, and I have completed ‘Madli’s Shawl’. But my favorite thing to do is pore through a stitch pattern book (the Barbara Walker pattern books are fantastic) and find lace stitch patterns to create my own scarf or shawl.

  153. Amy Godfrey Says:

    I adore knitting lace. I love Knitted Lace of Estonia and Wrapped in Comfort. Thanks for the great contest!

  154. Ann Peake. Says:

    I was very pleased with the shawls that I knit for Christmas presents last year and it would be “Absolutely Marvelous”  to knit a special one for myself in this beautiful yarn.

  155. Alyson Says:

    I have only made shawls to give away – wait, that’s a lie – I made the “Milk Run Shawl” for me, “Seascape” for my mom and the “Everyday Shawl” for my cousin.  The first is not lace, just worsted yarn but the other two are and I was so surprised by the transformation that blocking enabled in the work. So cool.

  156. Abby Says:

    What a beautiful shawl and beautiful yarn! I hope I win them! :)

  157. Ginny Says:

    Gorgeous shawl!

  158. iaudrey Says:

    i’ve been completely in the mood to knit a shawl lately and have been having an incredibly hard time choosing a pattern because there are so many gorgeous options! so far i’ve only knit “Ishbel” and “198 yards of heaven”, but i’m looking seriously at “Haruni”, “Echo Flower”, or “Rock Island”. Tephen West has a plethora of shawl patterns of a different nature that would be fun to try. Great giveaway!

  159. Jennsquared Says:

    What a beautiful pattern!  My favorite thing to knit is shawl!  My goal is eventually knit the beautiful wedding ring shawl by Sharon Miller!  But first I have to work up the courage!

  160. Desiree B Says:

    I absolutely LOVE knitting lace shawls of all kinds! The next step in my knitting journey will be learning to design matching knitted lace brimmed hats! The Dream in Color yarn and the shawl pattern both look stunning! Have a wonderful knitterly week!

  161. Roberta Says:

    This past year I have started working on shawls. I adore the crescent shape shawls and have made a couple so far. My favorite shawl  at the moment is Sayoran designed by Liz Abinante. Susanna IC  is also one of my favorite designers.

    I love the challenges that shawl knitting has brought me.

    I have been drooling over Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and hope to have a copy in my possession in the near future.

  162. Gwen Gotsch Says:

    Books on shawls? I like Nancy Bush’s Folk Shawls. Lots of variety. Some lace, some heftier textures.

  163. FlagGazer Says:

    Very pretty…

  164. Kathy Leggett Says:

    I love Romi Hill patterns.  My favorite are Taygete,  Kleio, and Melpomene.

  165. Bemeschoen Says:

    I have a pink colored and purle colored skein right now that would be perfect for this pattern…..beautiful

  166. Catie Long Says:

    Wow.  That is absolutely stunning.  Win or not, I am gonna have to knit this shawl!  Blessings, catie long, roanoke,VA

    I hope I win!  THank you for doing this.  c

  167. Aleda Says:

    Oh wow, I’ve seen that yarn in person and it is GORGEOUS.  At the moment, probably my favorite lace shawl that I’ve knit is the Hemlock Ring lace shawl – it’s simple, but the center motif is really eye-catching.

  168. Allison Says:

    These patterns are gorgeous! I’ve had Jared Flood’s Rock Island bookmarked for a while, but Nancy’s patterns are vying for my attention. It will be hard to choose one to make first!

  169. Kelley Kizer Says:

    I have made a few shawlettes from patterns on Ravelry (Miami Beach Shawl, Abyssal & Saroyan…) but I am anxious to try a full shawl pattern soon!  It would be wonderful to win some new yarn to do that with.  My fingers are crossed!!!

  170. ~~jenn Says:

    lovely combo!

  171. Mrsungeek Says:

    Wow! This shawl is beautiful in that yarn. I’ve only knit scarves so far, but am trying to get my courage up to knit a lace shawl. I think I’ll have to try out the book.

  172. Andrea Says:

    So many beautiful shawls… so little time.

  173. Dell Stinnett Says:

    I like the shawl pattern from “Mindful Knitting”. It’s fairly simple but that’s what you need when doing knitting as meditation.

  174. Shibui Says:

    What a gentle yard, in eery way!

  175. Finarda Says:

    That yarn looks gorgeous!

  176. Gratitude123 Says:

    I knit lace and shawls all the time, love the exploration of a new pattern and do not have a favorite pattern or designer.

  177. Peggy Says:

    Wow!  10 winners!  Very generous.  And I’ll give it a shot!  I have only knit a few shawls but enjoyed them immensely.  The last one was Wendy Johnson’s Summer Mystery Shawlette KAL last summer.  :)  I hadn’t picked a ‘next’ yet.  The Vostok is gorgeous!!!  Maybe that will be my next whether I win or not.  Lol.  Thanks for the opportunity!  -PickleSoup on Ravelry

  178. Amber Gibbons Nagel Says:

    i have only knitted one shawl (as i just learned to knit in december but have crocheted for 15 years!) and that was the holden shawlette by mindy wilkes. i love it! and i plan on making more shawls. i have crocheted two and love them as well. i love a challenge and making new things. this yarn and shawl would be amazing to make! they are both just gorgeous!

  179. Jennifer S Says:

    I have only knit one shawl, and it was one from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I still want to make the scarf in her book that’s the traditional coin one.  I love knitting lace!

  180. Monica Says:

    Beautiful shawl!  Evelyn Clark and Fiber Trends are some of my favorite shawl patterns.  Knitting lace brings beauty into our world.

  181. Joni Says:

    I love to watch shawls blossom off the needles.  While they aren’t the most complex I find I wear my sideways shawletts by Corrina Ferguson the most.

  182. Mary Says:

    This is one of the most beautiful shawls I’ve seen!  The colorway is to die for and I plan on buying it if I don’t win.  So please pick me.

  183. Patsy Says:

    I’ve just learned I really like knitting lace too!  I keep eyeing “Haruni”  on Ravelry.  I may have to tackle it some day.

  184. Cassandra Nancy Lea Says:

    gorgeous.  I’ve been “threatening” to knit a shawl for some time now but yarn that lovely might be the kick I need to try it.

  185. Margee Says:

    I love this shawl and the yarn looks amazing!  I’m obsessed with knitting shawls.  One of my favorites is Haruni  by Emily Ross.

  186. kipperdog Says:

    Shawls are my new favorite to knit and I absolutely love this shawl pattern! I want to start now!!

  187. Robin Says:

    I love making shawls, too!  Right now I have a bit of an obsession with Kitman Figueroa.

  188. Amber G. Says:

    This is so beautiful! I love the soft grey shades (reminds me of the ocean in winter). Lace of any kind (or in any form/garment) is my favorite thing to knit, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!

  189. Jenny Manza Says:

    Lovely yarn and pattern. I knit my first ever shawl pattern last year, Ishbel by designer Ysolda Teague. So fun and satisfying to knit.

  190. ChrisD Says:

    I consistently love most of jared flood’s shawls lately. My most recent favorite is leaves of grass.

  191. Mallory Says:

    This shawl is so delicate and intricate…just lovely.  Love the colorway of the yarn and the drape of the knitted fabric.

  192. Rachel Greenberg Says:

    I’ve just started knitting shawls. My first was the Citron and now I’m working on the Garden Pond. I would love to take a stab at some intricate lace work with this shawl and colorway!!

  193. Kim Nguyen Says:

    Such a lovely color & beautiful shawl. Hope I will get to make this shawl.

  194. Bassen Says:

    I have never made a shawl, but this is beautiful! I would love to make this one!

  195. stormcoast Says:

    I haven’t made many shawls, but I’ve enjoyed Corrina Ferguson’s Sideways Shawlettes, which are knitted sideways and use up as much of your yarn as possible. Win-win!

  196. Kerry Nare Says:

    Beautiful yarn and lovely shawl! Love the color, would really enjoy knitting this!

  197. Amy Forbes Says:

     My favorite shawl right now is the Rock Island.  I haven’t knit it yet, but I’ve got pattern and yarn, and I’m trying to work myself up to the challenge.  I have some smaller, easier shawls I’ve done and love them, so the Rock Island I think will be a great step forward in my shawl-knitting abilities.

  198. Albac510 Says:

    Hi! I looove Dream in color, and I´ll love be one of the winners. Warm regards from Uuguay Karen! 

  199. RV Espinosa Says:

    That is an awesome shawl.I am just learning how to knit shawl. I would love to knit this someday.

  200. Rasa Says:

    The largest shawl I’ve knit is the Wing of the Moth.  These days I like shorter shawls and shawlettes…not as big a commitment!

  201. Ajastoy Says:

    The shawl is stunning,, and of course I absolutely adore Dream in Color! I’m making socks now with Smooshy in Strange Harvest!

  202. katebee Says:

    I’ve actually been eyeing this shawl pattern for a while–I can’t resist a semi-circular shawl with several different lace patterns in it.  

  203. Paulamorrell Says:

    love this yarn.  Would love to do Troll Forest by Kayla White or Dragons’s Blood by Renee Loverington (from Goddess Knits)

  204. Scrapdash Says:

    Two favorite shawls I’ve knit recently are Arachnophilia and Summer Flies. I’d really like to try crocheting a Sweet Eleanor shawlette, too. Thanks for this giveaway!

  205. Catcrick Says:

    I love shawls! My favorite pattern at the moment is Emily Ross’s Haruni, that I made for my sister as a wedding present. DIC is my favorite yarn, and I’d love to try this pattern in their wonderful colors. 

  206. Cph1942 Says:

    Awesome!  I’ve only worked a little with lace.  Would LOVE to get the chance to knit this shawl – in this gorgeous yarn!

  207. Dvikander Says:

    The yarn is beautiful.  I love knitting shawls.  I think i like the challenge and the fact the you really do not know what it is going to look like till you block it. The surprise of how beautiful it is when it is done is wonderful.  To win this would be almost as fun as knitting a shawl with it.  

  208. Jackie Tollefson Says:

    I love shawl knitting and my favorite pattern is Kaellingesjal by Mette Rorbech. (Its Mette’s interpretation of an 1897 Danish shawl). I’m finishing one of these in yak/silk. The pattern here is stunning (I’m ready to add it to my library even now).  Dream in Color is wonderful to work with and comes in beautiful colorways.

  209. Gina Assetta Says:

    I have only knit a few shawls so far, but my favorite has been Haruni by Emily Ross. Thanks for the chance!

  210. Angelarose42 Says:

    Wow! That is one of the most beautiful shawls I have ever seen! Going to the store this weekend.Gonna have to buy some of this yarn!

  211. Wldnovacat Says:

    My favorite shawl/lace pattern was the intricate Rock Island Shawl from Jared Flood. It was a challenge, but totally worth it!! I made it for my sister for a wedding she was attending.

  212. Marciepooh Says:

    I’m loving the Filmy Fern Shawl that I’m currently knitting for my wedding veil ( I just wish I had more time to knit).

  213. Cathy J Says:

    Gorgeous pattern!  I like Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia, and lately I’ve been liking patterns by Cheri McEwen.

  214. Adrienne Gulakowski Says:

    OMG I love that color!  I love making shawls, but alas I don’t know anyone that’s a shawl wearer!  So I have a small but gradually increasing stack of shawls piling up in a drawer.  I’m also in love with the Knitted Lace of Estonia book.  Since I love a challenge, does anyone have suggestions for patterns working in double-sided lace (patterned on RS & WS)?  
    Fingers crossed!

  215. Melissa Sweet Says:

    That is an amazing colorway! And that shawl design! Swoon! Crossing my fingers!

  216. Allie Cantu Says:

    My favorite shawl patterns are the Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman and the Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy. I haven’t attempted them yet, but I lovelovelove them and plan to start on at least one of them this summer, once I work my way through this sweater kick I’m on. :D

  217. SamanthaK Says:

    Oh, this is so beautiful. I would love to make this for the summer!

  218. Adrienne Gulakowski Says:


  219. Cindy Laird Says:

    What a really special contest.  I love the challenge of knitting shawls and my favorite so far is Ishbel by Isolda.

  220. Coleen Says:

    This is a beautiful pattern!!!  I have made a couple shawls….the latest one is Quill!!!!  just started so it might take me awhile !!!!

  221. Ann Says:

    The yarn is very pretty….like the color as it’s spring like and a soft color….new to lace knitting, so I stick with a simplier pattern than this one:)….Not sure I have any favorite, but will try the Fiberspates Eilwen scarf….looks pretty and a bit easier than the shawl….I know I can do it!  Thanks for the giveaway

  222. Frann S. Says:

    This is so gorgeous, I put it in my Rav queue as soon as I first saw it. I loved knitting the Woodland Shawl, which was my first foray into lace knitting.

  223. Brandi Says:

    I’ve only knit one shawl so far – the multnomah.  While it’s very pretty, my absolute favorite shawl pattern is the haruni.

  224. Tampiq41 Says:

    This is a gorgeous shawl. I just recently tried my hand at lace work and I am enjoying it. I would love to work with the Dream Color and give the pattern a try.

    Excited to see if I win!
    Tammy P

  225. Sheri Says:

    I have mostly made small shawls. One of my favorites was Damson but I also like Citron. I would love to try something bigger, maybe rectangular.

  226. Stephanie Says:

    I have only made a few shawls, but I’ve fallen in love with the Estonian lace ones recently. Hoping to have more time for making some of the ones I’ve been itching to make soon! I love how they take shape when you block!

  227. Samantha G Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern is the Swallowtail Shawl.  It’s so beautiful, challenging to knit, and fun!

  228. Jenkav_pumpkinhead Says:

    I have the ambition to do some lace shawls this summer. Always loved the Folk shawls book. Do have a pattern for a Russian styled lace shawl on my to do list, where the edging is knitted as you knit the square center panel?

  229. Lcjuneja Says:

    Here’s my comment – this is so beautiful – I wish I win this!

  230. Skolstad Says:

    A couple years ago, I knit the Blue Ribbon Shawl.
    It is a simple pattern with a flexible stitch-way border.
    It can be knit with more or less detail, larger or smaller!
    When I wear it, always a compliment.

  231. KellyY Says:

    I love the shawls from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia. I also love to knit Stephen West shawls as well as Kristen Kapur shawls. I have never knit a shawl with laceweight yarn before but I would love to!

  232. Sarah Morrison Says:

    What a wonderful shawl pattern!  And that yarn color is my current favorite – I’ve been amassing a collection of greys and grey-blues lately.  Thanks for such a fun opportunity!

  233. Jane Compeau Says:

    I would love to win this yarn and pattern. I am working on a shawl, and cannot wait to see it blocked. Thank you for this generous give-away. 

  234. Leslie Bagatelle Says:

    I have just begun kniting lace shawls and I am hooked.  Next up is Haruni, but if I win this contest, I think this will be next.  Thanks for making this available.

  235. Llatham Says:

    I recently finished my first socks, am working on my first sweater, so I think a shawl would be a logical next step. Bring it on!

  236. Therese Says:

    Lace was my introduction to “real” knitting – I love it for the challenge and rhythm of the knitting, and the miracle of the blocking transformation. My first shawl was Flirty Ruffles; I think my favorite that I’ve knitted is Hyrna Herborgar in unspun Icelandic. Vostok is gorgeous! Favorite books (besides Nancy’s): Gathering of Lace, Heirloom Knitting, Three-Cornered and Long Shawls, Victorian Lace Today, The Haapsalu Shawl.

  237. Smlystaci25 Says:

    Such a pretty yarn and pattern!

  238. Michelle Kroll Says:

    I love to knit shawls.  I love changing lace patterns.  Just when I get bored with one chart I get to start another.  My favorite that I have done is Girasole.  I really would like to make the Evenstar Shawl at somepoint. 


  239. JuliaFitz Says:

    I love Drean In Color sock yarn…I’m sure this one would be wonderful to work with as well. I have Rosemary “Romi” Hill’s pattern “Fiori di Sole” in my queue and this yarn would be perfect for it. If I don’t win, I’m buying it anyway!!

  240. Kris granatek Says:

    my favorite fiber blend!  so lovely!

  241. eviltammy Says:

    Gorgeous! Both the yarn and the shawl! Right now I’m knitting the Lucky Quadrefoil Shawl, but one can never have have enough shawls :)

  242. Cjswaldner Says:

    Absolutely Marvelous is the perfect name! What beautiful fibre. I really enjoyed knitting Haruni, Ishbel and Asking for Roses. Currently on my needles is Saroyan and next up is Contorno.

  243. Gkleing3 Says:

    I’m not a shawl person. Hope that doesn’t disqualify me from the contest. :-(. But I love Dream in Color yarns and knitting scarves and socks!!

  244. HeidiS Cook Says:

    I would love the opportunity to create such a beautiful shawl. It would help me pass the time as I sit with my dad who has inoperable cancer.

  245. Cindy Minota Says:

    Very classy colorway-thanks for the giveaway!  

  246. Janice Says:

    I am ready to start another Estonian shawl. My first was from the Haapsalu Shawl book, a new favorite for me. Absolutely Marvelous is beautiful and Vostok is stunning. I’d love to have them on the needles!

  247. Eva W Says:

    I’m just getting into shawl knitting, I’m currently working on Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante. Next up is Haruni (if I dare.), which would be lovely in this gorgeous color!

  248. Steru106 Says:

    II enjoy lace knitting and find the long Color variation in this yarn beautiful.

  249. Cindy Minota Says:

    This is a beautiful colorway!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  250. Barb Says:

    How I love knitted shawls and this one is an gorgeous. My daughter looking over my shoulder definitely agreed. Since I have 4 daughters and 4 granddaughters they keep me busy knitting. I know any of them would love this one.

  251. JB Pierce Says:

    Am in the midst of a very modernist approach to the shawl, Kate Ray’s Athena, with stripes and ribbing.  Have also fallen hard for Majorie Dussaud’s Calumet and the Margarenthe pattern in Vintage Modern Knits.  The more I think about shawls, the more I feel an obsession coming on.

  252. Eileen Says:

    I’m a romantic girl at heart with a thing for historical needlework and love the Knitted Lace of Estonia book.  I haven’t used Dream in Color laceweight yet and would relish the chance.  

  253. Gflansbury Says:

    I love anything with feather and fan….like Multnomah. And I love the smaller shawls like 198 yards of heaven…..okay…I pretty much like them all.

  254. Malinda Says:

    Lace shawls are my favorite things to knit – some I give to those I know appreciate the time and love involved; others I have donated to be auctioned as fund raisers for Relay For Life.  There are a number of books I love but my favorite designer is Renee Leverington of Goddess Knits – her designs are always intriguing and beautiful but simple enough for any knitter to get beautiful results.

  255. Amy A. Says:

    The shawl and yarn are absolutely stunning!!  Thank-you WEBS for a great giveaway!  

  256. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful yarn and an amazing shawl! Beautiful patterns like this are such an inspiration to keep knitting!! I love everything about this- the pattern, the yarn AND the color! :)

  257. Dee Says:

    I love any of the fiddlesticks shawl patterns. They are gorgeous and the charts are so clear.

  258. Sue B Says:

    Favorite shawl pattern is Stephen West’s Flamboyan. I always get compliments on it. Shawls are the perfect layering piece here in the desert — when you need just a little more warmth to start the morning or to shake off the evening chill.

  259. Tetravara Says:

    What a beautiful hank of yarn, I’m positively lusting after it!  I have never knitted a shawl as I don’t know how to knit lace yet.  I have, however crocheted one for a good friend of mine and it came out beautifully.  

  260. Susan S. Says:

    Beautiful yarn, beautiful colorway, beautiful shawl! Love the Estonian patterns – like a puzzle to figure out, and the finished shawl is always so lovely.

  261. Cponak Says:

    I love the challenge of knitting a lace shawl. I’m knitting one now called the Kudzu Shawl, very simple but the pattern is a challenge to do. I would love to work on the Vostok Shawl and I have worked with Dream in Color yarn. It’s fabulous to work with on my needles.

  262. Margaret Says:

    How beautiful, it brings you to a time gone by.  So romantic.  Would love to wrap myself in Dream in Color!

  263. Fara Butan Kaufman Says:

    I have never knitted a shawl, but this one would be absolutely gorgeous to try!! It is totally scrumptious.

  264. Gayle Hay Says:

    Wow!!! This is gorgeous. I would love to make this. I’m currently in a shawl knitting frenzy trying to make gifts for friends. Seems I get done faster when there is an unwitting recipient waiting for the finished product. I have gotten compliments on some of my other FO’s and I like to surprise people I love with beautiful things that I think they would love.

  265. elizabeth Says:

    Wow!  Yarn and shawl are absolute stunners!  I LOVE knitting lace.  Current favorite designer is Kitman Figueroa, but I’m longing to knit Jared Flood’s Rock Island, too.

  266. Marie Waterman Says:

    Oh, how lovely! I’m currently working on the Swallowtail Lace Shawl, by Evelyn Clark, in KintPicks’ Shimmer. It’s going OK but I really need to save up for a set of interchangeable lace needles. Please enter me for this giveaway.

    trilliumcreates  AT  gmail  DOT  com

  267. Eva Rueschmann Says:

    The yarn and pattern look absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to work with it.  Right now, I’m working on a sideways shawl–Corrina Ferguson’s Gaenor and I also love Susanna IC’s shawl designs.  I’m very inspired by the intricate designs  in Margaret Stove’s book Wrapped in Lace, and the Vostok shawl pattern reminds me a little of those shawls with Estonian influences.  What a treat for the lucky winners of this giveaway!!

  268. Rachel R. Says:

    I love knitting shawls – they are probably my favorite thing to knit.  The ones I wear the most are my Ishbel and Traveling Woman shawls.  I love looking at Knitted Lace of Estonia, but I haven’t made anything from it yet – I am a little intimidate by the nupps, I can’t lie!

  269. Barbara Desabrais Says:

    This is gorgeous! Both the yarn and shawl! I would love to be able to knit that. I would give it try as I’ve never done lace, but hey, if I get stuck, that’s what “drop in” is for! And just another reason to go to Webs! LOVE IT!

  270. erheise Says:

    What a stunning shawl.  And the color gradations of the yarn is also beautiful on the skeins.

  271. Tammy DelMedico Ellison Says:

    my favorite shall pattern is the Pi shall by EZ it is so versatile. I made one as a wedding veil for my now daughter in law.
    Tammy Lee 

  272. Pcwalling Says:

    What a gorgeous shawl! My favorite shawl is Ishbel. I have made it 4 times for my family members and myself. Some of my other favorites are Summerflies, Earth and Sky, Haruni, and Holden. shawls are so much fun to make! I love that I can change the sizing to fit either a small shawl or a large one to suit my needs; winter or summer.

  273. Skaterknit Says:

    This shawl is absolutely gorgeous and so delicate. And the yarn looks heavenly to knit with! I too love Nancy Bush’s patterns and have her book “Knitted Lace of Estonia.” I have knit a few of her shawl patterns: Madli, Peacock Tail and Leaf – both as a shawl and a scarf, the Lilac Leaf 3 times, and the Raha Scarf twice. I would love to make this shawl!

  274. Joy Wrolson Says:

    silk and wool.  beautiful grays.  Dreaming of stars.

  275. Judigo Says:

    What a stunning shawl – Evenstar by Susan Pandorf has always been at the top of my favorite shawls list but Vostok just might be the winner now!

  276. Diana LaFaro Says:

    Stunning shawl! I love it!

  277. Melissa Goutermont Says:

    This yarn looks amazing!  And, coincidentally, I’ve been itching to cast on a shawl lately.  :)

  278. Herekitty_2 Says:

    I have Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia and knitted the Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf as a warm up for the Queen Silvia Shawl. I’m new to lace so I decided to start smaller! The scarf turned out great but I still haven’t worked up to doing more than casting on for the shawl but I’m ready! I also have Margaret Stove’s book, Wrapped In Lace and haven’t knitted anything from it but I love the 1939 Christening Shawl.

  279. Amy Mason Says:

    Ooh, so pretty!  I have cockleshells scarf, laughingbird, rhodocrosite, and citron in my Ravelry favorites, and any of them would look great in this yarn!  thanks for another great giveaway!

  280. Eileen Brokaw Says:

    I love, love knitting lace. Evelyn Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles is what got me started. I love Nancy Bush’s designs/books, and someday I will own The Haapsalu Shawl.

  281. Cindybeachgirl Says:

    My favorite shawl I ever knit was made of Colinette yarn in bright colors, BUT, I’d certainly love to knit one with Dream in Color’s Absolutely Marvelous :)  !

  282. Robin Corley Says:

    My favorite shawl that I have knitted is the Alpine Knit Scarf With Double Rose Leaf Center Pattern and Diamond Border by Jane Sowerby, out of the fantastic book, “Victorian Lace Today.”

  283. Jamie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE to knit shawls. Usually my favorite one is the one I am knitting on! I like to have a daily mindless one that I can knit on and visit, talk, watch tv. Then I have one I need to pay attention to while knitting!

  284. Sara Byron Says:

    My favorite lace designer is Karen Joan Raz!  She is a member of our local guild and her inspiration has helped me tackle very intricate lace patterns with confidence.  She is amazing.  Her patterns are in many books and magazines and 40 of them are on ravelry.  Check ‘em out!

  285. Marybeth P. Says:

    I think you are my long lost sister! LOL Shawls are also my favorite to knit after socks and I love Knitted Lace of Estonia, purchased it the minute I saw it and have knit many of the shawl patterns in it and that got me even more enthused about shawls and I bought several other lace books like Gathering of Lace, The Modern Book of Lace Making, books 1 through 3, Modern Lace Making and on and on. I adore Meg Swanson and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s classic Pi method which inspired me to create one shawl using a vintage doily pattern using that method. I love, love, love the pattern of this shawl in the blog! It’s so delicate and beautiful. I have donated several of my shawls for fundraisers for causes such as battered woman’s shelter, food shelf and raising money for a baby who had to have major heart surgery at 3 months. I will also give them as a gift to a special friend and I use them as inspiration when I teach young girls to knit. I was asked to display my shawls at a local yarn shop as well. I am looking for the perfect shawl to knit to wear for my 40th class reunion but there are so many beautiful ones I want to make, I can’t decide. (hint-this one would be perfect..LOL)

  286. Joleenp Says:

    In all my knitting, I have learned to enjoy lace edging and lacy panels as my favorites but have never knit an entire lace shawl.  I’d love to tackle such a beautiful pattern and only with the “good” yarn.  The tactile pleasure of the yarn is what keeps me going. 

  287. Amy Nunmaker Says:

    I just finished the Elizabeth Shawl and while it was challenging, because of the different charts, it definitely kept my interest!

  288. jazz Says:

    Very pretty!

    I rarely knit shawl but knitted one I really like. It’s Chinook by Ali Green, a simple triangular shawlette with lace boarder. I knitted for myself and another one for my ex boss.

  289. Mmcmillen Says:

    Gorgeous yarn that I would love to win! The shawl patterns that have me hooked are any and all designed by Romi Hill. She has a bunch of small shawls that are fairly quick gratification and very wearable.

  290. lorraine Says:

    im really in love with the loop d loop lace book.i love the fact it has projects in all different weight yarns :)

  291. Leanne Pemburn Says:

    That is a stunning pattern, and I LOVE lace!  Never so pleased as when I am knitting lace

  292. Jinxsa Says:

    My favorite shawls are crescent shaped or triangular. I love blocking points so sharp they could stab someone. While I used to prefer more open and lacy shawls lately I buy so many multicoloured skeins I am trending towards textured shawls Like Weave it or Reid.

  293. Debknits2 Says:

    Beautiful yarn.  I like simple shawls like LaLa’s SImple shawl or Earth & Sky.

  294. kountingsheep Says:

    I LOVE lace shawls, and I love spinning lace yarn. Knitted Lace of Estonia is one of my fave books (I just finished making the Miralda triangle with my own Alpaca/Silk handspun), and I also like Victorian Lace Today. One of my favorite shawl patterns that I’ve made has been the Laminaria pattern (also an Estonian-inspired lace pattern). That Vostok pattern is really lovely, and I’ll probably be getting it even if I don’t win the contest!

  295. Tissie Says:

    I’m trying to relearn knitting. Mostly I crochet because I’ve always found it so much easier and I taught myself. My niece is an expert knitter and inspires me greatly. She knits beautiful lace and I want to do the same. That’s why I’m trying again. It’s a definite challenge and I’m thrilled to be making great headway.

  296. Kchristesen56 Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Great combo……..lovely yarn and pattern. Would love to make. Thanks for opportunity.

  297. Suzanne Says:

    Stunning yarn and pattern, lovely work!  My favorites are semicircular shawls.

  298. Carol Perecman Says:

    Gorgeous!  Thanks for the chance to win…

  299. angelas Says:

    I haven’t done intricate lace work yet, but I have made Ysolda Teague’s Ishbel before I knew how popular it was.  I have made Alana Dakos’ Cedar Leaf Shawlette a few times.  It always gets attention when I wear it.

  300. Kate Says:

    My favorite shawl book is the Icelandic Triangular and long shawls. I absolutely love that book and have made half a dozen of the triangular shawls from it. I love the color changes – and Marilyn van Keppel telling us to change colors with a spit splice!

  301. Laura Says:

    I’ve knit a Mara shawl, which is in no way a lace shawl, but it was a big hit with the recipient. In the lace world, I’m working on the pomme de pin cardigan, which is a nice introduction to lace, with the same 12-row repeats and no shaping yet. 

  302. PrincessMargie Says:

    For something fast I like “Holden”.   Easy to make fancy if you want to.  Jared Flood’s shawls are beautiful.  I did “Juneberry” using DIC Baby with 3 strands held together.  Made a beautiful, substantial shawl.

  303. Meg Says:

    I wasn’t aware of this lace weight from Dream in Color.  I’ve seen their lace weight with mohair, but this cashmere content sounds scrumptious!   One of my favorite lace patterns is Anne Hanson’s Irtfa’s Faroese Shawl.  Such a beautiful thing all unfurled.  Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever met a lace pattern or book I didn’t love.  So many wonderful things to knit.  Love the bottomless bucket of possibilities that is knitting!

  304. Rshipman Says:

    What a stunning shawl! Lace work is so satisfying and delightful.

  305. ReginaC Says:

    Gorgeous yarn!  I’ve never knit anything that intricate, but there is always a first time.

  306. Anngem Says:

    This yarn is gorgeous! I’ve only done a few shawls and both rather plain. Would love to try something fancy! My favs are Citron and to Eyre which is a take on the Jane Eyre movie. Love ‘em both!

  307. Kspst Says:

    This is a simply stunning shawl- it would look beautiful in that yarn. I’ve done lacework before but I’ve never attempted something quite so intricate. I think it’s time to up my game…

  308. Rachel Franklin Says:

    WOW, this is just gorgeous!!!  I have not yet tried lace knitting, but it is on my list of projects coming soon. As a re-newed knitting I am very ambitious and this is just so lovely I can wait to get my hands on it and give it a try!!!!

  309. orose Says:

    What I love about lace shawls is the ability to wear them as an elegant touch to any outfit- dressed down or up.  I’ve done a few lace shawls, nothing incredibly complicated (but I’m learning :))) I really enjoy the Springtime Bandit shawlette I’ve made and I made an Indian Feathers shawl last summer in a nice mohair.  I’m gradually getting more comfortable with the terminology and definitely the patience needed to complete shawls, so knitting this (and in this beautiful yarn!) would be a joyful challenge.

  310. Kelly S. Says:

    this reminds me somehow of my wedding dress! i’d love to knit this incredible shawl to feel like i was wearing something that special every day! 

  311. Charlene Says:

    That shawl puts all my attempts to shame – though I do make a mean Hemlock Ring.
    That yarn is just breaktaking.

  312. Dockstdr Says:

    Would love to try the Absolutely Marvelous yarn from Dream in Color and this seems to be a perfect pattern for it.

  313. Lindsey Kent Says:

    Anne Hanson – Irtfa pattern – is my current favorite for full size shawl. :) (Well anything by her is a wonderful knit.) Also for giftables I am knitting my way through Rosemary Hill’s year 2 “The Muses’ ebook. Another designer I think has wonderfully clear patterns instructions and charts. 

    I am very intrigued to find this yarn locally. (To smell and fondel)  I loved knitting with Dream in Color Baby Lace, but alas it has become something really hard to find. :)

  314. Nogaga Says:

    The most beautiful hand-made shawl I ever saw (and quickly bought) was in Moscow, and now I’m wondering if the woman who knit it, with whom I couldn’t exchange a word, was Estonian. Anyway, its gorgeous but a dull Soviet yarn. I’d love to turn my hand at making one of these! Thank you for the chance!

  315. deathbythedoor Says:

    I haven’t knit anything in laceweight yarn yet, but I did make Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen, and that was entertaining .

  316. deathbythedoor Says:

    I haven’t knit anything with laceweight yarn yet, but I did make Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen, and that was enjoyable.

  317. Boursin Says:

    That shawl is GORGEOUS. I hope the Random Number Gods are with me!

  318. Momyof8 Says:

    I absolutely love knitting shawls. I usually have a couple pair of socks and a shawl on my needles at al times. Dream in color is totally dreamy to knit with as well. My favorite shawl so far is the Multnomah that I made larger.

  319. PanGaia16 Says:

    I just bought Nancy Bush’s book last month and I’m regretting my New Year’s Resolution not to start any new projects until I finish the previous one. (Not counting unfinished objects left from last year!) I love all those patterns, too!

  320. Amy in Seattle Says:

    I am always concerned it will be too delicate to stand up to my life with dogs…AND patience to finish such a large project on tiny needles is not good.

  321. Tamsyn Mihalus Says:

    My favorite shawl patterns are Multnomah and 22.5 Degrees.  Wonderful giveaway.  Thank you!

  322. Deb Says:

    Looks like a beautiful pattern and of course, anything by Dream in Color is going to be gorgeous. I really love the book Folk Shawls, and have enjoyed some of the lace shawl patterns by Feministy. LOTS of lace shawls in my Ravelry queue!

  323. Djbowlin Says:

    What a gorgeous yarn to work a stunning shawl!!!

  324. BMac Says:

    I am currently working on my first shawl and absolutely LOVE the look of this one!!! 

  325. Beverly Says:

    I am currently knitting my first real lace shawl – Summer Flies by Holly & Ella Knits – and I am loving it! This pattern is a great learning experience. In each section you learn a new stitch. Although I had to rip back 2 sections at one point, it was worth it to see the correct results.

    I would certainly enjoy the challenge of  knitting the Vostok shawl in Dream in Color’s Absolutely Marvelous yarn. 

  326. Cricketswool Says:

    What gorgeous yarn!  I like to work my own patterns when I knit and take inspiration from all sorts of books, especially Barbara Walker’s knitting pattern treasuries.

  327. Kandice Says:

    Gorgeous!  I also love knitting shawls. I don’t think I could pick a favorite but I love everything from the very simple (like Citron, that shows off a luxurious yarn really well) to the super complex!

  328. Shannon Connolly Says:

    The shawl is so pretty! I only recently began knitting shawls and I love it! 

  329. Ksteines Says:

    the yarn is beautiful. this is what I want to learn next, lace knitting

  330. JenniferQ Says:

    I am new to lace knitting, but this yarn/pattern combo makes me want to challenge myself!  It is stunning.

  331. Stacie Says:

    My favorite lace book is Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.  The Vostok Shawl looks divine–I hope I’m onw of the lucky winners!

  332. Annmarko Says:

    One of my favourites shawls I just happen to finish up is Henslow by Beth Kling (ironically).

    It was simple yet came out looking amazing.

    What pretty yarn, I think it would deserve an elaborate project.

  333. Chris C. Says:

    Oh, beautiful! That color is stunning! Thanks for the giveaway chance. 

  334. Ginny Says:

    Absolutely Marvelous is such a perfect name for such a pretty yarn.  I especially like to knit simple shawls that start at the neck and then end with something fancy or not depending on how much yarn I have.  There are so many pretty shawl patterns to chose from very clever designers.  Estonian shawls are tempting me to do something more fancy.

  335. Hohomuffin Says:

    I just finished the stripe study shawl which came out beautifully.  Next on my list is either the Japanese Garden Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson or Luna’s Shawl by Liz Abinante.

  336. Racer189 Says:

    My favorite shawl I ever knit was Icarus from interweave knits. Done in a soft pink alpaca it reminds me of angel wings. Currently on my needles is a beaded shawl from vogue knitting. This is my first beaded project but I’m loving the effect.

  337. Kathy Says:

    What a beautiful shawl! Makes me want to ignore everything and knit all day to make one for myself.

  338. Olga Maximovskikh Says:

    I would like to buy this pattern!!!

  339. Barb ara Says:

    how beautiful.  like lace knitting but don’t have as much time for it as i would like to

  340. Theresa Witham Says:

    Wow that is a beautiful shawl! I would love to knit it.

  341. rebelbelle Says:

    This is a beautiful subtle shade!  I would love to have some of this.

  342. Aikelsey Says:

    Beautiful yarn … I have a few shawls … but more is always good!

  343. dwk Says:

    Love  Beauty and the Bias by Two Old Bags.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve had excellent results with the Dream in Color I’ve been using.

  344. Dianaburrell Says:

    I’ve only knit one “real” lace shawl — Evelyn Clark’s shetland triangle — so I have to say that’s my favorite!

  345. Madison Stuart Says:

    I love the challenge of knitting lace. I started knitting lace about two years ago, during grad school, as something complex that could engage my mind when it was fried from schoolwork. My first really lacy shawl was the Percy Shawl by Sanne Kalkman. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry, a top-down triangle that includes a section that is worked on both sides of the piece and nupps along the border; I figured after finishing that, I could knit any kind of lace I wanted to.

    My favorite book is Victorian Lace Today, though that’s probably because it was the first lace knitting book I got. I’ve been on a Kieran Foley kick lately and as a result have knit High Seas so many times that I, uh, may have memorized the 40-row pattern repeat. Whoops.

    And I’m also starting to do some lace designs of my own.

    Vostok looks like it would be fun to knit, and it sounds like the Absolutely Marvelous would be delightful to knit with.

  346. D2knits Says:

    pick me, please. the colors are breath-taking

  347. Kyorei Says:

    There is so much lust as I love both knitting in lace and anything that contains a silk blend! My favorite shawls have been the radiance, hanami stole, and the slice of pi that I just completed. There is never enough shawls :)

  348. lilacsandlavender Says:

    I’ve never knit a true lace shawl; always too nervous about messing it up! but Cheshire Cat Stole by Carrie Griffin looks like I might be able to handle it–and I like the possible of addition of beads (which I have used before and love!).

  349. Sag520 Says:

    That is an absolutely gorgeous shawl!

  350. Turtleknits Says:

    I love the “Matilda”Shawl pattern. Interesting & beautiful, but not too difficult. Turtleknits

  351. Jazzysticks Says:

    WOW! What a beautiful shawl!  I want, I want!!!

  352. Szedwards Says:

    This colorway and pattern will be perfect for the “Mother of the Groom” (MOG) dress I am shopping for, for my younger son’s wedding this summer. I am so trying to stay away from the traditional MOG color: beige! (Show up, shut up, and wear beige!) I love the rhythm of lace knitting once I get the pattern established in my head (sometimes it takes a number of tries). I have knitted a Crest of the Wave shawl, finished at Cannon Beach, Oregon, and a Figure 8 Shawl, in time out because of naughtiness, plus other simpler patterns.

  353. Barbara Kluver Says:

    That yarn is absolutely gorgeous, as is the shawl pattern.  I would love to challenge myself to knit it!

  354. Hgavel Says:

    I’ve knitted some easier lace shawls, but mostly those with a pattern I can memorize, nothing so complex as this.  I think I am up for the challenge though–this is gorgeous!

  355. Barbara Kluver Says:

    What a beautiful pattern to show off this lovely yarn!  I would absolutely love to knit it up…

  356. Tmueller128 Says:

    How beautiful!  My most favorite shawl pattern is the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes.  I wear mine constantly, but it’s a bit warm for the Spring/Summer.  This yarn and pattern looks perfect for it!

  357. LoR Says:

    That shawl & yarn are so beautiful!! I like lace shawls by Susan Pandorf, Evelyn Clark, Nancy Bush, Susanna IC, and too many others to remember. I’m sure my favorites will expand as I learn new techniques widening the variety I feel comfortable knitting. :)

  358. Teddy Says:

    I love the pre-thunderstorm colors, and that’s a gorgeous pattern!

  359. GentlyUsedCoat Says:

    I’ve only knit a few shawls (I usually prefer rectangular shapes), but after seeing everyone’s recommendations, I do like a lot of Evelyn Clark’s work!

  360. Nonnacam Says:

    I have just started learning to knit but I have made many crochet shawls my favorite is the first one I did Garden Path by Lily Go. I hope I will soon be able to knit a shawl.

  361. MommaH9 Says:

    Lace shawls are among my favorite summer knitting projects, and this colorway would be an easy pairing with almost any wardrobe item. Beautiful!

  362. CherylD Says:

    The shawl pattern looks gorgeous and the yarn looks great in this pattern.  I’ve knitted several lace shawls including 3 from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I’d love to win and knit this shawl!

  363. Bugsnbobbin Says:

    I am just discovering the wonder of lace, and am knitting my first rectangular scarf/shawl. I don’t have any favorites yet, but I love the light and delicate nature of this yarn and pattern combination.  I would be thrilled to win this!

  364. Mary Jo Mikesell Says:

    I didn’t know that I liked shawls until a friend talked me into knitting Damson with her. I knitted my shawl, but she did not knit her shawl. Since then, I have knitted small lace shawlettes, such as Olatz, Saroyan, Pleiades and Braided Glory. I want to knit Juneberry and Semele. I have used Dream in Color yarns several times and loved them. This yarn and pattern will be a challenge and I love a challenge!

  365. Marsha Kwong Says:

    Stunning!  I am new to shawl making – I plan to make that my resolution for 2012!   I’d love to start with a nice small piece I can use as a neck scarf.

  366. Zelmania Says:

    Beautiful. PICK MEEEEE.

  367. cohmomto3 Says:

    I haven’t attempted a full-blown shawl, yet.  I’ve knit several lace scarves and am 8 rows from done on Ysolda’s small Ishbel.  This yarns looks divine!

  368. Molly T.B. Says:

    That is so beautiful!

  369. Cltitus0209 Says:

    Gorgeous yarn and shawl pattern!

  370. Juldahl Says:

    This would be a most worthwhile challenge. My first real shawl was the Charlotte’s Web with Koigu. I also made Knitty’s Bitterroot. I do love a beautiful shawl, and I’ve got a couple of weddings in my family coming up this year.

  371. Leena Laukkanen Says:

    Wow, that yarn looks really good. I love semisolids!

  372. Leena Laukkanen Says:

    You can find interesting things in facebook :D

  373. Kara Says:

    I love the Victorian Lace Today book, it has some breathtaking patterns in it. :)

  374. Awalter313 Says:

    So beautiful! I would love to win this :)

  375. Carolyn Says:

    What a luscious giveaway!  I’ve knit several simpler shawls with sock-weight yarn, and would love to try a masterpiece like this – hope you pick me!

  376. jeannieree Says:

    I am looking forward to knitting Ishbel by Ysolda Teague. It will be my first lace shawl.

  377. Natasha63Bonalex Says:

    I’ve never knitted a shawl before. This one is gorgeous! The pattern is beautiful, the color is a real dream… It would be awesome to win it!

  378. Sigrid Says:

    There’s nothing like knitting with beautiful yarn.  I haven’t finished my first lace project yet, but these pictures inspire me to do more.

  379. Knittingchick50 Says:

    My favorite book is Evelyn Clark’s “Knitting Lace Triangles”. It helps me use my imagination but guides my every step. I love knitting lace and shawls so it combines the two seamlessly.

  380. Lillian Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!  coveting!  I’d love to have a good reason to try a lace shawl!

  381. Judy M Says:

    Awesome. Would love to make this for a wedding I am attending in Oct.

  382. LauraH Says:

    I love to knit lace shawls even though it can be frustrating at times. The Estonian projects are my favorite. This pattern is lovely and the yarn is gorgeous. It would be a wonderful project to use my new Addi Click needles with the lifeline cords. Would love to win the giveaway.

  383. Liabass Says:

    What a beautiful shawl and yarn! I usually crochet when I use lace weight yarn. Knitting would definitely be a challenge.

  384. Sheila OKeefe Says:

    What lovely yarn! I create my own designs, so I don’t have a favorite shawl pattern.  Knitting Lace by Susanna Lewis is my go-to lace book.

  385. Nina Says:

     I love, love, love knitting lace shawls, and love so many different ones that I can hardly think where to begin listing them.  As I type I am wearing Evelyn Clarke’s Baltc Blossoms Shawl which is lovely, and I also adore Haruni, and Evenstar, and many of Nancy Bush’s Estonian shawls. But I must admit that Vostoc, which I had never seen before, has stolen my heart for the moment!

  386. Christa Says:

    What an elegant shawl pattern! And the colors on the yarn are beautiful too! What a great pairing!

  387. Sally Howard Says:

    Such lovely yarn!  The shawl is absolutely stunning.  My favorite shawl designs are by Romi Hill.  Thanks for the chance!

  388. Susan Says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful shawl!  I love how the sheen of the yarn highlights the patterns of the lace.  I would love to win this, I’m planning to make a shawl for my future daughter in law who is marrying my oldest son in March next year.

  389. Annie D. Says:

    I just finished my first lace shawl and I am absolutely addicted! Next up – the Evenstar Shawl! :)

  390. Katharine Says:

    Dream in Color lace is so beautiful!  I too love Knitted Lace of Estonia – I want to knit everything in that book!

  391. ajoye Says:

    This yarn and pattern are gorgeous! Right now I am smitten with Romi Hill’s shawl patterns, and I’m currently knitting my way through her 7 Small Shawls ebook (year one, the Pleiades). I’ve done 3 of the seven and am about halfway though #4. My favorite so far is Maia. I also have my eye on the Rock Island shawl from Brooklyn Tweed. I love knitting lace shawls, and seeing the magic that happens when you finally get to the blocking stage!

  392. Cashgora Says:

    the shawl pattern is STUNNING!!!!!   i’m just finishing a shawl & would adore this for my next effort.

  393. Kristen Delaney Says:

    I love knitting lace, but I’m picky about my patterns.  I like to knit patterns with a stitch count that is a multiple of 3 because somehow that fits my personal knitting rhythm.  One of my favorites is the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark.  

  394. Robin Says:

    I think THIS is my new favorite shawl!!!  Gorgeous.  I’ve been looking for a shawl to make for my future daughter-in-law and this looks perfect!  I love knitting lace – find it very relaxing.  It absorbs my attention totally and takes my mind to another level.  My favorite part of knitting lace is the magic that occurs when you block the finished piece.  Amazing!

  395. Ann Kruchek Says:

    I love Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby.  I have made a couple of items but plan on making several more. This yarn is so beautiful that it does inspire me to get started on another shawl.

  396. Anne Says:

    I recently made Wendy Johnson’s Japanese Garden shawl and was very happy with the result. Please enter me for the dreamy prize.

  397. Sckagp Says:

    I love lace knitting so much that I bought Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.I had knitted several Triinu scarf for my family and friends,also I knitted a Lilac Leaf Shawl.I’ d love to try this pattern and this beautiful yarn.

  398. Gail Hiers Says:

    What a beautiful shawl I love the combo of silk and wool for shawls it adds a luster to the finished product

  399. Cindy Rothacker Says:

    I haven’t made a shawl yet, but I’m trying to get my courage up.  They are so beautiful.

  400. Elaine Boston Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern is the Haruni shawl by Emily Ross. I enjoy making shawls and would like to win more yarn  to make another one.

  401. MichelleK Says:

    Simply gorgeous! Breathtaking color and pattern–my new favorite! I love the yarn and the shawl! I am a big fan of Girasole (Jared Flood) knit up in a finer weight, or Ysolda’s Ishbel for lovely, mindless knitting. Otherwise, Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush tops my list as well!

  402. AntiDerpomeme Says:

    Wow, both the shawl and yarn are positively stunning!

  403. Geraldine Scott Says:

    Another lace/shawl rookie here…but I’m more than willing to give it a whirl if I’d be one of the lucky winners!  Thanks for the chance!

  404. D. Estrada Says:

    I love anything Kieran Foley puts out there. I also have a deep appreciation for Anne Hanson patterns, the most recent I’ve done was Maplewings Shawl. One day though I’d like to knit Tranquility by Sharon Winsauer. 

  405. aaronruby Says:

    I love this shawl! I have to say my favorite shawl has to be Rock Island by Jared Flood, it’s soo beautiful. I am always up for a challenge in knitting!

  406. Minnebelle Says:

    Lovely yarn and shawl! I’m currently knitting Twilight Lace Wrap as a wedding shawl for future DIL.

  407. Lea Says:

    The Vostok shawl is stunning. What a challenging project for the average shawl/sweater knitter! What a feeling of accomplishment when completed! Do I dare to begin???
    Love the blog, offers, information!! Love being part of the WEBS community!! Thank you Steve and Kathy for extraordinary customer service.

  408. Eleyne Phillips Says:

    I’ve made one lace shawl so far, and it has my fingers itching for more – this pattern has been in my queue – I’d love to pair it with this lace – such a lovely combination!

  409. EL Says:

    I’m probably going to blow my chances of winning (well, I’m comment #400+ anyway, LOL!) — but could you offer an equivalent crochet pattern for those of us who’d like to crochet lace?  I love shawls, and it would be new terrain for me to use a laceweight yarn.  My favorite shawl so far is Douce Pensee, designed by Annette Petavy, which I made in Koigu fingering weight.(Sorry, it’s not on Ravelry.)

  410. Melissa Hellman Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I’ve never actually knit a shawl, but I think now would be a fine time to do my first. :-)

  411. Rhonda the StitchingNut Says:

    I love knitting shawls also but most of all I love to wear them too. I don’t have one in Dream in Color though so of course I would love to win!

  412. Kristina Brown Says:

    Oh beautiful!

    I’ve knit several shawls with fingering weight, but haven’t yet tried one with actual lace weight. i would love the challenge.

  413. CrochetBlogger Says:

    I actually haven’t made many shawls so I can’t say that I have any favorite patterns but I’m so excited about this wool/silk blend yarn that I’d want to give it a try!

  414. Paula Morales Says:

    Ohhhh!  Prettiness!!  I’ve only knit 2 shawls but I’m hooked.  I knit Brooklyn Tweed’s Rock Island Shawl and a small beaded shawl from a past issue of Knitscene.  This pattern looks beautiful.  Pick me!  Pick me!

  415. MJ Says:

    The only shawl I’ve knit to completion so far is Sothia.  I especially love the eyelet section of the shawl, it looks so simple and pretty.  I look forward to trying more challenging shawls in the future.

  416. Caracolina Says:

    That yarn is absolutely beautiful! I adore Elizabeth Freemann’s shawl patterns on I’m about to start another Aeolian. But I’m also loving Knitted Lace of Estonia and the Orenburg Lace patterns.

  417. Sheri Rademacher Says:

    This shawl is gorgeous! I am a newer knitter, but I am in the expert certification program and I have been aching to get going on a shawl. Done in this yarn, it’s so delicate and drapes so beautifully. Whoever wins will hopefully post pictures of the finished product!

  418. Linday Says:

    So pretty!  Count me in the contest!

  419. Chi N. Says:

    What beautiful yarn! I can’t imagine how much more beautiful it would be made into the shawl <3 I'm so glad you mention Nancy Bush's book because it is also one of my favorite shawl books. Another very enjoyable one is Crochet so fine by Kristin Omdahl, I want to try my hands on all of the shawls/wraps in that book!

  420. Brigi B Says:

    This yarn is gorgeous, I love it! I probably would use it to knit something from Jane Sowerby’s book, Victorian Lace Today. I am currently knitting Miralda’s Triangular Shawl, and there are so many more beautiful lacy pieces in Knitted Lace of Estonia …. this is exciting !

  421. Laura Says:

    WOW! such a beautiful colorway!

    i’ve only made 2 shawls so far (Gail/Nightsongs and Leaf Lace) but I’ve been dying to make La Cumparsita ever since I bought the pattern last year.  This yarn would be perfect!

    Thank you for hosting another great giveaway!

  422. Lynnfry Says:

    Love knitting lace shawls. Have done 2 from the Nancy Bush book. The yarn looks yummy and I would love to work with it!

  423. The_original_ruthie_baby Says:

    I  love to knit any of the vintage shawls. I have just started using lace weight yarns and although it takes me ages to finish a project with it, the end result is worth it. I would love to knit this shawl in ‘absolutely marvelous’ :)

  424. Marcea Says:

    The variations of lace cascading downward are truly stunning in the pattern. And to do it with a variegated silk blend, it would be a treat to do one!

  425. Jeanne Says:

    That is a gorgeous pattern, and lovely yarn. I’ve been on a shawl kick latelty, so this would be just the thing!

  426. Elendilpickle Says:

    I have two large patterns that I love – Shipwreck and In Dreams. Both are beaded and both are gorgeous!

  427. Laura K. Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern is Haruni. It was the first shawl I ever knit and I remember feeling so daunted by the pattern initially but then I just dove in and I loved how it came out.

  428. NanaMay Says:

    My favorite pattern is an asymmetrical one called Hanami Stole.  It captures the essence of Wabi-Sabi ~ the beauty of things imperfect.  I so hope to have the time and patience to knit a beautiful shawl in the near future.

  429. Pat Says:

    That would be the ultimate lace shawl for me to knit. I love it…

  430. Marjieonsabra Says:

    My two favorite shawl patterns: Multnomah by Kate Elsa and Traditional Danish Tie-Shawls by Dorothea Fischer. I love casting on just a few stitches and then watching the shawl take form as the knitting continues.

  431. Susan Says:

    I love knitting shawls.  Probably 75% of my knitting projects are lace shawls, so I would love, love, love to try this yarn!  My favorite shawl book is The Haapsalu Shawl by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi.  I will never be able to knit all the shawls that I love. 

  432. Carolyn Says:

    Lovely yarn and lovely pattern! I love knitting shawls too. :)

  433. DonnaJG Says:

    I just love Meg Swansen’s Gathering of Lace. Not only are the projects gorgeous, the book itself begs to be left on the coffee table to be drooled over. While I haven’t done much lace knitting, I’m determined that some day I’ll have the time to sit and concentrate on a pattern enough that I can make some of these beautiful things. This shawl is gorgeous and the yarn is too!

  434. Valerie Kay Evangelista Says:

    Wow!  Absolutely gorgeous.  So delicate and intricate too.

  435. GuestK1 Says:

    My favorite shawl design has to be the Swallowtail Lace Shawl (Evelyn Clark Designs).  It was easily adaptable to different weights and beads. It was easily memorized, so it was good as an introduction to lacework, but it was still challenging, which kept my interest piqued.  I’ve done large projects in stranding, cables, and lace, but lace has to be my favorite because of the constant challenges. 

  436. Dgensemer Says:

    We are on the same page.. I also love knitting lace, one of my favorite books is knitted lace of Estonia, and I too have taken a workshop with nancy, which I enjoyed a lot! I have been chomping at the bit to knit up Vostok since I first saw it on ravelry, and am anxiously waiting its release. I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner of such lovely yarn and the pattern, of course. One of my latest lace projects which I am very proud of is Jared Flood’s Rock Island shawl. It was such a joy to knit!

  437. Michelle Says:

    I love making shawls!  They are fun puzzles pieces.  I’ve made a lot of shawls, but right now my favorite designer is Kitman Figueroa.

  438. Wanda Says:

    This is one of the most beautiful shawls I’ve seen.  Thanks for sharing.

  439. Zenmaria Says:

    I actually enjoy perusing Barbara Walker’s stitch patterns for lace ideas!

  440. marcy Says:

    Stunning! Yarn, color and pattern!
    Thanks for sharing!

  441. Mkeely01 Says:

    I have made shawls before, but nothing so delicate! And that ‘anticipation’ of not being sure what the finished product makes me nervous! The yarn is fabulous! Love the soft colors.

  442. Mama Dill215 Says:

    Mine is a gathering of lace, just haven’t chosen one yet like them all
    Tina Dillard.

  443. Alekana Says:

    Once upon a time I loved knitting anything lace but than had problems remembering where I was in the pattern. Finally I was diagnosed with ADD and felt so relieved I was not losing my mind. I have since been treated for ADD but have not returned to  lace knitting but would  love to with this luscious yarn and very beautiful pattern. 

  444. amanda Says:

    This color is stunning!
    I tend to go for rather simple lace patterns, as I find them to be more wearable than really intricate ones. Most recently, I knit Jared Flood’s Rock Island, and I’m delighted with it.

  445. EmilySHHF Says:

    I have yet to figure out what my favorite shawl pattern is because I’m still new to knitting. The yarn for this shawl looks beautiful. I am in the same boat as Tetravara!

  446. Barbara Szatkiewicz Says:

    The yarn and the colorway are amazing. I would love to do the Luna shawl with this yarn. Knitting lace is both challenging and satisfying. I am in awe of the women of Estonia and love the Lily of the Valley pattern.

  447. KillerQueen Says:

    Wow that is an amazing shawl!!  Although I tend to really enjoy very modern designs like Stephen West, I really appreciate the beauty and intricacy of such a traditional shawl.  I would love to take on the challenge of this one, and that yarn is drop-dead gorgeous!!

  448. Joannewm Says:

    Girasole by Jared Flood and Damson by Isolda Teague
    Joannewm on Ravelry

  449. Twyliav Says:

    I love the color and the pattern!  I’ve knit just a couple of shawls but hope to add more. Thank you for showcasing this!

  450. Amandabweir Says:

    It’s a gorgeous yarn and pattern!

  451. Megan Says:

    I would love to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  452. Amandabweir Says:

    Meant to include that I’ve been drooling over a book of Shetland lace patterns that I have.

  453. AmiIce Says:

    This shawl is so gorgeous it hurts! I have never knit a shawl before, because I don’t know anyone who would wear one. I absolutely adore a good lace pattern, and this one in particular would be a tempting challenge, to say the least. You can never have too much lace, right? Even if I don’t win, I think I might have to buy this pattern anyway. Looks like I’m going to have to start wearing shawls…

  454. Elizabeth Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shawl!

  455. Elizabeth Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous shawl!

  456. Shy Eager Says:

    Actually, I purchased that Nancy Bush book (Knitted Lace of Estonia) at my recent WEBS pilgrimage. It’s the only lace book I own and I love it. I would love to make the Crown Prince Square Shawl someday and I LOVE the Vostok pictured on this blog. I haven’t seen it before. However, at the moment I am working on a more modest Star Blossom Estonian Shawl by Cordula Surmann-Schmitt. It’s only my second lace project but I’m really enjoying it. My first one was the Clematis, a thick garter stitch shawl with a lace edging in sportweight so this is actually my first experience with lace in fingering weight and it’s so different!

  457. pinkpetals Says:

    I love Kieran Foley’s patterns.  I am making my first overall lace shawl now.  It’s his American Gothic pattern.  I find this type of knitting challenging, satisfying, and something I’ll never get enough of.

  458. Susan Moskwa Says:

    While struggling through my first lace shawl, I thought I hated lace knitting. But later on I realized I just hated the yarn I was working with because it was so fine and finicky. I went on to happily knit many lace shawls in fingering weight yarn. I’d like to tackle another shawl with true lace-weight yarn and see if I like it any better now! Vostok is gorgeous. I’m also a big fan or Birgit Freyer’s lace shawls.

  459. hotknitter Says:

    I love knitting shawls. My favorites patterns are anything in Victorian Lace Today. I also like sheen so adore silk alone or as an added fiber to wool.

  460. Emily Schofield Says:

    I really liked the “Summer Flies” shawl on Ravelry. I tend to use really bright colors, they’re kind of my  knitting signature! Love lace yarn though – it’s worth all the frustration! :)

  461. JudyAnn Says:

    Lovely!  I’ve knit Ishbels, Traveling Woman(s), Romi’s, and the wonderful Simple Yet Effective Shawl (many times) by Laura Chau.

    It would be “Absolutely Marvelous” to have that yarn!

  462. LindaG Says:

    I’m starting to get obsessed with shawls also!  Have 2 in my cue for spring itching to be cast on as soon as I finish my daughter’s sweater.  Susanna IC’s Rose lace stole from Interweave Knits Spring 2011 magazine will be done in Mountain Colors handpaint I got at Stitches East this past Fall & the Utsukushii Wrap designed by Jennifer Dassau from the Classic Elite website.  I have only made 1 shawl that wasn’t really lacey but did make a lace scarf with nupps from a Knitted Lace of Estonia pattern.  Since I am of Lithuanian & Ukrainian heritage those patterns really call out to me!

  463. sprite Says:

    While I knit it in heavier yarn, I did like the way Jared Flood’s
    Girasole came out, and would consider making a shawl-weight version. And Kirsten Kapur comes up with some beautiful
    designs that I covet.

  464. Julie Says:

    I’ve never knit a shawl so I don’t have favorites yet. Sure would be an exciting challenge to try this one!

  465. Jean Mullican Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this shawl & pattern, but what is the price & where can I find it?  I’ve searched, but no luck.  Here’s hoping I’ll be the lucky one to win the March giveaway!!!  Jean

  466. Millard Fontenot Says:

    My favorite shawl pattern has to be the Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman.  I’m about to start working on my second one in charcoal grey with silver-core crystal beads.  I’m also very fond of Nancy Bush and Evelyn Clark.

  467. Virginia Voelker Says:

    I love Dream in Color!  And I love shawls made out of Dream in Color!   

  468. Jessica Snell Says:

    That shawl is just gorgeous! One of my favorites is “Crochet So Fine” by Kristen Omdahl. I think I’ve made more from that book than any of my other craft books.

  469. Evaft Says:

    Beautiful yarn, I’ve never knitted with a Dream in Color yarn and I’d love to win this skein.

  470. Paulette Says:

    I’ve only done a couple shawls…Lala’s Simple Shawl (turned out really pretty), a simple triangle shawl with a pretty striping yarn, and I’m working on Traveling Woman and Treasure Lace.  I’ve enjoyed working on them all—so many pretty yarns and patterns. (Knitting is really never boring!)  Would love to win the Dream in Color yarn–beautiful, and I’ve never knit a shawl with lace weight yarn….maybe it’s time!

  471. knitkai Says:

    Absolutely LOVE this yarn and the Knitted Lace of Estonia book…although sometimes I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so to speak, on some of those shawls :)

  472. Dasilvajm Says:

    Beautiful yarn and shawl!  Love the color shades of the yarn and the intricacies of the shawl pattern.  I want this!!

  473. Trina Says:

    I am working on your Firmaments shawl right now. I am in the final stages of the edging. I have 36 repeats done.  I can’t wait to block it out. Of course that means I will have to clear off the guest room bed to do that.  :)  Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful shawl.

  474. Susannewj Says:

    What beautiful yarn! I am planning on knitting a shawl this summer and would love to use this yarn.

  475. Wlw75 Says:

    Simply gorgeous!  Perfect for the perfect weather!

  476. Jane Says:

    Beautiful yarn and lovely shawl! I love Jared Flood’s shawls. Working on the Quincy wrap now. Knitted Lace of Estonia is a favorite book as well.

  477. Michelle Defarge Says:

    That is so beautiful! I love lace shawls, I’ve recently gotten interested in lace and I’m hoping to work my way up to make something as beautiful as that :D 

    So far, my favourite shawl pattern is probably Haruni, by Emily Ross, which I’ve just started for my grandmother in law. It’s so beautiful, and there have been a few KALs for it with helpful tips for somebody new to that sort of knitting like me :) I have a few other gorgeous shawls/shawlettes in my queue that are close runner ups though, like Holden by Mindy Wilkes and Cynthia Parker’s  Les Miserables (that one I’m definitely making for me! I think it’s modern, youthful, and really pretty, great for people my age who worry that shawls will make them look like old women).

  478. Lkenn Says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful pattern!


  479. Sarah J Says:

    That is absolutely beautiful. Dream in Color remains my favorite yarn-maker ever. Every new yarn base just makes me love them more!

  480. Susan Schmidt Says:

    This book I love “Lace, Filigrane Tücher”. And the triangular scarf from the Estonian lace book… I’d have to work up to such wonderful projects, but the inspiration is kicking in!

  481. Becky Says:

    Beautiful! :)

  482. Daisycat68 Says:

    I love to knit lace…knit a shawl for my daughter, other small projects, but if I make this, I’m keeping it for ME!  Yarn looks absolutely beautiful!

  483. trufflesaltandlemon Says:

    I like the shawls and wraps by Jared Flood. As far as the thrill and challenge of knitting lace is concerned, I’ll get back to you once I finish unknitting all this openwork.

  484. Magic5lily Says:

    I absolutely love Victorian Lace many shawl and stole patterns…beautiful settings as well. 

  485. Cbohon37 Says:

    This would make an excellent addition to my stash. Love the colors

  486. Poemlady Says:

    I love knitting shawls. My favorite patterns are the Haruni and the Aeolian, both on Ravelry. Also love my Lady Eleanor shawl and the Clapotis.  My cue is at least a mile long!

  487. Amy Says:

    What a beautiful shawl! And the Dream in Color yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to win this!

  488. Bigaich Says:

    It looks like it would be lots of fun to make

  489. Mimi Says:

    I have done many shawls.  My favorite is Haruni, however, there are many different shawls for different kinds of yarn.  A multi-colored yarn is wonderful in Traveling Woman.  Isolde Teague’s shawls look wonderful in anything.  I really love all shawls…

  490. Ginni Says:

    Lace shawls are my favorite thing to make.  I haven’t used Dream in Color in laceweight before bu this is too beautiful to pass up.

  491. Laenger Says:

    I love knitting shawls but I don’t have a favorite book or pattern. The yarn is gorgeous and there are a few patterns I could think of that would look beautiful knit up in it.

  492. Gail Goodhand Says:

    I don’t knit, but I have a wonderful Wagon Wheel crochet pattern for a  shawl that would look wonderful in this yarn.

  493. Dinah Miller Says:

    Oooh.. how pretty! I’m in !


  494. Revgarden Says:

    I was just thinking it’s time for another shawl.  Just finished the Saroyan shawlette- an easy knit for beginners or a multi-tasking project for you more experienced knitters.

  495. Denise Daniel Says:

    Balmoral from the Marianne Kinzel books. 

  496. kate price Says:

    I love shawls – and I particularly love crocheting lace weight, such as Lisa Naskrent’s midsummer shawl (or anything else she has designed)

  497. Pleder2 Says:


  498. sharon Schraer Says:

    Beautiful, subtle color.  I love to knit lace and to get a bit better at it.  Would love to win some yarn!

  499. Sara Says:

    Like you I love knitting lace. My favorite designer is Anne Hanson.  Her shawls are to die for, in my opinion, and her patterns are so clear and so easy to follow. That yarn is beautiful. I like drooling over Knitted Lace of Estonia but I’ve haven’t yet tried anything from it. 

  500. sassykathy Says:

    This is an amazing shawl with amazing yarn – I’ve got my fingers crossed to win! Right now I’m working on a Haruni with Anzula Cloud – it is absolutely divine!

  501. Angeleena A Says:

    What an absolutely delightful skein of yarn!! I’ve never knitted a shawl before, but have lusted plenty at other’s FOs and of course queued plenty on Ravelry! But oh! how I would love to make the Vostok for my mom with this yarn! 

  502. Sjbridges Says:

    Made my first shawl last fall. I got many compliments and was able to weat iit a lot since the winter was so warm

  503. Christine Says:

    I LOVE lace knitting and have never knit with Dream in Color!!  this is a perfect time to win this…hee hee

  504. Emswartz19 Says:

    Love the yarn and the shawl is beautiful!!

  505. Sigris54 Says:

    I only started knitting shawls last year, but I love them for the reasons that you do! I love blocking them at the end and seeing a seed bloom into a flower. It’s also great that just one skein is enough for many good-sized shawls and that you can learn so many new techniques with a single pattern. I like a lot of Kitman Figueroa’s bottom-up designs (kitman on Ravelry) like Damask, but my most impressive-looking piece is probably the Echo Flower Shawl.

  506. Keely Netz Says:

    I love lace knitting.  I made the Vernal Equinox shawl as my very first one, and my wedding shawl.  I recently finished up the Veil of Isis, which I’ve been admiring for a long time.  I really want to try my hand at the Heliotaxis Pi shawl and the Evenstar shawl.  From the very first shawl, I was completely hooked.  Shawls are absolutely my favorite thing to knit.

  507. Mmaka Says:

    I have never completed a shawl, one on needles now,  but would so love to win this yarn to start a second one!

  508. Heather Lott Says:

    I would LOVE to try this shawl!!  I have done some lace, but have been working my way up to doing Firmaments with the gorgeous Valley Yarns Colrain Lace I bought at Stitches South…oh, maybe a couple years ago. *blushes*

  509. Violiknit Says:

    Beautiful yarn and shawl!!!

  510. Mjg Says:

    Such an elegant shawl.  I can imagine it as an incredible bridal veil.

  511. Makenyon62 Says:

    I love the color of that yarn, and the shawl is beautiful, would love to own it.

  512. Jccsrn Says:

    Currently my favorite shawl is the Anacappa Shawl found in Kintting in the Sun!

  513. Patti Says:

    I haven’t made a lace shawl yet and don’t have books on the subject, but I’ve always dreamed of knitting a shawl to wear to my sons’ weddings.  Since they are now 21 and 23, I think I need to start getting serious about it.

  514. Ashley W Says:

    Wow, the yarn took my breath away… and then I saw the shawl. Absolutely gorgeous. 

  515. Kelley J. Duff Says:

    I really enjoy knitting lace shawls that have changing motifs. I enjoyed knitting Aeolian and I plan on knitting Wing-it or berkanan by Anne-Lise Maigaard next.

  516. Joyce Says:

    Beautiful! Yes, I would love to make this shawl!

  517. Tracie Says:

    I have become a shawl addict! I try knitting other things and they seem so tedious! I love the challenge :)

  518. Dgiorgi Says:

    absolutely gorgeous!

  519. Lily Alisse Says:

    Wow! Gorgeous shawls! I would love to learn to knit like that! I’m knitting more kids clothing now, but this might be inspiration to do something for myself!

  520. Gigi Says:

    I love Lily Chin’s Mock Faroese. Don’t ask how many I’ve made!

  521. Lynn Says:

    I made my first lace shawl this spring the Solan by Gudrun Johnston. I saw it on your website and fell in love. I have been buying from WEB’s for years now and I could not get the wegsite to except my order, so what to do ROAD TRIP. considering I am from Western MA no big deal. I made it out of Araucanua Itata Multy. I love your store and I would love to try that shawl in Dream in Color

  522. KYFarmgirl Says:

    Beautiful yarn!  I love Koi Rama by Kitman Figueroa.  Vostok is very pretty, too. 

  523. Schwarzpb Says:

    This is a very beautiful yarn and shawl! I can just see my mother wearing this to church and all the ladies falling in love with it :)

  524. Niki Says:

    Oh my goodness, so incredibly beautiful. I would love to win this

  525. Loricohen Says:

    What a great prize for some lucky winner!

  526. Linda Otto Says:

    I love the shawls in Victorian Lace Today and made several of them for my son and daugher-in law’s wedding 3 years ago.  I knitted shawls for every member of the bridal party, including the flower girl.  They were all in shades of dark blue to match the women’s dresses.  I also made a gorgeous shawl for the bride out of yarn that was 50% silk, 50% wool.  That’s my favorite material to make lace shawls!

  527. Kittywlwong Says:

    Great to see such an elegant pattern, looks like some kind of bride’s dressing. Really want to try this out!

  528. Badcat Says:

    What lovely yarn and what a lovely design!  Please enter me in your giveaway!

  529. Enbp Says:

    I have not tried lace but when I saw this beautiful shawl I thought I may have to attempt it.

  530. Drolince Says:

    I love Dream In Color and making shawls! My favorite pattern is Forest Canopy Shawl. Right now I am working on Jarad Flood’s Juneberry.

  531. Joyfulbmd Says:

    Don’t know if I am worthy of this gorgeous yarn and shawl pattern, but love them!

  532. Traderjio Says:

    My first knitting project was Laura Nelkin pattern. It took about 60 hours. And I didn’t know I was doing something so complicated. I think I jumped into the deep end of the pool. Learned so much that way. I’m new to knitting and just saw Jean Moss’s Sweet Shawlettes. I hope this book counts. Will need to start reading up on Estonian lace. Absolutely beautiful!

  533. Baby_waby Says:

    I live that now lacy, frilly, girly shawls have a place in everyday wear. The idea of scrunching them and wearing them as scarves is genius. This shawl is no exception. It looks stunning in the last picture. *swoon*

  534. Kfstockade Says:

    It’s so beautiful!  It would be wonderful to knit with it and produce such a beautiful item!

  535. Lea Cluff Says:

    That pattern is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to make a shawl for such a long time. That yarn and pattern are such a lovely combination.

  536. Skywisefahr2 Says:

    I’ve only knit one small shawlette from a mystery knitalong by Jen at Knittinglikecrazy. But I loved it and would absolutely adore to knit an heirloom like this. Thanks.

  537. RobinK Says:

    I love to knit lace and shawls are my favorite.  Vostok is absolutely gorgeous and so is the Dream in Color Absolutely Marvelous!  I really must have it!

  538. CindyCindy Says:

    I have knit about 3 lace shawls.  One was by Cheryl Oberle and it was wonderful to knit.  I also knit a Rowan pattern “Victoria” and the last one I can’t even remember, but I’m slow and I have so many patterns that I want to knit. 

  539. Dena Childs Says:

    Love the idea of jumping into a complicated lace pattern, not giving up, and learning so much along the way. Thanks for sharing.

  540. Rochelle Says:

    I just finished my first Nancy Bush lace shawl – the Lilac Leaf pattern – in a wool/silk blend.  This yarn and pattern together — WOW!!

  541. Eabunn Says:

    Wow this is so beautiful!!! My mom and I are tackling a lace shawl together for moral support and this would be a amazing choice! Gorgeous color highlighted with great design,,,

  542. Bradwinjanet Says:

    Yarn and shawl GEORGEOUS – I mean absolutely marvelous :-)…  I have only knit simple lace shawls.  Would love to win this and give it a whirl!

  543. Robinm Says:

    I’ve never done lace but this looks awesome.  I am an experienced knitter so might just try it!

  544. Mary Beth Says:

    I love Anne Hanson’s lace patterns. I started Dovecote a few years ago when I was still a pretty inexperienced knitter and didn’t finish it, but I’ve been feeling that lace urge again. The Vostok shawl looks gorgeous!

  545. Sandra H. Says:

    Lately I have really gotten into Jared Flood’s shawl patterns, and I have 2 in my queue all ready to go! I just made my first shawl (Knitty’s Afternoon Tea) using Tosh Sock and it’s gorgeous.

  546. Jessica Says:

    The first thing I ever actually finished was a lace shawl (swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark). I gave it to my mom, who wears it almost every day : )

  547. Marilyn Tierney Says:

    This is gorgeous! I will keep my fingers crossed to be able to knit this!

  548. Thisbirdcansing Says:

    I’m knitting the Alexandra Shawl in Caper sock right now and I love it! Which is strange for me, because I’m usually not a shawl person. Usually a prefer more scarf-styled shawls, like Stephen West’s Clockwork – which is officially my favorite shawl EVER.

  549. Love2readbooks Says:

    Only list a few- Swallowtail, Summerflies, bitteroot, Aeolian.  Anything lacey and challenging.  I love the challenge of getting the right stitch count, the long bind off to the finish and then watching my latest crumbled “blankie” turn into a beautiful stretched out butterfly.  I would love the chance to use the DIC and try a new shawl pattern.

  550. Donna Says:

    I love knitting and wearing shawls and lacy scarves. My favorite shawl is still one I knit years ago, the Flower Basket Shawl. I’m knitting Rock Island now. Would love Vostok to be next. I’d give it to my friend for her daughter’s wedding.

  551. JMcStratt Says:

    That yarn looks so yummy- I must have it! 

    I LOVE the Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.  It has some lovely patterns (my goal is to make them ALL!), and I love that it has a section with the different stitch themes, so I can come up with my own creation!  I also love Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman- my first lace shawl!  It’s the only pattern in my shawl library that I have repeated.

  552. LB Says:

    I love Nancy Bush’s Estonian Lace, especially the sampler shawls. Gorgeous!

  553. Pam Says:

    Lace knitting is scary but fun..thinking knitting! I love traditional Shetland patterns (ESP. Gudrun Johnston) and the European style books as well. This looks like a beautiful pattern

  554. Chris Bluford Says:

    I’ve never knitted a shawl – have been cruising Ravelry for years collecting patterns. However, I think I would stop all my other projects to knit this shawl – it is absolutely gorgeous!!

  555. J Ligotti Says:

    Citron shawl on ravelry in wollaston cotton.

  556. contemplativespice Says:

    That yarn is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to knitting my first shawl (I crocheted one many years ago with the help of my grandmother). 

  557. Lcoop Says:

    This shawl and yarn are jawdropping gorgeous! I have been a little shy of lace, but I would love to give this one my very best effort!

  558. Genesneaky Says:

    That looks incredible and luxurious! I wonder how that yarn would work for the Evenstar shawl…

  559. Karonil2 Says:

    That shawl is gorgeous!  I’m always finding more than I have time to make!  The one I’m currently working on is Juno Regina – which I like, but I’m finding the length portion to be tedious.  I’m looking forward to trying something with a shape to it.

  560. Nhstock Says:

    I am new to lace knitting, the pattern which inspires me to start is Volna by Grumperina!

  561. Kmytinger Says:

    My first ever shawl was the Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero.  I can’t wait to try the Girasole by Eric Flood.  the biggest problem is deciding which one to do next and finding the right yarn to do it with!!

  562. Ocean Cat Says:

    My favorite and first shawl, is the Percy Shawl by Sanne Kalkman. I’d love to win that beautiful Dream in Color yarn!

  563. kharroun Says:

    What a gorgeous shawl and the yarn is scrumptious. 

  564. Terri Says:

    I’ve used Dream in Color Smooshy and loved it! I’m sure I’d love Absolutely Marvelous just as much!

  565. Mindi Says:

    I love the Ishbel Shawl by Ysolda Teague.   It is pretty and versatile.   I met her in person at Rhinebeck last fall and she is just the loveliest person!

  566. scifiknitter Says:

    Shawl knitting is my favorite as well. It’s the closest I can come as a mere mortal to creating beauty from thin air. It’s the negative spaces that define lace.

    I’ve probably knit more shawls designed by Romi (Rosemary Hill) than any other single designer. Romi has a special touch with the small shawl, the easiest shawl to wear to work. I’m also a big fan of Elizabeth Freeman, who has performed the knitting equivalent of “playing real good for free”. I can’t quite believe that she gives her beautiful designs away to all of us on Knitty! I also love Myrna Stahman’s book “Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves”. Whether cobweb weight or worsted weight, a Faroese style shawl is fabulous to wear.

    Thank you for this very generous giveaway.

  567. Mindi Says:

    I like the Ishbel Shawl by Ysolda Teague.  It is very pretty and versatile.   I met her at Rhinebeck last year and she’s a lovely person!

  568. VeronicaKnitter Says:

    I have never made a shawl but seeing that yarn and that pattern, I surely would love to.  Absolutely gorgeous.

  569. Aaron Fernuik Says:

    Do I enjoy the thrill and challenge? Yes, immensely. Knitting rows and rows of stockinette is like reading a textbook on biology, while knitting lace is like participating in a dissection; it’s engaging in a way that most other knitting isn’t. A finished lace piece is full of meticulousness and deliberation that few people can pass without respect. This pattern looks like no exception.

    I don’t have many favorite lace patterns. I’ll take on whatever project matches my life at the time. But I do love a good historical pattern whenever they appear in Knitting Traditions Magazine, or a well researched pattern like all of Nancy Bush’s. Jared Flood can turn out an elegant and modern pattern as well.

  570. Jean Andreas Says:

    Love knitting shawls………love Dream in Color yarns. The shawl is gorgeous.

  571. Jennifer Says:

    I have knit the Kimono Shawl in Folk Shawls twice. It was the first piece of lace I knit, and even though I knit the wrap 5 years ago, I still wear it constantly

  572. Kennekaren Says:

    So beautiful! I love the Colorway.

  573. Terri Says:

    Have never bought Dream in Colour yarn but have admired it many times. What a beautiful shawl. I love lacy and little…shawls and socks as well.

  574. snvknitter Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarn.  It is so yummy!  The Vostok shawl is gorgeus, as well.

  575. Kamigaeru Says:

    Oh. Wow. That color reminds me of the skies here in rainy Oregon… sometimes cloudy, sometimes blue, sometimes both at the same time. I can’t say that I have many favorite shawl books, though I’d certainly love to have a copy of the Knitted Lace of Estonia! One of the most enjoyable shawls I’ve knit was Laminaria, which makes use of Estonian stitches. Elizabeth Freeman has some lovely designs, and I’d like to try more of them. On the easier side, Haruni was a quick, beautiful and very fun knit. On my wishlist, several of Kitman Figuroa’s patterns! Jaali and Damask foremost among them.

  576. Cathy--ladysslipper on ravelry Says:

    I love dream in color yarn! My favorite lace designers are Evelyn Clark; I knit four of her designs: leaf lace, shetland triangle, flower basket, and the swallowtail. All of her designs are well written, and include charted as well as written directions. Nancy Bush is another favorite, for lace as well as socks.

  577. Jhlefand Says:

    One I enjoy wearing and knitting summer flies.. I knitted mine using Noro silk garden

  578. Fhmusic08 Says:

    Beautiful yarn and shawl!  Would be lovely to win!

  579. Rita Says:

    I have just started to work with lace and I just love it.  I have the Knitted Lace of Estonia and am so amazed when I flip through it that I might actually be able to create one of those masterpieces someday!!!  The yarn looks yummy too.

  580. Judy11 Says:

    A Chance to learn another new knitting skill.  I drool over others lace work and keep being tempted to jump in.  This would be motivation for sure.

  581. Ljd Says:

    Victorian Lace Today. There is nothing I don’t like about that book – the photos, the styling, the patterns, the instruction, the historical context… I love it all.  I love pulling it off the shelf and just losing myself in it.  The best.

  582. Dpbernier Says:

    Lace knitting. It’s addictive…  I’ve been scooping mid-century books of doily patterns and counterpanes when I find them.  Sometime I’ll get to adapting the patterns to wraps and shawls…

  583. Dyetom Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, that pattern and yarn are beautiful. I love  Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, I’m trying to decide which pattern to do next. : )

  584. Jen Says:

    Gorgeous shawl!

  585. Callie Sinkinson Says:

    I am very excited to try one of these lovelies ….thanks for the boost!

  586. Granette253 Says:

    I love knitting shawls…fun and challenging and never boring.  One of my favorite patterns is the Juneberry Triangle.  I knit it for my daughter for Christmas and it is beautiful.  Dream in Color yarn is gorgeous!  I knit a shawl using the sparkly Dream in color and everyone is always commenting on it. This yarn looks luscious.

  587. Ccearl Says:

    I knit shawls to keep warm and be stylish at the same time. My favorite is my Summer Flies shawl!

  588. Leeanne Says:

    How beautiful – both the yarn and the pattern.  Thanks for a great giveaway.

  589. Mgudgerraines Says:

    I am planning a couple of lace knitting projects for the summer, and the Knitted Lace of Estonia book is high on my list!   This shawl and the yarn are both just beautiful!

  590. Nan Says:

    I love knitting lace shawls and this is a beauty!!!  I never knit with Dream in Color and I like that it’s a hand dyed yarn….Gorgeous!!!

  591. jefferis Says:

    I am inspired by this gorgeous yarn and the article about the bride who knitted her shawl. Do you think it would be weird to start a shawl for daughter so I could surprize her one day if she gets married?

  592. KC Says:

    I love the airy, delicate look of a lace shawl.  Right now I’m practicing making simple lace scarves, but I hope to try a shawl very soon!

  593. Marie Says:

    Beautiful shawl.  Last year I enjoyed making Little Leaves, a shawl by Susanna IC.  I don’t think I’ve seen one of her designs I didn’t like.  I also just finished Nautilina by Melinda VerMeer.  Last year I made two tunisian crochet shawls by Aoibhe Ni; they were great fun.

  594. TLK Says:

    I love the subtle color shifts!

  595. Kathleen Says:

    I have done one lace shawl the Irish Diamond Shawl from the book “Folk Shawls” by Cheryl Oberle.  It was a challenge for a person who was used to knitting only with worsted weight yarns, but I plowed on and finally finished it.  Now, 3 years later I would love to knit another lacy shawl–this yarn and pattern look very tempting!

  596. Sarah Says:

    I love angular, less floral shawls. My favorites so far are Rock Island and the Mimosa shawl.

  597. Agoodmeow Says:

    I just start my first shawl by Laura Nelkin after enrolling the online class. Now I am in my shopping fever buying all these lace weight yarns and lace needles. I can’t wait to finish and block my first shawl, and I will for sure go for the shawl pattern listed here.

  598. Laurel Says:

    I have never made a shawl, but I have a triangular WIP (“The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief”) that ground to a halt when I realized I had made an error somewhere but could not find it.  What I need is a Shawl Class at WEBS because I covet this lovely yarn !!

  599. Kmwmason Says:

    I’ve been perfecting my cable stitch. Might be time to try lace. This shawl is stunning. Karen knits

  600. KerriO Says:

    I hope I am able to knit something like that someday! <3

  601. KerriO Says:

    I hope I can kit soemthing like this someday! Beautiful!

  602. Caitlin Kaiser Says:

    This shawl is amazing! I’ve been reading more about Estonian lace and would love to access my heritage through a project like this.

  603. Mujercita Says:

    This is an amazing giveaway- both the shawl and the yarn are absolutely gorgeous (and Dream In Color is my favorite yarn brand!)

  604. Joannier Says:

    That yarn looks yummy and the Vostok is gorgeous!  Keeping my fingers crossed here!

  605. deeterhi Says:

    I love shawls of all weights and sizes. The versatility of them, whether they keep my neck warm or drape around my shoulders. I’m always very happy after seeing my shawl block, just how large I can make one with a single skein and when working with a lacier pattern. One of my favorite shawls that I made recently is my Mara by Madelinetosh because I paired it with a lace weight yarn. It’s so beautiful and light and warm.

  606. StephBF Says:

    I normally do not gravitate to grey yarn, but this is truly lovely. The shawl is spectacular and it would be an heirloom piece.

  607. Mail4kate Says:

    I am working on the Stripe Study shawl currently, using a red, and a green JoJoLand Melody yarns. It flows nicely, and is relaxing. My all time favorate shawls to knit and especially to wear are Mimknits Aspen Grove in Zephyr dyed to resemble an autumn Sugar Maple leaf…soooo beautiful, and soft. I have made BadCat’s Driftwood Victorian in red Mohair, which my daughter stole, and is grey linen. Both are very elegant. this Dream in Color shawl is a tour de force, and could not be boring to knit!

  608. Clmitaly Says:

    I love to knit shawls, but have yet to figure out how to wear them in a flattering way. I’ll keep knitting, and keep trying to wear them, though.  I have figured out that they make GREAT  presents!

  609. Diane Says:

    Victorian Lace is one of my favorites.  I like A Gathering of Lace also.  

  610. Sara Says:

    What pretty yarn that is! I don’t think I can choose just one favorite shawl. I loved making Hanami by Melanie Gibbons and I’ve currently got my eye on the striking stripey shawls in Grace Anna Farrow’s The Fine Line book.

  611. margaret Says:

    my favorite shawl pattrns are by BadCat Designs – SugarPlum Fairy is unbelievable!

  612. Kair Says:

    My favorite book is defenetly “The Haapsalu Scarf”: .. indeed… 
    It is shame I haven’t had time to make any of these scarfs jet – but I’ll get there! (This yarn would probably help… and my sisters upcoming wedding…)

  613. Tina Says:

    So far I’ve only done simple lace projects – nothing like this amazing shawl featured here. I’m currently knitting the Lacy Accent Scarf from GlamKnits, which is turning out quite well. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful yarn!

  614. stefanie Says:

    Such a pretty yarn & pattern!  I love gray yarn…in fact, I just finished a similarly-colored fingering-weight shawlette…but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make a lace-weight version, given the chance!!

  615. LaurenS Says:

    Love Dream in Color yarns – this is a beautiful color.  Favorite shawl pattern currently is Hydrangea by badcatdesigns.

  616. Denise Says:

    Wow – that’s lovely yarn and a lovely shawl.  I’ll be at WEBS this weekend and I’ll be looking for that yarn.  

  617. Toriryan Says:

    I love the Shetland Triangle. I very rarely knit a pattern multiple times but there is just something about pine cone lace that I just love.

  618. Annina Says:

    sooo pretty!!

  619. AnnaD Says:

    Oooh! Beautiful yarn and pattern!

  620. Caroline from Canada Says:

    Beautiful yarn and the pattern is stunning. I hope to be a winner!

  621. Hind Says:

    Love the color on the shawl, I’ve only knit one lace shawlette in my life and it came out really nice.  It took some effort…I really had to concentrate on what I’m doing and I had to rip out and reknit a couple of times.   It was definitely worth it and I am itching to do another lace project.

  622. Christine Says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful shawl!

  623. Shannon Fitzpatrick Says:

    The Multnomah shawl is high on my list of to-knit right now. How cute would that look in kettle dyed Charlemont? Here’s hoping I can put the Vostok shawl in my cue soon.

  624. Farris Tracy Says:

    Beautiful yarn…beautiful shawl…I’d love to win.

  625. Richeydg Says:

    I just love the book A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen. But all lace is what I love to knit. It is all so beautiful. I would love to try this yarn for lace!

  626. deeliciousdiscordia Says:

    I looove shawls! My favorite crochet shawl is Curaçao by Doris Chan, and I love Stephen West’s shawl patterns :D

  627. Lori N Says:

    I’m constantly looking through Meg Swansen’s “A Gathering of Lace” and dreaming about which shawl I would knit. I love lace, but I’ve only done scarfs  — I’m anxious to start a full fledged shawl!

  628. pinkhammer12 Says:

    I’ve knitted just about everything but lace – what a lovely piece to start on! “Watching my skein of yarn get smaller, but yet, not seeing the results
    until the end when it is time for blocking is just one big happy
    surprise.” sounds so appealing!

  629. Diane Says:

    This is way out of my comfort zone, but I just love it and the gorgeous DIC yarn…..I have made the Oaklet Shawl (free on Ravelry) at least 6 times…it is one of my favorite quick knits for a gift…

  630. Flossieknits Says:

    I have been dying for this particular range of grey in a yarn for a year now. it’s absolutely stunning. I’ve also been dying to make a shawl that was featured in a Danish museum and dates back to the late 1800s. You can see it here:

  631. ritainalaska Says:

    lovely shawl!   would love to knit this shawl with this yarn … am in shawl mode, making them for family and friends, with two on the needles now.   thanx for the opportunity to win a hank and pattern.

  632. NashvilleKnippie Says:

    The yarn is GORGEOUS! One of my favorites is this Candace Eisner Strick’s Lace Shawl,

  633. Kirstin R Says:

    My favorite shawl I ever made was when I was first learning lace and the fact that I could make something so delicate and lovely with my stumpy little hobbit fingers (cyclosporine/prednisone can do a number on childhood growth) was incredible. I still have my Baltic Sea Stole: and it is so warm and lovely and soft.

    Something like this shawl that you’re offering would be one I’d prize as a potential wedding shawl (not married…yet). It’s intricate, soft-looking, and so delicate. I’d feel like a princess in it. 

  634. Dariasmom Says:

    I like this lace pattern, and I have never knitted a lace shawl. Looks like fun!

  635. Laura Says:

    Drool! Gorgeous yarn and beautiful pattern. I haven’t attempted anything quite that ambitious yet, but I want to!

  636. Viv Says:

    I have just finished a honeycomb shawl and am experiencing lace withdrawal. This pattern and yarn would help (?) my addiction.

  637. Rose Says:

    Vostok is a beautiful shawl. I’ve made a lot of beautiful shawls and each one is my favorite when I’m working on it. I can’t pick just one or even just ten for that matter. My queue is filled with pages of them. I do have one next in my queue with the yarn picked out so it’s ready to go. I have plenty more that I still need to get the pattern for. Most of the shawls I want to knit have come from individual patterns and not books; however, there are quite a lot that come from magazines. I think Ravelry is my biggest enabling factor.

  638. Kristen V. Says:

    Quite lovely. Working on a lace pattern for a baby blanket but no where near as intricate.

  639. Monica W. Says:

    I love staring at the lace shawls by Wendy Johnson, wendyknits! 

  640. Bbqcarrot Says:

    I’m finishing off a beaded version of fiori di sole right now for a wedding.  Only 14 rows to go before CO.  I’m already itching to start another shawl project!

  641. Pam53 Says:

    The yarn is gorgeous, and the shawl pattern is just so remind and pretty! I am a lace knitter and would love to win this giveaway.

  642. Barbara Says:

    what a gorgeous color – it’s perfect for that shawl.

  643. Sue Says:

    Victorian Lace Today is full of beautiful patterns. The book makes a l great coffee table type book.

  644. Marilyn Says:

    I love the Ishbel shawl that I knit. I enjoy knitting from a chart and love finished, blocked, lace pieces. Thanks for the chance to win!

  645. Sbm Says:

    I’m working on Susan Pandorf’s Argonath in Tosh Pashmina right now. Not much lace but lots of cables. The most challenging shawl I’ve personally done is Foley’s Echo Beach in silk, yo’s and traveling stitches, with end to end dropped stitches at the very end. Dream in Color is one of my favorites and I would love to give this pattern a try.

  646. Angeleena Says:

    This is so beautiful!! I have never knitted a shawl before and lace quite intimidates me, but I would cast on for the Vostok with this yarn anyday! Breathtaking!

  647. Terri Says:


  648. Connie K. Says:

    My favorite book of shawls is Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle and my favorite shawl in the book is the Fir Cone Square Shawl. I would be thrilled to this prize! What a beautiful shawl!

  649. Mommamann Says:

    I am a new lace knitter and am still exploring shawls, this year I have tried 198 Yards of Heaven by Christy Verity and Gail/Nightsongs by 
    Jane Araujo and also Spring Thaw Shawl by Cheri McEwan. Would love to try the
    Vostok shawl pattern. Thank you for the opportunity.

  650. Denise Says:

    I too love Nancy Bush’s book, Knitted Lace of Estonia.  My first lace piece was the Lilac Leaf shawl from the book.  I made it for my niece’s wedding last July.  Instead of nupps I used clear glass beads.
    After blocking, it came out so beautiful.  My niece cried when she saw it. I was really pleased when she compared it with things her maternal grandmother had made.  I have had several requests from people to make them one, but I come first!! I am forever hooked on lace!


  651. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I still love Aeolian which was my first shawl project ever made from my handspun yarn.

  652. Jen Says:

    I love the vintage stole patterns. Looking forward to trying out more delicate yarns.     

  653. Tammy Says:

    I’m currently loving Shetland and Estonian lace patterns!  I love shawls, they are my favorite thing to knit and I am going thinner and thinner in yarns.  Too bad I have a hard time wearing them all!  I live in a desert so thicker shawls are out, I need to adapt my teacher wardrobe to incorporate more shawl wearing.  Narrowing it down to my favorite shawl is near impossible, my latest love was Monica’s Shawl, am working on Aeolian shawl now, who knows what my next favorite will be. :D

  654. Cori Says:

    Such a gorgeous yarn and pattern!

  655. Deborah Wells-Clinton Says:

    I have knit one shawl as a gift for a friend, and now I’d love to try something a little bigger and even more challenging. I know what you mean about the big happy surprise when you see the end result.

  656. Lynn Says:

    Right now my favorite shawl is Piper’s Journey – I am loving knitting it and I love the construction.

  657. pnbjam Says:

    That does look like a beautiful shawl! I’ve made a couple from Victorian Lace Today, and am working on another one (a triangle that starts with over 600 stitches!) made from a black cobweb yarn I ordered from your site. It’s a challenge, but 20 rows in I’m starting to see it. Would love to have a skein of this yarn; its subtle shades are lovely.

  658. Pat Says:

    Hi! Hope the giveaway is open worldwide! My favorite shawls are Annis and Abyssal on Ravelry.

  659. Caroline Says:

    Amazing pattern and yarn!  I love lace knitting. I’ve got the victorian lace knitting book and made a couple shawls from that.

  660. s Says:

    Oh, adding my comment a bit late, but what a beautiful yarn for a beautiful pattern.  I’ve knitted just about everything but lace.  What a great project to start with!!

  661. s Says:

    Oh, adding my comment a bit late, but what a beautiful yarn for a beautiful pattern.  I’ve knitted just about everything but lace.  What a great project to start with!!

  662. Liz Says:

    I’ve just completed my first lace shawl and it was wonderful!  I loved knowing that even though it seems to small while I knit that it would be big and beautiful when I was done. 

  663. Karabknudsen Says:

    Oh what a dream it would be to win this drawing–such gorgeous yarn, and such a great goal to learn this new pattern!

    Thank you,

  664. Staci Chronister Says:

    That’s beautiful. I’m looking on the site to find it and unable to thus far. I may have to snag some of that even if I don’t win the skein. It’s gorgeous!

  665. Djukins Says:

    Lace knitting is my first love.  I try to both a sock and a shawl OTN at all times.  There is something about knitting to the rhythm of a well written pattern that is both a challenge and a comfort at the same time.

  666. Jean Ashley Says:

    The first lace project I ever did was Jared Flood’s Girasole shawl. I have also knitted two Ishbels from Ysolda Teague, and a few Branching Out scarves. I have lots of lace pattern books, but I really love Victorian Lace today. My favorite lace patterns that I don’t think I’ll ever attempt are the ultra delicate Herbert Niebling shawls:

    The yarn is spectacular…thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  667. Betford2 Says:

    Stunningly beautiful shawl and yarn! I’d LOVE to win them!

  668. Jessy Says:

    Wow! The yarn is so pretty, and the finished shawl is gorgeous! I think the yarn done up with the
    Silver Filigree Cape pattern would also be stunning.

  669. Angela C Bliss Says:


  670. Holly Rowe Says:

    What a beautiful shawl!  I’ve never seen one like that with the structure at the top.  I’ve never attempted a shawl, but now I am very tempted…

  671. Carmen Says:

    I haven’t made any lacey shawls like this, but Knitted Lace of Estonia is on my wish list.

  672. Jan Says:

    I love shawls designed by Susanna IC. There’s one right now in the current issue of Knitty.

  673. Mimi Says:

    My favorite lace book is Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia. I think what actually makes it my favorite, though, is watching the DVD that comes with it. Nancy’s passion comes through, and truly makes you appreciate each individual stitch.

  674. Joanne G Says:

    My favorites seem to be from Through the Loops!

  675. Jamie Wolfer Says:

    I like any kind of shawl pattern that starts out large and gets smaller (b/c I’m lazy), but my favorite is the Storm Cloud Shawlette; it’s simple, works up quickly, and is the perfect size.

  676. Jamie Wolfer Says:

    I really enjoy patterns that are a semi circle shape.  They can be worn as a shawl or more like  scarf and doesn’t give you that look of a bandana.  My favorite pattern is the Storm Cloud Shawlette.  It’s free, simple, works up fast, and is size customizable.

  677. Deblove2 0 Says:

    I’m finishing up my first lace-weight project, and this one looks like a wonderful second – whether or not I win the yarn!

  678. Betford2 Says:

    I’ve made a number of lace items, but never anything as big as this shawl. But I sure am tempted – it’s beautiful! and the dreamy, ethereal yarn … Wow!

  679. Wil4ds Says:

    I have bunches of shawls in my queue, but of ones I’ve knit, I’d recommend Annis (a free Knitty pattern by Susanna IC).  It’s interesting lace pattern includes nupps (which I substituted for beads in one of the versions I knit), and the shawl can be knit out of only 400 or so yards.  Its a great use for those lone skeins of sock yarn that keep creeping into my stash, but can be made in whatever weight of yarn you prefer.  The 3 shawls I made were given to relatives, who were all delighted to get them and found them very wearable.

  680. Bjkrainkatt Says:

    I would love to win this contest.

  681. Charlotte Jane927 Says:

    What a great giveaway! I really enjoyed working on a lacy wrap called Bordeaux from the book Knitting in the Sun.

  682. Kim Says:

    I find myself gravitating towards asymmetrical shawls although my two favorite shawls at the moment are the Rock Island shawl and High Seas. I find lace knitting to be very addicting! I often find myself completing “one more row” to see the pattern develop.

  683. Helen Says:

    Beautiful yarn.  Rock Island by Jared Flood is a pattern that I’d love to complete someday. 

  684. Budnjodi Says:

    Shawls are my favorite thing to knit. Love watching the pile of stitches in my lap grow, and then the wonderful moment whe the last stitch is cast off and you spread it out in all it’s glory!

  685. Dswgr6 Says:

    I love shawls, but have only made a couple.  The first one I made was part of a mystery shawl KAL.  It even had beads!  It was Swan Lake from Pink Lemon Twist.  I’d love this yarn and this pattern!

  686. AMMartinson Says:

    I have yet to knit a shawl but I’ve been itching to ever since my mother made a little one.  I do have a couple of lace patterns I would like to try – having done a lace scarf a shawl would be the next step!

  687. MimiD Says:

    My favorite sources for shawl patterns are basically wherever I can find them! In particular I check the Knitted Lace of Estonia book (and if I had the 2 coffee table books on Hapsaaluu shawls I’d be checking those too). I also love Oremburg style fine shawls and warm shawls too. Then there’s the Shetland ones in Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitted Lace… On line I check Ravelry and the most. I can take my latest lace yarn purchase to Ravelry, input the yardage and weight in the Advanced Pattern Search, and browse what comes up – either in my queue or otherwise.

  688. Roseofisabel Says:

    Victorian Lace Today…my fave lace book…elegant, timeless patterns!

  689. Megan Williams Says:

    I like the look of Steven West shawls, but have yest to knit one.  I knit the Holden Shawl and really loved the challenge.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  690. Susolin Says:

    Shawls are so much fun to knit! I have never done one that is all lace though.  This one looks beautiful! Maybe I will try making it for a wedding I am in in May. :)

  691. kerriknits Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Anne Hanson’s shawl patterns.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful yarn and pattern combo.

  692. Izzy Says:

    Lace is my next project! I want to learn so badly.

  693. Geemom57 Says:

    Lovely shawl pattern! And the yarn is gorgeous!! Love DIC. One of my all time favorite shawl patterns is Aeolian. And two of my favorite books are Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush and Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark. Yes, I’m a shawl junkie… so please pick me!!

  694. Deetyblue Says:

    I enjoy the challenge of an interesting shawl.  I knitted Rock Island last year, and it took me months. It also taught me a LOT.  I mean a LOT.  I’ve been eyeing a couple of smaller shawls, but what the heck, I’ll go for another big statement shawl!

  695. Jasmine Liska Says:

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous shawl!  At the moment, I’m really enjoying knitting Brooklyn Tweed’s Rock Island.  Since this is my second time knitting it (but first time knitting it in a lace weight), the long edging pattern seemed easier to follow.  I’m hoping it’ll be finished for Easter!

  696. LisaS. Says:

    Day late, but what a beautiful yarn! 

  697. Olga Maximovskikh Says:

    How I will know if I win? Friday is off.

  698. Betty Says:

    I love lace knitting.  And the colors of the skein are gorgeous.

  699. Betford2 Says:

    Friday’s workday is finished, and I can’t find the list of winners – Boy, I’m really hoping I’m one of them, wouldn’t that be fun?!  I’m guessing the transition to the exciting new building has up-ended everybody’s schedule a bit.  

  700. Variegatedknits Says:

    I loved knitting the swallowtail shawl, and love all of the designs in Knitted Lace of Estonia. I’m particular fond of any lace that makes me think of nature, either blooms, leaves, trails, and landscapes.

  701. Monica Welham Says:

    So lovely-just curious, have the names been posted on the blog?

  702. Dgensemer Says:

    Today is the 31st… winner are announced where

  703. Marcea Says:

    Just curious, don’t see any notice about the winners of your contest being posted here?

  704. Linda Otto Says:

    It’s April 1st and I’m not seeing the list of winners.  Can anyone direct me?  Thanks!

  705. Lea Says:

     I am not seeing them either! Please help!!

  706. Janbob Says:

    Wow!  What a gorgeous shawl!  I began to do lace knitting about 6-8 months ago.  One of our friends on our KnittingParadise put out a try-it design, and even though I had tons of trouble I kept trying and trying again.  With her help (Stevieland) I went on to smaller, easier projects, plus a few on Ravelry and bought the book, Wendy Knits Lace.  From our weekly Stitch ‘n Bitch knitting group, I’ve learned tons, and thanks to Sunset Knitting and Owlmom, my projects are getting better and better!  With the Estonian shawl, it would take a long time with help to get through it, but I’d love to try; either that or challenge Sunset to doing it!
    I am finally brave enough to use lace knitting yarn!  For the first time, I am doing it, albeit double strand, and am loving it!  It was a sale yarn around January from your group, but I don’t know where the labels are!
    I have ordered from you several times, and have been very happy with your service!!!  Thank you, and I hope to begin this one some time soon!
    Jan M.

  707. Sandy Major Says:

    Just love the Vostok Shawl. How can I acquire this pattern?

  708. Dena Says:

    Until May 1, 2012, Vostok will be available exclusively as part of the kit for the March 2012 installment of the Dream in Color Dream Club. In May, the pattern will be available for individual purchase and download on Ravelry. 

  709. Kara I. Says:

    The yarn and finished shawl are gorgeous! I am almost finished with the Elise shawl (crochet) and it looks beautiful, just need to weave in the ends and block it. I think I might give it to my sister (or keep it myself)

  710. Bailey Says:

    Thank you very much

  711. Susan Says:

    This is one of those projects that is just so beautiful that you HAVE to make it!

  712. Anne Says:

    I have knit lace for years. This shawl and yarn are beautiful!

  713. Nancy Bowers Says:

    Am currently working on a baby gift — love to knit. Beautiful yarn.

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