March 1st, 2013

Dream in Color Spring Giveaway!

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It is time once again to have another giveaway with one of Dream in Color’s lovely hand dyed yarns along with a stylish scarf pattern. This month’s yarn is called Perfectly Posh Sport, and the colors are reminiscent of early spring flowers; think crocus, pansy and violet!

The fiber is 70% wool/10% cashmere/10% silk/10% mohair, and has shades of deep, earthy greens, rich purples and pale pinks, with hints of the blue-grey of Spring skies peeking through. With 320 yds per skein you have plenty of yardage for Kay Dahlquist’s Trinity Scarf.

I love finding the perfect little project to use up one skein of gorgeous yarn. This scarf has the most clever little feature, a built in French loop to keep your scarf perfectly in place. As an added bonus your gauge swatch IS the the first section of your edging!

Do you have a perfect one-skein project or a favorite scarf pattern? Do you already have ideas for what you’d do with a skein of Perfectly Posh Sport if you won?

Leave a comment below by 3/07/13, 11:59 pm EST to be entered into the March drawing for one skein of Dream in Color Perfectly Posh Sport along with the Trinity Scarf pattern. There will be 10 lucky winners! Be sure to check the blog on Friday March 8th to see if your name was picked.

Best of Luck!


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1,305 Responses to “Dream in Color Spring Giveaway!”

  1. dzupko Says:

    Wow – beautiful yarn and great scarf too!!

  2. Karina Says:

    That looks like lovely yarn, thank you for offering it. I think it would make a great scarf! But it might also make a nice pair of fingerless mitts….oh there are many choices….

  3. Caitirin Says:

    Oooh that yarn is BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to win it!

  4. Jen Says:

    One skein is almost always perfect for one pair of socks and one pair of fingerless mitts.

  5. Heather W. Says:

    I really love the Stacked Eyelet Cowl. It works with all kinds of yarns (including variegated and self-striping), it’s fast to knit, and the end product is always a hit with the recipient!

  6. Maureen Says:

    I think this would be perfect for a pattern I have (I have had it for a few years now so I do not remember where I got it), but it is a neckerchief scarf pattern. Perfect for when there is a slight chill in the early spring.

  7. susankou Says:

    This is beautiful! I would love it!

  8. aqf Says:

    What a lovely color! Having the yarn would give me a marvelous excuse to trawl through Ravelry for keyhole scarf patterns, as I’ve been wanting one for a while and don’t have much sport weight in stash.

  9. Cindy Says:

    Love to try the yarn and pattern.

  10. Deb Says:

    Absolutely adore anything by Dream in Color. I’d love, love, love to win!

  11. Amy Mason Says:

    Ooh, I would love to win! Beautiful!

  12. Cary Guido Says:

    The colors in the skein are so beautiful. They need to be seen so, I too would knit a scarf or floppy cowl. That way it would be at eye-level and people will admire it more readily. Thank you for offering this Giveaway.

  13. Kelley Duff Says:

    That is super pretty yarn! I would most likely make my mom a pair of fingerless mitts for mothers day.

  14. Tammy Says:

    I have a few patterns from One Skein Wonders I’d love to try with this yarn!

  15. Sophiedoz Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed! :)

  16. Michelle Behymer Says:

    That’s a beautiful yarn, and I love the scarf, too! I’ve been looking for a good 1 skein scarf, and I may just have found it! Thank you!

  17. beth Says:

    Love the yarn and the pattern, there’s plenty I can think of doing with this

  18. Virginia Voelker Says:

    I love dream in color. And I love that scarf pattern

  19. Heather Kaup Says:

    Oooh, I love Dream In Color yarns. The pattern is beautiful also. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Marci Says:

    Such beautiful yarn!

  21. Kris Says:

    I’m thinking cowl or infinity scarf. something simple to show off the lovely colors!

  22. Sara N. Says:

    What gorgeous yarn! It really makes me feel spring is coming. I’d love to try it on the Trinity scarf. That loop is very clever.

  23. Anne Anderson Says:

    I have always wanted to try Dream in Color.

  24. Janie Says:

    I really love that scarf. just what I need for my spring vacation in the Smokey Mountains

  25. Heather HS Says:

    So pretty!

  26. Jen Says:

    I have 2 one skein books but have never knit anything from them. Dream in Color has such pretty yarns.

  27. Brenda Says:

    I love how evocative of Spring this yarn is.

  28. Kelly H. Says:

    What lovely colours! I love the purples of spring!

  29. BlueLoom Says:

    Very clever scarf design.

  30. webdoyenne Says:

    So…OK. I was gifted with a full set of HiyaHiya circulars and I have a cowl in mind that would look great with this yarn.

  31. Retha Hase Says:

    gorgeous yarn! I would make a Botanical Cowl by Trisky Knitter. I think it would show off the beautiful color of the yarn.

  32. Annina Says:

    Love these colors (maybe it’s because I’m a spring baby!)

  33. lewaletzko Says:

    Great yarn!

  34. AmyB Says:


  35. Anneh Says:

    I’d love to pair this with a semi-solid neutral to make a two-colour shawl…perhaps Chevry or Diving In?

  36. Elaine Boston Says:

    Love the colors of the yarn and trinity scarf pattern, too.

  37. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful yarn. What a great giveaway.

  38. Leta Says:

    That is such a beautiful color. I love the springtime hues.

  39. Ruth B Says:

    Beautiful yarn and pattern!!!

  40. Trina Says:

    Great looking yarn. I am a Honey Cowl convert. I have only made one, but I love it! I have visions of many more in my future. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Rosemarie Says:

    I would love to win both the pattern and the yarn. I’d knit the scarf for this year’s Relay For Life and put it in one of the baskets that I will be making for the chance raffle.

  42. cecile Says:

    I really like this color: perfect for Spring. I never tried this yarn base, but I didn’t find yet a Dream in Color yarn I didn’t like and cashmere + silk, how could it be something else than perfect?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Yolande T. Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  44. Angela angelas Says:

    I love the color, and the scarf is lovely as well.

  45. Natasha Spurrier Says:

    Dream in Color is probably my favorite hand-dyed yarn. I love the technique which ensures no pooling!

  46. Debbi Jones Says:

    What a beautiful colorway–gorgeous! Love the pattern–am thinking it would be a GREAT Mother’s Day present (good thing my mom won’t see this!)

  47. Elena Vo Says:

    Just as I was looking for inspiration for a new project, I stumbled upon this wonderful giveaway :) would love to win!

  48. Stephanie Miller Says:

    Beautiful color and cute pattern. I haven’t knit with Dream in Color before but its on my list!

  49. Maggie in Vermont Says:

    Beautiful colorway! I’m seeing it as a pair of fingerless, long gloves for my newly retired friend, Sherry! ( even though the end result is fingerless … )

  50. Maggie Says:

    A beautiful colorway! I’m seeing as a pair of fingerless gloves (gauntlets) for my newly retired friend, Sherry! Thanks for the chance!

  51. Julie Says:

    What gorgeous spring colors!

  52. Jenni Says:

    Gorgeous colorway! It’s perfect for spring. :D

  53. MelodyJ Says:

    I love these colors.

  54. Bonney Says:

    Beautiful! After fondling this yarn while I look at all the snow in the yard I think I’d like to knit the Trinity scarf. It looks like the perfect transition piece to spring which surely will come again…

  55. Sheila Says:

    Oh, I love that colorway! Pick me please.

  56. Sarah P. Says:

    Beautiful! I think a springy shawlette would be pretty in those colors.

  57. Shadow Byrd Says:

    That is gorgeous! I’ve been craving bright, spring colors.

  58. Julie Slusser Says:

    I would make a light and airy knit cowl! Love this yarn :D

  59. Rachel R. Says:

    I love the colors – so pretty and spring-y!

    Rachel R.

  60. Angela B. Says:

    Love the color!

  61. Laurel Says:

    The crocus is my favorite flower. Just to hear the word crocus makes me happy. I would keep the yarn in the passenger seat of my car for a few months. I like to keep yarn in my car to make me happy when I’m having a bad day :). Then i would make some squares for the Barn Raising Quilt, and hexapuffs for the Bee Keepers Quilt. The colors are so pretty I couldn’t limit the yarn to just one project!

  62. Pauline Says:

    Beautiful Yarn! I’d probably do another Clapotis or maybe splurge for the additional skeins to do Viajante with a ruffled edge

  63. Hopsalot Says:

    Just Yummy. This needs to be around my neck!

  64. mimsfam Says:

    I just love little scarflette patterns. Would love to win that beautiful yarn.

  65. Jennifer S Says:

    I think I would knit a cowl or infinity scarf.

  66. Kathleen Richard Clinton Says:

    Love the Dream in Color yarns. Would make a lovely birthday scarf for my daughter!

  67. Elizabeth Says:

    I would definitely do a small shawl or shawlette. I am saving them up as gifts for holiday panic time!

  68. Michelle McMillen Says:

    LOVE Dream in Color yarn, and LOVE hands-free scarf patterns!

  69. Charlotte Says:

    That yarn and pattern are beautiful — a wonderful spring treat!

  70. Karen Says:

    A lovely giveaway, the yarn looks beautiful!!

  71. Lea Cluff Says:

    Oh, that colorway is gorgeous.

  72. Louise Says:

    What gorgeous yarn!

  73. Jessica Says:

    There are so many patterns to choose from. And with a gorgeous yarn like that, it makes it even harder.

  74. Sara Byron Says:

    I think a pair of fingerless knits for spring would be gorgeous in this colorway. It may be spring in some parts of the country, but we still have cold weather ahead in Chicago! SareBearKnits on ravelry

  75. Elise Mendelman Campbell Says:

    Fabulous colorways!

  76. Anastasia Vishnevsky Says:

    What a beautiful spring-y colorway!

  77. Kara I. Says:

    Pretty. Thanks for the giveaway, the prize seems almost too gorgeous.

  78. Eunice Duininck Says:

    Love the Trinity pattern. I like something I don’t have to “arrange”.

  79. Debbie Hallamek Says:

    I love this pattern. I would love the yarn to make it!

  80. Carolyn Says:

    What a beautiful colorway! I don’t have a single favorite pattern; I like to try a new design every time! The Trinity pattern looks like a great one to try.

  81. Jill Neill Says:

    Wow, what beautiful colors? They would look great in a scarf that I can wear next to my face – they are all my colors!

  82. DonnaM Says:

    Perfectly posh sport looks ideal for a soft squishy cowl. I have a few patterns in my library that are distinct poshabilities….. : )

  83. Marla F Says:

    Beautiful yarn and great pattern – would love to win. thanks.

  84. Julianne Q Says:

    Beautiful yarn!

  85. hotknitter Says:

    cashmere, silk, mohair – what a luscious combo. Combined with great colors makes for a winning yarn.
    hotknitter on rav

  86. chrisknitz Says:

    All my Dream In Color yarns become shawls. Love the stitch definition you get with DinC yarns! That scarf is adorable! Great way to get some bang from your yarn.

  87. Kaliajer Says:

    So pretty! I’d love to win (I always like to win, but this time I would LOVE to win)!

  88. WordLily Says:

    Wow, gorgeous yarn! I’d love to win.

  89. Ginny Says:

    I’m think a small shawl would be fun to make but that scarf is pretty and clever.

  90. JudyAnn Says:

    I would make THAT scarf! Great colors!

  91. Kanani Fox Says:

    ooh that scarf is really clever and the yarn colors are gorgeous!
    kanani on ravelry

  92. Jean Ashley Says:

    I think a small shawlette or fingerless mitts would be lovely in this colorway. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  93. Gina Z Says:

    What beautiful spring colors!

  94. Dorah Says:

    The colors are beautiful….they are totally the colors of spring. I would love to knit it up!

  95. jonnab Says:

    Those are MY colors!

  96. Susan Shamel Says:

    I’d make a toddler sweater for my favorite toddler, Ilana Ruth!

  97. Claudia Kirkland Says:

    I’d make a spring shawl to show off the gorgeous colors.

  98. Judy11 Says:

    OOH – I have been looking for just such a small project to start and the color yarn shown are sooo my palette.

  99. Ginger Malphrus Says:

    Beaufiul colors and yarn.

  100. Stephanie Mann Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! I’ve loved the DIC I have!

  101. Jan Says:

    The colors in the yarn are gorgeous!

  102. Doris Dempsey Says:

    My fav thing-a giveaway and it is Dream In Color Yarn! YAY

  103. RubyDear Says:

    Would love to win this contest–the yarn is beautiful and so is the pattern!

  104. diane Says:

    WOW some beautiful colors!! I just want to knit,knit,knit!

  105. Liz Says:

    I would love to make something with that yarn!

  106. Rebecca C Says:

    I think that yarn would look great as a Honey Cowl!

  107. Sherri Rosenberg Says:

    I’ve been working exclusively with hand dyed yarns of late. Would love to win a skein.

  108. Susan M. Krzysik Says:

    beautiful colors! need them on such a gloomy day!

  109. ajoye Says:

    I am always knitting one-skein projects because I have limited time to knit, and I want to finish something every so often :) I love knitting shawlettes, and I have a number of Romi Hill’s designs waiting in my queue. The trinity scarf is cute, though, so if I won I’d love to use both the yarn and the pattern. I love the colors!

  110. Melissa Edwards Says:


  111. Tracy Cockburn Trim Says:

    I love it when a “simple” project is actually a beautiful, practical and unique project too! The Dream in Color yarn is spectacular; what a lovely Trinity scarf it would make!

  112. Beth Dillingham Diskin Says:

    This yarn is beautiful!

  113. Sue Says:

    I’d make the good old fashioned Trigger Gloves from WWII they always look fabulous in variegated yarns!

  114. Lynn Dowty Beck Says:

    Beautiful yarn, and luscious colors. Perfect for a scarf.

  115. Fluffykira Says:

    Ooo I’d knit the Rivendel Smoke Ring by Susan Pandorf.

  116. Caroline Says:

    What beautiful colors! Just right as an Easter accesory.

  117. Carol Says:

    Great scarf! And amazing yarn colors!

  118. Terri Croswhite Says:

    Beautiful colors, would love a free skein!

  119. facebook-1502653326 Says:

    would love to own this gorgeous color! :-)

  120. Estíbaliz del Olmo Says:

    I love the colors and this lovely yarn :)

  121. Cheryl Kouris Says:

    This would be lovely for my friend who just had heart surgery. She’s wanting scarves to cover up the scar.

  122. Beth Roth Says:

    I love those colors! I’m partial to drop stitch scarves for hand dyed yarn. When I pick a colorway, I usually pick it because I like how it looks in the skein…a simple drop stitch scarf retains that look better than any other design I’ve tried yet.

  123. Anne Says:

    the colors give me hope that the groundhog was right! So looking forward to Spring knitting

  124. Martha Ericson Says:

    I have a really pretty scarf pattern

  125. Janet Jones Melcher Says:

    This colorway reminds me of iris and pansies. Beautiful!

  126. Caitlin S Says:

    That colorway is fantastic!

  127. Lola Grab Says:

    Beautiful colors, makes you want to get out the flower boxes.

  128. Michelle Mogilevsky Harrison Says:

    What luxurious yarn! I think it will look GREAT in that pattern.

  129. Lisa Says:

    What beautiful yarn and it sounds so nice, would just love to win this.

  130. Tricia Lockwood- Smith Says:

    Love the colors! Perfect for spring.

  131. Becky Kelly Says:

    Wow! So lovely!

  132. Heather Says:

    Gorgeous colors. And March 8th is my birthday. I think my daughter would love her own shawl with this color way. She is 8 and full of fashion ideas.

  133. The_May Says:

    Love the colors!!!!

  134. Roberta Ferguson Says:

    Wow! Nice yarn. Love the scarf too!

  135. Michelle Roy Says:

    Saw this posted on Facebook! What a perfect giveaway for spring! March is finally here, and I’m ready to be rid of this snow here in Wisconsin!

  136. Delia Lamb Says:

    the colors are beautiful – maybe a Multnomah Shawl?

  137. Debbie Briggs Says:

    Love the yarn colors, so pretty! I think I would make the Trinity Scarf. It is a lovely design and I think the pattern would set off the color changes so well.

  138. Esther Says:

    So beautiful! I’ve never used Dream in color and this would be a wonderful opportunity!

  139. Alice Says:

    I love the scarf, and the colors of the yarn are tremendous

  140. Shari Kaufman Says:


  141. Debbie Says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous!

  142. Amy C Says:

    ooo that is a yummy color!!!!!!! Definitely spring like..I could definitely make one of those for spring!

  143. Diana C. Says:

    LOVE Dream in Color yarns. They’re so bouncy and colorful. Since my daughter ran off (okay, with permission!) with my DIC Starry Night shawlette, I think I’d make myself a new one.

  144. Deb Mui Says:

    Love the colors and love Dream in Color!

  145. Mollie Says:

    what beautiful colors, as usual from Dream in Color!

  146. Marti Says:

    Colors like this make me want to stop, drop, and knit! Very pretty spring/summer scarf to knit with the yarn, too!

  147. Patti Kyle Says:

    My granddaughter would love something made from this beautiful yarn.

  148. Terri Miezwa Says:

    The Colors are out of this world gorgeous!! and I would be out of this world happy to win!!

  149. Kimberley Rector Says:

    Such a gorgeous yarn. Thank you for offering this contest.

  150. brooke Says:

    ooooooohhhhhh fancy.

  151. Pinkb Says:

    What absolutely gorgeous yarn! I would love to make something special with this yarn. Be it scarf, shawl, or whatever, it is sure to turn out beautifully!

  152. Danielle A. Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I would like to make a gorgeous baby hat with it.

  153. Zira Michelle Brinton Says:

    Oh my god this is pretty! I think I’d make some light spring handwarmers with it!~

  154. April Armstrong Reis Says:

    What beautiful colors! I love the Trinity scarf pattern, different from my usual patterns. orangegiraffe on Rav.

  155. AlyQ Says:

    Oh, yes, -very- beautiful yarns. Makes me think of Easter.

  156. carrie Says:

    Shawlettes are my favorite 1-skein project. I like to wear them as bibs, or scrunched as a little scarf.

  157. DianeVar Says:

    The colors are wonderful!

  158. Grace Lee Says:

    I would love to knit this scarf and the yarn is lovely!

  159. Grace Says:

    A self-contained scarf connector…great!

  160. Jeannie Zeller Says:

    My favorite is the lacy Bantus :)

  161. Carolyn Robbin Says:

    I like the Wingspan shawlette. Those colors are gorgeous….

  162. Heather Bradshaw Says:

    I love those springy colors and the scarf is so cute.

  163. Nannersmama Says:


  164. Shiphrah99 Says:

    I think it would make a great shawlette – maybe Wingspan.

  165. lynne kelly Says:

    zuzu’s petals by Carina Spencer

  166. AJ Says:

    that is absolutely gorgeous.

  167. Elisha McVay Cram Says:

    I’d love to add this project to my collection!

  168. Aaron Roy Says:

    I love Dream in Color! I would make a cowl so I could have this wonderful yarn close to me!

  169. Esther Budd Says:

    I definitely want to win this yarn. I’d weave with it.

  170. Sarah Lynnie Says:

    I’d make a hat, that’s always what I make… given my organization.

  171. courtney allen Says:


  172. FBK Says:

    Beautiful fibers and colors, and the scarf is a perfect small project! Perhaps I might actually finish something for a change, and that would be a wonderful way to start my spring!

  173. Jolene W Says:

    I just finished the Star Crossed hat from ravelry with one skein of malabrigo. That was a fun and quick one skein pattern. This scarf pattern is really cute and it would be fun to try!

  174. Debbie Saenz Says:

    Would love to win – pretty yarn!!

  175. labeth Says:

    Unleaving ( is great because it is easy to adjust for yardage.

  176. HelenA Says:

    What stunning yarn! I can think of several projects I could use that for.

  177. Kat Harper Says:

    i love this yarn and have a perfect pattern for it

  178. Says:

    I’d love to make a Scalene keyhole scarf with Dream in Color—

  179. Trishcarp Says:

    So perfect for spring!

  180. Lisa R Says:

    Im liking the dream color in Wisp very pretty :D

  181. Joanne Dolan Jett Says:

    I would make something wide, like a shawl, to show off all of those wonder colors

  182. Angie French Says:

    What a beautiful Spring colorway! Makes me want the snow to melt faster and the flowers to start blooming.

  183. Alison Says:

    That yarn and colorway are to die for! I’d definitely like to try my hand at that scarf.

  184. Jen Says:

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing giveaway!

  185. Stephanie Wheat Says:

    those colors are beautiful! i haven’t really worked much with sport weight…

  186. Debbie Applebury Says:

    Beautiful colors! I think I would knit a small shawlette or a cowl.

  187. Susan G Says:

    Love the colors!! One of my daughters would without a doubt have the perfect project in mind for me to knit for them.

  188. Harena Atria Says:

    The yarn looks positively Skooshy! And I know who those colors would be perfect for! :D

  189. Melissa Bramble Says:

    A lace hat for spring–definitely!

  190. aprilgee Says:

    These colors are gorgeous!

  191. julia Says:

    Adorable pattern, gorgeous yarn. Love DICY!

  192. Natalie La Rue Says:

    Those colors are GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t wait untill Spring when my garden looks like that. i would love to have that scarf to remind me of my garden when it’s sleeping.

  193. Pamela Narveson Says:

    Thanks for giving me hope for spring today! Just what I needed in this MN winter gray weather! I love both the colorway and the Trinity Scarf pattern. The pattern looks like the answer to never losing a scarf again! As for my go-to scarf pattern I have been favoring the linen stitch scarves. I love that they look like they have been weaved.

    PS I would really like to win the yarn and pattern. It would make an extra special birthday present for me! (My birthday is Sunday. :-)

  194. michaela Says:

    That colorway is gorgeous! I suspect I’d try some fingerless mitts for those raw early spring days.

  195. Andi Johnson Says:

    Love that yarn! And, the scarf is great,.too!

  196. Lori Kingdollar Byrne Says:

    The colors are absolutely stunning. Would look beautiful made into any number of things

  197. KayLynn Says:

    Such beautiful “Spring” colors in this yarn. Oh! How I would Love to win this!

  198. Pushpa Lehene-Singh Says:

    Beautiful yarn!

  199. Megan Fuller Says:

    This would make an amazing cowl!

  200. Mary Fran Olson Says:

    Love the colorway!

  201. Barb Says:

    Beautiful colors…. would probably knit a scarf. Also think it would make a darling stuffed bunny!

  202. Carrie Says:

    The colors are so very springy. A lovely inspiration for a very gray day.

  203. stacy Says:

    I could really use these, I have a new project in mind…

  204. Says:

    Absolutely beautiful colors, reminds me of my hydrangeas in the summer!

  205. Annie Tarbox Says:

    Love how the colors and yarn work with the pattern. I’d love to try this!

  206. FlagGazer Says:

    What lovely colorways and a great blend!

  207. cheriwan Says:

    This sweet scarf is lovely! But I think I’d probably make this shawl for Spring in Texas (my first one!)

  208. Helen Lancaster Wallbank Says:

    Wondeerful colors and pattern. Would love to be chosen. Thanks for the chance.

  209. Rosellen Says:

    That is a great scarf pattern and beautiful yarn too!

  210. Laura Whitby Sullivan Says:

    This yarn is so gorgeous! I’d probably knit myself a pretty, lacy scarf.

  211. lsgknits Says:

    Not a big scarf person, but I’d use that to make a spectacular hat.

  212. Andee Says:

    Oh what a fantastic giveaway! I can think of a million things to make with that beautiful yarn!

  213. JudyS Says:

    Wonderful yarn – have seen it in the store – am a scarf-aholic – would love to win this!

  214. Beth S. Says:

    Gorgeous yarn!!! I would have such fun picking out a project for it! Pick me, pick me!

  215. Shanna Carney Henk Says:

    Wow, gorgeous yarn. If I win it (please, pick me!!), I will have to wait till I’m holding it and it speaks to me about what it wants to be.

  216. Tara B. Says:

    What a gorgeous and versatile color palette, I love it!

  217. amy Says:

    I’ve been making a lovely little lace scarf and this yarn would be great for it!

  218. Karen Says:

    This yarn is beautiful!! Socks or scarfs! Yummy!

  219. ChristineU Says:

    Really lovely! I bet it feels wonderful too!

  220. gail Says:

    How beautiful! I am the most unluckiest person in the world, I will just have to buy a skein or two. And I have the perfect project for this yarn.

  221. Kris C Says:

    I love cowls for one-skein projects…Soft Structure is a recent favorite. :)

  222. Pam Butterfield Says:

    The colors really do remind me of my grandmothers who had beautiful gardens and loved pansies and violets.

  223. Mary Bordi Says:

    I know I could find something to make with that gorgeous yarn!

  224. Says:

    Beautiful yarn. It reminds me of my hydrangeas in the summer!

  225. Rena Says:

    Sign me up!

  226. Eric Mason Says:

    Pretty pretty pretty! Love the colorway, and of course, the cashmere!

  227. Ann Halligan Donahue Says:

    Gorgeous colors! Might have to get some for myself no matter what!

  228. Jennifer Beecher Says:

    I’m dreaming of these gorgeous colors!

  229. Napagoer Says:

    Such pretty colors!!!

  230. Karen P Says:

    THAT is the most perfect scarf with a self closure!!! & it would be beautiful in that spring colorway!!!! LOVE!!!

  231. Keri Cascio Says:

    I need me some spring!

  232. Joanne Chapin Says:

    It’s just so pretty!

  233. robin huggett Says:

    love those colors….purple is my favorite color

  234. Rachel A Says:

    beautiful spring colors!

  235. JillB Says:

    Ooo very pretty! I definitely have a scarf project (or two!) that would look great in that!

  236. Caroline Wise Says:

    So pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. Cindy Says:

    Love that color

  238. Renee Snoderly Says:

    I love Dream In Color! This fiber blend sounds luxurious and would love to try it.

  239. angelicabeads Says:

    What a gorgeous yarn! I’d love to win this contest and be able to create something absolutely beautiful with it! Thanks so much.

  240. Deanna Ross Says:

    My colors! I would love to make a pattern called “Brighton” by Veronica Parsons. I recently bought the pattern at Stitches West. Bought a few pairs of needles from Webs while there too ;)

  241. Sarah Says:

    So lovely, would very much enjoy making a scarf with it

  242. Beth Rasmussen Says:

    What a beautiful yarn in a lovely colorway!! Would love to knit this!

  243. Debbie Boiano Says:

    Gorgeous yarn. I might make a one row lace scarf with it.

  244. larkspurstudio Says:

    One cannot go wrong with Madeline Tosh yarn! Thanks for the lovely contest!

  245. Melissa Patricia Says:

    I don’t have a particular pattern in mind, but I would go for a scarf or cowl in a light and lacey pattern to show off the airy light feeling I get from the yarn. I can practically smell the flowers….

  246. Debbie Says:

    I think that I would make an open work shawl for spring. 320yards should be plenty of yarn!

  247. Shannon Adams Says:

    My go-to one skein project recently is the linen-st bucket hat. I’ve made at least 6 of them!! The colors for the Perfectly Posh Sport are so beautiful and universal!

  248. Marie Says:

    Lovely! Wishing!

  249. Eirekay Says:

    Luscious! Like Luppen!

  250. christina Says:

    This yarn is gorgeous!

  251. Kelly halley Says:

    I just want to touch it and squeeze it!!!

  252. Celest Couch Says:

    You said the magic word – “violet”!

  253. Cindy Marsh Says:

    My absolute favorite colors!

  254. Tammy DelMedico Ellison Says:

    Oh I so love Dream in color and my stash of it extensive.

  255. Carol G Says:

    I love those colors! Thanks for the chance.

  256. ballewal Says:

    I’d probably squirrel it away and pet it occasionally.

  257. Janet Evans Says:

    So pretty

  258. Michelle Wright Says:

    Wonderful yarn, watercolor like colors!

  259. Marian Rezel Says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  260. Cheryl Says:

    Dream In Color Yarn is SO beautiful – I’m liking this pattern too!

  261. Christine Foley Says:

    I love Dream In Color yarn. And I’d love to try to make that scarf :)

  262. Maddini Says:

    Very nice. Just love the color.

  263. BAP Says:

    Dream on! Dreaming of springtime weather and dreaming of knitting with this springtime colored yarn.

  264. Sarah Herman Says:

    I love the bandana cowl!

  265. Jenna Says:

    Lovely. Dream In Color is such nice yarn.

  266. Eileen C Says:

    The yarn is spectacular! I’d love to try a Canaletto Cowl with it.

  267. Kissy Says:


  268. Melissa Estrada Says:

    I would love to make a sweet lacy scarf or a shawlette.

  269. Maria-José Viñas Says:

    Lovely! It’d make for a cute cowl, such as the Shifting Sand Cow by Julie Golub.

  270. Gail Persichilli Says:

    Wait a great way to bring in Spring with those lovely colors…

  271. Betsy Says:

    That would be beautiful as a linen stitch scarf!

  272. Janet Says:

    Gorgeous color! I love it.

  273. sckristin Says:

    A perfect violets of April colorway!

  274. Nicole Says:

    Love the yarn & the pattern! :)

  275. Aknitalatte Says:

    It would be awesome for an Estonian stitch I have in mind for a shawlette

  276. catspaw Says:

    Pastels aren’t usually terribly appealing to me but those are lovely.

  277. Samantha Says:

    Beautiful color mix, would be lovely with the Trinity scarf pattern.

  278. obscure Says:

    Beautifu spring colors!

  279. Cara Says:

    That is really beautiful yarn : )

  280. Michele Zagorski Says:

    Love the yarn, love the scarf!

  281. Susan Crowson Says:

    That’s really stunning

  282. Kelly Conrad Says:


  283. Linda Milanese Kerschner Says:

    I would make a lacy triangle shawl for my mother!

  284. TripletMom Says:

    I would love to make a hat or two for my girls

  285. Jaclyn Knack Says:

    very beautiful! Good luck everyone!

  286. UglyGerbil Says:

    I’ve been knitting for exactly 8 days, so I don’t even know what I’d make with it yet. My head is exploding with all the things I want to make right now, but I know I could make something awesome with that yarn!

  287. Carol Says:

    Every day I find new scarf patterns on Ravelry to tempt me. It would be really tough to decide what I’d make with 1 skein of Perfectly Posh, but I would certainly be willing to make the sacrifice and pick a pattern if I won.

  288. Regina O. Says:

    I would like to win!! The spring yarn description is the Siren’s song!

  289. Karen Says:

    Love the colors and the scarf is a joyful accessory to make on my needles

  290. knittiak Says:

    I love Dream in Color! I’ve never tried Posh though.

  291. Jane H Says:

    I would love to use this yarn to make the Spring Shawlette pattern that Abuelita Yarns has up on Ravelry. And March 8th is my birthday! (does that count?)

  292. Jennifer Rich Says:

    Oh my…I just want to hold it & squish it in my hands for a while :)
    Then, I may figure out what it wants to become…definitely something close to my face! The colors are simply beautiful.

  293. Lesley Diskin Says:

    Beautiful shadings in a lux yarn. Yum!

  294. Jenn Cudmore Maguire Says:

    Love the colors! Definitely a sign of Spring!

  295. jude Says:

    Lovely colors and a cute little scarf. My niece would love one of those – she says her office is cold all day!

  296. AlisonZ Says:

    I’d love to knit up a scarf with that beautiful yarn! It would be so luxurious to have next to my neck!

  297. Kattak Says:

    Love this yarn! I’d make a big springy lace shawl.

  298. Doris Says:

    I think that Trinity would be lovely in that yarn!

  299. Cyndi Says:

    beautiful colors.

  300. Lilian Chen Lee Says:

    Ooh pretty! I’d make the small trousseau shawl with this yarn – that would be just perfect!

  301. Candi Says:


  302. Roseofisabel Says:

    I’d probably buy more of the yarn and make a sweater :)

  303. JoAnn Says:

    Lovely yarn to make a scarf in Linen Stitch

  304. Diane Alua-Rioux Says:

    Beautiful yarn for a beautiful pattern!

  305. Zita Hesterman Says:

    oh, beautiful! I would love to win!!

  306. Carol D Says:

    Love the colors. I agree, Easter eggs come to mind!

  307. Emely Says:

    Exactly my colors! Love them!

  308. Dominica Plummer Says:

    I’m thinking pink!

  309. Sierra Doyle-Rios Says:

    I’d love to win a skein! I’d probably make something for my toddler, since she loves all things knitted.

  310. Linda Uhl Says:

    Linda Uhl
    Beautiful, Love that color combo..

  311. Emily Fowler Eller Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  312. wanda Says:

    So pretty! I love the pattern posted or a nice cowl

  313. Andrea Valenti Says:

    That’s one prettly skein of yarn.

  314. Tamara Emerson-Zappa Says:

    The colors are incredible!

  315. Stefanie Says:

    Ooh yes, pretties will love their new home on my needles.

  316. cveds Says:

    Absolutely a scarf for my lovely daughter-in-law

  317. Nancy Says:

    Purples, pinks and greens are such delicious colors.

  318. Betsy stone Says:

    Lovely. I’d happily have one.

  319. JSF Says:

    Perfect for a cowl!

  320. D Savage Says:

    Luscious. I would love to make a hat with this, or if I made a scarf, the Lacy Luna scarf pattern would be great.

  321. Petra Says:

    Love the yarn and love the scarf!

  322. Nivole Says:

    I think it would make a lovely cowl!

  323. NanaSF Says:

    The colors are perfect. My granddaughter would love so etching made of this yarn.

  324. Melanie Lee Says:

    Gorgeous! I can really use some Spring around here!!

  325. Judy Olson Says:

    Perfectly springy! Love.

  326. Jane O'Donohue Says:

    Love the colours :-)

  327. gkleing3 Says:

    Pretty! I’ll take two!

  328. Malinda Abraham Says:

    Love those colors! I have a couple of one skein scarf patterns that would look great in this yarn

  329. Susan Rosenthal Says:

    Those are all my favorite colors! I might try the pattern, or do a search on ravelry for other ideas. Love love love the yarn!

  330. mosingalong Says:

    An original dropped stitch pattern that is scrumptiously gorgeous front and back, which I think is the best solution for a scarf.

  331. arrowleaf Says:

    Nice yarn!

  332. Sherri Kanten Says:

    Oh my, it really does look like spring! There IS hope of this white stuff leaving soon!

  333. Alicia Says:

    Hmm, I have lots of beautiful single skeins this pattern would be great for! I usually try to make shawlettes with single skeins.

  334. Betty Carlson Garpow Says:

    These colors are fabulous! I never win anything ever, but I wanted to comment anyway!

  335. Fabe Says:

    Beautiful yarn in a terrific colorway

  336. Freya Says:

    One of the best yarns ever!

  337. Jennifer Olson Arndt Says:


  338. Appy Says:

    What I’ll make? A simple cowl to show off the beautiful yarn!

  339. Ollipop10 Says:

    Great color. I think I would make fingerless gloves or a scarf

  340. Linda Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! Would love to knit with it.

  341. Ellen Says:

    Beautiful colors – it would be incorporated into a shawl!

  342. Rachel Kloter Stansel Says:

    Beautiful! I’d make shifting sands!

  343. Georgia Says:

    Why, knit a Trinity Scarf of coarse!

  344. Kim Guennette Says:

    love the color, just the right thing for an end of winter pick-me-up. The scarf pattern is the perfect compliment for the yarn and a few outfits I’ve got!

  345. Carol Shuchman Says:

    Looks like the colors of my Brooklyn garden in April. I would love to knit with it.

  346. mrspao Says:

    I’d love to win this. The colours are beautiful and the scarf is gorgeous.

  347. Anna N Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  348. Karen Burton Says:

    Haven’t tried this yarn, but would like too:)

  349. Vicky M Says:

    Beautiful yarn, I would love to make a scarf with it.

  350. Donna Antaramian Says:

    Love the yarn and what a cute pattern.

  351. G. Romilly Mueller Says:

    Very pretty. I would LOVE to try out a skein! :)

  352. Kivy Weeks Says:

    I love cowls made of soft yarn :)

  353. Cara Chapel Says:

    I would love to make a drop-stitch scarf with this; it’s gorgeous!

  354. Aleda Says:

    I love the TGV pattern, it’s a nice and easy pattern that really lets the yarn take center stage.

  355. Kitty Hill Says:

    Some baby hats and/or headbands! Must be soft and perfect color for spring.

  356. Beth Says:

    Ooh! More pretty Dream in Color yarn. This one is particularly lovely.

  357. Terri J. Haynes Says:

    I love the light and dark highlights. Lovely. I think a Shaelyn shawl would make this yarn happy.

  358. Randi Sherman Says:

    This colorway is beautiful, and is the perfect pop of colors to beat the gloom outside my window.

  359. Sharon Eccleston Lewis Says:

    Ooh, gorgeous! I’d love to knit with this yarn, and the pattern is sweet.

  360. KK Says:

    Awesome yarn! Beautiful colorway shown.

  361. LeslieK Says:

    Dream in Color yarns are so lovely!

  362. sheila Says:

    Colorup for spring

  363. Suzanne Says:

    Very Lovely Yarn and Pattern. I would love to make that for my daughters teacher, it would suite her to a T.

  364. Nancy Hannah Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win some DIC Yarn . The colors are gorgeous!

  365. hjg2 Says:

    OMG – lovely, lovely, lovely!!

  366. BlueZamia Says:

    Pretty yarn for a narrow leafy scarf

  367. DatPixieGirl Says:

    I would like to make a matching hat and mitts set; I love things that match and I love purple, so it would be a double-win =) Plus with the size of one skein, there would be more than enough yarn to make both things.

  368. jody Says:

    I recently found a louisa harding cosimo scarf pattern that would be beautiful in this yarn.

  369. Kim Nobles Says:

    Beautiful! I think it would be a great cowl.

  370. lkrichel :-) :-) Says:

    Yummy to work with! :-) :-)

  371. Amanda Luensmann Says:

    this would be a great little take a long project.

  372. Madeleine Says:

    I would love to make that lovely scarf in that lovely yarn!

  373. Thuy Cansdale Says:

    Omg falling in love with this yarn, it’s very beautiful!

  374. Jennifer Webber Says:

    It looks like it would coordinate wonderfully with a worsted-weight T I am working on.. I would make an edging with this!

  375. Margot Says:

    Love it! Would make a nice Mother’s Day gift with it for my Mom.

  376. Rebekah Says:

    wow that yarn is gorgeous

  377. Amy Says:

    I don’t have a go to pattern, I like trying new patterns all the time!

  378. Julia McGinnis Says:

    Wow what fantastic colors! The patterns looks different and perhaps challenging which are both criteria for me when picking new projects.

  379. Becky Says:

    Beautiful yarn–I would love to try the Trinity Scarf in one of those gorgeous pastels:)

  380. disqus_cyLtcQwuDZ Says:

    Gorgeous colors, gorgeous yarn!

  381. Marcy Says:

    Ok that is such a pretty color. I have been knitting with Dream in Color Classy for about a month for baby things. This yarn base is one I would love to try!

  382. fairknit Says:

    this is a dainty spring scarf. I’m looking forward to making it in the spring flower colors!

  383. Marcia Says:

    This is my favorite yarn! I made a yummy sweater with it last year.

  384. Lori Adams Says:

    My favorite colors, I love it!

  385. Beth Wells Blair Says:

    Love the Dream in Color colors

  386. Ann B. Says:

    Beautiful yarn! It makes me think of twilight and spring all rolled into one! Great scarf pattern too.

  387. Mary Says:

    so pretty

  388. Pat Lee Whebbe Says:

    Beautiful colors and very cute scarf!

  389. ReginaC Says:

    My favorite colors!

  390. Jenay Reynolds-Sibbach Says:

    One more pretty yarn to add to my stash!

  391. Emm1e Says:

    Beautiful Yarn and I just love it that the gauge swatch is part of the scarf!

  392. harry'smom Says:

    My favorite colors. Pick me! Pick me!

  393. Catherine Kanak Says:

    The colors are beautiful and remind me of a spring Hydrangia plant! I would love to win this inspirational color… ahhhhh!!! Catherine K.

  394. jes Says:

    Möbius cowl!

  395. Lugarda Cappetta Says:

    Beautiful scarf pattern.

  396. Pamela Peacock Says:

    Love the colors, it really looks like spring.

  397. Carol Says:

    Love the colors!

  398. Jan P Says:

    Beautiful yarn. Love the colors and love the scarf. I’d love to both!

  399. LinzHill Says:

    What colourway was used for the pink sample scarf?

  400. Allisonp71 Says:

    I am through with winter drab. Bring on the colors of spring!

  401. Pattie C. Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  402. Jen Says:

    I don’t have a go to pattern, but man would I love this yarn!

  403. CatherineS Says:

    I’d love to give the Trinity scarf a try, but the page for this pattern on Ravelry says the pattern can only be purchased with the Dream in Color February 2013 Dream Club kit, and I’m not finding the pattern on the DiC website. However, I do have some other 1-skein patterns I could use it with.

  404. Tracy Says:

    OMG! That is so pretty. Don’t have a pattern in mind but it won’t be hard to find one.

  405. Sarah West Says:

    That scarf is so pretty!!!!!

  406. Chill77 Says:

    Great yarn! Love the colour!

  407. KathrynMorse Says:

    Beautiful yarn — great pattern. I would love to be a lucky winner!

  408. Andrea Says:

    I would love to make a scarf from that gorgeous yarn!

  409. Katie Lewellen Says:

    So pretty! I would love to have some :)

  410. Jan P Says:

    Beautiful yarn. Love the colors and love the scarf. I’d love to try both!

  411. kobuu Says:

    Ooh, this yarn would be perfect for the Age of Brass and Steam! Even if I don’t win, I’ll probably get some at the tent sale!

  412. BAL Says:

    Oooooooo – I want to dive in and roll around in the yarn.

  413. Grace Sterling Gardiner Says:

    am drooling!!!! some luscious fiber for crochet month!!!! I want some, please!!!!

  414. Tamara Morgan Says:

    Dream in Color is a gorgeous yarn, and that’s a cute little scarf. I’d love to make it–after my three cardigans get sleeves and the socks I’m knitting two-at-a-time on two circulars are finished! :-)

  415. Nancy Groth Says:

    Small, scarf-size lace shawls are my next knitting challenge. As a petite woman and a wheelchair user, I want something feminine [these colors are perfect!] and small-scaled around my neck/shoulders.

  416. okiesarah Says:

    I would love to win, thanks! I could use a new scarf

  417. hollyk Says:

    Oooooh! Pick me, pick me!! I can think of a half dozen things to make with a skein of that!

  418. Shellie Urso Says:

    I have the perfect scarf in mind for this very Spring like yarn. My favorite time of the year is Spring and I think this scarf would make a perfect Apostophe.

  419. imalicsw Says:

    I love this yarn! I will now have to start looking for a crochet pattern for it ;)

  420. MorningMorna Says:

    The yarn just makes me want to knit!!!

  421. Marilyn Says:

    Oh yes please, I’d love to work with this yarn, beautiful.

  422. Kelley Kizer Says:

    I can think of several patterns for this yarn….I would love to win!

  423. Shannon Coates Flagg Says:

    something new to put on my gianormus want list of yarn…lol

  424. Bridie Says:

    What beautiful yarn! A nd a great scarf pattern. I would love some!

  425. Joanne Says:

    The scarf pattern is so beautiful! With that yarn, it will make the perfect spring accessory!

  426. suntankid Says:

    Just love the colors in this yarn. Would love to make the Trinity scarf out of it.

  427. AdamandJessi Cremers Says:

    Looks like it would make a beautiful scarf or hat!!

  428. AnnP. Says:

    This yarn is absolute luxury! Would love to knit a cowl or small with these colors :)

  429. Pat McDonald Says:

    Gorgeous yarn – would love to win.

  430. Linnetknits Says:

    Love those colors! And they’d be wonderful in that scarf. Just what I need to brighten a wintry day.

  431. Colleen Hill Baxter Says:

    Beautiful yarn—my mind is spinning with all kinds of possibilities!

  432. Lyn_in_MI Says:

    Beautiful color way, & love that Trinity scarf !

  433. AdamandJessi Cremers Says:

    Can we leave multiple comments? I just saw 5 from the same person.

  434. Stephanie Bordeaux-Seeger Says:

    I think I’d make lacy hair bands with crocheted flowers with that yarn. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  435. AnnP. Says:

    omited small shawl in my comment!

  436. Judy LaLonde Says:

    Love Dream in Color and these particular colors bring me hope of Spring!!!

  437. Jamina Says:

    That’s really pretty! :) Would love to try it.

  438. twyliav Says:

    Love the colors!

  439. Erin Says:

    Oh how pretty! I would LOVE to give this yarn a try :)

  440. Amber Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous yarn AND scarf! The colors really are perfect for spring.

  441. Kathi Sherron Says:

    I love, love, love Dream in Color yarn. (Please let me win!!)

  442. Ellen C Says:

    Love the colors…

  443. MarthaO Says:

    absolutely beautiful colors. I would definitely knit that scarf.

  444. Pam Blaydes Says:

    Green purple and pink are my three favorite colors! That yarn looks scrumptious! Thank you for giving us all this opportunity!

  445. Liz Says:

    I would definitely make the beautiful Trinity Scarf with this gorgeous yarn!

  446. Sue Ess Says:

    Gorgeous colors, lovely yarn- and a pattern! Who could turn down a chance at that?! Thank you!

  447. LadyAngst Says:

    Gorgeous colors!

  448. Lori Says:

    Thanks for another great contest!

  449. Linda Says:

    It’s tax season. This is just about the only way I’ll see Spring and I’ll be perfectly happy with that :-)

  450. Dietra Tewalt Says:

    Lovely yarn! Yes, please.

  451. Ann Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! It must be really soft with cashmere, silk and mohair in it. I’d love to make a scarf out of it!

  452. Eileen Says:

    Such beautiful colors! I don’t know what I would knit, but I would figure something out!

  453. Kathrine J Green Says:

    Gorgeous yarn

  454. Jessica Says:

    Both the scarf and yarn are gorgeous!

  455. Kerith St. Louis Says:

    Beautiful color combination and pattern!

  456. Lynda Wagoner Bogel Says:

    I heart heart heart Dream in Color.

  457. Wendy Ross Says:

    I would definitely make a scarf as soon as possible, and send it off to Australia in the next box!

  458. Julie Hunt Says:

    I would love to win this combo-great yarn and great pattern!

  459. Leslie Says:

    I love the yarn and the scarf pattern is gorgeous too!

  460. Ashtan Albright Says:

    I’d probably crochet a doily for my dining room.

  461. paula Says:

    love the yarn. I’d make a scarf.

  462. Toni Aldrich Bragdon Says:

    My favorite season in yarn… Love the colors.

  463. Dianne Sutton Says:

    Love Dream in Color yarns!

  464. Candace M Madera Says:

    I’ve been dying to try dream in color. it looks beautiful

  465. Patricia Morton Says:

    Space-dyed yarns are the most fun. Lovely colors!

  466. Karen Caplan Says:

    Lovely lovely!

  467. SusanM Says:

    Love the scarf, love the colors! Perfect for Florida!

  468. sheryl Says:

    gorgeous yarn, I would knit a bonnet and booties for my 6 month old grand daughter.

  469. Jaime Louise Binkley Says:

    Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern! I’d love to win!

  470. srhncl Says:

    I love lacy scarves. Love this yarn!

  471. Abie Says:

    Wow! That yarn is stunning!

  472. AhnnahMarina Says:

    Wow! Very pretty yarn, some of my favorite colors! And the scarf is so pretty, I love the pattern.

  473. Misty Longaker Buchanan Says:

    The Trinity scarf looks fun. I have made many things with Dreams in Color and love the yarn.

  474. Francesca Says:

    A perfect way to welcome spring!

  475. Pat Says:

    I have been wanting to make this scarf. This is my moment?

  476. MC Says:

    Love the 100% natural fibers…I’d make a delicate cowl.

  477. KM Bürns Says:

    Love the colors! They’re so soothing!

  478. Jody Says:

    What a lovely yarn…I can just feel the softness!

  479. Ellie King Says:

    Absolutely love that scarf pattern! And the yarns? YUMMY!

  480. Alison Says:

    I would love to knit that

  481. kristina jensen Says:

    I’d make lovely wrist warmers

  482. Jody Says:

    This yarn is amazing! Love the scarf, too!

  483. Britt Lank Says:

    Beautiful.Love it!

  484. Melody Cross Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarns, love the spring colors and my daughter would love a scarf like that.

  485. Anne Ibach Says:

    I want to see that beautiful purple knitted up… BY ME!!!

  486. Peggy Kennedy Says:

    Great pattern for a super yarn.

  487. donna reed Says:

    Love the yarn!!

  488. Linda L Says:

    Beautiful colors, certainly spring colors, and cute scarf!

  489. Polly Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! I would be thrilled to be a winner!

  490. KimLH Says:

    Oh my, that yarn is gorgeous! I’ve knit with it before and really love it : ) thanks in advance!

  491. sheryl Says:

    I would love to try this yarn, I could never afford to purchase it. Got laid off from my job last week. Beautiful colors.

  492. Ann Harries Says:

    Great pattern and yarn colors.

  493. kim schweinberg Says:

    Just gorgeous !!!!

  494. Kit Finn Says:

    Beautiful yarn.

  495. Kate Mulligan Wolfe Says:

    I found a lovely lacy pair of fingerless gloves, knit sideways, that was perfect for my last one-skein project!

  496. KathyS Says:

    I would love to try some Dream in Color yarn. I could use some purple in my palette.

  497. Beth Says:

    Such lovely colors!

  498. Diane DeLille Says:

    Ohhh I’m drooling! My favorite yarn and a color so inspiring< I can smell the flowers!

  499. Cassy Mohos Tomlinson Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarn :)

  500. Debby Jones Says:

    Love the yarn could think of a couple of projects, scarves, socks, maybe a sweater the possiblities are endless oh yes so want the yarn

  501. cheryl1104 Says:

    I love Steve’s Deal of the Day.

  502. Nancy Adams Says:

    Beautiful colors!! These need to be in my stash!! AND on my needles!!

  503. AnnieT Says:

    A pair of fingerless gloves- something open and lacy!

  504. Joetta Bernhard Says:

    Gorgeous color, woould be happy to wear this scarf in any color!

  505. cheryl1104 Says:

    I would love to have the plaesure of knitting this beautiful scarf with the Dream in Colr fine light weight yarn. Hope I am one of the lucky ten.

  506. Kristen Says:

    I’d love to Dream in Color.

  507. Barb Says:

    The yarn is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.

  508. Kathleen P Says:

    Beautiful yarns.. love Dream in Color Classy yarns.. would love to try out this Perfectly Posh Sport..

  509. Elizabeth Dewyre Says:

    The scarf is so lovely. I love knitting with this yarn!

  510. Jane S Says:

    It looks like beautiful yarn. I would make a lacy springtime scarf for cool nights.

  511. brooke Says:

    love it!

  512. kristi Says:

    Beautiful colorways! Great for a spring cowl and or fingerless mitts.

  513. Susan Knorr Says:

    The colors are delightful, sophisticated and flattering to just about anyone.

  514. Robin Bretan Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! I would love to use these for a pair of fiingerless mitts – perfect for our weather here in Atlanta!

  515. Tina Marie Ronald Says:

    This is a beautiful colored yarn. I would love to try a scarf pattern with it . Looks soft and yummy

  516. Knitting-nana Says:

    Lovely scarf and beautifuk model…the edging is wonderful!

  517. Guest Says:

    Would love the yarn to make a cowl. Although, that scarflet is adorable.

  518. Christine Says:

    oh yes, these colours make me crave for spring!

  519. Sarah Rhoads Says:

    Reminds me of Malabrigo yarn that I am totally in love with. It is beautiful and would love to make something with it!

  520. Deborah Pierce Says:

    This is GORGEOUS.

  521. Monet Bedard Says:

    Lovely! Would love to try that :)

  522. Hookedbyk Says:

    Beautiful! I’d made a pashmina style scarf!

  523. LindY G Sherrod Says:

    The yarn is so pretty, hope I win

  524. Cindy mott Says:

    Please add me to your list of yarn lovers anxious to try this colorfully dreamy yarn.

  525. Deborah Peterson Says:

    Oooh, that yarn would go beautifully with the lilacs in my yard…

  526. Guest Says:

    Would lo

  527. tabitha Says:

    What a fabulous colorway. I can see it as a lovely lace tam or fingerless gloves.

  528. Linda Arthur Says:

    Dream in Color is the most delicious yarn and the color of this one is beautiful! I’d love to make the scarf with that beautiful yarn!

  529. Kim Mitchell Strepka Says:

    I love working with the light weight yarns and can’t wait to try the Dream in Color.

  530. Jo Says:

    Very lovely! I would like to wineither of them :)

  531. Staci L Says:

    This is lovely! I would enjoy knitting with it!

  532. diane Says:

    This yarn would be beautiful wrapped around my neck, knitted up into a pretty shawlette.

  533. Aimee Says:

    Love those colors, and I’m a sucker for anything with cashmere in it.

  534. Diane Says:

    Love the yarn! Love the scarf! Love to knit it!!

  535. Hannah Jasmine Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I’d love to develop a pattern for a bow-tie scarflette integrating cables somehow with this yarn.

  536. Teresina Says:

    Pretty…like spring pansies.

  537. Karen Clarke Says:

    I make cell phone carrying cases that hang around your neck,would be lovely in these colors!

  538. ereader2012 Says:

    Wonderful spring colors. Very soothing.

  539. Diane Says:

    Me, too…would love to win both the yarn and the pattern!

  540. Sandy Says:

    I’ve made 2 tulip sweaters from their yarn- fabulous to work with. I’d love to make a scarf for myself!

  541. Josephine Says:

    I’ve never knit a scarf before. I’d really like to make this One Ring Scarf:

  542. April Garwood Says:

    I’d probably make a scarf of my own design or a pair of house socks! This yarn is beautiful!

  543. Kim Barron Says:

    This is such a lovely color. And Dream in Color is just an amazing yarn. I love it.

  544. Kathy Rodgers Says:

    So pretty! Love them both!

  545. Kristina Says:

    the yarn and pattern are beautiful! would love to win them!!

  546. Monica Jines Says:

    lovely to both of them

  547. Marjorie Says:

    DiC is wonderful yarn. I love the colors! I would make the Trinity Scarf; it is lovely.

  548. vaderknits Says:


  549. judy Says:


  550. Beth Holt Says:

    I’ve never knitted with Dream in Color. This would be a great opportunity to finally do so.

  551. Mary McKnight Says:

    What gorgeous colors! Definitely needs to be a scarf, something simple, to show off the beauty of the yarn

  552. Kathy7349 Says:

    Love it

  553. Paula Trefun-Simpson Says:

    Love the yarn!

  554. Donna Burke Lucier Says:

    So pretty; love scarf patterns; especially single skein!

  555. Vanessa Perkins Freeman Says:

    So pretty!

  556. Leanne Says:

    My favorite one-skein project is the Grey Loop

  557. Liz Oviatt Says:

    Beautiful color combination!

  558. maak Says:

    I hope I win! I hope I win!

  559. Julie H. Says:

    What gorgeous colors… my palatte! Looking for the scarf pattern now…..

  560. Stephanie Aslanturk Says:

    Wow ! That is beautiful yarn!

  561. Diane True Says:

    Such beautiful yarn and scarf. I would love it! Thanks!

  562. Laurel Says:

    Oh how beautiful! I would love to win !!

  563. Says:

    Lovely for spring!

  564. Ashley Woodruff Says:

    How ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!! The colors really are reminiscent of new spring blooms! I make a special note each year of the first day when I see a crocus. It really signals the beginning of Spring!!!

  565. Sara Anderson Says:

    Love the colors…spring is my FAVORITE season! <3

  566. Nina Hurd Tolka Says:

    Beautiful yarn! Unless I buy yarn specifically for a pattern, I let the yarn speak to me about what pattern to use. I try to find what I think is the perfect pattern for the yarn.

  567. susan delafield Says:

    that pattern seems like a great use or else I would make a triangulum scarf by Dena Stelly

  568. Angie Danico Says:

    Lovely yarn!!

  569. Jen Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I would love to knit a scarf with it!

  570. merilynhardy Says:

    Gorgeous!! Lovely fibers went into this yarn!!

  571. Melanie S. Says:

    I can see it would make a wonderful scarf, either knit or woven,or maybe a shawlette, or a hat. Boy the ideas are endless. So glad that pattern comes with it help in deciding what to make with it. Sure hope I win

  572. Christina P Says:

    Would love to try some of this! Love the Colors!

  573. Kaitlin Says:

    Ooh! This looks perfect for a small cowl with lots of texture– just the right thing to wear under your coat and over your sweater while you’re dreaming of spring.

  574. maura Says:

    Lovely springtime colors … so wonderful when yarn can sum up a season/holiday!

  575. Deb T Says:

    This is a very pretty pattern and lovely yarn. I would love to show it off.

  576. Mary Ellen Dillon Says:

    I just left the store, but didn’t see this yarn. It’s beautiful!

  577. Elana Jellison Says:

    Beautiful yarn – let it be me :)

  578. Theresa Forster Says:

    I love that Trinity scarf, and I think I would make it if I won.

  579. Susan Dietrich Says:

    I love your stuff. You have cool hand dyed stuff. Thanks for all you do! Susan

  580. Solana Windsor-Silvia Says:


  581. Jennilee Martineau Says:

    Ooh Lovely. Cute little scarf.

  582. Susan Palu Says:

    Love these colors!! Love Webs too!!

  583. Shelly F Cohen Says:

    Beautiful yarn!!

  584. Katie Says:

    Beautiful yarn that gives beautiful results. Hope it’s me!

  585. BarbaraR Says:

    Lovely yarn….would make a lovely lacy scarf.

  586. Lilyane Soltz Says:

    Gorgeous, elegant, words fail. Thanks for the opportunity to win this yarn!

  587. Margaret Moore Holmberg Says:

    This is a magnificent color, and I love it. A scarf would be perfect for me in this yarn.

  588. Pat Fennessy Says:

    Please me!!!

  589. Tru Says:

    I definitely don’t need my glass to see this “dream” clearly. I envision the yarn as an infinity style scarf in a simple two-sided stitch pattern like seed stitch. Lovely!

  590. Marfia Says:

    I’ve never used their yarn and I would love to win! I really like the scarf pattern too; I’ve been making several similar scarves recently and would love to have that one!

  591. Amykins Says:

    Love, love, love the yarn…and the pattern is fab!

  592. LaTanya Bennett Says:

    What a great one skein project and such beautiful colors!! I would love to win!

  593. Julie Says:

    Lovely yarn, beautiful scarf.

  594. Joanne Says:

    Gorgeous colour! :)

  595. Shelley Says:

    Would love to be one of the lucky ones!

  596. Jennifer C. Says:

    This yarn looks like it would be perfect for something that wraps around the neck!

  597. Kimberly Krycho Says:

    Gorgeous spring color! Me please!

  598. Barb Ennis Says:

    I would love to win this beautiful yarn and also the

  599. Sue Severson Bray Says:

    Love, Love, Love the colors and the scarf pattern is adorable so pick me! :)

  600. Diana Says:

    LOVE this pattern! I’m heading over to Ravelry now to take a look at it along with everyone’s beautiful projects.

  601. Margaret Hawley Says:

    The colors are so wonderful I love to win!

  602. Karen M Says:

    my fingers are crossed…oh wait I can’t knit that way. Thanks for the chance

  603. Sue Kennedy Says:

    Love the colors! Great yarn.

  604. disqus_gpQSpLjxuK Says:

    Wow! This yarn is so gorgeous! I would love to win this!

  605. KBPratt Says:

    Looks beautiful! Would love to knit with it. :)

  606. thriftyjennie Says:

    Wow! This yarn is so gorgeous! I would love to win this!

  607. Laurie Snow Says:

    Me! Pick me! ;)

  608. Karen S. Says:

    Beautiful yarn and a fun scarf pattern! Thanks so much for a chance to win it!

  609. Margie Says:

    I’ve heard lots about this yarn, but never actually seen any. It would be wonderful to win!

  610. Gloria Badilla Jew Says:

    Pick me please.

  611. Candy Cuthbert Says:

    Anything named “Dream in Color” has to be wonderful! I would love a new scarf pattern to work up in this gorgeous yarn!!

  612. Pat Says:

    Gorgeous color.

  613. Gail Says:

    Mmmmm, my colors. What could be nicer?

  614. Seawynd Says:

    Beautiful yarn and colors! I can think of lot’s of things to knit with them.

  615. Rachel Says:

    Stunning yarn! I love the swirls of color!

  616. Barb Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I’d love to win a skein!

  617. ruby lily Says:

    a giveaway that’s a kit, my fave!

  618. Megan Cott Says:

    Here’s to hoping I win some gorgeous yarn!

  619. Kelli Martin Says:

    my favorite one skein projects are hats or cowls. i love dream in color and all of their various yarns :)

  620. Teenuh Says:

    My favorite scarf is a crochet one I’ve been addicted to, I love the Puff Stitch Scarf! I might use this yarn for a shawl!

  621. Nancy Says:

    I love one-skein projects!

  622. Kathryn Says:

    I would probably make a one-skein shawlette. Maybe give it to my little sister, because those look like “her” colors, and it’s almost her birthday! :)

  623. Dea Mitchem Says:

    WOW! love this dreamy color….and pattern! Hope I win……….

  624. Elyse Says:

    What BEAUTIFUL colors.A shawl would be so lovely in any of these color combinations.

  625. Barbara hague Says:

    very pretty nice colors

  626. olivia Says:

    I would love to win!!!

  627. Becky Says:

    What beautiful colors Dream In Colors has! Would love to be drawn for this prize!

  628. KathyS Says:

    I’m on my sixth Lost Banner Hat by Susan B Anderson, my go to one skein pattern. I love this pattern! I can see this DIC yarn as a baby girl sweater!

  629. Kay Varosi Says:

    Will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for offering this item.

  630. Eva Rueschmann Says:

    The yarn is gorgeous, have always loved Dream in Color. And the scarf pattern is delightful. I hope I am one of the lucky winners.

  631. Maryfrances Guldborg Charnley Says:

    I won a mobius pattern from Gwen Bortner (ans she autographed it too) at Stitches West last weekend. This lucious Dream in Color yarn would be absolutely fabulous in this pattern! If I had this yarn I could knit it and show it off next year at Stitches West!!!!

  632. Marisa Says:

    Dream in Color Fan Club member here!

  633. Rachel Bolles Says:

    the wingspan would be soo pretty

  634. Detroitdeb Says:

    Absolutely beautiful yarn – would knit my first shawlette with it if I won.

  635. Itsjustkate Says:

    A comment! That is stunning. Looking for a little project for myself after lots of knitting for family.

  636. Carol Says:

    I love this yarn. I have a few shawls made from it

  637. Margay Says:

    I don’t have any ideas yet, but I’d love to have a chance to figure something out! What gorgeous yarn!

  638. Kay Says:

    What lovely colors!

  639. Anne Clark Says:

    Love, love, love those colorways! I have a few different patterns that would work brilliantly with that yarn.

  640. Marie Says:

    Beautiful! Looks squishy!

  641. Donna Heaney Says:

    beautiful color

  642. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful color!

  643. Dotticain Says:

    I would love to make a mobius cowl from my favorite yarn…Dream in Color.

  644. hirsheybolt Says:

    Such lovely yarn – would make a gorgeous scarf or hat or fingerless gloves… :)

  645. Terry Mullikin Hibbs Says:

    Variegated yarns are my favorites to work with. I love the surprising ways that the colors move throughout the project.

  646. Kristina Says:

    Beautiful! I would love to win.

  647. Rachel Kingsmill Says:

    Love the swirls of color!

  648. Cathy K. Says:

    Love this yarn, would probably make a simple shawlette!

  649. Debra Jonckheere Says:

    I would love to win this!

  650. Winsome Says:

    Scrumptious!!!!!!! Would love to win!

  651. Ruth Says:

    Beautiful! I’d make a hat or shawl with it.

  652. allison Says:

    I want to knit an adorable pair of baby leggings for my best friend who is soon to have her first baby!

  653. Steviewonder Says:

    Wow- most of my favorite colors in a single skein. Here’s my comment, thanks for the giveaway!

  654. April Says:

    Ooohh, that would make a lovely honey cowl!!

  655. Carol E Zinn Says:

    What lovely colors. Remind me of Easter.

  656. Diane Tatum Says:

    I’m sure I don’t NEED yarn, but you know I can never turn it away. It’s beautiful; I would love to win this!

  657. Kathy S. Says:

    If I am a lucky winner, I will make a sweater for my beautiful dachshund. I love the gorgeous colors!

  658. Caren Buchanan Says:

    the Trinity Scarf pattern is just what I’m looking for and would look so amazing in Dream in Color Perfectly Posh Sport

  659. Roberta Adolphsen Says:

    I would love to make the scarf pitctured in the blog. So unique.

  660. Angela Carter Says:

    Lovely… Hope I win!

  661. emmy Says:

    What beautiful yarn and pattern

  662. JBE Says:

    I’ve never knitted with Dream in Color, but would love to. Winning a skein would give me the opportunity. What fun!

  663. Charlene St John Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I can almost feel it from here.

  664. Sarah KnitsAndThinks Says:

    That’s a lovely spring-like color!

  665. kimberly salerno Says:

    i would make something for my friend’s micropreemie to be waiting for her when she gets out of the NICU….

  666. RobinL. Says:

    OMG!!! That yarn is gorgeous. I’m sure I could find a pattern for this wonderful yarn. Whatever it is will be beautiful. Please pick me. Please!!!!!!

  667. Mozorman Says:

    Just love the colors Dream in Color comes up with. That scarf would be great for spring.

  668. Jessica Says:

    So pretty!

  669. Jacki Says:

    Lovely! I want to reach into the photo and squeeze.

  670. Lisa E Says:

    A beautiful spring shawl.

  671. Charlotte Lathrom Says:

    That scarf is perfect. I love the colors pictured.

  672. Heide Says:

    Sign me up, I’d love to knit this! :)

  673. MJ Says:

    This yarn looks so dreamy. I would use it to make something totally fab for my best friend’s first grandbaby, due in July.

  674. Heather N Says:

    My favorite scarf pattern is the honey cowl, from madtosh, I have made 4 of them

  675. Marie Hornbein Says:

    Wow! 320yards of gorgeous color. I’m already dreaming of knitting a colorful scarf with this yarn.

  676. Callie Sinkinson Says:

    This says spring might actually come soon! These colors lifted my day, it’s snowy and cold here today. I do hope I win a skein :)

  677. Kathleen Driver Says:

    Love these colors and can see a beautiful cowl or infinity scarf.

  678. Kat D Says:

    My message disappeared. Can see beautiful cowl or scarf in these gorgeous colors.

  679. Gail Donaldson Says:

    I would make a Baktus scarf. I think it would show of the colours well.

  680. Reda Says:

    Dream in Color is fabulous yarn. It’s soooo soft and cushy! I think the trinity scarf would be beautiful in this colorway. Love it! and would love to win it!

  681. Judymma Says:

    I would love to try the yarn. It is truly beautiful.

  682. Elizabeth Says:

    Love the colors

  683. Amy Licata Says:

    I love making these and then deciding on which make the perfect Christmas presents.

  684. Maureen Says:

    I Would make a cowl with this.

  685. gabbyonetx Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! This yarn looks amazing and I love the scarf.

  686. Deb Deb Says:

    purplely purple purple love love the purples…<3 <3

  687. Brenda Nash Says:

    Love those colors! Hope I win!

  688. Jenica Poduje Says:

    Lucky winner, who ever that may be!

  689. (Not that) Joan Says:

    What a lovely reminder that spring will eventually get here! (I am SO tired of dirty snow…)

  690. Wendy Fleig Says:

    Pretty, pretty yarn!

  691. Kerry Pottle Says:

    Gorgeous! New to Crocheting.. and am obsessed!

  692. woolgatherer Says:

    I love Dream in Color yarn — Smooshy, for one, is aptly named!

  693. Juliann King Says:

    Whew! I am so ready for some Springtime happiness! That brief warm-up was a tease, and now it’s cold again. Bring on Spring!

  694. Colleen Desmond Orlopp Says:

    Love the colors and I love this scarf pattern!

  695. Angie Saylor Says:

    Gorgeous yarn and lovely scarf! Since I can’t knit, I would try to create a crocheted scarflette in a similar style.

  696. Sara Elizabeth Says:

    Cloches are my go-to for fast one-hank knits!

  697. Darlene L Says:

    Hey my birthday is tomorrow. What A wonderful gift this would be. The pattern is very cute and would certainly be a challenge for me. I just love the colors.

  698. Kathy Finerfrock Says:

    Beautiful..perfect for our long-awaited spring

  699. LissaKay Says:

    I petted some of this at my LYS the other day … sooooo soft!

  700. Mar Says:

    I think this scarf is the perfect pattern for these spring colors

  701. Dina Powers Says:

    What beautiful colors! I would love to make that scarf!

  702. Elizabeth R Says:

    What a pretty colorway!

  703. Fibernerd Says:

    This is gorgeous, and I’ve always wanted to make this type of scarf!

  704. MikiC Says:

    This is an awesome color!!! I love it!

  705. Roopali Says:

    Love this yarn – have not knit with it, but look forward to it!

  706. Honey Says:

    I’d love to make a scarf like that one!

  707. Jan E. Says:

    If I owned a skein of this could I bring myself to use it? Just squooshing it would be heavenly. ;-) Great contest!!!

  708. A Kelly Says:

    it’s soooo pretty!!! i love the colors! hope I win!

  709. Sine Stabosz Says:

    I have a scarf I have been searching for a lovely yarn for. This one fits the bill!

  710. Judy Mullen Desetti Says:

    Awesome pattern and gorgeous yarn. YES!!! Enter me to win. In fact I think I should win as it is my birthday March 6th. PICK ME! PICK ME!

  711. Laura F Says:

    Love the colors! Nice pattern too. My favorite one-skein projects are usually hats or fingerless gloves.

  712. Patricia Fontes Says:

    I’d love to knit a simple lace scarf that would show off the beautiful colors in the yarn.

  713. Denise Katz Says:

    I’d love to try Trinity scarf or I want to knit a sport weight cowl. It’s really pretty.

  714. Carrie F Says:

    I would love to knit with this yarn.

  715. Kimberlee Nelson Cords Says:

    What lovely yarn! Purples are my favorite color, I would so love to win!

  716. HereKitty_2 Says:

    I see a hat or a scarf in this yarn’s future. Love it!

  717. Debra M Says:

    I love that the colors in Perfectly Posh Sport evoke spring without being too pale and pastel.

  718. Martina Says:

    What a scrumptious colorway! I’d love to have one skein of Dream in Color Perfectly Posh Sport along with the Trinity Scarf pattern.

  719. Tina Says:

    Oh my goodness, those are MY colors!!! Love love DIC. Pick me, plz pick me!!

  720. Michelle Plumb Says:

    Drool! These Spring colours are relief for this winter-weary woman. LOL

  721. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I love shawlettes for one skein projects

  722. Jasmine wu yap Says:

    The color is so pretty!

  723. Simona Safari Says:

    My favorite colors, I’d be so happy to work with it!

  724. Lizzy Pollard Says:

    “Rodekool” by Nancy Merchant on Ravelry. It would show off the colours beautifully.

  725. Michele Arndt Says:

    Oh, I could think of so many things to make with this!

  726. fern Says:

    wow how great to have a spring color while waiting for spring

  727. claudia Says:

    excited to see spring colors with snow still on the ground!

  728. Danielle Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  729. Linda Says:

    Dream in Color has such beautiful yarn!!!!

  730. Virginia S Says:

    Really nice color combo. It’d make a great scarf.

  731. Melinda Bowman Ratchye Says:

    Sooo pretty

  732. Deb Says:

    I am drooling . . . over both the yarn and the pattern. I hope I get picked!!

  733. Liz Says:

    Gorgeous yarn!

  734. Anna D. Says:

    Oooh, gorgeous yarn! Would love to work with it.

  735. Susan MacDonald Miller Says:

    I would love to just look at it for a while! So pretty. Would make a lovely scarf.

  736. Says:

    I would use this gorgeous yarn for a Simple Cowl Pattern that is one of my favorites.

  737. Star B. Says:

    So pretty. Perfect for a spring scarf.

  738. Carol Teelin Says:

    Always love getting new yarn!!

  739. barbara Says:

    love ‘dream’ a mini spring shawl would be a nice option

  740. April Holland Says:

    Lacy scarf, no cables, no cables and lace!

  741. Kitty Corcoran Says:

    I’d like to make a cover for my e-reader with a snazzy yarn like this! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  742. Lindsey Says:

    Beautiful yarn and purple is my favorite color! A little shawlette that doubles as a scarf would be great!

  743. Jolene Meurer Says:

    It would make a lovely lacy scarf

  744. Alice Says:

    I love the yarn and the pattern. I would love to win.

  745. Minna Says:

    Beautiful colors, beautiful yarn, I hope I win

  746. Sue Ball Theiss Says:

    Love the colors, my favorites. Would love to win.

  747. Elizabeth Alexson Says:

    It would make a lovely shawlette!

  748. Mmc Says:

    you guys had an awesome booth at Stitches! So much to choose from.

  749. deb Says:

    The pattern is beautiful and I would love to give it a try! The colors in the yarn really do look like spring…would be a perfect gift for an up coming birthday.

  750. Wmgrmaine Says:

    That yarn is beautiful! Love the colors!!

  751. Maureen Says:

    I would make this beautiful Trinity. What a great pattern. It shows the colors perfectly.

  752. Melissa Says:

    so pretty! I hope I win!

  753. Anne Sturtevant Says:

    I would make that Trinity Scarf. It would be wonderful in that yarn!

  754. Kim M. Says:

    320 yards is perfect for some cute fingerless gloves!

  755. Lynn Cox Says:

    This yarn is gorgeous and the color is wonderful. I would love to win it.

  756. Debra Bassen Says:

    beautiful yarn!

  757. Dpio Says:

    What a beautiful yarn. I feel spring in the air just looking at it :)

  758. Granny Says:

    Love this yarn! I’m feeling lucky!! :)

  759. Marjorie Says:

    What gorgeous yarn. The Trinity Scarf would be perfect for it.

  760. Epiphany FiberSong Says:

    No particular pattern that I go for, but I’m a big fan of scouring the “One Skein” books… and just adore using the Advanced Search options in “the yarn bar”, as I call it, on I just plug in weight, yardage, and a few needle sizes… and have page after page of beautiful patterns before my eyes!! I can even check the “free patterns” box, and bring back hundreds of free ones!! The other thing I tend to do when I have a yarn that comes in “unescorted” is sift through the posts in the “Free Pattern Testers Group”…. I just found a project for my treasured single skein of Mal Worsted that way.

  761. Stamourowl Says:

    How yummy. I love the color varigation and would love to just touch it. I think I would make a faraway so close shawl with it.

  762. Diana Says:

    It would be lovely in the Column of Leaves scarf pattern as well!

  763. Sabrina Says:

    This yarn is SO pretty! Not sure what I would chose to do with it, but a simple garter stitch cowl sometimes the perfect project for a variegated yarn.

  764. Tina Schultz Says:

    I love it! I love the color and I think the feel of it would be so soft and cozy! Hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  765. Marla Shoemaker Says:

    These colors absolutely warm my heart! They are gorgeous!!! They capture those vivid sky colors in the spring, as well as the greens and pinks and purples of the spring flowers. Someone outdid themselves with this one!!!

  766. Jollyknits Says:

    How beautiful! Would love to make a spring scarf right now!

  767. Marilyn Welsch Says:

    I can imagine the wonderful spring things I could knit with this beautiful yarn

  768. c2willcros Says:

    Beautiful yarn for a simple, spring scarf!

  769. Swknitter Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! It would be lovely knit up as a simple lace scarf.

  770. Marilyn Says:

    Wonderful colors, lovey yarn to work with.

  771. Lisa S Says:

    Such pretty colors! I might choose a small shawl or maybe even a nice hat to transition into spring!

  772. Terry Andersen Says:


  773. Luca Says:

    wool and cashmere together must feel interesting

  774. Socksilly Says:

    Oh, how I would love to have this lovely yarn at hand to make a lovely scarf.

  775. Sarah W. Says:

    Gorgeous yarn!

  776. Tracey Andrews Says:

    WANT !

  777. Louise Black Says:

    It is so delicious. I can taste it!

  778. Carol Herman Says:

    Beautiful colorway! I think it would be perfect for fingerless gloves!

  779. Sherry Coleman Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  780. Linda Says:

    This is beautiful yarn and I would love to knit it into a lacy scarf!

  781. Sewknit2 Says:

    Love the colorways. Certainly does remind one that Spring is on the way.

  782. Barbara A. Stenico Says:

    I love the colors

  783. Cindy Miller Says:

    What beautiful colors!

  784. Linda Johnson Kau Says:

    I would make either fingerless gloves or an infinity scarf. There are so many different delightful patterns and with Dream Colors they would truly be wonderful.

  785. Diane Dee Says:

    beautiful yarn, beautiful pattern.

  786. ann tucker Says:

    This is gorgeous! The yarn and the scarf. Love the two-birds-with-one-stone incorporating the gauge swatch into the finished object! That’s very efficient knitting!

  787. LLMoulton Says:

    I heart Dream In Color Smooshy. :) Oddly, I use it for all of Cookie A’s sock patterns. I never noticed it happening until I was four pairs in, and figured, “Meh, why not continue?”

    PP Sport, though, sounds like it would be too pretty for socks. I’d love making a cowl from it, perhaps Rivendell Smoke Ring. :)

  788. Deborah Dawson Says:

    I love the Trinity scarf. That is what I would knit with this gorgeous yarn.

  789. Marlene Jones Says:

    I see a gorgeous pair of fingerless mitts or maybe a delicate scarf. I love the colors reminding me of spring flowers blooming.

  790. Stephanie Says:

    I would love to knit an infinity scarf or extra long cowl out of it!

  791. Carol M Says:

    I would certainly be dreaming of Dream in Color if I was lucky enough to win this generous prize. Thanks Carol

  792. kpalmer Says:

    looks very pretty!

  793. Jenn Marie-Claire Teichmann Says:

    These are my favorite colors! I think this yarn would make a lovely pair of wrist warmers!

  794. J Says:

    I don’t have a favorite pattern for either of the ones mentioned, but I’d love to knit some fingerless gloves with this yarn!

  795. Kim Says:

    So many one-skein projects, so little time!! Beautiful colorway.

  796. Sharon Bollinger Says:

    A shawl would be nice in these beautiful colors!

  797. Heather Mock White Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! <3

  798. Meredith Says:

    What a beautiful skein of yarn! I think this would make a great cowl with a slip stitch texture pattern.

  799. Jane Vandenburg Says:

    What a lovely scarf… and Dream In color is a wonderful yarn.

  800. Stephanie Petra Says:

    Actually, I think I would make this adorable Trinity scarf with the skein of Dream in Color yarn! It looks really nice for spring!

  801. Emily Says:

    Very lovely would love to be the winner of the opportunity to knit with this yarn

  802. Sharon Morey Says:

    I don’t win things. :(

  803. TheAlarmedOtter Says:

    Oh, I love Dream in Color yarn!

  804. Anne Barylick Says:

    This is a beautiful colorway! LOVE IT!

  805. Barb R. Says:

    What beautiful yarn and gorgeous pattern!

  806. Lisa Lopez Says:

    Gorgeous color and a very cute scarf, perfect for spring.

  807. Penny Kroeger Says:

    Beautiful can’t wait to get my knit on!!!

  808. Pam G. Says:

    a moss stitch scarf-simple but so pretty

  809. lfall Says:

    These colors are gorgeous!!

  810. ChrisWade Says:

    Love the color!

  811. Grace Says:

    Love the colors…love the yarn…would loooooove to win!

  812. Raisin Evans Says:

    I need this! I’m low on money and yarn >.<

  813. suzanne Says:

    beautiful yarn and beautiful scarf

  814. Janet Fougere Says:

    I’m going to swoon at the thought of winning a skein.

  815. Linda Johnson Says:

    Love the colors and have not knitted with yarn like this before. Have lots of ideas if I win.

  816. Linda Johnson Says:

    I love the colors and have never knitted with verigated yarn. Have lots of ideas for it if I win.

  817. HollyNM Says:

    Beautiful colors! I so enjoy your Facebook posts.!

  818. Juels T Says:

    A nice lacy scarf! Thank you.

  819. Lisa VT Says:

    Simple Things Shawlette!

  820. Abigail Miller Says:

    What a great fiber content! This would be so much fun to play with! There are so many good one skein patterns out there to experiment with. :)

  821. Anne Says:

    Beautiful colors. What a great drawing.

  822. Ann Bryant Says:

    This yarn looks delicious!

  823. Jennifer L. Amundsen Says:

    Lovely, lovely! I could certainly find a project worthy of this yarn!

  824. Barb Nicoll Says:

    Gorgeous yarn, and I bet it would work up into a beautiful scarf! I have a couple patterns which are my “go to” patterns for scarves like this. One can never have enough scarves, especially in this yarn!

  825. Heidi Fleshman Says:

    Love, love, love, this yarn:) Wonderful scarf!

  826. Shannon Hewitt Paul Says:

    I am thinking either an infinity scarf, or an awesome pair of fingerless gloves and if enough left over, a headband/ear cover to match! The gloves would feel so toasty with this yarn!

  827. 5elementknitr Says:

    It looks like a beautiful bruise! I’d snurgle it for awhile before I picked a pattern!

  828. scitchr Says:

    What a beautiful yarn! I’d love to win!

  829. Margy Ajer Says:

    Love it

  830. Kate Wise Says:

    Beautiful color. Might just need to order a skein or two or three or more…..

  831. Mary Evanov Says:

    Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous color! Perfect for a cowl.

  832. Julia Tryon Says:

    I would make Langston for my boss’ daughter who is turning out to be quite the girly girl much to mom and dad’s surprise (chagrin). She would love the springy colors.

  833. Zimmerman-McCoury Ellene Tina Says:

    Should I win a skein of this luscious yarn, it may take me awhile to match a pattern to its beauty, but have no fear – I’m up to the challenge!

  834. nikki Says:

    that yarn is gorgeous

  835. labfish Says:

    I have done 2 lace scarves this past year and would love to try the multnomah shawl

  836. Theresa Roeder Says:

    I love those colors! No particular pattern in mind, though the sample looks pretty. I also like making cowls and/or fingerless mitts out of one skeins.

  837. Jennifer Says:

    I can easily see what you thought of crocuses and spring with these colors…a beautiful analogy for beautiful yarn. I’m think hat and fingerless mitts?..

  838. al_and_tam Says:

    I am a huge fan of the Wingspan scarf pattern (free on Ravelry). I have made several and especially with hand dyed yarns it works up gorgeous. The colors in that yarn pictured above are ALL of my absolute faves. I want to win that exact skein, please!!

  839. Abigail McD Says:

    I love the colors!!!

  840. Maryanne Says:

    I have a shawl in mind for this yarn. I just love those colors.

  841. Konna P Says:

    Love the colors and love purple & green together. One-skein projects seem to be my fave….

  842. Miyoko Says:

    Great for cowl or fingerless mittens! Lovely colors!!

  843. Melissa Higey Says:

    I’d like to make a headband!

  844. kat Says:

    Wow! What gorgeous colors!! I love getting single skeins for projects – they are small, quick and each one is unique. I’ve got a couple of the one-skein books and they have become my favorites. I just heard about WEBS at my knitting club, and could hardly wait to get out and start looking at yarns. So many possibilities!

  845. Melissa Says:

    Beautiful colors! I think that what I would be most inclined to knit with a single skein of lovely yarn would be a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. :)

  846. Patty Says:

    I love the side to side scarf/shawlettes! They are so nice as a scarf under a coat, but can keep the chill off around your shoulders as a shawlette! Would LOVE this yarn to make one!!!

  847. Charlene Says:

    Beautiful colors. Must feel like heaven! My one skein go-to are fingerless mitts; the pattern varies.

  848. Pam S Says:

    I didn’t have a favorite one-skein project until now. I love this scarf! It’s definitely what I would make with the yarn. Thanks for this opportunity!

  849. megstyle Says:

    I keep thinking about starting to knit some very special lingerie; there are some nice White Lies patterns but maybe just a little lacy tank (would most likely take a couple skeins tho-maybe a half cami???

  850. Cheryl Says:

    Such beautiful yarn…find a nice one skein pattern and make myself something very nice.

  851. Sheri Says:

    Pretty yarn. Count me in!

  852. Maggie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful colours & gorgeous fibre content! I can just imagine how soft, would make a wonderful scarf or cowl.

  853. Annarch Says:

    One skein is just about perfect for a little cowl or fingerless mitts.

  854. Patricia Says:

    The yarn is so pretty! I would love to own it

  855. Cindy Lynne Says:

    Beautiful yarn and I love 1 skein projects.

  856. Linda Hensens Says:

    I would finally make my 1st socks!

  857. Rachel Henry Says:

    Gorgeous color!

  858. Nadine Says:

    I am thinking headbands!

  859. Patti Weeks Says:

    Pretty colors!

  860. Lisa Says:

    I love one skein patterns. It is a great opportunity to try new yarns or something special with a favorite ” pricey” yarn. Would love to win a skein

  861. Debbie Zegalia Says:

    I love this yarn and I have bought other colors from WEBS…I would love to have this!!!!

  862. Linda Karr Says:

    the colors of this lovely yarn remind me of my iris garden–currently under several feet of snow. Linda Karr

  863. Susan Deeter Murphy Says:

    I purchased a few of Wendy Johnson’s Shawlette patterns; this would be the perfect yarn.

    Even though I may not win the drawing, I will Dream in Color about my project.

  864. Cheryl Thompson Says:

    I have so many patterns I would have no problem choosing!

  865. Deenac Says:

    “March is my birthday month”, I’m celebrating every day by doing something special for myself. Winning this gorgeous yarn would definitely fall into that category.

  866. Barb Logie Says:

    spring colors, misty mountains, Perfectly Posh is perfectly beautiful! I can think of many things to try!

  867. Natalie Says:

    Wonderful colors!

  868. Kate Williamson Says:

    I love the Age of Brass and Steam over at Ravelry for a good one skein project, it really allows variegated yarns to show off shifting colours.

  869. lls Says:

    Who can resist that gorgeous shade of purple? :)

  870. Elaine Says:

    Lots of one skein shawl and sock patterns.. Sometimes the simpler the better to show off the yarn.

  871. shellc Says:

    Hmmm thinking of a Far away so close, or a Diving in (recipe), or a Zuzu’s petals.

  872. shellc Says:

    Hmmm thinking of a Far away so close, or a Diving in (recipe), or a Zuzu’s petals.

  873. Kristine Hipps Says:

    I love hats. They are my go-to 1 skein projects. Here’s to crossing my fingers!

  874. Miriam Says:

    I’m a sucker for variegated yarns and luxurious fiber content. . .

  875. AlexePrune Says:

    Gosh this is gorgeous! I’m thinking Little shells-inspired cowl or Zuzu’s…

  876. Sommerkamp Designs Says:

    I want to see this in a feather and fan scarf pattern I wrote. If I win I will share it on Ravelry free.

  877. debra Says:

    Never enter giveaways, but this one I couldn’t resist! Totally Dreamy yarn–thnaks for offering it!

  878. Molly Says:

    I’m not sure what I’d make but I’m feeling cowly lately.

  879. WendyWeb Says:

    I would love to win this yarn, as, the colors weave my colors with my late mother’s faves and this would be a lovely scarf reminder, keeping her memory close. I just lost her suddenly last August due to a bad fall. She was the best knitter I’ve ever known and who taught me to knit.

  880. Jackie Says:

    ooh, wouldn’t it be fun to make a cowl out of it? I’m a cyclist and I find cowls so useful.

  881. Donna Says:

    Small shawls wore as scarves are my one skein favourites. So many to choose from, I rarely knit the same one twice.

  882. Donna Says:

    Small shawls worn as scarves are my favourite one skein projects. There are so many on Ravelry that I rarely knit the same one twice.

  883. sara Says:

    Beautiful!!would love to try it!!

  884. DebS Says:

    Oh pretty! I’ve been wanting to knit the Victorian neck cozy, and the Perfectly Posh in any of those colors would be so right!

  885. Anna-Chiara Bellini Says:

    I’m a scarf girl, I have knitted almost an hundred ones… and each one is a different pattern, different yarn, different colour… and different styles too: lace, fluffy clouds of mohair and silk, striping and variegated, light as air and comfy-chunky… every time I have a new yarn I pet it, play with the skein in my hands, feel the fibers under my fingers…. until it talks to me and tells me exactly which pattern it wants to be knitted or crocheted or woven into… sometimes a yarn will talk to me as soon as I touch and smell it, sometimes it will take weeks or months… but they all end up finding their perfect shape.

    I’m sure that this lovely Perfectly Posh would do that too!

  886. Emma5 Says:

    This yarn is absolutely beautiful! I usually knit small newborn sweaters for my friends as they have their little ones, and I also love to knit socks for my family. I use ravelry to find patterns to perfectly fit the yarn and the gift.

  887. Maryellen Cranston Says:

    I would make as many ornaments and crafts as I could get out of the skein to sell at our Christmas fundraiser to raise money for Rays of Hope and Cancer Connection

  888. Colleen Dorgan Croce Says:

    I can never pick a pattern until I actually have my hands on the yarn, but I’d LOVE to get my hands on that yarn… :)

  889. MJH Says:

    I love the pattern that’s pictured.

  890. Barbara Abbott Rall Says:

    Beautiful color. I’d make the Inchigo Tam.

  891. Sara Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I am knitting a closet full of baby clothes for my future grandchildren to be. It’s called **Gigi’s Closet**. Plus it gives me a chance to try new patterns.

  892. MareFCt Says:

    Oh, a beautiful lace scarf with beads….I can see it now.

  893. Beverly Says:

    What beautiful early spring colors!

  894. Elizabeth Nordblom Phillips Says:

    Love the spring colors! I would make a cowboy cowl or a Lacey shawl from this beautiful yarn.

  895. Dianna J. Says:

    I’ve made two Boteh scarves by Kathy Merrick. This is a crochet pattern and it calls for about 430 yards of sock yarn ~ but I’ve done one scarf in sock yarn and the other in a little heavier fine pima cotton yarn ~ so the pattern is really versatile. I would love to try the Dream in Color yarn!

  896. Hannah Says:

    Lovely yarn! It would look nice in most any project!

  897. Tamela Spaulding Brocious Says:

    I would make a simple, a lacy scarf hat would show off the amazing colors.

  898. Kate Says:

    I love the blues and purples of this colorway! My particular go-to one skein scarf pattern is the lacy baktus. It is so easy to adjust the size based on the amount of yarn you have left!

  899. Sandee Says:

    I think I would make just enough ruffles with that beautiful yarn.

  900. mokil Says:

    I see this gorgeous yarn worked up aa lacy shawlette or a cute baby cardigan. Hope I win – Can’t wait to great it on my needles!

  901. Cheryl H Says:

    Stunning colors! Dream in Color yarns are always the best but with cashmere too…yum!

  902. Cassandra Vormer Says:

    Beautiful color. I would knit a spring beret since its colors of spring.

  903. April Says:

    Amazing colorway! Would love to work the pattern to see the colors evolve!

  904. Karen Says:

    Love this yarn and the colors are amazing. Would make a scarf when I win the yarn. Hope I am lucky.

  905. Jane Says:

    I see a cute little shawlette in lace or lace edging :)

  906. Deb V Says:

    Love the yarn and the pattern. Would be great to win it.

  907. Colleen Verrill Says:

    The yarn is very pretty. I would love to win the yarn and pattern. I just love to knit.

  908. Dominique Says:

    I’ve been dreaming of making something with “Dream in Color” ever since I saw it being use for the February Lady Sweater (my first sweater!). I would seriously salivate over a skein!

  909. Tracy Noerenberg Caswell Says:

    So pretty..
    Love both!

  910. Marie Waterman Says:

    I have the One Skein Wonders book and have made several items from it, but my favorite is my Pam Powers Ruched & Ruffled scarf pattern. Would love to win this yarn!

  911. mousepotato Says:

    I’m not a big scarf person, but this yarn may change my mind.

  912. Ashley Gibbons Says:

    Would probably make a scarf, shawl, or cowl. It sure is pretty!

  913. Judi Says:

    Love WEBS, helps me find all the yarns local stores don’t have and the prices are great!

  914. Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful yarn!

  915. Suzanne Says:

    spring scarf

  916. joy Says:

    just lovely!

  917. Connie Johnson VanKleeck Says:

    No favorite pattern since I haven’t been knitting that long, but for scarves I like to try something I’ve never done before. Get to try a new skill or technique that way. Would love this yarn!

  918. AutumnsMom Says:

    What beautiful spring colors – just perfect for an Easter scarf.

  919. amy Says:

    I’d knit a skinny scarf. Lovely colors!

  920. Stef Says:

    Beautiful yarn!

  921. Chelsea W Says:

    Baby clothes are my fav. type of one skein project. Thanks for the chance :-)

  922. Starkat Says:

    Lovely yarn, can’t wait to try it.

  923. Cindy Griffith Says:

    I have my scarf pattern ready!

  924. Amanda313 Says:

    this yarn would be lovely for the 198 yards of heaven shawl

  925. Mujercita Says:

    How pretty! I love DiC yarns!

  926. David A Says:

    When I am have just one skein of yarn, my go-to project is a hat or a pair of fingerless mitts. I’d like to give the Trinity Scarf a try and to work with the Perfectly Posh Sport. I love Dream in Color!

  927. Rene Powers Says:

    That yarn looks beautiful. I want :)

  928. Melinda Says:

    So pretty! I’d make a nice little Spring time scarf! and make all my friends jealous!

  929. cnuland Says:

    I don’t have a favorite one-skein project. I do really like that scarf though! Thanks for the chance to win

  930. Sharon M2 Says:

    This yarn has a lot of my favorite colors in it; I always fall for pinks and purples.

  931. Jennifer Murphy Says:

    March 7th is the day before my birthday…what a great “gift” it would be to win. my mother’s favorite colors are in this yarn, what a nice mother’s day gift i could make for her with it!

  932. Traci Heiner Says:

    I have had the pleasure of petting this yarn before, and it is fabulous!

  933. Becky M Says:

    I am always on the lookout for one skein patterns to make presents for cancer patients. I have done a lot of prayer shawls but the number of friends and family are increasing so I am looking at smaller presents to do faster, but with prayers as well of course.

  934. ccr Says:

    I don’t know what I’d make with it, but I’d love to have to decide! The colors are wonderful.

  935. Angie Says:

    The colors are beautiful!! I love one skein projects…less ends to weave in!

  936. Phyllis Says:

    The yarn is beautiful and I love the pattern too!

  937. Patsy V. Schaaf Says:

    I have several “one skein” scarves waiting in the wings! Love those projects too and I’ve heard this yarn is awesome to work with, pick me!

  938. Christine Says:

    The yarn is beautiful. I am already thinking of many things I could make with it!

  939. Sarah B Says:

    This yarn is very pretty. Thank you for the contest.

  940. Darlene y Says:

    I know exactly what I would make…a beautiful pattern I have been wanting to make for my new twin granddaughter. I previously made one for older sister and loved this yarn in fingering worked up beautiful!

  941. Lori Stewart Says:

    Definitely want to make that scarf.

  942. Shannon L. Says:

    That looks lovely and soft, would sure like to try it.

  943. Pat Thomson Says:

    This would also look great woven as a scarf on a rigid heddle loom, 6″ wide, 60 inches long.

  944. mapleleaf Says:

    I’d love to try this yarn. I’m new to knitting and am curious to see how it knits up. I can’t resist beautiful yarn and this looks absolutely gorgeous!

  945. Katherine Burns-Christenson Says:

    Ooooh. I love spring. LOVE purples. Plus a new scarf pattern to make. I’d use the yarn for an airy or simple lace scarf. Yes….. pretty please!

  946. Kathy West Says:

    This yarn is gorgeous. The pattern shown would be my go to if I win. I hope I do!

  947. S. Bennetch Says:

    This would make any tee or top oh, so pretty! Could be finished in time for the first day of spring.

  948. Laura Martin Says:


  949. Cindy Says:

    love this yarn!

  950. melonkelli Says:

    I like a simple ribbed infinity scarf/cowl.

  951. lora Says:

    I would knit a “Dreamy” shawlette. I love the colors. They remind me of an summer evening.

  952. Nancy Hunt Redmond Says:

    I love the colors. I enjoy 1 hank projects. I hope I win, I hope I win!!!!!

  953. Diane Tower Says:

    I envision this beautiful spring yarn as a 198 yards of heaven shawlette. It would make a great addition to my spring wardrobe.

  954. Melissa Hellman Says:

    Very pretty yarn, and very pretty scarf!

  955. maryana Says:

    wonderful yarn and scarf +1

  956. Kathleen Nicolai Says:

    I’ve never made a spring scarf – I would love to give it a try with this awesome yarn!

  957. Melissa Wylie-Webb Says:

    This would be an amazing prize to win.

  958. Rosie Fujita Says:

    Love Webs! Beautiful yarns, great deals, great service!

  959. Jane Rosen Karadbil Says:

    What a wonderful woven scarf this yarn would produce!

  960. Gretchen winget Says:

    I think I would make a pair of really lovely long lace arm warmers.

  961. K. Davidson Says:

    The colors in this particular skein of yarn are absolutely gorgeous! A perfect blend. The yarn base looks very yummy too! Haven’t ever won a contest yet, but I keep trying. Thank you Webs!

  962. Margie Says:

    A Spring hat would be perfect in these colors!!

  963. Barbara J. Says:

    Oooo… love DIC… love that colorway (now I have spring fever thinking of those spring flowers plus I’m lovin’ that pattern! Very clever design.

  964. Audrey Says:

    Really pretty. Will put in on my very long list of things I’d like to knit.

  965. Klayr Clark Says:

    I think if I happened to win, I’d use it to make prayer shawls for the local VA hospital. A lot of my projects go there, and they really seem to appreciate it.

  966. Sabrina Says:


  967. Jessica Morris Says:

    These colors do make me think spring!

  968. Amanda Says:

    This yarn would make the prettiest lacy scarf!

  969. Nancy Terpack Says:

    Currently making chemo caps for friends and family. The colors are warm and inviting! Each caps is like a prayer for recovery……. : )

  970. Jennifer Skerritt Says:

    Beautiful yarn and a super cute scarf, would love to make this for spring!

  971. Linder Says:

    beautiful yarn!

  972. Cindy in FL Says:

    Entrelac would work up pretty in this yarn! An excellent choice.

  973. andie Says:

    I always want to try new stitches and patterns. This yarn and pattern look like a fun challange

  974. Susie Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! And I really like the Trinity Scarf – lovely edging!

  975. SuzReyn Says:

    I have never won any yarn before, so it would be wonderful to finally win something ! I can envision a beautiful hat with this yarn.

  976. Diane Says:

    Beautiful colors and terrific pattern! Thanks for the opportunity

  977. Paula Goldstein Says:

    Gorgeous colors! Love the yarn.

  978. Rebecca Says:

    I like to put single skeins together in woven scarves. The colors in this Dream in Color Perfectly Posh are, uh, perfect, for a mixed skein scarf. : )

  979. Bonnie Palmer Williams Says:

    That scarf is the perfect pattern for a project I have been thinking about, and the yarn is gorgeous. Hope I win!!

  980. Venice Smith Says:

    I think perhaps I might make a pair of fingerless gloves. I’ll have to give this some thought!

  981. Deborah Kemp Says:

    Have always wanted to knit a Dream in Color yarn but haven’t gotten my hands on any yet! Have admired friends knitting projects when made with this yarn!

  982. Jenny K Says:

    Would make a pair of fingerless mitts.

  983. Beth Egg Atchley Says:

    Oooh, pretty! Probably a shawlette or cowl.

  984. Jen Says:

    What a gorgeous skein of yarn! I haven’t got a pattern but my stash has all sorts of single skeins that I’ve decided I want to knit up this year. I love the simple shawletts for them!

  985. Carolyn gifreda Says:

    I love the colors! Beautiful :)

  986. ctbug Says:

    I’m thinking an elegant lace cowl that would highlight the yarn.

  987. Carol Ann Greenberg Says:

    Lovely colors :-)

  988. Julie C Says:

    That yarn sounds deliciously fabulous! I would make a great scarf!

  989. Line82 Says:

    I’m sure my girls will come up with the perfect project for one of their wardrobes. The colors are just lovely!

  990. Cheryl Evans Says:

    Need a spring colored project. Too much bulky weight yarn!

  991. Laurie Says:

    This is so beautiful, would love to win it!

  992. JaniceB Says:

    I love to try out a new pattern, so a scarf is perfect. Knit until you use up the ball, and when you’re done, you’re done! Beautiful.

  993. Judy Says:

    My colors!

  994. Papagena Says:

    I have a lace shawl pattern I’ve been wanting to try with amazing hand dyed colors.

  995. Chalkboard66 Says:

    Would love to try!

  996. Susan Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  997. Tracy Wronkowski Says:

    beautiful yarn – would make a nice springtime wrap or an amazing scarf [I have several crochet patterns in mind already].

  998. Michele L Says:

    Great colors! It will be fun to knit!

  999. Kris Says:

    What a beautiful color – reminds me of my crocuses which I can’t wait to see soon!

  1000. Liz Says:

    Oh, that scarf looks wonderful. I love, love, love to knit. But I think I would make a hat for one of my wonderful daughters!

  1001. Sheri Says:

    I am SURE I can find a suitable pattern! Are those beads in the trinity scarf? The newest addition to my knitting obsession!

  1002. Dana Berry Says:

    I love that scarf! So cute!

  1003. Ashley Atkins Says:

    Oh! Lovely yarn and lovely pattern!

  1004. snorts Says:

    Many patterns saved to choose from. Sure hope I’m one of the lucky ones to be knitting with a skein.

  1005. Amy M Says:

    Very pretty hues. I’d love to enter the giveaway. Thanks!

  1006. Teresa Says:

    I would love to win this because I have a special friend that needs a constant hug. To knit her a Honeycomb Cowl from Malabrigo website would be the perfect “hug” from me to her.

  1007. Cathy Coakley Fagan Says:

    lovely yarn

  1008. Rosemarie Says:

    These colors are exquisite and I love knitting with Dream in Color yarn. Really hope I can win some.

  1009. Bobbie Eicher Says:

    Seems like it’d be a beautiful scarf.

  1010. heather Says:


  1011. Marlene Says:

    I’d knit a Saroyan or Ruby Slippers Shawlette with this yarn. Beautiful and just in time for spring!

  1012. Cara Stern Says:

    I’d like to make a Honey Cowl in this beautiful yarn!

  1013. Pam Says:

    The yarn is so beautiful! I don’t have a favorite one-skein pattern, but I like the Trinity Scarf very much. Just the right balance of simplicity and details. I think I’d make that if I won.

  1014. Helen Says:

    Would love to ‘have’ to find a pattern to knit up such a pretty skein.

  1015. Lady Di J. Says:

    I see some beautiful fingerless mitts in my future !

  1016. Jen Says:

    Lovely stuff!

  1017. marj Says:

    Love this yarn. It is perfect for Easter, too. Just wish spring was actually here!

  1018. Grahame Says:

    Ooh! I love the colors! I would probably make the Trinity scarf or a pair of wristwarmers.

  1019. Mary Jo Says:

    I would use one of the Hitchhiker series of scarf patterns. I have just finished Magrathea.

  1020. Cindy Says:

    Love, Love, Love the look of this yarn!

  1021. Susan Brunelle Says:

    Love the colors. No particular pattern yet. Sometimes the yarn speaks what it wants to become.

  1022. Dariasmom Says:

    Beautiful yarn!

  1023. Christina Urso Says:

    I love the scarf pattern above and would happily make one with this yarn. :) Wish me luck!

  1024. MagB Says:

    It will make a lovely scarf! Pick ME! Pick ME!

  1025. Elaine h Says:

    Love this pattern, would of made the keyhole scarf before seeing this!

  1026. JenM Says:

    So pretty!

  1027. KathyM in SE VA Says:

    Love the trinity scarf and Dream in Color is perfect yarn!

  1028. shirley honaker Says:

    this yarn is beautiful anything made out of it would make a great gift.what am i saying i want a scarf out of it

  1029. mmweaver Says:

    Love the yarn and the Trinity Scarf pattern! Hope I win.

  1030. Tiffany Doi Says:

    What gorgeous colors.

  1031. Carole Smith Macrae Says:

    It is such beautiful yarn I would just like to drape the hank around my neck! then later make some fingerless mitts.

  1032. Jeanette Link Says:


  1033. Aditi Says:

    To be completely honest, I’d probably just hoard it for a good long while before I could finally make myself wind it into a cake and knit something with it!

  1034. Dee Says:

    Stunning yarn and pattern. I’d love to win!

  1035. Lisa Says:

    I’d love to make this pretty cowl pattern that’s on Ravelry

  1036. Lucy Says:

    It looks beautiful and I bet it feels very nice too. I should be fun to knit with.

  1037. Ann Pyper Says:

    All my favorite colors all in one skein- wonderful- the scarf is lovely- would love to win this yarn and make the scarf.

  1038. Karen Gallagher Says:

    That nice little Age of Brass and Steam kerchief is simple and sweet… but I also love the Ravelry option the person below just posted!

  1039. Eileen Brokaw Says:

    Lace fingerless gloves. Like Ashbury Mitts.

  1040. kimber672 Says:

    I would use the skein to create a lovely delicate ruffled scarf to accessorize an outfit I have that needs a little dressing up. Think this would definitely work.

  1041. Mary Ellen Carter Gilson Says:

    Oh, I would love to try this yarn! Love the scarf, too!

  1042. Virginia Curtis Says:

    Makes me sorry I didn’t plant crocuses last fall! Love the pattern almost as much as the yarn!

  1043. Linda Armstrong Says:

    I would be so excited to win this yarn. I love the pattern and would probably knit that first.

  1044. Karel Says:

    My go-to scarf pattern is The Corrugator by Paula Smith. It’s a free Ravelry download: simple, unisex, and shows off hand-dyed yarn (like Dream in Color!) beautifully.

  1045. Christine Lima Says:

    Interesting, but simple enough to work on while watching TV or at knitting group…Amanda Keep’s Voyage Scarf. I made one last Christmas and the recipient loved it. Definitely looks harder than it is!

  1046. Karyn Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! I’d love to use it for a shawlette!

  1047. Kate G. Says:

    One of my favorite patterns is the Madeleine Shawl from Vintage Modern Knits. I made it in a burnt orange acrylic for my sister with wool allergies, and in Noro Silken Garden for me. It’s gorgeous in both yarns, and I’d love to make another to gift with a colorway as lovely as the Perfectly Posh Sport!

  1048. janielha Says:

    Yarn is absolutely beautiful.

  1049. Olivia P. Says:

    I like cowls more than scarves and my favorite pattern is a simple stockinette cowl. That yarn would be the prefect replacement for a cowl I made that was pink and purple that was frogged and re-purposed for another project.

  1050. Ellisen Says:

    Dream In Color is gorgeous! Love the colors. And I especially like the points at the ends of the Trinity Scarf. Very lovely pattern.

  1051. Shari Says:

    Beautiful yarn!! Would love to make a lightweight infinity scarf or the trinity pattern, which looks incredible.

  1052. SusieKline Says:

    This yarn wants to be a spring cowl.

  1053. Jennifer Siderius Says:

    I would love to win this yarn to try the trinity scarf pattern! It’s the perfect spring accessory!

  1054. Mysteria Black Says:

    I would use this yarn for a scarf or maybe a set of spring fingerless gloves.

  1055. Pat Brown Says:

    I see the many messages all so sincere and love the yarn!!1 I love the yarn so much oh how i want to feel it beautifullllll!!!!!

  1056. Paulette Says:

    Beautiful yarn…..beautiful scarf pattern!! Would love to win……!!!!! :)

  1057. Cindy Says:

    Dream is Color is one of my favorites. Beautiful colors! I would love to win this!

  1058. Tia Stockton Says:

    I have a favorite 1 skein beanie that is my go to. It would be beautiful with this yarn!

  1059. Randi Says:

    Beautiful yarn! And it looks so squishy – love it!

  1060. Tammy Pelfrey Says:

    Oh My Gosh! What pretty yarn! I’m like Pavlov’s dogs! Instead of drooling over a can of dog food opening, I drool over pictures of pretty yarns!

  1061. JMZINTC Says:

    I need a touch of spring, winter has been waaaay too long. I’d love to win the yarn and pattern :)

  1062. Ruth Radcliffe Says:

    Not everyone is blessed to dream in color. Many people only dream in black and white. I am one of the lucky ones who do dream in color. I would love to knit with it as well. I have made an entrelac scarf with one skein, and a 200 yd scarf. I would really like to try the Trinity Scarf.

  1063. Linda Says:

    Gorgeous! Hope to win :)

  1064. Nancy S Says:

    Aestlight Shawl, by Gudrun Johnston, with a smaller center triangle than pattern to accommodate Posh Sport yardage! I’m Dreaming… :)

  1065. Julprncess Says:

    I want to fondle this yarn!

  1066. Teresa Says:

    A beanie, a beanie. My kingdom for a Dream in color beanie.

  1067. Teresa Says:

    A beanie, a beanie, my kingdom for a Dream in color beanie

  1068. Ann M Fountain Says:

    I think a mobius cowl would be awesome, myself

  1069. Barbara Morrison Says:

    !Wow, what lovely yarn!

  1070. Susan Gressman Says:

    I have the perfect pattern for Dream in Color! I’m an indi designer and would love to have the opportunity to use this wonderful yarn in one of my projects!

  1071. D Lynne Bowland Says:

    Lovely colours in that yarn! Would love to win the yarn and the pattern!

  1072. AnneS Says:

    This yarn would be perfect for my usual one skein scarf pattern consisting of garter stitch edging, and slternating strips of faggoting and 1X1 ribbing or go-to cowl pattern using picot edging, seed stitch and garter stitch stripes.

  1073. Kate Carey Says:

    Favorite scarf pattern is usually a simple triangle recipe….CO 1, increase the beginning of each row. Simple, shows off the yarn, and can be my project that goes everywhere with me. Lovely yarn…beautiful.

  1074. Deborah Burger Says:

    I usually make a hat or pair of mittens out of one skein, but I think a scarflette, such as the one shown, would be great. I’m currently working on designing both a knit version and a crochet version of a scarflette with icord details. This would be a lovely spring colorway for that.

  1075. Jane Glaser Lellman Says:

    Yarn this beautiful would speak to me and tell me what she wanted to be once she got here, I’m sure!!

  1076. Patti Says:

    One of my favorite yarns to work with…the purples & pinks of this yarn are absolutely beautiful!! My granddaughter’s favorite color is purple; I will be making her a hat-scarf-mitten combo!!

  1077. emmyma Says:

    Love the colors! I would love to win this!

  1078. Katie Doan Says:

    As I look out the window at the snow coming down, I need a spring project!!

  1079. Laura Says:

    The Loopy Lace Scarf by Katie Harris (Free Ravelry download) would be fabulous in this yarn!

  1080. Gail M Engstrom Says:

    Beautiful yarn.

  1081. Sara Says:

    What a pretty colorway! I’d love to win a skein of this to make a scarf or cowl.

  1082. knittingontheotherhand Says:

    I’m thinking that yarn would make a gorgeous cowl for those blustery spring days.

  1083. jojoreilly Says:

    Gorgeous! Like a field of wildflowers.

  1084. Valorie Ashmore Brown Says:

    I LOVE one skein projects and those are all my colors!!!!

  1085. Bklyngirl1948 Says:

    Beautiful yarn. Colors are fantastic.

  1086. Wanda Says:

    I love the colors! I would make a baby vest or a one-skein scarf, such as the Trinity Scarf.

  1087. K1PGrandma Says:

    This yarn makes my mouth water with possibilities!

  1088. Brings Says:

    I love flowers crocuses and pansies are in my garden. This yarn is perfect for me.

  1089. drchopsuey Says:

    I love to make wristlets and such from one skein. So pretty and functional!

  1090. Emily Hogue Says:

    Pretty, pretty yarn.

  1091. Joan Katz Says:

    Perfect for a custom-designed cowl!

  1092. susanmhj Says:

    Beautiful colors! Would love to knit something springy with this!

  1093. Jocelyn Blair Says:

    I like to experiment when doing one skein projects. I pull out my stitch dictionaries and swatch away. This yarn seems like a great candidate for a bold textured stitch.

  1094. Kathy Sieg Says:

    What a great scarf! I really like the pocket and also the lace pattern. I have never worked with Dream in color yarn and would love the opportunity! No crocus, violets, or pansy’s in my garden, just cheerful daffodil’s right now but my sweetpea’s will be blooming soon and spring is coming!

  1095. marybeth kress Says:

    I would knit another Trinity! I love that pattern.

  1096. Betty Stenrose Says:

    I would love to make a scarf with this yarn.

  1097. Emily Says:

    My favorite one skein project right now is fingerless gloves and they would be beautiful in dream in color!

  1098. Michelle Low Says:

    Gorgeous yarn, i LOVE this store!!!

  1099. Susan Wetherall Says:

    I would use it for one of the fickle knitter’s one skein scarves

  1100. Sheila Ellerton Says:

    I love that yarn. What beautiful colours. Makes my heart sing just thinking of spring.

  1101. Emily W. Says:

    Gorgeous yarn! Gorgeous scarf!

  1102. Karin Says:

    This would be perfect for the Anona Shawlette or as March is National Crochet month, a Boteh scarf in this colourway would be beautiful too!

  1103. Pat Roth Says:

    Oh that is just lovely……………….

  1104. Victoria Costa Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I don’t think I could limit myself to just one skein.

  1105. Karla Says:

    I would make the scarf shown with the colorway shown. I hope I win!

  1106. Sue Says:

    First off I love WEBS! Just placed an order last Tuesday :) I would love to make one of those nice little shawls or neck kerchief out of this. It would make a nice transition from winter to spring.

  1107. Rami Duncan Merlin Says:

    Beautiful…I see a scarf in the works!

  1108. Marian Thauberger Says:

    Great yarn !! Loved u at Stitches West.

  1109. Dixie Says:

    I would love to win this yarn! I love Dream in Color yarns, and the colors in this one are amazing!

  1110. Cheryl Gretok Says:

    I’m an old timer starting to knit, but oh, how I love it.

  1111. Christina Enger Says:

    I just downloaded the Issey scarf pattern on this would be perfect.

  1112. Kathy Says:

    Beautiful yarn! Would have to find an equally lovely pattern to go with :) or maybe even buy more of it lol…dream on!

  1113. Emily Zahrt Says:

    Some sort of gloves would be really pretty with this color or an intricate scarf, maybe something lacey or with a little steampunk style:) great colors for spring!!

  1114. Colleen Grant Says:

    Nice combination of colors

  1115. Craw Says:

    I’d totally make the Trinity scarf pattern with this yarn.

  1116. kracz Says:

    I would make that lovely Trinity Scarf scarf. The colors are beautiful!

  1117. shelba Says:

    This time of year I knit more lace, since it is already warming up. Scarves from any lace pattern in a stitchbook, knit until I am out of yarn, make me happy!

  1118. cheryl Says:

    I love to make a cowl using stitch combinations that are interesting – knit until I am almost out of yarn, then join them together. I love cowls!

  1119. Betty Ammon Says:

    My granddaughter’s favorite colors! Will be looking for a one skein pattern project for her if I’m the lucky winner. Beautiful yarn!

  1120. Pat Goodman Says:

    I am always looking for luscious yarn that I can use in a fairly simple/quick project. I am particularly fond of shawls, scarfs & fingerless mitts. I have very little time to knit & can’t get into complex projects but I love to give hand knitted gifts to friends & family & I love to use them myself!

  1121. Angie Says:

    Would love to have a chance at this yarn…I LOVE Dream in Color yarns! Making a shawl from Classy right now and have several socks from Smooshy plus more of several yarn bases to make other stuff.

  1122. brenna Says:

    I don’t have a favorite scarf pattern. I don’t think I’ve ever actually knit a scarf!

  1123. Lizz Says:

    I love the yarn and I would have a wonderful time deciding what to knit while holding the soft yarn.

  1124. ljmurdock Says:

    Beautiful yarn. Would love to win a skein! Thanks, Linda

  1125. Wendi Dohrmann Williams Says:

    Gorgeous colours! I’m not sure exactly what pattern I’d make with it, but I’m sure it’d be beautiful.

  1126. Phoebe Bassett Says:

    i think it would make a beautiful hooded scarf! i have been experimenting with different weights and textures of yarn to make some that are comfortable on any occasion, i suffer from RSD/CRPS complex regional pain syndrome, and i get cold easily, even in the summer! and if a breeze is too cool…i have developed a unfortunate allergy response to cold, i get welts all over, but, especially on my face. so, for me it would be nice to have such beautiful colors to cover up in!

  1127. Darline Almeida Says:

    I love cowls, they are easy to make and you can wear them with anything.

  1128. Elaina R. Says:

    I am in love with the palette of pansies and crocuses. What beautiful yarn!

  1129. Sheila Fein Says:

    I love scarves. This would make a beautiful scarf!

  1130. jkelly Says:

    I love the “summer flies” shawl pattern.

  1131. Lesley DJ Says:

    Hat! I’d turn it into a hat, or calorimetry. If not I’d search Ravelry and hope to find that perfect pattern.

  1132. Alida Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I love to work with color changes and figuring out the patterns that bring out the best of the yarn.

  1133. Hilti Says:

    Gorgeous stuff! It would be lovely to knit with.

  1134. Mary Tobin Says:

    Just lovely, this would make such a beautiful feather and fan scarf!

  1135. Kristina Raabe Says:

    I love one-skein geometric neck wraps. The overdyed effect of PPS would accent the geometry of the end result fabulously!

  1136. Ajp2114 Says:

    Gorgeous yarn and I love the Trinity scarf pattern!

  1137. KathyM in SE VA Says:

    LOVE Dream in Color yarns, all of them!

  1138. Hollis Evon Ramsey Says:

    this yarn is so luscious, i’d even sleep with it tucked under my chin — before knitting it up into a scarf or fingerless gloves. i’m currently learning the Brioche stitch, and would love to try it out on this yummy yarn.

  1139. Shirlee Gotterbarn Says:

    Looking at the wonderful colors as the snow is falling lets me know that Spring will come.

  1140. Janet Says:

    I think I would knit the Trinity Scarf with this pretty yarn for my daughter who works in a COLD office!

  1141. Lucy's girl Says:

    How pretty and lovely. Looks so soft.

  1142. Barbara Says:

    I’ve got my eye on the Osage Cowl, a nice long infinity scarf. Such pretty yarn! Thanks for the chance to try it out!

  1143. Keri Says:

    What a wonderful Yarn, I hope I win!

  1144. Danielle P. Says:

    Such pretty colors!!! Would love to win a skein!

  1145. Kathy Says:

    I think I’d have to make a scarf, or maybe a hat, or maybe a,,,

  1146. Sarah B. Says:

    That is a cute pattern. I definitely make it. It’d be nice and warm in the winter.

  1147. Mags Says:

    The yarn is beautiful and I’d love to make something equally beautiful with it!

  1148. Rose Beachy Says:

    This is a beautiful yarn and have used it in a different colorway to make a scarf from a One Skein Wonder pattern…………

  1149. Morgan Grey Says:

    What great colors & fancy yarn. I think the Papillon scarf ( would look great.

  1150. Tish Says:

    Those are my favorite colors! I’d probably make a small shawl or scarf with it.

  1151. Carol LaFever Moore Says:

    Always looking for single skeins to incorporate in weaving projects. This yarn is beautiful.

  1152. Ruth Simone Says:

    Whenever I see these lovely multi yarns I think of scarves made the long way with
    self-made fringes at the beginning of each row – or using a pattern with yo eyelets.
    So many to choose from!! Lovely colors.

  1153. Nantort Says:

    This is a great design!

  1154. Beth Zimmerman Says:

    I think I would crochet a sweet infinity scarf – it would go with most anything!

  1155. Turmaline7 Says:

    My favorite colors year around. I think a shawl would be very happy making to wear and to see. Warmth is an added bonus.

  1156. Carol Harrnacker Says:

    I have 4 teenage granddaughters that are scarf crazy. How popular would all that yarn make me?

  1157. Connie Says:

    The yarn is just beautiful – totally love those colors – I’m really hoping to win!!!

  1158. DanceMamaE Says:

    Oh, maybe something for a wee one? Such a pretty yarn. I’ll find SOMETHING to make with it!

  1159. seenonflickr Says:

    Absolutely amazing. And I will take all the one-skein projects I can find! I love the cunning French loop!!

  1160. Betty J Says:

    Love the yarn. The colors are fantastic! Would be delighted to add it to my collection. That sounds much more sophisticated than stash.

  1161. sandi Says:

    so beautiful, so many possibilities

  1162. Adrienne G. Says:

    Don’t know what I’d make but love the colors!

  1163. Amanda Yancey Says:

    I have a friend who is graduating from a two-year program at a women’s shelter. I would make her a lovely shawl with this yarn. She would look as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside. The coloring of this yarn would compliment her beautifully. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the drawing.

  1164. Amanda Dye Says:

    Beautiful! I would love to crochet (or knit) with that yarn!

  1165. Sally Greenberg Says:

    Beautiful colors. I would knit a light spring shawl (although the pictured scarf is beautiful too.

  1166. Gayle Hay Says:

    Beautiful yarn, would make a lovely cowl or lacy shawlette

  1167. Zoe Valette Says:

    A “biased” faggoting stitch scarf – airy enough for spring, but squashy and insulating enough for any late cold snaps!

  1168. Katztoo Says:

    I do not have a favorite one skein pattern, but the Trinity Scarf is very pretty! Yes, I think I would knit the Trinity Scarf or maybe something with no texture, so I can see the beautiful colors of the yarn. :)

  1169. Meg Graham Weglarz Says:

    I find that nearly any single skein of beautiful yarn can be used to make a lovely Holden Shawlette and I know just the tweaks to make the absolute best of this delightful colorway!

  1170. allison j Says:

    i covet this yarn! it is so beautiful.

  1171. Lyn_in_MI Says:

    love the colorway!

  1172. Marge Merrill Says:

    Always ready to try something new. Looks like a great little project.

  1173. Tahlia Fernandez Says:

    What a gorgeous colorway; I would love to win!

  1174. Claudia Says:

    How pretty! I’ve never won anything in my whole life!

  1175. Lena Nilsson Says:

    One day, I will win one of these, maybe that will be for some Dream in color? Wouldn’t that be nice?

  1176. Shana601 Says:

    I have a lot of unique knitting and crocheting patterns, but just short of yarn! Definitely would love to get more lovely yarn to start more projects! Definitely will post my finished projects after using them!

  1177. Velda Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I would love to win this and knit just about anything with it.

  1178. KarenR Says:

    What lovely colors in this gorgeous yarn. I am dreaming of my project if I might be a winner!!!

  1179. Joan L Garrison Says:

    Those colors remind me of a Moroccan souk (market) with its plethora of colors of the many things for sale: spices, fruits, fabrics, straw baskets. Hmmm… what would this skein become? I’d have to sit quietly with it in my hands, feeling the softness of its fiber blends and smelling it, too. I’d close my eyes and let the pattern reveal itself. Yummy!

  1180. Becky in MD Says:

    Absolutely beautiful scarf!! Very stunning! Love the Dream in Color yarns. I knitted a sweater for my granddaughter in 8 colors and its just beautiful.

  1181. Judy Says:

    I would love to try this yarn. Perhaps some nice mitts.

  1182. Christine A Morris Says:

    Love the colors. I would make my favorite cowl patterns trying a new colorway for each pattern.

  1183. Crazy for wool Says:

    I love one skin wonders. I love knitting and admit enjoying the finer things in life.. This yarn looks fabulous and I cannot imagine what it feels like. Will have to check it out. I love accessories and a funky scarf and some colourful gloves. Funky leggings are a most. Who needs to be boring?

  1184. zoemom Says:

    Whoa Nellie scarf

  1185. Marianne Says:

    I would make a lovely soft set of hand warmers. Beautiful colors!

  1186. goblue87 Says:

    I’ve been teaching myself some basic lace techniques, so I’ve been scouring ravelry and using patterns I’ve found for lace cowls/infinity scarves that will use a single skein. This pattern looks like it would be a great variation on that theme, or at least a break from all the lace!

  1187. LA Says:

    I love Jessica Correa’s Ichigo Tam pattern. It really shows off all those amazing colors!

  1188. grogana Says:

    I’ve just started making shawls and they are perfect for showing off color gradations in hand painted yarns! Hitchhiker done and Thorn on the needles. I would love to go pattern hunting for a skein of this beautiful Dream in Color!

  1189. roberta Says:

    I think I’d try the Trinity pattern

  1190. Cindy Says:

    What a beautiful skein of yarn! I would probably make a shawlette, but it’s always fun searching for a pattern. Thanks!

  1191. Amanda White Says:

    I would love to win a skein of this beautiful yarn…. I have a great “One Skein” book that has some great patterns that would work with this beautiful yarn!!!

  1192. Gretchen Warwick Says:

    I’m thinking a pair of mitts would be perfect!

  1193. Crystal Hofegartner Says:

    Great pattern and I love Dream in Color!

  1194. Eileen Dalton Says:

    I have a couple of drop stitch scarf designs to show off the beautiful color changes in skeins like these. Gorgeous choice of colors for spring.

  1195. Debbie Tucker Says:

    I love the pattern for the Trinity Scarf. I am always looking for one skein projects. I don’t know what my favorite is. I just love working on quick projects.

  1196. enidb Says:

    A cute hat or pair of fingerless gloves are easy to squeeze out of one skein of sport weight yarn. Of course a beautiful scarf is always an option.

  1197. GynnaB Says:

    Oh what a beautiful color and that scarf is amazing! I would definitely make one!

  1198. FAM Says:

    Would love to win……….

  1199. Betsy Says:

    I don’t have a particular pattern in mind…I would use this for some type of scarf or shawl. I have a very long scarf that was woven with many of these colors in it. Just love finding new yarns and things to do! Would love to win!!!!

  1200. Melanie Williams Says:

    Love working with DREAM IN COLOR..always vibrant. projects turn out awesome

  1201. Karen L. Warren Says:

    As others have noted, searching for a perfect one-skein pattern for this lovely yarn would be a wonderful task. Trinity looks like a great pattern to try as well.

  1202. Ting Says:

    With the beautiful variegation that the yarn has, an entrelac scarf or cowl (done with a simple stockinette stitch) shows off the yarn without a lot of fuss.

  1203. Sarah Says:

    I would hold the skein and pet it and admire it for a good long time, then repeat that for a while and finally make a skinny scarf or a hat.

  1204. Anne Yampanis Says:

    beautiful color! i want it…..!!!!

  1205. Debbie Foley Says:

    Would Love to try this yarn!!! I think the Trinity is beautiful, or a hat for me! :)

  1206. Barbara Marchesani Says:

    Looks terrific. I would be happy to give it a try

  1207. Mayzie13 Says:

    I love one skein projects! They allow me to try out new yarns and patterns/stitches.
    I haven’t use any “Dream In Color” before and the colorways are beautiful. It would be awesome to win.Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  1208. Chris Says:

    This would make a lovely Easter accessory! Hope I’m one of the lucky 10. <3

  1209. PurrOne Says:

    One skein projects are great when travelling. I always get comments when I’m knitting in public, and this yarn is sure to attract attention.

  1210. Colleen Lebar Says:

    I would make the Stockholm Scarf (pattern on Ravelry). I’m working on my second and this is a perfect project for any size skein. These colours in the Stockholm Scarf would be just right for any Spring outfit!

  1211. Sharon McRae Lentz Says:

    I would love to try a skein of this yarn.

  1212. Kristina Ruybalid Says:

    Beautiful, hope I win.

  1213. AthenaHandKnits Says:


  1214. Alexa Nicole Gambino Says:

    Wow! What pretty colors! If I didn’t use perfectly posh to make the Trinity Scarf, I would probably make one of the scarves from a knitting magazine I’m subscribed to. Maybe an openworked scarf?

  1215. Janet Foley Says:

    Love this yarn! Enchanted by the Trinity Scarf which would be fun to whip up for the winter/spring transition but then I fell in love with so many other patterns on the Dream in Color website – so many patterns and so little time.

  1216. M Hayes Says:

    Lovely yarn.

  1217. Lynn Says:

    Beautiful yarn and scarf. Would love a chance! Thanks.

  1218. Deborah Daigle Says:

    those are some lovely colors. And one skein projects are perfect for that “splurge” yarn that jsut happens to follow you home.

  1219. Andi Tippie Says:

    Oooh, this would be my perfect birthday present! :) I have no clue what I’d do… Maybe another pair of fingerless mittens? I love me some of those!

  1220. Gloria Williams Says:

    This would be an awesome yarn to work into a freeform crochet shawl or scarf! Loveable! Or a one skein crocheted scarf on the sedge stitch would really show off this beautiful yarn!

  1221. japwood Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I would make something for my mom, maybe a scarf? She lives in area with lots of snow!!

  1222. Jenny Bezingue Says:

    I’ve been making moebius cowls like crazy! I take the yarn’s stitch gauge for an inch, multiply it by the circumference I want and add 20% more stitches (the twist eats up some of the circumference). Cast on using Cat Bordhi’s magical moebius caston, and knit until you run out of yarn or like the size. My favorite so far is moss stitch with an i-cord castoff.

  1223. Karen Johnston Kent Says:

    I would make a lovely scarf to remind me of my new marriage (March 1)! I also love Ravelry and all the endless temptations to knit and crochet!

  1224. Kjm Says:

    So pretty.

  1225. jeneequa Says:

    So often, yarn is so beautiful, I have to get just one skein so I can look and touch and admire it! And you can always make a scarf with one skein…. who doesn’t love another scarf! ;)

  1226. Sealed 4 Ever Says:

    such pretty yarn!

  1227. Guest Says:

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  1228. Debbie Constable Says:

    I’d knit a “wingspan” shawl / scarf if I win this beautiful yarn!

  1229. Becca Elwood Says:

    Love you guys :) we don’t have any yarn stores near where I live, I can get all my yarn needs filled by WEBS :) (with the exception of the yarn fondling lol)

  1230. Dariasmom Says:

    Love Dream in Color!

  1231. christina Says:

    I follow patterns in One Skein Wonder books and have enjoyed working my way through them. Lovely yarn!!

  1232. Tracey Says:

    The trinity scarf makes a perfect match for the yarn!

  1233. Bonnie Strickland Cocuzza Says:

    Oh my goodness this gorgeous yarn!

  1234. Cathy B Says:

    I’ve never used this yarn but the colors look beautiful and very Springy.

  1235. Carolyn Ross Says:

    I love to try out new yarns and would love to win a Dream In Color fiber!

  1236. Mieka Coppinger Says:

    that would make a lovely bag or shawlette

  1237. D. Bradbury Says:

    I love berets! Those beautiful colours would make you feel like you have a spring flower in your hair.

  1238. Sarah from Ctown Says:

    I’d probably have to buy another skein in the same dye lot and make it up into one of the umpteen shawls I have favorited right now. Thanks for the chance!

  1239. JBP Says:

    This might be a fun pattern for that colorway:

  1240. Ardosa Carboni Says:

    I have a few nice ‘one skein’ patterns – hat, bags, scarfs… that i love. I also have done fingerless gloves depending on the length of the skein. The colors are so pretty and with that weight i’d definitely make a cowl – so it’s not too warm not too cool and perfect for a cool spring morning.

  1241. Jami Says:

    Love the colorway and the pattern. If I won, I’d make both so I could wear it in time for Fall. Stunning! Thanks for the opportunity!

  1242. Lollie Says:

    I would love to try the Perfectly Posh Pattern with this yarn!

  1243. Juliet Subknit Says:

    I’m feeling the bug to make fingerless mitts again . . . this yarn would feel so nice against my arms this spring!

  1244. Hayley Says:

    Thinking of Summer travels I have been wanting to knit a small travel pillow, simple but very cozy! This would be beautiful!

  1245. SherryG. Says:

    Oh, I do have a beautiful 1 skein scarf pattern that this would work for. I hope I win…..
    sherryglover1 on Ravelry

  1246. Jbl Says:

    Pattern is beautiful & original! I love working with Dream in Color yarns.

  1247. Danny Pucci Says:

    Such pretty yarn! I would love to knit it up.

  1248. Terri Moore Says:

    Pink and purples are favorite colors. I would love some dish cloths to make with this gorgeous yarn and have something pretty to look at as I clean in the kitchen!

  1249. Lucy H Says:

    What beautiful yarn! I have several patterns in mind….picking just one will be such sweet torture…

  1250. Cheryl Juhl Says:

    I absolutely love the color and I would be thrilled to win the yarn and pattern

  1251. Glenna Gentzyel Says:

    It would be awesome to win this yarn….crossing my fingers and toes ;) lol

  1252. Lorna Says:

    I think I would try the Multnomah shawl if I won this yarn!

  1253. grandmapeg Says:

    I’m a huge fan of hand painted yarn and would love to win this!

  1254. kathleen c Says:

    Yummy! Yummy! Colors on my neck to spring ahead!

  1255. Nicole Brunet Says:

    What a gorgeous yarn!

  1256. lindaran Says:

    With spring on the way, I think some fingerless mitts would be the perfect project for this yarn!

  1257. Mary Says:

    10 lucky winners? I like those odds. I haven’t yet tried dream in color, but would love to start!

  1258. mudlarque Says:

    I see an Ishbel in my future.

  1259. Carol Lynn Morgan Says:

    Thats so beautiful.I don’t know what I’d made with it.

  1260. teri pastorino Says:

    oh one skein favorites are socks, small scarves, i make a lot of mittens too! i have had my eye on a lot of the new scarf/shawl patterns so i am sure i would make one of those if i was lucky enough to score a winning skein!

  1261. Michelle Says:

    I usually do fingerless mittens for the kids with one skein.

  1262. Lisa Says:

    I can see a Lacey pattern in that beautiful yarn

  1263. DebMomOf3 Says:

    I just finished the Context scarf in a different Dream in Color yarn – it would look beautiful in this one too! Otherwise I’d have a lot of fun searching out a cute shawlette to make with this over on Ravelry. :)

  1264. Lori J. Thorne Says:

    Beautiful yarn! If I win, I would either make a shawl or a pair of socks! :)

  1265. Martina Drozdová Says:

    wow very nice, I would love to try knitting with this yarn

  1266. Linda Nuss Says:

    Looks like raspberry sherbet…yummy!

  1267. Stephanie Olmsted Says:

    The scarf is beautiful.

  1268. Ami Says:

    Love, love, love this yarn. It not only looks great, it feels so good when you’re knitting it.

  1269. Chelsie Says:

    Lovely yarn! I often use Ravelry to find the right pattern too, but always prefer to find the right yarn for a pattern instead.

  1270. Sheila Says:

    Love the colours and the scarf is pretty cool too!

  1271. Stephanie Says:

    I love those short projects that are easy to take anywhere!

  1272. lisa Says:

    Oh! Having one skein projects is so fun… lovely!!

  1273. Linda Says:

    Beautiful yarn and beautiful scarf! I would love to make one!

  1274. Amanda E. Says:

    Dear God, I have the most perfect scarf pattern that would compliment this colorway perfectly! Oooo, and the fibers! I bet this yarn is deliciously soft!

  1275. Adriana A Says:

    Very pretty yarn! I would love to win so I can make my own scarf with it!

  1276. Lindsey Says:

    Just beautiful!!

  1277. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve come late to Dream in Color, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m making a pair of socks with a skein now and it is so soft. Excited to have this opportunity!

  1278. Marezeedotes Says:

    Beautiful colors! I’m just getting into crochet after spending years knitting, and this would make a lovely openwork scarf and provide lots of practice in my new craft!

  1279. Chelsey Says:

    The colors in that skein are so pretty! I see a scarf, socks or mittens.

  1280. Sarah Winn Says:

    Scarf is just the sort of thing I have been trying to figure out. My mom is always having me try out new patters to keep her warm :) The yarn looks fab!

  1281. Beth C Says:

    That yarn is gorgeous! I would love to knit with it as I’m trying to expand my knitting “expertise”!

  1282. Honex Says:

    Oh, I hope I am not too late. This yarn is BEAUTIFUL! I am not sure what I will make with it. I have to wait until it “talks” to me.

  1283. Ai-Khanh Audrie Nguyen-Cole Says:

    I’d love to make mom a shawl with this skein!!

  1284. Pam Varon Says:

    Love the yarn and the pattern, so please pick me!!!

  1285. Debbie Unger Says:

    I just love those colours and know this yarn would make a great little scarf for my mom!

  1286. jnishjen Says:

    I love my Ishbel scarf made with Dream in Color Wicked Royal, though it drove me crazy because it was my first lace project – I nicknamed it the Penelope scarf because I kept having to tink rows even with a lifeline. The result was worth it, though! I’d love to work with Dream in Color again, and the colors would be perfect for a lightweight spring version of the Ishbel!

  1287. Tonya Mickelson Says:

    It would make a pretty scarf!

  1288. Evy Rosebrook Says:

    I have never knit with DiC, but I have seen others work done in it. It looks beautiful. Would not mind at all getting my hands on a skein to try out.

  1289. GS Says:

    What gorgeous yarn!

  1290. Meg Whaley Says:

    I love the colors of this yarn! They are so beautiful and intriguing. I hope I can win this one.

  1291. suzygirl Says:

    What a treat it would be to win this yarn! So pretty… DIC is one of my favorite yarns! ! The Trinity pattern is lovely, I could definitely see myself knitting and wearing that.

  1292. Micki Maynard Says:

    I created a cowl/collar out of this delicious orange sherbet fluff yarn that took just under a skein. It’d be gorgeous in this spring yarn!

  1293. GinaC Says:

    Would love to knit an Ogee Lace Scarf with some Dream in Color!

  1294. Beverly Says:

    Beautiful yarn! Definitely a spring scarf.

  1295. Sabrina Terry Says:

    I would make a gorgeous lacy shawl from this patern i just found

  1296. Wehaf Says:

    I think this would make an absolutely lovely pair of arm warmers!

  1297. Kali Blaze Says:

    That looks like a great yarn for a little slouchy beret. I wouldn’t even need a pattern for that.

  1298. Glenna Gentzyel Says:

    Who won?

  1299. Alice Says:

    Beautiful color, anticipating spring blooms…

  1300. liz Says:

    love this yarn and the pattern is wonderful

  1301. Gardengranny Says:

    Beautiful yarn. I would love to see it as a shawl.

  1302. Cricketswool Says:

    This is so-o-o beautiful! I’ve been working out the pattern for a bias-knit mobius cowl with short rows that would be perfect in this yarn!

  1303. Barb Logie Says:

    Received my skein of Perfectly Posh yarn today and its just beautiful! It was a lovely surprise when I collected my mail, and I can’t wait to get started on a project–likely the Trinity scarf pattern enclosed with the yarn. Thanks again to Webs and Dream in Color!

  1304. Shay Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks

  1305. Janet Cobb Says:

    So lovely and I have a pattern very similar to the Trinity pattern shown!

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