June 2nd, 2010

Elle Decor & The Kangaroo Dyer

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Hi Everyone

Late last week I received a lovely email from Gail, The Kangaroo Dyer.  It’s always lovely to hear from her and recently our paths have not been crossing as much lately as I would like in the store.  She wanted to share a link with me that she thought I would like:


Check out the url above.  Yes.  That is THE Elle Decor Magazine URL.  This is what you see when you click the link:

That is a hand dyed silk scarf done by Gail and featured in the “Trend” section of  http://www.elledecor.com/.  I flipped out. This is HUGE!!!  Elle Decor is one of the leading home dec publications out there!

Over the weekend I had a chance to indulge in a little R&R on our back deck.  It was stunning lizard weather on Sunday and I enjoyed catching up on a variety of magazines and catalogs.  In my pile was this:

Yes, I am an Elle Decor subscriber.  As I perused the magazine I came upon page 64:

Trend Alert.  The top left corner caught my eye and THERE WAS GAIL’S HAND DYED SCARF!!!  Look at it up close:

That’s her scarf, her name and her url on page 64 of Elle Decor magazine!  That is huge!  That is cooler than cool!  Go Gail!  Go Gail!  Go Gail!!!

I realize my enthusiasm may be a tad biased but just stop and think about this for a minute.  Think about how many budding designers, established designers for that matter would kill for the opportunity for one of their products to be featured in a magazine of this statue, never mind on the “Trend Alert” page!  Having previously worked in marketing for a large footwear company, these types of editorial placements were gold nuggets.  Yes, of course in some instances there is a little quid pro quo going on but trust me –  Gail will not be running a full page ad or any ad or anything anytime in the near future in Elle Decor.

This is cool.  I have no idea what it means for Gail – maybe she’ll spend the next 6 months dyeing fabric for someone, maybe she’ll get a handful of orders for silk scarves.  Regardless of the metrics, I think it’s just awesome and I am absolutely thrilled for Gail.  Let’s give Gail some much deserved love in the comments!

I wonder if she could hand dye me some pom-poms?



10 Responses to “Elle Decor & The Kangaroo Dyer”

  1. melissa Says:

    yay, gail! i can’t think of anyone more deserving of the spotlight.

  2. penny Says:

    awesome go gail!! (and doesn’t this lizard weather ROCK?)

  3. Lise Says:

    This is truly a case of “What goes around-comes around !” So many of us have been blessed by Gail’s generous gift of one of her hand dyed scarves. Wonderful, just wonderful…

  4. Shin Ae Says:

    How great! I checked out her website and the scarves are gorgeous!

  5. kelli ann Says:

    The yarns I saw at WEBS with the ‘Kangaroo dyer’ tags were outstanding. Made me want to sit down and knit ’em up, right there in the store. That kind of coverage is great for such an artiste! way to go Gail.

  6. Sandy Miner Says:

    a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Gail~ what an honor to know you personally~
    Sandy Miner

  7. gail callahan Says:

    I know we can figure out a way to do pom-poms. You name the date! Gail

  8. gail callahan Says:

    I k now we can figure out a way to do pom-poms. You name the date!

  9. Pixie Says:

    Gail – I am so happy for you! I was so excited when I saw Kathy’s blog featuring YOU and your beautiful scarf. The one you gave me has had great success here in the land of scarves – they are de rigueur for everyone. Yours makes me fit in just a little bit as I’m really a T-shirt and jeans gal at heart. I miss you all so much.

  10. Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) Says:

    I agree with Kathy: this is HUGE! Congratulations, Gail !!!!!

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