May 10th, 2012

Eucalan Giveaway: Spring Cleaning in Four Scents

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With Spring in full force, there has been lots of spring cleaning going on. It seems like every day more of us are bringing in selections from our own stash clean-outs to pass on. I’ve packed up most of my sweaters, but before that, they got a little bath in Eucalan.

Eucalan has shared with us a Gift Pack and Getaway Gang to give away to you, but more on that later.

If you’ve never tried Eucalan, it is a no-rinse delicate wash that is available in four scents: eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, and unscented. It is great for washing your woolens, but it has many more uses! From your delicate handwash clothes to drapery, it’s a wonderful cleaning product that you don’t have to rinse out (so it saves on water too).

Check out this introductory video from Eucalan for more information:

Now for the giveaway! One random commenter will receive a Eucalan Gift Pack that includes 3.3oz bottles of each of the four scents, and one random commenter will receive a Getaway Gang that includes a sample size of each scent, plus a small sewing kit, Eucalan Lint Remover Sheets, and Eucalan Stain-Treating Wipes.

Leave one comment with your favorite cleaning tip by May 14th at 2:00pm EDT when we will draw the winner. And don’t forget to check out Eucalan on Facebook and their blog!

Good luck!

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268 Responses to “Eucalan Giveaway: Spring Cleaning in Four Scents”

  1. Amy Mason Says:

    Hmm…  I don’t really have any tips, other than have a super husband that does the laundry for you!

  2. susankou Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip — make my fiancee clean! Ha! 

  3. angelas Says:

    I love the Lavender.  It is a great wash, and really softens wool garments.

  4. Cindy Laird Says:

    I am a sucker for a contest, please enter me.

  5. Maureen Says:

    I use vinegar and newspaper to clean windows. I also use dryer sheets that go in the dryer with the clothes to wipe down things that have static such as a computer screen or a tv screen.

  6. marciepooh Says:

    Cleaning tip – avoid doing it as long as possible! (It works until you want to have company over.)

  7. Jackie Says:

    I love to use natural cleaners.  Use vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice to clean just about anything!

  8. Tru Says:

    Cleaning tip – Time is better spent looking for a good cleaning lady than it is scrubbing the floors yourself.

  9. Suebee1966 Says:

    Best cleaning tip is to get your kids to do it!

  10. nat Says:

    Dry coffee filters work great with windex on glass/mirrors.  They don’t leave lint behind.

  11. kobuu Says:

    Crocheted cotton slippers + Windex = Clean Tile Floors with DANCING!!!

  12. Melissa Savoy Says:

    Cleaning Tip:  Hydrogen Peroxide is the BEST product I have found for removing blood from fabric. One must be careful, as it is a bleaching agent, but for immediate results, nothing beats it!

  13. Staci Says:

    The same soap that leaves soap scum in your shower will clean it off. Next time you’re showering, get an extra washcloth soapy and attack it with your elbow grease!

  14. Rachel Says:

    Don’t let it pile up!  lol

  15. evaporatedOne Says:

    give me my Dyson or give me death!!!

  16. Karla J Hatt Says:

    Cleaning tip. Heat a bowl of water with a splash of lemon juice or white vinegar in your  microwave on high for 2 minutes, then let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wipe your microwave clean. No need to use chemicals. The acidic steam lifts all those stuck-on, greasy splatters.

  17. Candeecane71 Says:

    vinegar and baking soda work great on cleaning and the best part, they don’t leave one choking on fumes :)

  18. Shana Corrin Says:

    Dryer sheets work great for dusting the house. Who needs to buy a swiffer duster?

  19. Ditetre Says:

    My cleaning tip is not to make a mess in the first place. That’s awfully challenging for me!

  20. Graphicbutterfly Says:

    I have not tried Eucalan yet. I am putting it on my list as I am just finishing a couple of shawls.

  21. Bwheaton Says:

    I love the way my hand knits look after a Eucalan bath.  They are fresh and fluffy, if you know what I mean.  Would love to have the samples.

  22. Hannah Says:

    We make an all purpose cleaner out of vinegar and essential oils.  Smells so much nicer than more expensive conventional options!

  23. Katie Lohrenz Says:

    I love Eucalan, and I’m always curious about their other scents. I’ve only tried one or two. I do like the stain-treating wipes.

  24. Mary B Says:

    For all around cleaning — laundry, floors, bath etc. I add borax to our hard water. It’s cheap and natural!

  25. Jen Says:

    If you have a dry-erase board with marker stains that are hard to get off, try writing over them with another dry-erase marker, wait a few minutes, and then wipe.

  26. Rachel Lohof Larsen Says:

     Washing soda and hot water soaking in a sink or bathtub eliminates ring around the tub with a lot less scrubbing.

  27. Missusku Says:

    I’d love to win this lovely gift pack as a perfect way to try out all the Eucalan scents!

  28. Diana Cooper Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is baking soda.  Acts as a soft scrub, pH neutralizer, deodorizing cleanser.  I love the lavender Eucalan!

  29. Turtleknits Says:

    I love Euclan. I used to think it was too expensive, but a bottle goes a long way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Leanne Says:

    We made some liquid soap from shaving a bar of soap, and adding water + glycerin, cooking until dissolved.  So much cheaper than buying it in the store.

    I’d LOVE some Eucalan because it is the only soap I use to block/wash all my knitted garments.

  31. Chris F Says:

    The Mr. Clean scrubbing sponges work very well and are especially great if you happen to be allergic to the harsh cleaning chemicals.  There are regular and heavy duty ones; I keep the heavy duty ones in the bathrooms and we can quickly wipe down the showers, sinks, counters after use. 

  32. Layla Young Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this wash. Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. Kate B Says:

    Mr Clean Magic Erasers really are magic.  I love them for cleaning the stove and kitchen sink. 

  34. Strandfarm Says:

    Love, love, love, Eucalan! Use it all the time!

  35. Patti Weeks Says:

    Bar soap and cold water for protein stains….especially blood stains….works best.

  36. tess Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip…hire a maid if you can.  LOL

    After using dryer sheets in the dryer, they make great dusters  :O)

  37. Cindy Hawk-Souppa Says:

    store sweaters in storage bags with dryers sheets, they’ll still smell fresh when you take them out next year.

  38. Laura Shears Says:

    I love Eucalan. The fragrances are wonderful. My favorite cleaning tip is to clean a little bit every day and then nothing ever gets out of control. Really — 15 minutes a day and nothing ever seems dirty.

  39. Barbara Meunier Says:

    When I have a pot with burned-on food, I put hot water and baking soda in it and then let it simmer on the stove for 15 or 20 minutes. Let it cool and the residue should wipe right out

  40. Debbie H Says:

    I’m not a very good cleaner – just do the best I can!  LOL  I love Eucalan for my hand knits.  Smells wonderful!

  41. Debbie Saenz Says:

    The foaming bathroom cleaners (like Scrubby Bubbles) works great to get off greasy fingerprints, pencil marks, dirt, etc from eggshell, semi-gloss, & glossy painted surfaces without taking the paint off.  Great for light switch areas, stair rail walls, kid areas.  

  42. Laura Says:

    Mr. Clean magic erasers are really fantastic. Especially for odd spots on the kitchen walls in the house you just moved into. Also, I use white vinegar to prevent white stains on the inside of the lovely vases my dad gave me.

  43. Debmy4suns Says:

    I looooooooooooooooooove this stuff!!!!!

  44. tara Says:

    Eucalan is lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Jackie Jaquette Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is using old cloth diapers! The leave very little dust or lint behind and can be used for windows, dusting and countertops! I have tons that we used to use as burp cloths and now as cleaning supplies!

  46. Mfox Says:

    wash with cold water , euclan, and a spoonful of vinegar if your sweater will bleed.  this will help hold the color fast.

  47. Babyboxermom Says:

    Use vinegar in the rinse aid section of your dishwasher!

  48. Marilyn Farnell Says:

    The perfect wash ingredient for all your beautiful hand knits.

  49. Leanne Says:

    Use old socks to dust, just put your hand inside and your good to go.

  50. Carry Tivity Says:

    Vacuum/Sweet last. Start from the dusting to the counters and finish with the floors.

  51. Loreen Says:

    If I’m feeling “stuck” on a knitting project, I’ll knit up a quick dish cloth. Somehow it seems so much nicer cleaning when you use one of your own hand knit dish cloths instead of a sponge!

  52. Jen Funk Says:

    Since I live in a climate that could almost always use a sweater on any given night. Even in July and August. I don’t put my sweaters away. However I riskily wash them with normal soap on the delicate cycle in the washer so maybe it’s time I invested in something a little more practical.

  53. zaelia Says:

    Favourite cleaning tip? Sorry, the only time cleaning comes before knitting is in the alphabet… (couldn’t help myself). Another poster beat me to it with the tip about storing your hand knits with dryer sheets to keep things smelling fresh. I’ll keep the used ones for this as they still have enough smell to work and you know – reduce, reuse, recycle.

  54. Ann Says:

    Empty / change vacuum cleaner bags frequently to get maximum cleaning power.

  55. Jen Funk Says:

    Since I live in a climate that could almost always use a sweater on any given night. Even in July and August. I don’t put my sweaters away. However I riskily wash them with normal soap on the delicate cycle in the washer so maybe it’s time I invested in something a little more practical.

  56. Anne Says:

    I love Eucalan.  I especially like to use it on baby knits I’m giving as gifts, smells so wonderful!  I include a sample bottle when I give away sweaters I’ve made.  Best wool product around!

  57. Lynnknits Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I run a lemon slice through the disposal to keep it from smelling.

  58. Roseofisabel Says:

    Looking forward to trying eucalan for the first time!

  59. ldoggett Says:

    I like to add Eucalan to the water when I am setting new yarn I have spun!

  60. Shadow Byrd Says:

    My absolute favorite tip is to involve the Husband and the Kid, we get so much more done and in such a short time that it doesn’t feel like work. :D

  61. Nanhaf Says:

    Just ready to wash and store all my handknit wool sweaters, so timing is perfect. Thanks for the give-away

  62. aqf Says:

    I find that my hand-knit dishcloths do a better job at wiping down countertops and the stove top than rags or sponges.  I get more clean for less effort.

  63. Andrea McFadden Says:

    I run orange and lemon wedges through the disposal to keep it smelling fresh.

  64. Svincent112 Says:

    Put hand knit socks in a lingerie bag when machine washing – that way they won’t sneak into the drier.

  65. PanGaia16 Says:

    I sometimes spin-dry hand-wash garments for a few seconds in the washing machine so they’re not dripping wet on the drying rack. To limit stretching, I zip them into netted hosiery bags or pillowcases.

  66. Kara Says:

    My favorite cleaning trick is using a baking soda and peroxide mix to remove yellowing from the armpits of white shirts.

  67. 3dzupko Says:

    Love their products, would love a freebie!!!

  68. Rgchavez Says:

    I love Eucalan, it has always proided wonderful results

  69. Mmcmillen Says:

    I’ve never used Eucalan; I use Palmolive for washing wool — and don’t wash my sweaters often enough. :-/

  70. ajoye Says:

    I love Eucalan! I think I’ve tried all the scents but grapefruit (which would probably be my favorite).
    My cleaning tip: I just learned how to unclog a drain using baking soda and vinegar. First you pour about half a box of baking soda in the drain. Then pour about half a cup of vinegar in and quickly plug the drain with a rag so the baking soda and vinegar reaction happens IN the drain, and doesn’t bubble up into your sink/tub. You let that react for 30 minutes, and then remove the rag and pour boiling water down the drain. Repeat if the drain is very badly clogged. Baking soda is magic!

  71. mlb Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip, which I don’t follow often enough, is “clean as you go.” It’s easier to clean up after yourself every day than to have to do a big clean every few days/weeks/months/

  72. Nicole Esposito Says:

    I recycle newspapers to clean the windows – no streaks! 

  73. Lill Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to hire a maid service!! Now, if only I were independently wealthy and could afford to do it…

  74. Annabanana_246 Says:

    To take out odors in the house, I put a small bowl of vinegar out…it does work!

  75. Annette Says:

    Baking soda, vinegar, and elbow grease take care of most of my house cleaning needs.  :)

  76. Joan Says:

     I wash and dry my hand-knit socks in hosiery bags.  That way they don’t get ruined in the process, and I never have to look for the match. 

  77. Miss Sandra Says:

    When washing windows, wipe in one direction, either up and down OR side to side to avoid streaks.

  78. Anne Marie Says:

    Go natural!  Lots of vinegar, water and baking soda.

  79. Char Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to sandwich a wet layer of paper towels on your George Forman grill after cooking, while the grill is still hot. It keeps the residue from drying on until you’re ready to clean up after dinner! 

  80. Sheila OKeefe Says:

    Baking soda and water paste makes a great scrubbing cleaner for sinks and tubs.

  81. Linda Says:

    I like Eualan for my grandmothers doilies so I can leave it in and let the Lavender keep away moths!  

  82. Dee Says:

    I love mixing vinegar and baking soda. Its fun and it works!

  83. Artsluvr Says:

    I not only want this pack, I NEED this pack.

  84. Janice Says:

    I love to use Eucalan to block my knitting. Soak with Eucalan in the washer, then I spin out the water. My sweaters are dry and ready to wear the next day. So great!

  85. KallieKY Says:

    ohhh!  Eucalan is wonderful!  And I’m very low on it, too  :)

  86. Patsy Coats Says:

    Baking soda is great for scrubing counters.  Just add a little water to make a paste

  87. Donna Says:

    Hmmmmm, I’ve never heard of the lint removing sheets or stain treating wipes. I could really use those! Can they be purchased?

  88. twinstars Says:

    Eucalan is awesome. I prefer it to using shampoo or conditioner for my handknits. My favorite cleaning tip is, “if you haven’t used it in 2 years, you can throw it away or give it away”.

  89. pinkhammer12 Says:

    Is getting rid of ants considered cleaning?  I just learned this spring that cornmeal will do the trick!  Apparently they can’t digest it, so it was a great alternative to the chemical traps since it was cheap, easy, and safe for the environment and my pets…

  90. Kim Says:

    I adore Eucalan! I use their “classic” eucalyptus scent, but would love to experience some of the others. 

  91. Nuri Says:

    Ooh, I haven’t tried Eucalan yet! I always end up with one of the other cleaners. 

  92. Kim Says:

    A little dish of vinegar set out in a room will remove “off” odors. 

  93. eleyne Says:

    Not a new tip, but my favorite quick fix for making the kitchen smell good AND give the garbage disposal a quick clean: a juiced and zested lemon, cut in thirds down the drain, chased with boiling water, and run the disposal.  your kitchen smells of lemon for the rest of the evening :)

    I love euclan, my bottle of grapefruit has gotten good use over the years, a little goes such a long way!

  94. Donna Sousa Says:

    I like to use a little bit of baking soda when rinsing my just dyed yarn or roving to counteract the vinegar smell. I bet this would work even better.

  95. MaineDruid Says:

    Refresh your feather pillows by washing on “delicates” setting with a mild soap like Eucalan, and dry on coolest dryer setting.  Let them sit in full sunshine for an hour or so, and have a beautiful night’s sleep!

  96. Marlene Says:

    After cleaning exterior windows, I wipe with a soft cloth sprayed with Pledge.  This allows the windows to look clean for longer because the dust and rain spots will not stick to the glass.  Works like Rain-X.  (I was doing this before Rain-X came out.) 

  97. Shelstev Says:

    I used to use hair conditioner for my wool knits but Eucalan is soooo nice!

  98. Ctzee Says:

    Would love to smell good this spring!

  99. WEBSmary Says:

    Hi Donna,
    Yes, we have both. The Lint Removing Sheets are here: and the Stain Wipes here:

  100. Kelly Says:

    Sprinkle a little salt into your stained coffee or tea cups, give it a little scrub and you’re cups are stain free.

  101. MEG Says:

    I love the Eucalan Grapefruit wash.  I use it for all my hand washables now that I found it!

  102. Jeanieslp Says:

    I fill small cotton bags with dried herbs to keep the moths away from my yarn stash!

  103. Amyedw Says:

    When I ran out bar keepers friend, I substituted baking soda, worked great and felt it was better for the environment!

  104. Laura Barba Says:

    I love my Eucalan and would very much like to try the other scents!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  105. Andria CordovezMulet Says:

    I put dryer sheets in my shoes to help them stay smelling fresh.

  106. Ellnhank Says:

    I love Eucalan! I use it all the time for my homemade socks (and there are LOTS of those), and I buy the small size to give with handknit gifts as well.

  107. Angela Mann Says:

    When I soak something I have to remind myself to leave it alone and just let it soak.   I always want to press it down more and I really just need to leave it alone so I don’t run the risk of felting.

  108. Ellnhank Says:

    Oh, cleaning!  Well, that would be washing the floor with baking soda in the water. Cleans and deodorizes all at once, and is non-toxic to the cats.

  109. Joanngouzoules Says:

    It is the final step in knitting socks…leaves them soft and scented!

  110. Su1282 Says:

    Vinegar, Baking soda, and water are virtually all the cleaning products I need to get the kitchen/bathroom surfaces sparkly.

  111. Roberta Says:

    Would be great to try!

  112. Roberta Says:

    We have trouble with fruit flies in the summer.   To get rid of them without pesticides, after getting rid of anything they eat, put some cider vinegar in a jar, seal it with plastic wrap, and put a few holes in the wrap on top with a toothpick.  The fruit flies will go in, but can’t get out. 

  113. carol Says:

    The Mr Clean magic sponge is great, but be careful as it can scratch enamel surfaces.  I save it for tough jobs because they are delicate.

  114. Rose Says:

    I like to use as many ‘green’ products as I can.  I use vinegar, ammonia, and a bit of dish soap in a recycled spray bottle to clean many, many surfaces.  Super clean

  115. Janice Says:

    I love Eucalan!  Thank you for the chance!

  116. Lisa McCarty Says:

    I have never tried Eucalan before (always used Soak), but I’d love to try it. :)

    To get blood stains out of clothes, I bubble them away with peroxide.

  117. Jessicaknits Says:

    If I need to soak dishes overnite, I cut a lemon and rub the dish then fill with soapy water, and then the sink for extra good measure!

  118. Cgauth2 Says:

    I clean a lot with white vinegar….it’s great for the littler box.

  119. guest Says:

    A few drops of essential oils (available in health food stores–any smell you like–cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, etc.) in a spray bottle of water works as well as expensive air and/or fabric fresheners.

  120. KarMarLar Says:

    Whenever I do spring cleaning I completely re-organize the pantry.  I always find foods I’d forgotten we’d canned or bought, and seldom-used spices, bringing a lot of deliciousness to our late spring meals.

  121. cb123 Says:

    i leave a dryer sheet in the closet so everything smells great when i take them out!

  122. Tcon5 Says:

    I use Eucalan in the wasting machine for all gentle cycle wash. Clothes appear cleaner and brighter to me and my family.

  123. barbeehutch Says:

    i’ve been venturing more and more into the delicate yarns. haven’t yet tried washing the garments for fear of ruining them. actually it looks kinda simple using the correct techniques. thanks for the tutorials!!

  124. J. L. Says:

    I like using Eucalan to help get rid of the vinegary smell of some hand-dyed yarns.  I much prefer the fresh, clean scents of Eucalan scented washes.

  125. Niki Says:

    I love love love Eucalan. it is all I ever use for my knits but when it comes time to clean the dry erase boards?  a Magic Eraser works miracles…they look like new when your done.

  126. Rmtaverner Says:

    I’ve never tried Eucalan, but would love to give it a soak! Cleaning tip – who has time to clean?  I’d rather spin!

  127. sassykathy Says:

    Eucalan is my favorite – so cost effective and yet does a great job keeping my hand knits gorgeous. Cleaning tip: I use a little lavender and water mix as a refresher for all kinds of things, even my curly hair!

  128. Karen - Clinton Twp., MI Says:

    I’ve been becoming more “green” as the years go by and Eucalan sounds exciting to try.  Not only are my needs for proper cleaning of my yarn works, but for those of my niece who is a newbie in knitting and crochet and felting.  Besides that, when I gift someone with my efforts in yarn, Eucalan would be a great item to include with those gifts.  Wow me, please!

  129. Hindi32 Says:

    I like to wash my clothes with a little bit of Oxyclean, it makes clothes smell fresh and takes out a lot of the kid odors. I’ve been told that Borax works just as well.

  130. Maak Says:

    When I knit something for someone, I always give them a sample of Eucalan too!

  131. Maryanne & Duke Wilford Says:

    I’m not exactly a cleaning expert, if you know what I mean, so hesitate to post any cleaning tips.  But, I do make sure to give my hand knits a bath before they go into storage, and would love to try some Eucalan for that.

  132. Gillian McMullen Says:

    I love my knitting to smell sweet
    And tender fibers to stay neat.
    When I wash with Eucalan
    I know I’m doing the best I can.

  133. Kbates Says:

    Thank you and Eucalan for offering these!  I like using Eucalan for my knits.  My cleaning tip:  For stubborn stains on whites, use diluted lemon juice (I think you could use vinegar too) directly on the stain and lay it out on the grass in direct sunlight.  Then wash as normal.

  134. BeZenCilla Crafts Says:

    My knitters friends recommended me to use Eucalan, I will recommend it to new knitters too. It works great!

  135. Elizabeth Says:

    run water mixed with salt and lemon juice through the coffee maker to clean it out and get rid of stale coffee odors!

  136. Christine Says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite cleaning tip…maybe I could use a few!

  137. Knittingdancer Says:

    I like to keep a bar of lavender soap in my wool and wool blends statsh to keep the yarn smelling fresh.

  138. Karin D Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is using these common household products in a number of combos to clean almost everything/surface, from cast iron pans, bathroom tiles to silver jewelry:
    baking soda
    lemons/white vinegar
    hydrogen peroxide

    A great hand cleaner/exfoliator (especially pre knitting or spinning): Mix into a dry paste the following:
    Olive or Coconut oil
    salt or brown sugar
    Rub a heaping spoonful into dry hands (concentrating on cuticles) keep rubbing and then rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin will be soft and clean and can handle spinning silk.

  139. Shirley 292 Says:

    Eucalan is my go-to product for soaking and blocking knitting projects.

  140. H T Says:

    My favorite use of Euclan recently has been washing the drapes.  Pop them off the beam drop in the tub with some euclan then hang them on the clothesline to dry.  Made spring cleaning go by much faster!

  141. AJM Says:

    My favorite all purpose cleaner is a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water mixed with 10 or so drops of essential oils.  There is, therefore, an endless number of scent combinations for this cleaner.  I love using any citrus scents.  Most commonly I use peppermint and rosemary.  Around the holidays I use clove oil.

  142. Pkee Says:

    A damp microfiber towel makes an excellent substitute for the pricey Magic Eraser.  Cleans up textured fridges and walls, etc.

  143. Deb Says:

    I love Eucalan!
    My cleaning tip is to invest in the special cloths that are made to wipe off stainless steel appliances. They are the only thing I can find to remove those pesky streaks and fingerprints that  previously drove me crazy! I ordered mine from Dacor, the company that makes our ovens.

  144. deathbythedoor Says:

    Favorite cleaning tip? Listening to a podcast on my ipod as I clean so cleaning is less boring. I also have a dustbuster / hand vac that is good for the inevitable spills I make in my clumsiness. 

  145. Kelly Says:

    I just learned the easy way to wash my woolens (in washing machine with eucalan, soak overnight, spin in the morning, block/lay out to dry) and it was!  I love easy cleaning!  I also recently discovered the joys of 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 dish soap (the translucent, handwashing kind) as a cleaning spray for the tub/shower walls.  Spray on, leave for a bit, wipe off.

  146. s-h Says:

    Love all Eucalan and alternate among the three fragrances when buying it because they’re all so good.

  147. ibs102 Says:

    ok, I’ll go waaaayyy out here, because Eucalan= lovely scent, my tip is a scent one…ever had an embarrassing moment when you realise the lavatory smells and no matter what you spray, it’s still there underneath? Keep a packet of matches (out of reach of children) and strike one over the flushed toilet bowl, waving it gently- the smell will disappear absolutely entirely (do be careful to keep it over the bowl, the flame may get a little larger).  It’s a neat little chemical trick, without using any sprays or scents.

  148. sarah-marie belcastro Says:

    At first I thought I had no cleaning tips, but after reading them all, I realize I do have one to add: For items that can’t go in the laundry because they’re too big, such as down comforters or futons, clean by draping them over a chair or two outdoors in the sun.  Flip after a few hours.  The items don’t touch the ground, and have good air circulation because of the chairs.  And the sun exposure removes odors and fluffs things up.
    (And I am a fan of Eucalan.  I need to pick some up at the Tent Sale.)

  149. Enid Burns Says:

    I’ve been on a finishing spree lately and have done lots of washing with Eucalan and blocking. My cleaning tip is to use those mr. clean magic erasers to clean stainless steel. I use thos sponges with some light abrasive scrub like Barkeeper’s Friend on my pots and pans and they shine.

  150. hotknitter Says:

    I try to not wear cowls directly vs my neck so I don’t have to wash them as often. Turtlenecks or high collars are great for this purpose.

  151. Suzanne Says:

    I love the dryel dry cleaning kit that can be used in the dryer. Great for knits that can’t go in the wash.

  152. Shirley Says:

    Use baking soda and a little bit of water to get stains out of mugs.

  153. Tracy Says:

    I clean almost everything in my house with white vinegar and water–no nasty chemicals going down my sink!

  154. Lucy Says:

    Ooooo….this has been on my ‘gotta-try-list’ for some time. I would love a sample pack!!

  155. Lauriekram Says:

    Speaking of … I’m doing some “spring” cleaning this week, and I really like the Mr Clean with Lavender for cleaning washable walls and cupboards! It does a great job, and doesn’t require copious amounts of elbow grease … even on Crayon marks on the walls!
    I use Eucalan on all my knits- wools, cottons, etc. Works well and smells divine!

  156. Rivkachava Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is “Bar Keeper’s Friend” for stainless steel pots. Gets them so shiny!

  157. Tleo Says:

    I used this product.  I would like to continue using it.

  158. Karenesca Says:

    Great wash for knits!
    Smells good, too!

  159. Marilyn Says:

     Magic erasers!   They really are.

  160. Peaceable Liberal Says:

    I also love magic erasers. They’re great for getting scuff marks off a wall. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  161. Aleda Says:

    Baking soda can clean *anything*!  (As long as you add a bit of elbow grease…)

  162. RedfordPhyl Says:

    When I’m ready for a new toothbrush, the old one is put away for use in cleaning jewelry or scrubbing grungy tile grout. Sturdy enough to work, but soft enough not to damage soft surfaces.

  163. Trisha_slp Says:

    I love Eucalan, but have not tried the different scents.  I would love the gift pack :)

  164. Bchimomof3 Says:

    To clean pots and pans I use leftover tomato based products.  The acid in the tomato base cleans without me scrubbing!

  165. Bchimomof3 Says:

    To clean pots and pans, I use leftover tomato based products.  The acid from the tomato makes copper shine!

  166. kat Says:

    I have a small bottle of the Eucalan lavender. I’m very sensitive to perfumy smells and find most scented products just too overwhelming. But I love that this is not the case with the Eucalan lavender so it is my go-to for hand knits. I’d really love to try the other scents.

  167. Margery Says:

    I make a spray of Thieves Oil diluted with water. Smells great, repels bugs, and gets everything really clean.

  168. Elizabeth Says:

    My favorite trick is to let dirty and greasy pots, bowls or pans sit for a half  hour or so with hot, soapy water inside.  The grease breaks down and cooked or stuck on food is loosened and easily washed off.  But don’t leave them sitting too long, if the water gets cold the grease just sort of sticks back on again.

  169. Judy11 Says:

    To clean stuck on goodies (browned bits, sauces, etc.)  in a non-stick frying pan – pour in a little vinegar – bring to boil, let cool a bit, then swish away stuck on bits.

    Love me some Eucalan – would certainly enjoy trying others scents from what I already use.

  170. Donna Dyer Says:

     I love the fresh, clean smell when I use Eucalan. 

  171. Evelyn Says:

    I keep a DIY Diary on my blog and recently posted about making a simple white vinegar and lemon find cleaning spray, I love how it works naturally and in my favorite scent: citrus!

  172. katebee Says:

    Put some Ivory Liquid on your grease-stained clothes and the stains will totally come out in the wash.  It’s like magic.  

  173. cohmomto3 Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is the money I leave every other week for my cleaning ladies!  Spoiled rotten, I know, I know.

  174. hwgang Says:

    My tip, Do It Now.  Don’t let it build up and mentally haunt you, or have additional consequences.  It doesn’t have to be spotless, but don’t let it be brain clutter.  Love Eucalan Lavender!

  175. Sharoncohen1360 Says:

    To remove tarnish from silver the easy way, fill a foil pan with boiling water, add a spoonful of baking soda, and let the silver just soak in it.   Voila! 

  176. Angie Stevens Says:

    I just started using orange-infused vinegar instead of plain old white vinegar for cleaning. It smells delicious.

  177. Sandy Slinger Says:

    Baby wipes make the best ever stain removers.  If you get something on your clothing, take out a baby wipe and dab at it until it goes away.  Works like magic.

  178. Sandy Slinger Says:

    Baby wipes are fantastic stain removers.  If you get something on your clothing, take out a baby wipe and dab at the spot.  Comes right out – like magic.

  179. Sandy Slinger Says:

    Baby wipes are great stain removers.  If you get something on your clothes, take out a baby wipe and dab at the spot.  It takes it out like magic!

  180. Diana Says:

    We had an old chest of drawers and the insides smelled damp and mildew-y. Nothing could get the stink out — except for a plate of (clean) cat litter. Within a few days, the smell was gone.

  181. Terri Hamilton Says:

    Probably everyone already knows my favorite cleaning tip… to put a cup of vinegar in a microwave-safe cup in the microwave and nuke it to make it easier to clean the inside.

  182. Reb Says:

    Dust with used dryer sheets.  They attract dust and smell good and you’re using something that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

  183. Marciaknits Says:

    Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to remove any protein based stain (blood for example) just dab onto the area and let the peroxide sit a bit. Soon you will notice the stain has disappeared. For grease based stains use shampoo

  184. dfuller55 Says:

    Clean up as you mess up!!!

  185. Newsitian Says:

    It’s been tested and proven that men think that women smelling of grapefruit are always younger than they are,

  186. Lmjme Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to clean the microwave.  Put a microwave safe bowl in half filled with water add a dash of vanilla or lemon if desired.  Then microwave on high for 5ish minutes.  When you open the microwave just wipe it down and all the grunge will come right off!

  187. Cinda Sue Says:

    The best recipe for cleaning windows is 50/50 alcohol and vinegar.  The vinegar cuts the dirt.  The alcohol causes rapid evaporation so there is less time for water spots to form.

  188. Haggisgrrrl72 Says:

    my favorite cleaning tip is a bit odd but bare with me it really works.  to get grease stains or the dark stains that seem to be made with washing use lighter fluid. be sure not to do this around open flame or the like but it works like a charm,, thanks mom

  189. Kachampagne67 Says:

    Ah, yes, vinegar!  Scent some white vinegar with a little essential oil (about 30 drops per gallon) and use it to deoderize toilets (just pour in 1/2 cup) and freshen the air (put it in a little spray bottle).  If you use tea tree oil and add a squirt of castile soap, it becomes an effective disinfectant!

  190. Jablackwell Says:

    we have sorting laundry as a family. i purchased different color totes to help sorting. once we have all the laundry washed, we make it into a giant mountain on my bed and then have alot of fun sorting. my kids are 3 and 5.

  191. meg Says:

    My two favorite cleaning tips: plain old table salt for scouring bathroom porcelain without vile-smelling chemicals, & plain old baking soda for rubbing away coffee/tea stains on mugs/teapots/coffee makers. Use just barely enough water to dampen.

    I <3 Eucalan, & I double-<3 WEBS! I miss you guys!
    -Megan Mc.

  192. Susiep_45 Says:

    I love Eucalan!  I’ll use it not only for my knitting but also for my daughter’s dance outfits.  For delicate stuff, I put them in a pillowcase and throw in a little Eucalan on the delicate cycle.

  193. BethK Says:

    Woolite will never touch my handwashables again — I LOVE Eucalon!  And my cleaning tip — get to it right away.  No matter how busy (or tired) you are, don’t leave a spill or stain to sit and get mega-worse.  The sooner you deal with it, the better.  

  194. Eblomquist Says:

    Love the scent, Yarn feels great after drying.

  195. Mary Ellen Carter Gilson Says:

    I love Eucalan!

  196. Carftylady Says:

    Eucalan, in addition to cleaning, makes things softer.  Great for socks.

  197. Mary Stewart Says:

    After I have cleaned the glass shower doors/encolsure, I apply a light coat of lemon oil, which helps prevent soap scum build up.  I love MR. Clean sponges for getting off the soap scum to begin with.

  198. Sarchibald3632 Says:

    I swear by color safe bleach, nothing like a baseball teams worth of white pants and red dirt stains!

  199. Carla Hibbard Says:

    I would love to win!

  200. Ana Says:

    Orange oil removes pine sap from clothes!

  201. Allisonekelsey Says:

    I love Eucalan! So good to my knits.

  202. Joyce Says:

    I use baking soda and/or white vinegar for many cleaning projects around the house.  Also…I LOVE Eucalan…especially the grapefruit scent.

  203. Jennsquared Says:

    I put a tablespoon of vinegar in my laundry to soften it instead of fabric softener, which could be toxic. I also make my own laundry detergent when I can with baking soda, washing soda, borax, vinegar and castile soap – a little goes a loooooong way.

  204. MarnieMacLean Says:

    Ok, this ain’t pretty but with three dogs sometimes things get messy. If your dog gets…um…sick on your carpet, clean up anything you can off the surface, then wet an old cruddy hand towel (preferably one that is reserved for such occasions.) It should be wet without being dripping. Place on top of the spot and leave for a couple hours. A good deal, if not all of the residual stain should transfer from the carpet to the towel, which can be thrown in a hot wash, and you’ve put no chemicals or pulled out any huge machines to clean the spot. Sometimes a second treatment is needed but I usually find once is enough. :)

  205. nhsarab Says:

    My odor killer around my house is to simmer some grapefruit or orange or lemon rind with some cinnamon in a few cups of water

  206. Wehaf Says:

    Wash your windows with vinegar, using newspaper to scrub.  It seems like it shouldn’t work, but it’s really effective!

  207. Jasmine Liska Says:

    Whenever I boil water for tea, I pour a bit of hot water onto the stove top to loosen the oil and whatnot that has spattered onto the stove.  It makes it a lot easier to clean!

  208. Maryann Says:

    Window cleaner works great on tile and metal surfaces, too.

  209. Bunny-B Says:

    Before blocking all my sweaters get an Eucalan bath. It makes them soft without effort.
    Refresh your cedar blocks with cedar oil spray to keep moth away!

  210. CBarney Says:

    For pet messes (or even night bedwetting), if you can’t find the dry enzyme to mix up and add to the wash, I find a combination of white vinegar and borax and a long soak in the wash cycle can really help to get rid of the lingering smells.

  211. Shoshana Kadish Says:

    Use newspapers rather than any sort of paper towels for wiping down glass surfaces when cleaning them – you will avoid streaks afterwards

  212. InJuneau Says:

    White vinegar for everything!

  213. Sbm Says:

     To freshen your drains, wash a little baking soda down them, followed by white vinegar.  It’s just like a grade school science experiement!

  214. Pam Says:

    I’ve never tried a woo wash, so this would be a good opportunity!

  215. Pam Says:

    I’ve never tried a wool wash, so this would be a good oppportunity!

  216. Kim May Says:

    Dryer Sheets are a staple in my house, keep one in the suitcases stored between uses, keep 1-2 in the kids bag that they use for bringing gym clothes back and forth to school, one in the back of the sock drawer, several in the linen closet – essentially any place that could use a pick-me-up :)

  217. Fontrella Says:

    I love getting lemon rinds, after I use the lemon juice and cut the rinds and put them into the sink garbage disposal, it gives the lemon smell through out my kitchen and the sink will not smell as well. Love it!

  218. Graberg1 Says:

    Have been hoping to try this wash.

  219. Beth Says:

    I little vinegar in the wash removes dirt and sweat odors. This is great If you have little athletes or work outside.

  220. Melissa Says:

    My favorite cleaning tip is to try not to let stains sit. If you can get on something sooner rather than later, the better your chances of getting it out without a spot.

  221. Knitsbythebook Says:

    Baking soda! Add 1/4 cup to laundry and cut back on detergent.

  222. Ardosa Says:

    my favorite tip is old fashioned 40 mile Borax.
    I us it in the pool, in the laundry, to scrub lime scales, countertops…

  223. lorraine Says:

    i love eucalan! my favorite tip is use vinegar..its whitens brightens and stops running dyes :)

  224. Solnich Says:

    I use an old toothbrush to clean crevices

  225. Janie Says:

    Denture tablets are great for cleaning jewelry.  Just drop a tablet in a cup with your dirty bling.  However, do NOT do this for  costume jewelry or fine jewelry containing pearls, emeralds, or opals as they are truly too delicate for the chemicals in the tablets.  Use a baby toothbrush and very gently brush them clean.

  226. noella lallatin Says:

    I microwave a very damp sponge and let it sit in the microwave after the time is up. This helps to disinfect the sponge and the steam loosens grease and overcooked food from the wall of the microwave.

  227. Llmcguire Says:

    Because I’d rather be knitting then cleaning, I set a goal, like clean one room, or clean for an hour then I reward myself with knitting for an hour.  If there is more to do, and most likelyther is, I clean/knit some more.  To keep me moving right along, I listen to my mp3 player with the latest steamy novel on audiobook  or  some favorites from highschool.  Whatever works. :) 

  228. Dee Anna Says:

    I am not very good at keeping a cleaning schedule, but when I cook I try to use any baking/cooking time to wash the dishes as I go.  It helps keep the mess at the end to a minimum.

  229. Michele Says:

    I like to open the house and air it out.  Everything smells so fresh after a good airing.

  230. Francesca Says:

    Clean as you go.  My grandmother always said that when she was cooking and/or teaching me to cook.  It makes for an easier clean-up at the end.  It’s what I do!

  231. Barbaradesabrais Says:

    I use a dryer sheet to wipe furniture when dusting, it helps keep the dust from settling back on.

  232. Kate Says:

    Vinegar in the rinse cycle in lieu of using fabric softener.  Inexpensive and makes sweaters and other items wonderfully soft.

  233. EShapiro Says:

    I actually have to clean? Not that! 

  234. marianne Says:

    cleaning out the vacuum filters make it work better. who would have guessed? :s
    thanks for this chance to win!

  235. Debbi Pendergast Says:

    I sweep the room with a glance. Then go back to ky yarn

  236. dswgr6 Says:

    Pay someone to clean your bathroom and kitchen!  I’d love to win!!

  237. Christine Says:

    weeelll…..I didn’t know if it just had to do with knitted items but here goes.  I keep a weak solution of bleach in a spray bottle…it’s good for disinfecting the countertop once in awhile and getting the curry stains out of the countertop!

  238. CrazyKnitter Says:

    I make my own antibacterial spray using 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil mixed with 1 cup white distilled vinegar.  Smells nice if you don’t get carried away like I did when I first used it!

  239. Lotsofhermies on ravelry Says:

    I love the trick of using rubbing alcohol or hairspray to get out ink from fabric. My kids love inkpens for writing and drawing works like a charm.

  240. Ashley W. Says:

    My best cleaning tip is more of a negotiation skill – I convinced my husband that if I cook him dinner, he has to do the dishes! :)

  241. Beth123B Says:

    Make your own produce cleaner – mix one cup of water, one tbsp baking soda and two tbsp of lemon juice.  Add a healthy squirt of unscented dish soap.  Squirt on produce, let sit for 2-3 minutes, rub for 15-20 seconds, rinse under cool running water.  Works like a charm – you can feel the difference!

  242. Meg Says:

    Use coffee filters on your windows for a streak free shine!

  243. Nhstock Says:

    I love Eucalan for handwashing my bras!  And lovely for my handknit socks!!!

  244. Chels580 Says:

    I get cat hair off upholstery by wiping with a damp rubber glove

  245. Audrey Says:

    Use Eucalan for washing bathing suits. Gentle and no rinse makes it easy to rinse out the chlorine after a day at the pool!

  246. Kylie Says:

    To get a really sticky label off, soak a paper towel in Goo Gone or nail polish remover and let it sit on top of the label. It’ll come right off!

  247. Sara Byron Says:

    When we leave the house on vacation, put a 1/4 cup of cleaning product (Lysol, or others) in the toilet bowl.  Somehow it keeps the house fresher and the water in the bowl doesn’t leave a lime line.  

  248. Kathleen Says:

    I have learned by doing that cleaning up as you go when cooking is a really good idea!  I think that it would really be a good idea to do this all around the house, but that doesn’t seem to get done!  If I really kept up with the cleaning when would I knit?!

  249. Skip8 Says:

    my favourite tip? use eucalan to clean ALL wool, not just handknits. i soak my wool suit just like i would a sweater, hang it to dry, and press it with a hot steam iron. it works like a champ, and is both cheaper and environmentally better than dry cleaning!

  250. patternwhisperer on rav Says:

    Eucalan is great for cleaning.  Of course for the knits, but I also used it on a silk dress with grease stains.  Worked like a charm

  251. Sarahknits Says:

    I am not a great housekeeper, but I am best when I concentrate on one room per day. It makes the job more manageable. I also try to go to bed with the kitchen counters and dishes clean. Everything else…no comment! :)

  252. Wagirl_98 Says:

    I love this stuff!

  253. q.piper Says:

    Got to say the “I can do anything for 15 minutes” approach from FlyLady has made a big difference in my approach to cleaning.  As in, I now approach cleaning a lot more often!

  254. Karen Says:

    When storing hats, mittens, scarves in a plastic tote use lavender stones at the bottom to keep the items smelling fresh and clean. It is also good for keeping moths away

  255. Eileen Says:

    My mother always said that sunshine is the best disinfectant. I live in a damp climate, so the sheer act of opening up the house come springtime and letting it flood with light is an important part of cleaning for me.

  256. Megamarbles Says:

    This is a wonder product. Doesn’tvdestroy the natural oils in the wool.

  257. Bethany Sheldahl Says:

    Use baking soda and vinegar instead of toxic chemicals for everything

  258. Bethany Sheldahl Says:

    Oops! Didn’t mean to post again!

  259. kimberlywiggin Says:

    It’s not actual cleaning, but one thing I like to do is put a couple of drops of an essential oil on a cotton pad or in an oil diffuser to make a room smell fresh and pretty.  Eucalyptus is great during cold and flu season, and of course lavender is always relaxing.

  260. Leslie Says:

    Knit rugs – that way I have something to sweep the dirt under.

  261. Heidi Says:

    Spot clean often. I keep disinfecting wet cloths in the kitchen baths to clean counters and sinks,etc in between the days I do a more thorough cleaning job.

  262. Kenyetta Davis-Richards Says:

    I love to use white vinegar to eliminate odors! 

  263. Nat Says:

    I use those micro fibre cloths that don’t require cleaning solutions to work, just water. That gets kind of boring, so sometimes I add essential oils to my water squirter so make things smell nice as I work. My favourites are spearmint and lavender. Or, sometimes I use a bit of organic vanilla. 

  264. Slmiller8 Says:

    Hmm, haven’t been able to think of a cleaning tip; what does that have to say about the state of my house?

  265. SpiffyB Says:

    Invite your friends over – then you _have_ to clean the house… :-)

  266. Sheri N Says:

    Rubbing alcohol on stainless faucets really makes them shine.

  267. Hilary Says:

    I like to use those little fuzzbuster lint vacuum things to sharpen up a piece.  As for household cleaning, I find the Resolve carpet cleaner works miracles for me

  268. Esther Paris Says:

    Couldn’t do a comment via my phone. First chance at laptop at 3 PM. Oh well. My fave cleaning tip is figuring out how to use Eucalan in the front loader. I just put the Eucalan in the “softener” compartment and simply do a “rinse and spin”. Easy peasy.

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