May 10th, 2012

Eucalan Giveaway: Spring Cleaning in Four Scents

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With Spring in full force, there has been lots of spring cleaning going on. It seems like every day more of us are bringing in selections from our own stash clean-outs to pass on. I’ve packed up most of my sweaters, but before that, they got a little bath in Eucalan.

Eucalan has shared with us a Gift Pack and Getaway Gang to give away to you, but more on that later.

If you’ve never tried Eucalan, it is a no-rinse delicate wash that is available in four scents: eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, and unscented. It is great for washing your woolens, but it has many more uses! From your delicate handwash clothes to drapery, it’s a wonderful cleaning product that you don’t have to rinse out (so it saves on water too).

Check out this introductory video from Eucalan for more information:

Now for the giveaway! One random commenter will receive a Eucalan Gift Pack that includes 3.3oz bottles of each of the four scents, and one random commenter will receive a Getaway Gang that includes a sample size of each scent, plus a small sewing kit, Eucalan Lint Remover Sheets, and Eucalan Stain-Treating Wipes.

Leave one comment with your favorite cleaning tip by May 14th at 2:00pm EDT when we will draw the winner. And don’t forget to check out Eucalan on Facebook and their blog!

Good luck!

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  • Allisonekelsey

    I love Eucalan! So good to my knits.

  • Joyce

    I use baking soda and/or white vinegar for many cleaning projects around the house.  Also…I LOVE Eucalan…especially the grapefruit scent.

  • Jennsquared

    I put a tablespoon of vinegar in my laundry to soften it instead of fabric softener, which could be toxic. I also make my own laundry detergent when I can with baking soda, washing soda, borax, vinegar and castile soap – a little goes a loooooong way.

  • MarnieMacLean

    Ok, this ain’t pretty but with three dogs sometimes things get messy. If your dog gets…um…sick on your carpet, clean up anything you can off the surface, then wet an old cruddy hand towel (preferably one that is reserved for such occasions.) It should be wet without being dripping. Place on top of the spot and leave for a couple hours. A good deal, if not all of the residual stain should transfer from the carpet to the towel, which can be thrown in a hot wash, and you’ve put no chemicals or pulled out any huge machines to clean the spot. Sometimes a second treatment is needed but I usually find once is enough. :)

  • nhsarab

    My odor killer around my house is to simmer some grapefruit or orange or lemon rind with some cinnamon in a few cups of water

  • Wehaf

    Wash your windows with vinegar, using newspaper to scrub.  It seems like it shouldn’t work, but it’s really effective!

  • Jasmine Liska

    Whenever I boil water for tea, I pour a bit of hot water onto the stove top to loosen the oil and whatnot that has spattered onto the stove.  It makes it a lot easier to clean!

  • Maryann

    Window cleaner works great on tile and metal surfaces, too.

  • Bunny-B

    Before blocking all my sweaters get an Eucalan bath. It makes them soft without effort.
    Refresh your cedar blocks with cedar oil spray to keep moth away!

  • CBarney

    For pet messes (or even night bedwetting), if you can’t find the dry enzyme to mix up and add to the wash, I find a combination of white vinegar and borax and a long soak in the wash cycle can really help to get rid of the lingering smells.

  • Shoshana Kadish

    Use newspapers rather than any sort of paper towels for wiping down glass surfaces when cleaning them – you will avoid streaks afterwards

  • InJuneau

    White vinegar for everything!

  • Sbm

     To freshen your drains, wash a little baking soda down them, followed by white vinegar.  It’s just like a grade school science experiement!

  • Pam

    I’ve never tried a woo wash, so this would be a good opportunity!

  • Pam

    I’ve never tried a wool wash, so this would be a good oppportunity!

  • Kim May

    Dryer Sheets are a staple in my house, keep one in the suitcases stored between uses, keep 1-2 in the kids bag that they use for bringing gym clothes back and forth to school, one in the back of the sock drawer, several in the linen closet – essentially any place that could use a pick-me-up :)

  • Fontrella

    I love getting lemon rinds, after I use the lemon juice and cut the rinds and put them into the sink garbage disposal, it gives the lemon smell through out my kitchen and the sink will not smell as well. Love it!

  • Graberg1

    Have been hoping to try this wash.

  • Beth

    I little vinegar in the wash removes dirt and sweat odors. This is great If you have little athletes or work outside.

  • Melissa

    My favorite cleaning tip is to try not to let stains sit. If you can get on something sooner rather than later, the better your chances of getting it out without a spot.

  • Knitsbythebook

    Baking soda! Add 1/4 cup to laundry and cut back on detergent.

  • Ardosa

    my favorite tip is old fashioned 40 mile Borax.
    I us it in the pool, in the laundry, to scrub lime scales, countertops…

  • lorraine

    i love eucalan! my favorite tip is use vinegar..its whitens brightens and stops running dyes :)

  • Solnich

    I use an old toothbrush to clean crevices

  • Janie

    Denture tablets are great for cleaning jewelry.  Just drop a tablet in a cup with your dirty bling.  However, do NOT do this for  costume jewelry or fine jewelry containing pearls, emeralds, or opals as they are truly too delicate for the chemicals in the tablets.  Use a baby toothbrush and very gently brush them clean.

  • noella lallatin

    I microwave a very damp sponge and let it sit in the microwave after the time is up. This helps to disinfect the sponge and the steam loosens grease and overcooked food from the wall of the microwave.

  • Llmcguire

    Because I’d rather be knitting then cleaning, I set a goal, like clean one room, or clean for an hour then I reward myself with knitting for an hour.  If there is more to do, and most likelyther is, I clean/knit some more.  To keep me moving right along, I listen to my mp3 player with the latest steamy novel on audiobook  or  some favorites from highschool.  Whatever works. :) 

  • Dee Anna

    I am not very good at keeping a cleaning schedule, but when I cook I try to use any baking/cooking time to wash the dishes as I go.  It helps keep the mess at the end to a minimum.

  • Michele

    I like to open the house and air it out.  Everything smells so fresh after a good airing.

  • Francesca

    Clean as you go.  My grandmother always said that when she was cooking and/or teaching me to cook.  It makes for an easier clean-up at the end.  It’s what I do!

  • Barbaradesabrais

    I use a dryer sheet to wipe furniture when dusting, it helps keep the dust from settling back on.

  • Kate

    Vinegar in the rinse cycle in lieu of using fabric softener.  Inexpensive and makes sweaters and other items wonderfully soft.

  • EShapiro

    I actually have to clean? Not that! 

  • marianne

    cleaning out the vacuum filters make it work better. who would have guessed? :s
    thanks for this chance to win!

  • Debbi Pendergast

    I sweep the room with a glance. Then go back to ky yarn

  • dswgr6

    Pay someone to clean your bathroom and kitchen!  I’d love to win!!

  • Christine

    weeelll…..I didn’t know if it just had to do with knitted items but here goes.  I keep a weak solution of bleach in a spray bottle…it’s good for disinfecting the countertop once in awhile and getting the curry stains out of the countertop!

  • CrazyKnitter

    I make my own antibacterial spray using 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil mixed with 1 cup white distilled vinegar.  Smells nice if you don’t get carried away like I did when I first used it!

  • Lotsofhermies on ravelry

    I love the trick of using rubbing alcohol or hairspray to get out ink from fabric. My kids love inkpens for writing and drawing works like a charm.

  • Ashley W.

    My best cleaning tip is more of a negotiation skill – I convinced my husband that if I cook him dinner, he has to do the dishes! :)

  • Beth123B

    Make your own produce cleaner – mix one cup of water, one tbsp baking soda and two tbsp of lemon juice.  Add a healthy squirt of unscented dish soap.  Squirt on produce, let sit for 2-3 minutes, rub for 15-20 seconds, rinse under cool running water.  Works like a charm – you can feel the difference!

  • Meg

    Use coffee filters on your windows for a streak free shine!

  • Nhstock

    I love Eucalan for handwashing my bras!  And lovely for my handknit socks!!!

  • Chels580

    I get cat hair off upholstery by wiping with a damp rubber glove

  • Audrey

    Use Eucalan for washing bathing suits. Gentle and no rinse makes it easy to rinse out the chlorine after a day at the pool!

  • Kylie

    To get a really sticky label off, soak a paper towel in Goo Gone or nail polish remover and let it sit on top of the label. It’ll come right off!

  • Sara Byron

    When we leave the house on vacation, put a 1/4 cup of cleaning product (Lysol, or others) in the toilet bowl.  Somehow it keeps the house fresher and the water in the bowl doesn’t leave a lime line.  

  • Kathleen

    I have learned by doing that cleaning up as you go when cooking is a really good idea!  I think that it would really be a good idea to do this all around the house, but that doesn’t seem to get done!  If I really kept up with the cleaning when would I knit?!

  • Skip8

    my favourite tip? use eucalan to clean ALL wool, not just handknits. i soak my wool suit just like i would a sweater, hang it to dry, and press it with a hot steam iron. it works like a champ, and is both cheaper and environmentally better than dry cleaning!

  • patternwhisperer on rav

    Eucalan is great for cleaning.  Of course for the knits, but I also used it on a silk dress with grease stains.  Worked like a charm