June 26th, 2009

Expert Knitter Graduation

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It has been quite a week for us at WEBS.  Tuesday was our Debbie Bliss Event, last night we hosted Lexie Barnes and launched her new Classic Collection of bags, we’re prepping to replace the carpeting in the store this weekend which means everything has to be moved and we have new fall yarns rolling in like crazy (more on those over the weekend, so be sure to stay tuned!).

There was another big event this week that I haven’t really talked much about, but for me was definitely the highlight.  On Wednesday evening we held our first Expert Knitter Graduation.  Six of our lovely customers have finished the program and on Wednesday night we celebrated their incredible achievement and talent.

Let me tell you a bit about the program.  Our Expert Knitter Certification program was developed back in 2004.  Our goal has been to provide our students with the skills an Expert Knitter must possess through a comprehensive curriculum.   Our program features 15 core requirements which cover all aspects of knitting technique.  In addition to the core requirements, each student must also complete three electives, one in knitting and one each of two other fiber arts such as crochet, spinning, weaving, etc.  Once all of the coursework is complete, the student is then eligible to start their Capstone Project.  This project will require the students to utilize the skills they have acquired to design and knit an original sweater from measurements.  Each student will be assigned a mentor from the WEBS staff who will offer support, advice and consultation on the project.  Each student has six months to complete the project.  Once done, the final design is reviewed by the Capstone Committee.  Once accepted, the student is then awarded Certification as a WEBS Expert Knitter.

When we launched the program we weren’t sure how it would be received or if anyone would ever complete the program.  I am thrilled for our six graduates and all they have accomplished.   Here are our graduates, their mentors and Pixie who runs our education program:

One of our graduates and one mentor were unfortunately not able to attend.

I had the chance to say a few words and present a plaque that we had made that lists each of the graduates names and year of completion.

This plaque will be hung in Classroom 1 at the store.  Notice there’s lots of space to add future graduates!

We then presented each graduate with a Certificate and a gift:

Here are their Capstone Project sweaters:

We will have pictures of each sweater featured in our fall catalog as well.

Congratulations ladies!



4 Responses to “Expert Knitter Graduation”

  1. Deb Says:

    Gorgeous sweaters! Congratulations to all. I wish i lived a bit closer, and/or had time to travel to Northampton regularly. I would love to do something like this. Maybe in a few years when I retire!

  2. mj Says:

    Wow! Great sweaters!!!

    (and is that a red “Flow’ in the front?)

  3. Susan Plaster Says:

    I just placed my first order with your store. After spending a couple of hours on your site I have decided I have to move to Massachusetts! What a wonderful store you have. I love the expert knitter program. Your dedication to the skill shines throughout. If I ever get to the east coast your store will be on the top of my list to visit. Thank you.

  4. lee Says:

    those sweaters are gorgeous! Well done, everyone!

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