July 17th, 2008

Fast and Furious and a little Freddie

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There is all sorts of stuff happening and new products arriving faster than I can photograph them and get them up here. I’m going to get right to things.

First up, we are thrilled to introduce five brand spanking new colors from Fiesta Yarns. What makes these extra special? They are exclusive to WEBS! Woohoo! Here they are in Baby Boom, a personal fave:


The color names are (from left to right) – Chesapeake, PB&J, Autumn Lace,Sangria Swirl, and Mulberry Tree. These colors will also be available in other Fiesta yarns and stay tuned for more collaborations with Fiesta!

As I’ve blogged about many times, going to TNNA is a chance for me to search for cool new accessories and such. One of the items we picked up this year is The Fibersphere (I feel like there should be an echoing sound coming through your computer as I type that!)

It’s actually a pretty cool little product. You can safe encase your working ball of yarn into the sphere, protecting it from pets, kids, the elements, etc. If you need/want to take the ball out of the sphere, all you have to do is unsnap it. No cutting of your working yarn. Pretty clever!

Plus, when you purchase this pink version, a portion of the proceeds are donated to Cancer Research. Cost is $20.00.
Blue Sky Alpacas also ventured into the project containment realm and introduced these adorable little project bags:

They are called “Pretty Cheep Project Bags” and are made from 100% cotton muslin, measure 12″ square and are washable! Each bag has a red tag affixed to it for jotting notes about the project contained in the bag! At only $6.50, they are a “bahgain” (as we Bostonians say) and way cuter than a ziploc!
On this week’s podcast, Steve & I have the pleasure of interviewing Michele Orne, author of the just released book “Inspired to Knit – Creating Exquisite Handknits” from Interweave Press.
We actually had the opportunity to meet Michele at TNNA and she is just lovely, as is her book. Rather than approach design from the purely technical standpoint, she delves into the inspirational side of design and how things in everyday life can invoke an idea or concept. Michele is a big proponent of Mood Boards and discusses how to compile and use them. To top off this lovely book, there are 21 stunning designs. Here are a few of my faves:
The Amber Beaded Cardigan:
This cardi actually started out as a shrug. You can see it in the sketch.
Michele decided to add the skirt on after and it created a completely different garment. I personally love it as is and love the shrug version as well. What is also interesting is that the beads are sewn on after the garment was completed.
The Seed-Stitch Poet Jacket appeals to me for it’s beautiful lines and gentle shaping:
I also love the Tiny Twists Camisole:
Finally, this coat, the Winter Wonderland Coat took my breath away:
I could go on, but I’ll stop here. You need to buy this book. The interview is on this week’s podcast which is now up on iTunes and our website.
Last up, I didn’t even realize this was in the store already, until I spied it on the shelf:
I took it and put it in my office so I can enjoy an entire year’s worth of Yarn Harlot witicisms. I’m telling you all now – if you know of anyone who will want or love this as a gift, buy early, buy often. Do not email me three days before Christmas begging me to send you my copy – I adore you all and would do almost anything for you, but I’m not coughing up the calendar.
Finally, I leave you with Freddie, our unofficial store cat, who lives nearby and comes over to visit and get some love:

Freddie is one big lover-boy of a cat. He will not take no for an answer when he comes calling and if you try to ignore him or push him away, he’ll do this:

He will interrupt any and all work until he gets what he wants. He’s been known to sprawl right across a keyboard or worse, get in your lap and nuzzle his entire face into someone’s neck. Again, not conducive to say answering customers’ phone calls.
We love Freddie.
NOTE: Due to a couple of technical difficulties, I was not able to publish this post on Thursday when I originally wrote it.


6 Responses to “Fast and Furious and a little Freddie”

  1. Leslie Says:

    posting for the sake of posting?

  2. Kathy Says:

    Did something funky come through last week Leslie?

  3. melissaknits Says:

    those pretty cheep bags would be perfect for produce for those of us who abhor the plastic ones but who’s spouses cannot stand the image of unbagged groceries on the belt at big Y…

  4. Michelle F Says:

    The fibersphere looks like Tupperware!

  5. Kathy Says:

    It is kind of like Tupperware 🙂 I actually thought of the Leggs pantyhose “Egg” when I first saw it. Man – I’m really dating myself with that reference!

    Melissa – the bags could be used for produce, but they wouldn’t get your veggie-lovin’ family very far. They are only 12″ square. But perfect for projects, such as, oh, maybe 2 Socks being knit at the same time. . . .

  6. MimiCatKnits Says:

    How cute is Freddie!!!! (Oh, the other stuff is nice too – hehehe)

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