October 6th, 2010

Field Day

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Hi Everyone

Each fall, our lovely Office Manager Malea arranges our annual Field Day. ¬†It’s a fun afternoon of food and games. This year Malea out did herself and a great time was had by all who attended. ¬†Those who did not attend have not been heard from since.

We grilled:

blog092010 014

The kids helped to inflate inner tubes:

blog092010 005

Which were later used for Inner Tube Sumo Wrestling:

blog092010 059

Even Steve played along:

blog092010 071

You have to see the video though to truly appreciate Inner Tube Sumo Wrestling

Gail, a.k.a. The Kangaroo Dyer proved to be the best hula-hooper of the group:

blog092010 045

While Jonathan never quite became one with his hoop:

blog092010 039

Steve nearly won the “bead” race (run 2 lengths of the field with a bead on a spoon and don’t drop it):

blog092010 034

We had the inaugural “Kangaroo Hop”:

blog092010 029

But the highlight of the afternoon was the Yarn Put:

blog092010 075

Thanks to Malea for making us all get out and have a little fun together!



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  1. Yarn Says:

    That looks like a hoot! Maybe we should look into something like that….

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