September 21st, 2012

Fiesta Free Scarf Pattern and Yarn Giveaway

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The month of September brings us a new free pattern featuring a Fiesta yarn. This month’s pattern uses Fiesta Gracie Lace. Gracie Lace is a wonderful blend of extrafine merino, silk, and cashmere. The featured color is Vintage.

Gracie Lace Scarf is a lacy scarf that is knit holding the yarn doubled. The finished scarf is long enough to wrap around your neck several times and is incredibly soft.

The lace pattern doesn’t get lost in the color pattern of the yarn. It would look fantastic in any of the Gracie Lace colorways.

The colorway that it is shown in, Vintage, reminds me of fall. It has all the colors that we find on the trees here in New England once they start to change. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year and I love the way the color represents it.

We’re giving away a skein of the yarn and the needles to complete the project. Leave a comment with your favorite way to use lace yarn. You have until Wednesday, September 26th at 9:00am EDT.

Click here for a link to the free pattern.

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295 Responses to “Fiesta Free Scarf Pattern and Yarn Giveaway”

  1. Amy B Says:

    On nice lacy scarves or wraps.

  2. Christina B Says:


  3. MarthaO Says:

    I like toknit lacy shawls and scarves,

  4. Jill Says:

    I love lace yarn for delicate scarves and wristlets.

  5. Annie Z. Says:

    Due to my arthritis, I always double the lace yarn for a light weight scarf.

  6. LisaVT Says:

    A shawlette!

  7. Hope S Says:

    On lacy wraps and shawls

  8. Megan B Says:

    I really enjoy the Lilja pattern…its written by a Scandinavian woman and makes up into a beautiful broach or pin.

  9. Sue Higgins Says:

    I use lace wt. yarn for scarves and shawls.

  10. LeeAnn Wilson Says:

    Lacy, drapey shawls, wraps, etc. – things to throw over the shoulder & show off. :)

  11. Susan Says:

    Scarves, matching cloches, and fingerless mitts!

  12. Margaret Sanford Says:

    I’ve done lots of knitting but none with lace yarn before. I’d love to try this!

  13. Karen Tumelty Says:

    I use lace yarn to make myself feel really smart when I’ve realized that I can see where the pattern is going and knit a few rows correctly without needing to pull the chart out. And I use lace yarn to make myself feel really stupid when I realize that I should have pulled the chart out sooner.

  14. Tracie Switzer Topp Says:

    Usually on scarves or shawls, but a tank would be really cute!

  15. Geraldine Scott Says:


  16. Cara Says:

    Usually filmy stoles and scarves but I’ve been thinking of knitting some stockings with lace yarn.

  17. Mary Caron Says:

    Just started the Feather Lace Cowal KAL on Ravelry – this yarn would be PERFECT for that pattern!!!!!

  18. Silence_1_Dogood Says:

    I love to use lace for making wedding shawls!

  19. Sarah Dornblaser Says:

    I’ve only done a scarf so far …

  20. bonn Says:

    I used it to create a nice edge on a store bought scarf. would love to make a new one..

  21. Pam Schumacher Says:

    Knitting beautiful shawls for keepsakes!

  22. Deonne Williams Wallberg Says:

    So pretty! I’d love to try this in the Gracie Lace scarf–lovely pattern!

  23. Brenda Says:

    Love to make Lacy Scarves and knit doilies with my lace weight.

  24. Ann P Says:

    I use lace yarn for scarves and shawlettes mainly but this year plan to knit some “evening” wristlets,( maybe with beads ) for Christmas presents.

  25. Northern_NM Says:

    Lace?!? Everything I make is lace!!!

  26. Trina Says:

    Love hats with lace yarn!

  27. Rosalie Kneeland Ainsworth Says:

    I love making scarves with lace yarn, I think I’m going to try this pattern tonight!

  28. Idalia Says:

    A shawl!!!

  29. Vicky M Says:

    I love to knit and weave shawls with lacy yarn

  30. susan l Says:


  31. BarbaraM Says:

    I have become obsessed with knitting shawls/shawlettes and I love the results when I use lace yarn.

  32. Nina Says:

    Its all about capelets this year!

  33. JoKaren MacAulay Says:

    I love to use it for shawls and scarves.

  34. Kristen Richter Says:

    I love to use lace yarn to learn new techniques.

  35. Deb Says:

    I love making lace cowls.

  36. Bev Says:

    Would love to knit a lacey scarf in Gracie Lace – Vintage color would remind me of my growing up days in MA!

  37. Sara Nordling Says:

    Oh, there are so many things to do with lace yarn, knit fancy socks, weave or knit scarves, my recent kick has been knitting necklaces with beads and lace yarn.

  38. Beth Says:

    I have been using lace yarn to make shawls. With it getting cooler in the Northeast now, I love to have a shawl wrapped around my shoulders! Just finding out all the different ways you can use lace yarn!

  39. Kathy Says:

    I like to knit lace shawls, but find that I don’t wear them very often. I also make lace scarves and sweaters that are worn much more often.

  40. sprite Says:

    Shawlettes, although doubled for a scarf does sound awfully nice.

  41. Steffi Block Says:

    Shawls and scarfs with matching hats.

  42. ChrisWeaveMaine Says:

    I love making shawls and capelets with lace yarn. The capelets are nice when working and you don’t want to fiddle with a shawl. Although I finally bought a shawl pin, so maybe I won’t have the falling off my shoulder problem anymore!

  43. Manuelita Graziosi White Says:

    I have done scarfs, shawls hats and even gloves but this year I have been incorporating lace patterns in my socks. Starting a pair for a gift to special person (cannot tell in case she sees post) for a xmas gift.

  44. Amy Says:

    I have never worked with lace yarn before! I have a skein in my stash that I’m fixing to tackle, though.

  45. trufflesaltandlemon Says:

    I like to hold a contrasting strand of lace weight with a thicker yarn to create a bit of visual interest without being over the top.

  46. Borree Says:

    I have made several scarves and a shawl with lace yarn. I like making scarves with lace yarn better.

  47. Gen Says:

    I would make this for a friend, who is in need of a loving gift. The colors would flatter her and make her happy.

  48. Roberta Babowicz Hrubiec Says:

    I haven’t worked with lace yet,but would love to give it a try!! Starting with a scarf seems perfect!

  49. Susie Says:

    It’s a beautiful scarf!

  50. Lenore Says:

    I love lace in any format. From socks to scarves to shawls and afghans. Shawls and scarves would be my most favorite.

  51. Carol Crosby Says:

    Love this lace pattern, looks like a great opportunity to hone my lace knitting skills. It’s never too early for Christmas knitting!

  52. Laurel Says:

    I’ve knit and crocheted christmas ornaments with lace yarn. They make pretty decorations on presents too.

  53. Kay Says:

    I love to knit the Shawlettes. They make wonderful scarves that are so colorful to brighten up an outfit. They are warm without too much bulk. I’m really loving the Fall colors of this Gracie Lace – Vintage. Just in time for the Fall season!! Thank You for the free pattern. This is such a nice addition to my pattern collection.

  54. Patrice Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I never met a lace knitted shawl I didn’t love :)

  55. larpiainen Says:

    Besides scarves, I love lacy cardigans. Working on one as we speek :)

  56. SimchasJewels Says:

    I love to use lace weight for scarves and shawls. This yarn looks beautiful.

  57. Mar Says:

    layering sweaters and shawls

  58. michele Says:

    I have made shawls and socks. Beautiful color. Times like this make me want to move back to MA fall is my favorit time of year

  59. Angel Says:

    I’ve never knit with lace yarn. ((GASP!)) Make me a believer! ;)

  60. Maureen Says:

    shawls and scarves are my two favorites.

  61. Janetta Says:

    Well, evidently just love to buy & stash lace weight yarn. Must be that fear factor!

  62. Harmony Welcher Says:

    I have never used lace yarn before!!! I have just been working up the courage for something so delicate!

  63. Beth Says:

    Scarfs & shawls are my favorite. I have just started working with lace yarn and I love it.

  64. Amber Grantham Says:

    My favorite way to use lace yarn is scarves and shawls, but I also love a lace camisole for a special occasion. Rowan’s “Butterfly” has been on my to-do list (along with a beautiful raspberry silk lace yarn) for 4 years. I need a more peaceful time and home to start that one, though (complicated lace & small children do not mix!) I’m loving the pattern & yarn in this giveaway!

  65. Leanne Says:

    I love making shawls or something wispy like a featherweight cardigan. :)

  66. Kathy Holden Says:

    Love that scarf..and considering my middle name is Grace, I love it that much more! My favourite way to use lace yarn is for shawls. I love the way the yarn opens up after blocking, and shows intricate details. Unbeknownst to the yarn, its’ delicacy is deceiving!

  67. Bonnie Paige Pinkerton Says:

    I love to knit scarves and shawls with lace yarn.

  68. dswgr6 Says:

    i love lace! Scarves, shawls, and stoles!!

  69. kristen Says:

    I love lace yarn, It really makes a piece light and flowy

  70. Julie Says:

    I am a scarf knitter! It’s a great way to do something more complicated on a smaller scale.

  71. Andie Says:

    I’ve used lace yarn to make shawls for my knitting ministry. It gives the person in need a soft, but meaningful hug.

  72. Samantha Sanders Says:

    I am a new knitter so for me learning a new lace technique is the best way to use lace weight yarn!

  73. Debra Bassen Says:

    shawls or scarves, both great

  74. Laura Davis Says:

    I like making doilies and coasters. Just because it’s being covered over by something doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Besides, that doilie and coaster make that object look damn good :)

  75. Susanne Raksnis Says:

    Love using lace yarn to knit scarves. It’s the perfect weight for our warmer TX winters.

  76. Chrystal Hammond Says:

    Lace shawls

  77. Hannah Says:

    I use lace weight for shawls, scarves, and sweaters. Such a wearable weight!

  78. Roberta Adolphsen Says:

    I love working with lace wt. yarn and would love to make this scarf.

  79. Eileen N Fred Stuewe Says:

    I like to use lace weight for shawls and scarves for those cool spring and summer evenings.

  80. ditetre Says:

    I use it for shawls and scarves…. but also lately for sweaters! Thanks for the giveaway.

  81. Sharon Amador Says:

    I would make a shawl.

  82. sheilakars Says:

    love lace yarn for neckwarmwers and fingerless mitts

  83. Bonnie Floyd Says:

    What beautiful yarn! I would love to have those fall colors here in sunny California.

  84. Paula C Says:

    Love that color way! I love to knit/crochet shawls, scarves and smoke rings, they just seem sooooo feminine!

  85. ajl7053 Says:

    Shawl, scarf, or socks — most likely all of them!!

  86. sarbah77 Says:

    My favorite way to use lace yarn is for shawls and stoles. I can knit those suckers forever. They often end up more as art pieces than as something worn (I’ve run out of shoulders to put them on!) but I’m okay with that.

  87. Gaby Says:

    I recently started knitting shawls and I love to make them with lace. I have made 5 so far for gifts and now I making one for myself! Thanks for the free pattern and contest

  88. Anne Says:

    Love knitting and wearing Lacey scarves!

  89. Lucy Portland Says:

    Lace is great for shawls and cowls. What a great feel against my neck.

  90. Bug Says:

    Lace shawls… I’m still working on the spirit of guernsey knit-a-long from unique sheep! It’s my first lace shawl–will plan on knitting more lace shawls in the future!!!

  91. Amber Gibbons Nagel Says:

    every thing! especially shawls and scarves. i love lace yarn.

  92. Colleen Coffee Says:

    I love lace yarn for almost everything! Shawls, glovelettes, neckwarmers, scarves, the works!

  93. Christine Hudzik Marciniak Says:

    I don’t yet have a favorite way to use lace yarn because I don’t have any so have never used it. It sure would be nice to win some so I could try it. With a combo of merino, cashmere and silk you can’t go wrong!

  94. Cindy Minota Says:

    This is a very pretty pattern and since I haven’t tried lace yarn doubled, it would be a fun way to learn how to do that! I love to make circular shawls with the lace weight yarn-the fancier, the better!

  95. Mary Fran Olson Says:

    I love lace scarfs – they are fun and interesting to knit and make for great accessories!

  96. Jennifer S Says:

    I love lace weight yarn. I just made a whole sweater with laceweight held double, but my favorite is just good plain lace knitting. shawl or scarf or whatever, as long as it’s lace.

  97. Priscilla Says:

    I love to knit shawls with lace yarn, all shapes and sizes.

  98. Caitlin Says:

    I recently started experimenting with lace shawls, and I am totally hooked! I love that one skein can typically complete a whole project, and the fibers are always super yummy!

  99. Kelly H. Says:

    Lace makes lovely scarfs!

  100. Pamela S. Says:

    I <3 lacy cowls!

  101. Marie Waterman Says:

    I like to make lace shawls!

  102. Carrie Beauregard Says:

    I like to make table runners in a nice lace pattern as well as scarves and shawls

  103. Martha Alvarez Says:

    I love knitting presents for others–including doll clothes for the neices and nephews!

  104. Lesley Says:

    I love that you can hold lace weight yarn and make it a different weight – so versital!!

  105. WordLily Says:

    My favorite way to use lace weight yarn is to knit lace of course! And by that I mean mostly shawls and shawlettes, generally in crescent, semicircular, or triangular (although asymmetrical is pretty fun too!) shapes.

  106. AriesKnitWit Says:

    I love making light airy shawls with my lace weight yarns! This yarn is lovely.

  107. Maureen Says:

    I like to make shawls with lace yarn. I have been doing a lot of prayer shawls of late.

  108. Debbie H Says:

    I like to make lace scarves. this pattern is perfect!

  109. Christine Lima Says:

    I love lace weight on its own making an airy, lacy wrap or I like to hold lace weight with another strand of thicker yarn to produce a unique texture and color! So versatile!

  110. A.S. Says:

    Lace scarves and cowls :)

  111. Twilarose Says:

    I like to use lace yarn for shawls ans scarves.

  112. Eileen Straughn Says:

    Love lace weight yarn for shawls – love to make them to keep and love to make them for gifts for those who appreciate fine hand knit items. Also love to touch and feel the yarn along the way – nothing makes me happier than a new project and new yarn. Scarf pattern is so pretty!

  113. Julianne Q Says:

    I love making lace scarves!

  114. Jenni Trimmer Says:

    Lacy scarfs….that one is lovely!!

  115. Patsy V. S. Says:

    I like to use lace yarn for scarves best. They are great for gift giving and fun to do. The Gracie Lace scarf is beautiful!

  116. Karen K Says:

    I like knitting with lace weight; making such intricate structures that are simply made up of a few stitches –such magic!

  117. Judy Says:

    Love to knit shawls and scarves with lace yarn.the gracie lace scarf is just beautiful!

  118. Tracy G Says:

    I just made my first lacy scarf and I’m hooked! :-). There will be more in my future!

  119. ali f. Says:

    Beautiful. Both colorway and pattern. Something to treasure.

  120. Lorraine Taylor Says:

    Lace yarn and shawl patterns = my heaven! <3

  121. Colette W. Says:

    I love making shawls, shawlettes and scarves with lace yarn.

  122. Mandy McElrath Says:

    I’ve never used laced yarn…yet. I have so many lace projects in my favorites on Ravelry, I really should just go for it :)

  123. Lyz H. Says:

    lacy socks are my favorite! I’ve also recently found some beautiful patterns for cowls using lace-weight that I can’t wait to try.

  124. Cindy Says:

    I love making scarves but lately have been branching out into scarves.

  125. SaraGL Says:

    I usually make shawls of various sizes but haven’t yet made a lace-weight scarf and would love to – pretty colors…

  126. EmilyW Says:

    I have just started into the “lace” knitting, and haven’t been brave enough to actually use lace because my hands bother me. If it is held double it might actually be something that I could do!

  127. mary reigstad Says:

    That yarn is yummy!

  128. Janet Bradwin Williams Says:

    I love to knit simple lace although I haven’t yet tried a lace weight yarn

  129. vdeliz Says:

    I have never used lace yarn but I think it would be a lot of fun to learn how to use it.

  130. AmandaB Says:

    Just starting to get into lace knitting…trying to learn a new technique every few months (or whenever I finally get the hang of the last one I tried!). Can’t wait to see what I can do!

  131. James C Says:

    Gracie Lace was my first dive into fine yarn. I loved working with it before and would recommend it to anyone.

  132. Ann Pyper Says:

    lace shawls, beautiful patterns, soft feel, beautiful drape- love the colors

  133. Says:

    Love this scarf and would love to win the yarn.

  134. Kelly Lopez Says:

    The pattern and yarn are lovely.

  135. Melanie Freisinger de Gonzalez Says:


  136. Joan Matlack Says:

    Lace scarves are my favorite. I would love to make this scarf with this yarn – love the scarf, the yarn, the colors!

  137. labfish Says:

    Shawls and headbands.

  138. Katalin Says:

    I love the color of this yarn! I really like making lacy scarves and shawls.

  139. Bren Says:

    Say ‘Goodnight Gracie’!

  140. Amy Says:

    I have to say lace scares me, so this pattern that uses it double would be great!

  141. Michelle Says:

    I’ve just done a bit with lace-y socks. Your write-up makes this sound so appealing!

  142. glenna Says:

    This is just lovely!

  143. Dolly Schroeder Says:

    This is lovely!

  144. Karen Gartley Says:

    Love to make scarves, although I make many shawls too.

  145. Debbie Saenz Says:

    Lace shawls and scarves are my favorite ways to use lace, but I’ve done lace on socks, cardigans and hats, too.

  146. Judy Says:

    I like making shawls and scarves.

  147. Pat Empson Says:

    Beautiful! Scarves are my favorite projects to make so I’d love this one!

  148. Rachel Wardwell Says:

    I recently discovered the magic of knitting lace. I love it.

  149. Rachelle Crosbie Says:

    I do a bit of shawl knitting in laceweight, but also love cardigans in it for summer

  150. Christi Dillon Says:

    A nice warm, snuggly shawl is my favorite way to use lace yarn.

  151. Sandi Says:

    such a sophisticated pattern. This s one I will definitely do in several colors.

  152. Amanda Says:

    I do scarves…but I may become a shawl person yet…

  153. Virginia S Says:

    Love lacy scarves, shawls and socks!! I also have added lace panels to tops to liven up the pattern.

  154. Betsy Mamo Says:

    Just pet it!!

  155. Laurie Roys Says:

    Love this pattern and the colorways in this yarn!

  156. Diamondgirl88 Says:

    Gosh, just reading the description of Fiesta Gracie lace yarn makes me tingly. Am just finishing my 1st Lace project. Am fascinated by the beauty & delicacy of Lace! Have decided to make something with Silk next. Love the scarf design! Thank you for the free pattern, too!’

  157. orinskye Says:

    Lace is one of my favorite things to knit. I put it in socks, scarves, hats, blankets, and garments.

  158. Joy Says:

    Gorgeous! I love knitting scarves and shawls.

  159. Melissa Weaver Dunning Says:

    What a lovely pairing of yarn and pattern – gorgeous!

  160. Jennifer Wollesen Says:

    I love to make shawls with lace yarn

  161. Dawn K Says:

    scarves to give away as presents

  162. Judy Offen Says:

    Shawls and scarves are my favorites with lace yarn. Learning socks is next!

  163. Meg A Says:

    When I am not knitting a lace shawlette, I often carry handpainted lace weight along with another solid/semisolid yarn to give the garment a tweedy look.

  164. Laura Nixon Says:

    Shawls and socks are my favorite places to use lace. Love the look of this pattern!

  165. Guest Says:

    I think this is a lovely scarf and coincidentally my cat is named Gracie, so there you go.

  166. Holly Michelle Sutherland Says:

    I think this is a lovely scarf and coincidentally my cat is named Gracie, so there you go. My latest project with lace weight made an i-cord necklace for a friend’s birthday gift.

  167. Maryjane Dunn Says:

    Merino, silk and cashmere…wow! What’s not to love?!

  168. Donna r Says:

    Love it for shawls.

  169. Charlot Barney Says:

    I make shawls generally.

  170. carol mcdowell Says:

    Lace weight is a favorite of mine. I have made shawls, scarves and a lacy shrug from this weight yarn.

  171. leda Says:

    Beautiful scarf made with beautiful yarn – what a nice giveaway

  172. Michelle McMillen Says:

    I haven’t used lace weight much; I usually knit my lace projects in fingering weight. Would like to try lace weight, though!

  173. Susan Marston Says:

    I love to knit shawls with lace weight.

  174. Pam Wood Says:

    Beautiful scarf would make a great xmas present.

  175. Jane Says:

    I would love to get my hands on that lace weight yarn to make that beautiful scarf! I like to knit lacy shawl/scarves. They make wonderful gifts!

  176. Michelle Maher Says:

    I love making shawls with lace yarn!

  177. susan delafield Says:

    shawls without question

  178. Christina Davila Says:

    i love to use lace yarn to knit delicate things for my baby daughter – i know it is impractical, but so sweet!

  179. Maryanne Says:

    I usually just make shawls with lace weight yarn.

  180. Laura M Says:

    I love using lace for lightweight scarves and cowls. It’s the perfect accessory for winter in california.

  181. Jen Says:

    I make shawls! Well, I made A shawl … once.

  182. MS Says:

    In my opinion, knitting up a stunning lace shawl is the best way to use lace yarn.

  183. Laura Wilder Says:

    Beautiful yarn for a beautiful scarf. I want to make one.

  184. Mimi Dillman Says:

    I’m afraid I too use laceweight yarn for lace shawls and stoles – knitted and crocheted. This yarn looks beautiful!

  185. Cheri Litwinovich Says:

    I use lace yarn for shawls and scarves and also for neck cords (i cord) for pendants I make. Love this pattern and yarn :)

  186. Deb Says:

    I love it in a scarf and it would be lovely in a little shawlette too,

  187. Maggie Says:

    I’ve used lace yarn for scarves, shawls, also used double for a beautiful, soft cardigan.

  188. Elizabeth Lubay Says:

    I love lace for shawls, obviously, but it also deserves a place of honor in anything heirloom.

  189. Kym Phelan Meyer Says:

    I’ve not knItTed with lace before, but it’s on my soon-to-do list!

  190. knittingnona Says:

    That yarn sounds so luxurious – I hope I am not really drooling.

  191. lasolue13 Says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! The yarn sounds great.
    My favourite use of lace yarn is shwals and scarves. It’s amazing how many lace patterns actually enhance the use self-striping yarns.

  192. Joanne Says:

    Great giveaway-thanks. ….my fav, scarves & shawls

  193. Valerie in berks county,PA Says:

    Love lace yarns for soft scarves and shawls…looking forward to fall weather to enjoy wearing them!

  194. Lenore Hopkins Says:

    This is gorgeous! I want it and all its friends to live at my house. :-)

  195. Cheri Coe Says:

    I’ve been thinking about knitted lace panels for windows.

  196. Ginny Says:

    Beautiful yarn! I tend more towards shawls or shawlettes rather then scarves because the construction is often more interesting and it shows off the yarn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  197. Cheryl Goyer Says:

    Fine yarns on large needles and an all over lace pattern for wraps of any kind is one of my favorite knits.

  198. Alexis Says:

    Definitely scarves and shawls

  199. Debby Says:

    Beautiful – love the colors!

  200. Margo Says:

    I like lace yarn for scarves and shawls.

  201. Chelsea W Says:

    I like to use lace yarn to make light shawls and scarves. Thanks for the chance :-)

  202. sandee Says:

    would be my first project in lace

  203. craftink Says:

    Shawls, or I hold it double for socks and mittens

    craftink on rav

  204. Monica de Moss Says:

    I am new to Lace knitting. At this point I am still into the scarf stage and so would LOVE to win your yarn and try this new pattern!

  205. Sherry MacCullouch Says:

    I have made several lace projects and would love to try this yarn for a “clapotis” scarf, which isn’t a lace project, but lace yarn looks beautiful in this running stich scarf. Fine and delicate once it’s blocked.

  206. Robin F. Says:

    I love to knit shawls. i have many of them in wonderful colors. Would love to win this yarn and make a new shawl.

  207. knittingramma Says:

    Love this scarf! Haven’t done much lace knitting, but prefer scarves and shawls.

  208. jr Says:

    Shawl or scarf

  209. Rachel Ward Says:

    I’m making wraps like crazy lately.

  210. Lori Says:

    My favorite way to use lace is to look at it on my shelf because lace scares me. I’d love to try it out.

  211. Fluteolayer7 Says:

    Love to knit lace scarves! This yarn and pattern are beautiful together!

  212. ann Says:

    Shawls and scarves. This yarn sounds and looks yummy!

  213. Donna Says:

    I use lace yarn to knit lace! love this pattern

  214. Trina Says:

    After my first lace project 20 years ago I swore to never knit it again however now that I am much more experienced I do it all the time. I don’t know what is my favorite, but I do make alot of socks with lace. I also love scarves and sweaters of lace. Shawls are fun to knit I just haven’t found the best place to wear them. It is a lot of bang for the buck. It always looks complicated, but when you break it down step by step it is easy. Thanks for the chance to win the yarn and needles.

  215. Lynette O Says:

    I’m crazy enough to be knitting a sweater with lace weight!

  216. Julia A. Forrestall Says:

    I used lace yarn to knit beautiful scarves and shawls. Would love to win this yarn.

  217. Domicroche Says:

    My favorite way to use lace yarn is either to knit or crochet a shawl, or to use it doubled for a nice sweater!

  218. Elf Says:

    I love the usual wrap and scarves in lace weight, but I LOVE my Silver Lining hat. It’s so warm and I love the design. The reversible aspect makes it wearable with anything.

  219. cheryl Says:

    lace weight yarn and a lace shawl pattern – a match made in heaven!

  220. EvanstonMichelle Says:

    Since FOs in crochet come out thicker looking than similar FOs that were knit, I like to crochet shawls with fine lace yarn. It’s faster too!

  221. Lauri F. Says:

    I love knitting lacy shawls, scarves, smoke rings (hood-like head covering), fingerless gloves. The Gracie Lace yarn colorways look absolutely beautiful.

  222. Patrizia Says:

    Love this scarf, so airy….

  223. hotknitter Says:

    My fave way to use lace yarn is for knitting shawls. Always love the results.
    hotknitter on rav

  224. Teri Crane Says:

    Looks very pretty and a nice pattern

  225. Michelle Rutigliano Evans Says:

    Oooooo pretty! I love it! But I love fiesta!

  226. Maria Says:

    I’ve just learned how to make lacey scarves, so my fav is to make gorgeous scarves and wraps for my family. It really makes them smile. I will also make some to give to our local assisted living facility. I think everyone deserves a smile and a warm hug.

  227. Laura Rumans Says:

    Knitting lace really holds my interest and I love the results. Blocking lace and seeing the pattern emerge is just the best feeling.

  228. Rose Says:

    I love using lace yarn to make shawls or scarves.

    sisterrobinson on ravelry

  229. Carol gwillam Says:

    Love lace trim on shawls and vests,makes any simple pattern POP!

  230. Vickie Says:

    I love shoulder shawls & shawlettes. Warm, but not bulky.

  231. Margaret Says:

    I love using lace for round shawls that can also be used for table covers or sofa back decor

  232. Ruby Munoz Says:

    I am working on Knitty’s lingerie socks right now and loving the white lace yarn I am knitting them with!!

  233. Chris C Says:

    I’ve just started doing some lace patterns, but haven’t actually used lace weight yarn yet. I’m anxious to give it a try on a scarf I think this pattern would be a great start.

  234. Brenda Nash Says:

    I love Webs and shop from there frequently. The prices are good and I have always been pleased when my box of goodies arrives in the mail!

  235. Carolyn Says:

    I actually haven’t knit yet with laceweight – but I’m looking forward to it, and plan to start with a lace patterned shawl. I do like the idea of knitting with two strands though, as it would mute the stripiness of a space-dyed yarn. I would love to try this scarf!

  236. smiley Says:

    I love how the lace pattern shows even with the pattern in the yarn

  237. joanna h Says:

    I have just started knitting lace, and I love it!! My projects have been simple so far, but Gracie seems like the perfect pattern to expand my skills. Thanks so much for the free pattern link.

  238. momoftwo Says:

    Lace yarn used in a lovely hand-made shawl draped over a simple dress can be breath-taking, even for a lace beginner like me.

  239. Diane Donnell Says:

    I love knitting scarves and shawls with lace yarn! This design is so beautiful and the colors fit right into my wardrobe!

  240. Stefanie Quinn Says:

    I love to do big lacy projects in the summer. And I also like to use up the leftovers making miniature versions of amigurimi. So cute!

  241. Jamie K. Schmidt Says:

    Love this!!! I’ve never done a lace pattern before. But this looks pretty easy!

  242. Ellen McMacken Bacon Says:

    I have loved using lace yarn as a weft in weaving a scarf.

  243. monet2crochets Says:

    I am just learning to knit lace so this pattern would be perfect, simple yet beautiful.

  244. jevonholt Says:

    I am using lace yarn to knit a light and airy moebius cowl.

  245. CrochetWithDee Says:

    lace yarn looks so pretty when it is crocheted too! … with such a wide variety of crochet stitches and techniques, such as hairpin and broomstick, the possiblities are virtually endless! Using Fiesta yarn for a crocheted shawl, cowl, or wrist warmers is bliss! :)

  246. Amber Says:

    I am making a cardigan with lace yarn.

  247. Maureen Mahoney Says:

    I enjoy knitting beaded jewelry with lace weight silks. It makes a quick project and a beautiful gift!

  248. MaryHS Says:

    I’m a neophyte… reward me?

  249. L2 Says:

    My favorite way to use lace yarn would be imaginary, since I’ve never had the pleasure (yet). This is mostly because I’m a machine wash mommy; however, I think a scarf is a great way to get my new needles wet! :)

  250. Marianna Says:

    I have never knit with lace weight but it is on my knitting bucket list.

  251. CarriE. Says:

    The Gracie Lace scarf is now top of my knit list! I love to knit shawlettes with lace yarn and the vintage colorway is so beautiful!

  252. Jenna Says:

    I typically knit with sock weight yarn, but really want to expand into lace yarns to make a wrap for my wedding reception!

  253. DebS Says:

    Love Fall, Love Lace Yarn, Love Lace Scarves and Shawls!

  254. Phyllis Evans Says:

    I love lace weight for shawls & cowls.

  255. Linda Says:

    I love knitting shawlettes and cowls with lace yarn.

  256. YarnyDragonfly Says:

    Definitely scarves and shawls with some beads added!

  257. Marilyn Says:

    I am knitter who still has progressed beyond knitting scarves and shawls! Beautiful yarn and beautiful pattern!!

  258. LuAnn Says:

    Although I like making and wearing scarves, I have found that shawlettes are more interesting to knit and really fun to wear. Gracie Lace is a gorgeous colorway.

  259. Kathy G Says:

    I love knitting lace with the softest of yarns…items knitted this way span the seasons. I find I can wear lace items with any of my jackets or (since I live in Florida) wear them with any t-shirt for a fashion effect. I love WEBS..I have ordered from them exclusively since I discovered them…thank you for the great service!

  260. Maillendroit Says:

    I like to combine lace and beads in scarves or shawlettes that i wear like a scarf.

  261. AnneS Says:

    I’ve mostly made lace shawls and scarves, but am trying two or more laceweight strands of different colors knitted together in a plain stitch to give a complex color element to sweaters and scarves.

  262. Kristina Lawson Says:

    My favorite way to use lace yarn is for shawls and shawlettes!

  263. Jan Says:

    Love this pattern and this colorway!

  264. Barbara Fredrick Says:

    Hope I win!

  265. Sarah R Says:

    Oh, so pretty! The colors look more like Christmas than fall to me, but still pretty!

  266. wilderness2000 Says:

    I love to knit small neck scarves with lace yarn ; mostly for gift giving to colleagues.

  267. Susan Ipavec Says:

    I like knitting lace shawls and socks… they turn out so pretty no matter what weight of yarn I use.

  268. Marilyn Wichnovitz Says:

    I love Vintage things. Clothing, jewelry, furniture, knitting. My favorite use of lace yarn is elaborate lace shawls, but I also love to use it in lightweight cardigans and shrugs.

  269. Corby Says:

    I love knitting lace, it makes everything look so special. The colors are pretty too!

  270. Roberta Fuller Says:

    This year I took to knitting shawls and with each new shawl I tried a more complex patterns. I really love the lace designs and jeweltone colors.

  271. Margaret Says:

    So far I’ve only tried small scarves, but recently have developed a passion for knitting shawls. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to try a lace shawl!!

  272. Marsha C. Says:

    Shawls, shawls, shawls! I have become a lace knitting fiend, it is so much fun! I like the Gracie Lace Scarf pattern here too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a skein of that luscious yarn.

  273. Kim Q Says:

    Shawls! I love knitting lace shawls…or more accurately, shawlettes, since I prefer the shorter variety. I also prefer the shawls that are shaped so that they will stay on the shoulders.

  274. Carmen Says:

    I’ve only used lace-weight once and that was for a shawl. I want to use more lace in the future.

  275. Sue Z Q Says:

    I love making shawls and cowls but have never actually used lace weight yarn only fingering weight so far. I’d love to give lace weight yarn a try though.

  276. sal Says:

    i’m crocheting with lace yarn now.

  277. Kathleen C. Says:

    I have never knit anything with lace yarn. But I would love too, especially with a yarn as beautiful as Gracie Lace.

  278. Jen Says:

    Stoles and scarves

  279. Karen E Says:

    A shawl or stole.

  280. Jane Says:

    Lovely colors to chose from with this yarn. Scarfs knit with this will look elegant.

  281. Lily Efflorescence Says:

    I love using lace yarn for wraps and scarves!

  282. Catherine McCourt Says:

    I have not knit anything from lace yarn yet! I’ve started a couple of fingering-weight lace shawls, though.

  283. Evie and Diva Says:

    Making Shawls with BEADS!! Thousands of Beads and Lace :)

  284. Annie Says:

    I love lace yarn for knitting shawls and wraps.

  285. Jen Funk Says:

    I actually like it for socks. But scarves have gotten the lace treatment in my house too.

  286. JudyC Says:

    How could this yarn be anything but luscious with such a combination! Cannot wait to make a shawl – for me!

  287. Sheila Says:

    So far I’ve only knit shawls with lace yarn, but I’d kind of like to do a lightweight sweater with lace weight yarn.

  288. Eileen Says:

    Love lacy shawls!

  289. Angela Cooper Lutz Says:

    I have been looking for a new scarf pattern!!!!!

  290. Linda F Says:

    I like to make lace

  291. MarleneG Says:

    My favorite use for ace yarn is small shawlettes. I love lace yarn but don’t have the patience to do something really large with it. Small shawls or scarves are the perfect balance for me.

  292. Sarah from Ctown Says:

    I love lace yarn for smaller projects – cowls or scarves or even little shawlettes. Still working up my confidence level to tackle something bigger.

  293. Linda-Sue Lohse-Lange Says:

    I use merino lace yarns for lacey scarves and cowls. This eyelet pattern remnds me of my first sweater I made from shetland at age 12 fifty years ago!

  294. ritainalaska Says:

    i use lace weight for shawls … so fine!

  295. Patricia Fontaine Says:

    Lace yarn for beautiful, heavenly shawls!

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