June 19th, 2012

Fiesta Free Scarf Pattern and Yarn Giveaway

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We’re partnering with Fiesta over the next few months to provide you with a wonderful free pattern designed specifically for one of Fiesta’s yarns. This month, they’ve paired Fiesta Rayon Boucle with the Rayon Boucle Neck Warmer pattern.

This fairly simple scarf is knit in stockinette stitch until you reach the required length then work the ruffle end. Once you finish, you stitch together a few stitches at the opposite end to create a loop to pass the ruffle through.

You can wrap the scarf more than once as we have in our image, or you can let it hang so it’s longer. You could even leave it without the loop at the end and have a lovely scarf.

The featured color is Fiesta Rayon Boucle in wind surfer. This is a great, beachy color that reminds me of summer. We have several other colors of the yarn available too.

Would you like to knit this scarf? We’re giving away a hank of Fiesta Rayon Boucle in wind surfer. Just leave one (and only one) comment with your favorite beach activity and one winner will be chosen at random. Make sure that when you comment you include your email address so that we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner! Leave your comment by Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:00am. We’ll announce the winner Friday morning here on the blog.

Click here to download the free pattern.

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178 Responses to “Fiesta Free Scarf Pattern and Yarn Giveaway”

  1. Maureen Says:

    I like beach volleyball.
    But I also just like sitting at the beach reading too.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  2. Andrea W. Says:

    Typically, I find a shady spot under an umbrella or a tree.  Hit the voice enabler on my Kindle, plug in my earphones, hit play and knit all day!
    KnitAweigh on Ravelry

  3. Heidi Says:

    I like looking for sea shells and wading. :)

  4. Debbie Thibault Says:

    When I go to the beach, which isn’t that often, I like to walk up and down the shoreline to see what I can find that has washed ashore.  After that, find some shade and read a good book.


  5. marciepooh Says:

    Long walks in the late fall through early spring. Too many people there when it’s warm.

  6. Mandy Says:

    Walking the beach just after dawn to look for beach glass, and the occasional sand dollar. After that, it’s burying myself in cool sand so I don’t sweat to death or burn to a crisp ;-)

  7. JudyAnn Says:

    I like to walk the beach early in the morning—then find a shady spot and read.

  8. 3dzupko Says:

    favorite beach activity would be to just be able to GO to the beach!!

  9. Sheila OKeefe Says:

    I love to take a long walk on the beach.

  10. Lisa Louie Says:

    My favorite beach activity…. hmm, it’s not knitting, oddly enough, because the sand gets in the way. Swimming or sitting would have to be the answer. Living in Hawaii, I get to the water quite often, but not often enough.


    Lisa Louie
    Kahului, Maui, Hawaii

  11. Mary Fran Says:

    Since I live on the coast, I can’t have just one favorite!  My favorite beach activity is (a) making the kids carry their own chairs, towels and toys and (b) making them stand there and wait until I locate a group of friends before we set up shop and (c) hanging out with my friends while the kids run around with theirs until it’s either time to pack up or just give in and have a pizza delivered to the beach.

  12. Carmen Says:

    I am so stuck in the Midwest (and river beaches here are disgusting) – when I go to the ocean, I love to just walk barefoot in the sand and wade on the edge of the water.

  13. Clima Email Says:

    Reading!!! I can pass hours at the beach reading and it only feels like a minute or two! ;)

  14. Kitten With A Whiplash Says:

    Melting. I love to just lay down and melt. Feeling the heat make every musle relax and unkink. Letting the waves hypnotize me with their gentle murmur. Gently running my fingers the sand like the slow slow slow pasage of time when there’s nothing to do, nothing to think about. Melting.

  15. Ritagoshorn Says:

    fishing off the beach for salmon!    casting and catching silver salmon is the utlimate beachfront experience and greatly enjoyed by many, many people along the shores of resurrection bay in my hometown !

  16. Andrea Brancato Says:

    I love to crochet at the beach.  I keep my small project in a zip lock bag to keep the sand out.  Andrea


  17. Marie/Underground Crafter Says:

    I love being in the water on the beach.  I have wonderful childhood memories of wadding around with my grandfather during our many trips to Coney Island in the summer.  No one else was willing to spend as much time in the water as we were!  Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Heinzje Says:

    My favorite beach activity is people watching.

    Jean Heinz
    heinzje@nnwifi:disqus .com

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    I love searching the tidal pools for sea life.
    Elizabeth watersedgemt@yahoo:disqus .com

  20. KathyB Says:

    Whenever we visit our favorite beach destination, my husband and I take a hike down a strand of sand formed by Katrina.  We head down in the early morning, watch the sunrise, beach-comb, and check out the rays, fish, and dolphins in the water as we make our way down the beach.

  21. ABB Says:

    Love making sand castles!

  22. Millieof4 Says:

    Seeing the expression on my children’s faces the first time they ever saw the ocean.

  23. Lori P. Says:

    I love to read at the beach and watch the waves on the ocean

  24. Purplestitches Says:

    The bone deep relaxation that a day at the beach offers is what I would like right now from a beach visit.  That and swimming in the ocean.  Thanks for this opportunity.

  25. Angie WI Says:

    Walking with my boys, everything is a treasure to them. If we’re not careful we come home with half the beach debris. It reminds me to value the little things.

  26. Hally429 Says:

    Favorite beach activity…reading or knitting while listening to the beach sounds…so relaxing!

  27. Anne-Marie Says:

    I love to jump the waves!

  28. Ciar Cullen Says:

    Well, duh, knitting! Going to the “island” this weekend, middle-aged floppy hat, umbrella, long sleeved shirt in one bag. In the other bag–bliss. I’ll knit til the sun goes down, then just watch husband try to catch a bass. Notice I said “try!” :o)

  29. Martha A Says:

    Making sand sculptures with the kids–they especially like if if their legs are buried so they become part of the sculpture.

  30. Stasiacrafts Says:

    I love walking on the beach at night listening to the waves. So peaceful!

  31. Typingfool31 Says:

    I too love the beach, being born and raised in Cape Cod.  Here in NH, we only have a small area of ocean to enjoy and find myself traveling the 4 hours to the Cape to get my “beach fix”.  Hoping in the very near future to move to South Carolina in order to have the beach year round.  Knitting on the beach for the rest of my life would be the best ever!!!!!!

  32. Beverly Tilton Says:

    I sun burn very quickly, but I love to swim, so I apply tons of sunblock and head for the water.  After swimming I don’t hang around on the beach.

  33. Middknit Says:

    Breath. The air at the beach is so different than that of my rural, country existence. The smells – salt or fresh water – are different and intriguing.  The air is active at the shore, even on a calm day. It’s invigorating.

  34. Amber Says:

    I love to lay/walk on the beach when I go. I don’t go much though because I live no where near any beach! 

  35. Appy Says:

    My fav beach activity? Just standing on wet sand and feeling the sand being washed off from below my feet!!

  36. Jevonholt Says:

    My favorite beach activity is walking the beach to search for shells.

  37. Harfordscout Says:

    An early morning (really early) walk on beach before anyone gets there, stretch my legs, calm my soul and get ready for the day

  38. Paula C. Says:

    Watching the moonrise on a glorious summer evening!

  39. Oceandrm17 Says:

    There’s nothing like walking the beachand finding sea glass or a float, priceless treasures.


  40. Cynthia Hartley Says:

    surf fishing!

  41. Lynne Says:

    Walking barefoot on warm sand!

  42. jill Says:

    Walking and beach combing….

  43. Sarah Says:

    Reading by the beach.

  44. Teampurple218 Says:

    I love to soak up the sun on a quiet beach.

    Pam Bailey

  45. Barbaradesabrais Says:

    My favorite thing to do on the beach is finding a palm tree and sitting there knitting!

  46. Sue O. Says:

    My favorite beach activity is sitting in a beach chair, eyes closed, and listening to the calming sound of waves rolling in on the beach.

  47. Diane Barbato Says:

    People watching on the beach ~

  48. madwoman Says:

    feeling the sand between my toes!

  49. Cherie Durbin Says:


  50. Woodfrogs Says:

    Looking for seashells!

  51. Wixson Says:

    Meditating on the surf!

  52. zaelia Says:


  53. Ckelane Says:

    I like to find the local yarn stores and
    Buy a skein or two! Then go down on the
    Beach and find interesting shells or bits
    To embellish my projects with! Also relaxing,
    Reading my newest knit and crochet magazines!
    Carla. ckelane@gmail.com

  54. Susankbenesch Says:

    Walking along the shore and observing the water and listening to all of the sounds.

  55. Jamiebowsher Says:

    I would love to win this yarn!  Gorgeous!!!!!

  56. Sherri Says:

    I love to pick up shells at the beach.

  57. Jamiebowsher Says:

    My favorite beach activity is crocheting with my toes in the water!!!!

  58. knitterevans Says:

    knitting, under an umbrella, so i wont burn…

  59. Davis Mam Says:

    Watching the people, dogs, and children frolic in the sun and surf!

  60. Maroyce Says:

    Hunting for sea glass and shells.

  61. Kathleenjones Says:

    Favourite beach activity? Sitting on a case of beer at Kew Beach (in Toronto) late at night with a cute date and a bunch of friends. Of course I am quite a bit older now and would never think of bringing beer to a beach.

  62. LauraB Says:

    playing in the waves!!!

  63. Marge Lapre Says:

    Finding sea glass and sea shells……

  64. Lisa Says:

    Light and comfy for summer days ahead

  65. Lisa Says:

    Light and Comfy for summer days ahead

  66. Cgauth2 Says:

    Walking along the beach picking up sea glass and pretty shells.

  67. dswgr6 Says:

    Watching the surf break.

  68. Christin27 Says:

    Favorite beach activity?  SCUBA diving!

  69. SewVintageRooster Says:

    My favorite beach activity is relaxing in a chair and watching the other activities!  And putting my feet in the water…. :0)

  70. Anita Says:

    Sitting on the beach chair, feet being tickled by the waves and watching people as my senses are in enlightened by  the salt air. Heaven!

  71. Kim M Says:

    My favorite beach activity is relaxing in a chair under an umbrella with a festive drink in my hand watching all the activity with the waves breaking in the background.

  72. Analiese Fammler Says:

    Standing on the beach at sunset with the sand in my toes

  73. Sherry Cekala Says:

    Toes in sand, under an umbrella, reading!

  74. Elayne Mordoff Says:

    Watching the kids climb the rocks and finding all the little crabs.  My son’s hobby is marine biology so he loves teaching them all about it.  And knitting or crocheting, of course!!

  75. Joanmat24 Says:

    Knitting at the beach, of course!

  76. Revpamm Says:

    I love it when I can find some natural shade from a lacy tree to sit and knit my day away, concentrating on the sounds of wind and wave!  Take me away!  NOW!

  77. Priscilla Solomon Says:

    My favorite “beach” experience is sitting on our deck gazing out over the ocean watching lobstermen checking their pots and working on a knitted project.  There is something so wonderfully peaceful and joyous about combining water, air, sunshine and fiber.  Add a friend and her fiberart and it’s just about perfect.

  78. Cmhickey54 Says:

    Sitting by the water reading a book.

  79. Laura G Says:

    Walking the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ of course!

  80. Ginny G Says:

    Watching the water and feeling so relaxed and peaceful.   Ginnyg101@gmail.com

  81. Ljenkins610 Says:

    My favorite beach activity is floating on my raft in the warm Gulf waters off Clearwater Beach and soaking up the wonderful sun rays!

  82. Linhig Says:

    Knitting! Honestly!

  83. kelf Says:

    Sticking my toes in the sand…and watching my 4-year-old daughter grin as she starts “digging to China, Mommy!” :) kfirsow@hotmail.com 

  84. Terry Says:

    The beach is all about the sound of the waves and watching them crash against the rocks!

  85. Karen Van Raden Says:

    My favorite beach activity is sitting under an umbrella enjoying the sunshine with my knitting in hand.

  86. Mary Says:

    My favourite beach activity is listening to the summer sounds for eg., kids playing in the water and sand, relaxing sounds of the waves.  Summer comes and leaves us too quickly so we have to enjoy what we can, as much as we can, when we can:)

  87. Debbo Says:

    Reading on the beach is the best!

  88. Sharon Brown Quibell Says:

    Walking in the ocean!  sharon_brown_2@hotmail.com

  89. Jackie Says:

    Snorkeling!  I love how big the tropical fish get in the ocean compared to an aquarium and it’s so cool to see sea turtles.  I’m not a fan of jellyfish or sea urchins though.

  90. Charlotte Jane927 Says:

    My favorite beach activity is making sand sculptures.

  91. Marie H Says:


  92. Bassen Says:

    of course I bring my knitting. but Iove to watch the waves and the people,

  93. passionateknitter Says:

    Just enjoying the sun and water with my Grandchildren.

  94. Artpsytx Says:


  95. Amanda Hooge Says:

    Playing in the water – not exactly swimming, but more just hanging out

  96. Rhonda Says:

    Walking on the beach early in the morning and watching the sunrise.

  97. Webs Ddo Says:

    enjoying the total beach experience – sun, sand, water…..

  98. Mcfox98 Says:

    Relaxing and enjoying the view!

  99. Gloria Patterson Says:

    Before I was confined to a wheelchair, I use to love to stand in the wet sand with my bare feet and feel the tide come and go with the waves!

    Thank you,
    Gloria Patterson

  100. Kathleen Says:

    Favorite beach activity?  Applying sunscreen!  The whole day is better when you’re not a lobster!

  101. Ditetre Says:

    Sitting on Woodneck Beach, with my chair in the water and a good book or knitting in my hands.

  102. Barbara Says:

    My favorite beach activity is keeping sun block on my grandchildren!!!!

  103. CWhinnem Says:

    my favorite beach activity is to sit under a beach umbrella, watch the surf, read a good book, possibly knit, and smile!  CWhinnem@gmail.com

  104. Rachel Says:

    Watching my dog shovel sand with her nose and chase seagulls! Adorable!

  105. Laura Says:

    favorite beach activity? just lay there, on a towel, soaking up the sun and dozing. :)

    thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway!!

  106. Randall031 Says:

    favorite beach activity? being buried in sand by my kids :)

  107. Norma Horan Says:

    Favorite beach activity? Knitting, of course! 

  108. Beth Schmidt Says:

    Knitting on a Nantucket beach while watching the sun set!

  109. Monica Welham Says:

    bobbing in the ocean :)

  110. Celeste Says:

    I discovered snorkeling this year and I can’t wait to try it again!

  111. neddycat Says:

    I live near Galveston, and I love to walk along the beach by the seawall in winter, watching the crashing waves and enjoying the cool breeze.

  112. Trish Says:

    Strolling along and picking up starfish, sand dollars, shells, rocks, and all sorts of treasures.  Especially prized are the conch egg cases I find at Cape beaches such as Popponesset.  It’s such fun to break one open for children and watch the amazement when they see all the tiny conch shells.

  113. Kelli Says:

    Reading while listening to the waves…

  114. Kathie Says:

    My favorite beach activity is shaking sand out of my laceweight and keeping the yarn dry.

  115. Susie P Says:

    this summer…Knit!!!!! I Have walking cast on my foot- can’t swim or go in the sand but I can sit and knit!

  116. eh28 Says:

    I knit while my husband takes his camera and goes exploring. I use ziplock bags to help keep the yarn clean and dryish.

  117. Lisa C Says:

    Love to walk along the shoreline with my husband.

  118. SheWhoMustBeObeyed Says:

    I’m a water baby, so I like to get in the surf and feel the power of the waves.

    orora on Ravelry

  119. Ellen Says:

    I love to walk on the beach with the sand squishing through my bare toes. 

  120. Lynn Says:

    I love building sandcastles with my kids on a hot sunny beach day.

  121. vdeliz Says:

    Sitting under a palm  tree with a frosted drink and my knitting, watching people go by.

  122. Pegstabletop Says:

    I love to knit something simple while relaxing on the beach.

  123. Erwingoodwin Says:

    walking the length of the beach and finding a unique shell that was missed by the many children who have passed by today.

  124. Corbyjvd Says:

    Love to sit on the beach and squish the sand through my toes fell the sun on my face and listen to the waves.

  125. Dessertj Says:

    My fav beach activity is watching children giggling and running in and out of the water

  126. Finnknitter Says:

    Love walking on the beach in Northern Michigan – it is spectacular!

  127. Gwillam Says:

    Favorite beach activity is sitting under an umbrella and listening to the sound of the waves and birds flying around happily.

  128. B. Eliassen Says:

    Walking at sunset in the spring, summer and fall.

  129. Phyllis Schmidt Says:

    Just relaxing in a lounge chair under an umbrella with my needlework or a good book.

  130. guest Says:

    Walking on the beach collecting sea shells and stones.

  131. Mscreeger Says:

    My favorite beach activity is sitting at the beach bar watching with drink in hand. :-)

  132. Tjc Says:

    I like to sit on the beach under an umbrella with a cold glass of iced tea, yarn and needles.


  133. Kathy Disantis Says:

    Love to sit under an umbrella with my knitting or a good book, people watch and gaze at the water on Clearwater Beach. Kathy —eweandi@gmail.com

  134. LolaGhetz Says:

    I love to go snorkeling and gather sea shells.  Afterwards, I enjoy relaxing with a cold drink and a good book.  I tried to knit at the beach, but I kept getting sand in my yarn. :0)

  135. Bev Says:

    My absolute favorite activity at the beach is playing frisbee!

  136. Rebecca Says:

    Listening to the waves :)

  137. Cdhuisman Says:

    Knitting, of course!

  138. Marie Waterman Says:

    My favorite beach activity is collecting shells.

     trilliumcreates  AT  gmail DOT com

  139. EShapiro Says:

    My favorite beach activity is to sit with a nice cold drink and a good book and relax.

  140. wendy Says:

    walking in the sand  wrottner@gmail.com

  141. Cathy Smith Says:

    I want one… I love Fiesta Yarns best. Babyboom is my favorite

    Pick me, pick me, pick me…. Kcnme22@yahoo.com

  142. Cathy Smith Says:

    I love to walk on the beach. I live here in Sunny Santa Cruz California and walk daily – I see the dolpins every morning

  143. Sweerrosy Says:

    my favorite thing to do at the beach is to watch my grandchildren  and my husband  who has cancer play together it is a wonderful beautiful memory that I will hold dear

  144. TammyM Says:

    My favorite beach activity is KNITTING! I sit under the umbrella and watch everyone play in the water, look for dolphins and just soak up the sights and smells while I knit away in my chair. I go out and search for shells now and then, and get wet to cool off, then go back and do a few more rows! LOVE IT! So relaxing.

  145. CB Says:

    Examining the tide pools.

  146. Gina Says:

    Sitting in my chair under umbrella with cold drinks, knitting or book listening to the waves hitting the shore.  Remembering being a kid and coming to Lake Michigan every summer and watching the sunset.  Oh so relaxing what could be better!!!   ginakarban@sbcglobal.net

  147. Cathy Says:

    I love to toss the frisbee around, running through the surf to catch it. Then, after dark I just enjoy sitting under the stars and watching the white capd as the waves roll in and out.

  148. Robbie Says:

    I love sitting on the beach and reading.  Perfect way to relax and let all your cares and worries drift away.

  149. Deedylangley128 Says:

    I love watching my grand kids have fun on the beach while I sit under an umbrella and knit. I keep a small project with me for those moments.

  150. Jennybez Says:

    I love making sandcastles. It reminds me of summers in St. Petersburg Beach with my family.

  151. Peggy Says:

    Biking on the beach. Beautiful color!

  152. Jenny Rummel Says:

    My favorite beach activity is avoiding the beach.  I am not a sun, sand and surf type of person.

  153. Syd Says:

    Soaking up sun and knitting, of course :-)

  154. Auntbot Says:

    I love rayon so this yarn is perfect for me.

  155. Maggie Atherton Carnahan Says:

    I love walking at the waters edge at sunrise (I’m a morning person) and finding small to medium size shells with various shapes and colors. My DH drills the holes and I have some really beautiful  unique buttons. Some larger single ones are fabulous on my shawls.

  156. S1k2rpt Says:

    Sitting on the beach listening to the waves and feeling all the stress draining from my body! And eating fried shrimp of course!

  157. Noblitt Jill Says:

    I love walking around looking for treasures or sitting and reading ( while enjoying an iced coffee!).

  158. thistledown54 Says:

    My favorite activity is swimming in the amniotic fluids of mother earth.  the rush of the water over my skin, the sight of dolphins and people playing in the same water thrills me.

  159. Sar Says:

    I’ve never been to the beach, but I imagine I would be a people-watcher, sprawled out in a chair in the shade, and playing with the sand like it was my own personal giant sandbox.

  160. childrens snow boots Says:

    Work the crinkled paper that holds the cupcake from side to side in rib stitch. Then make the frosted top by free-form experimentation. Make one or a dozen of these cupcakes, about 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

  161. Turtleknits Says:

    Reading under an umbrella.

  162. Geri Actor Says:

    Taking a long walk and then enjoy sitting back and watching the other walkers.

  163. Christinebrenner Says:

    My favorite beach activity is sitting on a beach chair under a palm tree watching people having fun in the sun and feeling the breeze on my face and the sand in my toes!

  164. Alyce Says:

    Love this yarn and pattern is so cute.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  165. Kimberly Tidwell Storey Says:

    since I live on Wilmington Island in Ga, my favorite thing to do on the beach is LIVE here! Thanks for the give away!

    *I don’t think I’ve posted here…….if I have I’m sorry!

  166. Gail Says:

    I like walking on the beach either early in the morning or later at night.

  167. Castiron Says:

    Hunting for shells, definitely.  Or just walking and watching the waves.

  168. Jeanette Grant Says:

    walking along with my three year old son on wet sand looking for little crabs (Emu Park, Queensland, Australia)

  169. Kristin Kimmell Says:

    I love knitting at the beach, and glancing up to watch my two teenage sons body surfing and having fun together in the ocean!

  170. Emskorich Says:

    I like digging my toes into the sand. if only I could find a way to leave the sand there when it’s time to go home!  :)

  171. debbie and sarah Says:

    my favorite is swimming! I grew up in Florida and I miss the beach so much!!

  172. Elizabeth Says:

    Watching the waves roll in.

  173. Carol1225d Says:

    Sitting under an umbrella and dreaming about what I can knit as soon as I get off the beach….

  174. Glenda Says:

    Building sand castles with the kids and then laughing with them as the waves come in and wash it away…an excuse to do it again.

  175. Maureen Says:

    Looking for sea shells.

  176. Joyce Says:

    My favorite beach activity is knitting on small projects like a sock or scarf. My email address is colindog1@comcast.net

  177. Garima Says:

    The warm breeze by the beach induces the most deep and satisfying naps. But my favorite thing to do is sit by the shore and let the waves gently wash over me. The waves wrap the beach sand around my arms and legs as it leaves and then washes it away again and again. 

  178. Deb G Says:

    Swimming , of course

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