February 16th, 2010

First FO

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I am so tickled with myself that it almost makes the foot injury worthwhile:

All that’s left is making and attaching the pom-pom, which I will do as soon as I track down my pom-pom maker.  I know it’s here somewhere. . .

I Twittered on Sunday night that I had come to a standstill on this hat because I was ready to switch to dpns and didn’t have a set of #10’s at home.  That really freaked some folks out.  I don’t use dpns very frequently but #10’s is a size that I should have on hand.  If I were looking for 00’s or something like that, it would be totally reasonable to discover that I don’t own any of those.

The delay wasn’t a total loss.  It gave me time work on the Blue Sky Alpacas scarf:

This is now 1/2 way done, which is good and bad news.  The good news – it’s 1/2 way done.  The bad news?  It’s not going to be a very long scarf.  I only took 2 skeins of yarn for it back in the day.  It’s currently measuring in at just over 21″ long which means the finished scarf will be about 42″.  Not terrible but not ideal. 

What I love about the scarf is how pretty it has knit up for such a simple 2-row repeat:

Look at the selveges:

I was also reminded why this project has languished for so long.  It’s a bit of a slow knit.  I knit and knit and knit and it just doesn’t seem to get any longer, although it certainly is getting longer.   We’ll see how this scarf fares over the next two weeks.

Lastly, I want to give out a little crochet love.  Deb who works in the store recently whipped up this little beauty:

This is Ponte Vecchio and it’s a free pattern from Berroco.  It was originally knit in Boho but Deb created this lovely version using Lumina.  She guesstimates one skein would easily be enough for two, possibly three.

How are you all doing with your Olympic Knitting?  Updates please!


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7 Responses to “First FO”

  1. Patty L Says:

    Love the hat!

  2. Mollysmum Says:

    Nice work – great colour. My Ishbel is finished and you can see it on my project page in Ravelry. I cant believe how quick it knit up. So know I am starting on the Everyday Wrap – thats going to take longer!

    How gorgeous is this necklace. Another reason why I need to learn how to crochet.

  3. Debbi Says:

    Beautiful hat! See you at Stitches!

  4. Heather J Says:

    Hope your foot is better. Hat is beautiful I wouldn’t add a pom pom but that is just me. That crochet piece is gorgeous wish I did crochet

  5. AuntyKaren Says:

    If you really feel the scarf will be too short you can always post on Ravelry to see if anyone has the yarn in the same dye lot to try and make it longer. No matter that it is from a few years ago, you know what stashers we all are. Of course it wouldn’t be done by closing ceremonies for sure-but if it will make the scarf more wearable… It is New England-need every bit of warmth!

  6. Donna Miller Says:

    can you tell me the name of the hat pattern, love it!

  7. mjknitter59 Says:

    Hi I would also love to have the pattern name for the hat!

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